Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hunting/Iran/Sick Time/NYC

A bill in the legislature has been acted upon favorably to allow bow hunting on Sundays during deer season. One of the few respites’ we who run, hike and bike in the woods enjoy during kill season is the chance to actually enjoy that one lone day without the possibility of finding ourselves gutted and riding upon a truck.

I could say that most hunters are reasonable people who are not risk takers. They ID before hand their “kill” and proceed to hunt with caution and respect. Unfortunately each hunting season it seems incidents surface where some innocent bystander becomes a target for an over anxious hunter. Blame is usually placed on the victim - amazing!

I have a substantial list of places where I can go for a trail run in areas that are suppose to be off limits to hunters. Not unusually to find someone in an area they should not be in but confront them? Yeah…speak to someone with a rifle and three teeth and a pint in his back pocket. This is bad legislation.

I watched a mother buy some scratch tickets and proceed to let her daughter - about nine - scratch them off for her. Never seen the anti’s discuss that issue. Maybe they did?

The United States among others is now telling Israel to have a hands off policy regarding any pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Kind of a contradiction just based on our reaction 50 years ago to the potential of missiles in Cuba.

The latest is a Deputy Chief of The Boston Fire Department walking away with a truck load of sick and vacation time. Chief Keating managed to get about a 150K and a consulting gig.

Just got back from NYC for a few days. Saw a few shows and didn’t realize how short William Shatner is. Alan Ladd type short and his show was great - if you care for Shatner. I don’t. At least no one was dressed in a Star Trek uniform.

Warhorse you can keep. Depressing and predictable, Lincoln Center has magnificent theaters but did they ever think of putting in enough rest rooms? A real test for the kidneys.

Anything Goes has Cole Porter, Joel Grey and Sutton Foster. Fantastic show. Sutton Foster is about as good as it gets with talent and looks.

So far almost a million state tax returns have been filed and box 22 for paying at the 5.85% has had 257 takers for an average of $52. So much for the liberal elite doing the walk along with the talk. Average income for those doing both? $10,000 a year.

75M for five years was the contract J.D. Drew was given by the Red Sox in 2007. It was a bad contract as there was nothing in his performance to date to warrant such a payment. His career performance at that point showed he was simply not worthy of 15M a season for never being an All Star and never leading the league in any significant statistical category. Fans knew this and the press knew it. The management did not seem to see what everyone else saw. Think of this the next time you pay your G & E bill and a recent contract they handed out to their leader. Some contracts are just plain bad and never should be offered.

Sal is in town to testify and the State House looks like the set of The Walking Dead. Where oh where will the Sal dime land? How many will fall? Good bye pension kiss!

MiMi has resurfaced for another run at the BOS. To me that is very good news since the downtown flower displays appear a bit sparse. Or as Howie Carr would say: “How can we miss you if you won’t go away.”

The field is getting crowded for the rep seat for whatever districts we are now in. Since I am precinct two I guess that means me? Adam Bond has announced as has Roger Brunelle, Jr. Maybe more will follow?

Is Trucchi’s every going to open? That was a supermarket. Just how much renovation has to be done? Seems like some bridges in town got a quicker turn around.

I must have been taking a seniors nap when We The People was replaced by We The Special Interests.

I just love the beep…beep….beep moments going on with the current failed administration over sky rocketing gas prices. A few years back it was all the fault of Bush and Svengali Cheney in an unholy alliance with mystical “Big Oil” to rob is! The evil of it all! Now all of a sudden it is issues “We have no control over” and “market conditions.” Maybe it is supply and demand accelerated by speculators?

My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - will save a few pennies by going to Prime Gas rather than Cumberland Farms about a quarter mile from our house. The gas at Prime was 6 cents cheaper but is a six mile round trip. Do the math my dear. Fifteen gallons saves you about ninety cents but at 22 miles per gallon that savings evaporates with the RT drive. We males are just so enlightened.

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