Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Nonsense

Interim School Superintendent Michael Malone had a laundry list of accomplishments of the system in the paper. Sadly missing was any mention of improving test scores since there wasn’t any. New computers and enhanced security are part of the highlights! I wonder if that “enhanced security” will now exclude a six year old from writing an absence note?
Since the note was in Crayon the secretary may have thought it was from administration.
I read that the infamous cross is not on state property but that part of it is over the property. Does the state retain air rights? What are they planning on building so they need the air space? Maybe a Native American museum for two Indian frauds - The Raven and Elizabeth Warren.
Turns out Princess Lieawatha made some money on flipping real estate. This is the exact thing her campaign criticized about Brown who holds four investment properties.
Freetown joins the list of communities that have rejected a casino. I’ve lost count. And what tribe was it this time?
Cross, swearing by-laws and absence notes and Middleboro makes state and national headlines. Be proud, folks!
I wonder if folks had to show ID’s at the Democrat State Convention?
Queen Elizabeth has sat on the throne for 60 years. Heck, even at my age it only takes a few minutes.
Bumpkin is now 50 or about five pounds a year.
Deval Patrick shows once again an arrogance that is just beyond belief. This time he managed to answer a question about Elizabeth Warren’s lies and stated “we” meaning the people of Massachusetts don’t care and are not interested. And he answered for her.
Romney made a smart move - a campaign stop at Solyndra headquarters.
Bill Clinton was the latest to be critical of the Obama campaign strategy of attempting to crucify Romney over his Bain Capital days. The strategy is like his four years - a failure.
I wonder how much the revenge factor played into Clinton's comments?
Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC is proposing a ban on large sodas and other surgery drinks. Another “public health issue” and I hope Bloomberg will require ALL employees of the city to pass a fitness test and a test that shows no risk regarding BMI, weight, smoking, driving too fast, pursuing dangerous sports or anything else that is a risk. Do that - Mr. Mayor - and I’d have some sympathy for you proposals.
A nice public health issue would be to immediately remove Obama from office and ship him out to Syria since his actions from 2009 on have caused undo stress upon Americans. Stress can kill!
Some folks will vote for Obama because they are loyal Democrats. Some folks will vote against Obama because they are loyal Republicans. I will vote against him because he sucks. How’s that for clear and concise political commentary.
There has been a surge of Christianity in China. I wonder if they have any cross issues?
Joe Biden’s “Summer of recovery” has become a “Summer of disillusionment.”
Adam Bond has a meet and greet coming up 7-9PM on 6/8 at the VFW. Is Mary his campaign manager?
Scott Walker is governor of Wisconsin and he faces a recall election this week. The centerpiece of Walker’s campaign was 5 and 12 meaning a requirement of public employees to pay 5.8% towards their retirement and 12.5% towards their health insurance - significant increases but essentially less than what I paid when I was a public employee.
This should set off alarms for everyone who negotiates public contracts. The comps are available as to what compensation and benefits exist in the dreaded private sector. Use it as a framework. IMO the mind set of too many public employees has become one of entitlement and they are now being viewed as a privileged class by those in the DPS.


Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

BB was way off mark in last week's Gazette. His topic was supposedly church and state and ended up slandering the elderly Steve Stanley, a positive influence in this town for decades.

There is no building called Steve's Sport Den anymore. It is the equivalent of calling Hannaford’s "Fernandes Superplace" or the antithesis of calling Belanger “Clint Clark”. The Sports Den is closed and not owned by Mr. Stanley. Clint Clark died and Bellicose Bumpkin…well you get the idea.

BB is once again morphing into a combination of Glum (the Lilliputian) and Debbie Downer (from SNL). IMHO Middleboro is a great place to live.


BTW: I would love to have a copper Buddha in town that is as classy as the cross. To some Buddha is a religious symbol, to others a reminder to be calm and serene. Both are positive. However, it would take great time and effort to accomplish the task – too much for the whiny BB to handle.