Thursday, August 9, 2012

Demos/Roger v. Adam

Whenever I think the Republican Party is hopelessly out of touch and corrupt I realize there is actually another major party that can match them. Step right up, Democrats!
The latest is the attempt to register as many welfare recipients as possible on the voter rolls. I guess this is their answer to voter ID? The organization responsible for this is Demos which has some very strong connections to the fraudulent ACORN via New England United For Justice. The board of Demos is littered with far left types and has none other than the daughter of Elizabeth Warren - the current phony Indian attempting to unseat Scott Brown - on their board.
Now Demos filed suit in Federal Court and Massachusetts quickly caved - several other states have not - so mailings have taken place to 477,000 welfare recipients regarding registering to vote. State has no money to notify us our drivers license is expiring but the dough is readily available for this. And what about illegal’s on the rolls? Well, they’ll get a notice, too. I guess voter ID is certainly needless in this state.
Now the left will portray this as a firm desire to just get everyone enrolled to partake in such good citizenship. I wonder if they’ll also ask information to be sent to other groups traditional right of center? IMO if in this day and age you cannot figure out how to even register maybe best to just pass on voting.
Bumpkin had an interesting ask the candidates column. Focus was on Roger Brunelle, Jr. and Adam Bond who are both in the hunt for the Democrats to face Keiko Orrall. After reading the responses I’m not sure if Brunelle is closer to James Madison, Winston Churchill or Thomas Locke (John Locke - thanks, Rigger). So much for the daily dose of sarcasm. I thought I was a lightweight but compared to Roger I’m freaking Steven Hawking or the best of the best in MENSA. Essentially it came down to “I’m a union guy so vote for me.” So maybe Roger will get the great Pacheco endorsement and that will represent the final nail.
Continuing along the bashing trail I am amazed - well…maybe not - that the Democratic Town Committee is behind Brunelle. What are they thinking? Well…not thinking. I also paid an visit to the web sites of both candidates. That tells a lot right there.
Now Roger has passed on a debate with Adam. I’d suggest Adam debate an empty chair - a very old campaign ploy. Now if Roger debated the chair my money is firmly on the chair.
The whole column looked like a political ad for Adam. That was not his doing but more the result of miniscule answers by Roger. And oh those answers. No meat on those bones, folks. Was that on purpose? The less you open your yap the less you get to be hung by. Adam was quite detailed and that’s the patter he has been espousing since I attended a meet and greet for him a few months ago. You know exactly where he stands on some significant issues. Agree or disagree he does have some construct to his responses.
IMO this primary will be quite close. Adam has burned, rebuilt and burned again bridges in Middleboro. I voted for him as a Selectman and was totally ticked when he exited that gig in a huff. I’ve lost count on the casino issue flip flops. In the total that will work against him at least in Middleboro. As far as the other communities party support does have some pull but not as much as it use to and that is the Pacheco effect of the last election. For me my mind was made up a year ago. Roger showed nothing then and even less now. AB will have my primary vote.


Mark Belanger said...

I think anyone reading the column who was undecided would probably move to the Bond column. Brunelle's responses suffered by comparison to Bond's - they were lacking specifics and the answers were largely broad generalities. That was not by any design of mine. A full week before I received Mr. Brunelle's response I posted a blog which said in part:

"I have already received a detailed response from Mr. Bond which I will print in full in the near future. My goal is to print the candidates responses in full and highlight the information in a Gazette column to help the voters decide which candidate will run against Keiko Orrall in the general election."

So the information that Bond had given a "detailed response" was out there - and I *did* ask for specifics in the questions.

LMAO said...

I think Roger has been exposed to too many paint fumes.

anonymous said...

Years ago one of my children was in a play. He was and flubbed several lines as my wife and I sat there and cringed. We could feel his pain and frustration.

Reading the responses of Roger Brunelle reminded me of that. I just cringed.

bogofree said...

Amazing that he did not seek assistance in presenting his responses. Maybe the old line about "Better to be thought a fool....."

North Slope Rigger said...

Bozo you are slipping. John Locke!

Red Sox are to be buried soon. Arrangements are being made as we speak. What an awful season.

bogofree said...

I just put that Locke thing out to see if folks were paying attention. Lol!

There is dead and then there is the Sox. This is the most disappointing season in memory for me and the Sox certainly have a history of disappointment. It all comes down to two players - Beckett and Lester. Both are suppose to be potential top five in the Cy Young voting and their performance is beyond dismal. They have been the French Army of baseball.

Family Guy said...

Adam is for Adam. How many attempts has he had towards advancement at the public trough? Didn't he make a bid to become TM? I heard he wanted a judgeship. Is that true? How altruistic was his backing of a casino?

I have no illusions that either Brunelle or Bond is in this for the betterment of community as a top priority but if these two are the best offering to run against Orrall she'll take this easy.

Anonymous said...

"Adam is for Adam. How many attempts has he had towards advancement at the public trough? Didn't he make a bid to become TM? I heard he wanted a judgeship. Is that true? How altruistic was his backing of a casino?"

I won't belabor a response, but... A petition was circulated to hire me as Town Manager. I never applied for the position. Nominations were submitted on my behalf for two federal judgeships by one Congressman, One U.S. Senator, and two State Representatives. These are ALWAYS incredible long shots for appointment, but it is always nice to get interviewed for the positions and to meet the people involved in the process. As frequently happens, the positions went to a former federal prosecutor and a sitting state court judge. As to the casino issue, I won't speak to that here as there is probably not enough room to cover the topic. However, I will extend the offer to you to call me Family Guy, and talk it through for you to draw your own conclusions. Call me at 508-369-7285, any time.

Family Guy said...

Getting a little hot, AB? This is what it will be like if you make it to the swimsuit competition. Just hope Gladys doesn't show up.

I enjoy internet snipping about as much as Vegas Val did.