Sunday, March 29, 2009


Election season will culminate this Saturday as I figure about 12% of the voters will give it a whirl and spend about ten minutes of their precious time to vote. Since this is a town election I will participate and head to precinct two as early as possible. Don’t expect much change as name recognition and incumbents will rule the day. I suspect Adam’s dumped seat will be taken by Al Rullo. Rest will be the same old.

One interesting slot is FinCom as someone has started a grass roots or is that blog roots campaign for MB to be a write-in. One of our very own posters appears to be the focal point of all this. From what I gather it only will take a handful of votes unless someone organizes a last moment campaign.

The next round of earnings will start to flow around April 10th and continue for a week or so. Losses will be substantial and that represents no surprise. If less than expected you may see a continuing trend upwards in the indexes. Was hoping for a June/July return to immigration numbers and that is ahead of schedule right now as some investors are looking for any shred of positive or less than damaging news to return to the markets.

Baseball is in the air and the Sox get ready to march to a 100+ win season. It’s all about pitching and this year that bullpen is the best I can recall seeing along with a starting staff that is possibly the best in the league. You win with pitching and that they have.

Unfortunately a casualty of the economic downturn is season tickets that my brother-in-law had. Changed jobs and could no longer justify that expensive perk for customers. My interest in attending 30-50 games is just not there along with the incredible expense so I had no interest in them.

Anybody been to Branson, Missouri? Thinking of a late April or Early May trip. Boston to St. Louis for a few days and then to Branson and back to STL.


drive-by said...

Actually I know a family from Middleboro who moved to Branson. Land of "Once Saved, Always Saved", not that there's anything wrong with that. Reminds me of Central Maine with tornados, water mocassins, Sunday socials, and quilting bees. Funny how fast Yanks pick up their drawl.

drive-by said...

Taking the bus out of Pawtucket to NYC for the week. Staying at the Roosevelt. Probably rain all week.

bogofree said...


Went to The Rotten Apple just before Xmas and took the bus out of Boston - $18 to NYC and $15 back. Station was two blocks from our hotel - Milford Plaza. Great buy on the hotel and on Broadway Shows.

I have never spent anytime in the Ozarks but my wife (The Lovely Cynthia) loves shows of all kinds so I figured Branson. The theme from Deliverance goes through my head whenever I think Branson.

I do believe the significant differnce between Central Maine and Branson is dental care.

Just come back in time to vote.

Rocky said...

Say Hi! to the Andy Williams wannabes.

Unless anyone comes out and askes to be written in, I would not do it.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

The multiplier effect is amazing.

You tell your friend. Your friend tells her husband. the two of them tell a friend.

Belanger for Finance Committee. He will have a basis of knowledge to write from. Bumpkin's Corner will be less stultifying and more informative.

bogofree said...

I do believe "Write-In" has lost all control.

My understanding is one can refuse such a position.

I hate the song Moon River.

LMAO said...

You can write in anyone you want.

Right now this is an open slot so no one is making a mockery of the process.

Heck, I might write in his name unless someone has a legitimate write-in campaign organized.

I have no idea what would qualify MB for FinCom but in my opinion a novice on any board is a good thing. They'll ask questions that the average person would.

WTC do you want to go to Branson for? Are you going to marry your sister?

LMAO said...

Baseball preview.

Red Sox

Sox get the Wild Card.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


I am not incontinent. I do have some modicum of control remaining.

Hal Brown said...

You don't have to vote for any of the listed FinCom candidates. There is space to write in three. (Ballot image

Just be sure to bring a pen since the felt tip marker used to vote would be difficult to use.

How about writing in Mark Belanger, Adam Bond and the financial wizard former Brockton police lieutenant Charles Lincoln II?

bogofree said...

Write-In has obviously turned into a shill for this entire movement which is soon going to resemble a Benny Hinn crusade.

I do like Hal's choices. That would be an interesting mix watching AB stomping out of the first meeting accompanied by a security detail that would put any for Obama to shame.

Then MB would be figuring out clever ways to divert funds into CPA projects. No problem as long as it is trails and not renovating some two century old dump that should be kindling.

Lastly, Mr. Lincoln - not to be confused with Abe - would have calculator in hand attempting to determine if somehow this would increase his monthly kiss from the state.

Write-In has demonstrated a superb capacity to generate interest and to spark a grass roots movement. I understand he will spearhead Jayson’s campaign if that office goes public.

Hal Brown said...

On the topic of Jayson Tracy, the dog officer, my recommendation is that he be sent to the Plymouth County Reserve Intermittent Police Academy and be appointed as a police special.

He would then not only have arrest powers and carry a gun, but because he's driving around town all day he'd be able to back up regular officers on emergency calls. His vehicle would be equipped with lights and siren.

He could also ride with regulars to get first hand police experience much as the auxiliary police do.

The blue uniform and gun would convey some additional authority to some of the residents who don't currently take him very seriously when he knocks on their doors.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


How did you make out at nemasket? Did you do any research on Clark, CT? Did BB expunge that funny little affair?

Hal Brown said...

Me on Nemasket? I think I registered there so I could read it. I don't remember if I posted. I might have. If I did, I don't remember what. It's either old age or it didn't have much of an impact.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

My support of writing Belanger in for Fin Com is very authentic.

I think he would be perfect for the job. He can assist the selectmen, town treasurer, town accountant and school committee through hard work. As he says we need new blood with fresh ideas.

Write him in.

bogofree said...

Seeing some of the complainants at dog hearings Jayson better wear body armour when approaching their trailers.

The real plus is if BB is on the FinCom with his financial insight - gained via the learning curve - I can use him instead of Turbo Tax Is the nearest Federal pen in Danbury? can always tell when you post on Nemasket since as a new comer one particular poster will try to "educate you."

anonymous said...


Nice post on Coffee Shop Talk. At least AB will publish the negative.

anonymous said...

I was downtown Saturday and saw the sign holding. I know most and it was the same old broken along anti and pro casino lines. If the vote goes that way there will be no change.

Rocky said...

Moon River.

Long live cousin Brucie

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


Because of travel I will have the honor of being the first to vote for MB for the Finance Committee via absentee ballot.

Is there an expert in town who knows WTC happens with to the absentee ballots?

Rocky said...

In the city I lived in, they would run the ballots in the precinct when the polls became open

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

RE: anonymous March 29, 2009 2:30 PM

Calling a few people you know is more effective than sign holding. It has been very effective so far for me.

Write in Belanger for Finance Committee. Afford him the golden opportunity of a real education about town government.

Family Guy said...

Is there a committee that they can get JP on? How did she work out on that Green Committee?

Is there anyone left in Massachusetts that actually thinks Deval is doing a good job?

bogofree said...

From Joe Fitzgerald in The Herald commenting on the Walsh mess:

"...a senator who has no conscience and a governor who has no clue."

The Democratic Party has made this state a national joke and Deval Patrick is just totally incompetent at this juncture. Could I do better? Hell...yeah! Virtually anyone could do better.

From an interview with Bill O'Reilly, who I consider an excellent interviewer, commenting on Sean Penn:

"O'Reilly: Not at all. He's a great actor, and if you hire him, you'll get a good performance. I'm just not going to give a guy who gives aid and comfort to people like (Iran president Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein, when he was alive, my 10 bucks. That's my right as an American."

I can see his point I just don't agree with it. Certain public figures - especially the Hollywood types - like to make public pronouncements that generally come from way out in left field. I will not stop seeing movies simply because of some inbred shred of radicalism nor would I have stopped seeing Shilling pitch over some rather far to the right comments he would blog.

anonymous said...

Where is everybody? LOL! Probably going door to door on the BB campaign.

anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be much traffic on any of the sites.

Rocky said...

There is nothing to talk about in town. The selectmen didn't do much except talk about trash and that doesn't effect me.

The sun came out this morning and it is beautiful. I may go for a walk outside.

Family Guy said...

Been boring. No election news. Bozo seems to have gone into hibernation or is out running some dumb azzed trail. Blogs are all quiet with no foot in mouth from the usual.

bogofree said...

At school today subbing. Leave in another hour or so to take advantage of a nice day.

Rocky is right...not much going on.

awfart - great word verification.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Contrary to what a few people may think I have a life and real world responsibilities. I don't have time to post now.

I am going to fill out my absentee ballot tomorrow. Guess who I am writing in for Finance Committee.

Rocky said...

Aaron Burr

bogofree said...

Alexander Hamilton? Naw...Aaron says he's a long shot.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


Belanger is in the hunt for the highly coveted 3rd slot on the Finance Committee.

I bet he really appreciates all the efforts made on his behalf to help him represent our town.

Herring are in the Bay said...

Click Here

Bumpkin its not an obsession.

LMAO said...

From the Bumpkin blog.

Looks like a surrender has taken place.

After his CPA this would be a perfect slot to make a comeback.

Let me see. Middleboro casino. Wonder who that is?

BB could use Jessie’s copy of the DOR as his source.

When the going get tough some just go......

"Yes I was told about that. It's an exercise in futility since I have no intention whatsoever of sitting on any town board - elected or otherwise.

If the former Middleboro casino and Topix numbskulls want to sit around obsessing about me - that's their business. I know who they are."


bogofree said...

Looks as if Write-In has failed! Better get that phone bank running and get out the vote. I was going to offer my services to write an acceptance speech.

I always thought Toxic was much better than but not as high brow as

anonymous said...

Whatever did happen to middleborocasino? Just too classy for us 3rd rate d*psh*ts, I guess. LMAO

LMAO said...

How to get Bumpkin to show up at FinCom meetings. Put a no trespass sign on the door.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Deep intelligence reports he is still saying the CPA is an IQ test for the town.

I guess you are a clarkin' third rate d*psh*t citizen if you don't follow BB's mantra of CPANOW.

It is easier to complain on a blog than it is to participate in the problem. The latest blog confirmation.

Write him in.

LMAO said...

Quite easy to remain in the cheap seats and take your shots at those who put it on the public line week after week. Just a look at his comments after his CPA meeting and the comments that were posted. No pressure now as all he can do is continue to harp on those that do or try to do.

Easy to be an expert in the past tense.

Herring are in the Bay said...

Witness list for House hearing on land-into-trust
Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Filed Under: Law | Politics

The House Natural Resources Committee holds a hearing today to address the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar

The hearing takes place at 10am in Room 1324 of the Longworth House Office Building. The witness list follows:

Ms. Colette Routel, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Michigan Law School, Assistant Professor, William Mitchell College of Law.

Mr. Michael J. Anderson, Partner, AndersonTuell, LLP

Mr. Donald Craig Mitchell, Esq., Anchorage, AK

Committee Notice:
Full Committee Oversight Hearing On The "Supreme Court Decision Carcieri V. Salazar Ramifications To Indian Tribes (April 1, 2009)

Supreme Court Decision:
Syllabus | Opinion [Thomas] | Concurrence [Breyer] | Dissent [Stevens] | Concurrence/Dissent [Souter]

Some real lawyers will be presenting testimony today. it would seem this Carcieri fix is moving right along.

anonymous said...

So the lawyers who argued before the Supreme Court weren't "real lawyers"?

Even if a fix is granted, there are still many other hurdles facing the Wampanoag Casino.

On his blog this morning AB posted a list of some very good questions our BOS needs to ask the tribe when they meet. Whatever your opinion of him, his points are well taken.

Herring are in the Bay said...

I am sorry I just woke up, "Real" should of been followed by another word Good,Indian etc! Im sorry for the mis-understanding.

anonymous said...

AB makes some excellent points but he could have made them as a member of the BOS. Isn't he also the one that said what a wonderful deal we got? Now he's off that. Don't know if I can trust or value his opinion.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

How come BB was not talking about the other write in candidate before BB was being recruited?

anonymous said...

The guy he wants to write in has no financial background but "is good with numbers."

BB is good with his shots at various boards so now is the time to serve.

anonymous said...

Better to have a target than be a target.

bogofree said...

One way to serve is on the various committee's that occasionally pop up and also on elected and appointed boards. The so called "lesser boards/committees" represent an excellent beginning point and learning tool. I'm surprised that more of the more vocal critics of the town are not involved in them.

If you don't get appointed the first time keep on trying.

Rocky said...

Im not Bogo. If the more vocal critics of the town got involved or stayed involved and didnt quit, then they couldn't be vocal critics of the town because they would be vocal critics of themselves.

That is the definition of, what was the word a forgotton soul once used, spineless.

Herring are in the Bay said...

I listened to the hearing it can be heard from

I'm not an expert but from what testimony I heard, people think the ramifications of this decision is all about gaming. as much as the anti people want it to be it has so much more far reaching effects on the tribes.

It sounded very positive to me from everyone that spoke. But CC knows more than those people so the antis shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Say enough and someone might belive you.

bogofree said...

Lousy little bony fish that one can’t eat without choking to death. IMO this is all in the hands of Congress and the courts. The whole mess will be ongoing for years unless the economy resuscitates itself and investors feel like tossing some money into casinos.

Herring are in the Bay said...

Stripers love those little fish, Just like candy to them.

Its just a sign the fish are almost here.

Herring are in the Bay said...

Opening statement..

The Committee is meeting today to conduct an oversight hearing on the recent Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar and its effects on Indian tribes.

In the decision, the Supreme Court held that the Indian Reorganization Act did not allow land to be placed into trust for a tribe that was not “now under Federal jurisdiction” referring to 1934, the date of enactment of the statute.

While there are those who want to portray this decision and its ramifications solely as a “gaming” issue, let me assure everyone that it is much more than that. Land is an essential component of sovereignty for any government, including tribal governments. Not only does a land base help promote cultural preservation which is essential for the survival of a group of people, but it also affects the ability of a government to provide for its citizens.

Native Americans already suffer from higher death rates due to various diseases, live in substandard housing, have lower rates of educational achievement, and experience an average poverty rate of 26 percent – with some tribes suffering from a poverty rate of over 50 percent. Placing land into trust for an Indian tribe is an essential component of combating the situations experienced by Indian tribes as a result of their treatment by the United States. Even beyond the legal responsibility, the Federal government has a moral responsibility to rectify this situation.

While all of the potential ramifications of this decision are not known at this time, there is one thing that

we are certain of: This decision may result in many frivolous lawsuits being filed to challenge the status of virtually every tribe.

This will require the Federal government and the American people to return to 1934 to determine what “now under Federal jurisdiction” means. The early 1930s was a time of racial segregation, with many people of color denied the right to vote, and adequate health care and education was only available to a few. This is not a time that I wish to return.

I look forward to hearing the testimony of the witnesses on whether or not the Court was correct in interpreting the legislative history of the I.R.A., and how the Administration has defined “now under Federal jurisdiction” since 1934.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


BB and I totally agree on one thing. That I am "numbskull" It is a term of endearment. That was what my father would say when I did kid like mistake.

Numbskull ... ahhh... Yes it is fun to laugh. I am a numbskull that likes to laugh.

BB will be recruited for the Fin Com. I have been making my rounds drumming up support. Everyone loves the idea. They all laugh and say "He would be perfect for the job!"

Yes I am numbskull that knows how to get out the vote in a humorous fashion.

The headline in the Gazette will read:

"Reluctant Candidate Written In -- A First in Middleborough's History" (Will that be the week of of BBs column?)

If he wins does that mean that Middleborough passed or failed his "IQ test for the town"?

Write him in

anonymous said...

Numbskull from third rate dips**t is an advancement.

Amazing how he is now doing the baskward two step to avoid any office. Under the microscope and decisions made that will be open to all and hindsight will no longer be an advantage.

Herring are in the Bay said...

House panel holds first hearing on land-into-trust ruling
Thursday, April 2, 2009
Filed Under: Law | Politics

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar could impact criminal jurisdiction, tribal governance and other matters beyond land-into-trust, Indian law experts said on Wednesday.

The decision restricted the land-into-trust process to tribes that were "under federal jurisdiction" when the Indian Reorganization Act was passed in 1934. Congress should amend the law to ensure all tribes, regardless of the date of recognition, can participate, two witnesses told the House Natural Resources Committee.

But a "fix" will clear up other doubts that have been raised since the February 24 ruling, the two experts said. "If allowed to stand, this decision will have profound effects in Indian Country," said Colette Routel, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School.

Post-1934 tribes that adopted constitutions or created businesses under that IRA are no longer protected by the law, Routel said. Their members won't receive the same services and benefits from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, she added.

"Tribal members will not be able to receive preference in employment with the BIA," Routel told the committee. "These are rights found directly in that statute."

Mike Anderson, a former BIA official, said the decision will halt the "renaissance" that the IRA spurred on reservations. Tribes that followed the land-into-trust process have been able to build schools, hospitals and other infrastructure, he noted.

"Carcieri threatens to undermine these successes with the creation of a new class of tribes that will not be eligible for land-into-trust," Anderson testified.

The decision opens the door for people who are charged with crimes in Indian Country to fight their prosecution in federal court, Anderson said. The definitions of "Indian" and "tribe" in the IRA are tied to 1934 as a result of the ruling.

"I think that is a distinct possibility," Anderson told the committee. "Clever criminal defense attorneys across the country could look at this decision and mount potential challenges."

Donald Craig Mitchell, an attorney from Alaska, was not supportive of a Congressional fix, citing concerns about the executive branch's handling of Indian affairs for the last 75 years. But even he agreed with Anderson that the decision poses litigation problems.

"If I was an attorney that had a attorney-client responsibility to someone that became entangled with one of those [post-1934] tribes," Mitchell testified, "you bet I would challenge the tribal status of that group."

"That is why this, as I said in my opening testimony, is a mess," Mitchell added.

Democrats on the committee were very receptive to a fix that would protect completed land-into-trust acquisitions for post-1934 tribes and ensure the processing of future applications. "Placing land into trust for an Indian tribe is an essential component of combating the situations experienced by Indian tribes as a result of their treatment by the United States," said Rep. Nick Rahall (D-West Virginia), the chairman.

"Even beyond the legal responsibility, the federal government has a moral responsibility to rectify this situation," Rahall said.

But Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Washington), the committee's top Republican who doesn't have a particularly strong tribal record, warned against a rush to action. He wants the committee to take a deep study of Congressional and Interior Department records to find out how the decision will affect tribes.

With Democrats in control of Congress, tribes are hopeful for swift action. When the Supreme Court in 1990 restricted tribal criminal jurisdiction in Duro v. Reina, Democrats acted that year to ensure tribes could prosecute all American Indians and Alaska Natives, a fix that was upheld in US v. Lara.

Sounds very positive for the tribes from my point of view. The Mashpee could lose so much more than a right to a resort.

What I find comical is someone pointing people to read CCs blog. Read and listen to the experts that have decades of knowledge working in this field. Look outside of Middleboro and see what this SCOTUS decision really means to the Native Americans.

This quote says it all.

"Even beyond the legal responsibility, the federal government has a moral responsibility to rectify this situation,"

Herring are in the Bay said...

Cedric Cromwell, chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council, called the court's ruling an "assault on tribal sovereignty" and said he is optimistic Congress will pass corrective legislation.

"We've been saying all along that a congressional fix is appropriate," he said. "We haven't stopped our land into trust application process and no one has told us not to continue with it."

Nedra Darling, a spokeswoman for the BIA, said yesterday that the agency continues to process the Wampanoag trust application. "We're still moving forward at this point," she said.

Herring are in the Bay said...

Just imagine..

LAKEVILLE — A historic gravestone stolen from the Lakeville town forest has been found, but it is not going back to its original spot. Police found the gravestone in a Lakeville home last week, and the cemetery commission has turned it over to the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe for safekeeping until a new location for it can be found in Lakeville.

They need to release the culprits name.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Rain expected for election day. Usually means poor turnout. Poor people who have to show up to hold signs.

I'll probably vote for Rullo, McKinnon, Haber, Martin, and the Ghost Hunter.

To do a write in I think you have to put in the person's full name and address. Don't have that info.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Noticed that Adam's been on a blogging binge, 3 in a row. Why?

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

I would never give the address. He has

This is a link to the land of the high IQ CPA. You will be ok to just write in his name though. (think he will take down the link now?)

Write him in

Write In Belanger FinCom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Write In Belanger FinCom said...

I just got five more votes

I was going to get campaign signs but no one pays attention to signs on the edge of the road right? Too easy to miss. Plus turkey flocks might trample them.

Instead there will be buttons with little no trespassing signs and the universal circle and line passing through (double negative)

Write him in

bogofree said...

Interesting article in the Herald about a fisherman stuck in court. His crime is violation of the endangered species act. A whale was stuck in his nets and his crew freed the victim in about 30 minutes. Problem was you are suppose to contact the Coast Guard who then notifies rescuers who have special permits and they do the job. The rescue by the fisherman and his crew was all observed by an on board observer from the federal fisheries.

WTC! If this deal is run like FEMA that freaking whale would be dead meat.

anonymous said...

I'm not going to waste my vote on someone who won't accept that seat on the FinCom. So I'm writing in someone who has expressed interest:

Donald L. Baldwin III (92 Thomas St.)

BTW, I was told a write in has to be done in exactly that format to be counted.

bogofree said...

"I shall not seek, and I will not accept the nomination of my party for another term as your President"


Ready to Fish said...

Did anyone listen to the radio today?

Mr Mckinnon called the people who negotiated the casino deal a name..

He seemed to forget the host was t one of them and had to appoligise to him. they moved on real quick.

Did you hear what he called him? and if so what was the word he used?

I have an idea but I don't want to be wrong and write it unless someone else heard it.

Family Guy said...

Looks like it will come down to the casino again. That happens Spataro and Rullo win.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

BB will do such a good job on the Fin Com. He really knows the value of money and how to wisely spend your 50 bucks.
Write him in. It's "a no brainer"

Ready to Fish said...

Spataro and Rullo should win on their experience levels alone.

Honestly what did the other two bring in terms of anything positive to the campaign?

Did they even attend the monday nights selectmans meeting to discuss the Trash Fee.

It would seem they don't care about anything but throwing mud at the people thier trying to work with.

I predict a landslide for Rullo and Spataro. They were the gentlemen in this whole campaign.

Ready to Fish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ready to Fish said...

Sorry for the deletion. I'm going to research that statement further and I'll let you know my findings.

LMAO said...

Get a load of Topix. Someone trying to explain away Clark. LMAO!

Ready to Fish said...

If what was heard on the radio today is correct. This will be the biggest blooper in CFO's history.

We shall see. I'm not trying to flame anything it was just wrong and needs to be brought to the publics attention.

I know 100% the "Sorry Adam" was said..

Its the word that was used describing Lawyers that needs to be researched more..

Rocky said...

Did Steve McKinnon make a derogatory jewish lawyer comment?

Ready to Fish said...

I just posted this on Adams site. No problem asking the host himself. no sense beating around the bush here.

I listened to the radio show today and I heard Mr Mckinnon say something about the negotiating lawyers. He then said "Im sorry Adam" you followed up with no problem and just moved on.

What did he call the lawyers? and why did he say he was sorry?

Ready to Fish said...

WOW! Rocky,

No flys on you. If I can get the copy of the show tomorro. I'll let you know exactly what was said.

LMAO said...

Be interesting to see what he said. Another anti with foot in mouth disease? If that's the case he must have JP as his campaign manager. Maybe he can write a letter about the vets?

Nothing but conjecture at this point.

Ready to Fish said...

Mr. Bond response is..

"He criticized the negotiators"

That's his right, free speach and all, I also heard Mr. Mckinnon apologize for it.

So I guess if its ok with Mr. Bond and Steve apologized there is no need to go any further with this.

anonymous said...

First off, the term is anti-SEMITIC. Secondly, referring to a persons religion/race/gender in order to generalise about that group is racist/anti-Semitic/misogynistic (choose the appropriate term for the situation.) You want to shoot your mouth off in public- you get to live with the consequences.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Yesterday, after hearing about this, I emailed Stephen McKinnon the following:

"Is it true that you used the term "Jew lawyers" on Adam Bond's radio show today?"

He emailed back that it was not true.

I haven't been campaigning for any of the candidates so I am put off by his adding to his email a comment asking whether this was the best I could come up with.

Ready to Fish said...

Nobody should be jumping to conclusions on what was said. I am trying to get a copy of the show today.

The "Moderator" on CSTBS said he "criticized" I retract the Adam said because I really don't know who the moderator is.

This should be all cleared up this morning. Until then hold off on the judgement calls.

MR Mckinnon said: "_____ Lawyers" and then said I'm sorry.

If the copy of the show can be had the blank will be filled in.

Hal Brown said...

As for Clark, apparently Clark County was what was meant all along, not Clark, CT. Whether whoever first wrote about the 100 "teaching English as a second language" (TESL or ESL) teachers knew it was in Nevada or not remains to be seen.

It seems that once bloggers started writing about CT they should have noted that they meant Clark County in Nevada.

The accepted abbreviation of county is CO, but some people use CT by mistake. Since CO also stands for Colorado it's probably best to spell out the word to avoid confusion.

Clark County, Nevada has the fifth largest school district in the United States. They hired 1,300 new teachers this year.

You can see that they do hire TESL teachers HERE. It wouldn't surprise me if they have 100 or more. They also hire teachers who are bilingual (Spanish).

anonymous said...

Instead of speculating, listen to the show for yourself:

Ready to Fish said...

I can't make out what it says its at 40:01- 40:04 without the replay factor you can see how esay the mistake could be made.

Sounds like "jewlis negotiators"

Followed by I'm sorry..

I don't know what the remark is.

Sorry MR. Mckinnon Thank You for that clip. BB

bogofree said...

I completely disagree, Hal, and that entire issue was explained in my earlier blogs. The person who persisted in the Clark, Ct. issue never addressed it as Clark NV. They had ample opportunity and did not do so. The later defense was they were talking about their friend "Clark" fron Ct. It was false information. Check the posts on my blogs. If this was a mistake it would have been corrected pronto and not defended for six weeks.

What someone is attempting to do is make a defense for something that there is no defense for.

Hal Brown said...

bogo, I didn't follow this. The clarification should have been made immediately by whoever started this Clark CT claim.

I've been listening to Adam's show and noted I was mentioned. I put my response on my Heckuva blog. It seems to me he selectively read what I wrote.


4/4/04 On his radio show Adam Bond said I accused him of being a political power broker because he has signs in his window. Suggesting someone is a political power broker is not an accusation. I think I explained why I consider him to be politically influential is explained below.

It has little if to do with the signs in his law office window.

anonymous said...

It wasn't "Jewlis lawyers". It was "You lawyers...". Stop trying to create an issue where none exists.

Rocky said...

Maybe Steve Mckinnon might not like jews? That's his choice. He can hate jews.

He can make fun of the jewlis lawyers that negotiated the contract.

I won't vote for him. He doesn't have to like me either.

bogofree said...


There were hundreds of post/comments regarding Clark on the nemasket site. Ample opportunity was given to explain that situation and many others as that was far from the only one. All on this bolg site and in storage. I had even emailed you to ask if you knew anything about this? Bottom line was several pieces of false information were posted and never corrected. Clark, NV? LMCAO!

No idea what this word controversey is and have no idea what was said.

anonymous said...

It's not OK to publicly express racial hatred Rocky. And it's not OK to accuse him of making a statement if he didn't make it. Makes all the difference in the world whether some of us would vote for him or not. Personally, I believe this "Fishy" guy is doing what he's best at.....causing dissension.

bogofree said...

In appears someone on Toxic is attempting to justify the Clark issue so I posted on Toxic. Here is a quote from Toxic:

"to loser bogo's blog. You need more than geography lessons you need a brain also. You shouldn't speak about yourself and our town"

I invited the poster to come here if they wish to debate the issue. The facts are here. The quotes are here.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


There are no political power brokers in town. Anyone who thinks they are one may suffer from megalomania. People in Middleboro can sniff things out pretty well without instruction.

38 more hours until BB is told he has been written in for Fin Com!

Write him in

Family Guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Family Guy said...

The pressure is ON! Bogo. I read the nonsense on Topix. What a riot! Probably Jessie.

Ready to Fish said...

You Decide Jew or You

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

You are way out of line. To my ears it is clearly GENIUSES.

Get away from that other damn stuff. You might be looking for controversy where there is none.

BTW no one listens to the show that I know. This was the third snippet I have heard via the web. No interest in the show either.

Rocky said...

Hey Anon Steve Mckinnon made a bad comment about jews and for a candidate to say that is wrong.

You can't tell people what to think. That is unamerican but I take offense to the jew comment.

I listened to it and he says, "Because of the jewlisses that put this agreement together" and then appologises to Bond.

Why would he appologize? Mckinnon used Jew as a derogatory adverb and should be ashamed.

bogofree said...

Seems like different interpretations on what was said. May listen to it but since it is Adam's radio show I'd probably fall asleep after a few minutes.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Mr. Bond claims that McKinnon said,
"You lawyers....." and he was sitting right next to him. The apology could have been for making a generalization about all lawyers. Unfortunately, the recording is too fuzzy for me to tell, so I choose to give McKinnon the benefit of the doubt. I also find it hard to believe that Mr. Bond would have accepted a simple "I'm sorry" if a blatant anti-semitic remark was made. JMO

Ready to Fish said...

CST Moderator said...
First, you are the only sick puppy to even raise the issue, and I can only guess which rock you may have come out from under. But to answer your ridiculous comment--and I note anonymous, synonymous with coward--Steve said "You" Lawyers.

But I suspect you already knew that and simply wanted to start an issue--or maybe just have a forum in which to use the phrase "Jew Lawyer."

Nice. Next time use a name, or I won't publish your comment. And I hope you share this with your "Friends."

OH! So very defensive..

OK We have..

"You lawyers"
"Critized the negtiators" (I like this one) LOL!

Clearly there is a Gaff. Its ok to accuse a man of blankets and carry on for weeks.

This man should be ashamed if he did say a racist comment.

Ready to Fish said...


Take the "Lisses" out of it.

I don't here "YOU Lawyers" at all do you?

How does someone get the word Lawyers?

Ready to Fish said...

Coffee Shop Talk Moderator says..
"Steve said "You" Lawyers"

Bozo horn going off AAAAAAAAAA!


You should listen to it again.

He never used the word Lawyers.

Ready to Fish said...

Hal wrote..
"Is it true that you used the term "Jew lawyers" on Adam Bond's radio show today?"

He emailed back that it was not true."

Steve says he never said it!! Well he said something and said I'm sorry.

Which is it Steve I didn't say it and said I'm sorry or you did say it and said I'm sorry?

Your voting public needs to know!!

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Did anyone listen to the live radio show? I would really like to hear from someone who did, because it's the difference between whether I vote for the guy or not. The tape is just too garbled for me to tell for sure.

Bogo, please listen to it and opine.

Ready to Fish said...

First it was "YOU LAWYERS" with a nasty comment.

Now CST is full panic spin mode..LMAO

CST says..
After going back and listening to the show from yesterday, this is the phrase that was used by Candidate McKinnon. Go back and listen, and by the way, there is no delay button in the studio.

OK! they read bogo's blog and said yea! "Geniuses" "Ge" does not in anyway sound like "Je"

AAAAAAAAAAAAA! That alarm is ringing... LMAO.

Ready to Fish said...


Just read this bullsh*t He said he said NOTHING..

CST is making up all kinds of excuses.

The clips are posted.

bogofree said...

I did a cut and paste and listened. Can't make out a thing even with the volume turned up on my Beltone.

The mod is the final word and that is AB. Dead issue. Just my take.

Ready to Fish said...


So far I have heard 3 excuses from the moderator.


Ready to Fish said...

Dog you said..
"Mr. Bond claims that McKinnon said,
"You lawyers....." and he was sitting right next to him. The apology could have been for making a generalization about all lawyers"

Now Mr. Bond is saying "Geniuses"

Introducing Mr Steve Mckinnon, Jewlisses, I'm sorry, Jewlisses,jewlisses,I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Jewlisses, Jewlisses, Introducing, Jewlisses, I'm sorry, Jewlisses,jewlisses,I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Jewlisses, Jewlisses, Introducing...

BB can you make me one of those clips?


Ready to Fish said...

Bellicose Bumpkin said...
McKinnon clearly said "geniuses",

LMAO! Most say they can't understand it but BB comes in and say's Steve "clearly said "geniuses"

BB ask Your best buddy why he said Clearly it was "YOU LAWYERS"?


Introducing Mr Steve Mckinnon, Jewlisses, I'm sorry, Jewlisses,jewlisses,I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Jewlisses, Jewlisses, Introducing, Jewlisses, I'm sorry, Jewlisses,jewlisses,I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Jewlisses, Jewlisses, Introducing...

Ready to Fish said...

I brought my mailman and a friend in and played that clip.

All I said is can you make out what the word is?

Slow now for all of you they both said the same thing J...E...W...L...I...S...s..

But Bumpkin clearly heard "GENIUSES" LMAO..

I'm waiting for the Mailman A Federal Employee. I'll let you know what he says..

Ready to Fish said...

Click here to follow along

If you would like to follow along with what we are talking about click the link and play the clips.

I am E-Mailing Newspaper reporters for there unbiased input. I'll let you know as the words come in.

Ready to Fish said...

"I brought my mailman and a friend in and played that clip"

Jeez! I just did the same thing in writing. I meant to say my friend came in and I was waiting for the mailman.

My mind was somewhere else while the words were being written.

We all make mistakes Mr Mckinnon even BB was going to call a Spppaa a S**** in a room full of Indians.

Its how you handle it after that counts. I see who the two or three are going to be when you make your slip ups.


anonymous said...

Go ahead, Einstein, call the press and make a complete azz of yourself. Bet when those emails come in those reporters can't run them through the shredder fast enough. Mighty Bus Man strikes again.....below the belt as usual. One day before our election and you just had to fabricate a false issue. Do us a favor and stay out of Middleboro politics.

Ready to Fish said...

Fabricate nothing. Asking a question! this is no lower than the bulls**t you have slung since September.

Say it one more time "CHEAP SEATS"

What do you thinks going to happen when he's elected and screws up on TV?

Accusing a man of accepting blankets because you can't beat him with experience so you fabricated lies and insinuations.

Don't ever say I fabricated anything he said "JEWLISSES" and you know it. So far everyone I've asked heard "JEWLISS" except a select few.

I am only repeating your own words from all of you...

anonymous said...

Guess that 'select few' includes your friend bogo. He couldn't make heads or tails of that audio anymore than anyone I know. It's gibberish. Non-consequential. A red herring.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ready to Fish said...

The clips tell the story..

I fabricated nothing. Put the spin on it all you want.

A real person with a backbone would of said, I said it and I'm sorry. Take the consequences for your actions and words.

No he has AB and BB try and fix it for him. Even CST screwed up and said it was "YOU LAWYERS" He didn't even say he made a mistake.

One thing about CFO people just wait long enough and your bound to screw up.

I can't help he picked two days before elections to say something totaly stupid..

BB would have clipped the clark out of them and thats all we would of heard all day.

Give me a break.

Ready to Fish said...

"You lawyers"
"Critized the negtiators" (I like this one) LOL!

So we are up to 5 words now. but there are some that can't make it out?

bogofree said...

WTC is a Jewlissis? Or is it Jewliss? Never heard that one before and I've heard them all.

Judas I can buy since I have a friend who says that all the time in various ways from an epitaph to frustration to a signal of glee. Lawyer Geniuses I can also buy since I have blogged and written letters to the editor on how comforting it was to see a stage full of lawyers in on this deal back in the day. If that was the case Steve quickly apologized since Adam was the host.

Sounds to me, Mike, that this one is way too far off base. Adam has made nothing of it. Non issue.

That was a nice full page political ad in the Gazette showing the BOS table and the cheap seats.

anonymous said...

The tape is poor quality and hard to decipher. I have met and spoken with Mr. McKinnon and don't believe he made an anti-semitic remark. This is all BS.

Hal Brown said...

Why didn't anyone else email Steve McKinnon like I did. As I posted above, he responded saying he didn't say "Jew lawyer".

He's emailed me a second time and while I don't have permission to quote him, I will say I am satisfied he didn't say anything unacceptable.

Then the recording was made available and I listened several times and guessed it sounded like Judases, and emailed to ask if that was the word. He hasn't answered yet but I expect he'll either answer directly or on the blogs.

Now that I play it again it does sound like geniuses, which like Judases makes sense in context.

As for this being a manufactured issue, as Adam Bond says it is, I don't ascribe any motivations to those who couldn't make out the word.

It wasn't even a rumor. It was a concern, and an asked and now answered question.

In addition to Adam putting what he heard the word to be on the show's blog, which I think is appropriate, I think Steve should also confirm what it is he said.

There's enough bad blood between the Friends and the group which I suppose could be dubbed the Friends of Adam, i.e., those who are Coffee Shop Talk regular guests or callers.

This knife cuts both ways. The Friends of Adam were quick to cry foul about the coffee cups and the delay in getting their explanation.

Honest and timely explanations of such things should be forthcoming no matter who has the concern and question.

Ready to Fish said...

"One day before our election and you just had to fabricate a false issue. Do us a favor and stay out of Middleboro politics"

Thats what you want in Middleboro people that think like you. You can't stand another point of view.

I have relatives in Middleboro, I do business with Middleboro, I plan to open a future business in Middleboro and most of I have friends in Middleboro.

You anonymous don't have any right to tell me what to do or not to do.

What some have done since September is a total disgrace and Thats ok with you.

I brought an issue to your attention just like you brought cheap seats to my attention.

Ready to Fish said...

I just listened to it for the 100th time.

My kid is running around saying daddy "JEWLISS" is skipping Iv'e played it so much.

Here is a 6 year old saying what he heard.

OK! Just remember. People who listened to the radio yesterday didn't have the option to replay.

I'm happy to have been able to bring it to light instead of people sitting at home thinking the same thing I thought.

Thanks for your time.

Ready to Fish said...

Gaff You decide

I have added a slowwwww clip.

I'll leave it up to you.

bogofree said...

Thanks for the clear signal, Mike. IMHO all that Steve said was Geniuses. In the context of the sentence that would make perfect sense. "Geniuses that put this together." Steve had a "G" sound that made an "J' sound so maybe I can get him some speech therapy? Heck….I have to say Social Security real slow or it comes out crap so maybe we can get a group rate. If he was going to make a verbal bomb he would have said “Jews” and nothing added to it - liss or otherwise. Non issue.

Ready to Fish said...

Please go back to I posted a log how this all started.

Again all I did was ask a couple polite question and got a nasty answer.

within a 3-4 second time frame on the radio it was very hard to distinguish what was said so I asked. I was only trying to clear the air Mckinnon and Bond should be thanking me.

Instead I'm a sick Puppy.

Hopefully the 65 Thousand people who listen to his show didn't hear what I heard.

Ready to Fish said...

CST Moderator said...
"First, you are the only sick puppy to even raise the issue, and I can only guess which rock you may have come out from under. But to answer your ridiculous comment--and I note anonymous, synonymous with coward--Steve said "You" Lawyers."

Now I have everyone saying it was "geniuses" and I agree with that.

But CST moderator said it was "You Lawyers" that was said.

Which we can all agree was never said. Why did moderator say that? made Mr Mckinnon look real bad and caused a bunch of useless non-sense.

Hal Brown said...

I put more of my thoughts on Heckuva.blogspot, along with a third generation recording which is even more hard to make out.

Ready to Fish said...

Hal you say..

"Then I read Adam's own explanation that he listened and heard the word as geniuses"

CST moderator said..
"it was "You Lawyers" that was said"

OK So CST moderator is the problem here. Why did he say "You Lawyers" was said.

This all stinks of burnt coffee.

I know one thing Steve did say "I'm sorry Adam" 100% for the remark.

anonymous said...

This is just a pile of nonsense. I heard the sound bit Limo posted and all McKinnon did was pronounce a J sound. Mayor "Mumbles" Mineno screws up twenty times a speech.

Ready to Fish said...


You are quite right. Except for one thing.

Coffee shop talk I quote said it was "You Lawyers"

Mckinnon never said Lawyers Why did Coffee shop say it??

On another note it was brought to my attention Mr Mckinnon might have a speach problem and thats why it sounded like it did.

With how fast it went and the the "SORRY" I was just trying to clear something up.

Instead of a thank you for bringing it to his attention I got called a "sick puppy" See if I ever try and help him again.

Just think if us few heard all differnet words what did the 65 Thousand other listeners hear?

I think Mckinnon and Bond should clear it all up next week.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


BB will win the write in slot for Fin Com.

How do I know this? -- The people he supports always seem to lose.

Write him in tomorrow.

drive-by said...

Well, it seems I arrived home from NYC having thankfully missed a day of preconceptions, misconceptions, and mutual bad blood. The 'Friends' and 'FOA' seem to have become Middleboro's version of the Hatfields and McCoys. Not sure who comprises either group. Much ado about nothing IMO.

Haven't been to Manhattan for about 10 years, so it seemed strange without the twin towers. But I was surprised at how far less endangered I felt riding in a cab and how much some of the neighborhoods have been cleaned up. It was actually more pleasant than an excursion through Boston.

Next month: DC and Virginia Beach. Booked some cheap flights using bogo's tips from an early travel blog. Nice perks on the hotels and car rentals.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

I wish I was in town to hold
signs at the voting precints.

I did call a very powerful voting block today. THE BLANKS. The BLANKS really put on a good showing in the selectmans race last time. It was a silent campaign too!

anonymous said...

Blanks almost beat MR. Another few days of MR and blanks would have edged her out.

anonymous said...

After listening to Adam Bonds weekly radio presentation and reading these post's it is clear that Adam has some "issues" with Ready to Fish.Instead of attacking him he should have acted more mature instead of name calling. He (Ready to fish)was only commenting on what was said on his program and I guess the truth hurts. Mr McKinnon did say "Jewish lawyers" when he most likely meant to say "geniuse".I am sure that in the back of his mind he was most likely thinking Jewish lawyers. Freudian slip??? I'm sure it was. People don't apologize for saying "you lawyers" or even "genius lawyers", but they would absolutely apologize for using an anti-semitic comment esp. with the election soooo close!!

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Anon 8:59
If McKinnon had indeed said "Jewish Lawyers" Hal would have been all over him. I don't know how you can be so sure of what you heard when to most of us the recording sounded garbled.
I agree with bogo---this is a pseudo issue.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


He telling people to vote for just one School Committee person for the two slots available. Can't bring himself to support someone who has been there in the past.

In the reality he is just voting a no casino line. Sad. There is so much more to this town. I am sick of people making everything about the casino.

Write him in

Hal Brown said...

I don't know who Donald L. Baldwin III (92 Thomas St.) is, but I do of course know Mark Belanger (29 Moulton St.)

I would certainly be interesting to have him on the FinCom.

I don't think he's saying to vote for only Roger Haber for the school committee, that just is the candidate he recommends of the three. Haber is the only candidate of all of them that I have publicly supported.

This came after I had a 90 minute breakfast meeting with him. Since I asked him a question about whether being an evangelical pastor on candidate's night I believed it was important to meet him and then make my support public.

Hal Brown said...

Excuse the typo in the second paragraph above. The word should be "it", I am always interesting.

Dog, my dear friend in hunting the elusive bounty, I did have a special interest in finding out whether Steve McKinnon made an anti-Semitic slur. That's why I contacted him directly.

As I posted on my heckuva blogspot the lessons to be learned from this are not to jump to conclusions and to clear things like this up with the truth as soon as possible.

Copy, paste, lecture alert

I also wrote a bit about how our preconceptions about people can lead us to certain interpretations of ambiguous data.

Much of the publicized research about this has been about racial stereotyping. For example:

Activated stereotypes can serve as a bias for making judgments or guiding action toward a group.

This was demonstrated by Payne's (2001) research, showing that guns are identified faster when primed with a Black face than when primed with a White face. Also, Correll et al.'s (2002) study demonstrated that people “pulled the trigger” more quickly if the person was Black.

less capacity, more stereotyping

When people are under time pressure, when the information is too complex to process adequately, and almost everything that diminishes an individual's cognitive capacity, increases the effect of stereotypes on judgments. This is supported by research on stereotyping.

more emotion, more stereotyping

Strong emotions increase stereotyping by disrupting careful processing and short-circuiting attention.

Fear, anxiety, and sadness influence our perceptions of individual group members.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Write In Belanger FinCom said...


He owns a horse?

Don't worry about the street -- it is hard to write that small.

He can learn and nag the selectmen from the Finance Committee.

Write him in.

bogofree said...

Just got back and the name does fit in the write-in section.

Article in Saturday Enterprise regarding PTWS and just from that I'd say goodbye. Out source it.

Isn't this issue over what was said dead yet?

Hal Brown said...

Am I nuts or is there something wrong with this quote?

“We’re the only IT department in the state that brings in revenue,” Brunelle said, referring to $298,000 that is billed to other town departments for indirect costs."

Enterprise article here

Family Guy said...

Bogo. Looks like you have a Topix fan club. LMAO! Explanation? WTC! I see you had posted and invited this one over here. Think they'll show?

"why you joined in bogo. Who's the fool? You of all people know that you and your 6 fans who comment on your blog are fools beating a dead horse like Clark. You of all people know that an explaination for it was made after you and your minions went ballistic. You won't let it die because it somehow gives you pleasure to ridiculing people to no end. It's your blog, take ownership to it. Now you let your fans make false accusations of a selectman candidate. Maybe we should start a blog called Rick McNair - Confirmed hypocrite and other crap."

Hal Brown said...

Will everyone who's a fan of Rick go outside in 30 seconds and yell "I love Rick McBogo" as loud as they can.

Tick, tick, tick, tick....

Well, I didn't hear anything and I didn't shout.

Nasty truth be told is that the posters here are fans of each other if any characterization can be drawn.

While the blog as about ten regular posters there are uncounted lurkers and some of the comments are shared by email. It happens to be one of a few local blogs that people who want to keep up on Middleboro controversies have to read.

bogofree said...

FG....I saw that this morning and I responded yesterday. As I stated with the proverb: "Never argue with a fool" and that poster certainly represents that. Nothing like an attempt at revisionist history. The explanation is quite clear on this blog and I look forward to “fool” educating me. I’d also suggest that the “fool” can post here. If you wish to debate the issue with me be my guest. Maybe I will even dismiss your new name - Fool. Confirmed hypocrite? Nice blog title. Could be used on you? Naw…that one is “Confirmed Fool.”

As far as I could see the six of us were rather open in the recent issue of what Steve had said. Why I even posted my opinion on the AB and BB blog. Tell me EXACTLY where I attempted to submarine Steve.? My fans? No…those are posters who are posting on an open blog and can post positive or negative on issues that are brought up and they do not curry favor with me nor I with them. In that context the issue was debated and maybe “Fool” will point out exactly where all these “fans” made false accusations? As I said - non issue - just like you - a non issue.

anonymous said...

I'm surprised it took Jessie this long to publicly react to this blog. The title and contents have to piss her off. Poor ole gal never figured out that she's easy to spot because she repeatedly uses certain key words (like minions and clearly) that have become her signature in anonymity.

Not surprised that she's mad because Jessie's counting on McKinnon to take down Spataro. Expect a complete hissy fit if he loses.

anonymous said...

Limo tried to throw a wrench in the works with a last minute attempt to cause some doubt. The real reason is Limo still clings to his pro casino crap no matter what. AB is now a turncoat and a few pro's stand a very good chance of losing - finally. I voted McKinnon and Stevens. Wayne? Give me a break!

Bogo. That was MR posting on Toxic and you know it. Took her a year to discover a cover that might fly. Too late as you have the history. Clark, Nevada. LMCAO!

I followed this whole show on Nemasket and she was nailed. I like her DOR diggings, her PTWS, her quarterly tax bills and her bringing attention to countless other issues that can and should be addressed. But, MR, here is what I don't like. Error after error not corrected when brought to your attention. That tells me about character. BB's flimsy support tells be about his character. As Bogo would say I may agree with the message but to the messenger.

Ready to Fish said...

"Limo tried to throw a wrench in the works with a last minute attempt to cause some doubt"

I asked a simple polite question and was called a "sick puppy" This was all between CST and I. Until he said use your name or I won't post on this blog.

So it moved on to this blog. Sorry Bogo for bring your site into this.

As a weekly faithful listener to that show. I can't ask a question without being attacked? Why all the defensivness from CST? Why all the word and phrase changes? Why the name calling? Why is only one phrase out of that whole clip distorted? Why did CST say it was "YOU LAWYERS" the word Lawyers was not even mentioned or was it? CST made the controversie He threw the doubt in it? Not I.

I just asked a simple polite question from the host of the show.

Won't happen again though.

anonymous said...

Not me! I wasn't doing nuthin'! Why's everbody always pickin' on me? LMCAO

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


"Despite all the complaining I do, my issue is mostly with the BOS. The (sic) are divisive, ineffective, and insular"

That may be true but it seems like the pot calling the kettle black.

He is corrrect, he complains all the time. Ineffective -- CPA and trespassing. And insular? LMCAO. It is easier to complain than to participate.

Write him in

anonymous said...

From Comcast.

"If you are having trouble logging into email, please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience."

eighteen hours and counting.

Ready to Fish said...

anonymous, Are you the same one that wrote this yesterday?

"anonymous said...
It wasn't "Jewlis lawyers". It was "You lawyers...". Stop trying to create an issue where none exists."

Where did you get the phrase "You Lawyers" from?

bogofree said...

I just read that the FinCom will meet Monday night with an outside agency to discuss outsourcing the IT department.

Now someone on this site has started a write-in campaign for BB to be on the FinCom. BB did offer the town a web site - FREE! He knows IT! Hey, even when I was on nemasket they were hammering away (rightfully so) at the PTWS. This is just a golden opportunity. New memebers for Monday. One an actual expert in the area.

Hal Brown said...

I put a few polling place pictures on Heckuva Blogspot

I was interested to hear that Judy Gibbs. Middleboro's very own member of CERA, attended their annual conference in Washington this week.

Ready to Fish said...

Smoking Owl says..
"This "Bus Driver" person should be careful he or she is not opening themselves up for a law suit. I have a feeling this person is still fighting a casino battle"

Ok! So I just repeat what was said on a radio show. ask a few questions to clarify it, get attacked by being called a "sick Puppy"

OK! What ever.

Hal Brown said...

I don't see any way anyone who asked what was said opened themselves to a lawsuit.

But then again it seems that since this entire casino controversy has started there have been a lot of threats of lawsuits and to my knowledge not a single legal action has been filed.

This is from Flaming Like A Pro: The Twelve Commandments of Flaming

4. Conspiracies abound: If everyone's against you, the reason can't *possibly* be that you're a shithead. There's obviously a conspiracy against you, and you will be doing the entire net a favor by exposing it.

5. Lawsuit threats: This is the reverse of Rule #4 (sort of like the Yin and Yang of Flaming). Threatening a lawsuit is always considered to be in good form. "By saying that I've posted to the wrong group, Bertha has libeled me, slandered me, and sodomized me. See you in court, Bertha."

bogofree said...

Did VV (AKA- IA) invent rule #5?

chica said...

We have both voted and our ballots are a bit different as I would not vote for Spataro after that comment nor would I vote for Wayne Perkins.

The controversy that happened the last few days is a tempest in a teapot and I pay no attention to it. I reviewed the sound bite and it had proof of nothing. Was it just a fabricated event on the eve of an election? I will hold that opinion to myself.

Ready to Fish said...

As the reports come in it seems its going to be huge vote over in Middleboro.

Well over 2000 people. Good job geting the word out.

Ready to Fish said...

"I would not vote for Spataro after that comment"

So Chica does the false alegations of recieving blankets towards Mr Spataro mean anything?

Can an Honest man show emotion when being accused of wrong doing.

Not one person went up and said they were sorry for that blanket remark.

You might not like him but don't destroy the man with false alegations.

Ready to Fish said...

PS Chica,

After re-reading what I wrote to you. Please I am not saying you personally made any alegations.

I hate writing on the internet.

I'm sorry if it came across like that.

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

For someone that hates writing on the internet you sure do an awful lot.

Ready to Fish said...

LMAO I say I'm sorry a lot also..

When I'm wrong.

anonymous said...

LMAO should be LMCAO!

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

Ok time for some polling

Who wrote in Belanger? (forget about the other candidates. It is too controversial)

anonymous said...

One vote.

Hal Brown said...

Meanwhile as we wait to find out who will be ruling the town, over at Jessie's blog the ever alert bogo tells me that I'm under fire from "anonymous". Me, the one who according to Jessie's poster doesn't " bother to attend town meetings unless he's taking pictures and sticking his camera in someone's face."

Where have I read that before?

This time it's because of a non-anonymous (tisk, tisk) comment I put on the Enterprise article:

Could The Enterprise follow-up on how other similar town's IT departments compare to Middleboro's. According to our IT director it seems as if ours would cost the taxpayer only about $18,000 for 2010.

I don't follow this reasoning since he seems to be deducting the $298,000 billed to other town departments from his own proposed 2010 budget of $316,000.

Whoever wrote this seems to think I am a moron:

Typical Hal Brown posted on the article that he doesn't get where the billing comes from.

Of course I fully understand that the taxpayers foot the bill for the IT services no matter what it looks like on paper.

Meanwhile, I have the 10x telephoto on my Nikon, so I'll be staying well out of "in your face" range from now on.

anonymous said...

Heard the voting numbers were around 1500, which will probably work well for the incumbants. My picks were:

Greg Stevens
Haber and Greg Thomas
No write ins, don't want a reluctant FinCom member

But I expect Rullo to win over Stevens.

As for "Power Brokers", I really doubt that AB or JP had much of an effect on how folks voted.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Also seemed like a low turnout to me. But I did spot Hal as I was turning into my polling place. Easily recognizable from pics on the net.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

McKinnon beats Spataro in close race.

Hal Brown said...

Here are the numbers.

Ready to Fish said...

dtapb1 wrote:
"This had nothing to do with the casino. This had all to do with local town politics. Let the proponents and opponents argue otherwise. The facts are irrefutable: we're exporting $1 billion a year to the CT casinos and RI slot parlors and the anti-casino yokels want to dictate how we live our lives. Next Friday morning, my mother, aunt and her neighbor will all get in her car, and three 65-year-old North Andover residents will drive to Foxwoods. On Friday night, gamble a little, eat at one of its steakhouses, and overnight in one of its hotels. On Saturday morning, they'll have a buffet breakfast, and then play high-stakes bingo throughout the afternoon. Then they'll have dinner at one of the restaurants, gamble a little, and overnight again at the hotel. On Sunday morning, they'll get up, gamble a little, have a buffet breakfast, gamble a little more, and then mid-day, check out of the hotel and drive home to Andover. They'll have had a wonderful time. And the "we'll tell you how to live your life crowd" that's personified by the Harshbargers, Tuckers, Casino Facts, and other common scolds of the Commonwealth, will have done their part to encourage three little old ladies from the Merrimack Valley to spend their time and money creating tax revenues, jobs and tourism growth in southeastern Connecticut. Nice job, folks!"

This was a good quote I read.

Congradulations to all the winners in yesterdays election. As I read the comments on the blogs this morning the hate will continue.

CST: send steve a letter with an "F"

BB: Hows the view from the cheap seats.

MR won the election for Mckinnon by sitting on the side lines those 200 votes she would of got put Mckinnon over the top.

Now that the election is over I can voice my opinion Mckinnon ran a dirty Campaign, With the help of his coherts they accused a man of wrong doing and harassed Spataro until he had an outburst and then used that against him.

Friends of Spataro are nice people they sit on the sidelines and hold the bar high. They do not want to participate in mud throwing. They are above all that. Even if it cost them an election.

Yes you won Mr Mckinnon, by 50 votes. I wouldn't be proud because you didn't beat him with your experience. Spataro was beat with dirty politics and because his friends are above all the non-sense that gets generated from the anti blogs.

Solomini you can say your sorry now to Spataro for what you did... Steve I wouldn't hold your breath waiting though.

Hal Brown said...

Post election Heckuva here

Write In Belanger FinCom said...


You really got me to laugh with
"Belanger over Baldwin by 22,231 votes"

Keep up the positive humor and I might run out of material and get bored.

Remember....they are counting all those ballots today LMCAO

Write In Belanger FinCom said...

I don't care of Gladys' opinion of Middleboro governement and I don tcare about Read to Fish either.

Rullo and McKinnon won the election. They both deserve to be selectmen now.

Congrats to th others as well

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I agree "Write In". Voters in Middleboro can handle their own destiny without outside influence.

Congratulations to McKinnon and Rullo. And our appreciation to Spataro for his willingness to serve us through several years.

Ready to Fish said...

No problem with my opinion. I give Jessie all the credit for getting Steve Mckinnon elected.

She made the right decision, She wanted a voice on the board and by not running it worked in her favor.

Mr Mckinnon will be the voice of the people.

Serious Congrats to all.

anonymous said...

Ready to Fish-

If you had read all the exchanges between Steve McKinnon and Middleboro Review you would realize that they actually agree on little. He's a political and fiscal conservative while MR is a total moonbat. She certainly doesn't have him in her back pocket, and I guarantee he will eventually be the recipient of her criticisms. Oil and water on most issues.

I'm glad to see some fresh blood on the BOS, and suspect more new candidates will step forward next year to fill the permanent seat left open by Mr. Bond.

Hal Brown said...

Jessie Powell's Middleboro review is after me again.

I respond to the latest on

This makes me want to get one of those $4,000 cameras like Peter Skro has.