Saturday, March 14, 2009


From the Enterprise Saturday editorial: “ Massachusetts will have a difficult time recovering from its economic mess because of people like Marian Walsh. And people will never respect the Legislature or Gov. Deval Patrick because of people like Marian Walsh.” Or from the Saturday Herald: “Filling the position is an insult to the taxpayers. Filling it with Walsh is an abomination.”

How can anyone add to that or dispute it? This state is fast becoming the area where Democrats go bad. I am under no illusions that if the party in power were the Republicans it would significantly change but that is something we will never know.

Chub Peabody to Jane Swift. Those two stand out in my memories. Two bookends decades apart whose claim to fame is simply being over whelmed by the office of governor. Now Deval Patrick. I have never seen anyone in the corner office so clueless or out of touch. Problem is he is just symptomatic of the Legislature where divine right seems to rule the day.

I have a friend in the south who is a democratic operative and he had a nice comment on stimulus money. He suggested that most of it go to southern states since they steal slower. I will not post the rest of his comments on how Massachusetts operates.

A nice week for indexes world wide as banks are refusing stimulus (bailout) money, returning it and even cooking books to show a profit. Oh the specter of nationalization has managed to get their attention. If by June or July the indexes have returned to their inauguration day totals it may signal that the bottom was truly reached and recovery may take place within a year or so.

The annual Saint Patrick’s Day festival of gluttonous politicians having their annual bash will take place. The only difference between all those politicians stuffing themselves and Cedar Junction is that some in the slammer are actually not crooks and innocent.

Post away.


Rocky said...

I get the first post of the new week. Yahooooooooo

anonymous said...

Damn you.....

At least it's not Hal's picture scaring the hell out of me when I log on.

Hal: scaring you said...

Scared yet?

Yesterday, at beach in Chatham taking pictures of surfers.

Warning: Hal zone said...

Couple of articles in paper today:

Tribe leaders spread bets beyond casinos

High court rekindles old debate

No, no, not me again. said...

Not to waste precious bogospace for those who couldn't give two turds on toast, but here's my latest thoughts about the casino:

"Could I change my postion on a Middleboro casino?"

Suo Mynona said...
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bogofree said...

The government created a vehicle for Native Americans to have some type of security beyond handouts. Guilt by the conquers? Seems to be on the part of some.

Abuse is obvious but should that be any surprise? Corruption? Should that be any surprise? Are somehow Native Americans above all that? NFW! Should they be any different from AIG, Lehman Bros., indicted pols, lay about public employees or the classic - The Big Dig. When money flows the corruption grows.

When the facts change opinions can change.

bogofree said...

I suspect Suo uses "Crazy Glue."

Nothing wrong with your picture, Hal, as I am sure Gladys (or is it Mary?) has converted them into dart boards.

Lonely here... said...

I still don't like "slot parlors", but according to this article even during hard economic times, they can make money:

A far cry from Foxwoods, but these no-frills casinos pay big

"Slot parlors, such as Treasurer Cahill has proposed, have proved a $900m cash bonanza for Pennsylvania."

No doubt the bean counters in Pennsylvania hear "ka-ching" of money dropping into the state coffers when they see pictures like this. I hear the inner sound of postictal depression.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I don't know any Revs, so what Church does Haber represent anyhow?

JP has come to the fore again. I don't think her big issue is so much the casino as much as wacko leftist extremism.

Well, Hal, I'm sure you're not surprised that you've made her hit list again. Not sure why because both of you seem to agree on many basic political ideologies. Seems like a personal grudge to me. Anyhow she writes:

"Stupid Question Award goes to Hal Brown who essentially asked --

"I'm a jew. Rev. Roger Haber will you transform the school curriculum, single-handedly, as one member of the school committee, to teach Creationism in the classroom and institute school prayer? [in violation of state law]"

Sitting in the Cheap Seats [as you all know] at the back of the room, Jeannie Martin wasn't the only one shaking her head!

Hal Brown left immediately after asking that question so it would appear his sole purpose for attending.

Hal, so much for paying attention to other candidates and other issues.

Roger Haber handled the question admirably!

Worth watching."

I have nothing personal against you Hal, we just don't agree on the casino and I tend to be conservative. We can agree to disagree on most things. But I'm sure you realize that when you stick your neck out and and identitify your thoughts with your real identity, there's always going to be someone like JP to run after you will a verbal axe to chop your head off. That's why most of us stay anonymous.

BTW, anyone ever meet JP personally? I just wondered if her online persona was different from real life. Does ahe even have a real life?

Suitable for a dart board said...

Rev. Haber is the pastor of the Central Baptist Church.

It seems that a lot of people think my question was inappropriate. They would do well to talk to Rev. Haber about what he thinks. In fact, his email is on the church website. I'm quite sure he'd be more than willing to address this with anyone.

He and I have been exchanging emails and I look forward to talking to him in person. I am voting for him, not Jeanine Martin who didn't even have the respect to call me after I asked her in a note to do so to explain why she said what she said.

I think Rev. Haber will be an excellent school committee member.

Jessie Powell, Betty Triner, Jenaine Martin, and others who have publicly criticized me or expressed a negative reaction to my question are entitled to their opinion.

I certainly didn't say or suggest that Haber would or could transform the school curriculum single-handedly. That is more than hyperbole, if Jessie or someone else wrote that it is a lie.

I did not come to the meeting specifically to ask that question. In fact I told several people in advance that I had to leave at 8 P.M. If I hadn't I certainly would have stayed to hear the candidates for the BOS since that is what I'm most curious about.

But the fact Rev. Haber himself had been expecting this question for three years should tell them something.

To my critics:

Go ahead, ask him if he thinks it was a stupid question.

LMAO said...

"I don't think her big issue is so much the casino as much as wacko leftist extremism."

A big A-men to the Dog for nailing this one. That about sums it up with her constant battering of Republicans and omission of any similar sins perpetrated by the Democrats. What happens is it turns what she writes into a why even bother reading it since I know what direction it is going in.

Hal is nowhere the extremist she is and appears to be quite a rational moonbat who is not above being critical of certain embedded in stone moonbat positions. This is written based on what he has posted on this site and Capitol Hill Blues. Like Dog and lean conservative.

Bogo was a friend of Jessie's and in some of his earlier blogs that relationship is described.

LMAO said...

" if Jessie or someone else wrote that it is a lie."

LMAO! The blog title tells it all. I think Hal has explained this very issue a dozen times by now. I doubt his critics will even bother to take the time or effort to call Rev. Haber. Damn. I'm defending Hal? WTC is the world coming to? LMAO!

Suitable for a dart board said...

Dog, where was that quote from Jessie from?

anonymous said...

"The 3 towns surrounding Foxwoods are teaching + 30 different foreign languages. Clark, CT went from 2 ESL teachers to 100"

Family Guy said...


When Jessie Clark's up you will never hear from her about it. IMO the woman is beyond shame. Think she will ever call Haber? LMCAO! You have posted the story with Rev. Haber to back it up so that is a done deal.

anonymous said...

Hal: What it comes down to is they don't like you and you will be wrong even when you are right. Intellectually vapid. Do not expect any mea culpa from MR.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...


Quote was from the nemasket forum under candidate's night. I am an anti, but not a JP fan.Don't post there but do read all blogs from both sides.

Jessie luvs Hal? said...

Thanks Dog. I'm not registered on so unless someone puts a quote from it here I never see it.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Like I said before, her remarks have the feel of a personal bias to me. But I wouldn't lose any sleep over it if I were you. JP's credibility is shot by her own words and actions.

Pro with qualifications said...


Check what I wrote on Casino Friend this morning.

I am not a come hell or high water casino advocate. I really don't think too many, if any, of the outspoken pro-casino group are.

My support was and will always depend on my weighing the elements making up what I judge to be the pros and cons.

As for today's thumbnails, rest assured that tomorrow you won't have my ugly mug to look at.
These are just meant to scare the hell out of 2nd poster anonymous, and turn on my secret admirers.\\

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

If any religious teaching were attempted to be introduced into the schools, the ACLU would be here before you could blink an eye.

ALso, IMO, no question is a dumb question.

Pro with qualifications said...

I think religion can legally, and should be, taught in schools in the context of comparative religion courses and in history of the world's religion courses.

They need to know this especially in this day and age where children need to understand religions like Islam which they aren't familiar with and which gets associated with Muslim extremists.

How many students can tell you the primary religion in India let alone tell you how Hinduism differs from Islam?

How many would hazard a guess that most people in China are Buddhists, even though that would be wrong since by far most Chinese don't adhere to any religion at all.

How many could associate Islam with Muhammad, let alone explain how his role in Islam differs from the role of Jesus in Christianity?

These are all things a well rounded high school graduate should know about.

bogofree said...


Thanks for the details from I have been "shunned" so I can't post any quotes. I think you summed up the general consensus on JP.

I'd beat the ACLU to the school.

Liberal Jessie stomping me said...

So if I gather correctly the lady Jessie who luvs to stomp all over me is a moonbat, aka, a liberal?

So she'd be donning her own combat boots and marching to the the schools along with Bogo, Dog and the ACLU to protest if they were teaching creationism in biology class?

Jessie, Dog and Bogo,
sitting in a tree,

along with



Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Hal remember this comment?
"By the way, I'm not glued to a computer."

LMCAO, cudda fooled me. Looks like you are on a posting bender.

BTW you are not suitable for a dart board.

Squeezed said...

Okay, you have me pegged.

I do a lot of reading online. I just emailed Bogo with my usual morning reading list:


NY Times for both news (still the best there is) and OpEds


Standard Times

Boston Globe

Washington Post

Capitol Hill Blue for comments to my columns



Google News


check Enterprise when it comes online

once a day check The Scotsman because I have really fallen for the country

several times a week I look at Time and Newsweek

I find Bogofree entertaining and like posting here (obviously), and hopefully a few of you like what I write.

anonymous said...


Anytime I think you are a boring and useless gas bag I cruise over to MR, BB and MT. Now that makes you look good. That even makes Bozo look good. Damn - it would make even me look good!

anonymous said...

Hal. Ever hear the term "Get a life?" LMCAO!

I think even MR spends less time on the computer.

Trying not to bore said...

I do spend a lot of time on the computer, but not that much time posting.

How is reading newspapers and magazines online different than reading them on paper?

In addition to reading publications, I spend a fair amount of time just pursuing areas of interest: politics and psychology of course, but also sociology, medicine, many areas of science, technology, history, pop culture, even automobiles, and too many other areas and subjects to list.

You may notice sports is not on the list though. Until recently I thought A-Rod was something used to strengthen concrete walls.

Think of how much time many of you devote to sports, both thinking and reading about it and watching games.

Reading Bogo and responding takes a few minutes.

By the way, if I do post tomorrow and I probably will, I'll spare you more pictures of me.

mildly said...

OMG Hal. I love all these little creative pics of you today. They're hysterical. I think they should become your trademark.

I'd rather continue to see comparative religions taught in college, when kids are AWAY from their parents and the censorship that could come with that. That's about the age when kids become more open to expanding their thinking to a greater world beyond themselves anyway.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Kissing Jessie? Grrrrrrrrrrrr....ruff..ruff..ruff.
Rather chomp on some cat turds. Yum.

Mac & Duff all day said...


Our pups, West Highland White Terriers 13 months old, and featured today, run downstairs after waking us up by licking our faces every morning at 6AM.

They race into the downstairs bathroom and try to get the nice hard turd before me which our elderly cat Phyllis has taken to leaving there overnight.

She pees in her litter box, thanks goodness, but for some reason has decided pooping in the people bathroom is more appropriate for her.

I see that Alice Elwell, writing in The Enterprise, thought the answer to my question to Rev. Haber was relevant to report:

"Candidates for school committee include newcomer Roger D. Haber, who is running against incumbents Jeannie Martin and Gregory D. Thomas.

"Haber, a pastor at the Central Baptist Church, said he had no desire to impose his religious beliefs on students.

"Martin is seeking her fourth term on the board, and Thomas hopes to serve for a third."

Still no response from my request that Jeannie Martin call me to explain why she apparently thought there was something wrong with my question.

Does anybody know much about what kind of school committee member she's been? What are her credentials, her qualifications?

bogofree said...

Maybe Suo has some recipies? Didn't he post about the #6 Doggie Yum Yum?

Mac, Duff, Phyllis > said...


Some kids don't go to college. To be well informed they need to know at least the basic tenets of, and differences between, the five major religions:
Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

We are becoming a multi-cultural multi-ethnic country with many citizens adhering to these religions and others. Many of the conflicts around the world are rooted in centuries old strife between and within sects in these religions.

It doesn't even have to be an entire course. It could be taught as a segment of a humanities course like this one..

We do teach humanities in high school don't we?

bogofree said...

World History also covers comparative religions as you study the origins of various religions. Part of the Massachusetts Frameworks. Can be found on MDOE site

bogofree said...

I just got off the phone after leaving messages with several state reps and our governor. What am I pissed about? The classlessness, stupidity and any other negative description one can thing of regarding their collective "jokes" at yesterday’s South Boston St. Patrick's Day bash. Too many focused on taxes. WTC is the matter with these people? We have unemployment bordering on 11% in this town and they are trying to do just the opposite of what should be done. To them it is clever and cutesy humor. About as clever as Aids and Whorehouse comments.

Family Guy said...

Reports are that massachusetts residents are spending close to a billion a year on casinos in Ct, Maine and R.I. How about keeping it here? Open up those slot palors and see if some of it will come to Raynham. Barrow also is quoted in Enterprise about casino growth potential in Massachusetts.

Bring in the slots and they will play.

Click pic to enlarge said...

Instead of slot parlors I'd much rather see brothel prostitution legalized , regulated (by the health Department) and taxed at a hefty rate like 50%.

Suo Mynona said...

IMO it is surprising how many people do not understand the gravity of the economy and financial vice on many families.

BB has demonstrated that he has not a clue. "There is not good time for the CPA" "It is free money" Well there is a bad time. Now is a bad time. There was one selectman candidate that supported it. On candidate's night he bailed saying it is time to prepare and wait until things turn around. Has BB changed his mind?

The Federal government is in a real bind. They have given out our money to AIG execs and have discovered (as defacto management) that government laws prevent them from exercising control. Congress is now beholden to all the handcuffs they have placed on private business.

Florida may consider legislation that will require people collecting unemployment benefits (i.e. ready to work immediately) to pass a drug test to receive benefits.

Small white fluffy dogs are delicacy. They are considered pure. Sort of Like Guniea Pigs in South America

bogofree said...

We...taxpayers...are now 80% owners of AIG. Gov't can exercise some control over the bonus situation via taxes. Was a report on such on the news. AIG also is bailing out foreign banks for which they have an obligation which makes me ask WTC does that exist?

Imagine a common sense approach in Florida. Wonder how that would fly in Massachusetts?

Hal has some nice little doggies that when tossed in a woodchipper could provide excellent garden mulch. Hal...Suo and I are taking quite an interest in the little fur balls. Caution, Hal.

Click pic to enlarge said...

Bogo and Suo, Perhaps one down and two to go...

Can you send me a release so I can get your primary school and your pediatrician's records?

I hope you didn't have any of the MacDonald triad when you were kids.

Did either of you wet the bed or set fires?

Reading Glasses said...

The report also concluded that:

Massachusetts residents have spent more than $11 billion at the Connecticut casinos and Rhode Island slot parlors since 1992, providing about **$4 billion* in tax revenues for those state treasuries.

In 2008, Massachusetts residents accounted for 31 percent of the patrons at Foxwoods, down from 36 percent last year, and 17 percent at Mohegan Sun, down from 21 percent. The numbers in Rhode Island are 41 percent at Twin River and 39 percent at Newport Grand, both slight declines.

The Connecticut casinos still employ about 22,000 people despite recent layoffs by Foxwoods and reductions through attrition at Mohegan Sun.

The Rhode Island slot parlors combined employ about 1,100 people, including 900 at Twin River.

bogofree said...

Hal getting the pups ready for that new Korean Restaurant

Not much meat on those mutts. Figure I can make a nice blanket out of the fur. Marinate them and to the Bar-B-Que.

LMAO said...

Suo and Bogo need to see a good counselor. Guess that leaves Hal out. LMCAO!

Click pic to enlarge said...

I only work with a select clientele these days, people who benefit from introspection and gaining insight.

I won't treat incurable sociopaths like I had to when I worked in a mental health clinic in Michigan. I had a couple of clients who went on to murder people.

One had a book written about her where I'm mentioned. There was also a movie but 'm not in it.

The other killed and cut up two elderly women into so many pieces the pathologist had to sort out the parts.

Jessie, before you report me to the licensing board, I testified in the trials so my involvement is public knowledge.

anonymous said...

"Jessie, before you report me to the licensing board, I testified in the trials so my involvement is public knowledge."

Talk about someone glued to a computer. JP gets upset she tried to pull paper on you. Probably has Ethics Board on speed dial. Wonder if they consider her the same crank 99% of Middleboro does?

Suo Mynona said...

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

One man's fluffy pet dog is another man's dinner.

Since this conversation is about unsavory things (from an American POV) let me bring up BDS -- Belanger Derangement Syndrome

Mark has spent time making a "cheap seats" thing on his "superior blog"

Mark is the type of person that makes the seats cheap. I moaned at the initial comment -- it was bad form. Mark has shown equally bad form. He makes public comments and claims that far worse. He also refuses to accept any responsibility as member of town government.

Click pic to enlarge said...

I never heard from the licensing board so I have no idea if anybody made a complaint that my endorsing a Middleboro casino was a violation of my professional code of ethics.

I do know that some bloggers suggested letters be written saying that as a social worker my being pro-casino was unethical.

Suo Mynona said...

Hey Mark would you be happy if SS gave an apology equivalent to the multitude of pathetic ones you have had to (or refused to) give?

Let's see... Your first one was about Monkberrymoon. There was geometric expansion asinine comments to follow.

mildly said...

The person I read who suggested people report to the ethics board was listed as anonymous (I thought). How do you know it was JP?

Click pic to enlarge said...


I didn't indicate that it was Jessie who was urging people to complain to my licensing board.

I wrote "Jessie, before you report me to the licensing board, I testified in the trials so my involvement is public knowledge." I was just saving her the trouble of writing a letter since she seems to be quite busy.

I also wrote "I do know that some bloggers suggested letters be written saying that as a social worker my being pro-casino was unethical." I did see at least one or two comments and there may have been more suggesting this. I don't remember the authors.

It is difficult to follow who's who on the blogs between Smoking Owl, people emailing me comments from which I can't log on to, various people signing on as anonymous, Mary Tufts' blog (she's the one who insists on being called Gladys out of some absolute adherence to netiquette), there's also a blog called Middleboro Review.. I'm not sure who that belongs to.

Either I've been dreaming or there's been a push by some online superstars to do their civic duty by reporting any suspicious activities to residents who are governed in their activities by various official bodies.

If I'm wrong let me know and I will apologize.

Suo Mynona said...

WWBD (What Would Belanger Do)

WWBD if a selectman he did not like did some of same public things he (Belanger) did? Would the BB blog would be all a twitter?

The problem is Belanger cannot make a legitimate public complaint without continually harping on it. He cannot let it go. He seems to try and divide and deride the town with his blog. The same town he claims to care about.

Middleboro Travel said...

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mildly said...

Is there really going to be a write in campaign for AB?

Click pic to enlarge said...


I know there were people who "wanted" to write him in as a candidate. However, the fact that he has signs in his window for Stephen McKinnon, who is running against Steve Spataro for a full term suggests he wants nothing to do with this.

He's also had McKinnon on his radio show.

I think it's unlikely he'd want to return to finish out his term though it is possible he'd win since there's no incumbent and he'd be the third candidate and the only one with a lot of general name recognition.

Of course you could question whether or not he'd actually discourage people from writing in his name and go as far as endorsing a candidate. He might be flattered if he got a significant number of write in votes, and might take it as vindication of the stance he took if he actually won.

Currently Al Rullo and Greg Stevens are running to finish out his term. I'll let you know if I see a sign for one of them in his window.

bogofree said...

Adam now has vision of being Middleboro's answer to Boss Hogg.

Family Guy said...

Vacation over, Charlie, as the MR blog rips into you with all the “anonymous posters” pegging you a liar. See what happens when you don't put "The Queen Of Cut And Paste" onto the Green Committee. Don’t worry, Charlie, as the upside is no one pays any attention to her.

Click pic to enlarge said...

Welcome to the blasted by the blogs club Charlie.

I hope I'm not being presumptuous but I hope that our mutual membership now permits me to address you by your first name even though we've never met.

I wonder who the zealous letter writing protector of all things ethical really is. The post says that the letters to seven agencies or departments are being mailed today. I resume the writer won't preface the complaint with the term they did in Middleboro Review: This REEKS!.

I wonder if their hand sweats and trembles when they actually have to sign their real name to something they write.

Good thing Mr. Cristello isn't a social worker or this would also be on the list:

Board of Registration of Social Workers
Division of Professional Licensure
239 Causeway Street, Suite 500
Boston, MA 02114

Erin M. LeBel, MS, LICSW, Executive Director

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Wasn't MR the one who campaigned so hard to get Cristello appointed? She was indeed! Well, I guess the honeymoon is over.

This appears to be over the Opening Meeting Law, one of her ongoing complaints with the town.

I bet they have a special shredder called "MiddleboroReview Complaints" installed at the various addresses she listed.

And as for the blog comments, they all sound like her. Even when she tries to describe her style she's a dead give away.

I'm sure Charlie has been well informed about this malcontent. Doubt anyone takes her seriously.

bogofree said...

MR can ramble on forever on her blog with a few kudos’ from a few hard line anti's incapable of separating issues - once a pro one is always the enemy. A big ditto to a similar few entrenched on the other side - vote for the usual suspects just because they supported the casino.

I watched last night and it appeared a resounding non issue. They stop by to say hello and move on. I'm sure MR has been going through Charlie's trash looking for coffee mugs and tee shirts.

Open Meeting Law is diffidently a significant issue with this town but it is time to be reasonable in how it is viewed and last night was one. If it was a BOS member or under the auspicious of the BOS that would be a different story. What I saw last night and have read reminds me of a few who are looking for conspiracy everywhere. No doubt they are looking for satchels of unmarked bills being delivered to the Town Hall.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

I am totally sick of extremists on both sides relating nearly everything in town to the casino.

I did the above delete (added extremists)

Suo Mynona said...


Do not Forget who MR's primary enabler, supporter and sympathizer is... Her "fellow blogger Nemasket"

anonymous said...

The three main whack jobs. MR, MT and LL. CC is just a hanger on and BB totally confused.

Click pic to enlarge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Click pic to enlarge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

A financial story from today. Drastic for sure but it is beginning to represent some of the anger.

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley suggested that AIG executives should take a Japanese approach toward accepting responsibility for the collapse of the insurance giant by resigning or killing themselves.

The Republican lawmaker's harsh comments came during an interview with Cedar Rapids, Iowa, radio station WMT on Monday. They echo remarks he has made in the past about corporate executives and public apologies, but went further in suggesting suicide.

"I suggest, you know, obviously, maybe they ought to be removed," Grassley said. "But I would suggest the first thing that would make me feel a little bit better toward them if they'd follow the Japanese example and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say, I'm sorry, and then either do one of two things: resign or go commit suicide.

"And in the case of the Japanese, they usually commit suicide before they make any apology."

Grassley spokesman Casey Mills said the senator isn't calling for AIG executives to kill themselves, but said those who accept tax dollars and spend them on travel and bonuses do so irresponsibly.

"Senator Grassley has said for some time now that generally speaking, executives who make a mess of their companies should apologize, as Japanese executives do," Mills said. "He says the Japanese might even go so far as to commit suicide but he doesn't want U.S. executives to do that."

Click pic to enlarge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Click pic to enlarge said...

Chapter One

To what Mildly asked about whether Adam Bond was running a write-in campaign. On the way past his office coming home from the Y I saw that he has three candidate signs in his windows. As I wrote, one is for Steve McKinnon who is running for a full term against Steve Spataro. But he also has a sign for Greg Stevens who is running against retired CPA Al Rullo for the year remaining on Adam's term.

It doesn't make logical sense that he'd want to split the votes by encouraging anyone to write him in.

There's another sign for his office mate Ed Beaulieu who is in the tax preparation business, and who founded with Len Andersen the Paranormal Institute of New England. He is running against form BOS member Wayne Perkins for town moderator.

Chapter Two

Regarding the complaints about Charlie Cristello and especially him being called a "liar" by someone hiding behind the name "anonymous" -

before calling someone a liar, a very serious charge, I'd want to be absolutely certain that the person lied.

In the case of Cristello, I'd want to know the exact wording of any questions asked of him, and the same for his answers. Sometimes people are so eager to find a lie they don't listen.

Chapter Three

Not to leave Suo out, regarding being "totally sick of extremists on both sides relating nearly everything in town to the casino", here are three examples of issues that have nothing to do with the casino.

One is Adam Bond supporting two anti-casino BOS candidates in spite of his claim that he still supports a casino.

Second is my being attacked for asking Rev. Haber what was called the most stupid question of the week.

And third of course is Charlie Cristello being accused of being a liar.

anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
You forgot one whack job..

bogofree said...

I have no idea what prompted "anonymous" on the MR site to claim the TM is a "liar." My assumption is it revolved around the several broken records that appear before the BOS each week with one pet peeve or another. Their entire lives revolve around the casino and formulating any bizarre scenario’s they wish to formulate. Maybe Ghost Busters from Adam's hovel can be of some assistance? This BOS has certainly left themselves open to critique but now the search is everywhere .Overkill in motion. After awhile the legitimacy of the complaints starts to become a rendition of nuisance value only. Everything in moderation - like a diet.

The AIG mess is in the front today with President WOW leading the PR charge and Congress making threats of excessive taxes. Why not on the taxes? Get Deval in there and he’ll figure a way to tax at 110%. Shameless hack that he is. Suicide is a bit harsh but I can see someone out of work, being excessively taxed and watching gov't grow be that frustrated. DOW is now less than 1,000 points behind inauguration levels.

anonymous said...

From: Judy Bigelow
Date: 2007/07/30 Mon PM 06:04:10 CDT
Fw: message from gladys

----- Original Message -----
From: "
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 11:32 AM
Subject: message from gladys

Message from gladys:
Though we are all in need of some decent downtime and to catch up of
chores(I realized today that I am finally out of clean underwear and have had to resort to bikini bottoms) we need to kick start phase two fairly soon.
I can't blog about this so I'm sending out my thoughts to you to pass them on to whomever should hear them.
First, because the news media has conveinently forgotten to tell the story of the second article, we need to remind them. We need to rally the forces to start an editorial writing campaign. Gazette, Globe, Enterprise
AND other local papers. Bridgewater Independent, West Bridgewater Times,Cape Cod Times, Old Colony Memorial, Carver, Plympton and Halifax papers.

Lets get the WORD out. Middleboro said "NO" to a casino. They said YES to intimidation and fear.
We need to get someone on Egan and Broudy, on NECN on anything that will have us - to keep the momentum up.
I'll do my part with blogs. I allow anoymous comments on my blogs and our guys need to use them. My blog gets a ton of visitors and they read those
We need to foucs on the region. Other towns etc. No money - but more crime etc. Let's get them pissed and vocal. Get them to band up, join our group, write letters. The secretary of the Interior WILL listen to surrounding communities.
I personally think Deval is going to approve Level III gambling with a big smile on his face, but if someone wants to work that angle, do it.
I need video and or audio of Adam Bond's gaff, and Marshall saying he
won't come.
We need to stay active in local government, attending meetings etc,
relaying what is said to the group and recall all five selectmen as proof of aforementioned fear and intimidation.
People are very down today because they're only seeing the fear and
intimidation vote. They're not seeing or hearing the NO CASINO vote.
It's important not to be defeatist. We are not deafeated. Not by a long shot.
(BTW I've started my book. Tentitively given the working title: What I Did On My Summer Vacation :~)

Click pic to enlarge said...

Judy used to be active in the pro-casino movement. Does this mean she's changed positions?

This is what I put on Casino-Friend early this morning:

Two April meetings are important for both tribe and Middleboro

3/17/09 Reported in The Brockton Enterprise : " The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is going ahead with its application to take land into federal trust for a casino, despite a Supreme Court ruling last month that requires Congress to approve all such applications."

Just as significant is that the Senate Indian Affairs Committee has scheduled a hearing sooner than many people expected (or in the case of casino opponents, were hoping for). According to :

Senate hearing on land-into-trust set for April 2

The Senate Indian Affairs Committee has scheduled a hearing on April 2 to address the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar.

The court ruled that the land-into-trust provisions of the Indian Reorganization Act only apply to tribes that were "under federal jurisdiction" in 1934. Tribes want Congress to amend the law to ensure all tribes can benefit.

Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota), the chairman of the committee, said he will be meeting with tribes and tribal organizations in advance of the hearing to discuss the decision.

Middleboro Board of Selectman chair Adam Bond resigned because he wanted this meeting held as soon as possible, but now it looks like the meeting between the Middleboro selectmen and tribe leaders will take place after both groups have elected their new members. According to The Enterprise Mashpee Wamponoag tribe representatives will be invited to meet with them after the April 4 town election.

bogofree said...

That quote was a year and a half old.

6 more weeks said...

When do you see the first herring in the run?

Family Guy said...

Same old.

"Cristello lost all credibility with me last night. You just can't lie and think people aren't watching, Charlie!"

"Cristello is meeting secretly with the Tribe to circumvent Oepn Meeting Laws and then denies it?
Nice work Charlie!
How many Selectmen were present? Does the whole Board know about it?"

Same old.

Click pic to enlarge said...

I thought Jessie and her team of ethics sleuths were always posting chapter and verse of the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.

Well, kiddies, HERE IT IS.

Now then since calling someone a liar is serious, how about citing exactly what Cristello is supposed to have said or done, and which "chapter and verse" this woud, if true, have violated.

Hey, it doesn't seem longer than some of Mary Tufts' blog essays and I'm sure you all read every word of them.

Click pic to enlarge said...

Amend the above, the link is to the Appendix which explains the law.

The actual law is here as far as I can tell.

Suo Mynona said...

Nemasket says that challenging the veracity of MR's comments is off limits. Careful or you will be shunned by him.

anonymous said...

Why can't some of the bloggers personally meet with the town official they have an issue with to try to work things out before publicly calling them names?

BTW, Hal, this is the link MR gave to the Public Records Law:

anonymous said...


That's because Nemasket is scared of MR, as he should be. LMCAO

Pics on posting page said...

Excuse my ignorance, but who is Nemasket?

I thought was one of Jessie's blogs. No I have no idea who it is.

My comment about giving specifics as to exactly what the alleged violations are applies to any law, including the Public Records Law

bogofree said... is BB's site that was suppose to be Middleboro Matters before Middleboro Matters was constructed. Right now is home to a very small clique of self congratulatory posters and a few straglers who view and post for the chuckles. The general political tenets, Hal, is anyone employed by the town, supports a casino, supports gambling or is elected to office is guilty of something.

My history on nemasket is detailed in some of my earlier blogs and will give one great insight into how this blog obtained its title.

Pics on posting page said...

Thanks Bogorick -

I really did think this was another one of Jessie's blogs. I don't understand why he has it set so you can't even read it without registering.

So here's yet another masked super hero whose identity is known to almost everybody but me.

I'm tickled by what it says on the main page

Membership is required to read or post and proper etiquette is strictly enforced. There is much interesting, informed, and downright fun discussion. I daresay it’s the cleanest, smartest, and best forum in the region.

Gee wilickers, maybe it is except he never bothered to write anything on the template on that page.

Maybe once you register you get to find out who the owner is.

But if you read the first page HERE it has a generic "John Smith" as the owner. On the bottom of the page it says © 2009 Your Name Here. All Rights Reserved

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Another case of BDS?

"Membership is required to read or post and proper etiquette is strictly enforced. There is much interesting, informed, and downright fun discussion. I daresay it’s the cleanest, smartest, and best forum in the region"

he should define proper etiquette and cleanest. For those of us that are third rate d*psh*ts

Pics on posting page said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Hal is a man of his word. As the newest Nemasket member, he just put up his first post. W ell, there goes his day.......8000+ posts to catch up on.

Pics on posting page said...

My word is my bond.

6 more weeks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

The nemasket site lacks pizzazz and panache. The site was exceedingly dull since any contrary opinions were muted. The site did have some reasonable spunk and irreverence until Dal and Bogo were shunned simply for their continual toasting of MR and BB’s laughable support for her. Quite humorous when you can tie up a mod on his own site in knots. Then again, Hal, you know how I and a few others can be.

The format for MM is far better and so is the content. IMO much of the nemasket site is just another waste of internet ink.

Suo Mynona said...

Belanger lost his chance to prove he really cares about planning for the town's future. He never took the Associate Planning Board Member position. It has now been filled by someone that does things other than just complain.

He could have really learned about town planning instead of feigning brilliance by saying "it is free money" and a "no brainer"

Now the town board responsible for planning will be denied his self proclaimed acumen.

anonymous said...

Hey 6 more weeks:
Take a chill pill. Hal just noted what he saw on JP's site. He wasn't "tossing your name around".

Hal's pretty up front about things. What's your problem?

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...


I don't see it as "tossing your name around." If Hal's wishes to copy his post over and asterisk your name that is fine with me. Heck…in my blogs I have numerous references to you and those links that JP put up.

I know, Mike, you are trying to stay removed from the casino issue and I applaud you for that, but in this circumstance I don't see what Hal did as malicious or spiteful.

mildly said...


I've gotten to know Hal a little, and though we don't agree on a number of things, he doesn't seem to have a mean bone in his body. I really don't think he meant anything derogatory by that post.

mildly said...


I just read that BB wants to turn town land into community gardens. Has he thought about how we're supposed to irrigate them in the hot, dry summer days? Unlikely the town will provide it.

Pics on posting page said...

During the two world wars there were what were called "victory gardens". My parents had one. It was a good idea then and is now. Not everybody can have a backyard vegetable garden.

These served not only to help sustain the war effort, but, to quote Wikipedia they served to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war effort. In addition to indirectly aiding the war effort these gardens were also considered a civil "morale booster" — in that gardeners could feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce grown. Making victory gardens became a part of daily life on the home front.

In an economic crisis why shouldn't the town help out by allocating some town land for community gardens?

As for irrigation, I am sure members of our agriculture commission and even the Plymouth County Conservation District would help with this. I don't see tapping into the town's treated drinking water supply.

We are lucky enough to have an ample aquifer, and keep in mind that much irrigation water goes back into the water supply.

Also, there are new drought resistant varieties of many vegetables.

bogofree said...

We have a garden that has everything from asparagus to zucchini in it. As a trail runner I occasionally come across gardens deep in the woods that are herbal in nature.

There is an area near Fenway Park know as The Victory Gardens that may still be used for general public use and other towns and cities also have them. You are allotted space and pay a rental fee that is usually a dollar or two and there you go. Some are under the auspicious of the local flower and garden clubs and space is the last thing that presents a problem. Pratt farm has several areas that would be ideal.

Pics on posting page said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pics on posting page said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mildly said...

It's not that I think growing gardens is a bad idea. I just hope there would be someone to consult with who knew what they were doing. I've never had any luck with gardens, the critters eat all the new plants and neighborhood cats use them as litter boxes. They're now even warning adults about exposure to toxoplasmosis from cat feces. So I guess the use of disposable gloves would be advised.

Pics on posting page said...

Again, thank you very much Rick. Now I know that the super hero behind the masked Nemasket forum is Bruce Wayne, uh, I mean Mark Bellanger. I can believe that it is a better read than Middleboro Review.

I read Review when someone mentions it here. I find it interesting at times, but the writing is dull.

The motto's a quote from Margaret Mead who I saw when she spoke at Michigan State in the sixties when she shocked many of the more conservative students by advocating trial marriages.

Ah, but I digress.

If you click the Middleboro Review you'll find a number of empty blogspot blogs, including one named (deleted on named person's request), but mostly named Jessie Powell. So it's a fair assumption Middleboro Review is Jessie. You have to sign in to read the (name deleted) blog which I assume Jessie also owns.

Maybe Mark's forum is the mostest with the bestest.

I find him to be personable man, almost but not quite as hilarious as me, despite my disagreements with him.

Aw, hell, I'll register and let you know what I think.

Rocky said...

I must say that I watched the meeting and thought it was funny that the town manager was never asked if he met with the tribe until Monday night.

He is accused of being a liar by Jessie Powell. There is no better compliment than that.

I watch that show every Monday night and the town manager was never asked by the angry man. Only the BOS.

The angry man is the liar.

Old forum renewed said...

I'm not trying to compete with other bloggers, but I do see an opportunity to try to offer a new choice for blogging.

I thought some of the more active bloggers with differing or even conflicting points of view might want to join together in helping administer or moderate a new full featured message board.

Since I already had the Middleboro Matter message board online and it was languishing, I decided to change it and see what people thought.

The goals, which certainly are likely to be expanded it there's an interest, are:

We'd have several goals I could think of offhand:

* bring together everyone currently preaching their opinions largely to their own particular choir
* really engage in productive debate with people with differing opinions
* have more influence on town officials than the separate message boards now do
* gradually show people that 1) they are more persuasive if they use their own names and 2) they have nothing to fear from doing so
* share all the local news and events much as I hoped to do on Middleboro Matters. Most or all of those topics could remain.
* (Sorry about this one Rick) put together a "team of rivals" and show it can work.

We've all learned lessons about building websites that attract visitors and posters.

* Anonymous posters are allowed.
* No IP posting
* No registration required
* Controversy brings readers and comments (but civility must be enforced)
* Some readers like to be entertained
* Some like to post and/or look at pictures

The board has a new look and several technical changes to make it more user friendly. It even has a new name, Middleboro Messages, check it out.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I'll be honest with you Hal....this free flow format works for me.

I took a look at your revised message board and it still seems awkward to navigate.

Besides, I've gotten used to the crew here. They've become comfy.

bogofree said...

This board is much different from most simply because it is free form with no agenda other than how we occasionally torment each other or pols that have pissed us off. I don’t even bother to approve posts before they are submitted and so far have had no problem. I’m sure someone could come in and wreak havoc and force that but it has not happened. Other blogs require prior approval and some how that translates as an attempt to just place limits on ideas. The Nemasket board had deteriorated to a feel good support group that turned into an internet piranha thanks to some of the histories of the posters and mod. Limo’s, CFO, Nemasket and MM all suffered from the histories of the founders no matter how they attempted to pacify others that their new and improved site was now “different.”

Sometimes chaos does work better than organization. I use sports as an example. I coached in Little League in Middleboro for many years and found that organized baseball was stifling. As a kid we'd get up early and commandeer the park for ten hours of baseball. No league. No adults. Fights. Petty peeves. Life long friendships. Great baseball without a clock or scheduled games and practices.

This is not even a board so I don’t have various topics that someone can click on and comment on. But somehow the same manages to happen in its own convoluted fashion.

If Mark or Hal wish to combine their boards, create a new one or just go on the way they are that is fine with me. If they wish to have me participate in some new venture that is fine with me. I just view their approach as to regimented.

drive-by said...

Hate to be a kill joy...BUT people post here exactly because they can vent in a somewhat irreverent way. I don't know about anyone else but I don't want a serious, "civilized debate". And I certainly don't want to engage one on one with MR on any subject. I wish you luck but MM just isn't going to fly because as BB puts it "the bar will be set too high". Thanks, but I rather stay with all the other 3rd rate d*psh*ts.

anonymous said...

What bogo said!

Family Guy said...

When I first saw this creation I said "WTC." I had been on nemasket and had watched the befuddled BB trying to reign in Bogo over the lies that JP posted. That site is dead and even deader without Bogo and his accomplice Dal - who I suspect is Suo. Those two should be running for the BOS. Hal's is like navigating through a mine field - too much.

Bogo does not seem to have an agenda except for expressing his opinion on various subjects. He has trashed Bush, Obama and himself. Take a look at the other places to go such as MR and her cuddly toy - BB. Suo and Rocky have that guy nailed.

I like the free form. I like trolling the other sites and posting the comments I lift from them. I assume if Bogo participates in another site he will keep this one open.

Suo Mynona said...

drive by, drive by, drive by; TSK TSK TSK
You know that having a serious civilized debate with MR is an oxymoron. LMCAO.

How can you debate someone that still thinks Clark CT exists or, even worse, refuses to admit that a false fact was presented for debate?

anonymous said...

The Neamsket site just spends too much time hammering away at town officials. Mr. CPA shows up to give his spiel on what is best for all of us and expects to be welcomed with hugs and kisses.

Hal, the main problem for months has been people just like BB. This is a divisive person who adds nothing to the debate and allows a pulpit for MR. She has no credibility yet is given a place to spew her venom. Sorry, Hal, put that says a lot about BB.

Bring together rivals? WTC is that? Who are the rivals to Bogo? He started this blog as an option to being dumped from Nemasket. People started to read it and post. I do since I enjoy the total lack of standards. He says all are welcome and I have seen pro and anti on this site.

bogofree said...

I might have to change the name of the blog to JP The CL and the Third Rate Dips**ts.

Personally, I think Suo is a woman.

BB has a nice site where vanilla is the flavor of the day every day.

I suspect we have about 12-15 posters on this site. No sure how many read it.

Hal is on a mission to secure the local version of The Adam Bond Peace Prize.

This blog was started for only one reason and that was as an outlet for my pain and suffering. Oh the humiliation of being shunned!

The AIG Song and Dance seems to be the hit of the day. Millions in retention bonuses for failed executives. I guess now that it is 80% taxpayer owned it is being run like the government.

WOW has managed to come up with a fairly nice package for small businesses. Maybe someone has a perspective on it?

Old forum renewed said...

And what would the Bond Peace Prize be?

Anyway like I said the new message board wouldn't replace a message board like this where everybody tends to agree with all the other posters except me. And I am such a fun guy to kick around.

This is an entertaining blog otherwise I wouldn't be here.

The new one can be as free form as you want to make it, but you'd do so within topics whereas this form has one thread that leaps all over the place.

It's being disorganized is part of what makes it fun.

But I think a message board where people who disagree with each other even more than many of you disagree with me might be interesting in a different way.

The new form also has more features and, for example, eabled me to post this about the violence that occurred at Pushing Ink last night complete with pictures.

Suo Mynona said...

Hal you would probably over think a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some things are as they appear.

Sort of like when someone is trespassing on another persons property or makes a false statement like:

"In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped."

There was really only one person in the room that did not want to have the CPA debated.

bogofree said...

Many of us are trapped in a routine and one in which to waver is to do so with a certain degree of trepidation. Our jobs, social lives and just the conventions of society restrains how we act or are suppose to act. Occasionally kicking your heels up, making a bombastic post, going on a crusade or just generally tossing out some "stuff" of interest can allow that waver. The internet has been great for that. The attempts to "control" having done a flop. Most people like it that way. Loose. The old west. Hal….I think that somewhat escapes you and some others who feel organization is necessary. I find the vast majority of posters are not drones. Sometimes chaos is best.

Hal has a nice idea but it is not a new one. That was the entire idea behind Originally I was approached and suppose to start the site but had a few others things to do besides that. Being a mod would be fine. As I backtrack to the land of cudda shoulda I should have definitely done it. Let MB and who ever set it up and let me set the standards (LOL!) and go from there. It would not be the soon to be dusty ruins of, Middleborocasino, MM or anything else. Would have been just an expanded version of this blog. The whole idea is to let the people talk. Be a moderator and not a dominator. Be real, real lose with the panic button. Have a few posters others love to hate but keep them under control. Make it like a giant cocktail party in which everyone has had three drink or wish they had.

Old forum renewed said...

This is the kind of give and take I hoped for. If Mark posts something like I did here on Nemasket his readers can respond. Since that form has been around awhile they may not want to change it.

If one became the message board I envision I think it would have to meet the criteria I laid out. I've already changed mine to meet them.

Anybody here can experiment with it here. I cross posted m Pushing Ink post there along with the pictures.

anonymous said...

I counted over 50 dots before I gave up. They are tough on the eyes. All sorts of slants with those damn dots and the topics! Way too amny. The nemasket board is more condensed but they are also far more dense. Think I want to post where MR rules? LMCAO! That tells you all you need to know on that board. Look who runs it.

Old forum renewed said...

anonymous, good suggestion.

Please check it out again.

Note the two subject grids on the bottom of the page.

Suo Mynona said...


1) Allow JP to use 300 identities and talk to herself

2) Do the exact opposite of MB (his last two efforts have been less than successful)

3) Don't preach or lecture

4) No postings over 100 words.

Mmm Mmmm Mid-buro said...

I agree pithy posts are best.

I am often long winded and unless someone is really interested in the subject, they just don't read what I write.

I think getting the blogging superheroes of M'boro going at it energetically, but without too many groin kicks and eyeball gouges, could be both interesting and enlightening.

bogofree said...

Want a community site? Want a site with some degree of legitimacy? Get the town officials involved. Get the BOS to do an occasionally question and answer either via post or chat. Same with school committee, finance, planning and on and on. Toss in department heads. That will not work on the BB site simply because of the aggressive track record of the posters.

Still under 100 words.

Que Sera Sera said...

No such lofty goals. Two and ten blackbirds baked into this pie, and it's still barely cooked.

Town officials posting on blogs? That's only for United States senators and network pundits who have started Twittering. Trickle down takes a long time.

The posting limit on the "new" message board is 10,000 characters per message and I've enabled an automatic counter so if someone wants to set a limit for themselves they easily can.

anonymous said...


I see you signed up for the BB site. LOL! You can have a nice moonbat discussion with BB and MR.

I looked at their board and the only forum with any activity is the Middleboro one and that is usually just a bitch session on how bright they are and now clarking dumb everyone else is.

I'd love to see a few of the BOS members post just a few times. Adam tried it on the BB site for awhile and he ended up posting a scathing denouncement of MR. Maybe MM can do it? Get Mimi to do it. Get some former members to do it.

anonymous said...

Hal. This is your 2nd approach to cfo types. Nemasket has a survey up today re: your suggestion to MB. No surprise that your idea is getting shot down. Give it up and stick here with us. We may razz you, but at least we don't stab people in the back. Bogo's place is as good as it gets around these parts. Offer those guys an olive branch and they'll hand you back a sprig of hemlock.

LMAO said...

The MB site is controlled by hard core anti's - namely MR since MB has long ago given up that ghost - and you think you will be welcomed, Hal? WTC! Didn't you learn anything from your venture over to MT. How did that work out?

Stick to MM. Better design than nemasket and just as many posters!

anonymous said...

Suo a woman? Nah. To me he sounds like the poster formerly known as ***, same cadence and interests. No? Never mind..I don't want to know who anyone is. That would spoil things. LMCAO!

anonymous said...


What did JP do for work? I suspect she puts others down because she never met her own expectations.

bogofree said...

Cadence? You all sound like me! I sound like JP! OMG! I'm JP! Wait! Hal sound different.

I have no idea what JP did nor do I care. I know her and some of the blogging hyenas have mentioned that I was retired as though it was a sin. Also took some snipes over my former job. Nothing new since that has been a pattern employed against many who have had "issues" with them.

anonymous said...

When someone puts me down because I'm older than dirt, I just smile and think, "Take a good look at me. Someday in the not so distant future you're going to look in the mirror and see a reflection of me staring back at you." Age and fixed incomes are great equalizers.

As for your being a former teacher, I think all you guys deserve the Medal of Honor for surviving dealing with the little monsters today's parents have created. Five years old and they'll quote you their legal rights.

The beat goes on said...

Cadence... hup, two, three, four, right flank ...maaarch... reminds me of ROTC.

Three essential questions:

1) What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?

2) Is Jessie reading this blog?

3) Has she ever posted here?

I know the answer to number one.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

LMAO! We are the collective bogo.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Does Jessie read here? Does a duck quack?

Doubt she's posted here though. That would require more than the ability to cut and paste.

I severred my relationship with the CFO movement after the 2nd meeting I attended back in '07. She's as much of an attention seeker in person as on her blog and the forum. It was obvious her agenda was the Recall not the casino.

bogofree said...

I remember that first meeting well, Dog, as the CFO group was clear on recall as a separate issue. After a few meetings I did not like the sounds I was hearing from murmured conversations. I’m still on their rolls since I do receive emails but the whole thing with the links was the proverbial final straw for me.

I remember putting out a poll on Toxic about can you be anti casino and anti CFO.

I’m sure Jessie takes a peek at this blog as I do at her blog. She actually has some nice ideas and being somewhat of an environmentalist I can see her point of view - just don’t subscribe to the radicalism that she seems to embrace on most subjects.

Suo Mynona said...


Gee whiz. Should I change the way I type and post as true "anonymous coward" and never use the same handle.

Should I start taking up cause of bashing anyone and everyone that has ever served in town government? Maybe that would ingratiate this third rate d*psh*t with the real local political power brokers of knowledge and truth in town. Hmmm, any ideas who in the Clark that would include?

In the meantime I will just ask the "superior blogger" who really did not want public discussion on the CPA?

Public actions speak louder than blogging.

Good morning said...

I just read an OpEd in today's New York Times (I'm considered a "moonbat" on here on bogo for thinking these are the best OpEds in any paper). By Nick Kristoff, it speaks to the reason I think a message board where people with opposite opinions could debate might be an interesting addition to the local blogsphere.

QUOTE:...." there’s pretty good evidence that we generally don’t truly want good information — but rather information that confirms our prejudices. We may believe intellectually in the clash of opinions, but in practice we like to embed ourselves in the reassuring womb of an echo chamber. " See what you think: "The Daily Me".

Having strongly held opinions challenged by people presenting alternative views in a respectful way may be just what this diverse Middleboro online community needs.

I don't see a message board like this replacing Bogofree, Nemasket or any other current board. They have become villages within the larger community. Posters have become familiar with each other and enjoy the personal give and take.

I think I've changed all of the settings on what I've simply called MIddleboro Messages, with an easy to remember URL of , to make it user friendly, as open as possible, and easy to navigate.

The only information I can collect without permission is IPs which I keep confidential. Email is optional if you want to be notified of new posts.

bogofree said...

IMHO all the "civilized" crowd sounds like is a group of former elitist sitting around with their brandy trying to impress the hoi polloi with four syllable words. Reminds me of that great scene from Good Will Hunting where Will verbally destroys a gas bag in a pub. Do as we say since we know what is best for you.

This is a world of sound bites, processed food, reality TV, medicated children and adults, short attention spans and grubbing for survival. Now for a rant. The Times is a classic example of the past and a past that is now being rejected and has long lost the ability to comprehend and adjust to a new future. They are “old news.” I found that Kristoff presents his argument - a very good one - on the moonbat version of The Manchester Union Leader. Oh the irony of that! That in itself is hilarious. Just confirms my prejudices. Also, just a strange coincidence that this Kristoff is pronounced the same as the control freak Christof of The Truman Show.? Again…that Times irony.

Gee…similar ideas and points of view attract! Why goodness that explains cultural cohesion. Explains why a $1,000,000 home is usually in a $1,000,000 neighborhood! Why some vote moonbat and some wing nut! The secret to the article is M.I.T. and Harvard. LOL! Amazing research! Just confirms the old piled higher and deeper thing.

Middleboro people are quite capable of expressing themselves in a civilized manner. They do not need nor do I suspect they seek out Ms. Manners for consultations. The polarization is just an extremely distinct minority responding to a sensitive hot button local issue. And the very vast majority just don’t give a Clark as they are too busy with the daily and mundane routine of existence.

Confused by Bogo said...

And your point is?

bogofree said...

Random thoughts, Hal, as I found the article quotes common sense. Somebody does research on this? Damn...get a real job! I also enjoyed the irony of such an article appearing in the faded and scorned lady.

As far as Middleboro needing this that is a reoccurring theme by you and BB. I expressed the fact we don't and why. Posters have explained that position. Attempts have tried and failed for reasons posters have already given.

anonymous said...

Is this still all about a new site? Didn't we already discuss this? Think anyone is really welcome on BB's site who differs? This is a guy that had no accountability for someone who consistently posted lies - MR!

Hal, you, BB, MT, MR are all damaged goods. No one wants to post and be lectured at which is exactly what happens on nemasket.

chica said...

I can recall several discussions where various points of view were presented as comments on this blog.

The CPA issue where Bogo seemed to be the only luke warm defender.

The Adam Bond resignation.

Various casino related discussions where anti's and pro's and neutral's exchanged opinions.

The BOS are their collective performance.

Those are just a few and they all were handled in a civilized manner. From what I have read that has not been the case with other boards and blogs.

Back to burning. He pays and I burn.

Buy one get one free said...

That's why you can get two of me for the price of one.

Nobody is twisting your arm to discuss this here.

Nobody will force anybody to read or post anything on Middleboro Messages

Does anybody really think that because I change a few settings on a message board I already have and post an idea that I have some kind of deep emotional investment in whether it works or not?

For now it's there if anybody wants to exchange arguments with people who disagree with them

Not the real Bogofree said...

The above post is from Hal, not the real bogofree

bogofree said...


Many posters shy away from histories and that is the continual "wars" that existed over the casino issue. You were front and center in that with casino-friend. Mike had his site. CFO had a site. Then the various bloggers. BB attempted to have a community board and that failed. IMO much of that had to do with histories.

Your board is a nice set up and I will post as I have in the past. I suspect many will not post simply because they coonect the board to histories.

Rocky said...

There is not going to be civil debate in Middleboro. You have a crack pot that lies and is defended by the gas bag who hates people who don't follow him, crapping all over the people of Middleboro.

I like my place away from those idiots. Watch them on tv and read what they yak about on the internet. The word lunatic comes to mind.

Then there is the gun toting ex mayor and a stabbing at the tatoo place the other day.

Intelligent discussion just walked out the door and civil is hiding with Elvis.

bogofree said...

LMCAO, Rocky.

Looks like the government just "found" some money to put the kibbosh on turnpike tolls.

Stop Predatory Gambling said...

Haaaaal.......Leave the Dark Side and come over to the Light. You know you want to. Just let the Force guide you, my son.

Vote for Roger Haber said...

After spending 90 minutes with Rev. Roger Haber this morning I enthusiastically endorse him for school committee.

I will not vote for Ms. Martin because she seemed surprised that I would ask what was to me a logical question, and presumed to think I was ignorant about separation of church and state.

The Gazette covered my question both in a blurb under a picture of Rev. Haber and in their article today LINK HERE:


When the floor opened for questions, resident Hal Brown, noting that he is Jewish, asked the candidates if they would advocate for teaching creationism in schools. The question appeared to surprise some by its nature to be aimed at Pastor Haber, but each candidate answered.

Mr. Haber, a self-described evangelical, said his he believed strongly in the separation of church and state. "It is the familys' responsibility primarily to educate their children on faith," he said. He got a laugh out of the crowd when he joked, "I have no desire to advocate prayer in school because I know every kid prays before exams anyway."

The reporter seemed to miss that my question didn "seem aimed" at Rev. Haber. If I recall I said I was asking it because Haber was an evangelical and that other candidates were welcome to answer as well.

Haber said he'd been expecting this question for the last three elections and had been surprised it hadn't been asked.

Stop Predatory Gambling said...

I don't think Ms. Martin presumed YOU were ignorant of the laws surrounding separation of Church and State. Far more likely others found your question somewhat insulting because it presumed they were ignorant of the law.

Vote for Roger Haber said...

Ms. Martin said something like "I'm stunned that question was asked" ash she walked to the podium.
I was sitting towards the back and heard it as "stung" but asked someone who was sitting in the second row and they said the word was "stunned".

Stop Predatory Gambling said...

If you knew that prayer and creationism are disallowed in public schools, why did you ask it?

Vote for Roger Haber said...

Are you, wise Yoda, among those who found my question somewhat insulting because it presumed you were ignorant of the law.

I don't know why "others found (my) question somewhat insulting because it presumed they were ignorant of the law" since (despite the erroneous reporting in The Gazette) I explained that the reason I asked the question was that Rev. Haber is an evangelical minister who believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God.

This is from the church website.

I am sure Rev. Haber would be glad to discuss whether the thinks my question was inappropriate with you or anybody who objected to it.

Stop Predatory Gambling said...

Hal, to me it is a non-issue. I just don't see that happening here. The Kennedys are Catholic. Do you worry about their faith conflicting with the way they vote in Congress?

Stop Predatory Gambling said...

I didn't find your question offensive or dumb. I just thought the answer was self evident.

Rocky said...

"The Kennedy's are catholic"

That made me spit out my V8. They may be catholic but they are no angels.

bogofree said...

Non issue it be. Me no understand why big discussion. Be one with the force.

Rocky said...

Does SPG look like Jessie?

LMAO said...


How was the welcome mat at nemasket?


At least no one on candidates night used an Obama teleprompter. Didn't look good.


I like the Rev. and Martin for SC. My prejuidice that I don't like the idea of a teacher on the SC.

Suo Mynona said...

It seems like Hal is doing an all to typical knee jerk reaction -- making a vote based on one question (that is already covered by federal law) Do some research on the other School Committee Candidates, they have a track record.

bogofree said...

From the news wires regarding Congress passing special taxes on bonus income - especially AIG. Seems like some Republicans just don't get it. This has nothing to do about legalese or anything else. It's about taxpayers getting screwed. Has nothing to do with deflecting off the administration since it has everything to do about taxpayers getting screwed. I want my pound of flesh and Congress delivered it.

"The margin of victory came despite sharp Republican attacks calling the legislation a legally questionable ploy to paper over Obama administration missteps.

Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said the bill was "a political circus" diverting attention from why the administration hadn't done more to block the bonuses before they were paid.

However, although a number of Republicans cast "no" votes against the measure at first, there was a heavy GOP migration to the "yes" side in the closing moments."

Vote for Roger Haber said...

Suo, begging you indulgence and trying not to be rude -

but did you miss where I wrote that I met with Rev. Haber for an hour and a half this morning.

I consider what we discussed between him and I, however does anybody think we just talked about the weather?

My endorsement is based on that discussion.

My not wanting to vote for Ms. Martin is based on two things. One is her dismissive response to my question and two is her never calling me when I gave her my card when I left the meeting asking her to do so.

I mean, she's running for school committee in a small town, not president. How hard is a phone call?

bogofree said...

Who paid? Was he buying your vote?

Did the Rev, give you a coffee mug and tee shirt?

Does the Rev. "pack?" We don't need another armed canidate.

Has Jessie reported this meeting to the ethics commission?

Chew on This said...

Oh yeah Bogo you know how easy I am. Give me a stick of Juicy Fruit and I'd give a serial killer an alibi.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I don't like any of the candidates for anything except McKinnon. So I'll just write in Rocky for everything and let him multi task. Of course I'll make sure to donate a 3 year supply of metamucil for him as a perk. Go ahead Jessie, report me to whatever ethics commission. That's spelled D-O-G and I ate my license.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Oh yeah Rocky. If I catch you raiding my bird feeders again, I'll have to sic Snot, my Rottweiler, after you.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocky said...

metamucil irritates me to much.

6 more weeks said...

Middleboro man charged with indecent assault on Halifax woman
Police say suspect tried to force himself into Halifax home

The Enterprise
Posted Mar 20, 2009 @ 02:00 AM

HALIFAX — A Middleboro man who police said tried to force his way into a woman’s home is facing indecent assault and battery and breaking and entering charges.

Mario Picardo, 39, and another woman dropped the victim off at her Twin Lakes Drive condominium shortly after 2 a.m. Wednesday, Halifax police Sgt. Ted Broderick said.

Picardo knocked on the victim’s door a shot time later and tried to force his way inside, he said.

Neighbors began calling the police when the struggle moved onto the front lawn, Broderick said.

The woman was also able to call police on a cell phone, and Picardo fled into nearby woods, Broderick said.

Police searched the area using a dog from the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and arrested Picardo a short time later.

The woman was not injured.

Being in the girls yard. I wonder if this creeps excuse will be "I was looking for cool fireflys"

6 more weeks said...

What would you do?

All winter there has been a nice bike out on the sidewalk its been buried, melted and buried again in the snow.

Asked the kids in the area they don't know whos it is.

1. If I take it and clean it up for one of my kids it will be considered stolen?

2.Do I bother the police to come get it? They donate them I think!

3.Put it in the trash and say goodbye to it?

What would you do?

drive-by said...

The bike was most likely stolen then ditched by some kid. So, if you clean it up and give it to your kid, he could be the one accused of stealing it if the original owner spots him riding it.

I would take it to the police station. THEN I would request it for your child if no one claims it. That way you're covered. JMO

Call the police said...

It might be stolen.

Call the police said...

I posted the previous before I saw what Drive-by wrote.

IMHO many of the bike thieves of today are the car thieves of tomorrow..

or worse.

Punishment fit the crime said...

Here's an example where a judge could design the punishment to fit the crime.

Sentence the kids to wear leg irons for a month.

Not only would this be good old fashioned New England Puritan public humiliation, but it would assure he couldn't even ride a bike.

bogofree said...

Easy place to steal a car....convience stores. People leave the car running and go into the store.

Rocky said...

Sometimes with their kids in the car

6 more weeks said...

They just take it.

Sometimes with the adults in it..

Punishment fit the crime said...

This (LINK) is the model of policing that I think is most effective.

Because Middleboro covers so much area, and especially facing police layoffs, the decision may have to be made whether to concentrate cruisers in the downtown area instead of having them both there and in the outlying areas.

I also like to have officers spending part of their shift downtown on foot (or in season on bicycle) talking to people.

What do you think?

Car jacking said...

Interesting - this is the company website where the picture of the car jacking comes from.

It's for bullet proof glass. The picture is most likely staged, but of course these things do happen. With bullet proof glass and not doors you still take a risk, but you could just drive over the guys in front of the car.

If you were really pissed you could turn around and nail the rest of them.

Of course in Massachusetts you might be charged with manslaughter and you'd be the one ending up in prison.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Please someone.......steal my old clunker.

Suo Mynona said...


BB says:
"I'm doing research for a Gazette column about people who change their careers. The current economic downturn has thrown a lot of people out of work. Some of them are trying to use this "opportunity" to find more satisfying work. Other people might change careers to make more money,"

How many people are changing careers to make more money? I know! Bank tellers becoming Repo Men.

Is 50 bucks still nothing?

BB doing research is like Ernest Going to Camp.

6 more weeks said...

I can't even write anything to that Suo.. LOL!

One word describes what I'm thinking..

Moronic, Just plain Moronic.

6 more weeks said...

6 more weeks and I'll be eating some good fish though..

Very little investment to fill the freezer.

Suo Mynona said...

BB should try saying it this way:

We the people of the worst generation, are in the toughest economic times since the Great Depression.

Our 3rd rate residents are being pink slipped, many permanebtly. These d*psh*ts are being foreclosed on therefor we should act now to take advantage of the CPA with out public discussion. It is a "no brainer."

6 more weeks said...

Better cut it out Suo,
By Thanksgiving we might need access to a turkey, Dude knows where to find some cool turkeys..

New career rip-offs said...

I hope Mark warns people about all fairly short training programs offering riches in fields from tax preparation to financial planning to truck driving to real estate to criminal justice, there are many.

The only programs I read about which offer a good chance of employment these days are in medical technology and the ancillary health professions. In these you earn a recognized state certification along with your diploma.

Whether online or onsite, many of these programs offer training in fields that are already glutted.

Some give you a diploma in a field that generally requires a college degree and where many clientele expect far greater expertise than one gets in a 2-4 month course of study.

Some give you training in a field that doesn't even require and formal training.

Others trains for jobs that are heavily unionized.

What almost all these programs offer in trade for a hefty fee is lots of hope.

Buyer beware.

Town website down for day said...

I tried to pay our property tax online and discovered that the town website was down.

Okay, I admit I jumped to the wrong conclusion first. But then I called the IT department and spoke to a very personable and forthcoming woman.

She explained to me that they'd been having problems with their DSL system and were making changes (I think and hope, but am not sure, she said to cable).

But alas it is Verizon and even though our IT staff were willing to come in over the weekend Verizon insisted on short notice on doing it today. As far as I'm concerned with the money they make from us they should do it from midnight to 6AM.

So it didn't make it into the Gazette and what with tax bills I expect others are frustrated and will blame IT.

bogofree said...

If you steal a car with kids in it you can always sell their organs. Did I really say that? Why that is something that MB or MR would say. Hey, now that WOW has lowered the bar on such talk I can.

I changed careers a few times. Maybe MB should look into something besides being a writer? Oh....I'll hear about that we we go running.

Speaking of running. Forty minutes turned into an hour when I got lost today.

What you really need to watch out for in the down economy is investment gimmicks that "promise" quick returns.

Deval now calls it trivial to be critical of his hackerama appointments. Time for a email today to the Gov.

LMAO said...

Yeah, I don't like Obama. Never have and never will. He is a PR president who last night let his true feeling slip. Just a minor incident. LMAO!

Dodd and the administration do a song and dance over the AIG mess. LMAO!

Barney tries to blame the Republicans when the paper trail heads right to hot bottom himself. LMAO!

Three days to cobble together a bill loaded with pork. LMAO!

In three months all I've seen is someone who is making me wish for Bush. LMAO!

Dems in this state are trying to blame the fiscal mess on the Republicans! Man, that shows you what a totally clueless party they have become. LMAO!

My rants for the day.

bogofree said... just tell us how you really feel.

The obamanation escaped to California to a packed house to pled his case. I sure the Great New Communicator took along some teleprompters and backups - which he has demonstrated he needs.

Leno tossed some nice softballs and Obama made a crude remark that is now getting some real play on Fox and talk radio. All those years as a SPED teacher and this.

So far the first 60 or so days have been about a C or a C- as I have seen nothing that makes me feel our economic crisis has mellowed. Just the opposite. Stimulus is a pork barrel haven and a rush and very flawed bill. Caution should have been the rule of the day not a quick fix that has turned into a PR dilemma. Still early and WOW can recover quickly just like Deval Patrick has. Did I say that? Deval with Bush like approval ratings?

This administration has seemed to add a whole new chapter to dragging in used and abused career pols and bureaucrats to run the show. Good thing is if one disappoints all you have to do is wait a few days and they resign. Always been amazed at how liberals are quick to spend MY money and hoard theirs. Those nasty tax issues. IMO I have seen little change between one failed administration and a second that hit the ground running - only the ground was mud.

But what has really frosted me is the state. It is now beyond even expressing displeasure which I do on almost a daily basis to DeLeo’s office and Patrick’s. They just don’t care. If this was 1775 they would have been tarred and featured .

Back to the miserable garden cleanup. Hint to BB. A garden is a lot of Clarking work!

anonymous said...

Slow day, Bogo, I guess they all know about that STD.