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America once had tribes and those tribes numbered in the hundreds and with their sub groups the thousands and one stands out - the Cherokee. This tribe recognized the relentless expansion of the Europeans/Americans and that their technology and numbers were far superior to that of The People. They reasoned that the only possible path to survival was to adopt the ways of the invaders as repugnant as that may me. The People created their own written language, adapted the dress and customs of the invaders, lived in towns and built schools as they did everything possible to emulate their soon to be oppressors. The lands were coveted by the invaders and eventually The People were placed on a force march and sent hundreds of miles for their home. A Bataan Death March for the Cherokee.

What happened to the Cherokee is a song written in many histories but a tune played most vocally on our continent. Let’s just bypass the Spanish and concentrate on the Europeans and later the new nation - The United States. Westward expansion is a constant theme in our history for once even Middleboro or the outskirts of Plymouth was considered the frontier. The biggest obstacle to expansion was the native population and that was solved by systematic exploitation and what in their histories is described as a genocide. In our histories we term it the “Indian Wars” but as reflection and revisionism becomes more of our history the truth is being written and recorded and it sadly parallels their interpretation.

President WOW has managed to oversee the worse drop in indexes any incoming president has faced. In the last six weeks alone the DOW has shrunk another 25% and some financial pundits not aligned with either stagnant party have forecast a DOW at 2,000 by year end. There Is only one person to blame. Just one. Not the Republicans, Democrats , Rush or anyone else this is squarely the responsibility of Obama. The credit bubble and housing mess are at the vortex of it all and little has been done. Sure there was a few American Gothic photo ops of Ma and Pa before their three bedroom slab ranch getting some type of assistance but not once has the nuts and bolts of how to handle the banking crisis been detailed. Nothing, really. A few or more than a few who may not even be called wing nuts have suggested this is deliberate - make things so piss poor that the fast track for cradle to grave socialism will be wide open. I just dismiss that for I go for the Occam’s Razor approach of a simple explanation. IMO they are totally baffled about what to do. The problem is simply so difficult that the previous remedies - bailouts, stimulus, more bailouts, more stimulus and capped off with rhetoric just are not working. No details simply because they have no plan hence no details. The financial markets will continue to erode and your investments by year end will be twenty cents on the dollar versus 2007. Remember - I told you so…or, hopefully, I’ll visit the Crow Mart for a double helping.

The casino is big news as usual and at the center is the proposal for slot parlors. I have no problem with that as long as the d├ęcor has the appropriate tackiness. I’d like some velvet paintings of dogs playing poker, 20 pound over weight women stuffed into cocktail dresses, watered down drinks - you get the idea. It’s all about the ambience to me and all about the money to others I.E. - our nearly bankrupt state.

Interesting discussions last week on impact of bloggers upon the casino issue. As with any issue feel free to carry it forward.

OK...too much political babble.

Post away.


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Week 16 said...
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Week 16 said...
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Week 16 said...

Wood Spiders

Let me try this.

Rocky said...

I'll be first this week to follow up last weeks comments of SPG.

BB puts himself out there as the anointed one. His ramblings are wrought with I's Me's and Mine's.

You wonder why people think what they do of him? Get out of his bed and think about it for ten seconds.

He called the people the worst of a generation. He should include himself thrice.

He called people with an ideas contrary to him that have lived here thier whole life haters of the community because they didn't support his CPA. If Mark cared so much and didn't want the recognition, you would have had someone else head it up and could have strongly supported it.

But Like Adam, It's all about Mark.

Well Mark should learn some manners or go home to where you came from less than ten years ago. I have been here too long to listen to some city slicker like Mark, who came to my town and preaches to know everything.

To Mark:

Mark, you know nothing about this town. When you figure that out, then you can talk.

And the day someone you knows dies from AIDS, you might have a heart and remember what you said on your blog.

Back to SPG:

That is why people do not like Mr. Bumpkin. That is why they go after his comments of town loathing in his blog.

bogofree said...

To carry over from week 15 if you took that slipprey slope into the past you would view journalism that would make your toes curl compared to what is published by mainstream or blogs today. Slander would be too mild a term.

The elections only recently have become civilized matters and so has the press that backs various opinions. Child's play to what a bit of research will show.

What I have found alarming is the recent attempts by the far left to ressurect the Fairness Doctrine. That issues appears to have stalled since WOW has shown zero inclination to render it any support. The key to the First Amendment is not less free speech but more. I'm sure if the tables were turned and talk radio was a haven for the left rather than the right you would see the far right pumping up the Fairness issue. I really have seen not much difference between the extremes of the left and right.

As far as site traffic I also pay little attention to that. I have posted a baseball site I am active with. Our site is currently ranked 18th out of top 100 nationwide and has actually been in the top ten. We have had jounalist from print on open chats on many occasions - among the most respected and honored in the sport - yet I never consider the site to have any degree of influence. We get thousands of hits but a handful of comments.

With non sport blogs I feel that it is wrong to confuse hits with agreement as many just cruise a site. Few will actually post even with real hot button issues. Some bloggers (not Hal) have actually told me that their site traffic is a vindication of their postion(s) on certain issues.

Locally - as Suo pointed out - some of the bloggers have been real personal with the employment history of others and Hal is case in point #1 closely followed by Limo. With Hal the entire issue appears to revolve around a percieved conflict between his profession and how it conflicts with a public position. He has explained that issue many times but I'm sure many a letter has been send to various agencies regarding this "conflict." I may be sympathetic to those who see such a contridiction but not to the level of excessive personal attacks.

I have no idea of the occupations of some of the more vocal bloggers among the anti's nor do I really care since it has little to do with the issue.

bogofree said...

Gee...Rocky beat me to it. Some old guys are quicker than others but I better not get into that.

Lively discussion last week.

LMAO said...

The bloggers have no real influence since their appeal is to their own group and for those who just hate their guts to view the site so they can post elsewhere like I do. I've copied over piles of comments and posted it here and on toxic. You disagree with MR,CC, MT and "1623" do you think it turns into a constructive excahnge? LMAO! Do they even post it? LMAO!

Over here you get Mike and whatever he calls himself today, Hal, Shark, SPG, Dog and a blend it seems of pro and anti who are not killing each other, looking up names in phone books or trashing each other.

I found the exchange by Shark and SPG excellent. They are of the same cloth but have disagreements and had an exchange along with others that made me THINK!

Week 16 said...

I just want to no, Do you think JL would let me right an article for the gazeete?

anonymous said...

souds gud two mees weak 16

Suo Mynona said...

Can we have a cut and paste contest between Hal and Jessie?

No plagiarism allowed.

Suo Mynona said...

How come only Belanger and Hal grace blogs with their personal picture?

Is it something that signifies a person as an authentic journalist? Maybe is just narcissism.

Relax Hal I am joking. But it would be awesome if you provided a full treatise on narcissism.

Suo Mynona said...


Based on your personal experience, how long will it take BB to become a refined journalist?

anonymous said...

Jessie will win. No contest.

Hal at least has shown a sense of humor that I find totally lacking in MR.

bogofree said...

Here is a good contest. Have Hal and BB try to answer a yes or no question in less than 500 words. LOL!

Hey....I can't knock Hal as he managed to get me to finally do those blue line links. Only took him three hours and he did remove his few remaining strans of hair over the frustration. Also has provided me with the technical information to do a thumbnail post of pictures. I'll concentrate on that the next few weeks. My fallback on that is Limo.

Family Guy said...

This is how you make an impression? Headlines of one blog is "Big Blond Doofus" for Cahill since his latest proposal has hit the news. Yeah, the anti's never toss around any garbage. "1623" calls him "slots." I could point out plenty of examples of similar titles bestowed upon those who had the audacity to take a position that was contrary to the accepted wisdow of anti casino groups and especially a handfull of local bloggers. Does anyone within that group seriously think anyone will take them as anything more than a local group of crackpots?

The connection between the flamming bloggers and cfo is clear and has been established for 18 or so months. IMO all that cfo gets from any pols is just lip service and I strongly suspect that behind the backs of cfo they are viewed as nothing more than said crackpots.

Hal Brown said...

Suo, I'm not going to actually write a full treatise about narcissism. I've written enough on the subject in my attempts to explain the behavior for politicians including George W. Bush and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

For those interested in learning about narcissism as mental disorder and trying to better understand people you actually know (including yourself) you don't have to look further than the definition in the current psychiatric manual which lists these criteria:

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following

* has a grandiose sense of self-importance
* is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
*believes that he or she is "special" and unique
* requires excessive admiration
*has a sense of entitlement
* is interpersonally exploitative
* lacks empathy
*is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
* shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

A person can have less than five of these characteristics and still come across as a narcissist. But if you have five or more you will probably find that people are put off by them.

If you want to learn more Google it.

Hal Brown said...

As for how long it will take for Mark to become a "refined journalist", thanks for considering me worthy of asking for my opinion on this.

I think he has the basic ability but really needs an unmerciful editor or should take an adult education writing class, or both.

A few simple lessons for newspaper writing:

Use short paragraphs, one or two sentences often suffice.

Avoid complex sentence construction.

If you think something you write is funny, it probably won't be to anybody else.

If you really want to influence readers, or entertain them, or both, you should try to put yourself in their place. Ask someone to honestly assess your writing before you submit it.

What may be riveting or hilarious to the author may be a giant yawn to readers.

This is especially true when you write for a general audience like Gazette readers.

Jane could do him a big favor and give him an absolute limit as to length and force him to cut his columns down by half. I know he isn't getting paid by the word.

anonymous said...

The readers should be getting paid by the word. WTC was that paper thinking? JL occasionally posts on his site of five so maybe that's why she dragged him out? When you see what Maddigan writes or Clint and Lyman use to write you see how far that op-ed page has sunk. JL turns out good stories and columns but BB?

Nice points, Hal, but I think Bogo was probably better at picking up some tech lessons than BB ever will be picking up writing lessons. Good point with the spacing as most columns today are like bullet notes.

I read his work and MR and it just sounds like preaching to me. The reader wants to be part of the column or story and not be given a lesson.

??????????? said...

I see from your last two posts, Hal, that yours hang to the floor. Sorry, I need to take a long break from reading you.

Hal Brown said...

I admire anyone who puts their writing out there where a fairly large number of readers can judge it.

You open yourself to all manner to criticism. In a small town like ours reader reaction can become quite personal up to and beyond insults and mockery.

It isn't easy to come up with something new to write every week or two. To have it be good is even more difficult.

Columnists who write twice a week for major papers have to not only come up with two well crafted pieces a week; but they have to try to write something original on issues that any others are also writing about.

I am in awe at how the best of them do it.

A small-timer like me stands in their shadows and trembles when I write about something I know far better writers will also be writing about.

I wrote about Rush Limbaugh this week and pushed my attempt to be creative well into the area of desperation, even changing the title when not enough people seemed to be reading it.

Hal Brown said...

?????????? Be my guess. No hard feelings, not that you give a mound of rabbit droppings. I'm sure you can find something suitable to read that isn't too taxing.

Hal Brown said...

???????? I meant "be my guest".

Suo Mynona said...


How dreadful and or entertaining is my writing? Do I influence your opinions? Am I fair and balanced with my commentary about BBs blogging? Would you like my pontifications to be more profound?

I ask because Hal, the resident journalist at small, says:

"If you really want to influence readers, or entertain them, or both, you should try to put yourself in their place. Ask someone to honestly assess your writing..."

I, unlike some, have no delusions about either my writing skulls or influence.

Week 16 said...

"I, unlike some, have no delusions about either my writing skulls"

I hear ya! Its spelded Skills.@^_^@

anonymous said...

I checked out Hal's link to multiple blogs and scanned his. They were a riot! I never laughed so hard. What's that? They are serious pieces? Never mind.

BB is just dreadful. His commentary is hopeless. He is just not that interesting.

Rocky said...

Hey Bogo, who you calling a Guy?

That was a joke. I am a guy and I am old.

Suo, I like your writings. I read them.

Suo Mynona said...

This must be a "really cool" place to work. I wonder where they get all their feathers.

anonymous said...

Time for Atty Bond to update his websites and on line resume. He still says he is a second term, sitting Middleborough Selectman and Middleboro Selectman, 2004–Present.

bogofree said...

Rocky reads Suo....that gives Suo one more reader than Bumpkin.

Hal Brown said...

Despite the occasional undercooked wiener posting here this is the most entertaining Middleboro blog, or at least that's what this critic at small thinks.

@^_^@ said...

What do you people think about that cow thing over in Lakeville?

Is it true for fun you go out and tip a cow over while its sleeping?

bogofree said...

In Australia they are concerned about the methane ouput of animals and how it may impact the environment. A study is being conducted to determine how to reduce the flatulence

Suo Mynona said...

It is interesting to compare what you wrote on March 8, 2009 11:23 AM to the *bullets* Hal posted on March 8, 2009 5:05 PM

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

I don't think anyone really influences my opinion. But as a poster you pay attention to what others say, state your thoughts in a concise way that's readily understood, and show respect to others. Your style is conversational and an enjoyable read. BB obviously gets under your skin. That's OK. We all have something or someone we want to vent about. For the most part I find this to be a decent bunch. Bogo's being laid back and having a good sense of humor is probably why this blog works better than any of the others.

chica said...

Bogo writes his little sermon and stays out of the way. I have watched how he does manage to direct traffic on topics and give a gentle hint or two when things appear to be going in the wrong direction. Bogo has stated this is our forum.

I find everyone who posts here to be respectful even if they disagree and the comments are a fine blend of humor and thinking points. I post little but I read as a regular.

Hal Brown said...

Adam Bond's nickname in his University of Michigan fraternity, Delta Isilon, was "tipper".

No kidding, check it out.

That's him in the lower left in the hat.

drive-by said...

Ahhh Hal!!! That site costs $$$ to join and view. I'm too cheap.

Hal Brown said...

Can't type for a damn this morning, I meant to write Delta Upsilon, otherwise known as DU.

Hal Brown said...

I wasn't about to pay just to get a better picture of Adam in his fedora, but this is taken from the picture on the free page, which has the text that calls him Adam Bond "Tipper".

I don't think that's an official fraternity title, and cow tipping supposedly was something done as a fraternity prank in Michigan.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

So, Hal, are you saying he is really Tipper Gore? Maybe a lousy tipper? Check that out at Honey Dew. Maybe he's a cow tipper? Maybe the "S" and "R" were missing and he was really a stripper? Chipendales?

What until Gladys gets this. Another scoop before her. Good journalism is getting the story first and getting it out first.

Hal Brown said...

Maybe Mary Tufts will put me on retainer as a stringer or investigator for "Glady Kravitz: Middleboro's Nosy Neighbor".

Perhaps she could use another photographer. I have a large library of pictures of celebrities on both sides of the casino controversy. She could pay me for photos the way Jane does with those invisible checks.

I'm not holding my breath to have such recognition of my talent bestowed on me. I'd be more likely to receive a Pulitzer for local reporting first.

After all, she wouldn't even agree to sit down and meet with me face-to-face to talk about problem gambling like Rich Young and Mark Belanger did.

I guess that's the difference between dogmatic zealots and those willing to engage those they have disagreements with in an open minded dialog.

Hal Brown said...

If you're just reading the main page and don't click on Post Comment, you miss seeing the thumbnail pictures.


Is anybody interested in having me try to explain, step by step, how to put thumbnail pictures next to your posts? There are millions of pictures to choose from online or you can use pictures you've taken yourself.

Suo Mynona said...

I am interested in learning how to create those fancy blue line line links. I want to learn because of my narcissistic traits. I can't stand not knowing while Bogo does. LMCAO

*preoccupied with fantasies of brilliance

*has a sense of entitlement

* is interpersonally exploitative

*is often envious of others

Hal Brown said...

It's not possible for me to just show you the code because of the way Bogger works. Look under the posting box and you'll see HTML tags. The crucial symbols are the less than (above the coma) and greater than arrow (above the period).

These enclose ALL code. (The reason you may not have been able to use the b for bold and i for italics is that the other part of the codes is /b and /i. You put the /b and /i between the arrows.

To make a "blue link" put the following (using CNN for an example) between the arrows as shown with b, i and a under the text box.

a href=""

The only space has to be between the a and the href.

You must enclose the web address in quotes and it must include http://

Then type whatever you want to appear as a blue link, in this case you'd type CNN webpage for example.

Then, using the arrows on each side put /a

and you're done.

It should look and work like this:

CNN website

Rocky said...

Hal was almost stealing my ideas. I don't want to say that we think alike.

Scary as it sounds.

To Dog:

Mark B gets under our collective skin for the reasons I stated and more. It angers me that he blathers like an idiot and as one example shows no caring for people who have died a horrible death.

Mark thinks AIDS is funny. It was the first thing he mentioned in his blog. He is as inhumane as the person who dragged that cow to its death in Lakeville.

Mark does things, and I am sure someone will list them all out again here, that are unaccaptable for a human to do or say to another.

Mark needs to turn in his human card. I vote to kick him out of the club.

Hal Brown said...

Rocket J.,

Just call me Boris Badenov.

. said...


How does one connect a lap top to the tv? If I play this movie on the lap top is there a away to connect it to the tv?

Hal Brown said...

There may be. You will need an adaptor and a cable.

First check your TV and see what kinds of inputs it has. Some have an Input 3 on the front. Draw a sketch of what the input or inputs look like and write down anything that seems relevant.

You will need a cable that fits one or more of your TV inputs which is long enough to reach where you want to set your laptop. You don't need an expensive shielded cable.

Take your laptop to a Radio Shack, Best Buy, or another store that has electronics and see if they have an adaptor that will fit your laptop.

You plug one end of that into your laptop and the other to the cable which gets plugged into your TV.

Here's an example.

. said...

I just looked I have S Video plugs on both is that all I need is a s video cable?

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mildly said...

Curious as to why men seem much more antagonistic toward BB than women. I don't agree with him on any issue, but I can't in all honestly call him boring or inarticulate. It's the women bloggers---one nosy neighbor in particular---that I find irritating.

. said...

Its No Joke

. said...

Millions are waiting to die.

40 Million

Very articulate stuff alright..

Hal Brown said...

I just looked I have S Video plugs on both is that all I need is a s video cable?

That should work.

If you already have an S-Video cable, even if you're using it to connect another component, give it a try.

That's really a good feature for a laptop as it saves you buying an adapter. What kind of laptop do you have?

(I have a video adaptor for my old Apple laptop but it doesn't fit on my new one.)

bogofree said...

Mildly...don't pay any attention to the cranks that show up here as they are both envious and cannot recognize the real talent that BB is. Shamefull. I'm well above that except for that minor incident at Then again, it might be a woman thing. After all JL is his editor. He is kind of chunky...oops....I mean HUNKY! Male envy? Could me. Seems Suo gets a little green when he realizes BB and I are going for a ride/run.

mildly said...

Bogo. LOL. It's also probably a girl thing that makes me more snarky about other women. Which reminds me...I've always wondered why it seems to turn guys on when women get down and dirty with each other.

bogofree said...

Bring on the jello! Wet tee shirts and the mud pit. OMG! Girl fights are something. Worse fights in school are the girls. Nasty. The aftermath is even worse. Guys just move on but the girls? They'll be at their 25th reunion and go at it. Never forget.

Hal Brown said...

Unfortunately Jane doesn't put Mark's columns online, nor does she put on the letters to the editor.

I think we should have Jessie start a petition drive to encourage Jane to put Mark and the letters online.

Mark has writing talent but like I suggested I think he would do well to tighten up his prose.

Here's a bunch of articles from ProJo with tips on writing newspaper columns.

LMAO said...

Minor incident? Like calling WW II a skirmish. LMAO!

Mildly, guys do not like being told what to do even when what they are being told is correct. With women we generally keep our yaps closed but with guys? NFW!

BB is the ultimate moonbat unlike Hal who will waver from the herd a bit. His attitude comes across in his writing. I know what is best for you and if you pay me no heed than you are (fill in the blank). He has filled in those blanks many times with prose not designed to impress but to infuriate. For months I thought he and Jessie were the same person! Honest! They thought and wrote the same. I also suspect Bogo and Adam are the same person. Just kidding. LMAO!

LMAO said...

Bozo. 3PM and the markets are still heading south. I'd sell but nobody wants to buy!

Thought you said an Obama bounce?


AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a disease that makes it difficult for the body to fight off infectious diseases. The human immunodeficiency virus known as HIV causes AIDS by infecting and damaging part of the body's defenses against infection — lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell in the body's immune (infection-fighting) system that is supposed to fight off invading germs.

HIV can be transmitted through direct contact with the blood or body fluid of someone who is infected with the virus. That contact usually comes from sharing needles or by having unprotected sex with an infected person. An infant could get HIV from a mother who is infected.

Though there are treatments for HIV and AIDS, there are no vaccines or cures for them. But there are things you can do to prevent you and your child from getting the disease.


Worldwide: UNAIDS estimates that as of December 2000, there were an estimated 36.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS (34.7 million adults and 1.4 million children under 15). Since the epidemic began, an estimated 21.8 million people have died of AIDS (17.5 million adults and 4.3 million children under 15).

An estimated 5.3 million new HIV infections occurred in 2000. During 2000, HIV- and AIDS-associated illnesses caused deaths of an estimated 3 million people, including 500,000 children under the age of 15.

In the United States: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are between 800,000 and 900,000 people living with HIV. Through December 2000, a total of 774,467 cases of AIDS have been reported to the CDC; of this number, 448,060 persons (representing 58% of cases) have died.


"4.3 million children under 15 died from AIDS"

Some find it comical.


anonymous said...

He Clarked up again. Really good about that. Man is consistent if nothing else. Bogo, does he read this blog? He gets killed here on a regular basis.

pseudonymous said...

Middleboro Gazette – Article Idea

"AIDS" in the Southeastern MA region. Mr. Belanger, the Gazette’s ace reporter will be able visit whore houses and will have accurate statistics because he will be able to have his “hands” on for the research completed.


My posts are not about one peticular person. Its about bringing awareness to how serious a problem it is. Come on we have some highly educated and proffecinal people on here.

bogofree said...

LMAO. My 3:30PM prediction is that the bounce today will be up for a close around even - give or take 1/4 per cent. I heard an economist with no political axe to grind or even an American who stated the reaction to Obama is that "They don't believe in him."
I did an expected an Obama bounce two months ago in conjunction with the bailout. I bought heavy in blue chips and got totally clarked. Losses near 50% in six weeks.

Hal is a moonbat on some issues and in others just the opposite. I don't wish to speak for him but from speaking with him I found some areas in which he and Rush would probably give each other a hug. Off course looking at Rush and Hal would be like Penn and Teller.

Anon: I have mentioned to BB on several occasions he was getting killed on my blog but he said he doesn't read it. If he did he is capable of responding. I post on his blog when the mood or issue suits me.

drive-by said...

Jane invited BB to write a column because she knew anything with his by-line would cause controversy. Controversy sells papers. And BB said once, "Any publicity is good."
So, for both of them this is a win/win collaboration. That column will last as long as it increases circulation. So, I stopped buying it.

Liver Disease said...

What is cirrhosis?
Cirrhosis is a condition in which the liver slowly deteriorates and malfunctions due to chronic injury. Scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue, partially blocking the flow of blood through the liver. Scarring also impairs the liver’s ability to

control infections
remove bacteria and toxins from the blood
process nutrients, hormones, and drugs
make proteins that regulate blood clotting
produce bile to help absorb fats—including cholesterol—and fat-soluble vitamins
A healthy liver is able to regenerate most of its own cells when they become damaged. With end-stage cirrhosis, the liver can no longer effectively replace damaged cells. A healthy liver is necessary for survival.

drive-by said...

Most hilarious quote:
"Hal, the resident journalist at small." Suo


bogofree said...

OK...the markets are all down well over one percent. How can I claim I was right when I was wrong? Must have been all those ESL teachers I got my info from.

Suo Mynona said...

No Joke:

Nice posts. Your comments exemplify the gravity of the issue.

I initially brought Belanger's comments to light here. The topic took off because people realized how asinine and insensitive his comment was. There are very few people that would stoop to that level of a PUBLIC comment in today's world.

Mr. Belanger appears to hold his own opinions in such high regard that disregards the suffering of the less fortunate.

Hal Brown said...

I just listened to an interesting argument on Obama's allowing federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, which Bush had banned.

The man arguing against was adamant that even if the frozen stem cell was destined to be thrown away, using it for research was the same as killing a baby.

His solution was to put all embryonic stems cells up for adoption.

The woman with the counter argument made the case of all the lives that could be saved through this research.

They each seemed to understand each other's beliefs and positions but there was no room for compromise between them.

Sound familiar.

Big Mac said...

Slot machines are like going to McDonalds; gaining 400 pounds without eating one Big Mac.

Who can take offence to this statement? It makes one look just as asinine!

I like that word "asinine"

anonymous said...

He really posts first and thinks later. Think back to where Bogo went into great detail to explain the history behind a few posts that BB made that certainly represented a trip into the low lands. Graphic photos. If I recall Limo brought the issue up. Bogo didn't justify it but did explained it from his perspective since he was the target.

A few weeks ago one of his posters made the comment that Middlboro citizens where a bunch of third rate dips**ts. Bumpkin did not remove it but the poster did with an apology.

Now we have this as the latest example of just plain stupidity.

His standards are apparent when you look at what he allowed on his site - a confirmed liar and defended that action. Scruples? None at all.

Hal Brown said...

According to Mark, a list about slots made up cliches:

the crack cocaine of predatory gambling -- the equivalent of a whorehouse that offered AIDS infection but not sex -- a hospital that offered flesh-eating bacteria but not surgery -- a liquor stored that gave out liver disease but not booze

Memo from the editor at small:

A bad simile makes for a bad cliche (not that there are many good ones), and several bad cliches make for a lousy piece of writing.

bogofree said...

One out of nine people is an azz. I found that somewhere...maybe the Clark library.

Thankfully WOW reversed Bush policy since he does not have to curry favor from the wing nut faction of conservatives. However, I am sure he will make countless decisions that will be done not out of any great attachment to political philosophy but to political expediency and campaign debt.

I will not go over the issue of what happened on BB's site - again. All in the files here someone and view at your own leisure. BB does manage to max out at times on the insensitivity meter.

My wife has been doing extensive work within out house. Her latest project has been to repaint our family room and hand stencil some decorative designs. I have tried not to mention exactly what they look like but my daughter returned from work and started to laugh hysterically and told her to paint them over as it looks awful. My wife seemed to agree.

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

I didn't mean to co-opt (there's that word again) Bogo's title as Editor at Small. He is the owner, publisher and editor of Jessie Powell - Confirmed Liar and Other "stuff". Indeed, a triple thread.

So Bogo, you have an outhouse. We have had three outhouses on the bog property. One ended up rotting in the woods when we moved here. The one in use was on stilts over the ground where every once in a while someone would shovel lime over the pile of crap.

The we dug a ten foot deep pit next to the screen house (barn) and built a two seater.

Word verification (no kidding) farticin

Big Mac said...


You know what a "Dutch Oven" is?

Now don't cheat and look it up. I know BOGO knows this one.

Asinine or Moronic same thing I know!

Suo Mynona said...

Tell your wife that Martha Stewart uses turkey feathers for really cool paint effects on the wall. Ask BB where you can legally find some.

bogofree said...


There is a bog over in Freetown where the pump house is designed as an outhouse. Quite nice.

Sears catalog was the first form of toilet paper. Some of the flush toilets go back almost 3,000 years and the big bdevelopment was the S bend several centuries ago. I know a lot about s**t from reading various blogs - mine excluded.

Maybe Hal remembers his name? A Senator from Wyoming was running for office at least 20 years ago and was ticked at government regulations that he (and many others) deemed absurd. His campaign commercial showed a cowboy on horseback dragging an outhouse behind him.

Worse bathrooms in history were at Fenway years ago. The troughs. Leave it at that.

Stop Predatory Gambling said...

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

~~Margaret Thatcher~~

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

I don't know about the Lakeville pumphouse - outhouse.

I assume the Dutch over has something to do with a fart joke.

And now -

Hey kids, what time is it?

It's BOS time on cable.

And perhaps time for a running blog?

Dutch Oven said...

A fart joke? Where is your mind at.

A dutch oven is a pot you cook over an open fire.

Any cowboy knows that.

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

I cheated and looked it up on Wikipedia HERE.

Suo Mynona said...

Do you know of anyone that fits Hal's description?

* has a grandiose sense of self-importance
* shows arrogant attitudes
* requires excessive admiration
* lacks empathy
* is interpersonally exploitative
* is preoccupied with fantasies of brilliance
*often envious of others and believes others are envious of him or her
*has a sense of entitlement

Rocky said...

Adam and Mark.
Sitting in a tree
S-T-O-K-I-N-G egoise.

We coudl get off foreign dependence on oil if one could capture the hot air of Adam and Mark. Two people who love to hear themselves ramble on more than the other.

No fire works at the BOS meeting.

Rocky said...

88 comments on Monday. This may break 400 this week

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

Tribe reassesses size of casino is no surprise.

bogofree said...

I'm still in recovery mode from the BOS meeting. Enjoyed the Broadway Show put on as they did a song and dance around the tech issue.

Now we have some type of garden planned. I'll let the Hysterical Commission get their collective hooks into that. They'll state how many petals must be on each flower. I just get so confused thinking I'm living in DeerField or Louisberg Square.

400 posts among about a dozen or so posters. Thankfully the number of anonymous we have is rather slim or Hal will have to increase his Prozac dosage.

Bumpkin Bashing is in full throttle at this point.

Off to the last day of MCAS retesting. Your tax dollars hard at work.

Crude and Rude said...

Colin Powell stuck behind farting Bush.

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

I saw the first hour, the warning by Jane that some flowers and benches might render the building non-historical. Considering that the historical commission thought a drive through window Dunkin Donuts in the downtown historical district was acceptable I assume the flowers and benches will pass muster.

I heard the big debate about the constables and the confusion about how someone can be both on the auxiliary and a special.

I missed the Broadway show about the tech issues so could you let me know what I missed....

Now I Know said...

Warning Foul Mouth..

Listen to the first couple words from this keynote speaker

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

If you are a Sopranos fan and missed the amazing 27 minute video of every profanity uttered on the entire series, HERE IT IS AGAIN.

Starting with episode one, it is a reminder of many of the great moments from the show.

Obviously, not for sensitive ears.

Rocky said...

A. Frawley requested a video copy of meeting and was told that it would cost $35 or something.

They didn't want to pay, so Pat said that he thought they were at the library and was told they weren't and they the library doesn't want them because they are bulky.

Then Pat suggested that they allow the person to have the back up to make a copy or whatever and that wasn't acceptable because there aren't two copies. Only one and the other is reused over and over.

Then another person got up and said that he doesn't have cable but would be willing to give the town two vcrs to make copies and he would post the videos on the internet.

The town manager said that it was not acceptable that there was no space nor do they have the staff time.

I say, ask Jessie Powell what the proper procedure on requesting public documents are. I bet the way is to request, get a cost and either pay or not pay.

Frawley's comment that the cost of a DVD is expensive in a time when people are complaining about CPA at $50 a year.

I say that whatever the cost to the town is should be passed on to the person making the request.

Frawley talks at almost every meeting. He is there. What's he want to watch himself on TV. He is almost as narcasistic as M & A.

Suo Mynona said...

Rocky you said:

"88 comments on Monday. This may break 400 this week"

Just think how many posts there will be if Bumpkin decides to trash the whole town again.

Does Bumpkin have one positive thought inside that brain that is running out of ideas for columns?

He is getting writer's cramp these days though -- asking others for ideas.

Here is an idea for BB. Write an article on why it is "really cool" that pot has been decriminilized.

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

Don't they know that VCR's and video tapes are all but obsolete. Any school kid could tell them that.

They have been replaced by DVD player and recorders (DVR's), set top cable DVR's from Comcast and Verizon, and computers that burn DVD's and CD's. DVD recorders can be purchased for under $200.

All they would need is a DVD recorder to record the meeting from the television onto a master.

Then simply use a computer to burn copies of the master DVD onto a blank DVD. Any laptop can do this.

There may be expensive high speed professional DVD duplicators which will do this quickly, but for our purposes burning additional DVDs has to be done at real time speed.

Another option is to have someone tape the meetings with a video camera and transfer that recording onto a computer and burn DVD's from there. The quality would be better than what you see on TV now, but you'd need someone to make the recording who would need to focus on whoever is doing the talking.

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

Did he really say DVD's were expensive. He MUST have meant recorded DVD's of movies.

50 packs of blank (recordable) DVD's cost between $8.00 when on sale online and $17.95 in the store.

If the town didn't want to tie up one of their computers for the time it would take to burn a DVD use it for this, they could require the person to bring their own laptop in and burn it themselves.

They could leave it there and pick it up when it was done.

This is such a simple solution .... I am frankly rather disgusted that it hasn't been done a long time ago.

bogofree said...

First film 8MM...then VCR....then DVD....this just wrecks my porn collection.

Just got back from a busy day of MCAS....yawn...about as exciting as a dog complaint so I will go for a run and enjoy the only nice day scheduled for March.

Heard of WOW's suggestions for education and most are on target but dealing with the unions? LOL!

Hal....I thought that drive thru window was suppose to have a real rustic look. Insert own comment to that.

anonymous said...

The town web site is a wreck and anyone who attempts to access it knows that. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the IT Director who fell into this job. Now something is being done but with no specific time frame.

BB offered the town a site that he cobbled together in a few weeks that was far superior to the PTWS but his offer was rejected or not even considered. IMO the key to all this is Roger. Time for him to collect his pension kiss and move on so that someone who knows tech of the 21st century can take over.

This BOS is totally lost when tech matters are discussed and that was clearly displayed again last night.

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

Put yourself in the place of a Fortune 500 corporation executive that is considering locating a large facility in our area. The company needs a location with good highway and rail access but is also very concerned about the quality of life and how the town is run.

He or she looks at a map and sees the towns near expressways and rail stops, and then Googles all of them.

Middleboro Matters and the library website do a better sales job for us than the town's official website.

As for the Dunkin drive-through, I did suggest that only horses and buggies be allowed.

bogofree said...

Hal and Betty going through the drive thru with a song

I think anon and everyone else is on the same page with the tech situation. Probably a score of high school kids could do a better job and a lot cheaper.

Rocky said...

I got an 8 track player they can have.

The cost is big bucks but if you need it you pay it.

Mark can write an article on how the CPA ooops I mean the DVDs for meetings are too expensive and how much he would charge.

Here is what they get at the mall


You would have to add postage or delivery costs to it too.

Here is a thought. It would be cheaper if people paid for comcast and recorded it themselves.

drive-by said...

Somebody ought to do a reality series on Middleboro called "Living in Perpetual Purgatory". Let's see we have the Casino Blog Wars, TPTW, the Adam Bond Saga, BB...Love Him or Hate Him, The Gospel According to LL, "Toxic" Disorders, Middleboro Manners, A Phantom named VV/IA, The Paranormal Apparitions, Flying Monkeys and Moonbats, Alleged Co-option, The Depressed/Oppressed/Repressed, Mitigation/Litigation/Denigration, Yellow Brick Roads and the Wizard of the Cause..................oh, the list of possible episodes is endless. An easy sell series. LMAO

OH! MY said...

Get Excited

bogofree said...'s enough to drive me to Clark, CT. Home values have sunk but I'll take a chance.

I wonder if CPA money could have been used for MiMi's bench and flower garden?

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

Listening to the song from Oklahoma! and turning on the news and seeing the DOW up 378 cheered me.

Did you know Oklahoma was the first Rodgers and Hammerstein musical? The Broadway play was in 1943 and was a smash hit but it took until 1955 to make a movie.

I saw and had the record albums of all of those 1950's musicals, Carousel, South Pacific, King and I.

OH! MY said...

The "Mock 10" Signs of Blog Addiction
At Bloggers Anonymous—we normally frown upon spreading propaganda that minimizes the serious nature of our cause. However, in the name of education and awareness, we would like to point to the this juvenile “Top 10” list of “symptoms” which indicate you may be a addicted to blogging. We will not reveal the authors as to not credit them in any way. Please be aware that this ignorance is out there—and defeating the spirit of our cause.

10. You check your blog stats a LOT. You occasionally get up in the middle of the night and sneak a peak.

9. Your significant other suspects you are having an affair with your blog. Even when you’re alone with your special person, you do find yourself thinking what your blog might be doing right then…

8. You “mental blog” while driving or on the train, and sometimes even when you are alone in the shower.

7. You filter everything through your post-writing. You can’t watch a movie, see a play, read an article, or share a sweet moment with your child without thinking of whether it’s blog-worthy.

6. You suffer from “blog envy” when another blogger posts something juicy before you do. You suffer “comment envy” when said post gets 40-something comments – the jerk!

5. You “binge blog” 3 or 4 posts at once—only to feel guilty and empty afterward.

4. You ditched all your real friends for blog friends, because, well, “they understand.” You bypass Bowling Alone at the bookstore (who really cares?) while you reach for Naked Conversations.

3. You think, “I can stop at any time.”

2. Your lunch hour has become your “blog hour.” You keep a few posts tucked in your desk in case you need them during the day.

1. After 5 minutes of meeting someone really interesting you ask, “So - do you blog?”

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

Before I read Mike's list I just wanted to say to Rocky that his solution would be embarrassing. We want to save our mired in 1990's technology officials such a fate. So nobody should be rushing out to buy a DVR to record BOS meetings and donate the DVD's to the town. More on DVRs, which have come down in price from several thousand dollars when they came out in 1999 to under $200..

We should be more concerned about making sure that the BOS meetings are broadcast live on cable than about putting a recording into the record.

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

I resemble the insinuation in that list....

LMAO said...

Maybe the computer museum can use the equipment from the IT Department? Roger could be a good example as a source since he's running 20 years behind the times.

Marsha and the others never check the blogs and I always said that was just talk. Might not be. They could sit around and talk to each other about "Do you know anything about this internet thing?"

LMAO said...

Well over 100 posts but 50 of them are Hal's. LMAO!

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

This blog is beginning to take on a distinctly Hal-ish character. Have to go back to posting as "anonymous" just to help this place stay as irreverent as possible. My God, where did all the bad boys go? I'm reading too much informational stuff here now. It's polluting my mind.

bogofree said...

Have to post some stuff of interest.

Why am I reminded of Friar Tuck whenever I look at Pat?

A little bounce on indexes today but can it continue? This was all driven by Citi (C) showing a profit. What was not mentioned is all their bad paper is in limbo. If indexes gain another 3% by end of day Friday and continue on a trend that will get them an additional 10% by summer it may be an indicator bottom was reached.

Obama will actually watch the news tonight since the indexes bounced.

I think we need Dog and SPG to spur on another discussion on casino world...hey, I'll start one.

Say we get a scaled down gin mill. What does that mean for infrastructure? I'd have to say our deal may look good if that mini size takes place. May send me to the Crow Mart.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Do you seriously think the investors are going to shell out $250M+ on infrastructure for a glitzy 7-11 with slots? Kerzner doesn't throw good money after bad. He and the others will bow out, mark my words. Think they have any loyalty to the tribe? Nope. If the Wamps are lucky they'll get to throw up a hut in Mashpee.

And don't even get me going on Hal's convoluted reasons for acceptable collateral damage. He contradicts himself in the same sentence. Gambling addiction is a problem, but if we create more addicts the tribe/investors will throw in an extra mil for treatment and education? What part of the $20K in the IGA don't you understand, Hal? Oops I forgot, you're the perfect one to negotiate for funding. Hal, no offense, but I think your head is in the clouds and is becoming deprived of oxygen.

bogofree said...

Exactly my point, Dog, as if I was the investors - I don't speak Afrikaan so I can't talk to Sol about it - I'd say NFW! 250 MIL for a bar room with slots. What option? Back out...what I feel will happen. Get a license and go commercial but not in second choice.

I wrote a piece about a year ago where I stated on gaming I'm willing to accept collateral damage and so is just about everyone else. Not something to brag about.

I always thought that 20K was a joke. They were really serious. I just checked. 20 Mil won't help but I'd get a clinic open. Be better than federal funny money bailout money.

Suo Mynona said...

You all talk about the casino.

In two days we will have Bumpkin's article to rip apart. I am getting "apoplectic" over the prospect of what he will say.

That is his new word. He must want to show that he discovered and learned to use a thesaurus.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Bogo. It's one thing for you to be willing to accept collateral damage. Quite another for a psychotherapist, someone who's supposed to be dedicated to helping people with their pathologies, to endorse it. I find that hypocritical, as do many others I've spoken with do.

Suo Mynona said...

Usage of the word apoplectic

Some people become apoplectic when they see an unknown individual trespassing on their property.

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Well then Suo, you'd better get yourself a nitro patch. BB's planning to give us all instructions on how to use internet social networking, you know....twitter, facebook, LinkedIn.

Suo Mynona said...


"Hey there you look like a third rate d*psh*t to me. Want to be my friend?"

Dog, Bounty Hunter said...

Now that was funny, Suo. roflmcao

bogofree said...

I should have Bumpkin take a look at some of the more sociable sports boards. But it should be interesting as when I start to read I set my snooze alarm to wake me up. So....maybe this will be about dating sites?

Suo has his entire life revolving around the BB column. I suspect Suo is a groupie. JL will have to see what part of town circulation spikes in so we can track Suo down. Troll the streets on recycle day and see this mountain of Gazette's climbing to the sky!

Hal has explained his position several times and I can understand it but just don't really agree with it.

bogofree said...

Suo's favorite dating board and his site for social networking

Family Guy said...

LMCAO! It could have Jessie's site.

Suo Mynona said...

Bogo what is your opinion on the whole Clemens issue. Think he is heading to the hooskow?

anonymous said...


They are just petty. Bumpkin column comes out today and that will keep everyone busy for a few days.

anonymous said...

Forgot this quote from Hal and some tech input from Hal and others.

"We should be more concerned about making sure that the BOS meetings are broadcast live on cable than about putting a recording into the record."

I heard Comcast is going to stop the broadcasts. Hal, what tech can be used to still get these meeting out on the airways? My computer has a buildt in camera. Is this something the High School kids can do?

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

Yes a high school student could do all of this. Probably not a monkey, but who knows?

As I said the first priority is getting the meetings on both Verizon and Comcast cable. I understand either the high school or middle school already has a studio.

It's been suggested that the BOS meetings be held there if that is feasible.

If students did it that would solve everything because they'd make the DVD. They could even burn duplicates (sometimes called ripping - gotta get the terms right) and sell them. They cost about $30 if done professionally.

Anybody can record meetings at home using a their set-top box if they have one that records, a VCR or a DVD recorder (DVR).

If the town made the master DVD, a decent DRV costs under $200 and blank DVDs cost about 30 cents. The secretary could set it to record automatically at home.

I'm surprised the BOS wasn't making audio records of meeting all along. Now with video so easy it seems that for the record, and for history, they should make DVDs.

Maybe they are afraid that Freedom of Information Act would compel them to make copies available and this would be time consuming. However that doesn't preclude charging for them. The only cost is the equipment, the time is negligible..

Duplicates are easy to make.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Hal you retain your title journalist at small. Yes YOU do gotta get your terms correct. Burning and Ripping are two different things.

I have lost all faith in you as the a techie guru. Does that mean that I now will now have to worship Bumpkin?

Hal Brown, Journalist at Small said...

My bad. Ripping the the proper term. Burning refers to making you own mix, usually an audio CD. Kids do this all the times with music. Example: "I'm going to burn my girlfriend a CD of her favorite tunes."

Copy-paste alert --- more information than you need to know..

This is from Wikipedia:

" Ripping is the process of copying audio or video content to a hard disk, typically from removable media or media streams. Originally, the term is an acronym for Raster Image Processing and referred specifically to image scanning. The word is now used to refer to all forms of media."

Once on a computer hard disk the content can be transferred onto a blank recordable DVD as long as your computer has the software to do this. Mine is part of Apple iLife.

Sidebar: Commercial DVD movies are copy protected to prevent people from ripping duplicates. I understand some geek types are finding was to circumvent this.

Rocky said...

You are going to ask the secretary to do things at home. Are you going to pay her extra for that work?

That is outside her job description.

Are you going to pay her for the cost of electricity?

Are teh school children going to make the "official" or "certified" copy?

What happens if there is a problem with the copy and one of the blow hards who do nothing more than want to cause problems gets a bad copy and now the town is at fault and subject to litigation?

Sometimes the easiest solution is not the correct one.

The town has a reasonable process set up and if people down't like it they do not have to buy it.

I still say that guy was right the other night. The selectmen should stop recording the videos. If comcast wants to do it then so be it.

To Hal: Stopping the recordings is a solution to the problem if people want to complain about the manner which the town has used to produce the one or two copies a year.

People need to learn that there are consequences to actions. Here are my solutions to the recent problems:

1. Stop recording the meetings. It is not a requirement so don't do it.


2. Stop allowing public comment at meetings. If people can not be respectable or even act respectable, then they should not allow anyone to speak.

Rocky said...

I thought it was called "dubbing".

mildly said...

Just curious-Has Middleboro town politics always been rather tumultuous, or is the current climate a direct result of the casino issue?

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

As I understand it the current use of the term dubbing is broader in this context and means copying an original to any other media, and probably applies to this.

As for whether or not the BOS meetings are "officially" recorded I really don't care all that much.

Even though I doubt it's a requirement, I do think that it benefits the town in general to have the meetings televised so residents can watch them at home.

If Comcast and Verizon wants to save money and won't do this anymore, I just hope there's an inexpensive way we can do this ourselves.

Suo Mynona said...

Town politics has always been tumultuous. What has changed what is considered a tumultuous topic.

The problem, IMO, is everything is made tumultuous now by some people. Just like when BB said the CPA was an acid test for the town. It was FAR from an acid test. He just felt the need to ridicule people that disagreed with his opinion.

This is the reason why I pick apart BB's public comments. It is just to show how easy it is to complain.

bogofree said...

Middleboro appears to be #1 in the county unemployment race checking in at 10.6%. Way to go!

Had a nice 35 minute run yesterday and 40 minutes today as I start to build up after staionary bike riding. Today it was a great trail at Myles Standish - trails we would have in this very town if it was not for the massive negativity towards CPA! I'd have trails everywhere. You will be noted and punished by Bogo personally - forced to read The Best Of Bumpkin columns. What's that, Suo? There is no best of Bumpkin? all of Hal's posts. Maybe that will be what the judge forces on Madoff?

Like some of WOW's education slants. Merit pay I could do without but I would also like to see more funding for charter schools and limited vouchers.

I doubt stocks will do much today as the indexes appear flat.

Rocky said...

Hal, Are you volunteering to record every BOS meeting and make copies for free?

I am not. I do not expect anyone else to do it for free.

What bothers me most is that when there is a solution provided to a problem and someone does not like the solution and complains, they offer no other viable solution.

There is a comic that does these things and says, here's your sign.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...


Maybe I didn't make myself clear about how much a care about this.

bogofree said...

Ok....I try to make a little joke....just a little one about reading Hal's posts as a punishment. was snarky but now I get this call from Amnesty International about cruel punishment....visual waterboarding...worse than Gitmo. Get off my azz! Now I get another call. This one from Quaker Oats or a Friendly Quaker or someone that's a friend of a Quaker. I dunno. Are these the ones that always advertise those rip off electric heaters? Amish...OK...Amish do that. These friendly Quakers are not so friendly. Damn nasty and rude. OK...punishment is therefore deemed reading an exchange between MR and BB and I'll disconnect my phone.

Rocky said...

Me either. The subject is not what makes me mad, it is the fact that my father had a leather strap and I wonder if some if some of these people on TV need a taste of it.

bogofree said...

The Democrats have often been displayed as the tax and spend crowd and after reading the paper today that is 100% true in Massachusetts. Now it is feelers out to raise the sales tax (a temporary 3% tax started by Volpe) and to raise the income tax that was SUPPOSE to drop to 5%. This on top of gas tax and anything else they can dream up. I really don't know how to resolve this issue short of an armed insurrection? Are they clueless? Stupid? Arrogant? 10.6% unemployment locally and instead of cutting expenses - primarily labor, instituting pension reform, freezing wages and consolidating health insurance they look for revenue.

anonymous said...

Researches believe that humans first domesticated corn by selecting the teosinte plants that had the largest amount of edible seeds until they eventually provided a substantial food source. This method probably took several generations to produce the corn we see today. In the process, humans have transformed corn into a plant that can no longer self-sow. Modern corn requires someone to break the hard, tightly bound cob and plant the seeds. Wild teosinte, however, is very fragile and the seeds easily fall off and grow new plants. Interestingly, without human interaction, modern corn would probably cease to exist.

Home gardeners who want to grow corn may choose from several different varieties including popcorn, dent corn, flint corn, pod corn, and sweet corn. Here we’ll focus on growing sweet corn as it is the most popular for the home gardener.

anonymous said...

Corn without human intervention would not have existed nor would it exist without our care.

Speakin of corn. The Bumpkin column is tomorrow.

anonymous said...

This is a shortcut method of rooting grape cuttings that several people have tried with enough success to make it worth posting here. Cuttings are rooted right in the place where the vines are to grow.

Note 1. Time of year. This method is done after all danger of frost is past and the weather is consistently warm.

Note 2. Site preparation. Till the soil at the site where the vines are to grow and clean off weeds.

1. Step one. For each vine, put down a sheet of clear plastic mulch, 2 feet (1.25 Meter) by 2 feet (1.25 Meter) and secure the edges either by burying them. This is done a week before planting. Or use a continuous strip if you are planting a row.

2. After a week, prepare the cuttings with an application of Dip 'N' Grow rooting hormone, diluted to the strength listed for "easy to root" plants.

3. Push the cuttings through the plastic film at least half way into the soil.

4. Within one to four weeks the cuttings should root and begin to push buds. It may take longer if the weather is cool. When shoots are at least six inches tall, the vines can be watered and fertilized with something mild like fish fertilizer, and then again on a regular basis after that.

5. Train the shoots as they grow and with good care the vine should grow at least enough to produce a trunk by the end of the season. The plastic may be removed once the vines are at least a foot tall, and organic mulch put down in place of it. If you leave the plastic, be sure to remove it by the end of the season.

In this method, the clear plastic allows sunlight through to the soil,where its energy is converted to heat. The plastic traps the heat,warming the soil enough to help the cuttings form callus and roots. If the cuttings are planted where the mature vines are to be located, the new shoots can be trained up a support stake as they grow, so that the new vine may get big enough to bear a smalll crop the next season. The success of this method will vary with climate, soil, and grape variety.

bogofree said...


The Texas Con Man will not serve time. He left Boston with a total of 40-39 for his last four seasons and was fairly well finished as a top flight pitcher. Toronto signed him despite his expressed desire to play for his home town team Houston. Was all about the money as Toronto offered him more and that is a consisted pattern with “The Texas Con Man.”

Clemens acquired a personal trainer and got in terrific shape and that very trainer is the one that supplied the juice. Clemens continued down that road with the yankees and as of this date he is in denial. Roger is an idiot. Even on our BOS he’d be an idiot. Roger is vain, narcisstic and self centered - is this sounding like Bumpkin and Hal? The Herald use to have a great column years ago called "The World According To Roger" that was just Roger talking and printed by The Herald. He seemed like a male version of Caroline Kennedy. Pressure was put on The Herald by the Sox and the column - Bumpkin like? - was discontinued. He won’t serve time. Shame. Roger was also just about the best pitcher I ever saw when he was with the Sox. Everything after that is suspect and tainted.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

I see that Chance has left the estate and started posting. Welcome Chauncey Gardiner.

What do you think we should do to save the economy?

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

Bogo, I understand your compulsion to INJECT your baseball obsession into a thread at least once a week, but calling a gorgeous buff hunk-a-hunk of burning love vain, narcisstic and self centered is a bit much.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...


I forgot to say whether I was referring to Bumpkin or the Guru of Nothing ...


never mind...

anonymous said...

The fiery little Peter Pepper has long been considered too hot to eat! Native to Louisiana and Texas, this blistering capsicum forms pods which naturally and consistently contort themselves into a miniature replica of, well - take a look at its scientific name: Capsicum annuum var. annuum 'Peter' (Penis Pepper).

These interesting peppers are certainly a conversation piece for the gardener who has everything! Seeds are almost impossible to obtain, and most plants are grown from much coveted "private stock" - plants grown year after year for seeds alone.

Actually, the word pepper can be confusing here. The familiar black or white pepper is a product of Piper nigrum and that is an entirely different plant! Peter Peppers belong to the genus Capsicum. The name Capsicum comes from the Greek kapto, to bite, an allusion to the hot, biting taste of the fruits. Some capsicums are sweet, some are hot, others are mild, and they all have unique shapes and culinary uses. Famous cousins of the Peter Pepper include the tabasco pepper and the jalapeno. However, Peter Peppers are hotter than the tabasco and at least 10 times hotter than the jalapeno.

bogofree said...

One of the best lines and scenes from a movie was with Chance The Gardner and Shirley McLaine and he says "I like to watch." I will not describe the rest of the scene.

Rocky said...

Maybe Shirely Mac wants to buy a copy of the BOS meeting too.

Rocky said...

Since she likes to watch

bogofree said...

I'll miss the BOS meetings. I'll miss the cheap shots. I'll miss the stumbling BOS. I'll miss the resignations. I'll miss the dog complaints. I'll miss their wonderful sense of humor even if it's not suppose to be funny. I'll miss seeing MiMi's coffee cup collection. I'll miss tracking Pat's pattern baldness. I'll miss the What The the Clark am I doing here look on the TM's face. I'd go if Spataro changed those cheap seats to stadium seating. I'll miss watching Hal climb over chairs for a photo. I'm having BOS withdrawl already.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

Eve engaging in the solitary pursuit of ecstasy (not the drug) on the floor while Chance, if I remember correctly, watches an exercise show on television - indeed one of filmdom's better scenes.

Just as good was Meg Ryan's pretend orgasm in When Harry Met Sally.

Suo Mynona said...

Blenager says on his blog:

"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

He has approved the following comment:

"If they truly are "Wamps and not wimps" stand up and tell it like it is!!"

He has allowed an all encompassing derogatory comment about group/nation of people. It is logical to assume he would also allow similar comments about all Muslims, Jews, Christians, North Koreans or other ethnic group.

Rocky said...

With all that hate, Imagine living with the man. Bogo?

LMAO said...

Wamps not wimps. LMCAO! WTC! Like he stood up to Jessie? Talk about a five star wimp!

As far as the rest of it I will leave that alone as I believe that collectively cfo types are quite explicit in their posts and comments regarding Native Americans. But what do I know being a third rate dips**t.

Rocky said...

Since they all joined the hate group.

Stop Predatory Gambling said...


I noticed you mentioned cfo types. Just want to make sure you realize that not all anticasino people belong to CFO. Also, most of us are not anti Native American, just anti gambling regardless of who sponsors it.

The "Wamps not Wimps" comment was very inappropriate. And yes, bloggers are responsible for content and all comments they allow.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

I think "Stop predatory gambling" is a good name and sentiment. I'm glad you are posting here.

By the way I am against the whole racino - slot parlor ( gin mill) in a warehouse type building.

These have the worst aspects of a gambling venue without the offsets of more and better jobs, and resort type amenities and attractions. Unfortunately with the states looking for quick cash if there are areas that can support them economically I don't think the slot and gin mills bogo writes about can be more than just slowed down.

Your point is well taken about many folks not necessarily being involved with CFO if your against predatory gambling.

I think I'm guilty of making that assumption at times. The majority of residents who are against gambling don't go to meetings or even put No Casino stickers on their cars.

Considering the most well attended CFO meetings probably drew around 100 people (maybe more at the one I attended when Calter spoke), that's no wheres near the number that voted against the IGA.

On the pro side there were also far more people supporting the casino than ever went to a meeting, held signs at the rotary or went to a rally. The pro side gave out some 2,000 bumper stickers but the typical meetings varied in size like the CFO meetings with about the same number of more actively involved people.

The smallest groups on both sides have always been the people who wrote on the blogs.

As for the group sometimes described as anti-Indian, I think that's a misnomer. I really see them as mostly try to throw anything they can out there to try to stop the Middeboro casino.

Even if some are politically liberal, they'll cheer on the decision of a conservative Supreme Court with the majority opinion written by Clarence Thomas as loudly as they will the prospect of a protected species of turtle being found near the property.

The hard core group who are strongly against tribal sovereignty is likely only just a handful.

Sorry for rambling but I've been up for a few hours feeling like I'm coming down with the stomach flu so this distracts me.

mildly said...

Hope you're feeling better Hal. There's a real nasty stomach bug going around. Good news is it only lasts a day or two.

So, Suo---Were you up at the crack of dawn to get your Gazette? I expected to be reading your critique of "The Column" by now. LMAO

Suo Mynona said...


Become part of the town's fabric, not a gaudy costume jewelry lapel pin. The pin almost universally tarnishes, breaks and falls off.

Awe shucks Mildly.

I forgot all about Bumpkin's Corner. Contrary to perception I have a life. He is just a mental distraction. Since he does not read this blog my commentary is of no consequence.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

Thanks mildly. I feel fine now though it was a semi-unpleasant night. I did end up sleeping until 7:15 and woke with a start realizing that I had to be at the YMCA camp for a meeting at 8:00 AM/

Betty was already at aerobics. I didn't eve hear her wake up at 6 AM.

Someone who's read the stuff in the Gazette that won't be online, let me know if it's worth buying a copy.

bogofree said...

When I first moved into Middleboro I made a real effort to fit in. First off I purchased a six year old F-150 and installed a gun rack. I went to K-Mart and purchased several flannel shirts. I bought my wife a Mitchell Memorial Club jacket to wear and informed her she could only venture out in public with her hair up in curlers. Both of us went to the dentist and had our front teeth removed. Since I was already married I could not marry my sister so that was out. We both got into the habit of chawing on Skol and spitting the remains into a coke bottle. Easy to fit in.

SPG is quite correct on his assessment of CFO. I could point out a few that really take the high road while the rest are in BogoLand. The remark IMO was not that over the top but it does fit into a pattern. Blunders can be excused and right now I believe I am being excused for blunder 4,387 but the week is still young. The point LMAO made regarding the past history classifying BB as a wimp over the Jessie situation I found rather interesting.

Today is Bumpkin day so it will give me something to do when and if the paper arrives this afternoon. I'm sure if all holds true to form Suo will be given enough material to fill the next two weeks.

anonymous said...

I jsut got back from work since the place is closed. Special day. Every other Thursday is offically BUMPKIN DAY!

Rocky said...

Suo, do you mean that Mark is a "mental distraction" or a "mental distraction"

drive-by said...

What no synopsis of BB's networking tips? Suo, 3rd rate d*psh*ts like us aren't allowed to live real lives. And I can't go out and buy the paper because it's too early for my weekly bath and shave. So, I'll just have to wait in my usual ignorance until you have the time to interpret BB's pearls of wisdom for me.

"Oh it's a wonderful day in the neighborhood

A wonderful day for a neighbor

Will you be my, Won't you be my,

Please BB be my LinkedIn neighbor."

Come to think of it, that self-professed IT guru reminds me a bit of Mr. Rogers talking down to the 3rd rate d*psh*t kiddies. I'm sure he thinks we have the brains of mashed turnips. LOL

Family Guy said...

I just love how a politican changes once they get into office and all those promises can be bypassed. President Obama is the latest to cave in regarding his promise to cut any earmarks. IMO his backtrack on this is just what it is and that is a lie. Maybe MR can post on this transparency? Together we con!

In this state the answer to every problem is to take more money. I have not seen many cuts. WTC are they doing?

drive-by said...

Family Guy-

Politicians always promise us the world to get elected knowing d*mned well they won't have the power to deliver once in office. So far, my impression of WOW is same old, same old.

Never thought much of those who try to solve problems by throwing money at them. Historically this strategy never works. So much for "change". All I see happening is a continued downhill spiral.

anonymous said...

My way or the highway

I'm good your bad!

Suo Mynona said...

Still have not seen BB's jounalistic masterpiece. Sounds like he has encouraged everyone to just communicate through the internet. The Clark with face face talk. I am getting the shakes now in anticipation.

Obama NEVER speaks without 2 teleprompters.
Notice that he looks directly left or right in every video or picture of him behind the podium. He is not allowed to speak extemporaneously or from note cards.

LOL! said...

Disgusting display of behavior on that radio show today.

anonymous said...

What happened, LOL?

bogofree said...

How bad are things? I stock indexes went up since most of the bad news was not as bad as it could be.

Blogger Shark said...

You guys/gals crack me up. Your BDS (Belanger Derangement Syndrome) makes you look stupid and uniformed. MB was quoting Aaron Tobey.

Last sentence. I guess that makes Mr. Tobey making inappropriate comments about himself and his own tribe.

In regards to comments on blogs & websites are the sanctioned responsibility of the blog & website owners, I guess all the major on line newspapers and forums that allow comments have to be held to the same standard. There are a lot worse things said and allowed than you'll ever find even here. The title is telling in this glass house.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

The exact quote someone put on Mark's blog was "
If they truly are "Wamps and not wimps" stand up and tell it like it is!!"

The Standard Times quote was:

Mr. Tobey said the tribal council — to which he was elected following Mr. Marshall's resignation last year following revelations about a rape conviction and untruths he told about his military record — needs to rebuild trust "not only with the tribe but with our neighbors, especially Middleboro."

Mr. Tobey said he sees the tribe as being "victimized by Glenn Marshall's fraudulent activities" but that the charges and plea agreement have to do with "one individual, not the tribe" although he has called for others to resign if they are culpable.

"We're Wamps, not wimps, and we'll forge forward and get through this," Mr. Tobey said.

Candidates night:

I asked one question of the candidates for School Committee. It was mainly to Rev. Dr. Haber as to whether he as an evangelical Christian who believed in the Bible as inherent truth would want to teach creationism in science class. I was impressed with his answer about faith and science, and keeping faith personal, in church and in your own prayers.

Then the other male answered in a similar way. Four term incumbent Jeanine Martin reluctantly came to the podium and said it was state law, and muttered away from the microphone that she was stunned at the question.

That comment alone makes me lean towards voting for Haber rather than her.

Suo Mynona said...

BDS (Belanger Derangement Syndrome)

Blogger shark you came up with great definition: "makes you look stupid and uniformed"

*Trespassing 2 more times
*Saying you were looking for really cool turkey feathers
*CPA having no clue about the demographic facts
*Generally agreeing Middleboro citizens are third rate d*ph*ts
*Saying people today have no understanding of sacrifice
*Saying Fifty Bucks is nothing
*Saying rude things about AIDS and whorehouses
*Posting bestiality pictures and calling yourself a superior blogger.
*Blanketing nearly everyone alive the worst generation.

Blogger Shark has given given birth to a new Acronym: "WTC did you say? You must suffer from BDS"

I brought the "wamps not wimps" post to light. My bad -- Tobey said it (I still do not agree with the comment)

I would not debate tribal casino laws with Belanger, he knows more than me on that topic. PERIOD. Too bad he was not smart enough to know what he does not know. Too bad he constantly insults his fellow residents.

BDS syndrome that is priceless. Send it to Wikipedia.

BJ said...

Hal, your comment hardly describes the tone of your question. You started by identifying yourself as a Jew and singling out Rev. Haber. He and each candidate that followed reminded you that there is by law separation of church and state in public schools. Jeanine wasn't the only one shaking her head, most of us were!

Website said...

Another PTWS

Middleboro is not alone.

bogofree said...

I do believe Blogger Shark has corrected a line of thought (quote) but I also think that some others have posted a pattern that makes them examine everything MB posts. Suo has accepted ownership of posting an incorrect quote. What a wonderful idea - accepting accountability and responsibility.

I did not attend candidates night so I have no idea about the exchange/questions. I am an atheist who has voted for the reverend in the past as I have always considered the church-school issue in this area to be a non issue - which is essentially what they said if BJ is correct. Now for a lively debate on intelligent design.

Blogger Shark - I saw your extensive link that you posted for South Coast and I have to say just sloppy. I mean you saw the wonderful blue lines I now have. It only took Guru about 12 hours and three meals to have me figure it out. I figure it should take you about 10 minutes. Thanks for the correction.

The market should be interesting today to see if the trend continues. Will take a real buying effort to get it up to levels of two months ago but a bright sign is banks refusing or returning money.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

To bad some of you and others were shaiking your heads.. I think I know the audience pretty well which if why I started by saying I felt apprehensive asking the question.

Later last evening Rev. Haber, who I emailed, wrote me back from his iPod and thanked my for the question saying he'd been expecting it for the last two elections. HE FULLY UNDERSTOOD THE QUESTION AND REASON FOR IT.

"The Word of God - We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God, inerrant in the original writings, complete as the revelation of God's will for salvation, and the supreme and final authority in all matters to which they speak."

and the fact that the following only addresses the State not interfering with the Church and not vice versa.

Separation of Church and State -

"We believe that each local church is self-governing in function and must be free from interference by any ecclesiastical or political authority. We further believe that every human being is directly responsible to God in matters of faith and life and that each one should be free to worship God according to the dictates of conscience."

Note the later addresses the State not interfering with the Church and not vice versa. Towns across the country have become embroiled in controversy when school boards tried to dictate that creationism be taught in science class.

What indeed was the tone of my question? I addressed the question to the person it made sense to address it to. I was respectful and honest.

Do you think it's always easy being Jewish in a 99% Christian town, particularly knowing there are people like you, BJ, out there.

Maybe you and those like you who were shaking their heads at me should talk to Rev. Haber.

bogofree said...

Quote from Hal
"Do you think it's always easy being Jewish in a 99% Christian town, particularly knowing there are people like you, BJ, out there."


I really don't think your religious affiliation is being questioned by BJ nor do I see it as even a subtle anti semetic comment. Is that how you are interpreting BJ's quote? I just don't see it that way. When I looked at BJ's post he/she mentioned that you stated you were Jewish.

Now, I think you have posted in great detail your exchange with the reverend and that should clear up any mis understandings.

Asain markets up 5% overnight. Europe us 2.5% at mid day. Pre market U.S. is flat.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...


I forgot to note that those two quotes are on the church website here.

Of course I know what the law is, to imply otherwise is downright insulting.

Neither do I think the other candidates believed they were reminding me of the law. That is your nasty assessment. They were stating their position, which indeed they should do since as a resident I asked the question.

However, anyone not aware of the instances where school committees have tried to circumvent the law has their head in the sand.

Either that or they are looking for any excuse they can find to attack me. Could it be simply because you dislike me, or because I am Jewish? How can I tell? Jews tend to be quite sensitive about anti-Semitism.

BJ, not too many people really get to me here, but whoever you are, I have a really bad feeling about your motivations.

bogofree said...


My take is when you saw "Jewish" mentioned that set into your mind an intent that I just don't see in the post. As you stated about sensitivity. I saw BJ's post as an attempt to clarify the exchange.

As for the rest of the exchange you two can exchange pot shots on that.

Was this circus filmed for display for this of us who are disinterested or too lazy to attend?

Put Down said...

My take is BJ was saying Hal is out of his mind.

"Jeanine wasn't the only one shaking her head, most of us were"

What were they shaking their heads at? He only asked a question. Isn't that what the night was for.

BJ should just ask his own questions of Hal, instead of writing insults on here.

Suo Mynona said...


I only skimmed the article. It has little interest to me personally. I am aware of most of what he wrote.

Some grandparents and parents were probably thrilled to have the synopsis.

I have to hand it to Belanger on this one. He did a topic he understands. The BDS did not come into play.

I hope he continues to try and be less demeaning. His blog has been more civil as well.

I am looking forward to the day when he does not make outrageous public comments and I can just stop pointing them out.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

I found BJ's comment hostile. Especially her adding that most of the people in the room were shaking their heads at the question. If she wants to clear this up on this form she certainly can. I hope I am wrong about her.

Why would she write "You started by identifying yourself as a Jew and singling out Rev. Haber."

To me the question only applied to Rev. Haber, to his credit it did not surprise him and he was prepared with an excellent response.

I stated I was apprehensive, and being Jewish was part of that feeling. It also was relevant because Jews don't usually believe in creationism. Too much self-disclosure? I thought we were all moving towards more transparency.

I also had been told about his own Jewish heritage so I was glad he brought this up.

bogofree said...

As long as we don't have any Yiddish quotes.

So....I guess BJ is not part of the Ferret Photog Fan Club.

I read the BB column and found it mostly routine but for someone like my wife - the lovely Cynthia - it did provide extensive information.

drive-by said...

Hal. There are more Jewish people in this area than you assume, I among them. Most of us moved to Middleboro within the last couple of decades.

I didn't see the debate last night so I can't get a good read on BJ unless he or she posts further. BTW, why do you assume BJ is a woman?

Is there anti-semitism here? Of course, though I tend to hear it more in subtle undertones like "Well, there's no such things as a poor Jew!" or "Yeah I was able to Jew him down on the price" or "Jews take care of their own".

I was raised by my savta who taught me to be very thick-skinned about people who wouldn't like me just because of my heritage. Most of them don't appreciate that Judaism is not just a religion, it's a way of life. So, I think we have two choices: to live filled with anger and resentment, or to regard these people as being ignorant.

My kids grew up in the Middleboro school system and I can't think of one instance where creationism was taught as an option to evolution. The extreme fundamentalist Christian parents I've met have tended to place their children
in Christian schools, which is their right.

As to whether BJ is antisemitic, not enough information to judge. But I would wonder why your disclosing that you are Jewish would make this poster feel uncomfortable and find the need to comment on it. JMHO

BJ said...

Way tooo much thought on this one Hal. My post was not meant to be anti semetic or threatening. I think the response to your question was just- where did that come from? It was just so "Hal"

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...

BJ's profile idenfies herself by last name and what her profession is.

Saying "it's just so Hal" is obviously hostile.

Whether what you wrote was meant to be anti-Semitite I have no idea. But sensitivity towards Jewish people doesn't seem too much to ask.

drive-by said...

I don't see much of a chance of the Middleboro School Committee making funky, unconstitutional changes to the curriculum. They are after all under the continual scrutiny of the very vocal MR and BB. LMAO

But I understand the question being asked. There have been some highly publicized controversial school board decisions made in other parts of the country, primarily in the Bible Belt. And Hal, being a progressive liberal, would worry about this.

Some faiths discourage the clergy from becoming involved in politics because of the potential Separation of Church-State conflict. It wasn't that long ago that Drinan was requested by the Archdiocese of Boston to remove himself from the political limelight. Don't know anything about Rev. Haber, but in general I would agree with that policy. How does a member of the clergy endorse a practice that conflicts with the beliefs he preaches?

Oh, and if anyone denies the existance of prejudice in this area, ask some of the Muslim gas station owners on rt. 28 about how they were treated by some Middleboro residents immediately post 9/11.

Hal: Guru of Nothing said...


I know from my wife (the librarian) that there are a bunch of Jews in town I've never met.

I also agree that it's not likely that the school committee will be "making funky, unconstitutional changes to the curriculum".

It's embarrassing enough to some of us that we're known for taking ghost hunting in own Hall seriously without making the news for a creationist battle for control of the science curriculum.

You can only get into so much in a meeting like last nights. I hoped that issues such as progressive science based sex education and the failure of abstinence only teaching would have been brought up.

But I'm not such a masochist as to invite even more attacks then I already get.

I like your comment about how many people "don't appreciate that Judaism is not just a religion, it's a way of life" and would add that it is often also a sensibility and way of looking at the world. It comes from a long heritage which includes a lot of oppression and also many things to be very proud of.

Rocky said...

I am thirrsty for some orange juice.

mildly said...

Pomegranite juice is better for you. Tastes like sh*t but it has more antioxidants.

Suo Mynona said...

I like Carrot & Spinach Juice with some Clilantro.

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