Saturday, March 21, 2009


This week is one of the signals of spring with the annual Rotary Club Auction.. Now I have no idea why or what they are doing with that rotary but I have not seen much improvement over the years. But the auction does represent some quality bonding family time and an insight into generational differences. We have each circled our selections in the Gazette and this means I have actually spent more than ten minutes on the paper. I’d spend more if they had comics weekly but that only happens every other week with the Bumpkin Column.

My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - will concentrate on her usual targets of dirt from Arruda, Williams Trading Post and Spillane’s - all for our garden. Last year I believe she “won” all three. Think a garden is cheap? LMCAO! I, on the other hand, look for nourishment and will focus on various restaurant certificates. Being a thrifty individual (cheapskate) I usually will not bite (pun intended) unless I can get it 25% off. My daughter has three weddings coming up and will be in the wedding party for each. She has circled tanning and hair salons and will certainly bid on any adult beverages that are offered. I’m sure if Rite Aid had contributed Depends Rocky and I would engage in a wild bidding frenzy until our monthly social security allotment was depleted.

Running can be hazardous to your health and today was an example. I run in the woods. Strictly trails. Today near the end of the run on a clear and wide trail I took a spill - probably toed a rock. Nothing serious as it happens every once in awhile. I have mastered the fall and usually just go right into a roll which I did this time. Trouble is I landed on my left side and my elbow was buried into my ribs. An hour later fairly sore but does not hurt with a deep breath so nothing got cracked which happened once before.

This Monday is a big day for all markets since Gaitner will - finally - outline how the administration will attack the bad paper issue. The last time Mr. G. spoke the markets went south almost 5%. I suspect he will eventually be the first major casualty of the WOW administration especially after the AIG debacle during the week. The Street buys it you may see the indexes do that slow climb up to pre inauguration levels.

Post away.


Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Just to prove the shallowness of my intellect, guessing that the announced suicide shocker on "House, MD" this season will be either Wilson or Foreman. Wish it was House himself and he came back as a ghost following his team around.

No Hal today? Which way did he go?

Hal Brown said...

Since this is the alternate Saturday that the house librarian works, I spent an hour this morning engaged in self-congratulatory narcissism updating my it's all about me blog "BROWNIE, YOU'RE DOING A HECKUVA JOB"

I don't except anybody to read it even though the writing is nothing short of brilliant, let alone put a comment there.

But like I've said, I avoid doing anything that isn't fun. I like to write even when it's only for myself. Honing the craft so to speak. The pinnacle of literary perfection is a always one adverb away.

Then I stopped by the post office and said hello to all the sign wielding pros and antis. Since just about all of the celebrities of Middleboro with the exception of the secret agent were there, I figured I should put in an appearance.

Then a glorious swim at the Y where it's not likely you'll trip and break a rib unless someone slides a bar of soap underfoot in the shower.

bogofree said...

Rotary time. I now have five oil changes and tanning daughter has both.

There is a nice print for bid on the library and I'm sure someone who knows someone who works at the library would think it is a wonderful surprise gift.

I use to watch House, Dog, but his standards were too high for me.

Hal...shower...soap....I'll take my changes in the depths of the Amazon before I'd risk that.

bogofree said...

Well...I wandered over to CHB to see some of Hal's latest rants. Can't post since I have to register. Geithner or Gaither or whatever he calls himself is right in the cross hairs come Monday. The sad thing is that a trillion may be just a few percent of the mess. Geithner makes me sound like William Jennings Bryan when he drones on. Get him the WOW teleprompter.

But I'm counting on him finding that famous "G" spot as I extended Citi (C), ABK and Morgan Stanley. Call this wrong and several thousand just goes south. Why am I placing my faith in these losers? He Clarks this up he'll be dead meat who will be totally ignored by WOW for about six months when he will quietly resign to persue other interests.

Hal Brown said...

We watched the first few seasons of House which we liked a lot, but it started getting too cute and we haven't seen any this year. If one of the characters commits suicide my bet is on Wilson. After all it makes sense because the love of his life died and his best and apparently only friend is House.

Hal Brown said...
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Hal Brown said...

Okay, I admit that your comment just now on my Jessie commentary made me laugh out loud...


A correction on the Jessie vote count. She did beat out blanks. I heard blanks was going to request a recount."

Hal Brown said...
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Hal Brown said...

We actually got a solicitation from AIG today in the mail. It was a card from their "Private Insurance Group" with the heading

"Five cars, four homes, three sculptures, two yachts, and just one organization to protect them all".

According to them we are "high net worth individuals"!

On the bottom, get this, it says AIG Private Client Group: WE KNOW RISK.

Supposedly we have at at least one house that needs to be insured for more than $1 million.

Check it out here, that's us -- NOT!

On the bottom of the card it says:


(And we wonder how the country got into trouble.)

5 more weeks said...

"Even though I'm voting for Steven's, I liked Rullo's idea on candidate's night to but 3-5% of our revenue into a longterm stabilization fund"

Al Rullo,

Prior to my recent retirement, my career included; working for one of the world's largest international public accounting firms were I earned my CPA, and later for a $6 billion dollar international manufacturing company as a controller. My experience included opening manufacturing plants around the world, buying and selling companies, developing, monitoring and analyzing annual operating plans. I believe this experience will be useful to our town during these challenging financial times. My career has also given me an appreciation for the value of diverse opinions and allowed me to develop the skill sets required to work in a team environment and drive to a common consensus.

Mr Rullo has a resume, Thats why you like his ideas. What does Mr. Steven's bring to the table?

After listening to CST when Mr Steven's was on, OMG! Him laughing at the blatant BOS bashing by the host is that what he would bring to the table. More hate? How does he even plan on working with others after participating in that type of negative behavior.

By the way! I like your idea of gardens, Can you imagine if Cumberland farms let that land be used for growing vegetables with an army of citizens,schools,mininum security prisoners working it! The food banks would be full all summer. In this economy. The garden idea was your best yet. Bravo!

Another idea is a donated boat, with donations for upkeep, Retired or people laid off could go fishing, 1 30-40lb striper is a lot of fish for the freezer. There is so many ideas out there but I feel people don't want to have to really work for food. A check in the mail is a lot easier.

Good ideas though..

5 more weeks said...

Good reading..

"There is a dangerous tipping point in politics. When 50.1% of the voters pay no taxes but expect and rely on “entitlements” from the government, then they will tax to infinity the remaining 49.9% of the polity. The Blue States now begging for bailouts give us a good look at what happens as that tipping point approaches.

The rush for Federal bailout bucks began in November, led by California and New York. In early January, Democratic governors from Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Ohio pitched their case to the Obama transition team, proposing a $1 trillion bailout of state governments.

The needy Blue States of Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California provided 134 Obama electoral votes last November - - more than half of his total. Other states on the bailout list include Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin, 47 more Democratic electoral votes. The political pressure on the Obama administration is obvious.

Your tax dollars, money you need to take care of your own family, are going to go for paying off political allies and propping up socialist entitlement programs that are destined to bankrupt those who fund them, no matter how many ways they are taxed.

But of interesting note here is that those states are also among the wealthiest in terms of per capita income:

Ironically, the governors travelling to Washington with begging bowls represent some of the wealthiest states in the U.S. Measured in terms of per capita income, they include New Jersey (ranked number 2), Massachusetts (ranked number 3), New York (number 4), California (number 7), and Illinois (number 16), as of 2007 statistics. Per Capita Personal Income By State. How can this be? Well, these same states are at the forefront of “entitlement” spending and social engineering projects.


While Red State America, sustained by blue collar, working class, and small business taxpayers, is called upon to bail out the wealthy but profligate Blues - - the Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration are planning to expand or adopt the same kinds of “entitlement” spending programs and social engineering projects that are breaking the backs of Blue State taxpayers. Because they work so well, right? This is a chilling insight into our national future - - if we don’t derail the Obamacrat train.

So, who is going to bailout the small businesses, blue-collar workers and the working class when the U.S. government bankrupts itself by wasting trillions of dollars on the same foolish programs that bankrupted the states that are looking for bailout dollars?

Look around us, whoever wrote this is so correct. Small businesses are closing one at a time.

Last week the Town of Raynham went out an tagged everyone with a sign that was not proper, A sign sitting on the back of a pick up $300.00 fine, To close to the road they said. No warning, no explanation what happened to coming in and explaining and just move the truck back a few yards! Nope, took a picture sent a $300.00 fine in the mail. As this money grab continues so will the failure of small businesses.

Hal Brown said...

I will not argue national politics here. You won't change your minds and neither will I.

However from time to time I will do a fact check when someone posts something that smells fishy to me.

The author of the piece quoted is Jay Hendersen who writes for American Sentinel.

51% pay no taxes fact check

1 ) "The “half of Americans pay no income tax” fraud" By Jay Bookman | Tuesday, October 7, 2008, in
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

2 ) "Number of Americans Paying Zero Federal Income Tax Grows to 43.4 Million" by Scott A. Hodge, March 2006 Tax Foundation Fiscal Facts

3 ) "Do 40 percent of Americans pay no taxes?" Nov. 7, 2008 Annenberg Fact Check

Hal Brown said...


I didn't put up a link to the actual original column.

"Blue-State Bailout Blues" Feb. 4, 2009

bogofree said...

Our tax system is a convoluted and arcane mess that has created a bean counter class that numbers in the millions. Sole purpose is to attempt to wade through such a system and either pay correctly or avoid paying at all.

I can read articles from sources that contradict one another but the Department Of Labor has some nice stats as does the OBM office. Reminds me way too much of the casino issue.

Are tax policies based on public good or political self-preservation? That has been clearly answered in recent state and national tax legislation or proposed legislation. Punitive for those in certain classifications? IMO the answer is a clear yes. Obama preached to the something for nothing crowd, the hate Bush crowd and those overcome with racial and liberal angst,. I just hope that his cheering section is entirely capable of examining his record in a year or two objectively. They have with Deval in Massachusetts. I did with Bush a year too late. Ditto to JP.

Should there be a flat rate with a large exemption? A national VAT? I know the present administration lacks the courage to address this issue as did the previous one...and the previous one....

The bottom line is I'd strongly urge our incompetent leaders - especially our totally failed governor - I'd suggest they read the book "The Whiskey Rebellion" to show what the public is capable of when angered enough.

bogofree said...

Omission on last post I should have had Taxpayer Foundation listed as a good source and Hal already quoted that. They usually cull their stats from OBM, Labor and IRS.

What is really enjoyable is examining figures from Social Security taxes and payout. Wonder where that money goes?

Hal Brown said...

I have pictures of the AIG postcard solicitation online.

Here's one side


Here's the other

What I also find amazing is that they would send this to anybody who is supposed to be worth many millions of dollars. They would be likely to throw it in the trash without reading it, or one their maids would do it along with the rest of the junk mail.

Is this how the mulit-muli-millionaires buy their insurance?

What marketing genius thought this up? This seems less likely to get a customer than the Nigerian email scam.

bogofree said...


That is amazing and I have a similar story that I have posted before. Like you, someone suspected something I was not.

Years ago Telly Savalas was the spokesperson for something called The Players Club designed to recruit those interesting in tossing their money away at a casino. I don't know what happened and I never received any info. Probably rejected me over income.

Years later we went to the MGM and we were comped a room, meals and got tickets to a show - no charge. Similar situation a few years later at Luxor. WTC?

I finally asked a desk clerk at Luxor and he did some research. Turns out the Players Club - long defunct - had issued a list to casinos and I was on it - designated a mini - meaning a small whale or someone likely to gamble a 100K or more a visit!

Someone must have eventually corrected the list since this $50 a visit gambler has not been comped a thing since.

Hal Brown said...

As a service to baseball fans I offer:

I dated A-Rod, and provided him hookers, claims former NY Gov. Spitzer's former Manhattan madam

"... former Manhattan madam who supplied Eliot Spitzer with hookers also counted Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez as a customer - and found him so charming she dated him herself for free...."

bogofree said...

Male or female hookers for "Slappy?" Both? He should clone himself.

drive-by said...

Re: Copyright Laws

I thought that to have something protected by the copyright laws, one had to file an application with the attached work and pay a fee to the copyright office in DC.
How does simply adding
"© 2009 BY HAL BROWN, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED." to a piece protect it?

I had heard of the poor man's copyright where one mails a copy of something to oneself with the date stamp on it and leaves it unopened. But I'm not certain that simply declaring a piece copyrighted is valid. Just curious.

drive-by said...

"Although web pages and email messages are protected as soon as created, copyright registration is needed before U.S. owners can bring suit. Also, prompt registration provides remedies that make lawsuits affordable. Statutory damages of $150,000 (or more, and attorney fees) for willful infringement can be obtained if published works are registered within three months, or unpublished works are registered before they are infringed."

drive-by said...

So it would appear that just declaring a piece copyrighted is not enough......not that I'm ever going to write anything I have to worry about.

North Slope Rigger said...

Oh is this going to be fun.‘Yes_we_can__-_we_can_‘can__Deval_Patrick_in__10/srvc=home&position=2

That's the link to Howie Carr and his weekly rip of Devalue. Hey, Bogo, if I remember correctly you were gung ho for this guy? Am I mistaken? LMAO!

Well. Bogo, you at least bailed on Obama before the election so I can't nail you on that one although you did take a pass on McCain. Discarded both of them but I still think you are a closet Obama guy. Obama is a riot! Teleprompter! He could not even get the freaking oath of office correct! Maybe he needs to be in the Special Olympics? Yeah, I'm not being PC. LOL! Yep, I'm conservative who generally votes Republican but I am going to really enjoy Obama as I'm calling it now, Bogo, three months into office. He will be a major screw up. LMAO!

Sox are looking good, brother, and I hope you are right. 100 wins! Hope you get that better than Devalue and Obama.

anonymous said...

Formal registration of a copyright (forms now available online) establishes prima facie evidence in court as to validity of copyright.

anonymous said...

Obama is all PR and no substance. I can't see him going more than one term, and I predict the same for our "No can do" governor. Can't wait to hear the excuses the ultra libbies give for Obama in 2012.

Hal Brown said...

Go to the source:

U.S. Copyright Office

drive-by said...

Thanks Hal. That ought to keep me busy for awhile.

drive-by said...

There...better pic of a DeLorean....dream car for this week.

Hal Brown said...

The substance of it for anyone who writes something online is that once you write it you have copyrighted it.

Formal registration isn't required, but would be very helpful if someone else tried to published it for money and you wanted to win a law suit against them.

I assume if you went to court and you could prove you wrote it a judge or jury would take that into consideration even if it wasn't registered.

I don't know how mass media writers, photographers and cartoonists handle this, i.e. whether they send their material in to the copyright office and pay the fee to register it every time they do something new.

As far as I can tell there's no way to register a work before you create it but also from what I can tell you can serve notice that everything you write is to be considered copyrighted.

The use of the © symbols doesn't require registration of a work.

bogofree said...

Thanks, Rigger, I really needed to be reminded about my Together We Con Deval failure. I'll just have to pay a visit to my favorite place for screw ups.

The ultra libbies I know have jumped ship on Deval and chalked it up as a failure - but none of them are part of hackerama.

Still too early on the teleprompter communicator but so far he's a big yawn.

We need a good lawyer to sort this copwrite stuff out. Maybe contact AB? That leaves it open for comments about "Good Lawyer."

Hal Brown said...

I enjoyed looking at what Time Magazine considers the worst 50 cars of the past 50 years.

They did list the 1981 De Lorean DMC-12. Of course it was cool enough looking to be one of the stars of Back to the Future.

drive-by said...

I ask the question primarily because a friend of mine was writing some fiction and poetry w/artwork on an MSN blogsite and using the copyright sign only to discover that the small print on his site registration agreement stated that all material printed automatically reverted any copyright to MSN ownership. Therefore it would seem that my friend is not free to publish his own work elsewhere. Moral: Beware of fine print.

Hal Brown said...

On the copyright, you don't need a lawyer, good, bad or indifferent to tell you the following:

If you create something, and that you REALLY think it is worth stealing, i.e., which someone else may make money on, you should register it with the Copyright Office.

I bet there's a lot of crap that gives the employees who register this stuff a good laugh.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
drive-by said...

Hal. I just have to make sure I have my camcorder ready for when you dive naked, as promised, from a hot air balloon into the July 4 parade. That event ought to take the focus off the casino. LOL

Family Guy said...

From a comment on the MR blog. This is just one of the many comments from "anonymous" that take to task her usual targets - everyone on the current BOS, past BOS, TM both present and past and various appointed officals.

"Then you have Marsha Brunelle who refuses to hear any comment or question that doesn't agree with her narrow thinking. Marsha made the comment about being sick and tired ot this crap. She repeats very well what Roger has told her but doesn't have an original thought. She can't remember history and misstates or lies at the drop of a hat, but makes it sound likes she really knows. She must have taken lessons from Wayne Perkins who did the same thing.
Marsha never commented on whether she received gifts which must mean she did."

drive-by said...

YIKES!!! Pretty scary!

anonymous said...

I found it amusing today to Google the various local blogs. As you're typing them in it shows how many hits to the site.

Adam Bonds Blog: 2,500,000

Middleboro Review: 441,000

Casino-Friend: 27,800,000

Gladys Kravitz: 22,200


Hal Brown said...

Back to the concern your friend has, Drive-By, if I were them I'd give up posting anything on a blog which they may want to publish elsewhere.

I'd register a website and publish what they create there.

There are services with templates like and which are as easy to use as Blogspot, but you have complete ownership of the content. You can even use them for your business.

Suo Mynona said...

More From BB

"When I was gathering signatures to pas the CPA, a met with a few different town boards....."

Planning Board was not one to the best of my knowledge. Nor was the town planner.

"I find" (on preserving land) "the town to be lacking in planning and vision on this issue."

Join the Planning Board or Conservation Commission.

Actions speak louder than blogging

5 more weeks said...

One of a kind in this area, Will be a Rolling ATM machine.

Investors Wanted

5 more weeks said...

For those with big buck investments.

Another Rolling ATM machine.

Investors Wanted

5 more weeks said...

Yours when "wter" hits it big.

Just Insane

anonymous said...

It's so pleasant to wake up and read there's been a 2nd stabbing in a week in Middleboro, this one on Wareham Street in the daytime. Lovely!

bogofree said...

We don't need gun control we need knife control.

Markets way up over night and this morning as Geithner will give a show and tell on the latest banking plan. I;ve already loaded up on financials - all or nothing!

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Did the Obamacrat's 60 minutes interview instill confidence in you?

He is finding out that the job takes more work than to just ridicule the one doing the job.

He admitted that many people wont even come to work for him and his almighty and righteous administration.

He is in so far over his head. The "greatest minds" want nothing to with him. He is reduced to hiring lobbyists -- that he one denounced - in his administration.

Family Guy said...

Here is a quote by BB from the MR blog. Sound like waht you said about Obama's recruiting.

"I keep hearing that there are 2 more seats open on the Green Tech Committee - you should call the TM and see what's up."

Rocky said...

Market's moving in positive territory and my daughter said she is refinancing her house to a rate below 5%.

WOW's special olympics comment was priceless last week on Leno.

I don't care who is running things in DC. The question I have, is, am I better off today than I was two months ago? two years ago? (and just being alive doesn't count).

Rocky said...

I wanted to be on the green committee until I found out it wasn't worth any green for me.

bogofree said...


I have little in the old warm and fuzzy feeling after the short term the president has been in office. He started to stumble right with the inauguration oath - I believe someone has already referenced that. He better have a back up on the back up for the teleprompters.

Personally, he'll have to get something jump started on the economy and today an attempt is being made with the "toxic assets."

This is all long term and not short term and I suspect any improvements will be the end result on inherent market conditions and not some whiz bang financial manipulation via Washington.

He is aquiring debt that will be hard to excuse from his supporters and Democrates in Congress who focused on Bush for doing the same.

I'm all for JP on the Green Committee as I have posted many times. Be interesting to see if that happens after all the garbage she posted on the TM. Then again, he probably doesn't read any blogs.

5 more weeks said...

Back a while ago I was going over the numbers BB recieved from the finance committee on a resort casino in middleboro. The $3 mil number for the schools was a cost that won't go away if a casino goes away correct?

Being a member of the finance Committee Stephen McKinnon presented that $3 Mil number as a casino cost correct?

Was this a way to decieve the citizens with fuzzy numbers, Making the casino cost look over inflated?

If I am wrong can someone please explain where that 3MIL school cost came from?


Rocky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
5 more weeks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
5 more weeks said...

I deleted mine because you deleted yours LOL!

I'm just wondering why? The $3mil cost was added on?

bogofree said...

Because it made their argument look good.

5 more weeks said...

Projected financial impact of the current deal+7.0M (base payment that increases by 3% a year)+2.0M (realistic hotel tax income with comping)

-2.8M (costs in police/EMS salary pensions)

-3.0M (school costs)-1.0M (general government costs)

-1.0M (employee fringe benefits)
1.1M (removal of the trash fee that Mr. Perkins is always promising

-250K (extra ambulance needed according to Rodgers/FinCom)----------- -150k

- We will lose $150K.

The school cost was estimated based on superintendent FY08 recommendations.

Does that mean the $3MIL cost is still there with or without the casino?

Calter said the region could expect 1000 more school kids is this correct?

How many could Middleboro realisticly expect to gain within the school system?

5 more weeks said...

Can someone break this quote down for me? What does it actually mean?

"The school cost was estimated based on superintendent FY08 recommendations"

Rocky said...

I deleted mine because I shouldn't complain about my tax I pay for my home. $144 a year.

Suo Mynona said...

It would be great if a panel of citizens could subpoena & interrogate The USA Congress the way Congress does Baseball Players and Bank Executives.

Mr. Congressman are you telling us you never read the bailout bill you signed on to? What do you get paid to do?

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

think BB got his figures from AIG.

Oak Point - where every day is a tax free holiday! Paid off the sales tax yet, Rocky?

You saw what happened when O'Reilly question that lying sack of manure Barney Frank. Imagine that magnified 434 more times.

Suo Mynona said...

Senator Dodd are you still saying that you received all of those votes from Clark CT?

Congress doesn't really get in trouble for intentionally clarking to the public.

bogofree said...

Dodd and Geitner's new slogan "The buck stops with some low level flunkie we toss under the bus to save our azz."

anonymous said...

What the school department requests and recieves are two different items. How that figures into this deal is beyond me. Those will be present with or without a casino.

The school costs can't be defined unless you know what the impact will be. If he uses Calter's figures then that is plain shamefull. Calter may be a nice man but his bias has forced him into making statements that have little or no supporting data. That became clear when he met with the BOS.

The safety costs were suppose to be offset by monies recieved from the hotel room tax.

The trash fee is total nonsense which appears to be a trademark of MB.

The fringe benefits is rather interesting since it is also considered for what I gather as part of the 2.8 million figure also posted.

MB is guilty of several fuzzy things in the last 18 months and this is just another example. No doubt he used MR as his source.

Suo Mynona said...

Someone posted on Belanger's blog for him to join the Open Space Committee.

Think he will stop complaining and start donating his time?

Actions speak louder than blogging

5 more weeks said...

Was Mr Mckinnon a member of the FinCom when those numbers were Presented?

In people's opinion were those numbers fudged?

bogofree said...

I have no ideas on those figures, five weeks, but I think you should go look at the BB blog where they appeared. Few months ago so it must be available. I think anon had a good post on it. I always suspect pro and anti figures on the casino.

Open space? I believe there was some discussion about that a few months ago. Have I got that correct? I believe I posted some data and so did others that showed a former BOS member, Lincoln Andrews, was quite correct and another blogger, MR, was incorrect. Am I mistaken on that?

Back to watching C, MS, ABK and a few others.

Rocky said...

To Suo:

No he would never join. If he did, he would have to stop complaining about hings that he knew. Pluse he would be part of the problem and then have to call the press and storm off in a huff and say he can do more for the community from outside these walls.

To 5 More:

No. McKinnon was not part of the fin com then. He was appointed less than a year ago. So now he knows everything in the one year he has done anything. I watched him on cable the other night. He came off as a pompus a--. Worse than any gun toting lawyer man.

To Bogo:

Mr. Adrews threw out a number of 10% during the CPA discussion. He was right. Probably spent time on some of the committees in town and asks questions before he speaks.

Also, Dow up 490+/- points for the day. Can we keep up the rally?

bogofree said...

You are correct, Rocky, on Mr. Andrews. He took some heat on a certain other blog and was correct. If anything he understated. We'll see a retraction right after one for Clark...ESL teachers....Marshmellows....suicides and several others.

The toxic plan is not the greatest but it provided some hope to stabilize the floundering financials. Investtors went for it. If the indexes can add a 1/2-1% a week for the next ten weeks or so bottom may have been at 6,500 for the DOW. The big news to me was the real clincher and that was home sales. Up 5% and with low rates and if you can scrape up 10-20% down a great time to buy.

The down the road disaster is the debt. That is going to be a clarking nightmare.

5 more weeks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

You know what is "really cool" about this forum? People usually admit to clarking mistake they post.

Does that happen on the forum that BB proclaims to be "interesting, informed"... and "the smartest, and best forum in the region."?

Simple answer CLARK.

5 more weeks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
5 more weeks said...

Thats why I ask questions, Now I know where he wasn't. So he wasn't part of that fuzzy number game. My Bad, Mr. Mckinnon.

Rocky said...

No he wasn't part of the creation but he refuses to come out and say that the creators (which he is a member of) were wrong or that his chum BB who keeps posting it is wrong. By not saying that they are wrong is just as bad as if lied himself.

LMAO said...

Five weeks

Those figures were first issued by the Town Manager of Clark, CT. The only TM that MR and BB ever liked.

anonymous said...

Hey, bogo, what happened to Hal?

bogofree said...

A painful rift has occurred and the first signs of it were Hal’s drifting over to Gladys (or is it Mary‘s) blog to post. A resolution was reached thanks to intervention by Dr. Phil. However Hal cheated again! Signed up at and Dr. Phil dropped the Octomom to intervene, Dr. Phil finally said “Hal, your behaviors are totally unacceptable and should be reported.” Hal just told him to stuff it since he’s heard the same BS from the anti’s for over a year.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Hal is probably having self portrait posting contest with BB and a cut and paste link contest with JP.

Kidding aside, he is probably conducting historical research on the existence of Clark CT.

Suo Mynona said...

I am honestly confused (an easy occurence.)

From reading other postings it seems that there two openings on the Green Committee. How come the local advocate of green is not joining? If the slot is open then it is hers. Heck BB could join too!

I am not playing coy. But there has to be more to the story.

The Green Committee may never have a huge impact -- few boards of committees do. But it has the chance to make an incremental improvement, which IMO is worthwhile.

Is this just another example of anything beneath the position of Selectman not being worthwhile?

Family Guy said...

Here is the quote from BB on the MR blog regarding that. I posted that a few days ago and her reply is on her blog. After the consistent history displayed by the both of them directed at town officals and employees would you want them anywhere near a committee? Both have a track record of total failure

Failed blog site
Running for BOS

Neither are capable of compromise or expressing their displeasure in a constructive manner that shows opposition and not total foolishness.

"I keep hearing that there are 2 more seats open on the Green Tech Committee - you should call the TM and see what's up."

anonymous said...

According to the AP Obama's approval rating has already dropped to 50%. Guess he didn't enjoy much of a honeymoon period.

Also, what are the chances of him eliminating mortgage interest and real estate deductions from Sch. A of our 1040s for 2009? That's going to kill the RE market and me personally in taxes. This is confusing. Is he only talking about taxpayers with incomes over $250,000. If so, then I have nothing to worry about. Don't come anywhere near close.

Family Guy said...

I am amazed - still, that The Gazette still has a BB column. He has had two columns that were even worth the read. His Nemasket site is just a haven for the like minded - all five of them.

BB tried to get into the candy store instead of looking throught the window with his CPA and that was a dismal failure.

MR is now resigned to being just a town joke. Doesn't she ever get tired of the DOR Report?

Family Guy said...

Anon: I watched Obama's press conferance (speech) the other night and it was laughable. The pep talk is wearing thin and so is the fuzzy math. Even some supporters were scratching their heads over what are the prjected figures and the real figures regarding debt. Everyone will pay this bill.

Rocky said...

You will find an idiot behind all of these failures and future failures saying, "You can do it", "You propose the CPA and I'll back it and that will help keep the casino in check" or "This is how you do it and I know you will be a sucess. Just look at me."

That idiot is probably no longer in any sort of power and is looking for a new home in a land far, far away.

I them until July 4th and it will be a true independence day for Middleboro.

anonymous said...

I wonder if they could have made that teleprompter any bigger for Obama. LMAO

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I work for a large biomed company on the 128 loop which has always been considered stable. With the recent news that some departments may be combined or dropped, management has now cut their contributions to our 401Ks. I've also heard rumors of "rolling people off" existing projects and relocating them to offices in other parts of the country. That's never good news. If I am targetted, I'm screwed. No way I can sell my house in this market, which will mean possibly long term, long distance marriage and parenthood. I suspect that more and more people will be facing this situation. And I don't see any relief in sight.

Suo Mynona said...


Just read BB's blog he is looking at ways people like you can use this economy to make more money.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

BB's wake up call may be closer than he thinks. Nobody's job is safe in this economy. Let's see how long he can survive off the proceeds from a front yard vegetable stand. But then again he's probably one of those guys who falss in sh*t, then stands up smelling like roses.

bogofree said...

The debt that this country is incurring can only be paid down by increased revenues and that will be a combination of a smoking hot economy and increased taxes.

The poll numbers reflected only one poll as others show higher but degrading numbers. I have an itty bitty attention span and so does the public - they want recovery now.

The stock market opened higher on an illusion and that being home sales. This is a mirage when you look deeper as investors have as the afternoon has worn on. Obama has been concentrating the last few weeks on getting good news out of the indexes as people have been trained by media to knee jerk reaction to that. I cannot believe some of the comments made by "newscasters" regarding the economy. I have taught students in the past who has a better grip on trends then the collective - to quote a song "bubble headed bleached blondes" that past for today's Cronkite and Morrow.

Barney Frank who has never been above using a caustic comment such as his homophobic comment directed towards a SCOTUS judge the other day, is now "upset" that some protesters showed up at one of his hearing wearing pink life vests. These were form the left! Good luck with the right wing, Barney.

anonymous said...

If you don't like growing veggies, you could consider BB's suggestion today to take up sheep shearing. OMG, his blog is starting to read like "The Mother Earth News". Back to the land everyone! LMAO

anonymous said...

Ah bogo.....the new PC version of bubble headed bleached blondes is "LIGHT-HAIRED DETOURS OFF THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY". ROFL

5 more weeks said...

Novaline Wilson (MSU Law ‘08) has written a nice paper on the impact of Carcieri v. Salazar on Michigan tribes, many of whom (8 out of 12) were not federally recognized in 1934. It is here. Note that she wrote this before Carcieri was decided. An excerpt:

The Supreme Court must consider unique historical circumstances of Michigan Indian tribes before effectively barring these administratively aggrieved tribes from the federal land-to-trust process. Michigan Indian tribes have a distinct political history as treaty tribes that were illegally administratively terminated in a “situation [that] is not simply an injustice of major proportions, it is a travesty of logic that boggles the rational mind.” Carcieri was correctly decided at the administrative appeals level, by the District Court, and by the First Circuit Court of Appeals. This case is not only without merit, it directly contravenes the BIA’s authority to fulfill their federally mandated trust obligations to tribes. The BIA has to administer the same general federal fiduciary obligations to all tribes, regardless of the year the federal government finally got around to “formally recognizing” tribes. As demonstrated through Michigan Indian tribal history, an outright bar on land-to-trust for those tribes not recognized in 1934
would not only eviscerate fundamental Indian law and administrative law principles, it would demonstrate deliberate ignorance of hundreds of years of American history between Indian tribes and the federal government.

Charlie Brown or Someone who really studies this stuff.

You decide..

5 more weeks said...

On another note, Has anyone seen any herring yet in the run?

bogofree said...

Green acres is the place to be.

I think he was sheared by the BOS.

I'll take him for an over view of my garden the next time we go for running/ride together. Maybe get some of that manure that is so plentiful.

Went omy dentist. Hygenist appointment that costs $99. bill is $159! WTC! I have a charge for $60 for my exam by the dentist No Clark...he spent 30 clarking seconds. Tapped one tooth and took a peek with his mirror. Talk about being sheared.

LMAO said...

Looks like MR is into ripping Jack Healey.

Bogo once called him Forrest Gump for cutting thr Town Hall lawn with a riding lawn mower!

I voted for Obama and I want my money and I want it now!

5 more weeks said...

CCF is going up every day.

bogofree said...

CCF doesn't look that bad

5 more weeks said...

bogofree said...

I have been on a roll with MS. Bought at 14. Loaded up a week ago on C, ABK, and AIG! Look for banks returning money. Risky buying bank stocks but if half of them hit you will make a bundle.

Suo Mynona said...

I plucked Smithfield foods (Butterball Turkey)at $5.40 it is now 9.58. The stock price was artificially low because of bad publicity.

anonymous said...

Election time.

Big one is the BOS and I'm going with Rullo and Spataro. With Spataro I'll either hold my nose or leave it blank.

The Rev and Martin for SC.

Rocky said...

Rullo looks like a straight shooter. He has experience and tells it like it is.

I liked that guy for finance committee i think it was MacPherson who told the people that things arent going well.

I like being told the truth even if it hurts or I don't like it. I just want to be told the truth.

I thought it was funny that other than Spataro who had a real answer, no one else had one for the reuse of buildings.

Mark B needs to post the candidates night video.

LMAO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LMAO said...

Mikinnon and Stevens.

Both are anti. I'm pro.

Will be amusing to see BB and MR take credit if they are elected.

Even better to watch both try to influence them. Can see Jessie with her DOR report now.

Hey, BB, how did bonding with Bond work out? LMAO!

LMAO said...

Where is VV (aka- IA) been lately?

Low profile?

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Obama just appointed Special Agent VV/IA to oversee the New England area. As we speak she's tracking your IP and phone #s via satellite for her 1 pm teleconference with a local attorney. LMAO

PS Just noticed my word identification is reptile. Double LMAO

Herring are in the Bay said...

Who the "CLARK" took Eds signs? Do you know he has connections with the ghost hunters.

Your in trouble now!!!

He was like a little baby on the radio, Whaaa! someone took my signs.. How about the wind Ed!

Come on your running for elected office.

The show was doing good till ED called in..

Herring are in the Bay said...

I have to ask, I tuned into the radio show, I was about to have my coffee and I hear billy saying something like "he stuck his bird in manure" Then the phone rang, Do I really want to know why Billy was sticking his bird in the cow manure? LOL!

Rocky said...

A bird in hand is better than a hand in poop.

anonymous said...

How the hell does anyone even pick up that show?

Herring are in the Bay said...

You have to run in the house from the car get on the computer because forget AM radio.

On another note there is all kinds of hearings coming up on land into trust.

Turtle Talk has something about Tribes suing for monetary damages because of the New ruling this SCOTUS ruling might have opened a whole can of worms for Congress.

Might be better to just fix it quick!!

OH but the girls from Bridgewater and Lakeville said it was all over LOL!

Not quite..

chica said...


I hope they have a good turnout.

Suo Mynona said...


There is an extra position for FinCom. Let's all write in Belanger for the position. Let's get him to participate.

Start passing the word around.

Herring are in the Bay said...

too busy riding the train back and forth seeing if he can find someone important to blog about.

anonymous said...

Maybe he can get all of Jessie's various ID's to vote? That'll be a win for him.

bogofree said...

How about all those CPA signings? I signed. Get all six others and it's a start.


Get it on!

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Write him in

anonymous said...

What about a campaign slogan?

How about

You get me and you get JP.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Let's all pay for CPA!

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Rocky get your neighborhood to come and write in MB. Spread the word.

MB will fix the town!

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

All of us third rate d*psh*t citizens need him.

He can rip apart that town balance sheet like a first rate citizen of Mensa

Rocky said...

I wouldn't let MB collect my empties for the nickles.

He hasn't a financial bone in his body. He along with that Mackinnon want to raise taxes on your people (my taxes are statutory).

Raise your taxes (only 50 bucks) so that they can buy delapitated buildings that the town cannot afford to maintain.

I would vote for Mackinnon if he didn't back the CPA. I thought he was smarter than that.

Sometimes it is not good to vote for change since that may be all that's left in your pockets when you do.

Rocky said...

The Fin Com in this town is dead. They have no spine. They need to step up and be accurate and stick their noses into everything.

Mackinnon has been on the fincom and done nothing. If he and the rest of them had a spine they would do something about the trash fee.

They are the FINANCE COMMMITTEE. They are supposed to do some accounting and report to the people.

If I was a tax payer, I would not be happy.

Rocky said...

Here's my $144. I'll shut up now.

anonymous said...


There are times we all have to admit that there are those just brighter than ourselves and that means a BB sticker campaign.

McKinnon is a regular on the Nemasket site so that probably has something to do with lock step support.

Can this be a sticker or write-in? Are you allowed to hand out stickers at the entrance to the polls?

Eight bucks return is something on the trash fee. Of course the new truck sucked up all the money. Truck is too old (1995) so they need a new one. My Buick Regal is 1993 with 178,000 miles and still going. This stunk of spend the money or we'll have to give it back.

bogofree said...

I'll write him in. No problem.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


You just need to write his name in.

This is a great move for the town and for MB to get invloved.

bogofree said...

If I spell his name wrong will my vote still count?

Rocky said...

I won't write him in. He did not take out papers for a vacant seat nor did Jessie for the G & E vacant seat. They do not want to participate in a solution.

Maybe I might have all my friends write my name in. I am too old to run a campaign but I do know money.

Herring are in the Bay said...

"This doesn't have to be a long letter - just a heart-felt one"

"A truthful one"

I spit my coke all over the screen when I read this.

anonymous said...

Rocky is just not getting with the program! I mean with BB he'll figure out a way to tax your tool shed for $5,000 so then your bill will be $5,144!

Rocky we need BB. Be honest with yourself. Think of all wonderful ideas that will emanate from FinCom.

This campaign needs to be posted on Topix.

anonymous said...

Hey, bogo, he's blogging on trails. Well, canoe trails anyway. You had all that stuff on his site at Limo's.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Please extend a formal invitation to MB to post here on how he would help to straighten out the town's finances.

He must know so much from that he says is the most "interesting, informed"... and "the smartest, and best forum in the region."

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Here is a sample of the ballot. Notice there are only two people on the ballot for three openings for the Finance Committee.

Write in Belanger's name in the open slot. (Bogo can make it one of those fance blue click here links.)

bogofree said...

Here is the fancy blue link that Hal showed me in a mere three hours.

I think Mark will get the message and post here. Always welcome despite the fact that the miscreants and rabble on this blog are far below the intellectual giants on nemasket. Wait...maybe they don't read this? LMCAO!

Family Guy said...

You guys are serious? Right? Why the clark not? Let MR lead him through the process.

Opening on the G & E. Perfect for Green Jessie.

Herring are in the Bay said...

"March Political Roundtable Focuses on Destination Resort Brothels: Benefits to the Commonwealth, Visions of the Sex Trade Industry"

Its not the satire I'm concerned about.

I'll leave this up to you people to decide. Dude is a __________ you fill in the blank.

Maybe 1623 is trying to sabotage CFO's chances all together in this election.

This is a must read.

anonymous said...


Herring are in the Bay said...

I'm telling you. On another note please don't put him on any ballot.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Very serious. It will be great. He can learn about the town from the inside instead of just tossing grenades from the outside.

Tell all your friends.

anonymous said...

Oh what abrilliant idea!!! Write in someone who wants to spend all your money.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Belanger is always saying vote for change. Well let's change his Monday's night.

Don't forget he would be only one vote among five.

Besides an excuse could be found why not give real time. "It would be a conflict of interest with being an unpaid guest columnist"

Coffee cups were a massive conflict of interest so being a guest columnist would surely be more egregious.

His boss is on a board so maybe it won't work as an excuse

Write him in.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

To Anon;

He should be on the Fin Com to advance his ideas a public official. Then he can be on Town Floor to advance his cause and enjoy people responding.

LMAO said...

This would be a blogging goldmine.

Hal Brown said...

Correct me if I'm wrong on this. With a third seat vacant on the Finance Committee, that seat will be filled by a write-in.

Someone could be elected with six votes just from this blog.

If two people tied and neither wanted to decline, there would have to be a runoff election.

A last minute campaign to put Adam Bond on the FinCom would probably be successful since he has both name recognition and enough supporters.

On another subject, as a diversion I edited Adam Bond's latest blogs and did, as usual a beckuva job (link).

bogofree said...

Well, Hal, I see probation let you loose again.

Nice write up and I contributed a post.

The summary is what I think it is...get the votes you win! Even two votes could do it.

Sign holding day today as the downtown area is littered with various holders. I hated that - just standing in one place. Best time was when Gary Studds had a campaign office downtown. I spent some time at that. Perfect, since I could sit on my butt - oh the stories!

I'm saying 12% turnout next week.

Herring are in the Bay said...

quote from 007s blog..

"can remember his excited little chant to me before the beginning of some of the BOS meetings--"The indians are coming. The indians are coming"--a scary concept"

One would have to wonder how much liquid lubricant went into the system before these blogs were written.

Spineless!! you were the one that ran from the hard questions....

Hal Brown said...

Somebody could check and see if he's responded to the edits I offered (on Heckuva blogspot) out of the goodness of my heart.

I went to the post office this morning and found out that not only did we have that horrible attack on the woman yesterday, but last night someone smashed the window of the coffee shop with his bare fist and left blood drops all the way to the post office. That perp has been caught.

Gossip on the styreet is that the Rt. 28 crime may have involved a sexual assault or that she knew the assailant.

I talked to Greg Steven and asked him about the ghosts. He wouldn't say whether he believed in ghosts but did say he didn't think the BOS should spend much time on such matters.

I picked up a copy of the Gazette and see Jane put a correction on page two about what I asked on candidate's night.

anonymous said...

Hal. Some of us have to remain anonymous to hide our charred flesh in whatever level of Bolgia we find ourselves eternally condemned to.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

RE: The route 28 attack leaving a woman unconscious yesterday.

Since no one really knows whether the perp had a personal grudge against the victim or if he was someone who just went postal, it seems to make sense for women to keep their doors locked while driving. Don't know who you can trust anymore. And that simple precaution allows time for a call to the police.

Herring are in the Bay said...

So if a strange man is walking around in your yard, Is there a reason to be concerned?

You said it right,

"Don't know who you can trust anymore"

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

AND, you don't know who has a license to carry a concealed piece.

anonymous said...

What are herring good for? They're so bony. I suppose you could pickle them, but that's gross.

Also, last time I went out on a charter, the haddock and cod were slim pickens, mostly caught those ugly sea robins.

Thinking of trading my Dory in for a sailboat.

Herring are in the Bay said...

Herring in the runs means Stripers will soon follow.

You can't take herring, Its just a good sign fishing season is right around the corner.

anonymous said...

Don't have good luck with Stripers, always a couple inches shy of legal limit off the canal. Maybe I'm not using the right lures.

anonymous said...

Blues give a good fight but they taste too greasy for me.

bogofree said...

The first year we had out garden my wife wanted to save some money so we went to the herring run and grabbed some. Her great idea? Fertilizer! Placed looked like a freaking zoo! Racoons, dogs, cats and a few feral neighbors all digging up the garden.

Every once in awhile I'll buy her some of the filthy little things at Market Basket. In the jam dripping with sour cream.

drive-by said...

I thought I'd try my hand at some fresh water fly fishing for trout this year. I've heard there are some great streams off the Kangmangas and in Baxter State Park.

So, I bought some gear at the Bass Pro Shop on Route 1 Foxboro, fun place. Of course, all my neighbors are ribbing me for practicing my cast in the back yard. So far I'm very good at tangling my line in the shrubbery. LMAO This is supposed to be relaxing.....not.

bogofree said...

I use to take my kids fishing and they still fish today. I just hate it. My favorite fishing is Pollack at $3.99 and Sockeye Salmon at $7.99 a pound at Hannaford's. Market Basket usually has some nice buys on Swordfish Ka-Bobs and Perch. Ocean Fresh in N. Attleboro has steamers about once a month for $1.99. No lines to tangle. No fishing rods. No boats.

Hal Brown said...

Did you all see my pictures of Tom's Bait Shop (here)...

drive-by said...

bogo-fishing is a still, focused, reflective sport. If you tend to be at all on the ADHD side, you'd hate it.

drive-by said...

Very familiar with "Tom's". A retired friend comes up from Florida from April-October and works there.

Good place for BB to learn what it's like to get his hands dirty.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

The word is getting around.

This will be a real "acid test" to see if people can put aside differences for the betterment of the town. The CPA failed. Looks like this stands a better chance....