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The casinos that I paid a visit to in Oklahoma were rather small and certainly did not have the extensive amenities one would associate with what a potential gin mill in Middleboro would have. Both casinos were in the Lawton area and were Indian gaming - Camanche and Apache - and have had little economic or social impact on the area. I would attribute that to their size and the fact that this is the location of Ft. Sill and has a transient population. I spoke to a few employees and they felt pay was what you would get for similar service jobs in the area. Neither would be a good comparison for Middleboro.

I would see in Oklahoma these "farms" with folks living in trailers and a few oil wells pumping away in the front yard. Why? The key is mineral rights. The land is sold but you can retain the mineral rights forever as it will just pass on from title to title. I spoke with one person who said his 87 year old mother still receives a check of about a $1,000 a month from a property she sold 50 years ago. Not unusual for rights to go back over 100 years and been some nasty court fights over wills that have not specified mineral rights. Much of the reason is that new pumping being within the last 50 years - have made wells considered dry or unprofitable just the opposite. No problem with that here unless MB has the mineral rights to Indian Rock.

Disappointing and frustrating to see what the army managed to do with our son - disappointing and frustrating in the fact they did in 72 days what we could not do in 21 years. Then...maybe we just created a nice foundation and they built upon it. he graduation ceremony was different from any you will see as another son attended. He will retire from the army in a few months after 24 years and the usual resume of a career soldier - Korea (twice), Panama, Iraq, Gulf War I, Germany (twice) and a few other places. He pointed out that unlike high school or college some of the 240 from this graduating class will be dead in a year or so. For many new soldiers this represented an escape from a bad economy, a bad life and a poor education. Those 72 days are as expensive as four years at an Ivy League school.

The economy is now on a faster track for self destruction with extensive federal debt added by President WOW and the fact that bad paper is still a nightmare. My personal suggestion is to have zero capital gains on anyone with an income under 100K. Need some extensive changes to tax code to address the huge losses in retirement funds. Doubt that will be done since too many of those folks have played within the rules.

On a connecting flight to Dallas earlier this week I had to go into LGA to make the connect. Flight arrived late and the poorly designed system forced you to go through security a second time. I mentioned to three TSA agents that my flight had started boarding fifteen minutes ago but got nowhere. Would not let me go through on a priority. Great customer service. End result is we missed our flight and a complaint to supervisors got nowhere. What TSA represents is the governments answer to a mall cop. The lack any comprehension of common sense, service and common civility. IMO they could not catch an elephant in a telephone booth. I have witnessed enough over the years to make me feel this is tossing money away.

Returning home in a few days and it has appeared not much has happened.

Post away.


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anonymous said...
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anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

Delete We hardly knew ye.

Verification word is dying. Must think this is the BB blog or

bogofree said...

Here is a repost of Brian's very important post. This story is actually big news in Texas. Should be a warning to every other state as it is nothing more than revenue and has nothing to do with conservation or alternative energy.

Here is a link to a letter I have about the proposed gas tax.

Not looking for flames just for your information.

Hal Brown said...

There's a noteworthy article in The Brockton Enterprise about Adam Bond.

He relates a story I hadn't heard before about his traumatic experience on 911 in New York City and how the impact of it seems to have led to his moving here.

However, what I wonder about in the article is this quote:

Bond says he’s had “one or two” meetings with Marshall since the scandal erupted.

Considering he's demanding transparency from others who have had contacts with the tribe or the investors, it seems to me to be fair to ask if it was one or two meetings, how they came about, where they were held, and most importantly just what he and Glenn Marshall talked about since the scandal began.

Let's have the standards of full disclosure apply to everyone.

Suo Mynona said...


Good going on taking a stance. Your first sentence is too long and the letter should be shortened by 1/3rd or more. Make your statement, make it readable (short and to the point)

I am also concerned about Massachusetts adopting a GPS enabled pay per mile you drive tax. Very Orwellian.

Suo Mynona said...

Regarding the article Hal cited. I am staying away from the casino issue.

But something else needs to be clarified. Bond did not support Belanger's CPA Ballot. Adam stated he could support it at 1 percent. The ballot question called for 2 percent. Therfor not one selectman (at this time) supported Belanger's CPA Ballot movement.

Hal Brown said...

Harsh answer to the TSA problem, in fact all aline security, is the hardened doors to the cockpit, and at least one armed member of the cockpit crew. On the ground you have bomb sniffing dogs and explosive detecting machines instead of the agents.

The intent is to keep someone from blowing up the plane, period. This keeps the plane in the air no matter what happens in the passenger section with someone who brings a weapon on board.

Under no circumstances does anybody who isn't supposed to be there get in the cockpit.

You could toughen this up and say that for no reason is the door ever opened once the plane leaves the gate even for a member of the crew to go in or out.

They could also allow police officers and other law enforcement, active or retired, to carry concealed pistols when they flew.

The Internet Avenger said...

Hal seems to have forgotten that Mr. Bond is no longer a public official and can meet with anyone he wants, any time he wants without any requirement that he disclose anything to any local busy bodies.

Frankly, I'd like to see Mr. Bond representing the tribe!

Family Guy said...

Was AB still a member of the BOS when he met? If so, he needs to disclose in what context he met Marshall. Has he ever explained that picture with Graham?

AB in my opinion deserves no public office. Up and quit? I voted for him and never again.

North Slope Rigger said...

Gas tax idea must be buried. People are hurting and I see it all the time. Union work is shot and stimulus or not I don't see it getting better. Yet the answer of government is to take more.

Bogo. If I was TSA I would have shot you just based on the crap you post against the Pats. But, seriously, I have seen too much garbage from the agents when people are in a panic over missing a connection. Some airports have agents from the airlines to help get priority. Sounds like you just ran into a group of S**theads.

Suo Mynona said...

You need to use the correct protocol here. It is third rate d*psh*ts.

bogofree said...

Rigger certainly has earned that title...let Hal give him the honors - a sack of manure or a BB column as a reward.

Downtown Dallas has all the architectural aesthetics of a six year old playing with Lego's. I have also never seen a highway system so confusing. I suspect the planners took a map of the area about thirty years ago and tossed a handful of spaghetti on it to determine the highway system.

Early morning direct flight back home unless I'm on the no fly list.

Hal Brown said...

The Internet Avenger said...
Hal seems to have forgotten that Mr. Bond is no longer a public official and can meet with anyone he wants, any time he wants without any requirement that he disclose anything to any local busy bodies.

FEBRUARY 22, 2009 6:20 PM
Family Guy said...
Was AB still a member of the BOS when he met? If so, he needs to disclose in what context he met Marshall. Has he ever explained that picture with Graham?

I would ask the same two questions as Family Guy. The article did not indicate when Bond met with Marshall. Anyone who met with him would certainly remember whether it was once or twice. If it was while still a selectman that is quite significant.

If it was after it is nobody's business, although it certainly will raise curiosity as to why, unless he was trying to pump him for information about his plea bargain.

I'd also note that three people I know saw the picture of Bond and Graham obviously socializing and have described it in detail to me.

As the primary defender of Adam Bond on the blgos since Vegas Val is no longer posting on them, I would also ask again of Internet Avenger whether he/she or they are:

* personal friends with either of the Bonds?
* write posts at the behest of either of them
* get feedback from them about their posts
* ever posted as Vegas Val or know who did well
* are you a Middleboro resident and if not why are you posting

less important

* what makes any local resident a busy body and not a concerned citizen like, presumably, you and Mr. Bond?

bogofree said...

This whole issue cries out for disclosure and what has already been posted only confirms that.

For the FOA questioning appears to be viewed as a personal attack and all that does IMO is complicate the entire affair. I will say again how disappointed I am in his exit from the BOS. I entered into an agreement for Adam Bond to represent me and that agreement - my vote - has been violated by his exit. That alone would make me quite hesitant to lend any support knowing that he could pull the same exit strategy at any time.

mildly said...

Hal. You really ought to consider taking Suo's advice, a very sensible poster BTW, and realize that most people just don't want to live this BOS drama 24/7.

You've asked IA the same questions at least twice. Why don't you just take them to the source and ask Adam yourself? You obviously know where to find him.

I used to enjoy the give and take on many different topics on this board. As you may or may not have noticed, some of the regular posters are drifting away because you're taking all the fun out of it.

Rocky said...

Bogo and Hal have a good point. If Bond was meeting with Marshall a couple of times. Why didn't he tell people about it? What was he hiding? Some kinda coup d’├ętat?

Bond quitting may make it legal for him to hide his dealings with Marshall but makes people wonder if the real reason he quit was to hide?

Hal Brown said...

Bogo's forum covers everything from baseball to brickbats. If someone doesn't want to read posts about certain topics they can ignore them.

I see no reason why anyone would presume to tell another member of the Bogo community not to post on a subject they are interested in and believe is important.

I have no interest in the CPA but it would never cross my mind to suggest someone not post about it.

Personally I find it a bit on the rude side to tell another poster basically to shut up.

The simple fact of the matter is that Internet Avenger is the main defender (and you could say attacker) in the FOA camp on the blogs.

There are those who are interested in getting some answers from IA who seems to know a great deal about this. I choose not to communicate with Mr. Bond in private where anything said is open to disputed claims.

Former public officials at any level of government always have everything they did while in office open to scrutiny. This comes with the job.

mildly said...

I never told you to shut up. I said you were boring, fixated, and redundant.

Go ahead ask your questions ad infinitum. Just don't hold your breath waiting for answers. You obviously have just as much of a personal agenda in defending your friends as IA has in defending hers. Right now all we're being fed is your opinion and her opinion. The "truth" remains elusive and blurred. You think there's going to be indictments locally? The Feds aren't interested in the yellow perch. They're after the sharks. And they don't swim in little ponds.

All my love, Rude, Crude, and Lewd. LMAO

Hal Brown said...

mildly, saying that some of the regular posters are drifting away because I'm taking all the fun out of it is, like a said, basically like telling me to shut up. That should be obvious to anyone who cares about your sniping.

Incidentally, how DO you know IA is a she, and even one person, not two or more? Gender bending is as common on blogs as it is elsewhere.

How do you know who my friends are?

Why do you mention who the feds are interested in investigation? Who knows, maybe they are, but did I write something about that?

Anyway, I think you know that catching little perch often leads to landing big sharks.

P.S. I merely wrote you were being a bit on the rude side and never said anything about being crude or lewd. I'd have to know who you were to determine if you did have a side to you that might be described objectively as crude or lewd... not that there's anything wrong with that in the appropriate setting.

mildly said...

Hal. To specifically answer your questions:

1. IA writes in a style duplicating VV. "She" may indeed be influenced and endorsed by AB but her flowery (though somewhat wilted and tinged with cyanide) prose is unmistakenly and consistently feminine. Unmistakenly puma-like in the way she she leads percieved predators away from those she's trying to protect. Peronally, I see her as wounded and attacks on behalf of a son/husband. Someone who can love as deeply as she hates. A person's writing style is much like a finger print. Interesting character study.

2.Your friends? You have already stated that Helen is a personal friend of yours and your protecting her in the way I would expect a friend to.

3. Everybody is interested to some degree where the federal investigation is going, and there is much speculation about who will get caught in the net. BTW, yellow perch only swim in fresh water.

4. BTW, my throw away e-mail is If you and I are able to establish some common ground and a civil relationship, I will reveal my identity to you, in strict confidence of course. Your call. I will tell you that I work long hours and will answer as expeditiously as possible.

5. As for being rude, crude, and words not yours. I recognize that like most people, I have a dark side.

Hal Brown said...


Thanks for the specific answers.

In response:

1) I read the same feminine tone in many of those posts but also wouldn't rule our a male who has the talent to put himself into women's shoes and express himself in a way that convincingly comes across as female.

2) Helen is my friend and has born the brunt of some cruel online attacks. I'm glad you understand my defending her.

3) I am interested but didn't recall writing about it. As for perch and sharks, I was referring to the rather dangerous bull shark and other sharks which can swim in fresh water.

4) I just sent you an email.

5) I was just intrigued by the crude and lewd, which frankly I appreciate and don't see that as a dark side when expressed with humor, as opposed to rude.

anonymous said...

Ok! Now I would usally come in an fire back at BB. Not this time. I want to sit back and watch FOA get it shoved right up there aZZes!

Then we can all say. Repeat after me..


Suo Mynona said...

I saw that website. Who knows if it is even "reel" wamp.

But that is blogging today. If you blog it someone will believe it is true even if it is not. (Unless it is Clark CT)

anonymous said...


I can't write on your blog but I'll write here.

He finally got to you. He took your team away. He's good like that. Smooooth talker Knows exactly what to say at the right time. He took your boyz and wrote about it!! OHCH.. Talk about throwing salt in the wound!

Wait till the next State house hearing and you see them all sitting together up in that last row.

Oooh! talk about "Burning your toast"

Don't worry I think your normal. I don't care what they say about you.


anonymous said...

Dow 7,114.77 -250.89 (-3.41%)

NASDAQ 1,387.71 -53.51 (-3.71%)

S&P 743.33 -26.72 (-3.47%)

What is going on with the markets?

anonymous said...

"FOX 25 free-lance meteorologist Melissa Bell was arrested for drunken driving early Friday morning - and then went on the air that night - after she nearly struck a state police cruiser while speeding and weaving on Soldiers Field Road, according to state police"

Now she will lose her job, Her licence, pay all kinds of fines and court costs.

When all she had to do was call a car service.

Whats wrong with people?

anonymous said...

I can't help myself, I'm sorry I have to comment. What a performance by Glady's and MR.

Notice when reading the comments they don't give any crap to RY and BB for joining up with him?

Suspect to say the least. Its always about him and his wife.

It was your own crew who tore your heart out Glady's.

Thats why everything you and your crew do will be suspect!!!

Oh the sting of RY and MB working with him or is it just a.. How do you say it?

Smoke and Mirror act on your part?

Call me whatever, I will ask you straight out Glady's are you working with him or for him ??

Hal Brown said...

You made me look at Gladys Kravitz's blog. It's about Adam Bond. Her latest snark attack seems to have been precipitated by the article in The Enterprise. It's the one I suggested as interesting reading at the top of this page.

It looks like I posted about it first, but it must be important now that Mary Tufts is onto it.

Just when you thought her SMERSH cohorts had put their assassin's armamentarium into storage they are after Bond again, and with a vengeance.

I'd like public answers from Mr. Bond about many of the questions asked by Middleboro's "nosey neighbors", but I hardly think the way to get them is to call him a dead parrot and try to mock him and his wife.

anonymous said...

Everything they write is suspect. Don't forget we know him. Know him well. If he didn't want to be written about he wouldn't of had the enterprise write that stuff.

He controls the blogs as you see.

Everything was quiet Maybe a little to quiet.

How did he say, "Throw another handgrenade every 4 days". Sit back watch the feeding frenzy then lob another one.

Its the comments though, Thats what I find interesting. Ima telling you!!

Glady's has been connected to Him in one way or another from the begining of this debate.

bogofree said...

IMO Adam Bond should answer inquiries about his tenure as a member of the BOS and how it related to his relationship with the tribe and Graham. This should be in a public forum and not for interested parties to go banging on his office door.

Everyone is welcome to post and read on this blog. Many times I will just scan another blog until I find something of interest and if not - just come back in a day or two. Each and every poster/reader should give thanks to the cyber gods that I limit by postings on baseball unless, of course, I have a sudden demand for stat analysis. Mildly, thank you for posting your throw away as that is something few do and it appears you and Hal have reached some type of common ground for at least a few hours.

President what was his name and WOW continue to go down the path that will not fix a damn thing. Bailout I and II were suppose to restore some degree of faith in our financial institutions and that has just not worked. The WOW speech toady was pure political BS and he continues to bribe states and cities with a flow of money that translates to debt - a debt we are selling to the Chinese. Great. The only redeeming feature of this miss if it can be called redeeming is we are all aboard the same sinking ship even if you have billions or just a few bucks stashed away. Fifty percent loss for most at this point. Good thing I didn't do something stupid like my sister-in-law and put all my money in those crappy CD's.

Waithing to make a connection to Boston as I key this from Chicago. Direct flight this morning from Dallas was cancelled.

bogofree said...

Like my mother would say: "Some people could s**t ice cream and others would not be happy." That is the situation AB is in with certain bloggers. I have actually agreed more with AB more than I have disagreed. I had a serious issue with the original deal and was very voval about it and have a serious issue with his pulling up stakes on the BOS and some unanswered questions.

Hal Brown said...

Let's keep Bogo entertained while he's stuck in Chicago.

Hmmm, enough about Bond?

I've decided to call it the stck mrkrt since it's lost so much you might as well remove the vowels.

I am into big denial, not a good thing I shrink like me is supposed to tell his clients.

But at 65 those monthly retirement fund statements go right in the files unopened. I can't bring myself to look at the numbers.

Not to complain I know it is far far worse for many others.

It's been so depressing that I wrote a column on Capitol Hill Blue about an accident nuclear submarine cause holocaust ending life on earth to distract and cheer up the regular readers.

bogofree said...

It's like looking at a car should not look but you do. Now it's almost how much can I lose? I tossed a bundle into bonds and cash as I cashed out half my positions months ago but that meant little. I'm now just losing less and many of the blue chips I pumped money into the last few months were not bargains after all. WTC! I'm all clarked up!

Waiting for standby and trying to find why this clarkin aiuport has so few power terminals.

anonymous said...

Boy meets Girl, Girl blogs, Boy blogs, Girl blogs more, Boy blogs more, etc! etc! chaos is good!!!!

Suo Mynona said...

Chaos is good?

Then town or state government is for you. It is constant chaos all the time. Check out the Chaos Theory and Butterfly Effect and judge how apropos they are. (I will not bore you with a multiple links)

Mildly, remember when reading - or ignoring - Hal that he has been immersed up to his camera lens in this casino thing from the get go. Consequently the F Stop on his Aperture frequently gets a little tight.

anonymous said...

Think about it Chaos! Two people thrive on Chaos.

Good Cop, Bad Cop routine comes to mind.

But then again who am I to have an opinion.

anonymous said...

By the way, I looked up your two suggestions.

I don't give a damn about Chaotic Butterfly's.

This is serious business here.

Blogger Shark said...

"Hal seems to have forgotten that Mr. Bond is no longer a public official and can meet with anyone he wants, any time he wants without any requirement that he disclose anything to any local busy bodies."

Don't worry. All will come out eventually. Glenn has been wired for sound a long time.

Suo Mynona said...

I don't care about Adam present positions, though I wish him and his family well as I would all families. Reality is he quit and is no longer an integral part of the process. I have had enough of the drama. It is understandable why others revel in all the intriguing rivulets. Plenty of that can be seen on other blogs.

I elect to move on unless there is a compelling reason beyond hearsay to indicate otherwise. The town survived before him and will after him. Just like all other former selectmen. He is now in the group of ex-selectmens and town officals. It is not an exclusive club.

anonymous said...
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Hal Brown said...
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anonymous said...
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anonymous said...
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anonymous said...
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anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

As long as they all got the alerts. They can see where I'm willing to take this if need be.

Hal Brown said...

I deleted my comment above as part of it didn't make sense because the preceding comment was deleted.

This is the part that stands on it's own:

After going to the Central for pizza I turned on the BOS meeting and was treated at the end to Mike Simone and Steve Spataro "discussing" why there wasn't a full account of the gift question from last week in the minutes.

This was the second time I saw Steve display anger, and I mean close to rage.

It takes a lot to prompt such a response from this generally mild mannered selectman.

He lambasted Mike while he stood and the podium and answered in measured tones. Either he was the most composed person I've seen in a long time or he's an amazing actor.

Marsha had a few angry words and Patrick expressed impatience, though I think he was none too pleased either. MiMi didn't say anything.

Let's hope that Mark puts that on his website as it was one of the more intense snippets from our BOS drama.

bogofree said...

I missed the BOS meeting so I will have to see the reruns. The gifting issue will not go away even when it goes away. So far it seems to be a load of coffee mugs and tee shirts.

Now, to me, the big question will always be - who paid for the marshmellows? BG! Fess up! Did you supply the marshmellows? Did a member of the tribe? If you supplied them were you compensated for it? The comes the fire, the matches and the sticks. Was this a gift to the tribe? I saw those pictures that were posted. Is this in the category of private citizen? I'm surprised no one has picked up on this?

Adam Bond will always be mentioned somewhere and somehow when the casino issue is discussed.

Hal Brown said...

Suo alert: don't read this as it's about the BOS and Adam Bond.

To be transparent, while talking about gifts, I accepted the gift bag from the tribe.

I also accepted the generous gift of a limo ride from Adam one of the times I was on his radio show.

I assume it was a gift from Adam since as a selectman, whether legal or not, accepting such an expensive gift from someone so involved in the casino controversy would have been open to criticism.

As I wrote above, it was a lot of fun, actually in my sheltered life it the first time I rode in a stretch limo.

bogofree said...

OK everyone....think of some possible gifts that may have been in Hal's gift bag? I figure there was a copy of The Best Of Dr. Phil so he can get some psyho babble.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Hal's gift bag. A DMR manual and a joke book. Maybe a speedo?

LMAO said...

Looking at what has happened with Marshall and Graham you have to continue to ask questions.

Hal. That was a LOL with your gifts especially the limo ride.

Marshmallows. That puts it all in perspective.

anonymous said...

SCOTUS Decision is out! I thought the blogs would be lit up by now.

Its a bad day for Indian country.

But we already knew this. Its what the United States will do to fix it and in what time frame that will be important.

To show how big this is Mohegan sun might be an Ilegal casino as of 10AM this morning.

Lets see if CT will shut them down and put 9000 people out of work!

Fear not the wording will be fixed.

Hal Brown said...

I expect that once everyone has a chance to review the ramifications for the Mashpee we'll hear more about this.

Read AP article.

Hal Brown said...

Here's the Supreme Court opinion, I haven't read it yet. But still will need people who are conversant with the issue to explain what it means for a Middleboro Mashpee casino.

Does it mean that they will be forced to open a commercial casino if they can?

Hal Brown said...

This is what has to say.

anonymous said...

"And the decision doesn't appear to affect post-1934 tribes whose land is already in trust, as only Congress can take land out of trust. It would appear only to affect future acquisitions"

anonymous said...

In a nutshell. The Middleboro Casino is dead in the water as of 10AM this morning as I see it.

anonymous said...

What is going to be comical is to watch BB he gave up on his good friend that he shared so much with.

Glady's you going to let him cheer this win with you?

bogofree said...

President WOW will come to the rescue as "The Raven" will get a temp pass to wear his orange jump suit so he can toss out the racist card. WOW will have no other choice but to bribe Congress into legal changes to mollify Native Americans.

I could care less about this decision as it is just another step in the never ending story. Next week it’ll be something else. On and on this will go.

Casinos will get built either native or non native and right here in Massachusetts. That you can bet (intended)on.

anonymous said...


I don't see this as anything, The State will work with the Wamps.

They will get there land into trust sooner or later.

Who called the Enterprise?

BB is shaking his head right about now, But, But you told me...

Suo Mynona said...

Some one once told me many years ago that duration & depth of friendships with other people is a good marker about how an individual values people.

It is interesting perspective.

anonymous said...

"Yet for many, friendship is nothing more than the trust that someone or something will not harm them"

When your intuition tells you to move on. Something might not be quite right in this new venture some call friendship.

The depth and length of the relationship comes to a screaching halt as fast as it started...

chica said...

Nice variety on this site. I started following it when I saw a post on Topix. Seems like some from various points of view can post without recrimination from each other.

I wish I could post more often but I’m mostly on the learning curve.

I have no idea about the court decision talked about.

anonymous said...

Court decision.
Everyone is worried about a casino in Middleboro, What about there status in Mashpee? What about the rights the US Government gave them with federal recognition to be able to support there tribe?
What about whats right is right?

Does this court decision take all that away? I think not.. This will be fixed.

Don't celebrate to soon.

anonymous said...

I love the fact Glady's was quoted in the paper.

S..L..A..P.. right to the face of BB and HWNSNBM.


Blogger Shark said...

Don't hold your breathe for that "fix" any time soon. Read all of Indianz.

However, the "Carcieri fix" was left off the final list of priorities for the 111th Congress.

Kennedy is dying, John Kerry is too caught up in himself and Delahunt took $$$ from Glenn & Co. Local congressional support is not in the cards.

anonymous said...

So what the government is saying in 1620 you did not exsist.

You came to be when we said you did.

LOL! what a crock of Dookie!!

anonymous said...

Ooops He has one comment JP must of just got home.

anonymous said...

"Under this truly mind-boggling decision, the government is rewarded for its steadfast dedication to racism by refusing to recognize certain tribes until 1934. And the tribes are punished because they were unable to force the government to recognize them, even though no such mechanism existed until 1934. Once again, the courts have demonstrated that any right possessed by Indian Tribes that inconveniences white people in the least will be overturned or watered-down, no matter how convuluted the construction of the law"

Rocky said...

Any bets (intended) as to when congress acts? What does this mean for the other tribes that have built casinos?

bogofree said...

I just got back from Oklahoma which was the dumping ground for over 50 tribes as part of the reservation relocation. Ask them about the White man. LOL!

A guard where I was working at last year was from R.I. and one of The People. His insights represent a point of view that many Indians share - we are invaders who stole their land, culture and identity. We destroyed their religion and culture. This person happened to me one involved in the smoke shop battle as they call it. I can’t really refute what he says and the old fall back of “other’s did it to my ancestors, too” just seems rather stupid. You may see some very active Native American activists. FBI get ready.

I suspect a fast track to gaming will take place and if the investors and tribe wish to get into the game they better consider picking up a license and working with the state. IMO the Middleboro area would be a long shot just based on infrastructure time lines.

Blogger Shark...welcome...I have seen your posts elsewhere and please do not bite Hal despite any encouragement I may give you.

anonymous said...

What's up with bloggers taking credit for a fight that started in 1991? CFO, Bloggers no one from Bridgewater or Middleboro had anything to do with what went on today.

If they consider 5000 jobs and maybe a loss of $11 million dollars to the town of middleboro some kind of Victory.

God what kind of event do they really celebrate?

Not to worry I see this as a small hurdle. Thats all.

Hal Brown said...

Since it's the website of record on the pro-casino side, (Casino-Friend ) I decided to post there about the Supreme Court decision.

Family Guy said...

The facts:

CFO had nothing to do with this case.

This does not stop gambling in Massachusetts. Just removes (possibly) one player from the mix.

This may well end a casino in Middleboro as proposed.

This does not stop the Tribe from building a casino in Middleboro.

The Congress may quickly make necessary changes.

This will not shut down any existing Indian casinos.

If a casino is built in Middleboro before this ruling is ammended the town could recieve significantly more revenue.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Looks like some of you pros sold your souls for nothing. You're dreaming if you think there's going to be a fix for this casino. If you're looking at anything at all it's going to be urban commercial casinos and racinos. M'boro and the Wamps will never see a dime.

No people to cart around in repoed limos, no more cozy marshmallow campfires, no more Bond...the man who would be king. No more sweet nuthins in our ears by FOA. No more investors to speed dial. Just the Nemasket River running red from the blood of pro devouring pro. And the feds rustling through paper trails and phone call recordings. And all those secrets that will keep trickling out as former friends turn on each other. Topix is dead as is middleborocasino and soon there'll be nothing left to chew on here either.

Interesting ending, and you can't even blame it on CFO. Nope. The Supreme Court of the Land had the final say. Finally, the end of a bad nightmare.

here a beep beep. There a beep beep. Everywhere a beep beep beep. LMAO

The Internet Avenger said...

No one should be "celebrating" anything. The Court has simply forced Congress to take action and address the wording issue - that's all - yawn, yawn! No one is going to start shutting down casinos and putting more people out of work. The tribe's app will likely be grandfathered in to the new legislation.

For the life of me, I don't understand why anyone who is concerned about Middleboro's economic future or their own property values in a potential "ghost town" would be cheering on Gladys and her like minded out of town Goons, many of whom are little more than sock puppets. When are people going to finally GET IT? This woman isn't going to do anything to help eliminate Middleboro's deficit. Middleboro sees no tax dollars from the likes of Mary Tufts, Carl Peirce and Kim Shea. These people are out-of-towners and they are not on Middleboro's "side." They are the enemies, trying to stomp all over Middleboro's future for their own self serving, very personal interests - or irrational vendettas in Mary's case. Not a one of them gave a damn about gambling until it appeared that a casino might be built in their own backyards.

In Mary Tufts' case, I often chuckle at her ludicrous, and truly demented, self identification with The Wizard of Oz's 15 yr old Dorothy character - what a glaring Fruedian slip that is! I suspect she saw the movie one to many times at a period in life where she may have suffered some sort of emotional trauma. What is it Dorothy said at the conclusion of the movie? "If I ever REALLY go looking for happiness - I'll never look further than my own backyard!" At the core of all her insane ramblings - I suspect that's what this is all about - her delusions that "her backyard" somehow represents the only tenuous potential she has for true happiness. How sad. How truly pathetic!

Her recent "Dead Parrot" rant, replete with caddy comments on "spies" in the Honey Dew and people watching Bond's office only serves to demonstrate the depths of this demented stalker's obsession. Her stalking subject has finally pulled the rug out from under her feet by resigning -and she's now completely desperate in her pursuit of the object of her obsession.

Although I can't say for sure, I suspect the timing of that article's printing may well have been a "test" of sorts to gage a stalker's reaction. IMO, she is a deeply disturbed and dangerous woman, and I sincerely hope that her family has the good sense to get her the psychiatric help she so obviously desperately needs.

Stalkers attempt to "control" their subjects by attempting to frighten and intimidate them. That is the dynamic I see at play in Mary's posting - it's like she's saying - "Shut up, Adam! I'm still watching you!" Well, Mary's inability to control her rage has allowed a lot of other people to "watch" her mental state careen out of control in her online ramblings.

You have NO CONTROL over Adam Bond and his family, Mary. Never had - never will. This man that you are so clearly obsessed with is a STRANGER that you've NEVER EVEN MET OR HAD A CONVERSATION WITH. You've wasted TWO YEARS of your life (and your children's lives) ranting and raving about someone YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW, someone you'll never have the opportunity to know. So, in the words of the witch,I would suggest you "BE GONE..........."

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

A delight as always to hear your shrill voice in the darkness, Internet Average. Such an incredible lack of depth and originality. You may as well just play a recording your rants are so predictably pedantic.

And talk about demented obsessions, your internet love affair with the A-bomb parallels Hannibal Lector's fixation with Clarice. One has to wonder about your love/hate cyberstalking of Mary too. What's the matter, does she get too close to the truth for you? She obviously fails to take you seriously, so why should we? All talk, no bite, no action. Fact is, nobody gives a sh*t who or what you are anymore. Just an old, bloated windbag with an endless litany of repetitious phrases.

So, you're on a crusade to get Mary arrested and thrown in the slammer? LMAO. You're no closer to achieving that goal than you were when you started all this crap over a year ago Mr./Ms Drama Queen. Fact is, you have no real power. Just a bad script in dire need of a re-write.

And as for your favorite binky, A-bomb, don't even know why he bothers renting out office space. He spends so much time holding court in Honey Dew he may as well have his clients meet him there, if he still has any, and save his pennies for that gypsy wagon ride back to the Big Apple. BTW, his endorsement by silence of your maniacal ravings only further castrates his credibility. Nobody here is so lame as to believe he's not 100% behind these nightly apparitions. In fact, we suspect he's spoon feeding you, unfortunately not always accurately. Pity the poor fools who exposed themselves in good faith by attaching their names to supporting comments on his blog. Most of us aren't that naive.

BTW, look who's calling others sockpuppets, ViciousVal/Internet Scavenger. Well, at least one person knows who you really are, and he's gotten pissed enough lately to let that cat out of the bag any day now. Unless of course he's really part of this pathetic charade too.

So, put up or shut up. You might want to start by answering some of the questions some of the posters here have put to you.

anonymous said...

Start of StatCounter Code
script type=textjavascript
var sc_project=4497838
var sc_invisible=0
var sc_partition=55
var sc_click_stat=1
var sc_security="1ac98103

src=" type="text/javascriptscriptnoscrip
class statcounter
class="statcounter" title="blogger web statistics"
class statcounter="
blogger web statistics


I wasn't going to post on here but Blogger Shark knows I'm up and clicking on his site.

Hi. BloggerShark! You see The "weird one" uses the Freeware Statcounter there are only two other websites that use that.

Hi Mark and Jessie, One can only assume one of them had a hand in setting that site up or maybe its there site.

Jessie also uses sitemeter she needs to have two site meters one is not good enough for her. LOL! whats up jessie one meter might lie to the other LMAO!

All I know is in two years of following this debate only two people use that type meter.

I tried something, I added it to a bunch of non-sense websites I own its at #8 this morning lets see if it goes up. They will think there getting all kinds of hits.

By the way the little story you have there will be on 35 websites I have nothing to hide.

Thats why I dont think its BB Oh! my who can it be????

LMAO! But then again I can only stick to facts that way when the judge asks Did you do that Yes your Honor he is correct, I did all those weird things.

Get out of my courtroom you moron!


anonymous said...

One more thing, Did any of you Anti people remember to tell Raynham Center about the site Meters?

That really sucks.. Someone could lose there job over this.

Oh my the saga continues. Maybe thats what Bloggershark wants?

People to lose there jobs.

anonymous said...

src="cgi-binwww.cgi/"/cgi-bin/www.cgi/" class="statcounter
End of StatCounter Code

Site Meter XHTML Strict 1.0
src="" 2006 Site Meter

Blogger comments won't let you put the HTML code in.

These two are JPs meters.

Why does someone need two meters?

She actually pays for I guess she has plenty of free cash to invest in tracking others.

Oh wait I found another meter on CFOs front page Holy Mushroom farmers!

Does the General public know about this?

They do now.

anonymous said...

Now don't get me wrong site meter is a valuable tool if you own a business and want to see where your advertising is working.

You can see how it works by going to

On the left side you will see a sitemeter click on that button and look at recent visitors.

You should see your internet service, name, company and some of your IP. People get on Hal for IPs there all doing the same thing but they get your whole IP.

CFO had that on there site for what almost a year and half anyone could look at the site stats.

They got embarrassed and removed it when there numbers fell below 40hits a day. The webmaster went to because it could be hidden from everyones veiw and of course it was free.

They all use it today. So don't think because Hal shows a little IP to the world. Your showing it yourself everytime you click on a site.

anonymous said...’s_weapon_of_choice/srvc=home&position=1

Absolutely Horrifing knowing this.

Oh! but but it was an accident.

Are you Clarking me!!!!

anonymous said...

Just think if James Bond went to show the gun to Plenty O'toole and it went off!!!!

Oh! My.

Mary Goodnight would of been happy with Plenty O'toole out the way.

Rocky said...

Is it just me or is the joke on everyone? The joke of casino expansion in Raynham and Massachusetts. The joke of a casino(s) in our back yard. The joke of many things that are still happening and will happen in the next year and people are falling allover each other, patting themselves on the back.

I shall wait and see

anonymous said...

Mark, You know I laughed at this.

"We, the people, are driving the bus when it comes to casinos and slot machines."

5000 jobs and revenues will be driving that bus.

Your statements are moot!

anonymous said...

"In 1976 the United States celebrated its 200th anniversary and descendants of the Mashpee Wampanoags filed a lawsuit in United States District Court claiming they had rights and title to more than 15,000 acres in the town of Mashpee. The total value of the property involved was pegged at $2 billion by legal scholars.

A 40-day trial raged and the process lasted through 1978 and much of 1979. The Wampanoags lost, but they appealed. The U.S. Appeals Court denied their petition and the tribe kept moving forward until they reached the Supreme Court where their petition was refused a hearing and shelved by the court. The whole process lasted 10 years. Some say, even today, that the issue of the Mashpee land ownership is still open.

More than 20 years later, the federal government has formally granted recognition to the Mashpee Wampanoags as a sovereign tribe. In a few lines of simple language more than three centuries of denial are erased.

So why are the residents of Mashpee worried? Apparently they are quite concerned. Yesterday the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council was due to meet to vote on whether to ratify an agreement between the tribe and Town of Mashpee by which the tribe would agrees not to pursue any land claims in or against the Town of Mashpee, ever.

I guess this could be a big factor in how the State handles the land into trust process.

bogofree said...

Someone months ago suggested I sign up for site meter which I found at the bottom of another blog. I went to that site and signed up. I was clueless as to the technical aspects of it and every once in awhile I'll get a report via email that shows all zero's. I don't even know if it is in the script on this site.

I've been told you can do some tracing using site meter and I guess that depends on what you care to spend. Not my thing as I could care less who signs on.

This casino thing will just go on and on. I hope it is dead in Middleboro but it seems to rise from the dead all too often. As far as state wide that will be on the fast track for the cash starved hackerama unless the funny money from Washington flows in.

President WOW was a big yawn. Stocks will be flat today.

I found the exchange between IX and Dog refreshing. Have to nab some of those lines for my exchanges with yankee fans. Thanks for the material.

anonymous said...

This tells you exactly how to add it.

anonymous said... this was a company off of site meter coming from Dover Mass now that would tell me someone that works at citizens bank is checking my website.

Now if I remember right there was a lot of nasty comments coming from the Dover area on Topix. LOLA?

Well its easy if you printed out the topix post and you have your site meter stats printed out to show the IP person at Citizens to see if the time frames match up.

If they do it could be a problem for such a flamer.

anonymous said...

So Bloggershark can screw around but others can also.

Think about what your doing.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Is the weather warm down south today? maybe 80s in Florida? God wish I were there.

Blogger Shark said...

Paranoia about site meters and people losing jobs is pretty lame IMO. It is not like I'm swimming up your drain and into your bath tub. It is good to know what your audience is. If you have nothing better to do at 2 in the morning and troll websites, to each his own.

What really makes the meter exciting are the "exceptional" hits. Google searches by the DOJ on specific individuals mentioned on the website are my favorite.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Sorry, rule one should be always check your links. The one on the post I deleted above was dead. Here's the correct one: James Bond PPK gun recalled, it can go off itself. See if this works.

Here's a repost:

anonymous 6:05 AM - thanks for posting that Herald article about the
James Bond PPK gun recalled because there was a danger it going off by itself. It's interesting to me because when I was on the police auxiliary I had that gun and sold it because I thought it was dangerous after the first shot when it went into hair-trigger single action. It also jammed periodically after the first shot if you didn't hold it very firmly.

Then it broke and needed a $200 repair after only about 500 practice rounds. Not good for an expensive handgun.

I admit with some embarrassment that I bought it because of the cachet of the Bond movies. I only got $100 for it - so it was a loss of over $400 from what I paid for it back then.

February 25, 2009 8:28 AM

anonymous said...

The tribe has two land-into-trust applications pending at the Bureau of Indian Affairs and will likely have to show that it was under "federal jurisdiction" in 1934 in order to benefit. But tribal leaders said they will pass the test.

“We don’t see this as having any effect on us,” Vice Chairman Aaron Tobey said. “Keep in mind, we have a deed to 16,000 acres in Mashpee dated before 1934 ... we have deeds dating to the 1600s.”

But CFO told us...

bogofree said...

Site meters? Too complicated for my simple mind plus it is just too much of a snoop system. I was a bit curious about the traffic but even that can be skewered if someone pays a visit ten times a day. Actually did security work on a computer system almost twenty years ago - AS400 that was running special software packages. No internet connects in offices in those days and our transmissions were never an issue. Biggest problem was employees attempting to drill down in payroll information.

The issue of what will happen with the Tribe will continue to take interesting turns and twists. One day one side parties and the next day the other side. My wife - the Lovely Cynthia - was ecstatic yesterday over the news story on WBZ that reported the deal is fairly well dead. She is a hard core anti and does not follow any blogs especially mine. No loyalty. Although when I show her a MT video she will fine some "amusing."

The gun recall for Adam's weapon of choice. Who held the bullets? Does he get recalled? Nope....he quit.

Lola! Now there was a name from the past.

At last look domestic markets had responded to the pep talk by President WOW with a big thud. What I saw last night contained no substance.

I managed to tune into the BOS replay too late. They were just finishing up but Pat Rogers did look spiffy. I didn't know K-Mart still sold men's suits. Just did look nice.

Blogger Shark said...

Your concerns Mr. Quish are unfounded on me being an "INTERNET PREDATOR". Sharks are predators (we eat what's in the ocean)and I may be on the internet, but I'm not stalking you to have you for lunch. 1 or 2 e-mails in 2 months to convey harmless information to you is hardly stalking. No threats made to you, your family or your business. If anyone wants copies, I would more than happy to sent it to them. Although, I have been threatened to have my jaw wired shut by someone other than yourself. No threats to them came from me either.

You naming names, labeling them as stalkers etc. and buying domain names of your adversaries comes closer to stalking than anything I know or have done. You have harassed these people more than they have even come close to you. Oh, isn't your blogger name "anonymous"? You appear to be what you accuse others as being.

anonymous said...

RE: Mr. Peirce if we need to continue this we will.

Through the Bank Frauds department.

Try Me!

Hal Brown said...

Oddly I think I may be the only local who owns a website name that a national company or group might want to buy. I've owned for years since it hosted Police Stressline, but most of those who might be interested are non-profit counseling groups and one steel lintel company in England with that name.

The other of course is Casino-Friend. Without the hyphen it's a glitzy looking gambling website.

If the stock market doesn't start turning around soon I might make an effort to sell them.

anonymous said...

Name one thing Mr Peirce that was incorrect in the labeling of those names.

Tell me you didn't doctor a childs photo.

Tell me he wasn't questioned in the girls yard.

Tell me he didn't admit in front of my wife and big CFO man he was asking questions about me.

Tell me Monkberry wasn't involved with a childrens issue.

You just admitted you were sending e mails to my business. I don't want nothing from you, Never asked you for anything.

On the other issue it was the two woman who started registering blogger addys under names first.

I have them if you need the dates.

Blogger Shark said...

You really don't know who you are talking to.

I suppose two wrongs make a right then. Continue your rants as you please. No lost sleep here.

bogofree said...

Geez...enough you two. Personally, I find it amusing and wish I could participate, but I'm not sure about the other posters/readers. Anyways...these things usually burn out quickly. Been there....done that. Don’t really care about the war of words. Others get ticked they’ll let you know. Just keep it as clean as possible and no death threats. Remember I have Dog The Bounty Hunter on call and Hal always has some type of firearm.

The talk is already starting about a bailout III to continue to "help" the banking industry. Cry me a river over that one. They'll just never learn. will probably get enough for that sale for a cup of coffee at Cumby's providing it's still ninety-nine cents.

Good thing Blogger Shark is not in our fish tank. My wife got the tank up and running a month ago and bought some fish of which most ended up as floaters. The process continues as it is almost daily that a fish passes on and a new victim (s) is purchased. She has done all the right things (according to her). We go away for a week and my daughter is in charge. No deaths to report. Ten fish when we left and all ten survived under her care. I have enough sense not to make any snide comments to my wife on this. Never take sides in a mother-daughter dispute.

Suo Mynona said...

Something more humorous (than all of the above) from BB's Blog:

From a BB Anonymous Poster:
"....If you drive down Precinct street and see those ridiculous metal signs bolted to the trees, you will see the degree of their resolve."

BB's response:
"Quite right."

Guess it is not easy accidentally slip past those 3 times after all.

LMAO said...

He needs a bicycle build for two. That way he can have a lookout. LMAO!

anonymous said...

The bell has rung and indexes are down another 1% today. Looks like the feel good pep talk did little. Hope and change are not translating into confidence.

Suo Mynona said...

Tomorrow is Bumpkin's Corner day in the Gazette. One can only wonder if he will continue to insinuate that Middleboro citizens are third rate d*psh*ts.

The secret word is that he is about to pick up his first syndication with the widely published "Clark Town Crier"

BTW he still has not backed up his comment:
"In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped."

BB said there was "more video to come" on that comment -- he never produced it.

mildly said...

I just came off a double shift (my replacement never showed and a nurse can't legally leave her post unless someone relieves her). Then I stopped to pick up some groceries because the larder is bare.

Needed a chance to sit down and unwind, opened up this site and WTC??? Never mind I don't even want to know. Probably it'll be more relaxing to sit down and do my income taxes.

bogofree said...

Mildly it has been an entertaining day on this blog with some interesting exchanges. We could have used your services.

The BB column tomorrow! I feel all tingly knowing that. I suspect, Suo, you will get an answer to your questions about the same time MR confesses all on Clark.

Hey, Deval, how is my property tax relief coming along? LOL!

Rocky said...

What property tax relief. The only relief in sight is found in the bathroom after bad mexican food.

Hal Brown said...

What about Bogo and I? We're going to get a tax increase!

Next thing you'll know we'll have a luxury tax on our yachts. It's bad enough I have to pay a $3,000 excise tax on my Maybach.

Hal Brown said...

Our little boats, "Bogo 's Buck's" and" and "Hal's Casino Cash" together in Montenegro where we played high stakes poker at Casino Royale with two guys named Le Chiffre and Bond.

Shark Hunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shark Hunter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

I thought Obama was married? I read where he vows to do this and then vows to do that.

For the anti's I fully expect quick action by Congress to get the recent decision tossed aside.

Monkey said...

Ok SH is gone.Don't want BS taking anything the wrong way.

Now tell me there is something wrong with my monkey. LOL!

Monkey said...

Blogger Shark as long as you don't want to eat my monkey we are cool.

Dark Knight said...

The inital excitment of the recent SCOTUS decision is now starting to take on more mellow tones as I, personally, will wait for the other shoe to drop. That has been a consistent pattern on this issue for the last 18 months.

I would urge caution for those who are suddenly elated and likewise not to be in a depressive funk if you are a pro. I suspect the fat lady has not yet sung the final tune on this tale.

I am an inevitable person on gaming in Massachusetts. Casinos will be built and slot parlors will be opened. The anti casino faction will have as much chance at stopping the momentum on that as they would reversing the lottery. That begs the question as to why they have also not made any significant effort in that area? IMO the casinos offer far more in the way of lucrative jobs and high end entertainment than the Village Market. I enjoy casinos but have never gambled in one nor am I a regular lottery player. What I really find offensive is the we know better than you attitude of the anti’s regarding gaming. If people make stupid choices such as excessive gambling or drinking let them suffer the consequences.

Monkey said...

Can't figure out a no trespassing sign. But knows what is good for the entire Indian population of our country.


LMAO said...

At least he is finally getting some blog traffic.

Look at some of the comments on the blogs especially this line from one:

"because of greedy tribes and an abused federal policy"

Make up your own mind.

Hal Brown said...

This is quite interesting as it comes from Matthew Fletcher, a law professor who is an expert on Indian Law and on Constitutional law.

Article in Indian Country Today

Note the subjects of some of his publications.

Monkey said...


Join the Army now!

Does this statement mean NOW as in as I write this?

Or does Now mean before I wrote this?

Or does Now mean anytime after I write this?

Monkey said...

"This is quite interesting as it comes from Matthew Fletcher, a law professor who is an expert on Indian Law and on Constitutional law"

Hal this Fletcher Guy he don't jack.

I was listening to the radio today and there were 2 experts talking.

Seemed the lead expert called in and he used words like Bullsh*t, Ct must of been drunk etc!

This "reservation shopping" must stop!

Anti's use that quote to scare young children you know!

All in all O'l Fletcher ain't got nothing on that crew that was on the radio.

Heck! Those boy's from the radio make quotes in the Enterprise and Cape Cod times all the time.

There my experts.

bogofree said...

"The White House's 2010 budget released Thursday includes a $250 billion contingency fund for 2009 that -- if needed -- could leverage three times as much in asset purchases from financial institutions in need of capital.
In essence, however, taxpayers would foot the entire $750 billion up front. Administration budget writers say the value of the assets that the government has already acquired suggest a return to the government of 66 cents for every $1 spent, hence the $250 billion net expenditure.
"We hope that it will not be necessary," White House budget director Peter Orszag said Thursday. "We have no plans to go to Congress at this point to ask for additional money. ... The placeholder is in case the situation deteriorates further and more intervention is necessary."
Still, the inclusion of the money is the clearest sign yet that Obama's economic team is not certain."

That was part of a quote on Yahoo finance. Essentially what it states is another bank bailout is potentially down the road. Well, President WOW, meet the real world and the fact that you are just scracting the financial surface of what will be needed. No one really knows? I've heard as high as 50 Trillion.'s really great that the government decides who an Indian is. Most were not even granted citizenship until 1924. You just don't see the level of resentment in this part of the country as you do in other parts.

Family Guy said...

The DOW has lost 50% of its value and even worse for others. Unemployment will continue to rise and all the government continues to do is policies that failed for one president and are now being followed by another. The money will flow to those who should never have received any. Take a look at the losses for Citi Group and GM. Good money after bad. Obama can talk all the platitudes he wants but he appears as smarmy as any other politician with no real substance of details. Just a trust me attitude.

The war that Obama intends to escalate in Afghanistan is a losing proposition. Even our own military realizes that. That failed policy and a continuation of failed economic policies will only exasperate the situation. Sometimes doing nothing or just a little is the best option..

Bogo, I am with you on what you posted. Bailout III is in the works.

Family Guy said...

I don't want to toss out the "R" word with some of the comments but as far as "Greedy Indians" WTF is that about? Whoever posted that is 100% clueless about history. The Indians were given the "right" to open up gaming establishments so that makes them greedy? What should the government had done - give them the franchise for flower shops? I suppose when you look at history for the last 500 years and what happened to Indians in the Americas just trying to get something makes them greedy?

Family Guy said...

BB is now looking for ideas for his column? May I suggest the idea of hiatus. Give us all a break from your tedious insights into nonsense such as your last insulting column on generations. Try not to pontificate on your pet subjects such as the doomed and totally failed CPA. Stick to your nemasket site that has about as much traffic as a four lane highway on top Mt. Everest.

Monkey said...

The Threat Of Reservation Shopping

Gambling and the Law®:

The Threat Of Reservation Shopping

Anti-gambling activists use it to scare small children. Multi-billion dollar casinos say this is why they need lower taxes. Even some Indian tribes, especially those with competing businesses, claim it's an attack on tribal sovereignty.

But are there really going to be Indian casinos popping up in the middle of cities across the nation?

The short answer is, 'No.' The slightly longer answer is, 'Maybe a few, but probably not.'

Every situation is unique, because every piece of land has its own legal history. And so it is with every tribe.

Still, it is possible to predict whether any particular proposed urban casino will ever be built.

The federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act ('IGRA') is clear: Only federally recognized tribes may operate any gaming, and gaming is limited to 'Indian Land.'

Existing reservations automatically qualify. If a tribe wants to open a poker room on its land in a state with legal poker, it almost always can do so immediately. What IGRA calls Class III gaming - slot machines, casinos, parimutel betting and lotteries -- can be slower, because the tribe first has to negotiate a compact with the state.

But if the tribe wants a better location, say in the middle of a city, it has to get the agreement of the governor, which isn't going to happen.

The governor does not have this power if the tribe has no land.

Landless tribes are created by flukes. For example, a court decided that the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians had been wrongfully deprived of its status and its land, and ordered tribal recognition restored. But houses, stores and even a college had been built on the land, and the court would not order that it be given back.

The Band was eventually able to find a Congressman to propose converting the San Pablo cardclub into a reservation. It can and does offer poker and bingo. But the Band still does not have a casino, and probably never will, because it still needs a compact.

If a state, like California, agrees to talk with a tribe, it must negotiate in good faith. If a state, like Florida, does not want to talk, the U.S. Supreme Court has said it does not have to and the tribe cannot sue the state. No one knows what happens next. Maybe the Secretary of Interior becomes a super-czar of gambling and issues regulations, despite opposition from the state. Or maybe the tribes have a right, but no remedy at all.

Governors have discovered that the Secretary will approve compacts giving the state a large share of gaming revenue, if a tribe has an exclusive right to gambling in a locale.

Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a compact with the Lytton Band, letting the tribe have 5,000 slot machines, which would have been the largest urban casino in the world. The state's take was to be 25%, so long as the Governor did not approve any casino within a 35 miles radius.

But this compact, like most others, had to be approved by the Legislature, which, in this case, is worried about traffic. Even reducing the initial casino to 'only' 2,500 slots -- still as big as a Las Vegas casino -- did not appease opponents.

And the Secretary's approval is no longer a rubber stamp. The Secretary wants to see the normal safeguards for the environment, tribal members and the community.

So, just because someone announces that they are gong to open an Indian casino near, say, Disneyland (a real proposal), understand that wishes really sometimes do not come true.

© Copyright 2006. Professor I Nelson Rose is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on gambling law. His latest books, Gaming Law: Cases and Materials and Internet Gaming Law, are available through his website,

Just so you know the "reservation shopping and children" quote came from an expert.

Hal Brown said...

Monkey, nice violation of © Copyright.

Here's a link to the article.

Here's a link to the professor's website.

Once again, here's how to make an active link like those above on this blog.

Go to the web page you want to link to and
Highlight the web address, right click and COPY and then PASTE as shown in the second example on this page. This is what a working link should look like.

Monkey said...

I put his name and link like I was told to do.

Jeez! I still get in a problem.

Hal Brown said...

Hey Monkey, join the club of copyright violators all over the blogsphere, including many of the local blogs which publish entire articles, often from newspapers, all the time.

If you copy and publish more than a short excerpt (usually 100-200 words) you are violating a copyright. In fact, the © Copyright doesn't even have to be there. I consider everything I write online to be copyrighted unless the site I put it on specifies that I have given up rights to my words.

I don't own this blog, bogo does. So he makes the rules about what goes on (unless there's something in the Blogger rules that addresses copyright).

LMAO said...

Hal has his dicipline stick out....LMAO! I have never been able to figure out those silly azzed links with all the <> crap. Whenever I do it it links to nothing but I do get a nice blue color.

Bogo, looks like WOW is having an impact on the markets as everything falls another percent or two. At this rate everything will be zero in six months. I saw where stocks are so low the DOW will keep penny stocks listed. LMAO! Wait. I've lost 60%. Forget the LMAO! As you say "It's only a loss if you sell."

Hal Brown said...

Come on everyone... being the schoolmarm is a thankless task... ignore copyright if you want but putting clickable links on isn't at all hard or time consuming. You all already can copy and paste.

I can't show you the exact code here because if I even type the less than (above the comma) or the greater than than symbol (above the period) the post won't be accepted.

So instead I will use L for less than and G for greater than.

By the way, the "nice blue color" means it's a link and you should be able to click on it like this/

This is what a link to CNN would look like:

La href=""G Jessie Powell- Confirmed Liar and Other "Stuff" L/aG

Monkey said...

LOL! I'm all over that.

Suo Mynona said...

Unemployment benefits over 5 million for first time since records began in 1967. First-time claims hit 667,000, the highest level in more than a quarter-century.

Monkey said...

Here is a good story for you.

4 years 8 months I have paid on a car loan, never late always paid on time. Well the last few months I fell behind, (bad winter) I went and asked the bank for an exstension to catch up.


They told me to catch up on the loan and then they would give me an exstension. WTC! I said if I could do that do you think I'd be sitting in here talking to you. I owe $1200 thats it. They would rather repo the car than help me.

Jeez! Ask for a little help see if you get it!

Do I have reason to be upset? I thought thats what this bailout bullcrap was about to help us the people?

More like the banks helping themselves!

We are so screwed.

Monkey said...

"Sovereign has also been hit hard by a large auto loan portfolio and big holdings of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac preferred stock, which were effectively wiped out when the government placed the companies in receivership. As a result, it has sharply pulled back from making new loans"

Sovereign sold out to a foriegn company Banco from spain and put the brakes on all there auto loans.

Maybe Banco seen this as an opportunity to get in on the American money grab by buying up Sovereign they can get some of the free cash thats being thrown around.

Sovereign Bank is terrible!!!!!

Hal Brown said...

Not that it will do any good, but you can add your voice to everyone else who agreed that Sovereign Bank clarks by searching "Sovereign Bank" sucks. You'' see that there's even a webpage with the address but there's no complaints on it.

Using sucks is an Internet tradition as lots of websites were started using that term.

To find somewhat more serious sites search "Sovereign Bank" complaints on website like and (here's their Sovereign Bank page.
This is on

bogofree said...

The damage that banks and investment houses have done to their credibility will be beyond repair. That we - via a clueless government - have bailed them out is ludicrous. Bailout I did not work. Bailout II is not working and a proposed bailout III is also in the works for upwards to 750 billion. The bad paper is beyond all comprehension and as the spiral continue downward - lack of employment and reluctance to purchase anything beyond necessities - the results will only magnify. There are even some economist who view this in the same light as the Japanese recession that had lasted almost ten years.

Monkey is attempting to negotiate with a bank which reminds me of trying to negotiate with a terminator. Forget it. The only reasonable negotiations is continued handouts from the suckers - I mean the taxpayers.

Suo has pointed out the latest claims which far exceeded even the most pessimistic of prognosticators. Next week comes February unemployment and that will certainly push figures over 8%.

Then I read in the paper that the town has stolen 200K from me, you and everyone else who pays a trash tax. The arrogant gall of one member in particular on the BOS just leaves me mystified - save the money for a potential truck purchase? This sham has been going on two years and I can understand having an emergency cash fund with one years PROFIT but for two years? Adjust the rate.

I read the white flag article by BB regarding the CPA.

Monkey said...

"Monkey is attempting to negotiate with a bank which reminds me of trying to negotiate with a terminator'

Negotiate nothing! I've been told where I stand. Thank God everything else is paid for. This one last loan $1200.00 and I'm through. I will never finance another vehicle. I will Pay cash at the auction or buy off of Craigs list. No more car dealers, No more banks.

It is a Hard lesson learned.

Hal Brown said...

i don't know zippity-doo-dah about economics and if I did I'd be writing my moonbat opinions about the federal attempts to turn around the economy on CHB.

All I can suggest is that measuring success can be done by watching the DOW as each announcement is made or stepping back, waiting and reading about the various indicators, which is what I'd prefer to do (at my age with retirement investments at stake the former makes me too anxious anyway).

What I do know about a wee tad about, like most of the residents who post here, is Middleboro and how money is spent here.

To say there's no room for eliminating waste and improving efficiency in some departments like a Hindu or Zoroastrian deifying a stuffed sacred cow.

We count on department heads to put their convictions about the importance of their departments aside and present a bare bones budget - year after year after year. How realistic is it to expect them to hurt their own departments?

Every time they "cut to the bone" the townspeople don't see much or any difference in service delivery. So I think many become cynical and scratch their heads wondering whom to believe.

The U.S. Postal Service is threatening to eliminate Saturday delivery. What would happen if a town department reached the point where a cut would have that kind of impact on everybody?

What would happen if the library, parks department and COA shut down on Saturdays and Sundays? What would happen if DPW no longer picked up on the Saturday before a Monday holiday? What would happen if the school bus routes were made more efficient requiring children to wait at designated bus stop locations at least 1/10 of a mile apart?

What would happen if the fire department started actively looking for people who burn without permits and fining them?

What would happen if the police department ticketed everyone caught driving 20 percent over the speed limit ( 7 mph in a 35 mph zone!)?

What would happen if every town department not mentioned above that serves the public face-to-face closed on Mondays? How about all such departments closing between 1-2PM so everyone can take lunch at the same time?

Monkey said...

I try my hardest not to use 4 letter words. It shows your level of class when you sit there swearing up a storm like a old drunken sailor.

Useing bad words on a message board would be like calling into a radio station and start swearing on the radio only difference is a radio has a delay they can beep out the classless talk.

Don't get me wrong I've grew up around swearing and classless talk I still slip sometimes which is to be expected.

I choose to break that cycle and try my hardest not to use words that will lower myself.

Say it with me.

"Just for today" "I will not swear"

Suo Mynona said...

The pain of financial cutting is being done by virtually every business, family and individual. Town Government is no different.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Great Job, LL!! Clean up your mouth til you're singing like a choir boy. But then comes the hard part. You have to stop printing lies about people.

Hal Brown said...

My parents never used swear words let alone profanity. Well, not exactly never, my father used the clark word once and I was shocked. So adult using swear words and profanity doesn't bother me. I do think children should be taught that words often hurt and to consider that in how they address or refer to people.

Forbidding them to swear often backfires.

I hope you aren't offended by my using sucks since I don't really consider that swearing when used in the way I did.

Blogger Shark said...

Is this an honorable tribe?

Mashpee agreed not to oppose recognition if the Tribe didn't put a casino in Mashpee.
As soon as the Tribe gained recognition, they said all bets are off.
Then they negotiated another agreement that had to be approved at town meeting agreeing not to reopen the land suit.
Now the spoiled brats are saying that because of SCOTUS, they're gonna re-open the land suit?
Somebody needs to see these people for the greedy opportunists they are when they can't even abide by agreements they sign.

Rocky said...

They are probably just trying to protect themselves.
You must not care enough for your family and friends. I sure hope you aren't in the service or if you served, I am happy not to have had to count on you in the hole.

Monkey said...

RE: Poodle the Bone Snatcher..

"You have to stop printing lies about people"

I ask you for a third or 4th time now.

Please explain yourself!

I want the worst thing I ever said about anyone by name.

Then please write the lie or lies you are talking about.

bogofree said...

So far the answer to a financial crisis on the state level is to develop as many new revenue sources as possible and to expand existing ones. IMO I have never seen a more clueless governor in this state. Jane Swift and Ed King are felling the pulse of the people giants to Deval Patrick. The price of doing business in this state and the country - especially regulatory impact - makes me wonder why anyone needs that aggravation in their lives.

The indexes will continue to slide and slide as many blue chip stocks become penny stocks. Earnings are minuscule or non existent and long range prospects for many companies are bleak beyond belief. GM - "See ya!"

Eventually the system will right itself but IMO it may take many years. At my age my investments will simple not return to their position of a year ago in my lifetime unless I live to a 100. The nasty little secret is that all the money tossed about is an attempt to insure political stability as one of the most prevalent themes in science fiction is not environmental or nuclear ruin but financial.

How White’s view the tribes are one thing but how they view us is another. I have found a very strong under current of anger over the well documented treatment they have received. Think Black Power was a strong movement?

Hal Brown said...

Sounding a little moonbatish in the last part there Bogo?

Next thing we'll be agreeing that American history since the revolution to free us from English rule, while not as filled with the reprehensible British Empire behavior dating back hundreds of years, has elements that are nothing to brag about.

Top of anybody's list of how the white Anglo-Saxon majority's Hall of Shame would be slavery and the subsequent treatment of blacks, and how we treated the Indians.

But then look at how the majority treated just about all major immigrations: Irish, Italians, Jews, Mexican etc.

Look at how the robber barons busted unions.

Look how workers were exploited during the Industrial Revolution.

And dare I leave out workplace discrimination against women and gays?

Look at the Japanese American interment?

What am I leaving out?

Sine the Word Verification is droid, robots?

Suo Mynona said...

Are Hal and Bogo getting like Nemasket and MiddleborReview on Waxing prolific to each other.

Hal Brown said...

I don't read those two blogs. Nonetheless what would we do without your pithy aphoristic critiques?

Tatooless said...

How come everytime I try to stay anonymous someone figure me out.

Lets try this.

Tattooless said...

Ooops! Its Tattooless Two Ts.

I guess its back to monkey. Jeez..

Hal Brown said...

You win the Academy Award for being the most obvious sock puppet (click here) on the blogs.

Hal Brown said...

P.S. For those who want to see an enlargement of your picture click here.

Monkey said...

Whats the tattoo stand for?

Monkey said...


bogofree said...

Hal likes this site since he can create all those blue lines - Technical braggart he is. Then again, no one reads him anywhere else. How desperate was he? Posting on Gladys! Talk about a pummeling . He was warned by the astute posters here and so far Gladys has not lowered herself to my standards and do battle with him here. Real cage match.

Hal has enough sense not to post too much loony moonbat insights as that will just rustle up the masses and he'll have to deal with Mildly, Suo, Rigger and just about everyone else. He’ll stick to CHB.

As far as his psy stuff....I've said this a few years we will look at psychology like we do about astrology - it's fun but don't take it seriously.

Hal said he'll treat me to lunch today as I suspect he considers "generous" a 5% tip.

I think that is enough of a beat down although Suo is sounding like a jilted lover.

Suo Mynona said...


Hal Brown said...

This will mostly likely be on the local news tonight. Lots of people saw it circling before it landed and they noticed it looked like it was in trouble.

Coast Guard helicopter makes emergency landing in Middleboro

Hal Brown said...

Not too many years from now brain imaging technology and other ways to find out what is happening in the brain through blood tests and DNA analysis will lead to the discovery of many underlying biological causes of what are now considered mostly psychological disorders.

Way back when Freud predicted this would happen and that was even before blood tests, EEGs and xray machines.

Eventually we will know why two people can have virtually identical experiences, whether throughout their childhood or after a trauma, and one turns out a happy well adjusted adult and the other has debilitating psychiatric disorders.

North Slope Rigger said...

Yo, Bozo, I went bargain hunting a few weeks ago:

AA at $10

GE at $11

c at $5

UAUA at $9

WTF! How much lower? These are all well under ten and sinking.

Nobody is making any money. Yeah, build a casino and they will come? Who? No one got nothing.

Back to baseball. Nice job on skewering someone on the Braves.

Work is drying up for me. Home today and all next week. Anybody need some welding? Maybe build a casino at Fore River.

bogofree said...

I have them all, Rigger, and one does stand out - C (Citigroup). This is the poster child for incompetence in banking and the taxpayers should not have given this group of hustlers and con artists a dime. They failed for a reason...a simple reason...a reason that all the MBA's from Wharton and Harvard cannot cure - they are stupid. The discovery is now that way too many involved in the financial sector seem to have the moral character of Jabba The Hutt.

I am waiting for Bumpkin to finally do something constructive and link that video of the BOS. I managed to miss the original flame out and subsequent replays so Mark will have to provide it and the popcorn. From other bloggers I get the impression that this was not a shining moment for Steve Spataro and that no laugh track will be necessary.

I also noticed that the "Queen Of Cut And Paste" has been omitted from the Green Committee for one reason or another - poor communication on Jessie's part or someone else. Either way she should be on the committee. I may disagree with her a SLIGHT bit on a few things but her site is almost pure energy issues. Agree with her views or not she does have extensive information available and as I have posted before just expand the rolls to eight.

Hal and I barely made it through the front door for lunch - didn’t think we looked that bad. Of course Hal had another classic line and he was serious: “Do you think a $1 tip is too much for a $30 bill?” But at least he was paying as I weaseled my way out of it.

bogofree said...

Interesting article from Sorry no blue line.

Monkey said...

Thats nice you two went out for lunch. First the Y now Two old dudes eating together and talking. friend..

Hal Brown said...

If yo post and click to be notified of subsequent posts by email, when you get an email with a link like Bogo just posted, it is clickable within the email even though it isn't on this website.

Damn, I should have written down that a href link code for Bogo and given it to him so at least two of us could easily post clickable links.

How many of you copy and paste web addresses into the toolbar to read them?

If you all do when you're curious, then forget it.

If that's too much of a strain learn how to make the active links. Here's a link to The Wall Street Journal article "After the crash, stocks may face long road back"

"History suggests there's no guarantee of quick rebound; Buy and hold -- for decades?

"When will the end of the world end?"

Well I fully expect MY world will end within a couple of decades so I just don't have that kind of time.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monkey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monkey said...

I will respond to this anonymous e mail here. I asked the questions here and expected a response out in the open. I have nothing to hide.

I asked for names and quotes or any lies I have told.

You didn't provide one thing I asked for.

Do not send e mails I have others doing reservations they don't need to be harassed by you.

Your anonymous, You have an anonymous e mail there is no winning an argument with anonymous.

If you have something to say to me say it here.

Now again Ill ask you to Name the most nastiest quote with a Name attached!!

Or list the lies I have told about anybody!!

This is the sixth time asking...

Have a good night anonymous. Sleep tight you coward.

Blogger Shark said...

Online Auction

Click Here ****

Town of Plympton Endorses Illegal Activites?
The Town of Plympton Massachusetts website endorses local anti casino blogger who has posted and moderated statements and accusations of a potential litigious kind.

Directing the people of Plympton to a blog on the Town Website, One assumes they are endorsing all of the actions of the blogger Gladys Kravitz.

Will this make the Town of Plympton party to the blog of Mary Tufts of Bridgewater? That is for the courts to decide. One would assume that the Town has deeper pockets than most citizens.

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey.
Sing it: Why'd you lie to me?

The feds have yet to knock on our doors. Must be to busy to chase after a little monkey's lies.

Monkey said...

You fool that Plymton thing is not written by me it was copied from another website and yes it was posted on my site at one time.
It was a Copyright violaton for me to do that and it was removed. You asked me to remove it.

www.marytufts. com ???

I guess other anti bloggers taking out names of blogs in others names don't count in your book. One blog still exsists.

I know two wrongs don't make a right. I guess thats why nothing has ever been written on it.

Now how many sites does Glady's and others have attacking Pro people??? Including you??? there not blank. There's lies, doctored childrens photos, pure harassment of others. Problem is you don't delete stuff, I do when asked. You think its fine to bother people on those other sites.

If this is considered the worst thing I've ever done OH! boy I'm in big trouble....

Unless your Mary Tufts, Which your not it would seem you came out of the slimey Pond water just to harass me and others anonymously.

I don't have any message board, My website is news articles, I don't go around posting where to find addresses, I don't doctor childrens photos, I don't have people watching sites just to stalk and cause problems. Why would you admit something like that? Most of all I don't have young girls calling the police for me trespassing in there back yard.

Here is a straight up Lie from anti's blogs..from a week or two ago.

"Don't worry Al we will be there in numbers to support you"

The poor guy actually listened to what you people were writing.

Thank God for Chic a real stand up guy! He showed up thats what counted. Even that one guy that was sitting in the background moved out of the cameras view. LOL!
It was like I don't want no part of this...

Nice People. Those anonymous sockpuppet commenters.

Monkey said...

RE: A quote from an anonymous E mail.

"We made sure that there were enough of us to provide coverage of your site throughout the day. In that way, if you posted something at 4 AM and deleted it, we saved it"

I have been saying that all along it is nothing new. Pure harassment.. You fools even had shifts. LMAO....

You said it not me..

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Mr. Q.

Of course your website only prints articles now. Some uniforms paid you a visit a few weeks back because of a threat you made, and it wasn't to Mary. Care to tell people about THAT? Think we didn't know?

You didn't get any anonymous emails from ME, buddy. I'm not the only anti reading here. That's not my way. I'd prefer face to face, when the secrets all come out. And a lot of people know those secrets, don't they, Mr. Q?

Someone at those little coven meetings has a big mouth, someone you guys foolishly trusted. We know who was there and what was plotted.

Don't waste your time looking at your 'enemies'. The Judas is one of your own.

Blogger Shark said...

Your website, you former forum(s), your responsiblity.
Youre are a bottom feeding harasser
Chomp, chomp, chomp.

bogofree said...

Well, this has the potential to be an interesting day of posting. Monkey and shark going at it! A cage match? Looks like questions being asked and answered or semi answered.

bogofree said...

Oops...left out Dog....volley to Limo....return the serve.

Hal Brown said...

Monkey and Blogger Shark in bed together, and next thing you know,

there's a cute little baby monkey shark.

bogofree said...

Hal equals techical show off - wait...he paid for lunch...Hal equals technical wizard.

Monkey said...

Some uniforms paid you a visit a few weeks back because of a threat you made, and it wasn't to Mary.

Call the Middleboro Cheif of police for an answer to that lie.

The other one about Mary call the Bridgewater Police department about that other 1 year lie.


Hal Brown said...

Bogo, to get you to lay off I will buy you lunch again in trade for agreeing to let me show you how to use the features Blogger - Blogspot allows a blog owner.

We can go to McDonalds or Cafe Milano which both have WiFi and I'll bring my laptop.

I'll even bring a camera and we can put your picture on your blog.

In an hour I can have your blog looking better than Mary Tuft's masterpiece.

I can even put a picture of you (link) on your blog.

Monkey said...

"I'd prefer face to face"

So would I.

I have a reporter from the Boston Herald all lined up. If you care to expose yourself from your anonymous Name and go public with how people act on the internet with in the Political debates.

Send me an e mail and I'll set the whole thing up.

Monkey said...

I don't have a clue what meetings your talking about.

The ones where questions like, what kind of pancake mix was going to be used or Blueberries or Rasberries Toppings were discussed.

A community meeting that generated over $1000.00 for the Middleboro COA OH! yes I'm from Raynham I'm bad for helping Middleboro.


Rocky said...

Shark is at Oak Point
Shark knows only what A B tells him.
Shark is my neighbor.

Chump Chump Chump

Monkey said...

OH my, someone just sent me an e mail.

Did you actually read the comments 90% of it was in response to CFO bloggers nasty comments on blogs.

What really proved something was the keywords at the bottom.

Thank You.

Monkey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monkey said...

I love you all. Fish if you ever want to go public let me know.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I was talking about meeting mano a mano, squishy. Give you a platform before a reporter? Haven't you caused yourself enough embarassment?

BTW, why did you mention the Middleboro Police if you didn't know exactly who and what I was referring to?

Also, I'm not talking about meetings to plan pancake breakfasts. I'm talking about more clandestine gatherings involving a certain litigator, all now transcribed.

Email you? Not likely. After all the crap comes out publicly, I'll have my own attorney set something up with you. No way I'm giving you a chance to twist my words.

BTW, recently you posted "not in my hood". Have you taken a look around you lately? Does this area look like "the hood" to you?

You haven't asked me any question 3 or 4 times. Until now there's been no discourse between us. And the fact that you're recieving emails only proves that others are reading what's going on here.

Monkey said...

RE: To Anonymous Dog and Fish.

"I'd prefer face to face"

So would I.

I have a reporter from the Boston Herald all lined up. If you care to expose yourself from your anonymous Name and go public with how people act on the internet with in the Political debates.

Send me an e mail and I'll set the whole thing up.

bogofree said...

If you characters want to meet be my guest as I will offer my services as the mediator - provided you pay for my meal. I have no problem with any CFO types (I'm on their mailing list) or any pro's since I occasionally associate with them. You have my email on this blog. Shark, Dog, Monkey et al...I'll be glad to do it. I'd bring my Adam Bond special to keep you folks in order but its been recalled. are on! I'll bring my laptop also since I suspect you drag around a TRS80 in a handcart with a twisted coat hanger for your wi fi. I will gladly pose for a valuable collectable known as a Ferret Photo. Better than Mary? She has some high end stuff but just cut and paste is high end to me. As long as I can put up a photo and get a blue line.

LMAO said...

Bozo. These guys are hilarious but I give them credit as they are not too far over the top. Seems like a lot of old news but it's like a rerun of a TV show. Sometimes you see stuff the second time around you missed the first time. LMAO!

Hal Brown said...

My 65th birthday present in January was a MacBook Pro but bring along the laptop you're familiar with.

Email me and we can set up a time and place.

LMAO said...

Bogo I made the previous post before I saw your offer. Heck, you go for a ride with BB and lunch with Hal so I guess a trip to the zoo would be easy with a monkey, shark and dog. I hope they take you up on it as I can imagine what you will blog. LMAO!

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I read that the 1st time and answered you.

Lawyers, not reporters, numb nuts.
You've already had enough free publicity.

If you'd only learned when and how to keep your mouth shut, you wouldn't be in this pickle now. BTW, deleting something doesn't make it go away.

And again----no emails. When the time is right, when everything comes out, you'll be contacted personally.

Monkey said...

RE: To Anonymous Dog and Fish and anyone else that wants to attend.

"I'd prefer face to face"

So would I.

I have a reporter from the Boston Herald all lined up. If you care to expose yourself from your anonymous Name and go public with how people act on the internet with in the Political debates.

Send me an e mail and I'll set the whole thing up.

LMAO said...

Bozo. I don't think any of them have the balls to meet face to face especially with you around. LMAO!

You may have to start posting baseball information! Looks like all three of them are doing a toxic. LMAO!

Boys, oh boys, the casino is on hold and may be forever as far as our town is concerned. Too many outsiders fanning the flames for me, Raynham, Carver, Bridgewater, Lakeville and Raynham Center. I agree with Bogo (damn) that we will have casinos but where is the next question to be answered and IMO that means Middleboro is a long shot.

Monkey said...

Lets meet Bogo and Hal will you join us I have folders of garbage to show Mr Dog or whoever.

Very public place is all I ask..

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