Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Scintillating Stuff

When is enough enough? The latest proposal to literally rob the taxpayer to feed the system is the - once again - proposed per mile tax. Penny a mile is the latest. This on top of a gas tax by the federals and the state. Then comes the registration fee and, of course, a nice 6.25% sales tax when you purchase a car. Feed the system, folks.
The folks at GM say that bankruptcy is still a possibility. That is exactly what should have happened since the viable divisions would have been sold off and continued to produce. Corvette and the truck division are huge money makers as is Cadillac.
President Obama loves to point out that he “rescued” the auto industry. What he fails to mention - no surprise - is the tens of thousands of jobs that were lost. This was a chain reaction that started with the questionable closure of franchises with no apparent plan other than a dart board. No when Bain Capital pulled similar stunts to save a business the mouth pieces for the Community Organizer hammered away.
In 2008 I thought McCain would have been a better president but Obama was needed more. Stupid me. Three and one half years of disaster upon disaster.
Keating and Nicki Tsongas were the only two members of our Congressional delegation to vote against the proposed tax on health industry devices that would hit Massachusetts especially hard. Within ObamaCare there are these fiscal landmines that seem to surface almost daily. Thankfully, the wing nuts in the media are doing their job and mentioning these little fiscal tidbits.
Our BOS seems to have forgotten more about gaming and the Indian casino issue than the governor, Gaming commission and our Casper The Ghost state senator even know. The governor is doing a spiffy song and dance on the issue that would make Gene Kelly envious. Meantime Pacheco is busy in the backroom of the union hall getting pumped about jobs.
Someone in Bridgewater has a bee allergy and live near a bee keeper so naturally the idea is to get rid of the bees. Maybe they’ll have a by-law?
So Scott Brown is hesitant to debate the leader of the Fugawi Tribe at the Kennedy Center and on MCNBC. Wonder if Lieawatha would debate Brown with Glenn Beck as moderator on FOX?
I see that that great old and wonderful “R” card is being tossed out from the left regarding criticism of Obama. If substance of argument fails just call everyone a “racist.”
The economy continues to be sluggish and Romney is suppose to have some answers to cure this. I have yet to see anything substantive from him on it. Maybe I missed it?
Revenues are up in Massachusetts - that’s a code word for taxes - so I imagine we’ll soon have the sales tax increase rescinded?
The gun running AG of the United States managed to get Obama to exercise executive privilege to prevent even more damage to both the DOJ and the administration. Each day this is starting to look more and more like Watergate Part II. That was a botched break-in followed by stonewalling while Fast And Furious has resulted in needless deaths including an American followed by stonewalling.
I can’t wait for that new gin mill to open up in Taunton. Maybe that was Freetown? Or was it New Bedford? Naw….I think it was on Innovation Way in Fall River? Maybe Precinct Street in Middleboro? No….now I remember it was Lakeville!
Obama and Romney have both raised gazillions to trash each other and lie to us under the guise of campaigning. But when they come to town it is on our dime. Obama did stroll into Boston recently and the tab for much of the security was picked up by Joe & Jane taxpayer. In Durham, N.H. they at least took issue with spending $20,000 for a presidential visit until an anonymous donor kicked in the money. Maybe welfare reform should start with giving welfare to the campaigns of politicians?

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