Friday, September 7, 2012

Why I Didn't Vote Bond And Other Stuff

Why I didn’t vote for Adam Bond in the primary - I’m no longer in that precinct. Yep…..I thought I was moved from two to four but it is in six that I belong and thus a no go. I was switched last year and voted but for some reason I thought I was in four. So my excuse will be let’s get this town into one or even two rep situation. So Straus is now my rep. So if this was a baseball box score there would be a line that reads: Errors: Bogo.
The primaries are the show of party loyalist and Independents like myself are usually out numbered. Most of the races have already been predetermined but races did exist such as Keating-Sutter and Bond - Brunelle. For the most part over the years I have grabbed a Democrat ballot since that is where the occasional battle does surface. In party politics a unique custom has long existed and that is to switch parties and vote for the candidate that you feel will present less of a challenge in a general election. Looking At the results from Lakeville - home base of Orrall - the 12th Bristol may have seen such an activity. Brunelle easily took Lakeville. Who turned? Twenty voters? Fifty? In a close election it makes the difference and in this case Orrall supporters may have presented their candidate with a far less competent opponent.
Roger Brunelle - the scion of a local hack family - has “won” the 12th by less than 0.05% of the vote and claims that a recount is “A waste of taxpayer dollars.” I’ sure if that total was flipped Roger would feel exactly the same - sure he would.
In a very close election every vote counts and the 12th was about as close as it gets. Another slam dunk for why a voter ID is necessary.
The Eurozone has a population of 330M and a 10T debt. The United States has a population of 312M and a 16T debt. Maybe the EU needs Bush and Obama to fix their malaise.
The Republican Convention recently ended and - as usual - I did not watch except for YouTube vids on the moonbat and wingnut sites. With conventions you have a political reward system where delegates and alternate delegates are rewarded for being loyal party functionaries. The conventions themselves are platitude driven with little sense of reality especially for the incumbent party. Occasionally there is an attraction such as 2008 with all the hope and change mantra and this usually results in an “if we only knew then what we know now” moment.
The Democrats will attempt to warp reality and somehow defend a miserable four year performance. Their control of the legislative and executive branch should have set the stage for recovery. It did not. Of course failings are always the result of a previous administration or the current opposition parties entrenched rejection of any proposed legislation no matter how bizarre it may be. The current administration has made a living off deflection.
Now the one thing that is a guarantee to get the Republicans all in a frenzy is hot button social issues and you can see some of that foolishness in a variety of political advertisements about anything but the key issue - the economy. Get them off kilter. Get them off the economic message. Get them frothing over abortion, gun control, voter ID and if Mary Ann is hotter than Ginger.
The unemployment rate is abysmal. The U6 is abysmal. The rate of poverty, the number of folks on food stamps, and on we go - an administration that seems geared not to a program of recovery but a program of entitlement. Bread and circus. If this was 1980 Obama would be heading for the speaking circuit. If it was 1992 Obama would be heading for setting up his own Cayman Island accounts but it is 2012 and the alternative - to quote Charlton Heston from true lies “Is nothing to raise my skirt about.”
I found some interesting connections in the Democratic Convention where you had one confirmed liar - Elizabeth Warren - speaking prior to another confirmed liar - Bill Clinton.
With fact checkers both conventions provide of treasure trove of questionable information but the one that no fact checker has dismissed is Condoleeza Rice and her scathing indictment of Obama foreign policy.
So now we will be able to relax for the next few months listening to warped interpretations of job reports, poorly defined past voting histories, sloganeering, class warfare, birth certificates and an attempt to link you opponent as a combination of Hitler and Attila - I believe several at the DNC already made the Hitler linkage. What a sad state of affairs.
I was watching a show on TV regarding the structure of the universe and the process of creating elements and gold was mentioned. The host stated that all the gold ever mined would fill three Olympic size swimming pools. I found that quite difficult to believe and researched it. The host was correct. The other analogy was all the gold would represent about one third of the Washington Monument.
Now the other one I decided to check out is more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches and deserts of earth. Enough math evidence to say it is true. In fact several actually stated there may be ten to one hundred times stars as grains of sand. Amazing.
I have no idea why Bobby Valentine is still employed. He has obviously lost all confidence of his players, has done everything possible to deface the Red Sox brand, irritated the media including even physical threats and sounds like Captain Queeg in interviews.
As a NY Football Giants (via NJ) fan the season started off on a low note by losing to the one NFL team more disliked than the camera shy Patriots - The “Boyz” of Dallas. As a Giants fan I realize our only path to another championship is the hope that somehow we get to face the Patriots in another Super Bowl and again torment the vastly overrated Brady and his clothing deficient coach.


North Slope Rigger said...

"We are moving forward." Sure we are with the lowest number of people employed in 31 years. The unemployment rate goes down thanks to just giving up. And, of course, lets just dick around with job figures to say how many millions of jobs have been created by Obozo.

bogofree said...

The figures only lie if you "twist" them. 4.5 million jobs have been created during the Obama regime yet over 4.7M jobs in the economy since "Hope & Change" took over.

The U3 - the "official" unemployment rate could be classified as "marginally attached" and working as little as an hour a week. The U6 usually reflects this statistic.

bogofree said...

For decades politicians on both sides have skewered the various numbers to give the illusion of a recovery or a dismal failure but common sense is available just my examining the Department of Labor/Bureau of Labor Statistics and several non bias web sites on the economy with special emphasis on jobs. Just examine what the purveyor of data chooses as a starting point for comparisons.

Just examine the number of jobs when Obama took office or even after his first year in office and compare it to the present. On 1/09 142,187,000 held jobs and on 7/12 that figure was 142,000,220.

Since the low point of 10% unemployment there has been a steady slide to 8.1%. The Obomaities will point to a slow recovery including tepid job creation and the Romney spimmeisters will "twist" the numbers to show that the job growth is stagnant.

anonymous said...

When your guy is in the White House, blame Congress. When your side controls Congress, blame the white house. When your team controls both, blame the guy before. Pretty simple how people operate.

Say goodnight, Adam, but this is one instance the better man did not win. Vote Keiko!