Saturday, August 25, 2012


The Boston Red Sox have had a season that is irrelevant. Teams that once dreaded coming into Fenway now look forward to the opportunity. A nice stay in a city comfortable for walking, fine restaurants, upscale shopping and, of course, the opportunity to win more games than you lose.
IMO the demise is easy to point a finger - middle preferably - and that is Beckett and Lester. In the baseball parlance these are suppose to be your “Aces” meaning that your teams chances of winning when they rest on the bump is about 70%. In this year the returns from the “Aces” has been negligible - at last count I believe the team is 13 games under .500 in which the two “Aces” have appeared. In baseball the old and tired axiom is you win with pitching and the top of their rotation is septic material. If the two well paid “Aces” had just managed to be at a meager .500 the Red Sox would be leaders in the Wild Card hunt for a playoff slot.
The issues for injuries have again surfaced as the Red Sox have had lost more players and performance days to the disabled list than any other team. However most of that is on the regular nine and the Sox are certainly not alone. They have also managed to fill the offensive holes created by an abundance of DL visits rather well. They do score runs - lots of runs - third in AL run production and just five behind the leader located in Texas. Their batting average currently is slotted fourth in the AL.
Meanwhile the vociferous press in Boston smells blood and has not let up. Various “sources” have come forward from the clubhouse with a laundry list of minor complaints that when a team wins are totally ignored. Daily accounts appears that would make TMZ proud of the internal dissension that exists between ownership - manager- players and just about anyone else that can be used as a pawn in the blame game.
To paraphrase WS “Something is rotten in the state of Massachusetts” and that stench is located on Yawkey Way. With an enormous payroll and a performance that is putrid the ownership may actually put a few less hours into NASCAR and their English football club and concentrate on fixing a mess in which they are substantially to blame. A minor or major housecleaning is in order and IMO that would mean the Darth Vader of baseball - Larry Luchino - just goes away. I would urge he take his manager with him - Bobby Valentine. Bobby has done a reasonable job but he does manage to have - as women are prone to say to their significant others - “Communication issue.” Lastly is an evaluation of the cast of characters that they put on the field. A few have obviously lost the support of the locals and best to find another destination.
So the redemption process has started. The Dodgers have decided to take on about 265M in Sox payroll in their acquisition of Gonzalez, Crawford and Beckett. The Sox will get a few prospects of little value in return but they will now have the opportunity to get back to the model that was so successful from 2002-07 - a return to the past. This will be an interesting off season.
Edgeway continues to be in the local news and now it is the fact they are for sale and have no money to fix some of the major problems. The administrator seems focused on sale first and homeowners second. Now just maybe that has some logic to it with fresh green coming in and an absolutely clueless management out. However to me it seems that the focus should be how to get the place up and running properly rather than have the weekly visit by residents to the BOS.
The Gazette has had a series of exchanges by Adam Bond and his detractors. The Democratic Town Committee certainly displayed the fact that you will see none of them at a MENSA meeting and I wonder if they will line up behind Bond - I would not trust any of them on my back - if he gets the win in the primary. Maybe Bond can claim some Native American roots and win over their support?
I had to get my personal license renewed (driver not canine) at the Plymouth RMV. I go to Plymouth since it is far quicker than Taunton or Brockton and the 45 minute wait was right on target for the little ticket they gave me. The only real obstacle is the eye exam and the last time I had a personal visit I had a restriction for eye ware placed on my license. This time I had my glasses on and could not see a thing. Wrong glasses. So I tried without them and surprise of surprises I managed to read the lowest line correctly and quickly. A miracle of aging! My eyesight has improved. Now if only my knee and back will get the hint.
I have not determined who I despise more - Obama or Romney. Neither seem capable of addressing the main concern of the country - the economy. One has already butchered it and the other is sure to continue the process. But I am sure that Elizabeth Warren is one of the most despicable people I have ever seen in politics.


North Slope Rigger said...

An impressive housecleaning at Fenway and the real Angels are the Dodgers who took on those stupendous contracts.

Now maybe a real housecleaning will take place in D.C. in early November and the current ilk that infest the WH will be send on their way.

anonymous said...

AB carries a lot of baggage simply based on the fact he has been involved more than Brunelle.

When I read the resume in the paper of both it is quite obvious that Brunelle has very limited experience with his focus on being a union guy.

Anonymous said...

Lester & Lackey next!