Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daylight Savings Post

There will be an important G&E meeting this Tuesday at 7:30 at the G&E Estate. Please try to attend. Bring your own tar and feathers if you feel that is appropriate.

Triner had the good sense to drop out of the G&E race but oh what a joy candidates night would have been - if he showed. Next comes a movement on that stealth contract.

Now a potential casino in Lakeville? How about the old hospital site? Sure beats SYSCO. Which of the 351 cities and towns have not had a casino discussed?

Senator Thomas McGee (D - higher taxes) has a solution to the problems that confront the “T.” Investment. When he speaks of investment, of course, this means taxes. Democrats love to call taxes by names other than taxes. New sources of “revenue” or “investment.” When you drill down into the latest blather of another tax happy pol it comes out to a “hybrid” of revenues to make up for decades of mismanagement, fiscal handouts and incapable management. As usual the solution - only solution - is to somehow pay off billions in debt and provide further billions for “improvements” by exorbitant raising of fares and fees to be combined with somehow going after a cash strapped Jane and Joe Public.

I managed to wander down to my new precinct on election day. I’m am now six instead of two so just a wee bit more needless confusion. At the last moment I decided to take a Democrat ballot instead of the only race in town offered by the Republicans. A clear choice since none of the Republicans do a thing for me. Now what? I have the ballot and quickly connect “No Preference” under the name of Obama. I could not vote for him anymore than any of the Republicans.

If Iran has the potential for nuclear weapons it would be quite similar to what the United States faced in Cuba circa 1962. Unacceptable to have Russian missiles less than a hundred miles away. In this case Tehran to Tel Aviv is less than a thousand miles. Unacceptable to Israel.

The United States has not wavered from its support of Israel from administration to administration. For some it may be passionate and for others tepid but it has always been there. Now Obama is drawing a line in the sand. This will not be a consensus intervention as in the First Gulf War but one in which some serious feather ruffling takes place especially from China, Muslim states and now Russia after Putin has managed to rig an election.

Representative Shaunna O’Connell has been on a crusade for EBT reform. O’Connell managed to get some reforms issued last year but the enforcement is just about non existent. I observe red someone using an EBT card at a local liquor store to purchase adult beverages and cigarettes. A bipartisan commission has been formed to examine ways of curbing abuse but the commission is still in the start up process and governor Patrick does not appear enthused by the entire issue. O’Connell acknowledges that most use the EBT card judiciously but a large enough segment do not.

If The Tribe was in baseball their batting average would currently be .000.

A person was recently killed at a nursing home fire that happened in a meth lab - the lab was in the room and operated by a resident.

The Patrick administration is in the process of streamlining regulations for small businesses.

I know someone on the Middleboro - Wareham town line that would know how to handle the freight house. On….and it isn’t Lou Costello.

The state claims that deserted gas station on the rotary is historic. Since when does an eyesore qualify for historical designation? It is a dump. I have seen better on the back roads of Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama. The state ignores that rotary yet sets up fencing to protect that wreck from vandals? I would encourage vandals. Please…remove it a brick at a time.

And for Steve - in the best Douglas Adams tradition “Thanks for the fish.” It was a good time.

Can you imagine a gang banger who is color blind? Not much of a shelf life.

A 24 year old woman who won the lottery is collecting food stamps. The Michigan resident has two homes, new cars and a very nice cash stream yet feels it is “OK” because she is unemployed. This is the end result of a culture of entitlement.

The Herald expose on unemployment abuse has forced action on the part of the Patrick administration. Latest is a Quincy cop who received benefits while suspended for faking an injury. The office in question has had 26 work related disabilities in 16 years and they total north of 600 days.

The Herald has been pounding away at mis-management that has been under the radar. First is how unemployment is handled and now the driving records of some state employees who have access to state vehicles. Seems like a real pattern among some for bumper thumpers.

The Warren and Brown campaigns have pledged to give money to each others selected charities when over the top attack ads appear. Be a lot of checks tossed around. IMO I think any senate seat held by Warren will be a return to the same old. Brown has clearly demonstrated the ability to look at both sides of the issue and has often gotten tossed under the bus by liberals, conservatives, Tea Party types and moonbats. Must be doing something right. He said it was “The People’s Seat” and Warren will represent a return to the far left seat.

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