Saturday, September 29, 2012


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) has an extended history of saber rattling and overstating situations in the Middle East. Now he is clearly attempting to influence American foreign policy in regards to the ongoing situation in Iran. Bibi represents the right of center in Israeli politics and has been considered a proponent of an aggressive policy towards his less than friendly neighbors and even those of some distance such as Iran.
The first obligation Bibi has is to the security of Israel. I wonder why he fears the potential of Iran? Iran may or may not be on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon. Iran has also been fairly open to inspections but has resisted total access to U.N. inspectors for certain sites. Iran also has had a Shahad-3 missile since 2003 when it went on display. The Shahad has a range of about 1,000 miles or enough to reach Israel. Iran military has also bragged that they have an ICBM so what would they use it for? Iran has discussed a satellite program so maybe that is why? Or maybe it will just be a flower planter? Now Iran has also signed the NPT so is that reason enough to believe they would not use nuclear weapons? To some a Fatwa prevents possible war but I have far more faith in a Mitzvah. For their part Israel claims they have no nuclear weapons yet multiple sources claim they may have between 25-400.
Arab states - of which Iran is not since they are Persian - have repeatedly called for the extermination of Israel. Apologist for the looney Tune Ahmadinejad has done such - unless, of course, you are an apologist who claims it was "translation errors." Now does Iran supply weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas? I think you have to be an occupant of fantasy land not to realize they do. That has been well document by sources outside Mossad. Does Iran have relationships with other counties of questionable character? Let me toss out a name - North Korea. Does Iran receive military advice and technical assistance of nuclear and military hardware from other countries? It most certainly does especially China and N. Korea. Does Iran support internal and external export of terrorist training? No doubt about that. Would Iran use H&H to use a dirty bomb?
Now there is hard evidence and circumstantial evidence regarding Iran and just exactly what they are doing. Bibi is certainly one who beats the drums of war and if polls mean in Israel anything has luke warm support for actions against Iran. Bibi has also attempted to direct American foreign policy to ensure as much support for Israeli actions or to encourage American to cover their back. If Israel takes action there will be repercussions from other Arab states and another war will most certainly happen. I doubt Israel continues to have conventional superiority as in the past. So - once again - America is placed in an uncomfortable position.
American administrations have faced this issue for decades. Now we have to balance our previous support with new interests in the area that are economic an military. A rock and a hard place for sure. The more I read from the left of center the more I question their true intentions. Anti-Semitism should not be bandied about lightly but I do see an undercurrent of it and question just how infected the Democratic Party is in regards to Israel.
But Israel has the same obligation any nation does and that is for the safety and well being of its citizens. The country is the size of Massachusetts with a population of 8M of which about 20% are Arab. No one should be unaware of the circumstances surrounding the formation of the state of Israel. With that historical background of persecution dating back thousands of years I would certainly be wary. To be blunt much of the support against Israel is simple Anti-Semitic attitudes that have been prevalent in Western society for centuries. To some America's support of Israel is a reflection of the "Jewish Lobby" in the U.S. that exerts influence that runs counter to what our real objectives should be.
If Israel takes action they will be or continue to be a rogue nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. If there is nothing to a development of a nuclear weapons program Israel will face serious consequences. If they are right those consequences will continue since they are in a lose-lose situation.
IMO if Israel is threatened by their "neighbors" the response by Israel will be nuclear. I also feel that the current administration is giving the perception - especially in Israel - of being pro Muslim.
Now for those with no comprehension of history I present to you The Cuban Missile Crisis. Nuclear missiles a short hop from the U.S. How did we respond? Historical records now show we were possibly 24 hours away from a high probability of a nuclear exchange. Israel is in a similar position and I seriously doubt the current occupant of the WH gives a sweet s!!t about Israel.
Polling results are showing a very close presidential race as far as vote totals go and a non blowout but significant electoral advantage to Obama. But - fear not - out of the sunset lurks a hero - skewered polls! To me a legitimately recognized poll with a lengthy history of relative (note that term) accuracy is what I follow. I'm sure some probably look outside for the Easter Bunny and still believe in the Tooth Fairy. Skewered is nothing more than a Linus blanket for those seeking comfort. It is statistical garbage that any legit pollster would be embarrassed to attached their name to.
Is Romney amazingly inept or is it my interpretation?
Now we have an event in Middleboro with a soothsayer who communicates with angels, a series of dueling letters in the Gazette regarding the UU Church and BB asking biblical questions for candidates. Middleboro is now going into the historical past and will soon be a “Burnt Over District” for those who need a historical reference.
Elizabeth Warren is a load of BS. First she is White and then a Native American and back to White when she gets the high profile gig at Harvard. So you have this Okie wishing to vacate the dust bowl for the big stage and she finds a way. Hey…I love science fiction and have read about shape shifters but never about race shifters.
Back in the day law schools were crying for minority representation and - of course - women were classified as such. So why not improve your chances thanks to “family lore.” IMO she benefited from using a race card she was not entitled to use. She is a fraud. Of course all schools “denied” any preference in her hire. Like I want to believe schools that churn out lawyers?
Now the liberals have some wonderful justification - just believe her. This is a ROTFLMAO moment! Can one just begin to grasp the spittle laced venom they would spew forth if this was Brown? Now as far a belief does that entitle all of us to claim some type of preference when the “Minorities are encouraged to apply” line is a help wanted advertisement? I have Black blood….or Hispanic…or oriental…based on “family lore.”
So who lost a job because this fraud got a little extra boost? And how about a release of records? Sure. If Warren wants to prove herself take a DNA test. Call up Professor Gates.


Family Guy said...

All she has to do is take a DNA test. Wonder if she has? Somehow I doubt it.

North Slope Rigger said...

Now, my job is to communicate the fact that the United States has a stake in the well-being of the Muslim world that the language we use has to be a language of respect. I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries.

Barack Obama from an interview with Al Arabiya.

I wonder why Jews have an impression he sides with Muslims?

IMO you nailed it.

North Slope Rigger said...

I forgot about "Granny." Can you imagine her opening up her law school employment records? That would clearly show that she checked the box. Libs love to look the other way with the indiscretions in their own party.

bogofree said...

My daughter actually got a DNA test for our dog. Bought it as a present for my wife.

You can actually get a DNA test for under a $100 and it takes just a minute or two to take it and then send away for the results.

I would suggest Warren call her good friend Deval up and schedule a test to be analyzed by the state crime lab as they should be capable of giving her any results she needs.

The evasiveness on the school records appears the same as Romney on the tax returns. Warren wishes to remove all doubt have the records released but she would probably have them purged of any information showing she took advantage of race.