Saturday, March 24, 2012

Middleboro "Education." Presidential Politics

In Middleboro you have two levels of pay for retired teachers who wish to substitute. One is for retired Middleboro staff and the rate is $100 per day and for retired non Middleboro it is $80 a day. This is not standard procedures in schools systems and is an exception. It is also what it is and that is a handout to retired Middleboro staff.

Now is the justification that staff knows the curriculum? Curriculum changes constantly - this is something I have seen first hand in my teaching days and see today. Maybe it’s because they are familiar with bus routes, caf duty, playground duty or where to get coffee real quick. Not sure. Maybe our what appears to me interim for life super knows the answer? Maybe the school committee does?

I have been a resident of Middleboro for thirty-eight years and have three children go though the system. Based on performance I have seen in Middleboro - especially MCAS - they might be better off paying non Middleboro a $100 and Middleboro $80.

The Enterprise had a nice article of the temporary layoffs at Stiles and Hart brick works thanks to a decision to send a contract out of state. The Enterprise also had a follow-up on Sunday with online comments.

A story in the paper about an Amish buggy colliding with a police cruiser. The buggy was operated by some intoxicated Amish youth. Four other buggies escaped.

The Probation Department scandals persist. How long before that name “Pacheco” mentioned so frequently will addressed?

The elections of 2012 have me now totally cynical. I expect the total circus for president will revolve around gotcha journalism, exaggerating even the smallest of mis-speaks and the media blitz.

The Super Bowl primary focus is not on the foolish game but advertising. Content means nothing but presentation means everything. Crap will sell if presented in a humorous and eye catching manner. This is what will happen with the media blitzes for politics especially president. Who does best with their Madison Avenue presentations will hold the day.

Along the lines of the above I read a review - several in fact - of “The Hunger Games” that takes place in a dystopian future. It appears based on my readings it is a combination of “Rollerball” and “The Running Man” and eerily possible about how our packaged future will go. IMO for most folks the outcome of American Idol and Dancing With The Stars is of more interest and importance than the Presidential races.

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