Saturday, March 17, 2012

MG&E And Other Stuff

A nice going away present for the soon to be former GM would be a GPS.

Mr. Triner did a real quick exit. My assumption is he was waiting for that opportunity and Lincoln Andrews presented it to him. Poof!

Seems Mr. Granahan and Mr. Murphy would make a great song and dance team the way they were dancing around. Gene Kelly and Tommy Tune could not do any better.

I get the feeling that as information and potential improprieties were brought to the attention of the board is was the first time some of them were even aware of what was going on. Triner and Granahan appear to have carte blanche in running the show.

Middleboro to Boxborough is about an hour. Grab a freaking cup of coffee and do the drive.

Mr. Ranahan appeared very apprehensive about supporting votes that appeared to be negative towards Mr. Granahan. He reminded me of a student afraid of the principal (Granahan). Seemed toi be taking a quick glance looking for approval.

You know how I just love lawyers but in the pecking order at that meeting Adam Bond had it all over the Billy Flynn that the MG&E doles out $350 per hour for. Seems like for that they go to a website and print out a contract for you. And they only give advice if you ask specific advice? Amazing!

That meeting should be played for the next GM and a copy given to him/her.

Seems a member of Team Evasive is Ms. Richter.

What in the world is Lands End Outfitters doing for MG&E? Is Ms. Richter getting a collection of stylish coveralls? I saw a few others with that pegged into their charge cards.

On their charge cards they pay yearly fees? LMAO! Get them waived!

Steve McKinnon attempted to get a yes or no answer from Mr. Granahan. But in great Tommy Tune fashion he tap danced away from it.

About ten years ago on the Bandera Highway in Texas I hit a deer. I always remember the look on the face of that deer as my car hit it. Mr. Granahan had that same look. The police mercifully put the deer down. Draw any conclusion you wish with that.

This meeting was really a slam dunk. The MG&E really had nothing to bring to the table. Mr. Triner and Mr. Granahan were toast before the pledge started. Maybe they should have played taps? The Commissioners knew the death knell early on. Mike Solimini showed the end result of a lot of hard work and rustling feathers.

No right turn on red is emblazoned on signs at the perilous intersection of Routes 105/28 but there is an exception. The Middleboro police. At about 8:15 on 3/14 a cruiser (license #142) took such a turn but I will give the officer some slack since we were going to the same destination - the drive thru at McDonald’s. I guess being in a black and white gives you a personal exemption that the rest of us do not enjoy.

What is especially aggravating about the above is the occasional revenue enhancement that takes place just a bit down the road. At the intersection of Wood St. and Route 28 is a traffic light with a no turn on red as you come to the lights with the condo units on your right. About a 100 yards away is a turnout on 28 where a cruiser occasionally sets up shop to nap the unsuspecting. And, no, I have never been victimized by this tactic but have seen others get nabbed for some revenue enhancement.

My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - and I were having a conversation on how we change through the years. Unfortunately I said “There is so much more to you these days.” Bad - very bad - choice of words. A strategic beep….beep….beep failed. She would not buy into the “personal growth” angle…oops…there I go again! I may have to go to Lands End and buy her a nice outfit.

How much would it cost to maintain the Greenway in Boston if it was put out to private landscaping bids?

Mayor Mumbles didn’t appreciate the sarcasm in how the BTU approached his demand that teachers work and additional thirty minutes without pay. They hired a plane and handed out leaflets stating city hall would now close at 6PM rather than 5:30PM.

State workers in Massachusetts receive more paid holidays than any other state workers in the whole country!


Family Guy said...

ofediam idderaI just love a good show on Friday night.

Suo Mynona said...

Mr Granahan should simply resign and walk away. This can only become more embarrassing for him as the new board delves into financial appropriations.

Suo Mynona said...

******Excerpt From Last Night******
I have a signed copy from Mr. Granahan stating he acknowledges to act In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws.....and that he has been furnished a copy of the summary of conflict in interest law for municipal employees.
.....Mr. Granahan and Mr. Triner have violated the trust that you as fellow commissioners have given them
.  As commissioners you have granted Mr. Triner permission to go to trade conventions.  Your votes did not include extended stays and extraordinary expenses he made while traveling.  Mr. Triner did not grant you the ability to review or approve his expenses. Rather Mr. Triner had General Manager, Mr. Granahan, approve his lavish trips.
This gives the clear appearance of conflict of interest because Mr. Granahan reports directly to Mr. Triner. As a result of these excessive perks given to Mr. Triner by Mr. Granahan, I call into question Mr. Triners ability to act impartially on this issue and ask that he either recuse himself from all of tonight’s deliberations or that the board executes their sworn statement and have him removed.

LMAO said...

Family guy. WTF was that? The code to see if you are a robot? LMAO!

Lincoln, Allin, Neil, Jack, Adam and a few others. The local version for Granahan and Don Triner of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This isn't writing on the wall it is spray painting with letters twenty feet high saying get out.

anonymous said...

$11,000,000? WTF!!! $200,000 for a GM? WTF!!!!When and is done it will be interesting to see what the auditors come up with.

anonymous said...

I imagine Don Triner realized that' to quote movies of the past, "The jiq was up" long before the meeting was being held. On his sidebar Bozo has strategically placed an article he wrote in the distant past. Many others did likewise. The excesses within the MG&E have been long an ongoing issue and have been bandied about in public since Mike Solimini took office.

Why did they continue to practice their skull and crossbones secrecy? Did they have some type of perceived immunity from public scrutiny?

This rate payer is cheerfully awaiting a complete top to bottom audit of all expenses especially personal expenses that may have been charged to corporate accounts.

I see Sandra Richter had the common sense to put away her take names clip board. I guess that's why she's paid a $100,000 a year?

bogofree said...

Tom Murphy ran a decent meeting when tossed into the fire but one thing stood out to me and that was his attack on Jack for not showing up at meetings. IMO this was exactly the same as "cheap seats" comment a few years ago.

I would say Jack has a fairly good idea of what is going on without attending. I would also venture that Jack actually has a TV that will play the MG&E meetings.

Murphy then managed to shoot down Rich Young when Rich attempted to respond. Bottom line was the acting chair in that instance was way off his mark. He lost my vote - period.

Suo Mynona said...

@LMAO.... Mr. Granahan is so out of touch with Middleboro that he most likely never knew who Neil was until Neil dropped kicked him across the room right over to McKinnon.

Ms. Richter had as much contempt for the open meeting law as any of them. The real question (as anon eluded to) is why they kept fighting a loosing battle to the bitter end.

One chapter has ended and a new one has started.

bogofree said...

As a Red Sox fan I know with nine games left and ten games behind we can't win. It is over. The MG&E upper echelon apparently thinks that even when impossibly behind you can still win.

Triner didn't go down with the ship Friday night but made an escape. Murphy and Granahan at least took the heat.

Anonymous said...

What is also fascinating is that the Commissioners allowed the GM to take a defensive litigation position rather than simply acknowledging the mistake and repairing it. It is clear to me that the lawyers simply took direction from the GM to defend the position for their fee, without any WRITTEN agreement. I hate this sh*t, because it makes the rest of us lesser mortal attorneys look bad and diminishes the work the rest of us try to accomplish. Rubin & Rudman, in my opinion, is the poster child for the lawyer jokes that are told. Blinders on to the true client interests, and billing for every jot and tittle. By the way, that evening showed that Middleboro does not need the IG, AG, DA or any other abbreviation to take care of its own business. We took back our G&E, and everyone was great!!

sm867 said...

This is just the beginning. The forensic audit will I am sure, show more, many more inconsistencies. As a rate payer I want that money returned. I want this mess cleaned up but I want to give it the necessary time to be methodical. All the stones need to be turned over. There had better not be any road blocks put up by the dynamic duo as that would not make me happy. Then I will look for all kinds of initial carrying types to come in and go right up their butts. On a positive note it was really terrific to see all the people show up and on a Friday night! Boy, did that little plan backfire on them.

anonymous said...

I cannot see the GM and some of his closest minons staying much longer. I am sure resumes are flying out this morning.

bogofree said...

R & R has a military application as it represents an acronym for Rest and Recuperation. Funny how that applies to the initials to a certain law firm.

Adam was quite diligent in pointing out just what kind of bang for the buck the MG&E was getting for this "representation." If this is symptomatic of all the executive level decisions being made at "The Estate" then this will be a long and drawn out process.

Maybe part of the R&R firms dispensing of contractual suggests would be how to word a letter a resignation?

Suo Mynona said...

None of this would have happened if Triner, Granahan and Richter all treated Mike Solomini and the public with more respect. They had well over a year to change their ways and apologize. Instead they proceeded down the dead end road.

Suo Mynona said...

Wrong choice Mr. Granahan.