Friday, March 2, 2012

G & E And Other Stuff

Arrogance. Incompetence. Stupidity. Just some words that rise up in my noggin when thinking - painfully - of our own little fiefdom know as the Middleborough Gas & Electric. Why oh why do members of our Board of Selectman have to bring in the heat to get a response from this crew? The Chair seems to have some comprehension issues regarding interpretation of the open meeting law. I guess in his adventures roaming the nation on our dime over the years he never contemplated actually going on that computer thing and looking up the freaking law instead of looking at ringing up his expense account.

I managed to watch - painfully (again) - one of the meetings and almost - that is almost - felt some pangs of sympathy for the skewering that the Chair and manager were getting from an audience that apparently forgot more about two things: Open meeting and technical operations than the Chair and manager ever even knew. So if they can’t get procedures down how can you even run this operation? Mr. Triner is up for another term. Did he earn our trust?

The venerable swan boats of Boston are in the drink over financials. The city wants an auditing of the firm that has run the boats to “prove” the city is getting their fair share of this cash only operation. I’m all for that but what concerns me is one of the flacks said “We may build our own boats.” Great. Six figure salaries for peddling a boat.

Steve McKinnon has earned another term.

Hal mentioned a few months ago about the potential for a Taunton casino.

The Probation Department probe is getting deeper. Is Pacheco next to be “interviewed?”

Somehow Obama has turned business tax deductions for oil companies into subsidies. Politics as usual.

Presidents use Air Force One as their own little campaign trailer as Obama has under the guise of it being a trip that is non political. Every trip a president makes is political especially the ones this one makes. I’m sure there are some guidelines that are either ignored or loophole enriched.

Credit card debt continues to escalate. Americans have long ago left behind the idea of actually considering saving a budget item.

As bad as this collection of Republicans running I can remember 2004 when the Democrats had Al Sharpton and Dennis Kichinich in the mix.

George Will has commented that the Republicans are ready to match 1964 and the end result of that was LBJ and Viet Nam and The Great Society. Two things we continue to pay dearly for.

Hong Kong now has about rwice as many skyscrapers as New York.

If it is of any interest rats and horses cannot vomit.

Why so many pizza shops in Middleboro? Only a few have anchovies so are they really a pizza shop or an imitation?

I see chicken, steak and chocolate cake is back and for $9.99.

Now Middleboro will attempt to collect money from The Tribe. Good luck with that. $100 a week for the next 3,000 years?

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