Sunday, March 1, 2009


The more I watch President WOW the more I suspect a smooth talker long on rhetoric and short on details. IMO the recent bailout was jammed through with little detail. The budget will face closer scrutiny but with control firmly in the hand of Democrats the Republicans will be pictured at shrill know nothing obstructionist. Meantime WOW is pontificating about his latest broken campaign promise and that is removal of troops from Iraq. Of little notice will be the consistent buildup in Afghanistan and that will be far more costly in lives than Iraq. Despite our presence in Afghanistan for the last eight years our influence has shrunk to small enclaves. The Russians have warned us of the fruitlessness of operations in this area.

Barney Frank that paragon of intellect and virtue has pronounced the latest bailout of Citi Group is not a sign of a weak banking condition that could be magnified - first 40 Billion and now another 25 billion - Sure, Barney, just like you told us the Fanny and Freddie were solid.

The ongoing casino drama play is just so tiring. One week one group has the pom poms out and then the next week another group. The only real issue I feel exceptional strong about is how Native Americans are occasionally portrayed. When you speak to Native Americans around the country you begin to realize the extent of animosity that is embedded and I cannot blame them one bit. You hear of the reservation system and in the opinion of many that reservation should be ours.

The Middleboro gin mill is now in its death throes as the economy and roadblocks continue to mount. Since I have replaced my usual dunce cap with my prediction bonnet I will say that casinos are inevitable (sorry, MT) in Massachusetts and the perfect place is as a keystone to urban development.

I cannot express my dismay over how our Great and Honorable General Count and Executive Branch have chosen to approach the economic situation in Massachusetts. Despite all common sense and logic the approach is simply to fall back on the same old - taxes! I am on several sports boards and have made contacts virtually all over the world. It seems a day rarely goes by when I get an email asking WTF is the matter with you people?

SCOTUS…they were in the news locally but what really slipped by was not having illegals using a false SS number or a number belonging to someone else classified as identity theft. I actually read the article twice hoping that my comprehension was the result of decreasing brain cells.

I saw that Gary Russell is getting the big kiss that is in several public sector contracts and that is sick leave/vacation buy back. In too many contracts this is extremely liberal and can amount to as high as a few years of getting money for nothing. Yes…I know…they earned it. A comparison. Are teachers in the same handout? Not for me or where my wife worked. In Attleboro I received 15 sick days a year that were cumulative so after my first 12 years I had the maximum amount in the bank - 180 - less two days that I would contribute to a sick bank for those who had exceeded their sick time allocation. So my total was 162. Unfortunately my last year I had two major surgeries and that vaporized 120+ days. Full pay! Not much of that in the DPS (Dreaded Private Sector). Now if I had finished out the year I'd have close to 180 when I coasted into retirement. What would have been my compensation? Nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. Here is why. Retired teachers on our contract will receive $30 for each unused sick day up to a maximum of 120 days provided they have worked in the system for 15 years. Therefore - zip! Not enough service time. As for my wife she had 39 years in the Weymouth system and had no sick days! Why? Their contract did not allow carry over. Fifteen a year and use 'em or lose 'em and most choose to loose 'em. All depends on town to town contract and administrators are different. This state is in desperate need of pension reform. Another interesting fact is I had 30 years of qualified earnings under social security and 15 years under MTR (Massachusetts Teachers Retirement). My teachers retirement was based on three highest years of earnings and the formula allows approximately 2% for each year of service. I actually had higher earnings in the DPS for at least 10 years versus the MTR yet my teachers pension is higher than my SS! Thirty years versus fifteen years. However, with SS you do get COLA and with MTR you can - at the whim of the governor - get a 3% increase per year capped at first $12,400.

I’ll post odds on the great potential match between Dog and Monkey. Even the non gamblers at CFO will get in on this one. This is probably a win-win situation since I’ll run the book.

Post away….if anyone wishes to do a guest blog I’ll post it.


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Hal Brown said...

I'll start off, not to take the well deserved glory away from Bogo or compete with him, but to share with you my demo blog
titled "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job".

I'm surprised I could snag the web address since almost all of the good short names are taken.

I wanted to try out Blogger - Blogspot in advance of getting together with Bogo to see if there's any way to spruce up his blog.

anonymous said...

Spruce it up? WTF! It's perfect. Low tech. Simple to use. Just post. Moves along week to week. Unmoderated since his posters seem to respect that and do it themselves. Look at Dog, Shark and Monkey? Got nasty with one another but didn't go crazy about it. I don't care for links and all that other garbage that clogs up a blog.

chica said...

Hal. Bogo is a KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid. That is the beauty of this blog.

My brother-in-law asked for a six month hold on his mortgage where he could pay interest only. Bank said if he fails to pay full amount they will foreclose. This is a 20 year mortgage with 12 years left and he can't get an equity loan. Has his own business (construction) and has several jobs lined up in spring. Cash flow issue until the fall.

Hal Brown said...

If anyone thinks a link clogs up a blog they shouldn't click on them.

One person's garbage is sometimes another person's treasure. In fact I knew Alan J. Weberman, Dylanologist and the founder of garbolgy, pretty well in college.

The bogo blog is a great example of how an unmoderated blog can succeed.

KISS doesn't mean that there isn't room for experimentation. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, and bogo's mind is anything but little.

bogofree said...

Relax...Hal is just going to show me a few tricks such as the BLUE LINE and getting a photo posted. Links I could care less about. Fancy crap all around the blog? LMAO!

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

If it ain't broken, don't fix it. Bogo beware of the rabid ferret. Just give me a holler if goes bonkers with the techie crap, and my team and I will take him into custody for gratis. Compare your weekly stats with with all Hal's sites comined. Enough said....

Chica---you're a primo poster. Honest, right to the point, and even-keeled.

Monkey---you're my favorite chew toy. Been out for your morning 3 mile run yet? LMAO

IA/VV---please come back. Taking pot shots at you sharpens my aim.

Hal--you're doing a "heckuva job", not sure at what though.

LMAO, Suo, Mildly, Family Guy et al--- enjoy enjoy all your good horse sense.

Shark---keep on telling it like it is.

And bogo----only big problem I have with you is your blog title. As Dr. House says, "Everybody lies". LOL

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Notice on Hal's mock-up, you have to sign in thus revealing your real name. What a sneaky little bugger!!!

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

My production company paid for the cure of my former racism. I'm good with the new me. I've seen the light. So no need to change my sign in name. Besides, I want to show off my sweetie, Mrs. Dog. Fine assets, wouldn't you say? LOL

Hal Brown said...

Not that very many (or any) of you give a rat's patootie about this, but the websites that annoy me the most are those that don't give you a choice. For example Middleboro Casino has music on today.

Why not wait and see if and when Bogo puts pictures on before you decide whether you like it or not?

Other sites have pop-ups and advertisements that take time to load because they include flash videos.

You want to see fancy-pantsy, take a look at the main Disney website.

As for the blue line dividers I just put on the Middleboro Matters message board, I don't think I can do that on Blogger. That is a paid board and has more features and administrative control.

If they know how, for example, a commenter can put photos in their own posts.

Only the owner can do that on Blogger.

Some of you folks remind me of Disney's most belligerent characters, Donald Duck and one of his most famous lines "wanna fight".

Hal Brown said...

I didn't think I enabled sign in required. It was not my intention. I'll check it out. I thought I made it possible for anyone to post anonymously.

I resemble the suggestion I am a sneaky little bugger.

Sharky, it may be that because it is a Blogger board you're registered a cookie automatically posts with that name.

As for competing for hits, locally I don't think they mean that much since so many people log on and off numerous times a day on some blogs.

The only readership I pay attention to is on Capitol Hill Blue which ran about 5,000 prior to the election and is now running between 2-3,000 per column. I follow this to see what readers are interested in.

A few choice columns got over 30,000.

bogofree said...

Here is the baseball site I have with a few others. Now a few of them try all that fancy stuff which is fine for a national site as all I do is a simple blog from a simple mind.

My picture will probably extend to the picture I have on that site where I post as OJDIDIT. Obviously my fellows on the site realized an appropriate photo. With this site it will remain what it is. Forget the links since collectively we know everything.

I'd love to deep six the title, Dog, but what I have always wanted is just an admission that she stepped way over the line. Maybe I'll get it personally or privately since MR has my email.
I may have toasted Jessie with this blog but I have also praised her on many occasions for her intelligence, perseverance and as a source for valuable information. That she is not on the Green Committee is a shame. If she gets another voter drive together just count me in.

anonymous said...

Hal's 2,000 - 3,000 hits represent the population of Moonbat Nation. LOL!

I look at blogs with links and it seems that all they do is link to like minds. No diversity. Bogo would probably link to the Young Republicans and the Communist Party knowing his open tent. Refreshing seeing something that is not piled up with too much fluff.

Hal Brown said...

I'm married to a reference librarian (your's if you live in Middleboro) so I've been thoroughly indoctrinated in using links as references.

If you ever both clicking on my links you'll find that half are put there to amuse you.

drive-by said...

Hal. If you post on this site, you've got to expect to be razzed about anything and everything. We're just a bunch of characters who ain't got none of them social graces. LOL! So don't take anything that's written here to heart. Heck when I moved here, I had to go out and buy a beat up pickup with a Browning BLR Takedown Deer Rifle to sport on my gun rack just so my neighbors would talk to me. Never used it, just for show, but at least now I'm treated with some respect.

Must drive you crazy to live in one of the few red towns in a blue state. Reminds me a lot of the year I worked in Alabama.

And try as you may to bring this blue collar town into the 21st century, you can't force ole dogs like us new tricks. Most of us are pretty set in our ways. You can give it a try. Just don't get too frustrated by the resistance to ANY change.

Do enjoy your posts as they provide an interesting balance. You've just got to loosen up and laugh more though.

Family Guy said...


You have seemed to lightened up a bit since you have been posting here. Maybe the irrelevance of Bogo squeezed in with some targeted insight is rubbing off on you. If we ignored you and didn't stick the needle in then you would know you are not wanted.


I remember Bogo from the nemasket site and I use to see him gabbing with Jessie all the time at the "Y." He posts positive on her occasionally and did so today. He just would not look the other way as too many people do. Bogo may sit on the fence but I know he is more anti than pro and I happen to be staunch pro. He may be a character but in my opinion he does have character.

When you tell a lie often enough it becomes a truth. What he blogged about in his first few blogs was about a falsehood or lie however you wish to frame it. Even Dan Kennedy posted it as a fact. Bogo had asked Jessie several times to be accountable and even showed her the path. She refused. She was backed up by other CFO bloggers and Bogo trashed the whole bunch of them over that issue. What it did was wake me up. When I see anti or pro stuff posted I check it out.

Bogo got into a war with MB over at nemasket and was dumped. He still hangs with him. He drove Hal nuts on the Limo site and they have lunch. He has taken on VV and praised her and the same with Bond. I'll tell you this if he was on the BOS do you think s**t like what happened last week would go on? I'd vote for him even if I disagreed with him 100% since he'd let none of that BS take place.

Family Guy said...

While I'm at it I'll rant on the BOS. The display the other night was a disgrace and I voted for each and every one of them. Spataro just needs to go and that will happen next month. I don't care what you casino position is what he did was plain wrong. I voted for Mimi thinking more as a pro than a citizen of Middleboro. The woman is totally lost. Just forget the other two. This is about being open to citizens you disagree with.

anonymous said...

Hal has IP or semi IP addresses posted on his site and is also a staunch advocate of full disclosure - meaning identifying yourself. Now the old Halster was taken to task over at another site known its flamboyant flamers and guess what? About a month ago they were all in a collective tizzy over who McAdam was. ROTFLMAO! There must have been 20 posts on it from attempting to track him down! Hello, hypocrites!

I like being anonymous and that way know one knows who I am unless I wish to release the information or Goggle or Yahoo does which they will not without a court order.

On this site Bogo mentioned his ill fated attempt at a site meter. LOL! Some of those programs can trace you back to certain sites and show IP address. Unless you use multiple ID’s.

If you want you can always check the source but that does little. Many of the cfo posters seem to use a proxy. That's fine but unnecessary unless you are making threats or placing yourself in a legally vulnerable position and that is very rare.

What it all comes down to is being nosy and we already have a nosy neighbor.

Monkey said...

Quote from above..
"When you tell a lie often enough it becomes a truth"

I've shown that video to three people already. The same question comes up everytime. Mr Solomini accused him of recieving a blanket.
He didn't have his facts straight.

It was a $2.00 Coffee mug and T Shirt! I think they gave out 15 or so of them. I actually got one.

How can these selectman operate Town business with the blatant accusations and false facts being thrown around for 7-8 weeks now.

Try and Take a persons integrity, He has no choice but to respond and defend.

Asking for minutes was cool. But to fasley accuse someone That was just wrong.


Monkey said...

Before you jump on me for being an out of towner. Im a business owner that does business in Middleboro.

I have Business plan and a Middleboro address.

Yes I am concerned.

Hal Brown said...

I enabled display of partial IP numbers to discourage sock puppeteers, not to reveal identities.

If people want to post under multiple names they can easily do so. Hard cheese for those trying to figure out who's who.

On other boards Smoking Owl could be arguing with Steam Cow Pie and for all we know they'd be the same person going into dissociative states.

We could have six posts by "anonymous" and they could be one person, two people, three, four, five or six people. I guess those who don't want that confusion are too lazy to think of a fantasy name to use all the time and sign their posts at the end:

Love and wet icky kisses,
Lulu Mae "Scarlet" O'Hara

P.S. The message board on Middleboro Maters enables me to view entire IP addresses without my using any additional site meters.In fact, I could enable all readers to see full IP addresses. So what. Who cares? If anyone wants a really complete message board for $4.95 a month Boardhost is a good choice. Here are its fetures.

By now everyone knows all about the limitations of tracking IP addresses unless someone posts through a server (say at work) that has its own IP address.

Hal Brown said...

If somebody really huge jumps on you do we call it the Monkey Mash or the Quish Squish?

Monkey said...

Can you imagine a company like JNJ or GD looking to expand in the future and see how the Citizens treat there Selectman in those videos.

Ok I'll accuse you. Wrong I'm sorry.

OK you took blankets Wrong Ooops I'm sorry.

Whats it going to be next week?

Hal Brown said...

Asking for an explanation of the gift issue was reasonable. It became something of a cause célèbre because of incendiary posts on the anti-casino blogs. In fact it was a tempest in a teapot set to boiling by those whose agenda was to embarrass the board.

Letting a question fester unanswered between BOS meetings may have led some neutral people to assume the worst. Others o the pro side like myself knew that the truth was innocuous. I suspect the same is true of many or most of the antis.

Unfortunately this is what happens when BOS members and the board itself doesn't have a public relations firm with legal consultants to issue timely statements in response to allegations.

Asking about why the minutes didn't include a narrative summary in detail of the discussion was a fair question, as was expressing the opinion that it should.

However, Mike S. was simply incorrect that this is how minutes are generally handled. As far as I can tell the board's minutes meet the legal and customary standards for various official town meetings.

Giant warm and fuzzy hugs,
Mucky Muck of Middeboro's newest and least known blog
"Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job", and let's keep it that way.

Hal Brown said...

If you missed it, Middleboro Casino has the video of the BOS "my Mashpee cup rumneth over" episode which was posted on Bellicose Bumpkin's blog.

And now you can see our very own Monkey Man in Motion on the bottom of "Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job".

bogofree said...

Well...Monkey...I didn't care for the reaction by the BOS. I firmly believe they should have answered any and all questions ASAP so that no stone would be left unturned. Maybe they will never satisfy some folks but the manner in which they handled this situation showed me little. Thing is most of the stuff really seems trivial but BOS reactions are creating a mountain where that itty bitty mole hill existed.

The "outrage" made for an interesting sound and video bit but I was not impressed nor was I impressed by the smug arrogance of "take out papers." The minutes should have included the various exchanges of a few weeks back and I have no idea why they were omitted? Is it customary to omit the open mic portion of the program? If not it seems like it just adds weight to any assertion that a pattern of evasiveness exists. Anyways, Bumpkin has a film library dedicated to the BOS. I suspect it will soon exist any storage capabilities he has.

To use other pressing issues such as budgetary concerns is just an attempt to remove themselves from a potential hot seat. Selectmen “Take out papers” had no issue a few weeks back of getting feedback for creating a show and tell from various town officials on why a casino is such a wonderful thing. Guess the “other” issues will not press enough to eliminate that. Any reasonably trained PR person will tell you to make disclosure as quickly as possible. You want to shut down the prattle then tattle on what went on without putting on this drama outrage.

Looks like the weather geeks may get this one right and we'll be in for another winter wonderland or I wonder why I stay here in winter. Yep...the Lovely Cynthia.

On the site I listed, NESC, we have the capabilities of doing a pile of stuff as I have page after page of what to do and how to do it since I am a mod and part owner. Needless to say I have totally ignored all of that since two other mods love to do it. I'll just moderate chat and occasionally put someone in time out for going nuts. This is - unlike that casino garbage - serious Red Sox stuff.

Maybe I should change the site to Confirmed Fabricator? Took a poll a few months ago on a change and added "stuff." That was in response to MR dropping the Squish Quish links. I'll change it when I get some info from MR on the Clark situation being a fabrication. You'll know if that happens because the title will change.

I'm really glad Dog and Shark have shown up and hope we can find some more who are willing to lower their standards. Of course reading and posting on this blog is tantamount to admitting you have a subscription to Star Magazine and The National Enquirer.

Off to get a cell phone as my daughter suggested my wife (AKA - The Lovely Cynthia) and I get onto her plan and make it a family plan. These "suggestions" usually go directly to my pocketbook.

Suo Mynona said...


RE: "My brother-in-law asked for a six month hold on his mortgage where he could pay interest only. Bank said if he fails to pay full amount they will foreclose."

If he is starts to get near foreclosure and needs extra time to get an action plan together tell him to ask the bank to "produce the document" According to Fox and Friends this morning it takes 2 weeks to six months for 40% of banks to find the original loan documentation which is required before can happen.

If he lives in Middleboro some people may think having him foreclosed on would be a good thing if we the Community Preservation Act.

Hal Brown said...

This was from the Associated Press:

"updated 3:59 p.m. ET, Tues., Feb. 17, 2009
ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. - Kathy Lovelace lost her job and was about to lose her house, too. But then she made a seemingly simple request of the bank: Show me the original mortgage paperwork.

And just like that, the foreclosure proceedings came to a standstill.

Lovelace and other homeowners around the country are managing to stave off foreclosure by employing a strategy that goes to the heart of the whole nationwide mess."

read full article

anonymous said...

Seems like Spataro has himself in somewhat of a fix with his temper tantrum over blankets, mugs and shirts. Simple thing is not to accept anything and both Marsha and Mimi are in the same mix. Be really nice if Spataro could display even a slight attitude of professionalism over this instead of his display. The whole thing makes them look like a bunch of groupies for the Tribe.

I voted for the casino and I voted for Spataro but never again on Spataro. Let people speak. Answer questions. Why wasn’t this put in the minutes? Mimi seems lost.

Rocky said...

It's about time the BOS get all over that guy and the others that keep accusing them of doing something wrong.

This has gone on too long. Solomini lied. Frawly lied. They all lied and then claim that it was Bond who said it. Well maybe Bond lied too. Shock.

I am going to have to vote for spitaro just because he stood up to that guy.

Selectmen don't have to take the constant lies of these people and just because they sit on that board doesn't mean you can throw out lies about blankets or Red Sox tickets.

I guess some parents don't teach respect to their children and it is obvious.

Question your elected officials but do so with respect. Not just for the person but the office.

Selectmen have to make decisions for the town which is always not satisfy everyone and some would never be satisfied no matter what.

anonymous said...


It is a two way street as far as the respect issue. I just felt Spataro lost it in his dusplay. The important thing was the minutes and just answer that and move on.

Hal Brown said...

My sense of Mike S. from one encounter with him is that he enjoys playing mind games. Last year at the Girl Scout House dinner (I'm pretty sure that's where it was) he came to our table and was very friendly saying hello to me by name. I didn't know who he was so I asked and he seemed to relish not telling me, instead saying something along the lines of "well, I know you."

It's uncomfortable enough when you forget someone's name when they know yours. I don't think it is particularly humorous when they take pleasure in rubbing it in.

At the BOS meeting my hunch is that Mike S. thought he might be able to provoke an overreaction with an attempt at a "gotcha confrontation" but was probably surprised as to how successful he was.

Steve has to live with his reaction, and its being first on television and next on the Internet. Mike S. obviously pushed his buttons. Steve responded as a human being but when you're in the public eye there's always a risk in this.

There are times when the best defense is a good offense, but on certain occasions the best defense is a dispassionate matter of fact response.

Because Mike S. is very good at maintaining his composure, no matter what answers he gets he will win in many people's judgment if his targets loose their cool.

As to the minutes, in this age of DVR's, instant replay and YouTube, it seems to me that a change in the rules to include a DVD of all meetings that are on cable as part of the official record. It would be available to the public. I've been to meetings of boards "in the old days" which were recorded by the secretary on audio tapes. I assume those were considered official records.

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

Enquiring minds want to know! As HST said: "Can't stand the heat then leave the kitchen." Or maybe a big sign that says "The buck (or mug and tee shirt) stops here." Guess I'm in a real nasty mood over this since those "cheap seats" actually vote and pay the bills for the town. Dismissive attitude is just something that does not sit well with me.

Back to the important business for the BOS such as endless presentations of earth removal, dog complaints that drone on for hours and the toasting of a small businessman over a zoning issue. An important issue to some is disclosure and that seems to happen in bits and pieces. Former Selectman Adam "Exit stage left" Bond raised some issues and that will be ongoing. There are some pictures of the TMFH with the BOS all kissy face with "The Raven." He of the beautiful orange jump suit. There is some sort of bizarre connection with Graham (inmate #256345)that is still in some type of gossip limbo. So, some wish to know? Granted, these are the gun slingers...oops....mud slingers with connections to CFO or whatever but they have still raised the issue and the response is less than satisfactory.

Now with satisfactory the big deal to moi is not the shirts, blankets, mugs or anything else that was in a meaningless goodie bag - and, yes, they should have known and so should the givers, but the issue is response. Cheap seats? Take out papers? Yeah…you may not have liked the pounding week after week - especially on the blogs you DON’T read but when you end up handing your opposition the high road by your own actions you get what you deserve and that is - as Howie Carr would say - leaving office over illness - the voters got sick of you.

Hal Brown said...

I'm in a lovely mood this morning because I like the weather although may not feel the same when I have to clear out the driveway in driving sleet so Betty and get to work at noon. I doubt the library will be closed. Your civil servants serving YOU.

McCain had to live with the picture of him all huggy with George Bush being used by the Democrats I thought it was a cheap shot. I see the pictures of the BOS with Marshall the same way.

If he had turned out to be the most saintly benevolent philanthropic boon to the town, like a Bill Gates adopting Middleboro as Seattle East, everyone would be proudly displaying those pictures on their walls.

bogofree said...

Don't know Mike at all but his approach didn't seem that polished. Just asking why the minutes were omitted and it blossomed from there thanks to a very thin skinned member of the BOS. Calm and rational is not the strong suit of the current BOS. Then again, I’m the last person to discuss calm and rational.

bogofree said...


When you clean my cars and shovel my driveway today could you stop at Honey Dew and get me a medium black coffee and a coffee roll. Watching you work makes me hungry.

Hal Brown said...

I thought Mike was pretty unflappable and knew quite well that once Steve's mental censor got turned off (the think it but don't say it switch), he knew that no matter what was said he'd "win" in many people by maintaining the utmost composure.

There are two aspects to being a successful politician and they can be described with the same word: performing. The most important of course is performing as in doing the job well. Unfortunately the other part is performing as in being a convincing actor. Some do the later well, others never master the craft.

Monkey said...

Good Morning,
Its a wonderful day. I hope you all are feeling well this morning.

With all due respect this stuff is getting old!

1000s out of work.
Homes being lost.
stocks in the dumps.
budgets being cut.
Etc! etc..

Coffee cups and Pot luck suppers seem to be the most important issue to some.

I feel helping that tribe bring 2000 construction and 5000 or so good jobs to the area should be number 1.

We need the jobs.

Whats in the master plan for that land if they don't build there?

bogofree said...


The casino is deader than my 401(k) and that will really get bombed today. Look for the market to take a huge drop as I'd say 3% based on AIG and Buffett's comments. Nobody is going to build something like that in this economy.

No idea about the land but as long as the trails remain I'm happy.

I think Mike was totally caught off guard by "Take out papers" reaction and then when he got off the minutes and into gifts "Take papers" just followed along. Deliberate by Mike? IMO - no - just circumstance.

Family Guy said...

Why did all this start? Was it citizens who caused it? Was it the BOS? To me the whole issue revolves around that latest of catch phrases known as transparency. This BOS is not a very open group and despite my casino leanings I have to admit they come across as a petty group. Rogers simply said he took nothing and that way there is no problem. At least one was thinking. All they have managed to do is to keep the issue on the front burner. Spataro's attitude is what got me. Mike asked a serious question and he eventually went off on him. Will this happen to others? Is this how they perform in the hot seat?

Home today watching the ice and snow fall. Put on some movies and get the wood stove going. R&R today.

Hal Brown said...

Hal's copy, paste and link alert.

Quote from BBC:

"Negative emotions are often crucial for survival. Careful experiments such as ours have documented that negative emotions narrow and focus attention so we can concentrate on the trees instead of the forest."

Professor Vaillant, who is director of the Study of Adult Development, which published the research, said uncontrolled fury was destructive.
"We all feel anger, but individuals who learn how to express their anger while avoiding the explosive and self-destructive consequences of unbridled fury have achieved something incredibly powerful in terms of overall emotional growth and mental health.

"If we can define and harness those skills, we can use them to achieve great things."

BBC Health

If you read this and I annoyed you by posting it, you were warned in advance.

Monkey said...

With all due respect.. I just watched the video again.

Everything was going very respectable until Red Sox tickets was mentioned.

That statement Left me with a question on Who got the tickets??

Then he accused Mr Spartaro of getting a gift of a blanket which he didn't.

After 8 weeks of this, Being backed in a corner by others some are justified in responding.

Some just see these videos the truth needs to be told for everyone involved to understand.

Watch the video and the reaction of movement by the two guests sitting there.

It was like sit up here it comes again!!

Please they don't want Mr Spartaro on the board plain and simple.

I don't even know Mr Spataro I think I said hi to him one time.

Lets just watch how this progresses until April.

Nasty Politics as usual.

Monkey said...

The above is "In My Opinion"

Hal Brown said...

Next thing I expect someone to channel Joe McCarthy and demand to know if one of the board members was ever a card carrying member of the Communist Party.

Classic technique to get people wondering if the questioner ( inquisitor ) knows something nobody else does. Red Sox tickets?

Get people to wondering if there's a cover-up.

It doesn't matter if nobody was given tickets as long as you can raise suspicions.

Monkey said...

"This BOS is not a very open group and despite my casino leanings I have to admit they come across as a petty group"

Talk about Open. Lets talk about CERA coming to the area.

Who is involved truley with bringing that group to this debate????

If you don't know who or what CERA stands for you have not been in this debate long enough.

Monkey said...

I changed my picture so Dwayne Chapman. Dog the Bounty Hunter and CERA who others hold so high.

Will not get mad at me.

Rocky said...

Respect is a two way street but they have not respected anyone. The selectmen have endured this for too long and when someone gets up and lies about an illegal act that never happened, that is the lowest.

At some point when the same two or three poeple keep crapping on you and attempt to spread lies because of the parting shots of a former child selectman, you have to stand up and say No More.

If they continue to crap and lie, you have to say it assertively and yes yell. It may be the only way the children listen.

This is the funniest thing on tv. Solomini looked like an idiot again. As did Frawly a few weeks ago. Maybe you need to watch it with neutral eyes.

How's it look from the cheap seats Anon?

Hal Brown said...

Rocky, my point is that there are outright lies and innuendo.

Nobody said they knew for a fact that the BOS had been bought and paid for by the Mashpee investors. Nobody said a board member took Red Sox tickets.

Just asking the question serves the purpose of leading some observers to wondering if the questions are being asked because the person posing them knows the answer is yes.

By framing an accusation as a question then avoid slander. But the result can be the same.

In fact what they actually know may very well be the exact opposite but it hardly matters if they plant a seed of doubt.

This is an especially reprehensible tactic when done not only to tarnish someone's reputation but to influence an election

Rocky said...

When I watched the meeting last Monday, I saw Solomini look at Spataro and accuse him of getting a blanket and then threw in Red Sox tickets to another selectman too.

The selectmen answered all the parting shots of Double 0 Zero at a the last meeting. I don't know if Solomini is smart enough to realize he was used?

What is his source for those accusations? Is his source his delusions or someone too chicken to show their face at town hall.

Come on B, B or Baffoon. Show up and ask the questions yourself instead of using others and blogs to throw out the lies for you.

Family Guy said...

This BOS is just pathetic and the only reason several of them are sitting is because of the casino issue. Now you see how they really operate. People can accuse all they want but that door was left open by their collective actions. The anti's will just continue to carp and chip away and they'll continue to lose control. Baited or not it just shows the collective intellect is not present.

Suo Mynona said...

People get the government they deserve. Who ever first said that was so very right.

Hal, don't even bother. I have read writings of all the people to whom it can be attributed.

bogofree said...

Driveway finished and the cars are cleaned - Hal did a great job and loved the $2 bill I gave him. What can I say? Big spender.

Monkey...with the BOS CERA has nothing to do with it. To me the issue as I see it is answer the questions on the minutes and that should have been it. When it was expanded things broke down and "Take out papers" just went over the top with that comment and "cheap seats." If you take nothing as Rogers did you have no problem. If you take something make a record of it by reporting it or sending a detailed list of it to yourself unopened. The BOS let this get out of control and if Rocky is correct they walked into a trap.

Markets are down again as the government is making attempts tp prop up AIG. They just don't get it. More rewarding bad behavior. As WOW says we are faced with "dire consequences" if we don't act. What does he mean by that? More bank failures? Got that. More unemployment? Got that. More companies folding? Got that. Another bailout? Got that. All economic indicators in free fall? Got that. Gee....everything that would have happened if we did nothing is already happening!

bogofree said...

Don't blame me - I voted for Jessie!

Suo Mynona said...

I have had plenty of dealings with AIG. It is not a well managed company from my humble perspective.

Rocky said...

That is a nice thought Family Guy. The antis will continue to attempt to dismantle the town chip by chip, piece by piece. That makes for a wonderful community to live in.

To live to destroy and walk through life with a hate in ones heart. Absolutely horrible.

I am thankful to not many more years on this planet with the likes of people that only want to hurt this town at all costs.

Family Guy said...


A pox on both their houses? Plenty of fault to go around on this. Anti's are really wearing down the BOS and now some pro's and those neutral are also in a flux over this. AB really started all this and now where is he? Where is VV/IA who at one point did nothing but defend this BOS. I jsut don't feel that saying I'm sitting in the cheap seats or should take out papers is the way to go. Spataro painted us all with that brush.

Back to the driveway. Not much but it is heavy and sticks.

Its not what you see said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
. said...

Still working on my name this should do. For week 15.

. said...

Said, said it! What did said say, I don't know but said, said it!

LMAO! I'm bored as you can tell.

Have a nice fire going, Plow came and the shovelers did the walk.

Life is good today.

Coffee Cup said...

Perfection. It fits right in here.
Bad boy taking that coffee cup.

We have a State senator stuffing money in her blouse.

Didn't make as much noise as this coffee cup..


bogofree said...

Hey....I said 3% down today and mid afternoon it is approaching 4%. Maybe the late afternoon rally will take place. One prognosticator said DOW will hit 2,000 and I laughed him off. He may have been clarkin right.

Here is the big secret. Any company can go bust and it does not make a difference if it is tech, heavy industry, petro or retail. They will soon be dropping in droves and no amount of money or feel good speeches from a politician is going to change that. The next continuing plunge will be real estate values that IMO will lose 50% of their 2007 value within a few years. Man…am I in a feel good mood today!

Read that casinos are adding more penny and nickel slots to lure (good word) patrons. Expect more red ink from major players in that market.

Coffee Cup said...

Ceramic Coffee Mugs w/ Your Logo from $1.79 w/ 100 Mug Minimum Order.

Coffee Cup said...

CCF always did good Bogo watch this one for me when you think it bottomed let me know.

I'm not good with stocks but I trust this company to bounce right back.

bogofree said...

When do you think this latest issue will blow over? If they hit "Take out papers" with his comments he could be dead in the water. Might all be old news when election rolls around and 10% show up.

CCF is at a 52 week low today. EPS (Earnings per share) are fine and the dividend is OK. Another bargain for someone who wants to take a chance.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Since when is challenging an elected officials on their words or actions disrepect?

Remember, this is America and we're the ones who threw tea into Boston Harbor to get rid of the oppressive King George, who committed treason by shooting British soldiers, half of us seceded from the union because we got pissed off, staged violent protests during the Vietnam War, basically told the UN to f**k off any number of times, impeached one president, censured another, and who will diss Obama in the press after his honeymoon period just like we've done to every other prez.

It's the American way to dissent, to hold those in charge accountable, to get rid of them when they fail us.

Marsha and Spitaro have been acting like jerks holding themselves above the people they are supposed to be serving. They seem to have forgotten that they answer to us, the people who put them there. If people are "disrespecting" them it's because that's what they earned from us. I say: Get rid of these pompous azzes one at a time.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

BTW, I have to wonder if a pro-casino person had asked the exact same questions, would there be such a brouhaha? Doubt it.

As for AB, I think he ran for cover so he wouldn't have to answer some very hard questions. Gee, maybe I'll take a ride downtown to see if Honey Dew is shoveled out. Perhaps we could get a little exchange going.....LMAO.

Suo Mynona said...

Not everyone (if not most) in town that votes visits blogs or watches MNL.

chica said...

Growing up with brothers and now having a husband I know exactly what a dysfunctional male is - I suspect there is no other kind.

The questions were not that pointed and from what I could gather all that was requested was minutes to be added from a previous meeting. Then the you know what started to fly with accusations by a citizen and finger pointing by Mr. Spataro. Nice touch was Ms. Duphily gently placing her hand on Mr. Spatoro to calm him down and did he need it.

A terrible public display by an elected official complete with a reference to those who sit in the cheap seats, which, to me, is my sofa on Monday night.

Rocky said...

We need to question everything but to falsely accuse someone of taking abribe is wrong. Like Hal said, they throw it out there with no basis but to accuse without accusing.

The BOS has only been getting these slanderous comments by people since after Double 0 Zero quit. I wonder why that is.

I sit and watch these meetings from my soft recliner and reflect on the good old days when people had respect for one another. Gone.

Coffee Cup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Coffee Cup said...

Censured.. There's a word from the past.

Rocky said...

If anyone is concerned with an official taking a bribe they should follow Jessie's advice (I know I am agreeing with her) and send a letter or call the state ethics commission.

For someone to throw something out on TV would be the same as someone accusing a teacher of an unspeakable thing and only to find out it was a lie.

Like I said. Question everything but do so in the proper manner.

Someone said I never answered the other part.

Solomini should have asked about the minutes. Based on his editorial, he knew or could have found out that they were legal and the way minutes have been done.

Maybe he is not as smart as he thinks he is?

Maybe someone put him up to it?

Maybe someone is getting paid off to ask questions?

bogofree said...

DOW made it down 4%. I was wrong as I called 3%. One of the talking heads said it can't go to zero. Beg to differ. This is the same talking head that said the bottom was at 11,000. I'd called bottom at 7,500. Shows you what I know.

Tomorrow you will see a slight upsurge but I suspect it will close this week a 6,500 or less. Cannot believe what some companies are selling at. All time lows. IMO the real story is that this will be eventually classified as a depression as the GDP will continue to shrink, unemployment will be into reported double digits and soon wages will start to drop as companies respond to severe economic conditions. President WOW has adopted the spend your way out approach with government propping up more and more banks and businesses and, of course, translating the same approach to the states. With heightened fear comes radical change and this country is not immune from that. May end up with a barter society.

Coffee Cup said...

"If anyone is concerned with an official taking a bribe they should follow Jessie's advice (I know I am agreeing with her) and send a letter or call the state ethics commission"

The DAs office would be a better investigation..

bogofree said...

Conspiracy theories appear to be running amok in our quaint little hamlet and much of it is swirling around the machinations - real or invented - of a former Selectman - Adam “Exit Stage Left” Bond. A svengali imported from the inner heart land of Michigan with a sojourn in the Rotten Apple before settling among the third rate dips**ths. Is he a plant? Is there a master plan weaved by the ominous dark cloud that hovers over the wonderful world of casinos? Does he have Sol on speed dial? Is he setting up various new found best buds? As they say….The thrill of it all.

IMHO nothing of the sort. Go to the tape, please, and examine the record. Let’s see how this supposed (by some) master manipulator has functioned in the past.

Did he get us the best darn casino deal in the whole wide know world and maybe beyond? Nope.

Did he manage to use all these powers or persuasion to convince the third rate dips**ts that he’d just be lights out as a Town Manager? Nope.

Was he willing to stay the course and provide an alternative on the BOS to the constant drum beat of casino good and no casino (not the poster) bad? Nope.

Did he have enough sense - being this high profiled lawyer - to do a teeny weenie background check on “The Raven?” Nope.

Did he manage to not have a connection - tenuous or not - with soon to be doing perp walk Graham? Nope.

IMO he just is what he is a competent small town lawyer with a semi impressive resume who may some day write a book knowing “You can’t make s**t like this up

Coffee Cup said...

"In early February, for example, Hartford Financial reported a loss of $806 million, or $2.71 per share for the previous quarter, including a $610 million realized loss on investments. Lincoln National reported a $1.98-per-share loss, including a realized loss on investments of $238 million after taxes"

Insurance companies.
Seems this will be our next big meltdown. What will this bailout cost us?

Suo Mynona said...


He did manage to make friends with BB. You have to give him credit for that

Suo Mynona said...

BB's latest:
"this is the time for us to show our caliber by dissenting in a manner that is constructive and above reproach."

Hey I agree and who would not? But where in the Clark does fit with his actions? Is this compatible with trespassing and generally agreeing that Middleboro people are third rate d*psh*t citizens?

Coffee Cup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LMAO said...

I live on a budget and each month I review it for the next month. Whatever is left is put into savings for emergencies and long term gains. If I'm short I'll have to tap into reserves. I could also cut expenses which is what we have done in the past.

I look at Massachusetts and see just the opposite. Any shortfall is met with the same old mantra of raising taxes and fees.

LMAO said...

BB's latest:
"this is the time for us to show our caliber by dissenting in a manner that is constructive and above reproach."

What a total joke! Platitudes. Find sounding words. This is the guy that let third rate dips**ts be posted. Linked and still does to MT and MR two of the top flame throwers. His blog chewed up the BOS over CPA. It's all out there and all you have to do is look.


Coffee Cup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Cahill's quick fix plan could kill Middleboro casino

(I thought this was quite important to the fate of the Middleboro casino, so I also put it on Casino-Friend.)

3/3/09 Treasurer Timothy Cahill is proposing that the state license three slot machine parlors across the state/ ( Boston Globe ) . More than any other single factor, and that includes the Carieri ruling and the financial crisis, I think this stands the greatest chance of prompting the Mashpee investors to cut their losses and abandon plans for a Middleboro casino.

Ironically, the best hope for stopping a resort casino here, a facility some have called a gin mill although slot parlor is a more descriptive term, is to hope for a 3,000 slot machine facility in Raynham.

With that kind of competition literally down the road would you invest your nest egg in a resort casino?

It would be like opening a restaurant next to a MacDonalds and counting on making you money serving hamburgers in a more opulent setting.

I think Cahill's proposal is short-sighted because while they'd provide quick revenue relief they wouldn't provide nearly the number of new jobs a full resort casino does.

If we're destined to have more gambling venues in the state, at least they should come with as many new jobs as possible.

Resort-casinos rely on slot machines for the major portion of their revenue. Many customers go to them oblivious to the amenities offered by a Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods.

A slot parlor isn't going to feature Fleetwood Mac, Motley Crue, Celtic Woman or Britney Spears ( Mohegan Sun ) and their customers won't care.

I supported a casino in Middleboro knowing that there would likely be an increase in problem gambling but believing that the benefit of jobs and revenue to the town would be worth it, and that the gambling problem could be successfully addressed.

Now it looks like we may get a nearby casino with the primary drawback and none of the benefits.

Coffee Cup said...

**** said...
"The truth hurts sometimes. When am I as a WASP going to get the same free stuff the tribes do?"

I have been well advised to leave this subject alone.

I will.

Thank You.

Coffee Cup said...

"Cahill is proposing installing video lottery terminals, which are electronic versions of slot machines"

Did you miss this he wants class 2 VLT's I don't know if investors will go for this.

Just look at Twin Rivers those VLT type machines are terrible compared to real class 3 slots.

If he does this it will be a boom for CT! People will see the difference of the two machines right off and not want to play them or go there.

The big investors want class 3.

bogofree said...

Right now the bailout for AIG is 180 billion and you can expect more. Citi has had three bailouts and will need more. Where does it stop? Is this to be a governmental version of Sophie's Choice? Some get and some don't? The attempt is to try and jump start a stagnant economy by tossing enough money and feel good slogans at it. Like trying to start your pull that cord and pull that cord and if you are lucky it just may turn over and you will get some or all of the lawn cut. The government is hoping the lawn mower starts. I don't count on it. I suspect it will take many years to start to show recovery and the losses everyone has suffered will take 10-20 years to recoup.

Both parties are in favor of bailouts. The Bush one passed and with the WOW bailout Republicans were against the scope of the bill and the earmarks but not the intent. IMO this is just political survival as everyone may hope for a change and that change could be a "see ya" for many pols.

The history of the Native Americans in this continent represents one of if not the greatest genocide in history.

Hal Brown said...

I'm not sure what is meant by video lottery terminals since the article only says they are electronic versions of slot machines. I assume they can be programmed either to be class 2 or class 3.

This is from Wikipedia: "A VLT is similar to a slot machine, except that it is connected to a centralized computer system that determines the outcome of each wager using a random number generator. Although the outcome of each wager is random, VLT operators are able to program in advance the total amount and number of payouts that its central computer system will allow at its connected VLTs. In this manner, VLTs can be thought of as computerized scratch-off lottery tickets."

Coffee Cup said...

anonymous said...

Slots will be here and soon. This is "inevitable." Another tax cheat for Obama. This is really great he can’t even get anyone who isn’t a cheat and he’ll get us out of a financial mess.

Mrmacey said...

Coffee cup is gone Mrmacey is here.
I guess coffee and coffee cup don't go together.

Suo Mynona said...

I make no claim to being an insider or having intimate knowledge about the casinos. That said, it now appears that not having a casino will be similar to having a "dry town" There are 18 dry communities in Massachusetts. Do those towns have a lower rate of alcoholism than their neighboring towns? (Go digging on that one Hal. I really don't care what the answer is.)

Apparent hypocrisy surrounds us. It is part of life. What part of the forest a person sees depends upon where they are perched. Two people on different perches can have different views can both be correct.

That applies to all brouhaha about the question and response session at the BOS meeting last week as well.

I heard an advertisement on WBZ 1030 this morning prompting people to go buy a lottery ticket for 200 million. I will buy one if I remember to.

anonymous said...

Who gave you the cup? Was it a guy in an orange jump suit?

Wonder how much "stash" the BOS have in their closets? Man, when the DA gets done adding up the total on tee shirts, mugs and blankets it will probably hit three figures.

Then I don't know what was worse with Spatoro, or as Bogo says: "Take Out Papers" or Mimi doing her little rendition of feeling hurt a few weeks back. At least Rogers was able to keep a straight face during both shows.

bogofree said...

OK...I played that slot ten times mike and my grand winnings were - nothing! Every spin a loser! Perfect to have slots. Worse bet in town. What's the returns on slots? 88-92%?

"Take Out Papers" really comes across well. His only possible hope is what is being offered as an alternative but from where I sit - in the cheap seats - I'll take the alternative. To most the whole issue will blow over well before election time as the shelf life is usually only a few weeks. After his display suspect more tweaking as the opposition will continue to circle like vultures and pick his bones as they attempt to get "Take Out Papers" even more flummoxed.

Hal Brown said...

There's soe information not in the Globe piece about Cahill's slot parlor proposal in The Brockton Enterprise article (here) .

This article mentions Raynham as being a possible site, with the unfortunate use of the words "slot" and "slotted" in the same long sentence:

"While Cahill advocated an open bidding process for the slot parlors, he suggested the Boston-area license could end up with the owners of Suffolk Downs horse racing track, while one slotted for southeastern Massachusetts could end up at the Raynham Park greyhound track or the Plainridge trotter track. A third would be dedicated to a site in western Massachusetts."

I can see such poor writing in The Enterprise, but this was accepted by the Associated Press.

In the hearing today this is some of what Gov. Patrick had to say:

“I think the most important thing, in this area and others, is that we not make long-term decisions on the basis of short-term factors..."

"Whatever we do — or not do — is going to be with us for a while. And so the ebb and flow in the strength of this business or other businesses shouldn’t be a factor.”

“We favored the destinations because when we were thinking about the balance of costs and benefits — and there are costs that go into it, including human costs — it seemed like the human costs would be less in the resort setting and that the benefits would be greater because of you have, in addition to the gambling, you’d have hotel and entertainment and meals and so forth, other revenue components of a resort.”

Hal Brown said...

Here's a neat little explanation of slot machine odds.

bogofree said...


When I was out in South Dakota they had slot parlors everywhere and most were just small store fronts. I spoke to one employee who said the company he worked for "had about twenty-five." He was barkeep and manager in the place since they had about 20 machines as far as I could tell. I also saw several for sites for sale. This was all in the Rapid City area.

Now, since I have a life, this might be a good opportunity for some research. They had Deadwood as a casino city, Indian gaming and the slot licenses I described.

I can see tracks getting them but somehow I suspect in five or ten years you will be able to walk into Village Market and head to their Keno Room to watch/bet on that foolishness and to play slots.

LMAO said...

Some interesting points of view being expressed on another blog regarding Indians. Wonder if they celebrate Custer's birthday? LMAO!

Seeker said...

Anyone seen any drawings of the proposed mall at Southpointe? Just what we need-another bunch of empty stores.

anonymous said...

I Don't think South Pointe is a go as they had traffic concerns and now I doubt any loans can be floated.

Hal Brown said...

Shopping plazas and malls seem to be in trouble now, but not too long ago the newer ones cannibalized customers from any of the nearby older ones that didn't refurbish.

Somebody will probably figure out the ideal property between existing shopping plazas or malls and buy it at a bargain price and wait until the economy is ready for a new shopping place.

Looking at Plymouth and Kingston it seems that that Middleboro is smack dab in the middle of an area that cries out for a shopping center.

anonymous said...

MR has written an open letter to Pacheco to complain about the casino. Hope he tells her to Clark off.

You want her on the GC Bogo? Now you are nuts! Maybe Hal will give you a discount?

Malls are dead. Few stores fold and there goes the profit.

Suo Mynona said...

I wonder if MR is citing her facts about Clark CT, 100 ESL teachers and the Ho chi Min trail. She probably talks about the need to for places to go searching for really cool turkey feathers. After all, turkey feather collecting for 3rd rate d*psh*ts in Middleboro is like looking for seashells in Florida.
**There will be no out door retail or mall development in next few years. Developers have no money to invest.

**American consumers are savy. When money was plentiful they spent like crazy. Now money is scarce and they are saving. Americans consume an average of 25% of the world's GDP (it was slightly higher for a few years)

Everyone pointed fingers at greedy Americans consuming so much. Now those countries need the US citizen more than ever.

**Citigroup is the largest bank in many developing countries. You can rest comfortably knowing your tax bail-out dollars are helping Citigroup to remain solvent for those countries.

North Slope Rigger said...

I sit here before going to work as one of those rare individuals that has a job and what do I hear? More blather about the economy from the President! Getting a little heat on his bloated budget and the fact that financial markets are not impressed with his moves so he takes the out that old song every president has taken and that is blame the other guy. All the fault of Bush! LOL! Dind't Bush try that with Clinton on every mistake he made?

Not to be outdone Governor Patrick has also blamed the Republicans for the dire mess this state is in. I guess he didn't get the message about the House being controlled by the Democrats for decades. He is just another tax and spend phony.

Both represent shallow arguments and just a way to pass the buck. I can also apply the same to every Republican that has been in full retreat when in power.

Bogo has picked the Sox to win 100+ games and is doing fierce battle with the minons of the Evil Empire. They are being routed.

Suo Mynona said...


A politician citing the actions of other people as a cause for their own political problems is as old human kind.

Look at BB's headline right now:

BOS chairman Adam Bond resigned citing "a co-opting of a majority of the board by tribal interests"

Or another BBism:

"In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped."

Seeker said...

Suo Mynona:

I've noticed that of all the things going on, your biggest beef seems to be with BB. Why him more than all the others?

Suo Mynona said...

When BB trashes townspeople I just try to hold him to his own standards. I use nothing but his own public words. That's all.

How about this one for BB:

He should sign up for the Associate Planning Board spot if he is so genuinely concerned about planning for the future of Middleboro and extricate us from being the "worst generation." We can use his knowledge since he generally agrees that we are third rate d*pshit citizens. It would be real simple for him to become a member. He just signs up and donates every Tuesday night.

BTW who "are all the others"?

Seeker said...

The others? JP, GK, CC, CP, AB, BOS, Hal..........All of them have shown less than exemplary behavior at times, as we all do. I just wondered if you singled BB out because you resent him having a column in the Gazette. JL has invited others the same deal if they choose. No one, however, seems interested in taking her up on that offer.

Suo Mynona said...

Resent him having a column?! LMCAO

bogofree said...


The old blame someone else game. Very old and I hope most are intelligent to see through it.

WOW is sounding like some shill on an infomercial with his latest buy stocks, houses and big toys. He damn well knows it is going to take a lot more than a pile of pork and constant bailouts to banks to turn this around. WOW wants to turn it around? Get some money in the system? Stocks are such a great buy then allow say 25% of you social security into private investment accounts and away from the appetite of the government.

Suo is our resident truth squad assigned to root out BB doublespeak...a dauntless task

anonymous said...

WOW knows he needs that market to go up and up since it headlines the news every night. Short term fix. Bogo. What do you think the measurement is for a turn around? Jobs? Socks?

I think Suo is on a crusade with BB and is just giving the input that BB has requested. Besides, when Suo writes it makes more sense than BB and maybe he should have a column? I suspect his posts here have greater readership than BB.

Suo Mynona said...

Belanger previously made derogatory comments about how apathetic people in Middleboro are.

He should prove he is not just an apathetic blogger and take the Associate Planning Position. He could jump start the laborious task of re writing zoning laws and sub division control laws. Those meaty issues that will help the future planning of the town.

This is a real time commtiment. It is far different from just typing on a keyboard when you have the extra time.

bogofree said...


Rocky said...

BB is better than everyone else. He knows everything and will bring the CPA to town.

Strike Three.

He pretends to not like MT, JP and the rest publicly but in private he is all kissy face. He is two faced. That is not a man. It is something much less.

bogofree said...

The post I had for NESC is the end result of Hal showing me how to do it...3 hours of frustration on Hal's part but I finally got it. Hal was exceptionally patient and only cried three times over my ability to catch on. I never heard the world Clark thrown around so much but he said he went back to his shrink roots and “Treated me like that Clarkin idiot I am.” Bill Gates just called and offered me $1,000,000,000 to be non competitive with Mr. Softy.

I suspect some real potential man love between BB and Suo. I suspect Suo will be out purchasing some high end trail bike at Benny's to hone in on our Denny and Alan moments..

Sounds like Rocky is beginning to mellow.

As far as the economy, anon, I would say that the indexes usually indicate a turn around that will take place in 6-12 months. That would mean S&P, NADAQ and DOW climbing 15% over their lows but the lows is the mystery. GNP has to be on a slight rise and home sales have to perk up along with big ticket sales. That happens then the light at the end of the tunnel is visable. I don't expect it for a year...or two...or three. I hope it takes place but IMO the stimulus/bailout will have only a minor impact on any changes.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

BB is probably the most innocuous of all the bloggers. Tries too hard to appease both sides which backfires on him evrytime. LL, OTOH, has done more to keep the flaming going than anyone. Long history of using people's real names on more than one site. I guess since he's a pro, that's OK. But it's a big friggin' deal when GK does the exact same thing. Seems to be a double standard here.

And no, LL aka Monkey, cup of coffee, TZ, etc., not going to list examples. Enough people seem to have them copied in their files. Take it up with all the posters who've obviously saved every single word you ever wrote. Me? I don't give a sh*t about you one way or another. Just find it interesting that a liar and a hypocrite would have the b*lls to call anyone else one.

bogofree said...

I'm confused by what constitutes justifying using someone's real name? I know if it is someone directly involved in the issue such as a BOS member or those on either the Casino-Friend or CFO BOD it should be OK. Now with bloggers is that a gray area? Folks have started to use initials to avoid any real names but if someone wishes to say a real name for a blogging name is that legit? I may have to go to the legal expert of the casino issue - VV!

IMO there are a few bloggers who stand above the others for the flaming and I’ll leave it at that. Was Adam’s signoff blog considered flaming?

Last half hour had a 100 point sell off on the DOW. Some profit taking today, folks.

Hal Brown said...

I learned a lot from bogo today. For one thing I learned that I have a tendency to look for complex answers when the simple one is correct.

I spent an hour Googling Suo Mynona and SuoMynona this morning discovering that he or she is all over the Internet.

That couldn't be "our" Suo Mynona on thousands of message boards and blogs. At first I thought it was a common Japanese name, then I thought it was the name of a Japanese cartoon character, then I thought maybe it was an anagram so I spent some time rearranging all the letters.

Bogo told me that it was simply anonymous backwards.

Boy am I clarken stupid.

Mrmacey said...

I'm still here. I just choose to adjust the landscape to one of pure happiness.

The thought was, after being discussed with no one in this debate. That someone would bring my name into it within hours.

It took you 23 hour to be exact.

Thanks again for proving how predictable you people are.

bogofree said...

Hal is still trying to figure out that glass half filled or empty thing.

anonymous said...


He did it because I already "own" anonymous. I've got a pile of legal actions working to nail all the rest using it.

Actually, I figured it out when it was posted as that.

Hal Brown said...

Meanwhile - after news like the following, I wonder how many ardent casino opponents who voted for Obama now wish they inked in the line between McCain and Palin.

Finally (Secretary of the Interior Ken) Salazar committed to resolving the trust reform settlement and addressing the recent Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar.

"We have responsibility rooted in the constitution and the fundamental principles of government to government relationships, and I intend to do everything I can to uphold those responsibilities," he said, referring to the trust settlement case.

As for Carcieri v. Salazar, Salazar said he is troubled by the decision and called it ambiguous.

"I pledge the policies and programs of the Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) is a policy that has worked for tribes and we will examine our options in the department as well as congressional fixes to the case," Salazar said. "We will not step back, we will move forward and will need your help."

Read entire NCAI press release here.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Nice dog, MrMacey---

Are you aware that homeowners insurance will turn you down in MA if they know you own certain breeds like German Shepards, pit bulls, rottweilers, mastiffs, blood hounds etc? And if they don't know and your dog injures someone, they won't pay the claim? There is however a special policy available for dog owners at a very exorbitant price.

Personally I don't agree with this new rule because a dog becomes exactly how you treat them and what you train them to be.

Don't believe me? Call Commerce, Arbella, etc and ask.

My company offers us homeowners insurance based out of New England. They don't ask. You might want to look into it.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Alas, anonymous 5:23 is correct. Anonymous 4:23 had taken the legal slot just like Michael Buffer did with "Let's get ready to Clarkumble" I could not say "rumble" as I would be sued.

Here is a link
(none of that fancy blue line stuff) The man has made over 400 MILLION on the line. I suspect that "anonymous" 5:23 must be double that.

So here I sit a mere reflection of an "anonymous coward" -- or just a poor reflection of BBisms.

Speaking or anonymous cowards - a BB term of course - BB hates them unless they are posting on his blog. I am sure that anonymous 5:23 has a gaggle of lawyers ready. 50 bucks is nothing for all of BB's anonymous posters, so they will settle quickly.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

BTW, on blogspot you can't 'own' a pseudonym, only the URL for your blog. That's why they say "Check Availability" when choosing a blog name.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Blogspot rules are in accordance to Laws of California. A poster may not utilize "JP Confirmed ....." but may use any pseudonym, even bogo****.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

LOL. Few use real personal info when registering. Good luck tracking down anonymous email accounts, or IP#s from companies with numerous computers, or several laptops wired together with numerous sophisticated routers.......unless of course you're a computer geek from a Federal agency. I don't see anything written here that would be worth their time.

Rocky said...

Does anyone like lawyers? (except for escorts in other cities)

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Evidently anonymous 5:23 does. Doubt he has the resources to pay them though.

bogofree said...

I don't know if I'm legal or illegal since Dog has totally confused me. Might have to change it to MR Confirmed Liar unless, of course, the real truth comes out about Clark and some other "facts" and I can get a more resonable title. Let me check to see if any pigs are flying.

My house is like a battle zone right now with a raging war between my wife and daughter and toss in a future daughter-in-law siding with my daughter. I am in a lose-lose situation and being a coward I can't even grovel my way out of this Clarkin mess.

Standard on most insurance policies to ask about any pups one may have and insurance companies are always looking for an out. Sounds like Dog has one of the rare ones. Maybe he has AIG?

President WOW certainly does not wish to have the "R" word tossed his way and this Clarked up mess could do it. Already have had that tossed around by Tobey and Cromwell. Of course with slot parlors a real possibility the casino in Middleboro just might not be a go for a long, long time.

Might have to head to the bunker and wait this war out. Thank goodness my future daughter-in-law is not around. Women do battle they never forget.

Rocky said...


Since you have proven that Jessie Powell lied about Clark, CT and that others backed her, you can use her name and state that she is a confirmed liar. It is a public service. Like that annoying tv tone. The emergency broadcast service.

Suo Mynona said...


If memory serves correctly, there was a 1000 dollar reward posted for anyone that could substantiate MR's claim about Clark CT having to increase to 100 ESL teachers.

BB did not want MR to be challenged on After all they were busy solving all the of the town's problems. Allowing Bogo and his pesky fact corrections to get in the way of true progress was probably unacceptable.

It sure appears to be a double standard. They hold everyone else to the highest level of scrutiny.

To be fair, who can blame BB for ignoring a line of metal signs three times to ride a bike on? During his CPA quest and enlightenment he never researched the vast tracks of land available for public recreation.

Mrmacey said...


Check it out.

My Dog

Mrmacey said...

Forget that code stuff.

name pending said...

In MA the following selected dog owners are automatically charged high premiums or turned down ny their company for homeowners insurance all together:

The Akita is a powerfully built dog originally developed to hunt bears in Japan, where it now is primarily used as a guard dog and police dog. The Japanese view the animal as a symbol of good health; upon a baby's birth, its parents often receive an Akita statuette to signify the giver's wish for the child's long and happy life. Helen Keller is credited with bringing Akitas to the United States and the breed was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1972. It is a member of the club's working group.

Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamutes are among the oldest Arctic sled dogs. They were named after the native Inuit tribe called Mahlemuts, who settled in the upper western part of Alaska and who are thought to have developed the dogs to serve as a pack animal. The Malamute is an incredibly strong breed and puppies begin sled training as young as three to five months. The American Kennel Club first registered the Alaskan Malamute in 1935 and it is a member of the club's working group.

Chow Chow
The Chow Chow lineage dates back more than 2000 years. The ancient Chinese bred these dogs to hunt, herd, pull freight and protect homes, but today the Chow is primarily a companion dog. Owners extol the animal's intelligence, dignity and loyalty. Even non-dog folks know this breed because of its distinctive blue-black tongue. Fuzzy Chow puppies become powerful and independent dogs in just a few months, so it is a breed best suited to an experienced owner. First recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1903, the Chow is member of the club's non-sporting group.

Doberman Pinscher
Doberman Pinschers combine a graceful appearance with a sharp intelligence. They are strong, quick-thinking dogs with an ability to respond immediately to danger, making them one of the most reliable of all dogs. While the canine is easy to teach, breed specialists warn that owners who do not have time to properly train a Doberman should consider a different pet. First recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1908, the Doberman is a member of the working group.

German Shepherd
This breed is known for its courage, steadfastness and keen senses. German Shepherds have proved to be canine companions that delight in joining their owners on long drives, fishing trips, swimming or hiking. The breed generally exhibits a self-confidence and aloofness that doesn't lend itself to immediate friendships. However, say owners, once a Shepherd gets to know you, it is a wonderful addition to any family. The American Kennel Club, which first recognized this breed in 1908, places the German Shepherd in its herding group.

Pit Bull
Commonly called the American Pit Bull, these dogs are loved by their intensely loyal owners but feared by many who know them mainly as fighting animals. The dogs share some characteristics of the American Kennel Club-recognized Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeds. The Pit Bull makes the hard-to-insure list in part because of what some owners cite as its history of being selectively bred specifically to create the ultimate canine gladiator.

Presa Canario
The American Kennel Club does not officially register the Perro de Presa Canario, but the breed has been accepted for recording in the AKC's Foundation Stock Service. A medium sized, well-built dog, the breed originated in the Canary Islands. Fans of the breed say its powerful shape and low deep bark make it a natural guard dog, but that is also is a loyal, eager-to-please pet who is quiet and subdued in his own home.

The Rottweiler is an intelligent, steady friend, but is rather aloof, which contributes to its strong guarding instinct. The breed's actual origin is not documented, but it is believed Rottweilers are descended from one of the drover dogs indigenous to ancient Rome. It is a medium-large, robust and powerful dog, with a black coat defined with rust markings. The breed loves exercise and thrills to the challenges of any outdoor sports. A member of the American Kennel Club's working group, Rottweilers were first recognized by the AKC in 1931.

Siberian Husky
As its name denotes, this breed is native to Siberia, with the first North American Huskies brought to Alaska in 1909. They are outgoing, fun-loving dogs with a nature to roam as their Arctic ancestors did. That means the breed needs an alert owner who stays in control -- and who has a fenced yard. The Husky resembles the Alaskan Malamute, but is lighter in build and also less bold. The Siberian Husky was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1930 and is a member of the club's working group.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier
The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a highly-intelligent dog, looks forward to daily exercise to maintain his characteristic lean-muscled look. The breed generally is a sweet-tempered and affectionate, but its tenacity and strength, including powerful jaws that demand heavy-duty chew toys, require an experienced owner. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1974 and is a member of the terrier group.

Wolf hybrid
Owners of these canines prefer the term Wolfdog, noting that dogs were reclassified in 1993 as a subspecies of wolf so wolves and dogs are the same species. Critics of the breed, which is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, argue that the animals are unpredictable, dangerous, make poor pets and are impossible to inoculate against rabies. Fans say the Wolfdog is a good companion and helps educate the public about wolves. Ownership of the animals is illegal in some areas.

bogofree said...

Now my blog is going to the dogs. Step up?

Suo....that $1,000 is still out in the first three or four blogs. Never collected. I imagine of few of the MR sycophants are probably in CT on a homestead with the idea of incorporating a town named Clark. My offer was $500 and Dal tossed in $500. I’m sure if we started it up again some more would hop in.

Obama bounce yesterday so watch a return to normal today.

bogofree said...

Thanks, Rocky. Was a sleepless night with worry about that.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Well, Mrmacey...we've found some common ground. Beautiful, alert looking dog. Every shepherd I've ever owned has been smart, loyal, and easy to train. My favorite was "Uncle Earl", who snatched my small daughter out of a swift moving brook when she slipped on a rock. He was like lightening and got to her way before any of us. Broke my heart when he passed on.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


I guess I didn't make myself clear.

You "own" the title "Jessie Powell Confirmed Liar and other stuff" and it is registered by blogspot for your exclusive use.

What you don't "own" is whatever name you choose to post under. Ex...I can post under Rocky, LMAO, Dog, Mrmacey, Mildly, Hal, Drive-by, IA/VV if I choose because names are not registered. It would just be rude.

Hal Brown said...

I don't think I ever filled out what kind dog we had on an insurance form either here or when we lived in Michigan.

I don't think you have any rights to the actual title of the Blogger blog because you can readily change it and there's no check to see if any other blogger has that title.

The exclusivity to a blogger URL isn't really ownership. Blogger gives you the right but you can't sell it like you can a full URL. If you give it up Blogger can assign it to someone else.

As for being found guilty of libel or slander for writing something true about some using their name, that's up to a judge or jury.

If you can readily prove what you write it's unlikely any sensible and honest lawyer would suggest somebody sure you.

For those who don't know, I had a controversial website about the cranberry industry where I often was highly critical of Oceay Spray executives.

Ocean Spray had an in-house legal department.

The only time I got a threat to sue me was when someone posted several comments making unsubstantiated charges on the message board about a foreman at one of the plants.

Mrmacey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Leave bombs in the yard
Leave bombs in other' yards
Pee on perennials
Are "real friendly" but bite kids
Eat homework assignments
Eat horses
Bark incessantly
Make good Chinese (#6 Fido Yum Yum)
Give the BOS something to do

Mrmacey said...

Last one was to much info.

Mrmacey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mildly said...

To all armchair weekend warriors:

Watching sports causes secondary erectile dysfunction. The FDA has discovered that remotes contain high levels of salt peter. LOL

Rocky said...

This discussion is going downhill fast.

bogofree said...

Time for me to get this back on track and bring it up to my usual standards. Here goes.

I always order that #6 Fido Yum Yum with Ducj Sauce and now I just found out what it was - not sauce.

mildly said...

Sorry Rocky. I'm just sick to death of that glazed over Stepford Husband look whenever football, baseball, hockey, and basketball is on. When our refund checks roll in, I'm headed straight out to Sears to buy the biggest, loudest plasma screen I can find and hiding the remote. I'm tired of being a sport's widow.

mildly said...

As people age, men's estrogen levels rise while women start getting high doses of testosterone. So, I figure that by the time we hit 80, Hubby will be watching Lifetime for Women, while I'm hitting the NFL

BTW, I watched a really funny interview of Jose Conseco's wife telling all hubby's secrets yesterday. Seems she was injecting his butt with 'droids', revealing that it caused him to have a shrinky dink, lose one testicle all together, and shrink the other one to the size of a grape. Jose's face was as red as a beet and he looked like he wanted to disappear while his wife laughed her butt off. True story.

bogofree said...

Well....I just through with my weekly email update to Patrick, Frank and Pelosi informing them of how things were going since all three seem to be out of touch. Sooner or later the FBI is bound to pay me a visit. Probably a long list to visit by now. Maybe 'Roid rage?

My wife has a constant complaint when I have the radio tuned to sports talk while in the car. The men are "boorish, immature, idotic, have no manners and totally lack class." A week or so she was watching The View. Why that sounded just like sports talk!

Hal Brown said...

We don't watch sports on TV and my wife knows more about who's who on Boston teams than I do. I felt personally betrayed when the Giants left New York and never got over it. I did hate the Yankees as much as any Red Sox fan.

I enjoyed college football and went to home games when I was a student in part because I knew guys on the football team and it didn't hurt that Michigan State went to the Rose Bowl twice while I was there.

Then I have to admit that for the past 40 years I've only kept up with sports enough so I wouldn't seem to be a total numbskull when people talked about teas and players everyone but me seemed familiar with.

Hal Brown said...


Considering that the Feebies never visited me when your man GW ran the "Justice" Department and CIA, despite my writing scathing articles about him, I hardly doubt WOW is going to send a Predator through your front door.

If you'd feel safer I can give you a Moonbat placard with a microchip to hang on your door.

anonymous said...

Bogo. I think it may be time for the pitchforks and torches since nothing else gets their attention. I can imagine what your emails are like and maybe we will have to bail you out. I'll chip in a buck.

The gas tax has me just about ready to spit nails as I am just so damn tired of the same old attitude of raise taxes. Patrick even wants a GPS in the cars to record your mileage. WTC!

bogofree said...


What I sent "W" was a lot worse than what I sent the other three. If I did not live in Massachusetts I would have voted for Kerry but I got to see him first hand all these years. This current administration seems to focus on being a haven for tax cheats while "W" had "spooks" checking your email.

Right now WOW is probably trying to run for cover over the financial markets. I thought it would drop today not crash. I told you so is ringing from my fingertips as GM is about to go where Citi, AIG and many more should go - chapter 11. So looks like 20 Billion or so on GM is just dead money. I may have bumper stickers made up that say "Don't blame me - I didn't vote."

Off to the "Y."

mildly said...

They don't have to use a GPS system to track gas mileage. Everytime we have our cars inspected, they record the mileage on the computer.

Some of us have to travel long distances to get to work. How unfair is it to be taxed for getting to work?

Patrick is just WOW's Mini-Me.

Family Guy said...

Bogo I give up even calling them anymore. They just treat you like a tird rate dips**t. "Yes, we'll pass your call on. Thank you for your input." You read The Herald every day and see more and more of the cronyism. With the feds does anyone really think WOW is a saviour? He sloganed his way into office and now that will be four years of handouts and more crushing debt. The option was not one bit better. maybe the Indians will start an uprising and I just might join them.

bogofree said...

Just got back from the "Y" after working off some of my frustrations but riding the bike I did have an epiphany. I'll just get in tune with WOW's sage advice of the other day and buy some more stocks - good investment says WOW. I'll take a look at four of his real special favorites. Remember, folks, this is where about 200 billion is being spent. Let's start out with Citi that is about a buck a share. How about AIG which we just poured the GNP of a small county into. Forty cents a share. OK...that is just not doing it so I'll look at Bank Of American. Damn! Forty cents a share! WTC! OK...what is good for GM is good for the country or something like that - why I can load up since it's under $2 a share.

Man...that WOW is onto something. This is where the government is putting their money and we all know the daddy in Washington knows best.

I heard the Patrick spiel - again - about a gas tax being a cup of coffee a day or some such nonsense. I actually called up his office with only a minor threat and asked if that included all the rising prices due to that tax being passed onto us by business. I'll post the answer as soon as I get it. Hmmm....get it....something I doubt this governor does.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocky said...

Elevated estrogen in men as they age? Is that why I cry during extreme makeover?

Suo Mynona said...

NEW FROM BB. The self proclaimed superior blogger

"A casino with only slots is the equivalent of a whorehouse that offered AIDS infection but not sex"

Quality stuff. Great way to get a point across. He is the man that says people nowadays do not "know the meaning of sacrifice" Read what you just blogged and think again. I know countless families that suffer countless afflictions. To use others deadly diseases in a dismissive manner to further his pet cause is wrong IMO.

Before he types such things he should consider the emotional impact it has upon those other groups. Families loosing loved ones to AIDS probably would be resentful of their "sacrifice" being used and the suggestion they received it from a brothel.

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

I only cry when I look at my picture of 20 years ago.

Suo - again - drives another nail into the reality coffin. Like the truth police. The BOYZ were talking mutts and this is a posting pit bull for BB.

I like the idea of slot parlors as it gives the Blue Haired ladies somepace to go to scratch their lottery tickets. Love one in the Village market. Cash in my empties and head right to the slots.

Hal Brown said...

Who-oh Su-Oh,

I agree the AIDS reference is thoughtless. You type those letters and you'd best be writing something serious.

But the meaning of the sentence puzzled me as I tried to figure it out.

It was like a tough Miller Analogy Test question:

Why is a casino with only slots is the equivalent of a whorehouse that offered AIDS infection but not sex?

Does this mean that a warehouse full of slot machines offers nothing except disease while a resort casino offers both disease and sex?

The sentence is unfunny. I don't expect everyone to be as hilariously as I am, but he could have written that a casino with only slots is like a whorehouse that offered crabs and chlamydia without the climax.

mildly said...

C'mon Rocky. Nature is twice as kind to aging men than aging women. Post menopausal women's voices deepen by a couple of octaves. Gravity sucks them into the ground in all the wrong places. They develop porous, rough elephant skin. Alopecia runs rampant and they start frequenting the Paula Young wigs website. OTOH, pig bristle pops out on their upper lips and chins. They become snippy and aggressive. Then there's vericose veins, teeth implants, and puffy bellies. And, if most are like my Mom, they turn into real aggressors when pissed off. No such thing as a sweet old lady. No wonder men start crying. They wake up one day to find their married to Godzilla.

My theory is that the eyesight goes quickly so that partners don't see the changes in each other. And dementia destroys the short term memory so only "the good ole days" stay fresh in the mind.

mildly said...


INFP. You?

LMAO said...

Hey, Bozo, take a look at the markets today. Can a president be deemed a failure after two months? The party is over and time to deliver and it is not working. No one has an ounce of confidence in his economic policies. People won't spend and anyone with investments knows the financials will cost trillions. Is it over before it began for Obama?

Another tasteless comment by BB. What a Clarking surprise! This is his track record from his site and now his blog. Does he even think? Guess he was schooled by MR and MT since they are prone to the same. Maybe it was in the grog?

bogofree said...

Markets closed at 4% down across the board as panic selling is now taking hold. Most folks have lost 50% or more and have just plain had it with the worry and aggravation. Look for further drops.

Two months is way too short a time. Give it two years. Still in a morass at that point it will mean a change will probably be made and the lackluster Republicans can gain a pile of seats just by showing up. That is a long way off.

At this point I will hold onto everything and maybe it will be worth something to my children or grandchildren

Hal Brown said...


You had me confused as I usually don't think in those terms when I read blogs abbreviations. My mind set is trying to figure out what version of IMHO > ROFLMCO letters are.

bogofree said...

A few years ago I was at the "Y" and a friend of long ago - weight lifting and basketball - grabbed the bike next to me. He is about my age - post 60. As we rode he mentioned to two women on a treadmill directly across from us. I would say they were probably in their mid 50s and he says something like: "Rick...remember twenty years ago? Today those two are hotties to me."

Suo Mynona said...

Obama thinks the stock markets are nothing more than the vagaries of political polling.

The hand out AKA bail out for me is real simple. In the most basic sense, everyone that has been fiscally responsible is going to pay for those that have not been.

Mildly your post about men and women was hilarious. But women hae men beat in longevity of life. You get the insurance money.

mildly said...

Hal- Sorry: Briggs-Meyers: INFP: Introverted-Intuitive-Feeling-Perceptive. Had to take that personality test once as part of a job interview. Never realized before that Introverted did not necessarily mean shy or Extraverted outgoing. According to the criteria of that test, Extraverted means needing to seek stimulation from the outside, while introverted people need a lot of personal interior space. Whatever, I got the job.

You're right. It's become very confusing reading posts written mostly in abbreviations. I spend a lot of time googling them. LOL

Hal Brown said...


I knew that, but not being anonymous I'm not about to post my Meyers-Briggs personality profile where anybody can read it.

That test doesn't presume to measure psychopathology the way the MMPI does.

However I have my MMPI scores too.

I'll post both of mine mine if all the named players on the blogs post theirs.

Hal Brown said...

Town elections: Anybody have any opinions?

To Fill the Bond BOS seat: Alfred Rullo Jr. vs. Gregory Stevens

Full BOS term: Finance Committee member Stephen McKinnon vs. Selectman Steven Spataro

School Committee: Rev Roger Haber vs. School Committee members Jeannie Martin and Gregory Thomas

Assessor: Incumbent Paula Burdick vs. Charles Shea

Town Moderator: Wayne Perkins vs. Edward Beaulieu

Rocky said...


Do you know my wife?

We should all write in Mark Belanger for everything.

anonymous said...

After his rousing success with CPA the man is really on a mission. I agree that he is a write in guy or maybe Suo can get some stickers printed for the 500 who show up to vote.

mildly said...

So why do perspective employers administer the Briggs-Meyers? Is it to see if your nature is compatible with the type of job you're applying for?

Seems like the MMRI would be appropriate for a high stress job with a high rate of burnout. I know a couple of nurses I worked with who didn't realize that even in home care I always keep a daily med count/log. Felt bad because I had to report them for dipping into patient Class C benzos. Their licenses were suspended indefinitely. Had nothing to do with being a snitch. No way I was going to take the rap for anyone's addiction.

You're also right about putting personal info on the net. Some people will use anything against you.

mildly said...


Are you my Dad? LOL

Hal Brown said...


I don't know much about why employers use it but a fair number do.

It may be whether they want to see if they're team players.

You can probably tell if someone would make a good sales person from it.

If you're looking for someone to do detail work the test would probably help with that.

That's just off the top of my head but there's probably a lot on the Internet about this.

anonymous said...

With WOW as president the dow has dropped 25%. Hope and change! WTC. Does he have BB advising him?

Suo Mynona said...

anonymous 6:02
"maybe Suo can get some stickers printed for the 500 who show up to vote."

I need some education on campaign finance. May I will check with resident experts.

Now we need to come with some nifty reasons for people to vote for BB. I will start:

Vote for BB if you think slot machines are like going to whorehouses and getting AIDS without sex.

anonymous said...

Maybe BB should call them slut machines?

drive-by said...

I'm not crazy about any of the candidates. I wish we could have attracted some of the former BOS members who served us well and are still involved with the town. People like Neil Rosenthal, Steve Morris, Linc Andrews, etc. Or someone new like Brian Giovononi.

Something about Steve McKinnon just rubs me the wromg way. Can't put my finger on it.

Family Guy said...

What we have on the BOS and what we have running is a reflection of what now represents quality in politics on the local, state and national level. Who even wants to run locally?

bogofree said...

Jobs report this morning and it's not going to be nice. Waiting for bargain hunters to jump into market but that is not happening as mutual funds are having big sell offs to get cash to pay off investors who have had enough. Just look at the prices of some blue chips on the DOW. Gee...DOW rhymes with WOW. Maybe some of those folks who contributed to his campaign should take peerless leaders advice and buy? LOL! What really ticks me off is that McCain didn't win since I have all these one liners about age.

Seems like the Middleboro campaign is now into gear and Suo is taking on the role bestowed upon him to run the BB sticker campaign. I can see the victory party pictures on the ‘net with all those beers in hand along with mixed drinks. Grog Fathers redux?

If they is more dog talk today does anyone have recipes and which make the best eating? Right now my daughters Golden Doodle is begging donut holes.

Suo Mynona said...

Rah rah song

Vote for BB
he's our man
He can trespass
but no one else can
The campaign song emxeplifies what was said by other possters.Why would anyone run and be subjected to constant blogging? No one will ever be good enough. No fact will ever be correct (Remember Jessie saying that 10% of the town being protected from development was made up)

There are too many people that shoot from the keyboard first and won't even ask questions later. Then they will not donate real time. They just keep on whining. This comment has nothing to do with the casino.

Does the ends justify the means?

New bracelet WWBD (What Would "B" Do)

WWBD if a sitting selectman was caught trespassing on casino related property, the police were called, and said they missed a hundred posted signs and were looking for really cool turkey feathers?

name pending said...

Shepherd's pie with Poodle Puffs

Rottweiler Ratatouille

Beagle Brulee

Chihuahua Cheesecake

Pekingnese Patties

Marinated Mastiff

Honey-Dijon Hound Dog

Greyhound au Gratin

Baked Akita Alaska

Toasted Terrier

Malamute Muffins topped with Marmalade

Rocky said...

I am going to vote for the most qualified candidate for each office.

I am looking at their experience in both public office and jobs they have held.

I am looking for the people who will devote the time to the positions.

I am looking for the people without an grudge-agenda going in.

I am starting to sound like BB with all the I, Me, My stuff.

I still don't know who I am going to vote for. I will wait for the write ups in the paper. Then I will ask questions.

I did read in the paper that Charles Lincoln dropped out of the race. Shame. I bet he had some good ideas on how to fix the pension system.

drive-by said...

Schnauzer Schnitzel

drive-by said...
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drive-by said...

I'll wait for MR to tell me who I can vote for. LMAO

Hal Brown said...

Getting the Chinese hooked on Coke good for American business:

Soft drink company Coca-Cola Co on Friday said it would invest $2 billion in new plant and distribution infrastructure in China over the next three years. It will also speed up development to ensure products suit local tastes.

The investment is in addition to the $2.4 billion Coke has already committed to a takeover bid for Huiyuan Juice Group.

Shares of Coke, a Dow component, closed Thursday at $37.85. (Reuters)\\

This was interesting to me because Ocean Spray already has a deal with Huiyuan Juice Group. See article

Mrmacey said...


updated less than 1 minute ago
WASHINGTON - The nation's unemployment rate bolted to 8.1 percent in February, the highest since late 1983, as cost-cutting employers slashed 651,000 jobs.

Both figures were worse than analysts expected and the Labor Department's report shows America's workers being clobbered by a relentless wave of layoffs.

Mrmacey said...

State governments often look to casinos as a quick source of tax income in difficult economic times. According to Spectrum Gaming Group, a consulting firm that monitors the gaming industry, at least 15 states have recently expanded or are currently considering expanding gambling.

It all sounds good to Craig Taylor. He spent 13 years in the real estate business, buying and selling investment properties. He says that when the industry was booming he was making a salary in the "low six figures," drove a new BMW and lived in a house in the tony Cherry Creek section of Denver.

But since the market tanked, he has been making adjustments. He sold the BMW and bought a used 2001 Jeep. He sold the house in Cherry Creek and bought a smaller house on the outskirts of Denver. Now all he needs is a job, and he thinks being a casino dealer might be a good fit.

"Real estate was a great job, great income," he says. "But you have to do what you have to do in this economy and

Suo Mynona said...

In both the China and Seoul Olympics "Woof Foo Yong" and "K9 fried rice" were taken off of the menus.

WTC happens to fluffy stray dogs there? What do they do raise dogs for slaughter? Are lap dogs a delicacy?

"Junior Tsao go down to the dog pen and rustle the family up some dinner."

Hal Brown said...

Somebody who goes by the name Middleboro Review (Mr. Review, Ms. Review?) of their blog gives "bonus points for the Globe editorial slamming Cahill today on his disaster of a slot plan. It was a stupid plan and he deserved the thrashing."

Mr. or Ms. Review seems to be anti-casino and neglects to point out that the Globe editorial says:

"Massachusetts could benefit from expanded gambling. But the right way to do it is by demanding major capital investment from casino operators whose facilities should include entertainment, fine dining, shopping, and other amenities capable of attracting tourists, out-of-state visitors, and the local residents who now spend hundreds of millions each year in Connecticut's world-class destination casinos."

Stop Predatory Gambling said...

If you make the rounds of the anti blogs you will find that all of them are blasting Cahill.

It needs to be clearly understood that anticasino groups oppose all gambling establishments not just the proposed casino in Middleboro for many valid reasons---all of which we have expressed for two years now.

Prognostications began last summer that CFO and CasinoFreeMass were dead. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fight for what we believe continues.

Get that Mumma Mucka said...

B in the yard u B House Special.

Hal Brown said...

Fight your good fight, fight it clean and honestly and I have no problem with you trying to stop predatory gambling. I assume you mean in Massachusetts, not the entire country. Lot's of luck if you want to get a 21st century version of Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Volstead Act.

While you're at at why not try to get the lottery to eliminate scratch tickets? In the same sense that slot machines are predatory so are scratch tickets.

I'd also like to hear alternate proposals for making up the huge state deficits and addressing unemployment.

Mrmacey said...

Carey M. Theil on the board of SPG has done Ma no favors. He killed off an industry with his pack of lies. He told us the Dogs were going to be adopted.

They're moving them to other States that still race. All he did was come to MA and kill of another industry and send those jobs and revenue out of state.

Do what you claimed to do.

Help get those 1000 people jobs now!!

At least Cahill is trying to bring some jobs and revenue to our State.

All you people did is bring hate and poverty to our region.

Thanks but no Thanks.

I am not even talking about Middleboro!!!!!!

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