Sunday, February 8, 2009


The casino issue managed to make the front page of The Enterprise today (Sunday) as the path is becoming a four lane highway to slots and their accompanying gin mills. Details in the works and my assumption is the Great and Honorable General Court - what BS - will get this done and soon. The coffers are dry and you can raise fees and picayune taxes just so far. Hackerama is in survival mode.

In an accompanying article Alice Ewell did a profile on the troubles and tribulations of Adam Bond and the casino issue. Who is Adam Bond?

I see terms like “grim,” devastating” and “traumatic” being tossed around by states and cities regarding the lack of cash flow. In Boston the teachers union has expressed reluctance to accepting a pay freeze and Mayor Mumbles is now in a position where what has to be done is the exact same thing any other business does - cut labor costs. Some have made the move and others have not as they await a financial miracle. Government continues to add jobs while the dreaded private sector sheds them.

On the Federal level the latest stimulus bill - bailout II - is in the ongoing negotiating phase. The Senate - in what amounts to a political miracle - managed to cut the bill by over 100 billion. Back to the House where the fluff will be packaged on - again.

Hal decided to post on the GK or is it Mary blog. If it gets cold enough this week Hal will also stick his tongue against a flagpole.

Pitchers and catchers report in four days. This in conjunction with the sudden exposure of “Slappy” (AKA - A-Rod) as being a possible user of ‘roids. Don’t know if the government dropped the dime to make the pending Bonds trial a bit breezier or someone just leaked this since this is truly a disliked person.

The PTWS got some play on this site as it has been one of the rallying points in the past on the Nemasket site and JP has an occasional blog on it. Both have led the charge on this issue. This is an easy target but what has me wondering is why isn’t something done about it? The IT Director has to be aware of the all most universal pot shots that site is taking and one way to reduce the heat is to make some changes.

Post away.


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Hal Brown said...

Hal decided to post on the GK or is it Mary blog. If it gets cold enough this week Hal will also stick his tongue against a flagpole.

Made me laugh out loud.

Suo Mynona said...

You forgot to mention that your beloved baseball continues to lose credibility faster than some of Obama's cabinet picks, and banking and insurance execs. Gee what a surprise A-Rod was on steroids. Professional baseball has become no different than the WWF

On the casino:
The recent urgency just reflects how many politicians think. It is no different than everyone chanting "Drill baby drill" when gas was 4 dollars a gallon. Now there is barely a whisper regarding the need for added domestic energy resources. The state needs revenue and casinos are the equivalent of a new oil field in ANWAR.

On the economy:
Some put the real unemployment rate at 14%. All aspects of the next bail out are scary. Small businesses mixed with giant government owned businesses.

anonymous said...

The Enterprise article basically was a wasted read. Nothing we didn't already know.

14% unemployment sounds realistic to me. Doubt Prez WOW's effort toward his divine intervention will "change" the direction this all is headed toward.

bogofree said...

Baseball is a wreck from the late 90s with McGwire and Sosa going for the King of Steroids Title. Baseball will clean house and the fans are still showing up. In the 90s the owners knew damn well what was going on and choose to look the other way. All about the money.

My first knowledge of 'Roids happened back in, I think, the late 70s or early 80s when the Angels had a catcher turned outfielder named Brian Downing. He was "average" and the next season looked like a fireplug. Had put on 40 pounds of muscle in the weight room. I commented on it while at the game and person I was with said "He's on the juice." I said: "WTF is that?" Guy was a fire fighter in Boston and said quite a few of the boys - including cops and CO's - were taking it to bulk up for the job. Said Downing had to be. Don’t know.

In those crazy quilt economics courses I had decades ago the prof would always say that the real figures were 2-4% higher on unemployment. I suspect that is a lot higher as Suo points out. All that loss of tax revenue has to be made up and they way to do it is more taxes and fees.

Hal is having an interesting exchange on the GK site as he is not doing a Bogo and lowering his standards to the audience by responding in kind. Or in my case it would be raising my standards. Oh how frustrating that must to those on said blog. At least it got everyone away from the preoccupation of who McAdam was or is.

anonymous said...

Hal, the more you post on GK's blog, the bigger the hole you're digging for yourself.

anonymous said...

Enterprise had an editorial on Charie Lincoln's proposed run for the BOS. I totally agree with their conclusion.

Hal Brown said...

Hal, the more you post on GK's blog, the bigger the hole you're digging for yourself.

How so? What is the nature of said hole I'm digging?

anonymous said...

The nature of said hole is best addressed by carverchick:
"You can't have it both ways, - either you agree that casino gambling is good for Middleboro/the State or you don't...there is no gray area here yet you somehow manage to create your own shades of gray and then get upset when people call you out for what you say. And why the sudden turn against your good friend Adam Bond? Is it because he left the board, called them out on questionable behavior or is it just because his public opinion about renegotiations hurts the casino-friend movement? (notice I remembered that oh so important hyphen)."

The "said hole" is that deep fissure you're straddling trying to appease two sides which will never be united on any point.

anonymous said...

What's a fissure? When used in context to straddling something?

Suo Mynona said...

IMO, please save the debate about gambling addiction for Somewhere Over The Rainbow. That horse has been beaten harder than a rented mule. It is still being whipped to death at GK's blog.

North Slope Rigger and Bogofree are a couple of frauds about baseball (yeah I am calling you out Rigger). How the heck can you diehard statistics guys be legit if you cannot begin to fairly compare one generation to the next because of juice? Who is better Andre The Giant or Hulk Hogan?

Baseball is not a legitimate athletic sport. What other real athletic events can smokers and fatsos be effective in besides b’ball? -- Oh yeah golf.

Imagine Lance Armstrong smoking a Marlboros in between stages of The Tour. And don't talk to me about the hand eye coordination stuff. World Chess Champs and sharpshooters have it as well.

Give me T'ball little kids with slushees and hot dogs afterwards. Screw the rest over the overpaid babies you two oogle over.

Hal Brown said...


anonymous said...
The nature of said hole is best addressed by carverchick:
"You can't have it both ways, - either you agree that casino gambling is good for Middleboro/the State or you don't...there is no gray area here

I disagree. This is not a black and white matter as antis want to make it. It's a complex subject. As WOW might say, the discussion is nuanced.

yet you somehow manage to create your own shades of gray

I don't create the shades of gray. They are there. Wishing them away won't make them go "poof".

and then get upset when people call you out for what you say.

I haven't gotten upset.

And why the sudden turn against your good friend Adam Bond?

Adam never was my good friend.

Is it because he left the board, called them out on questionable behavior

His accusations published on his bog were not befitting a public official or a lawyer.

or is it just because his public opinion about renegotiations hurts the casino-friend movement?

I thought his idea of using the disruption in tribal leadership to leverage a better deal was unseemly for a selectman who used to talk about welcoming the tribe to Middleboro.

(notice I remembered that oh so important hyphen)."

Make fun of it all you like, it's a cheap shot. The hyphen is important because without it you will navigate to an online gambling website.

The "said hole" is that deep fissure you're straddling trying to appease two sides which will never be united on any point.

I'm not trying to appease two sides. But I am trying to open communication on the one issue most people on both sides agree with. If and when casino gambling comes I hope the antis don't lick their wounds in defeat and disappear.

I'd like to see them advocate for the programs I wrote about.

When we do have casinos, as I believe we will, the name casino-friend will be appropriate as I shift focus to promoting responsible gambling to readers who might be turned off by the official anti-gambling websites.

You can be a friend of a casino because it provides jobs and revenue to the state and town, helps a tribe pull itself out of near poverty, and offers entertainment for many people who will never be problem gamblers, and also be an enemy of gambling addiction.

Name me one person in the current local debate who has more credibility in speaking out against gambling addiction with those who are ardently pro-casino? It's exactly because I'm not affiliated with a gambling treatment or prevetion program that I think they listen to me.

bogofree said...

John Kruk was once asked about being an athlete and he said "I'm no athlete - I'm a baseball player."

You can make adjustments to era and park and all sorts of crap in baseball. How would Ruth do today? Or Cobb? Or Clemens in 1912? The Sabermetricans - a term given to the SABR (Society of American Baseball Research) stat heads -have done it and it is well beyond me and I also consider it a pile of BS. But they are working on adjusting figures to take into consideration the 'Roids era in baseball.

As far as Armstrong I think he was juiced? Half the bike set seems to be. Frankly, all I can think of is little wicker baskets, training wheels and baseball cards in the spokes. The glory of baseball is that you can get a fatso like Ortiz who can play. Or a Pedroia who goes about 5’ 7” and is MVP! You can have muscle heads that do nothing in baseball. Let the chess champions take a high hard one from Randy Johnson and they’d convert to checkers. In football you have to be some pumped up muscle head. In soccer you can only play if you have one name. Basketball? LOL! 6’ 2” is a shrimp. Hockey? Unless you are dentally challenged you are out. And don’t forget Hulk did beat Andre. Now to me the real sport has always been NASCAR.

I will certainly sit on the sidelines watching the ongoing “debate” with Hal and virtually all twelve bloggers in the area. I’ve already expressed my opinion on that many times over and do disagree with Hal but not as polarized as some others. There are shades of gray and I can see it in Hal’s photo. The lovely Cynthia has been after me to dye my hair for the reason most women do - so I can look younger thus they will look younger. Female logic - mutually exclusive term.

anonymous said...

Suo is right about beating that horse anymore, Hal. The majority are burnt out on the subject.

The hard cores on both sides remind me of the Hatfields and the McCoys. They'll keep shooting at each other until no one's left standing.

As for the antis advocating for addiction programs, ain't gonna happen. If a casino is built here, they will point fingers at the LSW who advocated for it with each and every tragic incident that occurs. From what I've read, they're already reporting you to the State Licensure Board to have your license revoked.

I'm not going to flame you. Like most people, I'm just not listening anymore. Let the cards fall where they may.

chica said...

This is like a merry-go-round over the addiction issue. Same old stuff that has been gone over and over and over....

Hal. You will be the fall guy as anon said. If someone goes nutty it will be you know who that advocated for a casino.

I actually enjoy your insights and can understand your position but with the diehard anti's you will get nowhere.

anonymous said...

What's a fissure? When used in context to straddling something?

anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

anon 2:27

fissure- a narrow opening or crack of considerable length and depth usually occurring from some breaking or parting

Google "earthquake fissures"

Now consider having one foot on each side of the fissure, one side being the antis, the other the pros. The split is permanent and Hal must choose which side he wishes to put both feet grounded on. OK?

anonymous said...

Good deflection. LMAO..

Fissure (dentistry), a break in the tooth enamel.

I couldn't understand straddling someones tooth enamel!

anonymous said...

anon 3:37

Oh there are all kinds of fissures.....anal fissures for instance, a most painful condition.


BTW, Hal, I am not CC as you stated on GK's blog. I am a poster who hates to see anyone banging their head against the wall for nothing.

bogofree said...

Heck...I thought CC was posting here. I know I'm a babe magnet.

Hal Brown said...

Anonymous quoted Carver Chick - I assumed it was her or at least posted with her permission.

I hope that the poster who says the split is permanent doesn't suggest that if there's a board or committee (and there should be one) to address problem gambling casino opponents refuse to participate on it with casino proponents.

There is a fissure. I suggest preparing the stanchions on each side so if a casino comes to Middleboro we can start building bridges over it.

Name calling and threats don't make for firm footings for such bridges.

My feet are firmly grounded on casino and gambling issues despite what some people say. I'm ready to start survey work to make plans for building those bridges of cooperation especially in the area of gambling addiction.

Family Guy said...
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Family Guy said...


I see your bridges are being burned on another site. LOL! Good luck with that.

In this issue it really comes down to a casino - Yes or a casino - No. You are firmly in the yes group so your bridges will be that bridge to nowhere with the anti's.

As far as addiction IMHO the cure rate is very, very low for a compulsive gambler. Also remember that a compulsive gambler is not just the one in constant debt but the one that meets their bills but everything else goes into scratch tickets, slots, bookies or backroom card games.

Had to delete the previous posts - typos.

hot babe said...

ROFLMAO! Bogo, do you remember the OpEd in the Enterprise back in the 70s that got people all upset because it described the Middleboro men as being stupid and the women as being ugly? No such thing as PC back then. Heck, Mel Brooks would be crucified if he released "Blazing Saddles" in this day and age.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Previous deleted for bad links.

Family guy,

The cure rate -or I'd prefer to say the rate of those who go into recovery using AA parlance - is low.

Rates improve with those who are highly motivated since there are effective treatment methods. But progress can be slow and erratic and relapse is common. That's why research is needed in refined and innovating treatment methods. It's another reason prevention is so important.

Gambling is going to be with us. It will continue online even if every casino and lottery disappears. As noted before with unfortunate irony if you take the hyphen out of my website URL you get to an online gambling website. If I dropped ownership of the name I assume it would be immediately snapped up by a gambling website.

A good review with links is here.

It should be noted for those who don't follow such maters that medication as an adjunct to psychotherapy and support group treatment is showing promise. A drug, naltrexone, which is used to control craving for alcohol in alcoholics: see Journal of Clinical Psychiatry article, June, 2008.

Suo Mynona said...

Hal's classroom is in session.

anonymous said...

New Chairman
Cedric Cromwell

Hal Brown said...

It's awful isn't it Suo.

Only this isn't high school where you have to attend or get detention for skipping. It isn't even like college where you can skip all you want to, read someone else's notes and the textbooks, and still get an A.

There's no test.

Nobody has to read what I write.

I doubt many do over on the GK blog where I just made another attempt at answering their questions despite one being asked by someone who called me a "nut".

I expect they will call my answers psychobabble or whatever terms they can come up with to discredit me.

mildly said...

Mr. Brown-

Wandering into anti territory and saying "Casinos are not good, but I have no problem with this one" is like taking a dip in the Amazon River and being surprised when an anaconda attacks you. Can't build any bridges after you've been devoured. MT and CC are squeezing you and their jaws are distending to allow them to swallow you whole.

Get out of harm's way while you still can. Run, Hal, run.

Hal Brown said...

Thanks mildly, your concern for my tender flesh warms the cockles of my allegedly heartless heart.

I do have a problem with the Middleboro casino: increase in area addiction rate.

However as I said from the start when I weighed the pros and cons I came out as pro because I saw mitigation as the key to dealing with addiction.

mildly said...

Hal---They've made it very clear that they will accept no mitigation. I'm a nurse trained to care for the living. I hereby take you into protective custody to save you from yourself. Someday you'll thank me for my tough love. LOL

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Bogo it is very doubtful that Lance Armstrong was on juice. The French surely had the Directorate-General for External Security (Their CIA) all over him. No nation has ever hated one man (that is not a true villain)so much.

Hal (no offense) I stopped reading your posts a long time ago.

bogofree said...

I want Hal to continue to post at the GK blog or is it Mary? Like slowing down for a car wreck - you know you shouldn't gawk but you do. If nut is the worse they can generate then they need some serious flaming upgrades.

Hal you have enough pro casino baggage to give Samsonite a good run. Can't have it both ways. You either want a casino in Middleboro or not.

Suo...this is a course we can audit as I'm sure the staff at the GK blog or is it Mary? Have already failed him.

mildly said...

Okay fine! I'm covering my eyes now, not looking........well, maybe peeking. LMAO

bogofree said...

Hot Babe. That was Bob Townsend who wrote that article. Trouble is he was accurate! LOL! He ended up coming into Mboro for a "boxing match" for charity.

You see Blazing saddles today and all the "N" words are filtered out.

Today the ultimate in un PC humor is Lisa Lampanelli.

anonymous said...


When I sort through what you have said on this blog and especially on the MT blog I just see a contradiction. This is like a teacher supporting illiteracy, a priest atheism, a fire fighter tossing out smoke detectors and on and on. I just find it inconceivable that someone who has treated people with addictive behaviors can actually support something that will tempt those behaviors to resurface. What I just said is nothing new as that appears to be the line of thought from virtually everyone.

I just see your position and those of others untenable and the dialogue non productive and totally non constructive. Obviously an impasse exists and I doubt this is a fissure that even the Golden Gate Bridge could cover. Why even waste their time or yours?

Hal Brown said...

Want to wax nostalgic about the old days of professional wrestling.

I went to one match at the Westchester County Center when I was about 14. I thought it was fun, not only the matches but watching the crowd around the ring throwing chairs and hitting the wrestlers with them when they were thrown out of the ring.

I don't remember who was on the bill but there were a few of the famous ones of the day.

Ricky Star who wrestled and acted like a ballet dancer, Haystacks Calhoon, Gorgeous George, Killer Kowalski. No steroids in those day.

bogofree said...

My favorite Rassler was George "The Animal" Steele who acted like he had the IQ of a houseplant. The reality is he was a well educated man and respected football coach in the Detroit area who had, I believe, a doctorate.

I once met The Mongols on a plane flight in the early 70s. They had these long pig tails and spoke in grunts. On the plane they were dressed in business suits and told me "We PLAY the Mongols." Were brothers who had a legitimate college wrestling backround and were both using the income from wrestling to buy farms. One had a MBA.

Several sites you can go on to look up the old timers and the new rasslers.

Now for tales of Joanie Weston (R.I.P.) and the Bay Area Bombers of Roller Derby.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

I was on a flight and seated next to a"professional" midget wrestler (not kidding). I had plenty of leg and elbow room.

I made the delete above

Suo Mynona said...

Hal you said:
"Gambling isn't just entertainment, it's risky entertainment. It's more risky than any other legal form of entertainment than drinking. It's far riskier than any sport you can name."
There are many sports and entertainment more risky.
*Running with the bulls (those horns hurt)
*UFC cage fighting
*Extreme Skiing/snowboarding
*Wingsuit Base jumping (a must see on youtube)
*Pro Boxing
*Deep water wreck diving
*Rodeo Bull Riding (getting saved by clowns?)
*Middleboro Selectman

Go get an insurance policy and see if the inquire about `about casinos.

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

Maybe the BOS can get jobs as rodeo clowns?

Gambling can make one an emotional wreck but following the Red Sox can do the same. Probably a form of addiction that far exceeds gambling. Why would you follow something that upsets you so and then go right back to it?

I picture gambling somewhat like an abusive relationship where someone cannot break away from the abuser.

Roller Derby and rasslin' were and are fixed. Where wrestling got a clue was changing the philosophy from defending the legitimacy to embracing the idea that these are gifted performers putting on a show - a show that has great risk. Smart marketing.

DSM-IV 290.12 said...

Not to disagree with you, Hal, but I suspect that many are suffering from 307.53 disorder.......LMAO

DSM-IV 290.12 said...

Bogo, you are a definite 313.81....

Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Misread another post so reposted:

bogo as oppositional defiant? Tisk, tisk.

209.12 has Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type, with early onset and with Delusions which leads me to ask what the delusions are? Though if you got them, then you don't know they're delusions. So you may have to ask your spouse or kids.

Here's an easy to use diagnosis list.

Dark Knight said...

Hey, Bozo, I was checking out the MT blog to see Hal getting toasted and they claim they never read other blogs. Well, at least, Mary. Also said something about "The inane Clark issue." Fell off my chair with that one. Hey, mary, Clark is all about lies and you support it. Several other lies in that also.

Hal Brown said...

For those who hoot hoot, I gave up posting on GK as it's proved to be a waste of time and effort as some of you predicted it would be.

It gave them a diversion and they do seem to relish having a target to vent their hostility at.

I made an offer to meet with them in person to explain why it would benefit everybody for pros and antis to work together on addressing problem gambling if we do end up with a casino. Then at least when they insult me they'll have to do it to my face.

anonymous said...

Meet with them? Hal, look up suicide prevention - that's what it would be if you meet with them.

Bogo. You know they come here to read this BS since it is intellectually stimulating to their vapid posts.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

"Meet with them? Hal, look up suicide prevention"


Suo Mynona said...

OK Hal you mean to say that you think it is riskier to play one hand of Black Jack than to sit your butt on a Bucking Bull at a rodeo

I will wager on that one. Try this scenario:

I would love to see the look in your face as you are climbing into then pen wearing leather chaps and putting those scrawny chicken legs over the massive bull. Then, with the bull snorting in anticipation, you try to hold on with your bony right hand to the leather tether while keeping your left hand high. You give a nod that you are ready for the gate opening.

Then bell sounds. The pen door opens. The bull takes off in a blaze of rage and fury; heels kicking, horns flailing. And there you are serene and thinking "This is less risky than trying deciding if I should hit on a 10 - 6 at the blackjack table."

Then all of a sudden you are launched from the bull's backside. Hal the human catapult, doing a front flip with a half twist nailing a perfect head first landing. Then the bull -- staring at you -- thinking revenge, with horns lowered, hooves scratching the soil, comes bearing down you. The clowns wondering what they should bother to do next.

In a moment of clarity (as your eyes are 2 inches from the bull's eye) your mind goes back to that risky 10 - 6 decision at the black jack table. Then you scream at the bull HIT ME !

Oh the story could continue.....

Hal Brown said...

Suo, we went to a few college rodeo competitions. Michigan State has a rodeo team. No way would I get on a bronco or bull, let alone try the "safer" events like calf roping.

Rodeo is dangerous, but it is the skill that counts. Everything you mention (except being on the BOS) absolutely depends on skill.

The broken bones heal. Injuries are easily treatable and usually curable. People do get killed of course.

The most dangerous thing I ever did, aside from mouthing off to a few of the tough kids in high school (and getting pushed down a flight of stairs as a result) is surfing at the age of 15 when I spent the summer there living with my aunt.

I surfed with the locals at a spot called "suicide" where the waves broke over a section of reef that was a foot or two below the surface. Not a good place to wipe out.

Most gamblers play games of total chance. If they become pathological gamblers, while there is effective treatment for those who admit they have a problem, there's no cure. They will always be in recovery just like sober alcoholics.

LMAO said...

Meet with them? LOL! Sit with your back to the wall. Make sure there is a metal detector. Wear body armour. Make sure you have a hefty insurance policy since your wife will make a big score. LMAO!

LMAO said...

From a comment on GK's blog. Even anything said in jest will be mis-represented. Forget it, Hal, as you are going down a dead end street.

I really think your position is a contridiction but don't go to their island as they'll vote you off.

"I find it offensive that Mr. Brown uses an effective diagnostic tool, the DSM-IV, as a mockery of others."

Suo Mynona said...

Hal do have any sense of humor at all. Ever laughed at yourself? Ever recognized someone is funning with you and laughed along with them at your own expense?

BTW, the other picture (before the ferret) made you look so much more GQ.

Hal Brown said...




You are right. I shouldn't have used a diagnosis the way I did.I apologize. I deleted that post. Here's the resot of it:

My humble opinion is that wrestling went down hill since the 60's, but obviously most don't agree since it's a billion dollar sport thanks to Hulk and Vince.

I do like Hulk since he is always kind of winking like he knows it's a big show.

I liked the women's roller derby on TV but never went. It was a real sport mixed with show biz, took a lot of skill.

Suo, I think gambling is riskier percentage wise than all the other except the last which can not only take a big toll on a BOS member's mental and physical health.

anonymous said...

Quote from Topix!!

Truth - Adam Bond was working with Glen Marshall to get him back in charge.

Look at Adam at the BOS meeting on 12/15/08 just hours after it was announced that his buddy Glen was going to plead guilty. It is the only BOS meeting where Adam is quiet the entire night.

Truth - Mimi did talk to Stephen Graham and Adam was present when Mimi was handed the phone to speak to Stephen Graham although there was NO conversation about the Casino or it’s investors.

If this was a violation of ethics then wasn’t Adam also complicit? If the Chairman of the BOS thought there was something wrong then shouldn’t he have mentioned it immediately? Why did he use his blog and wait for his and wait for his final BOS meeting to disclose it? Didn’t he have a sworn duty to disclose any improprieties if it were true? We will talk a little more about the connection between Adam & Stephen in a minute.

Truth - Adam contacted Aaron Tobey.

Adam threw his buddy Glen Marshall under the bus and then went behind the back of the BOS to contact Aaron and other tribal members.

Truth – Stephen Graham was in contact Adam and other residents from Middleboro to arrange a gathering at his house.

Stephen has a party every year for the Dorchester Day Parade that goes well into the night and Adam WAS There! I believe Adam forgot to disclose this to the press and the citizens of Middleboro.

Truth - Picture of Stephen & Adam.

If you walk into Adam’s office you will see a picture of him and Stephen Graham from the Dorchester Day Parade. They have their arms around each other, cigars in their mouths and drinks in their hands.

Now you know the truth.

DSM-IV 290.12 said...

Hal. My deliberate and ludicrous misuse of the DSM-IV was to benignly make a point. You can't take stuff written on internet message boards to heart. When you read and participate in them, and I've been on boards for years, you have to learn to laugh and sluff things off. You also have to put on a titanium shield. If you don't, you're walking into Dodge City unarmed.

I guarantee you that GK's posters will copy and paste everything you've written and will save what they see as useful snippets to gun you down in the future. It's the shadow side of the Internet Beast that's been unleashed. Just the way things are. So, expect to be a target and have your words thrown back at you whenever it suits their purpose.

I read GK's blog. Actually she herself went fairly easy on you by internet standards. In fact, her last post to you was very clear about why hardcores don't want to work with you. They are a verbally well armed militia with ONE, and only ONE stated fight against casinos until the last soldier is left standing. They have not and will never waiver in that endeavor. And all is fair to them on that battleground.

My advice to you is to choose to stand down and learn from this.

bogofree said...

Back from a morning of full contact tutoring.

I agree on the GK or is it Mary blog. She is hard core. Forget it, Hal. Don't even jest as it will be interpreted as the reader so desires.

I love the word salad or is that word initials that go with the DSM - I'm a bit ODD and CD with zero OCD and a touch of ADD. Now for the story.

Decades ago I had a program in a school system for kids with significant behavioral disorders. One student was especially bonkers and we managed to arrange a five day eval at Children's. At the end of the week we get a call from the team leader to give us a heads up on the report. Perfect guy as he even had the German accent. We're on conference call and he drones on for about 15 minutes in Hal speak and then comes the summary: "Kevin is what we call in the shrink business fu**king crazy." Man, did we all laugh over that one - right to the point.

anonymous said...

Anon 11:37. I saw that post on Topix by Chuckie Cheese. Quite interesting and it shows all is not what it may appear to be. I have no idea if what was posted was factual but things have a way of surfacing. If it is accurate or mostly accurate the Cheese Man did a public service.

Noticed an anti-Republican rant on another blog regarding the stimulus package. I have a totally different view and have respect for the Republicans in the House for their unified vote. The message in the Senate is also clear in that the bill has been reduced thanks to support from a small group of Democrats.

Rocky said...

But what about the trees and global warming?

bogofree said...

CFO has a new fund raiser - the Hal Brown Piñata! Disgusting and infantile so I only bought two. Here is how bad it’s been for Hal - this site is now a safe haven.

I went over to Toxic to see that post and found it fascinating. Have no idea of the value of it on a scale of 1-10 but everything will eventually surface.

Republicans finally showed some courage and voted 100% against a House bill that was laden with excessive pork and was nothing more than to fulfill a political agenda. As many have pointed out - worthy does not mean right. Some of this new found courage has also migrated to the Senate where a small group of moderate Democrats have join Republicans in reducing the fat. So far the only thing being stimulated is the growth of government. Bailout I was a wreck and now Bailout II will follow. Nice to also recognize some of the bastions of Liberalism are nothing more than a collective group of tax checks and influence peddlers. Nice picks, President WOW.

“Slappy” (AKA - Madonna’s SO) has now come clean or is that come dirty? Been juiced between 2001-2003 and he blames it all on being “Young and stupid.” Looking at his personal life - I’d say he’s still hanging on to the being stupid part. IMO I can’t believe much of what he has ever said. I’ve often posted that A-Rod is the greatest player to play the game who was not named Ruth. Well…shows you how I call ‘em. Greatest steroids player. So the HR record for a true class act, Henry Aaron, will stay in place as “Slappy” attempts to break the ‘roids record set by Barry Bonds. I’d also love to see the other 103 names who tested positive “leaked” to the press.

anonymous said...

State Police
326 W Grove St
Middleboro, MA 02346
(508) 947-2222

Hal Brown said...

This site sometimes makes me smile and once in awhile laugh out loud even though, moonbat that I am, politically we mix like oil and water.

Speaking of oil, the oil light went on Saturday night driving back from seeing Gran Torino. It's nothing like the previews, excellent drama and Eastwood didn't even didn't shoot anyone. Those expecting an elderly Dirty Harry will be disappointed.

Anyway, I put 4 quarts oil and brought it in to the garage today. Head gasket or something, I'm a dunce with engines. $800 plus.

I am going to resist even reading GK. I tried with that group. I failed. I'll count on others to let me know if there's anything posted there they think I should read.

I'm going to the BOS meeting tonight for an hour, as usual with the Nikon, so the antis can make more photographer jokes about me.

Hey bogo, the HB piñatas must be filled with casino chips.

801 South Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
General Information -- (808) 529-3111

bogofree said...

The gasket is usually just a cheap piece of crap that has a labor charge that goes through the roof. Down 4 quarts you really must have sprung a leak. I think the labor is around ten hours on that and the gasket about $20.

I'll have to watch the BOS meeting tonight and may actually go one evening. Hopefully Hal will prevent me from getting arrested when I start quoting MR when they do some idiotic thing.

Great time to be a moonbat as you can now gather in all the excuses you will need for when everything goes further in the toilet. But even Rigger came to your defense last week and he's somewhere between wing nut and Attila.

I read Gladys or is it Mary every day. Read all the blogs. Find some stuff I agree with and some I don't but I won't post. I enjoyed watching Hal post and and will be one who will certainly remind you "I told you so."

Hal Brown said...


I hope you can and all the others from moderate Republicans like this guy I know to the Huns hope for the best with WOW and of course, you can reserve the right to say "I told you so" and give me a towel to wipe the egg off my face.

So A-Rod used juice when he played for your hero's old team eh... well one thing I can say about GWB is that I doubt her ever took 'roids.

Oh damn, I said I'd stay away from national politics here.

anonymous said...

You can post about politics here, Hal. We draw and quarter moonbats with affection. You've gotta love us. We're equal opportunity flamers. LOL

bogofree said...

Hal I just love the prat fall that phony Daschle took. A classic liberal who knows what's best for me and my money as long as he's exempt. Chalk that up with Ted Kennedy and his wind farm stance. I can honestly say the most despicable politicians to me in the last 30 or so years have been Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, anyone named Bush and Newt. That’s my personal list of can it get much worse?

The bottom line I have discovered is that the pols from both parties don't give a rats azz about you, me or anyone else. This is a political aristocracy and eventually they will pass bailout I, II, III and on and on until they reach Super Bowl numbers. The only reason is their survival. That Second Amendment exists for a reason and that reason is if the experiment does not work.

The way Bush ran the Rangers should have been a clue for how he'd run the country and I voted for him for two reasons: First is Al and the second is Gore. When parties give us the likes of Bush, Gore and Kerry as the best they have to offer then I say bully to those who choose not to participate.

Actually, Hal, I have or should say had an extensive moonbat resume until I woke up. Now? I trust few of them. I look at this state and it is the poster child for everything that is wrong with one party politics. Deval has actually made Jane Swift look like Margaret Thatcher. Color me a moderate independent with a real streak of fiscal conservatism.

You have the perfect place for politics at CHB that I still scan every once in awhile for some chuckles. Here the posters tend to be very similar to me in that I suspect they are moderates with no real party or strong philosophical allegiances who subscribe to no orthodoxy. I find virtually all politicians on the state and national scale like Richard Nixon - a mile wide and an inch deep.

Oh well, off the ultra politics as it just will drive folks away as you and I always manage to exchange our views via email. Better forum.

Family Guy said...


With your political leanings and what happened before you may actually find comfort with Gladys! LOL! Bogo's friend seemed like a real hard liner and flamer to the high end.

There is really not much to be said as several of us will take our cheap shots just to bug you. Hell, I may agree with stuff but just try to tweak you. LOL! I love to pull wings off butterflys also.

I'm giving WOW (man I love that) his shot but after a year or so I may jump ship. Voted for him not for hope but for change. To me the real problem has always been the entrenched politics of D.C. as they stay in office forever. I suspect if the Founding Fathers knew then what we know now they would have had term limits. I also saw where Daschel got over a million from a law firm (he's not a lawyer) for just peddling his influence. This goes both ways. For every Democrat scumbag and I can show you a Republican scumbag.

I read about the car and that is nasty. Took me for over a grand when I had it done and a gasket is nothing but labor intensive. Like you I know a few simple thing and that's it. The newer cars from say 2004 on seem to have less of those problems than the older ones.

A-Roids! As a Sox fan this will be endless material and I'm sure Bogo is all over this on the sports board. I already read his comments on NESC site. Beautiful.

bogofree said...

OK....have I got this right? The dog complaint. Now the dogs were in a carnal way and the complainant has pictures! Now, if I was a member of the BOS can you all have any idea of how far I would have let this situation deteriorate? How many tasteless comments would I have made?

OK…back to the cigarette sales that got screwed up.

Hal Brown said...

I heard that someone wrote on one of the blogs that all the bullys sat in the back row, so I sat in the front row because I am a cowering woosie.

I had my camera but couldn't catch anybody doing anything newsworthy, even with my tabloid standard.

With all that water they drink I was hoping to catch a good spit take.

bogofree said...

I just got done watching Father Chick run the confessional for the BOS. Interesting. I'll have to ask Mimi if I could have the mug and shirt. I'm sure the blogs will be loaded with comments and editorials after the late night display. Pat Rogers also mentioned blogs and I suspect he's a closet fan of them. He did preach a bit of negativity towards them so I felt relieved since I know that there is no way that could be directed at this one.

anonymous said...

I just read in the obit section of the Enterprise that the young man who fell 20 feet from scaffolding last week died yesterday at the age of 30. His name was Nick Thomas.

We were acquainted with Nick because he did some finish carpentry on our house a couple of years back. Nick was a real go-getter and just an all around nice guy. He leaves behind two small kids, ages 3 and 6, and many family members and friends in our community.

Such a tragedy. The complexion of life changes with a blink of an eye.

For anyone who knew Nick, a fund has been set up at the Mayflower Cooperative Bank for his children. Donations should be made out to The Nicholas J. Thomas Fund.

Hal Brown said...

Is Nick the same Nick whose step-brother died a couple of years ago from eastern equine encephalitis
and whose brother was killed in a skate board accident about ten years ago?

Hal Brown said...

On another subject, did you see in the Globe
Hancock tower faces foreclosure: Lenders planning March 31 auction
? I wonder what overseas company will end up owning it. Maybe the Royal Bank of Canada will buy it. At least that would keep ownership on this continent.

Also the latest debate about gambling addiction has switched to the comments section of a Boston Globe article where more people are likely to read it than on the local blogs.

If anyone is interested regarding Rich Young calling slots a "a technological heroin", I worked as a therapist in a hard core drug addiction treatment clinic for two or three months with heroin addicts. I even co-led a therapy group with those in the methadone program. I find little similarity between slot machine and heroin addiction.

anonymous said...


Please explain to Mr. yong his stupid analogy of Opiates such as heroin put you to sleep.

He just wants people to think of a needle in the arm type addiction.

Ugly! Scare tactic.

No where near the beautiful lights and sounds of a Royal straight flush paying off $4000.00 that wakes you right up.


Suo Mynona said...

Why has BB been so quiet these days?

Hal Brown said...

First and most important, Rich Young has contacted me and readily agreed to meet to discuss problem gambling.

As to the heroin comparison, I don't think it's stupid. I is just misleading. I think it is important to understand the nature of how random-reinforcement games can addict, how indeed they are designed not to addict to to maximize revenue. Addiction is a dreadful side effect in a percentage of players.

Heroin is a downer. It produces a blissful somnolence (nodding out) from the first time you use it. If you use it a few times you become physically addicted.

The random reinforcement of games of pure change like slots or roulette (as opposed to a skill game plus chance game like poker or even blackjack) produces ups and downs. Anticipation keeps the player from giving in to the frustration of losing and quitting.

The wins reinforce continued playing.

When all the money is gone, instead of learning a lesson the compulsive gambler come back in the vain hope that the more you play the greater your chances are of beating the house.

They don't keep track of total losses so they don't realize that to make back what they've lost on slots that pay out a maximum of a few thousand dollar is virtually impossible.

bogofree said...

Interesting article in the Attleboro Sun Chronicle today. Turns out the latest tribal leader, Cedric Cromwell, owes the city over 13K in back real estate taxes. WTF is it with that tribe? Can they find anyone that is actually clean? This is like the President WOW cabinet choices.

The Hancock Tower is just the tip of the financial bad paper that is international. Swiss banks are reporting losses in excess of 7 billion. The latest bailout failure will continue to pour good money into bad bank debts. Geithner will outline "plans" today and already bank stocks are significantly down. WOW is also getting a bit testy over all this and is starting to toss out the usual partisan slogans regarding this latest bailout. So far in all this mess WOW has instilled zero confidence for me. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

LMAO said...

LMAO! WOW unveils his "plan" and the stock market is crashing. This is such a mess that there will be no way enough money even exists to cover the debt. No one has ever explained to me why we should bail out their mistakes? This is just stupid.

OK, I happen to be what became known as a Reagan Democrat and I remember all the BS that flew around over trickle down economics and that is exactly what Obama is pushing.

anonymous said...

You completly lost me with your heroin analogy. let me go read the Herald again I don't think I read all that..

Have you ever done heroin and become addicted?

How about slots have you played till addiction set in?

bogofree said...

The market will continue to fluctuate in knee jerk response to the financial issues. IMO WOW has instilled little confidence in his first month in office as the slogans wear thin and action appears to be to follow the same failures as in the past. The bad paper figures are staggering and no amount of bailout money will cure it. WOW is making the rounds trying to pump up interest in bailout II with shallow threats of dire consequences. Sounds just like Bush. Want to get money into the economy quick? Cut taxes to zero rate for anyone making under 50K for the rest of the year.

On the local level Patrick has shown just how foolish our state government can be with a proposed increase in the gas tax. I can't wait for this shallow and failed hack to sneak out of the state and head for D.C. The entire idea behind excessive fuel taxes is to encourage conservation and allow for financing of alternative energy sources and not to continue to keep hackerama on the gravy train.

I am firmly convinced that A-Roid took other enhancers well beyond 2003.

Did Mimi Duphily drag out some old Nixon Checker Speech clips for the BOS meeting? Maybe Checkers in this case was the love starved mutt that was in the dog complaint.

Does anyone care to set the odds on when the new TM will pack it in?

Suo Mynona said...

It looks like some people are addicted to talking about addictions. I think we need to an intervention on Hal.

Remember a cucumber can turn into a pickle but pickle cannot revert back to a cucumber.

Do you find yourself at home all alone in a dark room with your keepboard and deep thoughts about posting on gambling addictions?

Do you have resentments (the number one offender) towards others?

We are considering an intervention Hal. None of us will let you blog unless you get help. We will not be enablers.

anonymous said...

I really have some questions for Mr. Brown

If I weigh 400lbs and all my teeth are falling out am I to be considered a credible source for telling people how to take care of themselves when obviously I can't take care of myself?

Can you see why some might get frustrated?

Suo Mynona said...

Watching Obama's press conference last night display how ill prepared and equipped he is for the job. Obama fumbled and bumbled more than George W, only with more pinache. Nearly all Americans want him to succeed, the country is in peril. But the first month of his presidency he has seemed overwhelmed and a believer of poor advice.

It is improper not to be in full attire (necktie and jacket)in the oval office. He is the head of our state and shoud dress accordingly. Plus he could keep the heat turned down to 68 degrees -- then again he has no concern about his heating bill.

anonymous said...

Yes, Hal...same Nick Thomas. A lot of tragedy for one family.

anonymous said...

Obama does not inspire the confidence I had when I went into the booth at precinct 4 and voted for him. Can just one month make such a change? He comes across as an angry and petulant child who does not get his new toy with this latest effort at a stimulus.

I am appalled at the pork that has been displayed in this bill and at least some has been trimmed. The burden of debt will be overwhelming as the years go by and we are certainly not alone as the global economies are in free fall. I suspect the situation is a lot worse than perceived to be and all attempts now being made and done so with the hope that a miracle will happen and a turn around will be forth coming.

Hal. Why did you even bother to go where you were certainly not welcomed? Look at how they twisted what you had posted. Stay over here and you'll only get beat up on one site.

I saw the post on Cromwell. Another tainted one.

Hal Brown said...

As to why I began to post there, I got the idea when she seemed to be defending me in a reasonable way after an Internet Avenger post I think defending Bond and attacking me. She wrote that she wasn't going to get into "shame du jour" posting.

Perhaps it was merely her not liking anyone defending AB on her blog and had nothing to do with me.

Anyway, hope springing eternal, I thought we might meet to talk about problem gambling, something I thought we both agreed on. Before meeting she wanted to determine if we had anything in common so I began to post there in an attempt to demonstrate that we did.

So that's the story. I hope it can be put aside now.

I gave it a try and those who followed the exchanges know the result.

Suo Mynona said...

How about some fun topics. This is nearly as fun as tearing off a hang nail.

The Internet Avenger said...

Mary Tufts exhibits clear cut behavior patterns associated with mental illness. IMO, she is absolutely bonkers! From what I'm told, "key members" of CFO have not hesitated to tell people (including the police) that they, too, see her as a frighteningly mentally disturbed individual. Apparently, Little Miss Mary has exhibited a strong penchant for being extremely unreasonable with other members, particularly when it comes to her twisted obsession with Adam Bond. As I hear it, her own people are literally FRIGHTENED to cut ties with her for fear that she'll publicly harass them on her blog.

Hal, I may not agree with some of the things you've said and done, but you would NEVER see ME launching a bogus retaliatory letter writing campaign designed to compromise your license and jeopardize your livlihood. That is just WRONG!

As far as I'm concerned, Mary Tufts has engaged in one too many retaliatory campaigns to endanger the livlihoods of people who don't share her extremist point of view. Anyone who knows MQ knows that he has been inundated with bogus Workers' Comp complaints. Knowingly filing bogus complaints with state agencies in a personal campaign of harrassment is not only an abuse of tax payer dollars, but I believe it is a crime. Based upon her blog, Tufts has BLATENTLY stalked and attempted to harass members of Mr. Bond's family, who are NOT public figures and have NOTHING to do with the casino issue. I believe this woman belongs behind bars! And I will scream long and hard until I see her sorry ass arrested!

Mary thinks it's cute trying to mess with peoples' sources of income? I think it's high time she got a good strong taste of her own medicine! Where does Mary's husband work? Does anyone know? I want to know. I'd like to contact him at his place of business about his wife's ongoing Internet harassment of strangers and their families. If people don't want to post the info here, please, post it on topix. Mary's conduct reflects very badly on not only her, but on her family and any company they are affiliated with. It's high time that "Mr. Mary" stepped up to the plate and did something about his wife who IMO is a menace to civilized society.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

I deleted the above.

The screen name "Derfinker" came up and I let my emotions get in the way.

This is not the place. If you don't know you will..

mildly said...

Wow, three young brothers gone from one family. I didn't know Nick Thomas, but his obit says he was only 30. I can't even imagine the grief of any parent losing 3 kids. That kind of news pales all the other garbage going on in Middleboro. My heart goes out to that family. Boy, you just never know do you?

Hal Brown said...

On WOW - I know next to nothing about economics so haven't done any writing about the StimPlan / rescue plan. I hope it works but the more I hear and read the more doubts I have.

Today every opinion piece in the New York Times skewers the plan and reading them I understand more of the problems with it.

In the Washington Post Ruth Marcus writes about his immaturity being demonstrated in allowing this plan to go through.

The stock market went down 382 points when Geithner "explained" the plan yesterday.

On the local scene

When someone gets involved in local politics they should expect to be criticized and satirized in this era of blogs. However, anybody who brings a family member into their criticism just to be mean should be ashamed of themselves.

This has happened to at least two families.

Everyone has a right and a social responsibility to alert authorities including licensing boards to cases they have a reasonable belief involves violations. Doing so just to harass someone or hurt their business, whether illegal or not, is just plain nasty and playing dirty.

LMAO said...

Mary has constantly targeted business people with her campaign and Limo has been a prime target. I suspect much of this is accomplished with the support and contribution of her fellow bloggers.

It would be quite easy for some to retaliate but they have not. I certainly would have. Mary is constantly tossing out threats to her family but does she have any police reports? Is this like the vandalism issue? IMO she tosses that out to DEFLECT from her own behaviors.

Yes, we should all get back to some lighter and fun stuff but the main issues are bleak. Local tragedy. Economy continuing to sink. World issues. Tribe still having problems.

Raynham Business Owner said...

Forget Mary..

Hey President of CasinoFreeMass,
You were there, You heard it, how about Mr. Ks angry remarks about my business? What are you going to do about it?

Nothing thats what your going to do...

Lets go have a pizza party.

mildly said...

Internet Avenger. If MT were "severely mentally disturbed" that gives her an out not to be held accountable for her behavior. She's mean, not crazy, and knows exactly what she's saying and doing.

It's fine to blow off steam here and elsewhere, but don't bang your head against the wall trying to get anyone in the Great Casino War arrested from a perch on the From what I understand, only an actual substantiated threat against someone's safety will result in police involvement. And they just usually go and verbally warn the accused party. Child porn and police sting operations to target predators are about the only interagency cooperative efforts I'm aware of. And they have to lure offenders into an actual meeting before an arrest occurs.

Of course there's always civil action. But that takes time, lots of money, and the disadvantage of no current legislation regulating the use of the internet.

I can see that MT gets you really p*ssed off, but you are allowing her power by reacting venomously. It just feeds the cycle. Perhaps the most effective weapon is to stop giving the woman the attention and audience she seeks. I mean, where would MT be if her sitemeter showed a sudden stop of traffic to her site? No readers, no GK. JMO

mildly said...

But then, of course, if MT left the scene that would ruin bogo's enjoyment of local performances of "The Theater of the Absurd". And we can't let bogo get bored.

bogofree said...

Hal. I usually view several sites a day regarding financial issues. This mess will not go away and that is as simple as I can put it. The Republicans may have displayed some new found courage by addressing the excessive pork embedded into bailout II but the bottom line is they virtually all support some type of stimulus.

I look at this and it all comes back to the simple fact is you do not reward bad behavior or stupid choices. Everyone at this point realizes that the root of this problem was questionable mortgage practices that were spurred on my incredibly dumb legislation and a total lack of regulatory oversight. Fine. Too late. Too many compliant Republicans and Democrats involved in this so that started the save our azz rush with the totally flawed bailout I.

I was watching Lou Dobbs last night and watch something that tells be all I need to know about our failed political system. Embedded within bailout II is social legislation since it will not be open to debate where it should be. The Republicans have also mentioned that the negotiation process should be televised. Naturally that is a no go. So much for transparency.

Mildly put it quite well with Mary. The “Cause” is the important thing and if anything stands in the way – even truth (see title of this blog) it will be ignored or bypassed for the perceived greater good.

anonymous said...

Here's something hilarious I just ran across when reading www.nemaketriverproductions,com :

"Michael McAdam has been involved with community and regional theater for many years, in both performing and technical roles. He received his education at Franklin Piece College and the University of Massachusetts Boston where he studied communications and vocal performance. He is well known locally as the founding member of 6Girlz6 Productions and has performed extensively as his alter ego, Payton St. James. He has held several titles within the Massachusetts pageant system as well as performing in some of his favorite shows including The Threepenny Opera, La Cage Aux Folles and The Miss Firecracker Contest. Currently working for Verizon Communications, Mr. McAdam resides in Raynham where is a proud father and husband."

Seems both VB and Mr. MacAdam are local actors. Gee, is it possible that those two plain clothes detectives who escorted AB out of TH the night he resigned were really two hired actors?

Too, too funny! I'm choking on my coffee.

Hal Brown said...

I don't know why Obama didn't demand that nothing be in the bill that couldn't be served at a kosher dinner. Not even imitation bacon bits.

As for rewarding bad behavior:

I'm of the school that the Coast Guard shouldn't rescue pleasure boaters who put out despite nautical weather warnings.

Okay, maybe they should like police and fire rescue fools that go out on thin ice and fall in.

But maybe there should be laws that require them to pay the cost. Though if a rescuer is injured or dies as a result nobody can repay that.

Hal Brown said...

There were two on duty Middleboro detectives at the meeting and one off duty Raynham police officer who was with the Bonds.

anonymous said...

your secret is safe.

anonymous said...

Oh but's so much more fun to think it was all a phony stage job. I really could give a sh*t what really happened anymore. The whole drama has been so surreal. And the beat goes on...and on... and on. Look, AB settled for a lousy deal. It's likely that the only REAL threats against him the night he resigned were in his head. So why the big show? I don't know who to believe about anything anymore, and I don't care. I just know the much needed jobs aren't here.

Once the racinos get the green light, they'll be up and running within 90 days tops. We're years away from construction actually beginning on a Middleboro resort, if it happens at all. In the meantime we may as well build a demilitarized strip through the center of Middleboro. They don't write scripts in Hollywood as bad as the one we're living. So forgive me if I find amusement in any possible scenerio.

anonymous said...

I don't know what definker means. But I do give de-finger a lot lately. LMAO

bogofree said...


Coast Guard is REQUIRED to rescue folks as are police and fire. In the job description. Is it the function of the government to rescue private business? Is it their job to bailout homeowners that are just plain stupid? Exactly to what extent does the government apply bailouts? Exactly where is the line drawn? IMO the government (i.e. - the two fraud parties) is employing bailout money to deflect away from a core issue - they were both compliant and negligent in the entire process. This has little to do with a failing economy and everything to do with covering their azz. The public is now ticked off with what they see as a fatted calf bill that just creates more government. The view is that the Wall St. crowd and the hacks from both parties are in bed together and I agree with that position 100%. The Wall St. Journal had some incredible figures on just how much waste has been embedded in these bills. Bear Sterns should have been the example along with Lehman Bros. Just fail.

I have no idea about McAdam or VB and could care less. Mr. McAdam was invited to post on this blog after his rather rude and surly treatment at another more prominent blog. Somehow I doubt that actors were hired for AB’s drama but it does provide for great gossip and what if. IMO the AB thing has now migrated to old news and will languish there until something else surfaces.

bogofree said...

What WOW should do is what Reagan did to the ATC's in 1981. WOW should have fired virtually everyone in the SEC. I can't imagine any government regulatory agency in history that has managed to perform worse than this group. Maybe he still will?

Meanwhile the noon reports have some more trimmings going on. I hope the various pols are actually reading their emails and getting a run down on how the public sees this latest bill. Even a third rate dips**t like myself can spot a bad penny.

anonymous said...

To me the real actors in the last few weeks is the BOS. Mimi put on a well rehearsed stage show complete with props. Naturally, Spataro attempted to "Ad-lib" his own concerns and managed to bring his own props. Marsha then followed the crowd at being totally offended that someone questioned their actions. Rogers and his comments on blogs again demonstarted that they have no pulse for this community. Few may post but many do read. The new TM must feel he is in the middle of a very bad dream and is hoping to wake up.

They explained themselves but I just got the feeling that all the dots were not connected in that explanation.

anonymous said...

The foolishness that is our state government just continues to baffle me. Other states are taking rather drastic measures in regards to labor costs and Massachusetts is doing virtually nothing. No wage freezes. No layoffs. No furloughs. Nothing. What is the response to economic doom? Propose new taxes! The state has about as much brains as BB did with that idiotic CPA garbage.

Hal. Your conversations with the World Of Mary were about as successful as mine were with my ex wife.

drive-by said...

anon 1:11

I have the same feeling you do about the dots not connecting. I suspect it will take some time before everything is outted, and outted it will be. For now I'm watching from the peanut gallery. It's Howdy Doody time in Middleboro, and I'm Flub-A-Dub. LMAO

drive-by said...

Ah, Mary, Mary, quite contrary
How does your nose grow?
Red Slippers, Toto,
And yellow bricks all in a row.

Yellow----such a bilious color! rofl

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
drive-by said...

Shoot, my PC won't properly download new version of flash player. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. So I miss all the good stuff. Hate Vista!

Family Guy said...

Honest Abe profusely apologizing to Mimi. A BOS highlight! LOL!

I don't know what was worse the ones behind the table or behind the public microphone. Gives a great insight into the pro and anti crowd.

Seemed like the BOS was on the defensive in all of this. I suspect the Paul Harvey thing will resurface - and now for the rest of the story.

Jack was around and I would have loved to see him stick around for a few questions. Jack would probably prove that he would have made a great song and dance man.

anonymous said...

Just looked at my coffee cup.
Made in China given to me from an Indian and it means the world to me.


anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

I was waiting for Pat to say "I am not a crook." Anti's just looked stupid in that exchange. How stupid? They actually made the four horseman of the apocalypse that is our BOS look good.

anonymous said...

Why did AF think he was attacking them???

mildly said...

Don't watch BOS meetings. Am I correct in assuming that Honest Abe and Nocasino are the same poster? Both write the same style one-liners. What did he do?

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Family Guy said...

Abe was falling all over himself as he seemed totally flummoxed at Mimi's little speech. His constant apologies in that it was not a personal attack. Hey, Abe, WTF do you think it was when the anti’s have been blogging away for a week. You are one of them! Look at all the crap on the BB blog regarding their refusal to fess up the previous week. Here is the real truth - Abe folded! Poof! Typical anti that when he goes off the safe confines of the blog is a wimp. MR in public is like a church mouse. Mimi blew you away, Abe! Freaking Mimi! Think about it. I’m certainly no fan of this BOS despite their pro casino stand but they made the anti’s that stumbled up to that podium look like dopes.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Watch Abe in action. He gets so flustered, he almost knocks poor diane right off her feet.

Then just walks away.

Nice Guy.

anonymous said...

Watch MS get up and leave.

Saying to himself, shut up already will you Abe. Gak!!

Family Guy said...

The anti's are like Mikey in the old Life commercial "get Abe to speak he'll do anything." Abe, you looked bad, real bad. I mean this is what the anti's have to throw out at the BOS? That BOS is four lightweights and they made the Cheech and Chong of the anti's look like babbling fools! When Mimi makes you look bad it's time to pack it it. Hey, Abe, go to the blogs and you can be brave there.

bogofree said... was not exactly a polished performance by the two anti's that showed but ease up. At least they had the courage to stand up and take their lumps.

Did not really come across well at all as IMHO the BOS members had them on the defensive rather than the other way around. Not the end of the story IMO.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

That crew last night seemed to only want to embarrass the BOS. Why should BOS respond to the anonymous blogs? Why should they respond to the former chairman's (what's his name) inflammatory comments? The truth is that no matter what the BOS says or do they will still have anonymous smears blogged about them.

The 6th amendment states "in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the be confronted with the witnesses against him." In today's internet world that is not the case. At least the three of guys had the stones to stand up publicly and take their lumps. The others, they sit behind the keyboard type away. The problem is if the anons stand up and speak in public to attack the integrity of people they look like fools because they are speaking from is a very poor foundation.

The BOS is constantly being accused of virtual criminal actions. If a person knows a BOS member has committed criminal actions against the town it is their civic responsibility to report the FACT to the proper authorities. Otherwise it is just innuendo at best and intended to smear reputations at worse.

I am no great fan of the existing BOS. But the anonymous blogging by spineless vultures with no beaks making accusations and calling people third rate dip*hit* are far worse.

Tomorrow go and visit the CFO meeting. It is being held in the library (a public building) at 6:30 PM so all are welcome to attend.

anonymous said...

Anon: 6:13. It was a comedy of errors. The inquistors were out of their league of the BOS should have been put in reverse. Didn't happen. Probably could have had a nice follow up question ot two. The one that stood out for me was when Mimi said somone else was talking to Graham on the phone and then gave her the phone to speak to him. Who and why was that person speaking to Graham? But that didn't happen. Oh well.

The BOS is tied to the casino and everything they do will be questioned. As Marsha pointed out "$3,000,000 deficit." That should be the focus and not a casino years away.

Hal Brown said...

Microsoft joke:

Bill Gates arrives at gates to heaven and hell where St. Peter, 'Bill, we don't know what to do with you, so you can choose if you want to go to heaven or hell.'

Bill takes a look in Heaven and sees a unch of people walking around looking bored.

Bill takes a look in hell and sees rows of flashing computerized slot machines and gaming tables and beautiful men and women who keep on winning jackpots.

Bill says, 'I am a gambling man and I love those electronic slots. I want to go to hell!'

Once in hell, Bill is immediately tossed into the fire. As he's burning in perpetual flames, Bill scrams in agony 'Hey, what is this?!! I saw all the gambling and happy people winning jackpots!?!"

The devil says, 'That was just a BETA version.'

Not my joke, but I did embellish the original.

bogofree said...

...and who said Hal didn't have a sense of humor. Most I ever saw anyone laugh was the first time my wife saw me naked.

The Stimulus will get done and Obama will have ownership of the economy from this day on. Things show a substantial improvement in the next two years he is truely the annointed one. It fails? Goodbye.

mildly said...

Is it true that the national healthcare program was attached to the stimulus program? I certainly hope not because I'm sure not many fully understand the ramifications of Canadian system.

Suo Mynona said...

Big day for BB tomorrow. we all are anxiously awaiting to see if we can past the second paragraph. meanwhile he continues to allow nasty posts on his blogs that he does not feel are over the line.

Oh yeah. I cannot allow a week to go by without asking him to back up his statement:
"In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped."

He conducted his CPA movement without allowing detailed discussion. Period. Easy to back up.
Real question. Honest answers please. Do you find his topics inspiring? Can you get through his entire article in the Gazette? Do your friends or spouse(s) get through his column? BB appreciates on line commentary about peoples abilities.

Yes I said spouses in case some people from Utah read his column.

Suo Mynona said...

From BB on his blog for the 2/09/09 BOS meeting:

"What other business that is trying to locate in town is throwing parties, inviting Selectman, and giving them gifts? This is not a question of legality or ethics - it's a question of common sense."

Now that he is questioning common sense let's ask him the same question.

Is it common sense to trespass three times onto clearly marked property?

Is it common sense to post pictures of everyone drinking when those in the pictures are concerned about drunk drivers?

Is it common sense to ask for a CPA tax in such horrid economic times?

Common sense to me would dictate to focus on the here now -- the town budget -- as other posters with common sense have noted.

mildly said...

To answer your question, Suo, I haven't bought the Gazette in many years, even though it's only 50 cents. Nor has my ONE spouse. LOL. I read the Globe, Herald, and Enterprise online every morning, and only buy a real newspaper when I need to wrap something for storage. So I've never read BB's column. Used to read nemasket site until he took it private. No big thrill. It was always basically him and MR anyway, and we agree on little politically. Do scan the blogs, but usually wind up getting p*ssed off. But I do find it highly amusing, as a moderate, to live in what's basically one of the only red towns in a blue state. Suits me just fine. But it must drive the far left moonbats who live here crazy. Unlike them I can find some humor in most any situation. Work per diem....more money/no benefits. Have to rely on hubby for that. And basically live for today, because as a nurse, I see too many people who have no tomorrow. Life is fragile, and I've learned not to bank on anything. So my long answer to your question can be summed up simply by saying BB takes himself and stuff much too seriously.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Mr Belanger,
I posted the above questions so you can see what its like for others to feel the constant pressure coming from your site.

You don't have to answer these.

If you do then you have every right to ask me anything you want.
Fair enough.

anonymous said...

anon 6:52 AM

Don't give them too much credit, looking stupid just happens in the normal course of their daily actions. Like Clark CT.

anonymous said...

Sorry. I didn't want to bring AF name into this.

I really feel bad for him.

The man has a real agenda and some valid concerns.

I'm not sure if he has watched these blogs for the 2 years as some of us have.

I don't think he realized 89% of anonymous comments are from just one person.

The sooner MB tells him that. The quicker him and Abe can set themselves apart from that group.

drive-by said...

anon 5:47
"Are you and your anonymous posters meeting at Middleboro locations, corresponding through e mail, telephone, cell or landline, fax or any other portable communication devises Lap top, or house computers to plan, coordinate and execute a plan to unseat a sitting selectperson or persons by means of intimidation,scare or any other criminal type tactics? Yes or NO"

LOL...someone's been watching too many spy thrillers. Do you really expect MB to print that? Ten bucks says he doesn't.

Rocky said...

MB and the CF crew are in with a former small time politician and are being fed incorrect information to create hate in the community. I watched the Monday fiasco live on TV and if I was Allen I would be mad that I was tricked into doing that.

MB is fostering a hate blog that he is allowing people to post with lies. He (and others too) weren't even boy enough to show up Monday night. They sent others in to try to do dirty work. Backfired kiddies.

I thought the CFO crew were smarter than that (I will admit I was worng on that one). Smart enough not to be used like Lambchop.

anonymous said...

No different than the moronic questions him and his anonymous posters are slinging around

Two wrongs don't make a right I'm just trying to make a point.

anonymous said...

Quote from Bumpkins Blog.

"And as for Mr. Frawley, kudos to you. I believe it would be in everyone's best interest to attend the next BoS meeting in support of Mr. Frawley's question"

LOL! How did this work out?

anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of the out of towners who are obsessed with Middleboro town politics. Please GK, CC, CP, and LL......let Middleboro people work things out here. Get involved with your own towns. They have plenty of unresolved problems too. Stop sticking your noses where they don't belong. Either that or move here and start helping with our tax burden. Put your money where your mouths are or zip it!

anonymous said...

Oh yeah....Happy almost friggin Valentines Day! LMAO

Suo Mynona said...

BB blog standards:
"Short version is: Any comment that contains anything that is over my personal line doesn't get in"

Rocky said...

I'm sick of the in towners that think they know everything and know nothing. Shouting that somebody is doing something wrong or that they are not getting their letters read on TV. What a bunch of babies.

Jessie runs for office so she gets involved and she may cut and paste or talk to herself but she runs. Others just cry and blog or quit. They serve no purpose other than to belly ache. They are useless.

bogofree said...

Had to do some catch-up this morning with all the posts. Seems to be some interesting "stuff" posted.

As far as the latest bailout there is social legislation embedded within it. This I found out by watching Lou Dobbs the other evening and I believe I posted on it. What this bill is starting to represent is a political agenda and not a political philosophy.

I am highly disappointed in President WOW at this juncture. The transparency on this bill did not happened. When his coat holders where questioned on that the issue was bounced back to Congress. A Presidential pass the buck and not the buck stops here. Please, HST and TR, come and save us! WOW has also been playing some serious partisan politics over this bill so it's back to the same old.

Financial markets continue to sink since a major portion of this latest bill continue to do what the previous one did - prop up banks and businesses. We will now have a 12 trillion dollar debt and even if we doubled that the mess might not go away. IMHO what I would do is have half this bill into immediate tax cuts to the point of elimination of all taxes for incomes under 40K. Second is to get started next week on the public works projects...but then, what the hell do I know?

BB appears to be taking some hits and I’m trying to follow the issue as best I can. I have not been back to the Nemasket site since I got dumped so I have not idea what the posting hyenas are doing. I do read his blogs - and all others - and, of course, all the comments. I can say from just my simple observation that those who spoke out at the BOS meeting were not on their A game.

anonymous said...

Rocky. Haven't seen you in a couple of days. Thought you might be over on Rock St helping to load up the UHaul.....beep, beep, beep.

anonymous said...

Nobody much posts on nemasket anymore but MB, MR, and Bulls**t Bob. It's a dead site since you left. Time to give it a decent burial.

Hal Brown said...

I wonder who went to revel in Marshall's comeupance, and how many were even from Middleboro.

"A small group of anti-casino Middleboro residents also attended the (Glenn Marshall) court proceeding, along with a scattering of other tribe members."

LMAO said...

Bratbird. Remember that? The havoc you use to cause but shot straight and that became quite apparent when you saw BS posted and called everyone out. Beautiful.

I have a relative that I loaned a $1,000. Paid back a few hundred and then nothing. I can spot a deadbeat. Well, my wife puts pressure on me to "help out" again. So I chip in another $500 along with some other family members. This was two years ago and no one got s**t back as of last week. OK, now more money is needed. Real sob story. Screw it. Not another penny. This is just like the bailout bills only with billions rather than a few Benjamin’s.

Rocky is right on target with his provincialism regarding out of Towner’s. Seems their interest has gone well beyond the casino. I just think the staying power of BB is non existent regarding the CPA. Have not heard much since his BOS beat down. MR is in a funk and taking the usual shots since the Green Committee is not one of her destinations. I disagree with you 100% on that, Bogo. The woman would be a cancer on any committee. She’d be blabbing everything about anyone she had a disagreement with.

Have Debbie Blais listed any properties on Rock Street this week?

anonymous said...

OH! Boy Mr. Thompson you went and did it now.

delete delete delete delete delete
delete delete delete delete delete
delete delete delete delete delete
delete delete delete delete delete
delete delete delete delete delete

bogofree said...

Just saw Hal at the "Y" and the man can swim. Went out to the car and got a cow hoof that we keep for my daughter's Golden Doodle. Hal can really fetch. Swam right after it but took a bite out. Thankfully, I had the newspaper with me and rolled it up and swatted his nose. No problems after that.

Hal...kinda personal but what the hell. I go so old Manzier's that no longer fit and your welcome to them.

anonymous said...

BB blog standards:
"Short version is: Any comment that contains anything that is over my personal line doesn't get in"


Do you think he will ever respond to your questioning? LOL! He's doing a "Clark." Is that a new noun that is appropriate to Middleboro. What should it even stand for? Lying? Fabricating?

Love the standards. No wonder that site is dead.

Rocky said...

I am wrong. I am sick of the intowners that have been here for less than ten years or leave town and come back and think they know everything about it.

Then they start telling us what to do.

Anybody who hasn't been here for more than 20 years take two steps back. Breathe deep and ask then try to think about what you are doing. Where's the strap.

I remember a 10,000 resident Middleboro. Oak what? Old Colony Railroad. A real downtown. Real market. Real stores. Remember that.

Suo Mynona said...

Geewillickers anon 1:15 he can't respond to the comment with out chewing shoe leather.

Do you think "Clark" is becoming part of the local vernacular? has it morphed from a pseudo proper noun to a verb? Can we now say a person is clarking if they something that is false? Maybe it is time to call Webster's.

bogofree said...

Rocky is having flasbacks to back in the day....A trip down memory lane. Moved here in '73 and the town has certainly changed and what I really miss most is that it once had a rather vibrant downtown section. Gone and really without any mall to blame.

Clarking has become a verb and it can have a nice blanket description for many things. Part of the local vocabulary.

Rocky said...

I loved the old down town. Shopping for clothes and we knew everyone and if you didn't you still said hi to them.

How would you use it in a sentence?
Clark you! I am so clarked I would spit. All I want to do is go home and clark.

Suo Mynona said...

How is this for verb usage of clark?

I hope he is clarking for humor if he says he generally agrees that Middleboro residents are third rate d*psh*t citizens.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

"Breaking News In Middleboro - Topix - The police showed up and were going to arrest the would be culprit, If not for the fast actions of the Middleboro Police who knows what this ..."

I was searching google for Police reports and I found this. Who do you think it was about?


Hal Brown said...

You are leaving me a bit clarkified. If I remember correctly the Clark claim was that this Connecticut town had so many foreign language speaking children of casino employees move there that the schools had to hire a hundred ESL teachers.

It wasn't hard to look this up.

Clark isn't even playing Waldo, he's, I mean it, just isn't there. But is there any town anywhere that required 100 ESL teachers to handle a sudden influx of so many non-English speaking children for any reason at all?

Maybe Clark is lost. Too bad we can't ask Meriwether to find him.

So why did we never hear an explanation of why this claim was made? Perhaps it was a folk tale.

It did lead to the title of this blog though.

Family Guy said...

The following is from the BB blog regarding their (anti's) visit to Marshall's sentencing. I love the last line about do you mind if I blog on it? LOL! Six people will see it!

"Right after that, I saw Stephen Bingham and went over to him. He also complained that Marshall wasn't charged with near enough. I asked him what he thought of the elections. He said that it was terrible - the same old crooked bunch with different names. He said that he and Amelia had refused to vote because they didn't want to legitimize the election. He indicated that there will be a special election to oust some or all of the tribal council. He didn't think the press was interested in reporting on this aspect at which point I asked if he minded if I blogged about it."

bogofree said...

It was a Clarkian statement? I can see kids in school saying : "Your Daddy is a Clark!" Fighting words.

All sorts of options. I've always liked the idea that the biggest phony in years is "Clark" Rockerfeller. LOL!

anonymous said...

There circling the wagons up today. AGAIN.

He's saying OH! Clark WTF have I done..

The Lawyer is saying calm down will you, Abe and Al can handle it.. RY can't stop eating, RPD is like WTF did these morons get me into? Jessie screwed over to glady's no where else to copy and paste a post to. There's a dude "leaping for joy"saying I'm glad I posted on Glady's and not that toxic site.

CP and CC are saying you just can't make this stuff up!!!

Suo Mynona said...

Looks like everyone here is a third rate d*psh*t that supports the CPA (CLARK PRESERVATION ASSOCIATION)

Clark appears to be one of those few words that is multi-functional, verb, adverb,intransitive verb, adjective. The only thing it cannot be used for is a proper pronoun for a location on MapQuest.

I got through three clarking paragraphs of BB's Gazette column. More on that clarking stuff later though.

LMAO said...

I just did a quick peek at some of the first blogs Bogo wrote on this and they just get better with age. The whole adventure at is just hilarious. Dal and Bogo laying waste to an entire site. Internet locust desending upon an outmatched MR and BB. I just can't believe MR just didn't admit she made a mistake in relying on false information and promise to be more careful in the future. This was no big deal and they let it get out of control. But that is the story of CFO, isn't it? One bad move after another and just move on. To me the Grogfathers was a classic. What a great tag - Grogfathers! How did they respond? Just ignored it and silently took down the pictures.

Enough of that since IMO that is drifting well into the history books. I have noticed that there will be a battle for the BOS and it looks as if two casino anti's are in the mix. I hope it does not degenerate into that again as their are some serious financial concerns facing the town. I do like Steve McKinnon and Al Rullo who, if I recall, are two real CPA's and not that idiotic community act. In these trying budgetary times I'd feel real comfortable with their collective financial experience.

anonymous said...

Grogfathers! Oh how I loved that! And the pictures!

anonymous said...

Anybody going to CFO membership meeting?

I know you just laughed! Com'on

bogofree said...

The qualifications may go deeper than just a sheepskin but in this case both McKinnon and Rullo have had trial by fire either in their current or past town resumes in addition to being veterans of corporate warfare. I can’t see the casino being that much of an issue despite the IGA again becoming a news item. I hope being an anti or pro does not become the litmus test for any candidate.

Maybe Jessie will eventually do just as LMAO said regarding Clark? Never too late. CFO does seem to have a history of not being able to react quickly to significant PR issues relying more upon the diminished influence of a small coterie of bloggers to defend the message. With the prospects of a casino/slots increasing in the state and diminishing in Middleboro the state and national organizations have quite a job to do. I am one of the “inevitable” crowd who just looks at the legalized gambling map and sees few places that are barren and hope that within our state Middleboro remains barren. However, if not, best to prepare by getting the best deal possible and seriously looking at impacts rather than what appears a preaching to the choir rally show to be sponsored by Steve Spataro - if he is around to don the cheerleading outfit.

Home loan subsidies. Smart move by WOW. Give subsidies to anyone but banks. Be interesting to see what payback mechanism will be installed. Still don’t like the idea of rewarding bad behavior by purchasing a McMansion on limited resources but if we are going to toss around over a trillion I rather have it go there than the WaMu’s of the world.

I’m still on the CFO mailing list and also almost went to the last function - I could have been a Grogfather! Actually, the MB group is not a bad Blue Grass group.

Hal Brown said...

I learned something today. Bogo is pronounced bögö with two long o's. I thought his name had something to do with cranberry bogs.

All I can figure is that he's a fan of the great soccer team, the Bohs, the Bohemian football club.

When I was just a little boy
I asked my mother, what will I be?
Will I be Rovers?
Will I be Bohs?
Here's what she said to me

Wash your mouth my son
And get your father's gun
And shoot the Rovers scum
Shoot the Rovers scum
we hate Rovers!

I also learned that he's something of a babe magnet. (I saw that bogo!)

News of the day is that Bogo got to see and talk to one of the fastest and one of the slowest lap swimmers at the Y.

anonymous said...

Someone cut me off at the 28/105 intersection today. I immediately flipped him the bird and yelled, "Clark you! What the clark do you think you're doing?" I felt much better after sufficiently clarking him. Some people are just soooo clarky.

Suo Mynona said...

Saying WTC!(What The Clark) that is a better way of venting and lowering your frustration. WTC will probably make you laugh (the best medicine)too.

anonymous said...

Did anyone look at Glady's blog? and Read those nasty comments.

The Herald or Globe is just looking for stories on the Anti tactics.

anonymous said...

Nope. I'm sick of all the clarkiness. No more GK for these eyes.

Suo Mynona said...

Short review of the guest columnist verbage yesterday:
Clarking insulting and poorly clarkin' written. More later.

bogofree said...

In school today and those kids were acting like Clarking fools.

anonymous said...

Is Adam attacking LL business? What the Clark is going on?
Check out LLs site. LMAO!

Rocky said...

You people make me Clark.

Hal Brown said...

Can you believe what is on Middleboro Casino.

As a favor, which I extend to any reasonable request, I post a screen picture which you can see by clicking on the link on top of the article.

bogofree said...

I didn't get the link, Hal, but when I tried Clark Casino it came right up.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Hypothetical Clarkfathers meeting.

Sitting around the table at the local pizza palace is FatClark, MustacheClark, WeirdClark and DrunkClark.

Now DrunkClark is trying to join the Clarkfathers he needs protection from the Cabbagepatchclarks.

He tries to impress the Clarkfathers with his information and know it all skills. The Clarkfathers tell him we need to trust you. If you want to hide behind us You have to do this DrunkClark. Find the stupidest picture you can and post it then blog about all your best friends to cause you the most embarrassment to your own name family and and livelihood. When you do that DrunkClark you to can be among the elite known as the Clarkfathers.

anonymous said...

Limo has a nice explanation. Thanks, Hal.

Bosley is out so that will clear up another hurdle to casinos. Wonder if Gladys has her site drapped in black?

Dark Knight said...

Looking at comments on another blog and mention was made of Mimi Duphily's house being broken into. What is that about?

Mimi is being called a nice woman and then they lower the boom.

Does anyone even listen to that radio show? What is up with AB? Been very quiet.

anonymous said...

Just noticed that Clark Road in Lakeville is now called Cl**k Road.

anonymous said...


What would you think if someone posted on a blog how to find your address, next day your home gets broken in.

I know its nothing. Who knows maybe, You might want to find out who posted that.

Instead you just go about deleteing all evidence of that blog post.

Was that the correct thing to do?

Nope don't save it and maybe help the police if it did mean anything. Who knows.

I hope he saved it. By deleting post when a crime has been committed that could be considered destroying valuable evidence in an on going investigation.

anonymous said...

Picking up "Cool Turkey Feathers" just took on a whole new meaning.

Family Guy said...

Looks like MB has a nice blog on MT. Something about vampires.

Suo Mynona said...


You made me LMAO when you made your Feb 12/09 4:14 PM post. "Internet Locusts" Too Clarking Funny!

The Internet Avenger said...

Hmmmm... what was that post I made a week or two back about never underestimating the tribe? Didn't I question how "cozy" the tribe may or may not really be with the investors? Looks like the Avenger may have called another one -

Snuggling up to the investors is not the same thing as being "chummy" with the tribe! Looks like the new tribal council has just pulled the rug right out from under Helen & Mimi's feet! LOL! Think you're close to the "tribe", ladies? Seems as if you may want to think again.

It seems that only one Selectman really had a working relationship with the "tribe" - but he resigned. I wonder - what will Middleboro do now?

Suo Mynona said...

I am so confused who is cozy with who now in casino blog wars. My head is spinning. All that goes through my clarking little brain is a version to the words to J Geils' "Love(Blogs)Stinks"

You Blog her
But she Blogs him
And he Blogs somebody else
You just can't win
And so it goes
Till the day you die
This thing they call Blogging
It's gonna make you cry

Hal Brown said...


How could anyone think that the investors wouldn't have a man on the ground when investing with a group that had no experience dealing with such a complex and expensive project? Of course the tribe's leadership would be "cozy" with the investors through Stephen Graham.

From the investors POV, it makes good business sense to have had Graham and other professionals working closely with them.

Despite the implications in the Cape Cod Times article, we don't have the facts about the reasons Graham was let go. However, consider that there's new leadership and that their severing ties with Graham may demonstrate both assertiveness on the Tribal Council's part and willingness of the investors to give them more responsibility to run things on their own.

In this short time it appears that your friend was right in one respect when insisting that the BOS push for meeting with the tribe before their elections. This would have given the town an edge.

This could have backfired because as the town talked about altering the IGA and new leadership took over we could have ended up losing rather than gaining. At the least with a new group on the tribe's side of the table any decisions made would have been open to renegotiation.

Snuggling up to the investors is not the same thing as being "chummy" with the tribe!

While I'm not sure whether there's really a difference between snuggling and being chummy in this sentence since I don't think you mean the first term to be taken literally.

Graham was entrusted by the investors to be their primary advisor to the tribe. Looking back to the time between the summer of 2007 and last month we see that pro-casino activists, including the Bonds, had friendly relations and social interactions with Graham. Considering that aside from the actual IGA negotiations which both sides expected to be adversarial, the BOS promoted the idea that we wanted to be partners with the tribe for our mutual benefit.

While not everyone on the BOS had the same friendly relationship with Graham and the tribe, to suggest that Bond was the only selectman with a real working relationship with them is false. Until the time he started to push for meetings to revisit the IGA before the tribe's election, he gave every appearance of having friendly social relationships with them: every appearance.

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