Monday, December 10, 2012

Lottsa Stuff

Years ago I worked in the DPS (Dreaded Private Sector) for a company located at Braintree Hill Office Park. The lottery had their office in the same complex and our LAN Manager came across an opening for a similar position at the lottery. I encouraged him to apply. He got the job.
Several months later we met for lunch and what he told me sums up all one needs to know about government positions. His new manager told him to not mention politics or politicians since almost everyone was “connected.” The reason both of them had their job is that even hackville could not dredge up anyone remotely competent to handle the technology they were implementing. He did say that more and more non connected were being hired for that specific reason.
Electric vehicles (EVs) are a tough sell. The range is limited, the cost prohibitive and the availability to recharge is minimal. I recently drove a Ford Focus electric and saw no difference between that and the gas powered version and the electric was more peppy. But those batteries! Stuffed in the truck. That cost! $40,000! That range! Seventy-five miles!
I’ve long admired the Tesla Motor Company which has done it far better for years with a near 300 mile range and a cost of a mere $100,000 for the sports version (0-60 in 3.9) and about $85,000 for the sedan. Tesla also has a quick charge that certainly helps the range factor.
So if you wish to “feel good” about the environment - ignoring how the electricity is manufactured - then get an electric but be prepared to pay twice as much as you would for a gas powered version.
My water bill is now approaching my tax bill. Is the water department building a replica of the fountains of Petergof in picturesque downtown Middleboro? Maybe an aqueduct?
Reading some of the handouts that the Obama and Patrick administrations seem to be giving to illegal’s and quasi legals I am reminded of that great line from The Simpson’s when Apu becomes naturalized: “Today I am an American citizen - which way to the welfare office?”
The new socialist government of France has proposed banning homework since it gives an advantage to students whose homes are conducive to study.
Folks making $30,000 a year or less voted for Obama. How many? Seven million more than voted for Romney. Never bite the hand that feeds you.
Probation Department now has missing bracelets - a lot of them. The information was with held from State Auditor Suzanne Bump who probably would have said - like with EBT cards - that it only represent 1%.
Deval Patrick wants to change the rules of the game in case Kerry goes to the administration. Maybe he is concerned the voters would right a wrong and put Brown back in the senate?
The medical device tax is another example of the hidden taxes in Obamacare and it will have a direct impact on Massachusetts which is heavy in that business sector. A 2.3% tax on everything from tongue depressors to sutures
A recent poll showed Americans favor tax increases - 61% were in favor of increases of some type. What would be the result if only those who PAID federal taxes were asked?
Seems like Jeff Stevens got some press on my most worthy blog. Jeff has long advocated a separation of church and state yet that seems to go by the wayside when tax money becomes available for a local church/society of which he is a member. Nothing more consistent than inconsistency.
The Red Sox made some three star and not five star signings but they all show promise in the direction of rebuilding.
The state now has a 500M shortfall. Translation - look for more taxes and fees. Good news for New Hampshire.
I have no idea about the VFW booze license. Seems a simple matter that has become increasingly complicated. No matter what is done I’ll find a way of being critical even if I agree.
Corey Booker is Mayor of Newark and quite a public profile especially with his food stamp challenge. I had the opportunity to “do business” with Newark about six months ago and could not find a less response government this side of Somalia and especially direct contact with the mayor’s office.
The Senate failed to pass a disabilities treaty thanks to some republicans who seemed more concern with their distrust of the U.N. than a piece of rather innocuous legislation. Even Bob Dole showing up in a wheel chair could not provide enough of an emotional lift to get the deal done.


Family Guy said...

Well, Bogo, I read your running partners questionable defense of one of the members of the SOH (Society of Hypocrites) and it fell short.

Mr. Stevens brings these things up either directly as with the creche or indirectly as with the cross and then the excuse is "not me!I just mentioned it" IMO Steven just lights the fuse.

As for CPA and using our tax dollars for churches we have a right and an obligation to say not in Middleboro. The government seems to be sending mixed messages and this is another example.

Suo Mynona said...

Judge for yourself. From the Boston Globe:

At least one Middleborough resident agrees with the complaint. Jeffrey Stevens, who several years ago complained to selectmen over a life-size crèche placed on the Town Hall lawn, said this situation is similar.

“Whether it’s a state-owned piece of land or town-owned piece of land, it’s public land, and this would never stand up to a legal test,” Stevens said. “The issue is one of separation of church and state. I don’t see why it’s on public property. It should have never been put there.”

Stevens said he was surprised selectmen provided “emotional support” to the Kiwanis.

Family Guy said...

Why should the taxpayers provide emotional support for the SOH?

Clearly church and state issue and as a famed local attorney stated "Just because it is the law doesn't make it right."

Mr. Stevens appears to be the lightning rod on two issues.

bogofree said...

BB must have missed that in his "research."

Someone actually has a quote from Adam's blog? OMG! Oops....sorry about that "G" in OMG.

I agree with FG about the fuse lighting. Jeff is readily available to criticize and then run for cover.

Extending an invitation seems to be a ploy when the UU's are confronted. Why in the world would people wish to go who disagree with part or all of their social agenda? That is why I stopped attending. Maybe they can all go to a Tea Party gathering?

The church-state issues just proves how disjointed this country is in interpreting that very issue. Millions and maybe billions in tax dollars have been spent on national, state and local institutions that are churches.

I wonder if our or any state CPC would support funds for the Westboro Baptist Church if it was deemed "historic?"

Suo Mynona said...

The true irony is that Belanger and Stevens do not recognize the irony:

Legal emotional support for them bad;
Legal monetary support for us good

Anonymous said...

What Mark does not seem to understand is that this issue was fought about while I was on the Board, and I defended the creche on Town Hall lawn,against the Steven's attacks, and he has stated that Town government should "not become entangled with religion." But this is all BO --before casino -- a point in time that is NOT part of MB's political memory, because he was not involved then. Mark, there is a history here that you have not even begun to consider.

chica said...

IMO it was another luke warm defense for a fellow traveler. Jeff carries a stick that pokes the nest and then runs and lets the others get stung.

The logic behind money (tax dollars) for churches appears to be that the state is not sponsoring religion. However I find that sheer nonsense. This is money that should be coming from the budget of a church and not my tax dollars.