Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Whining By Me

Race baiting Spike Lee decided the best way to handle his ire over the Zimmerman case was to Tweet Zimmerman’s address. Since Spike has a history of getting things wrong he naturally tweeted the wrong address. Now an elderly couple are in hiding. Nice job, Spike!

So now the various race pimps get into the picture lead by the ultimate fraud Al Sharpton. You end up with a punk kid getting whacked needlessly by a member of the local militia who sees Black+Hoodie=Kill ‘em. I’m sure if Martin had a gun both he and Zimmerman would be toast.

The police station is in need and a great way of funding it would be the elimination of the Quinn Bill.

Foxwoods managed to give annual stipends to each tribal member that exceeded $100,000. Now they get nothing. The gin mill is two billion in debt.

“Welcome to the quest for the rare possibilities of life after death. Watch the hottest group of all female paranormal investigators on the journey to unearth the truth about the afterlife.” That is from the web site of the latest kooks to infest our town hall. Naturally they sent in one of their “hottest” to go before the BOS. After about a minute I’m sure the boys would have granted the eye candy just about anything she requested.

How can President Obama justify a budget that includes one trillion in new debt?
The Chevy Volt is now officially a disaster of Edsel proportions.

The Town of Easton is attempting to collect the $300,000 yearly parking revenues at Borderland State Park and earmark it for the park. The park? Turns out the money the DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation) collects goes into the state general funds and not the park.

The EBT scandal won’t go away. Deval Patrick seems intent on defending the rampant abuses within the system and - naturally - blames the press for pointing out the failures. Shauna O’Connell of Taunton has been virtually the lone voice in our legislature regarding this issue since and eventually the hard work will reap dividends. Some minor changes have been made but more substantial ones are needed for the taxpayers and the deserving - the deserving who are painted with that broad brush thanks to the abusers.

Keith Olbermann got canned from his latest gig and this time at a network I never heard of. I enjoyed Olbermann on ESPN and especially Sports Center. He occasionally got in a cleaver political dig from his far left perspective and it would be enjoyable. Then he got his own show.

Rush, Beck and a few others occasionally cross the line but Olbermann seemed to do it on a daily basis. His venom and hate spittle fueled attacks on anyone right of center became commonplace and an embarrassment to those on the left you could no longer point bto the broadcasting ilk on the right and say “see!” So he got canned from MSNBC and no the network of whatever.

I don’t care about his politics nor do I care about his entertainment value from his approach to broadcasting - he just was not that good at it - Rush and Beck were far better. But what I do care about is the clear track record this truly unlikable individual demonstrated in his behind the scenes work. He was intensely disliked. The worker bees despised him and I am sure no tears are being shed by those who had to put up with this ill tempered lout.

Bob Kraft - the gazillionaire owner of the “we can’t beat the Giants” Patriots - is in another fiscal brawl with the town of Foxboro this time over a revenue producing billboard. So Kraft has attempted to put the fiscal collar on for 7M over a walkway from his parking lot - stimulus money. Then he tries to get a casino shoved down the locals various orifices via the smooth operating Vegas hustler Steve Wynn and now this. Oh the Patriot fans love this guy. Right. Twelve hours from moving the show to Hartford.

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