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The stimulus is all set so how did the financial markets react? All major indexes are down. How are bank stocks reacting since a good portion of this is geared towards them? Flat. Look at construction and transportation which should benefit the most. Flat to down. Maybe this will work its way through the system…maybe not. If not it will be one and out for quite a few and if it works it will be a free ride to pile on more debt. IMO the real blame lies in those hardy band of Republicans who captured Congress those many years ago and in a short time tossed their political philosophy to the winds. Republicans want to blame someone? Look in the mirror as their actions begat this.

Bailout II is 1100 pages and was voted upon a scant 12 hours after it was presented. So much for transparency. Over a third of the financial package consists of discretionary spending meaning handouts. Yes…the cities, towns and states “need the money” probably “for the children” and that just covers up fiscal irresponsibility. President What’s His Name left a deficit that is beyond comprehension. In numerical terms it would be a goo goo. However in the spirit of mine is bigger than yours President WOW will exceed that legacy

JP Morgan and Citigroup have announced they are halting foreclosures. That is just dandy as seeing both got a zillion dollars from you, me and some of the folks in foreclosure.

The IRS has announced several programs to help taxpayers who owe and cannot pay. Nothing in the “help” from this most excessive of government agencies about no interest on back due taxes. That measure is the sole domain of President WOW cabinet appointees.

My baseball cap is off to Greg Judd who realized he cannot support a bill or a President that goes against his political philosophy and conscience. Judd is one of the few members of the House or Senate who has been quite consistent in supporting his philosophy at the expense of party agenda.

In Massachusetts the idea of reform and austerity seems like a totally alien concept to our legislative and executive branches. The bloated hacks, who are almost universally Democrats, have long used the excuse that the state has had a Republican governor. That excuse is gone and unfortunately Deval Patrick is not. As long as the Republicans can mange not to find reasonable candidates then the one party dominance and continuing failures will only magnify. Just a scan of pension abuses tells all.

Bosley is out now for his chairmanship. This, like gaming, was inevitable once the latest soon to be convicted felon - DiMasi - was sent packing after, of course, getting an extra year kiss for his pension. Hackerama needs money to keep the bloated oligarchy who feel it is ordained for them to continue avoiding what should be done. Where will it end? Taxes and fees will nickel and dime us to death the taxpayers. Cuts are made to the most needy and vulnerable of services while the elite maintain their family lines of “employment.” Naturally any increases is always “for the children.”

In some parts of the country housing values have dropped a staggering 40% with no accompanying decrease in property taxes. This reflects a tax increase and sooner or later a group of property owners will find a friendly judge who will agree to “adjust” property taxes. Think of the level of havoc that will cause!

The political races will soon heat up in Middleboro as perspective candidates return their papers. I suspect Steve Spataro may be in quite a race to retain his seat on the BOS. Meanwhile the local rumors and gossip will swirl around about the various “players” in our local drama.

Along those lines it was fascinating to hear the collective yawn as Steven Spataro outlined his proposed IGA meetings before the BOS by town department heads. I really expect a whole flurry of critical comments directed at the hand that potentially could feed them. IMO this is a bit too late but the town folk did get a greater frame of discussion time on the IGA than Congress allowed on bailout II.

If anyone wishes to continue the discussion of week twelve you may do it here or continue on that bloated comments list. Post away.


Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...


To the editor:

This is in response to what was presumably a rough draft that was mistakenly published by the Gazette on 2/12/09.

Belanger’s discombobulated meanderings managed to condemn four generations and include everyone in his own personal malaise and glum view of Americans. He insulted veterans (and their parents, spouses, and children) that have served or been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, and other conflicts; insulted entrepreneurs that have laid everything on the line to start and keep a business running and Our Nation’s families employed; insults industrious blue and white collar workers; insulted students; and insulted parents that spend their lives devoted to the betterment of children.

Most people do “know the meaning of sacrifice, saving, and planning,” they live it and practice it everyday of their lives.

Americans are prolific givers of time and money to local, national and international non-profits and crisis. There is always room improvement in democracy. Many individuals choose to bear personal witness to the fine people in all generations working together daily to promote improvement and quality of life in our society. For Belanger to lump all people presumably born after 1928 together in a negative manner is wrong. Then again, perhaps I and other Americans in all walks of life are just naïve fools that only think people still know the meaning of sacrifice.
This letter was written at the constant request Mark Belanger for responses to his Bumpkin’s Corner articles. To the best of my knowledge this is the first reply he has received.

mildly said...

Reprint from tail end of week 12. Didn't want it to get lost.

by mildly:

Internet Avenger. I'm not a particularly astute person politically. So I can only make some obvious observations. 1. Adam is still here. He didn't pack up and leave as some predicted. So it doesn't seem likely he'd stay if he was a "plant". 2. Instead of being forthright in offering an explanation immediately to Adam's accusation that some on the board were co-opting, there was an attitude of indignation without adequate, substantive rebuttal. 3. I assume that he was the only member of the BOS who thoroughly understood the legal ramifications of the Marshall indictment, and 4. I'm always suspicious of "friends" who turn against "friends" on a dime when $$$ is involved, which I know from reading another website has been the case with at least one individual.

Am I correct in assuming that the rest of the BOS panicked and sent Adam out as a sacrificial lamb when the tribe and/or investors balked at the Whittesley deal in '07? I haven't heard Adam's take on that.

Whatever the case, I, like many other Middleboro residents are in a holding pattern regarding any judgements until this whole mess is sorted out. I suspect that will take a bit of time.

Someone posted about "the Truth" totally implicating Adam. As an impartial party, I tend to dismiss totally one-sided points of view and still expect there's more revelations to come. So, I'm keeping an open mind until I've heard everything.

I haven't always agreed with Adam on everything, but overall I think he did a good job as Chairman, and I don't buy that he's some kind of Svengali. And no way did he or his family deserve MT's personal attacks.

February 14, 2009 9:11 PM

bogofree said...


You actually read the whole column? Talk about having a death wish.

Excellent post, Mildly.

Seems to be warring factions in this convoluted mess that extends far beyond my meager ability to comprehend. I have a tendency to ignore that some grand puppet master is working manipulative magic over this whole issue as various individuals and groups switch allegiances based on some reason or reasons that escape me. Somewhere there will be a truth and that truth is usually in the middle.

The Internet Avenger said...

Here is a reprint of what Chuck E. Cheese - who apears to be none other than Jessie Powell has published as the "Truth":

"Truth - Adam Bond was working with Glen Marshall to get him back in charge.

Look at Adam at the BOS meeting on 12/15/08 just hours after it was announced that his buddy Glen was going to plead guilty. It is the only BOS meeting where Adam is quiet the entire night.

Truth - Mimi did talk to Stephen Graham and Adam was present when Mimi was handed the phone to speak to Stephen Graham although there was NO conversation about the Casino or it’s investors.

If this was a violation of ethics then wasn’t Adam also complicit? If the Chairman of the BOS thought there was something wrong then shouldn’t he have mentioned it immediately? Why did he use his blog and wait for his and wait for his final BOS meeting to disclose it? Didn’t he have a sworn duty to disclose any improprieties if it were true? We will talk a little more about the connection between Adam & Stephen in a minute.

Truth - Adam contacted Aaron Tobey.

Adam threw his buddy Glen Marshall under the bus and then went behind the back of the BOS to contact Aaron and other tribal members.

Truth – Stephen Graham was in contact Adam and other residents from Middleboro to arrange a gathering at his house.

Stephen has a party every year for the Dorchester Day Parade that goes well into the night and Adam WAS There! I believe Adam forgot to disclose this to the press and the citizens of Middleboro.

Truth - Picture of Stephen & Adam.

If you walk into Adam’s office you will see a picture of him and Stephen Graham from the Dorchester Day Parade. They have their arms around each other, cigars in their mouths and drinks in their hands.

Now you know the truth."

The Internet Avenger said...

Here is the ACTUAL "TRUTH" as I understand it -

1. The truth - Adam Bond FIRST met Glenn Marshall at a public meeting regarding the casino. Any and ALL contact Bond ever had with Marshall was at official negotiations and public meetings which are part of the public record.

2. The truth - like the rest of Middleboro, Bond was shocked and troubled by revelations regarding Marshall's ilegal activities, which is the reason for his stunned silence at that particular BOS meeting.

3. The truth - Bond FULLY supported Marshall's resignation and never engaged in ANY attempt to have him reinstated.

4. The truth - Bond was NOT present in the room when Mimi and Helen had their treasonous conversation with Stephen Graham. He was in Tennessee on a legal case and has the plane tickets and receipts to prove it.

5. The truth - Aaron Tobey contacted Adam Bond and Bond immediately informed the rest of the BOS via e-mail of that contact.

6. The truth - the Bonds have relatives in Dorchester and they, along with many other Middleboro residents and MA politicians, attended a Dorchester Day Parade party that just happened to be hosted by Graham. There is no picture on Adam Bond's office wall of he and Graham together.

7. The truth - Adam Bond negotiated on the opposite side of the table AGAINST Steve Graham and it would certainly seem that there is no love lost between the two of them.

8. The truth - Mimi has been FAR less than truthful in her indignant explanation to residents regarding her contact with Stephen Graham.

9. The truth - is that Mimi's body isn't the only FAT thing about her. She also apparently has a very big, FAT mouth - which she hasn't hesitated to use BRAGGING (to the wrong people) about her friend Helen's connection to Graham and her conversations with Graham compromising the Town's negotiating position.

10. The truth - is that there are witnesses who have gone on record in this matter.

That is the truth as I know it and in good time, I have every confidence that the ACTUAL TRUTH WILL OUT...

anonymous said...

Talk about wound tight.

Truth. Who cares what you or GK have to say? If Adam or Mimi or anyone has anything to say let them speak. Most of us have moved on.

The Internet Avenger said...

Quite obviously, Mildly does care or she wouldn't be asking.

anonymous said...
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anonymous said...

How bout those Red Sox Spring training is about to start.

I seen a player jeez he looked awful young.

I didn't catch his name is he a new player?

mildly said...

anon 11:41

Don't you think it's only fair that someone who obviously does know Mr. Bond well have the opportunity to present a view OTHER than the anti-Bond one rehashed over and over again here and elsewhere? Bogo invited IA here and this poster has just as much right as anyone else on this blog to express his/her opinions as you do. IA is correct...I do care and I am interested in what he/she has to say. If you aren't interested in what he/she has to say, you have the choice not to read it.

As to your comment that the Internet Avenger is "wound tight", as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, if I felt someone I cared about was being unfairly attacked, I'd be like a roaring lioness doing all I could to protect that someone I cared about.

I wouldn't suspect that any message board would be the appropriate venue for Adam Bond to make a case for himself. If you are interested in talking to him personally to hear what he has to say, you know where to find him at his office or the downtown Honey Dew.

Thank you Internet Avenger for being responsive to my questions. I'm sure that Adam will play his hand in the manner and timing of his choice.

In the meantime, I feel it is only fair that people keep their minds open and objective while this story continues to unfold.

I wish him and his family well and safekeeping. Obviously, regardless of whether or not anyone agrees with him, it's been a tough couple of years for the Bond family in terms of the manner in which some bloggers have chosen to target them rather viciously. A politician's family is not fair game. I'm not a political junkie, in fact I never even heard the names of all the players or bothered to keep up with issues affecting the town until 2 years ago. I'm just an average person who believes in erring on the side of compassion. If anyone considers that naivete...well...I prefer that to cynicism.

anonymous said...

FORT MYERS - Any dissection and analysis of Jason Varitek [stats]’s value to the Red Sox [team stats] requires a three-tiered approach.

At the top of the list, of course, is Varitek’s ability to handle a big league pitching staff. As Red Sox manager Terry Francona put it yesterday, “It makes our lives . . . easier knowing he’s back there putting those fingers down.”

There is, too, the leadership Varitek provides as captain of the Red Sox. Here’s the manager again: “He wears a ‘C’ on his uniform. There’s a reason for that.”

anonymous said...


To the editor:

This is in response to what was presumably a rough draft that was mistakenly published by the Gazette on 2/12/09.

Belanger’s discombobulated meanderings managed to condemn four generations and include everyone in his own personal malaise and glum view of Americans. He insulted veterans (and their parents, spouses, and children) that have served or been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, and other conflicts; insulted entrepreneurs that have laid everything on the line to start and keep a business running and Our Nation’s families employed; insults industrious blue and white collar workers; insulted students; and insulted parents that spend their lives devoted to the betterment of children.

Most people do “know the meaning of sacrifice, saving, and planning,” they live it and practice it everyday of their lives.

Americans are prolific givers of time and money to local, national and international non-profits and crisis. There is always room improvement in democracy. Many individuals choose to bear personal witness to the fine people in all generations working together daily to promote improvement and quality of life in our society. For Belanger to lump all people presumably born after 1928 together in a negative manner is wrong. Then again, perhaps I and other Americans in all walks of life are just naïve fools that only think people still know the meaning of sacrifice.
This letter was written at the constant request Mark Belanger for responses to his Bumpkin’s Corner articles. To the best of my knowledge this is the first reply he has received.

anonymous said...

Alexander the Great
Although not always accredited as the first practitioner of psychological warfare, Alexander the Great of Macedon undoubtedly showed himself to be effective in swaying the mindsets of the populaces that were expropriated in his campaigns. In order to keep the new Macedonian states from revolting against their leader, Alexander the Great would leave a number of his men behind in each city to introduce Greek culture, control it and oppress dissident views as well as interbreed. Since this method of persuasion did indeed influence loyalist and separatist opinions alike, it directly altered the psyches of the occupied people to conform.

[edit] The Mongols
Genghis Khan, leader of the Mongols in the 13th century AD, united his people to eventually conquer more territory than any other leader in human history. Defeating the will of the enemy was the top priority.

Before attacking a settlement, the Mongol generals demanded submission to the Khan, and threatened the initial villages with complete destruction if they refused to surrender. After winning the battle, the Mongol generals fulfilled their threats and massacred the survivors. Examples include the destruction of the nations of Kiev and Khwarizm. Consequently, tales of the encroaching horde spread to the next villages and created an aura of insecurity that undermined the possibility of future resistance. Subsequent nations were much more likely to surrender to the Mongols without fighting. Often this, as much as the Mongols' tactical prowess, secured quick Mongol victories.

Genghis Khan also employed tactics that made his numbers seem greater than they actually were. During night operations he ordered each soldier to light three torches at dusk in order to deceive and intimidate enemy scouts and give the illusion of an overwhelming army. He also sometimes had objects tied to the tails of his horses, so that when riding on an open and dry field, would raise a cloud of dust that gave the enemy the impression of great numbers.

The Mongols also employed other gruesome terror tactics to weaken the will to resist. One infamous incident occurred during Tamerlane's Indian campaign. Tamerlane, an heir to the Mongol martial tradition, built a pyramid of 90,000 human heads in front of the walls of Delhi, to convince them to surrender. Other tactics included firing severed human heads from catapults into enemy lines and over city walls to frighten enemy soldiers and citizens, and spread diseases in the close confines of a besieged city. The results were not only psychological: In 1347, the Mongols under Janibeg catapulted corpses infected with plague into the trading city of Kaffa in Crimea. The dismayed Genoese traders withdrew, bringing the plague back with them to Italy and beginning the European phase of the Black Death.

[edit] Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes would physically and psychologically torture his enemies with brutality. His most well-known psychological tactic was an incident involving impalement (thus earning him the title "Vlad the Impaler"), where the bodies of thousands of Ottoman soldiers were suspended in the air, impaled through the heart or rectum on giant wooden sticks. This was so effective, it made an Ottoman army cancel their campaign to invade Romania. In a twist of fate, Vlad Tepes was captured and killed by being impaled through a spike. His severed head was paraded around Istanbul for 3 days before being discarded.

[edit] World War II
One of the first leaders to inexorably gain fanatical support through the use of microphone technology was leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. By first creating a speaking environment, designed by Joseph Goebbels, that exaggerated his presence to make him seem almost god-like, Hitler then coupled this with the resonating projections of his orations through a microphone. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill made similar use of radio for propaganda against the Nazis.

During World War II, psychological warfare was used effectively by the military as well. The enormous success, that the invasion of Normandy displayed, was a fusion of psychological warfare with military deception. Before D-Day, Operation Quicksilver created a fictional "First United States Army Group" (FUSAG) commanded by General George Patton that supposedly would invade France at the Pas-de-Calais. American troops used false signals, decoy installations and phony equipment to deceive German observation aircraft and radio interception operators. This had the desired effect of misleading the German High Command as to the location of the primary invasion, and of keeping reserves away from the actual landings. Erwin Rommel was the primary target of the psychological aspects of this operation. Convinced that Patton would lead the invasion, as he was clearly the best Allied armored commander, Rommel was caught off-guard and unable to react strongly to the Normandy invasion, since Patton's illusory FUSAG had not "yet" landed. Confidence in his own intelligence and judgement was also reduced enough that the German response to the beachhead was not decisive.

[edit] Modern psychological warfare operations
In Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. troops used music, most commonly American heavy metal or rock music to confuse or scare insurgents.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Psychological warfare
However, most uses of the term psychological warfare refers to military methods, such as:

Distributing pamphlets, e.g. in the Gulf War, encouraging desertion or (in World War II) supplying instructions on how to surrender.
Propaganda radio stations, such as Lord Haw-Haw in World War II on the "Germany calling" station
Renaming cities and other places when captured, such as Baghdad airport
Shock and awe military strategy
Projecting repetitive and annoying sounds and music for long periods at high volume towards groups under siege.
Use of loudspeaker systems to communicate with enemy soldiers.
Most of these techniques were developed during World War II or earlier, and have been used to some degree in every conflict since. Daniel Lerner was in the OSS (the predecessor to the US CIA) and in his book, attempts to analyze how effective the various strategies were. He concludes that there is little evidence that any of them were dramatically successful, except perhaps surrender instructions over loudspeakers when victory was imminent. It should be noted, though, that measuring the success or failure of psychological warfare is very hard, as the conditions are very far from being a controlled experiment.

[edit] British use of psychological warfare
The British were one of the first major military powers to use psychological warfare in World War II, especially against the Japanese. The Gurkhas, who are Nepalese soldiers in British service, have always been feared by the enemy due to their use of a curved knife called the kukri. The British put this fear to great effect, as Gurkhas were used to terrorize Japanese soldiers through nighttime raids on their camps. When the Gurkhas landed on the Falkland Islands, some Argentine troops abandoned their positions and fled[citation needed].

[edit] United States use of psychological warfare
See also Psychological Operations (United States)
The United States ran an extensive program of psychological warfare during the Vietnam War. The Phoenix Program had the dual aim of assassinating Viet Cong personnel and terrorizing any potential sympathizers or passive supporters. When members of the VCI were assassinated, CIA and Special Forces operatives placed playing cards in the mouth of the deceased as a calling card. During the Phoenix Program, over 19,000 Viet Cong supporters were killed[3].

The CIA made extensive use of Contra death squads in Nicaragua to destabilize the Sandinista government which the U.S. claimed was communist.[4] The CIA used psychological warfare techniques against the Panamanians by broadcasting pirate TV broadcasts. The CIA has extensively used propaganda broadcasts against the Cuban government through TV Marti, based in Miami, Florida. However, the Cuban government has been somewhat successful in jamming the signal of TV Marti.[citation needed]

In the Iraq War, the United States used the shock and awe campaign to psychologically maim, and break the will of the Iraqi Army to fight.

During the siege of the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX. The FBI played music loudly around the clock along with bright lights in order to disturb them.

[edit] Propaganda warfare
Most of the events throughout history involving psychological warfare utilized tactics that instilled fear or a sense of awe towards the enemy. But as humanity continued into the 19th century, advances in communications technology acted as a catalyst for mass propaganda usage. The dawn of the 20th century is bringing digital media to the masses in forms of Reality television(which is more specific then it's title suggests), Internet Pod Casting, and the digital democracies that seemingly have the power to shape new paradigms in seconds. Online media and networks are unrestricted in distributing pornography, personal adds, and hot or not opinion forums that may unintentionally test the limits the human psyche. Exposure to these types of mass propaganda have the potential to cause pleasure or pain at varying intensities. The the focus of these psychological tools can be considered warfare although in most cases is not as defined, as in the traditional methods. Because psychological mass propaganda can be interpreted or mis-interpreted in so many different ways. The enemy in the 20th century Civil War, unknowingly fought amongst western culture, is ourselves.

Lerner divides psychological warfare operations into three categories:[5][page number needed]

White [Omissions + Emphasis]
Truthful and not strongly biased, where the source of information is acknowledged.
Grey [Omissions + Emphasis + Racial/Ethnic/Religious Bias]
Largely truthful, containing no information that can be proven wrong; the source may or may not be hidden.
Black [Commissions of falsification]
Intended to deceive the enemy.
Lerner points out that grey and black operations ultimately have a heavy cost, in that the target population will sooner or later recognize them as propaganda and discredit the source. He writes, "This is one of the few dogmas advanced by Sykewarriors[who?] that is likely to endure as an axiom of propaganda: Credibility is a condition of persuasion. Before you can make a man do as you say, you must make him believe what you say."[5]:28 Consistent with this idea, the Allied strategy in World War II was predominantly one of truth (with certain exceptions).

[edit] See also
Information Operations Roadmap
Political Warfare Executive
Psychological Warfare Division
Psychological operations
Viet Cong and PAVN strategy and tactics
Psychological operations (United States)
Zarqawi PSYOP program

[edit] References
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bogofree said...

The Truth Will Set You Free!

IA and everyone else is welcome to post and IA gave a nice couter point to what I had copied over from "Chuckie Cheese." The whole affair with Bond et al leaves simple old me dumbfounded so any information is valuable and the reader can make up their own minds. talk! A memory from the Toxic days when things got bizzaro so I'll talk some baseball.

The Sox were second in BA and runs last season in the AL. They were 1-2-3 in virtually all batting categories but you win with pitching. Sox were second in the AL by wins for starters and their bullpen was in the middle of the pack but in the second half among the best. You win with pitching and this team has quality depth. I assume that every season someone will have a problem and if it happens this season just roll out Masterson or Bowden or Penny or Smoltz and maybe even Buchholz. The bullpen has really been tightened up with Ram Ram and Siato and the departure of Timlin. I suspect Beckett, Lowell and Ortiz will be a 100% and that could be enough to boost the production to #1. Bay is in a contract year and has produced five 100 RBI seasons including last. Take a look at Ellsbury and you see someone who will give Pedroia a run for the batting championship. The catching has Varitek - who happened to be an All Star last season and is arguably the most respected catcher in the league for handling a staff. The Sox have depth and versatility in the day to day lineup and that is a huge plus. Most important is that they missed out on Texieria who showed via negotiations that it was all about the money. Sometimes win by losing. When you add in the best manager in the league and the best GM in baseball all supported by the best fans and best ownership it is a given. The battle in the AL East will be for the WC as the Rex Sox steamroller will win 100-105 games.

drive-by said...

Good morning blogger profile/14340419025087606232.

Haven't TL and Hal taught you anything about violating copyright laws? Your innuendo about psyche warfare is really quite transparent. Why don't you just make your point in plain English?

People aren't 'moving on' as long as questions surrounding the alleged "co-opting" by the Middleboro BOS continue? We live here. You don't blogger profile/14340419025087606232. Our BOS tried to address this issue at last week's meeting. Our newest Board member had quite a defensive attitude on her while answering questions from the public. Answering hard questions comes with the territory of holding office. It's business not personal. The profuse apologies for asking that question were unnecessary. And quite honestly, I think Mimi's answers (version) failed to clear up the controversy.

As I wrote before, I'm holding back on forming a final opinion on this matter until everything everyone knows is made public. Of course the process will be messy. But we might as well let all the sh*t continue to trickle out from all sources. What good is a town gov't. the people have lost faith in?

Psych warfare? Who's waging it? LMAO

anonymous said...

Hey, any one want to hear answers straight from the horse's mouth? Adam's chatting down at Honey Dew this morning. You might still catch him if you hurry. LMAO

anonymous said...

Relax. Lighten up and don't take yourself too seriously. Stress can cause many mental, physical and spiritual problems in your life. One of the major causes of stress is worrying about things that are out of your control. If you find yourself constantly worrying about things, assess their condition, cause and whether you yourself can do anything to improve the situation. If you can, work on it. If you can't, learn to recognize that these situations are simply out of your power and control and therefore should be out of your mind as well! Work on being able to laugh at things, especially yourself. If you make mistakes, learn from them, work around them and move on. Set aside time each day for you to reflect on the day's events and do this and simply have some "you" time.
Smile. You would be surprised how much of an immediate difference physically smiling has on your mood. If you smile and force a little laugh you will feel your mood lighten and you won't have to force it next time. Laughter is a powerful, positive medicine and the calmer and more peaceful you can take things, the happier your life will be. Accept the situation, whatever it may be and lighten up with a grin.
Take the good with the bad. No one is happy all of the time. We cannot change the past, but we can enjoy the present and look positively to the future. Obstacles will always be in our way, holding us back and knocking us down - it's a part of life. Realize this and avoid becoming down or starting to think too negatively about your situation. Good and bad wouldn't exist and be in balance without each other and each one teaches us our fair share of life's lessons. Take as much as you can from events, whether they left you feeling joyful, accomplished, angry, confused or sad. Treat each obstacle as a learning device, each knockback as a toughening of your character and learn to accept that things aren't going to be perfect all the time. In completing this, you will find your days much easier to get through.
Be thankful. It may sound cliché and overused, but learn to be grateful for what you have, rather than what you don't. If all you ever think about is how you can't afford the things you want, how you're not "popular", not "attractive" enough or not good at anything, your life will become less and less enjoyable before your eyes and all at your own doing. Changing the way you think about things and the view you take on your life can have a big impact on you as a person. Looking around you carefully, realize how lucky you are to have the things you do, whether it be a loving family, great friends, an amazing job or simply a roof over your head. Remind yourself of why you are fortunate to be living the life you do and focus on making the most of the gifts you have been given. Everyone in this world has something to be thankful for and realizing that can lighten up your way of looking at life entirely.
Be yourself. Much criticism is caused by people who are discontented with themselves, not with you. Your goal may be to open up completely to yourself and learn to be your own best friend by being completely honest with yourself. What do you want out of life? What makes you truly happy? Who do you want to be? Don't hold yourself back or fake things to become well-liked, or because you're too afraid to be who you really are. You owe it to yourself to do one thing: Be you!
Pursue goals that make you happy. Strive for long term goals rather than short term satisfaction. It's very easy to gain short term satisfaction - a quick high, a fast relief from your current problems (such as being angry, smoking, lowering self esteem etc.). But it is what it is, a "short term" satisfaction and the effects die out very soon, leaving you with an empty feeling that is sometimes worse than before. Set long term goals, goals which take time, thought and effort to achieve. This will make you continually work towards improving yourself and will give you the satisfaction of bringing a permanent change in your life.
Focus on the objective. If the thoughts you are thinking are not giving you that 'good feeling', then think about something else that will make you feel good in that moment. Observe your thoughts and ideas consistently throughout the day. Sometimes this may not be as easy as you think if you are stuck in a "destructive" train of thought and your brain chemicals are getting fired up and forming "anxiety or anger" thoughts. Anxiety, fear and anger patterns can be interrupted by focusing on something else. This will dissipate the rush of chemicals that are making you feel bad. Immediately then go back to picturing scenes/remembering things/imagining, planning stuff that makes you feel good.
Develop healthy relationships.

Have a healthy relationship. If you're dating, get involved with activities that reflect who you are, and get to know people who like the things you do. Get involved with someone who loves life and pursues happiness the way you do. If you're in a relationship, strive to make that relationship healthy.
Choose your friends carefully. Nearly everyone needs someone who cares for them and treats them well. If you have friends who are treating you badly, or are not supportive of you and your goals to improve your life, then find friends that do care about you. If you can't find any friends like that in your current circumstances, then look elsewhere. If you're feeling sad, there's nothing like going out with your friends to make you feel better. Surround yourself with friends who are beneficial, encouraging, and helpful. We all need this continuing, nurturing encouragement to make solid desired progress in life. We also need friends that will lovingly tell us the truth to help us become better people(even when it hurts), not friends that will instead criticize us behind our back.
Maintain your relationship by keeping in touch, making an effort and enjoying your time with whoever the person is. Support each other through hard times, rejoice in the good moments and together be thankful for the friendship and love you share.
Diversify. Studies show that the happiest people often have several things going on in their lives at once. They have a career, a relationship, a hobby, social activities, an exercise routine. They volunteer, meditate, learn new things, etc. So, if one area of life goes awry, there are still plenty of other areas to help them cope and that are still going well!
Make someone else happy. When you're feeling powerless to create happiness in your life, do something to make someone else - anyone - happy and you'll remember how easy it really can be. Isn't it true the happiest people we know are typically the ones, who for some foolish reason, are always ready to give you the clothes off their back? And frequently it is true that the most discontented people are the ones who are selfish, demanding, and inconsiderate of others. The happiest days of our lives, when we really dig down deep, are the days when we see a smile on the face of a person who we care about. Even helping a stranger can remind you of how much you really have, because of how much you can give.
Dance, sing and laugh as much as possible, for every reason and for no reason. If you don't feel like it, put on some music that you know will make you feel like it, or watch or read something that makes you laugh.
Forgive. Don't allow yourself to be overcome by anger, hurt and revenge against people, nations, life or God. When you release others and let them go, you release yourself to live life to the fullest as well. Accept people's apologies, even when they are not packaged exactly the way you hoped. Move on. Forgive yourself too. Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Life is simply too short:)!

anonymous said..." Profile changes with every post.

Joeyguesswho said...

Ed and Judy we know you.


anonymous said...

Ah, no it doesn't. The happiness post was again credited to: blogger profile/14340419025087606232. Read html more carefully. The blogger profile is set to accounts, not to posts. Guess you're going to have to create a new blogspot account to conceal yourself better, although I suspect you already have more than one. LOL

And to give proper credit that post was reprinted word for word from the following site:

Steps 1-11

Not original.

Laughing so hard I'm choking on my coffee.

bogofree said...

Let's not get into blogger profiles or anonymous networks.

I'm with Mildly on this one with a wait and see attitude. I was certainly not pleased the way Mr. Bond chose to exit the BOS but am in favor of his desire to investigate opening up discourse on the IGA.

The BOS explanation seemed to be rather staged in their desire to move on. Real public display with shirts and mugs that either I or another poster compared Mimi’s speech to the Nixon Checker’s Speech. Of course some will never be satisfied with any explanation. I also view this current BOS as one that is on the defensive as some issues will not go away and that will hang over their collective heads as long as they sit. How the public perceives that will be demonstrated at the next election. If Steve Spataro loses it will be a signal that the voters are just not happy or have confidence in the current BOS and that goes well beyond any casino issue.

Joeyguesswho said...

I have a question for Internet Avenger.

OK! the picture is not there today.

Credibility is everything on this board.

Lets rephrase that picture on the office wall question better.

Was there a picture let me see if I recall at least a 12"x24" of Adam and Steve ever on the wall in the office?

Yes or No

Hal Brown said...

Many casino advocates and others assume that the Internet Avenger posts come from a personal friend or friends of Adam Bond. This gives more weight to those posts. If whoever makes this posts doesn't have what can be construed as personal friendship with him they ought to state this in no uncertain terms. They also should disclose whether any of the posts come from or are suggested by Mr. Bond.

Most people know Helen is a personal friend of mine. Having read the suggestion of a "hypothetical scenario" (lawyer talk for rumor mongering) about her in the Internet Avenger posts I called her and read her the posts suggesting she might be on the take.

Helen doesn't read the blogs. She said "I have so many things that keep me busy that I don't have time to go on the blogs but people call me when they're making accusations about me."

I read her what "Internet Avenger" wrote, presumably about her since she has been the leader of the pro-casino citizen's group:

" I may even hire someone to lead a local citizens group to represent my interests and keep tabs on Mr. Bond for me. If necessary, my real "plant" could use their influence to circulate false rumors and try to turn Mr. Bond's own supporters against him. Of course, that's just a hypothetical scenario."

After stating unambiguously that she was never on the payroll of the tribe or investors or received any payments from them she said, tongue in cheek "as to allegations, I am still waiting for the big payoff. I check the post office frequently and there's been no envelop of cash under the big rock in front of my house."

bogofree said...

How a small bribe operates. Say you have an apartment building with several units. You have extensive wiring or plumbing or other inspector necessary work to be done. You have qualified professionals with union employees do the work so it is pristine. The inspector notices “ flaws “ - expensive "flaws." You know exactly what this means so you say to the inspector; "Do you have change for a $100?" He says "Yes" and you give him the C-note and he gives you back a fin. Then you may have to do it again until you get the correct change. Not that I know anything about stuff like that.

Rodney Dangerfield once described his neighborhood as such "I was 15 before I realized the cops also got paid by the city."

Corruption can never be dismissed and the sad thing of this gawd awful gin mill is the onus of being "on the take" will fall upon all of those involved. This is exactly what happens when you deal with the pinky ring set as prime examples are "The Raven" and now Steve Graham. The Tribe bought their recognition and I could really care less but if they were involved in attempts - note ATTEMPTS - to buy our town then this entire mess should be sent to the Continental Shelf.

Right now the mongers are making baseless comments regarding this very issue. That is what everything is at this point - baseless. Eventually the truth will surface so we can breath a sigh of relief or say “I told you so.”

Rocky said...

Mr. and Mrs. B can post all they want from the Trailer.

Becareful. When to close to the heat, you will be burnt.

Rocky said...


Under the law, if anyone was paid to lobby in any shape or form, wouldn't they be registered as a lobbist in the state? Ed forgot that one.

drive-by said...

You run a good site allowing everyone to have a say.

Sorry, I started the blogger ID sh*t this morning. Your most reasonable wish is my command.

I had nails for breakfast after listening to the wife nagging all night because I forgot to remember Valentine's Day. Suspect I'll hear about it for years to come. I don't suppose I'll get some reprieve if I run out today and buy some flowers......Nah, women NEVER forget any slight and just love to throw them back at us. My wife has a whole litany going back 25 years she lists off in every argument.

Joeyguesswho said...

Joeyguesswho said...
I have a question for Internet Avenger.

OK! the picture is not there today.

Credibility is everything on this board.

Lets rephrase that picture on the office wall question better.

Was there a picture let me see if I recall at least a 12"x24" of Adam and Steve ever on the wall in the office?

Yes or No

Edit: I was corrected sorry.
11"x 13" ????

drive-by said...

Hal. Since the only subject Internet Avenger posts about here, and quite passionately, is Adam, I think it's pretty obvious she knows him very well.

BTW, I do agree with bogo and mildly. Let the cards play out until someone folds.

Don't have a clue who Helen Belmont is.

drive-by said...

To quote Henny Youngman:

Take my wife.............please!

Hal Brown said...

bogo wrote:

The Tribe bought their recognition and I could really care less but if they were involved in attempts - note ATTEMPTS - to buy our town then this entire mess should be sent to the Continental Shelf.

We know from the Marshall case that money was conveyed to members of congress in the time (dis)honored practice of donating to campaigns in the hopes of getting something in return.

Even if there was a quid pro quo, members of congress presumably can only attempt to influence an agency like the BIA.

Perhaps recognition was speeded up because of calls from members of Congress. I don't think that's illegal unless there was an actual bribe to members of the BIA.

As for bribes to local officials, if that ever is proven I expect we'll see indictments and forced resignations. I would justify negating the IGA and town meeting vote and starting from scratch.

Right now the mongers are making baseless comments regarding this very issue. That is what everything is at this point - baseless. Eventually the truth will surface so we can breath a sigh of relief or say “I told you so.”

I think the truth will come out. I obviously find the rumor mill disgusting. Anyone who feeds it has no class.

anonymous said...

"Joeyguesswho said...
I have a question for Internet Avenger.

OK! the picture is not there today.

Credibility is everything on this board.

Lets rephrase that picture on the office wall question better.

Was there a picture let me see if I recall at least a 12"x24" of Adam and Steve ever on the wall in the office?

Yes or No

Edit: I was corrected sorry.
11"x 13" ????"

This will be posted until answered.

Just I don't know, he didn't tell me if it was hanging there before. That would be an acceptable answer also in this case.

anonymous said...

Did you ever see the picture in question?

anonymous said...

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LMAO! who's the wise guy?

bogofree said...

So far the questions are pointed and so are the responses and all are within my very stringent guidelines - note Bogo tongue embedded in cheek. IA has posted some interesting material and is obviously a FOA (Friend of Adam) and I have no problem with that nor with the responses. Keep it fairly clean and with limited flaming and I’m fine with it. Hal has also posted a response to some “stuff” and sooner or later we will have a depository of information that one can sift through. Opinions will vary and as long as tempers remain under control (note: Bogo is an expert on lousing temper) it will be an interesting discussion. I was going to say profitable but somehow that would be interpreted wrong.

Meanwhile I have set up a new laptop a real cheapo from Staples. Old one was “borrowed” by one of my son’s friends who is currently a guest of the Commonwealth so I felt it was time to stop borrowing my daughter’s laptop. Be in Texas-Oklahoma for Tuesday-Monday so I’ll have that little baby with me to get frustrated by internet connects.

chica said...

Seems like a lot of blog sites are expressing similar concerns about the BOS. I just don't think they appear very open to their constitutes and, yes, I understand some of those constituents have a political axe to grind with them. However, next time it might be me. Thought they were very unprofessional during their response to citizens at the last meeting.

anonymous said...

BOS members: Big fish in a little pond. How fast they forget who put them on comcast every week.

North Slope Rigger said...


WTF is the matter with your town? You know I'm a city kid and Eastie, Southie, Mattapan and Dot look like Manchester By The Sea compared to what you guys have going for you. I read through a few hundred comments and can't figure out a damn thing. Looks like everyone is a suspect or on the take. LOL! What you need is some honest folks whose name ends in a vowel to fix things right. I'll tell you this where gambling is involved you will have payoffs. I can get in a card game in ten minutes and they don't get touched. Wonder why? LOL! Brother and his wife got their job when Sheets was in office. Campaign work does payoff!

I see you and a few others have some posts on baseball but I'll keep with the real boards for those.

Hey, old buddy Hal, I actually enjoy the stuff you have out there despite you being a moonbat. I think Bogo is way to easy on these Democrat clowns but then again he hammers them all. Equal opportunity disser.

Suo Mynona said...

Rigger. Love to have you hear. But you have to get the proper protocol dowm. It is not WTF! It is WTC (What the Clark)

Family Guy said...


Rocky said...

Henny Youngman. Now I am really old but in old company.

Bogo, in the spirit of Real Time
New Rule: If you post a statement and want to call it fact you must cite the source or have corroberating evidence.

The people posting anonymously with "fact" and "truths" are not giving anything.

Saying I know this and I know that and being anonymous means that a person who is not truthful in their name wants people to believe them. Both sides are a bunch of anonymous liars.

Note: I don't post things as fact unless a source is cites. (See my cut and paste from a month ago).

bogofree said...


This whole blog started over that. You have posted sources in the past as I remember commenting on how dare you back up your opinions with facts.

Getting that to be consistent on this or any other site is near impossible. I also know folks have a way of thinking it is a fact when all they see is the word fact. On some comments the "facts" may be real but will not come forward until a few issues play out.

Even sources can be quite slanted to one point of view. I remember several of us having a chuckle on the Nemasket site when a poster used Mother Jones as a source. Fox News or MSNBC seem more legit. In the past I have often posted multiple sources including those conflicting with my view. I think it’s time for folks to make better use of IMO or IMHO.

Suo Mynona said...

Rocky, great idea but there is a better chance MR will fess up about Clark and or tha BB will back up his statement: "In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped."

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Fact 9. If you meet him at the Y he will blog about your shower experience. IMHO I'd wait till I got home.

anonymous said...

Fact 10. I didn't use a name How the hell do you know who I'm talking about???

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

WTC! You guys are all fact up!

anonymous said...

Fact 11. BOGO made me LMAO..

The Internet Avenger said...

In response to inquiries regarding a photo of Bond with Stephen Graham, I have seen no such photo and know FOR A FACT that there is no such photo hanging on the wall of Mr. Bond's office. Don't believe me? Go pay him a visit and ask Bond about it.

Is it possible that at some point, at some public function, someone snapped a photo of the two of them together - sure, anything is possible. LOL! You've missed the point entirely, being in a photo with someone is not the same thing as being on the same side with them. These two have negotiated and negotiated HARD AGAINST one another. They are NOT friends and stand on distinctly differnet sides of the fence. Anyone who implies otherwise is simply generating falsehoods in a pathetic attempt to spin public opinion and deflect attention from their OWN VERY PERSONAL relationship with Graham.

The Internet Avenger said...

Hal, it shouldn't surprise me or anyone else that you "pride" yourself in a friendship with one of the most filthy despicable gossips Middleboro has ever seen. IMO, your friend is a digusting, mainipulative liar and I have every confidence that she will be completely exposed for ALL her misdeeds.

LMAO said...

Appears the photo has triggered an interesting response from IA. I'm sure AB now has the photo in storage.

Was IA discussing VV or Hal's friend? Maybe it was MR? LMAO!

Hal Brown said...

“We need to find out how we got to where we are. We identified individuals who may have had a hand in what (Glenn Marshall) did,” Tobey said. “Anyone who had relations with Glenn and the orchestrated money scheme was identified, and we are breaking our relationship … We’re not going to tolerate illicit activities.”

Tobey said Middleboro officials are in the clear and haven’t been linked to any wrongdoing. He expects relations to continue.

from "New tribal leaders expect to keep up good relations with Middleboro"

I have been forthright in who my friend is. We have yet to hear from the Internet Avenger(s) whether he or they are friends with Adam Bond. Has Bond approved posts such as the one above? Does he give feedback about the posts?

anonymous said...

IA. That was totally over the top comment. So you disagree with the person since that person probably is no longer a FOA.

So she will be exposed. WTC does that mean? Are you privy to secret information or is this the typical VV or IA bluster? All talk and no action. Exactly what is your relationship with AB?

Hal Brown said...

Another question to IA:

In the interest of honesty, did you formerly post under the name of Vegas Val (VV)?

Many of your posts, like the one put on at 4:03 AM above, strongly suggest a close relationship Mr. Bond.

Adam Bond railed against anonymous posting on his radio show, one that I was a guest on. He came down hard on posters who anonymously attacked others.

Simply revealing who you are would go a long way to raise the level of the dialogue here.

I am pretty sure who you are but on the chance that I'm wrong I don't want to make that speculation public.

bogofree said... as I sit here with my coffee and see a minor brush fire. Note I have said minor but I don't wish to see it blossom into an Australian type conflagration. Keep it targeted more to issue oriented comments as both IA and Hal - and others - have some strong points of view.

IA. I don’t know the person in question that is Hal’s friend but I suspect that you do. The entire ire appears to be an outgrowth of the recent schism that developed between AB and others with whom he was once aligned with. I can’t comment on her behaviors but others have commented on yours and I’ll leave it at that. I’m sure if this individual is guilty or innocent of any wrongdoings as is AB, MiMi or the rest of the BOS it will eventually surface. So far all I have read on the various comments on various blogs amounts to nothing more than subtle hints to “watch out.” I ‘m sure I speak for others who are in the fence sitting mode of which I am an expert.

All are welcome to post but please refrain for going too far over the top on the personal comments. I am assuming that AB was once more friendly - in the past - with the dearly departed Steve Graham. He also appears not to be alone and the question is to what extent was the involvement of EACH AND EVERYONE with Graham and other Tribal representatives and EXACTLY what the relationship was. That is just my take and I could be on target, full of Clark or somewhere in the middle.

anonymous said...

Hal. Not your site, not your rules. IA isn't under any more obligation to reveal identity than anyone else here. Can't impose your expectation and rules for yourself on others here. Not all of us wants to put our names out there so we can enjoy watching others drag it through the blogs. No thanks....Look what has happened to you as a result of putting your name out there.

You do realize that one of the reasons people were reluctant to post on your recent forum was because you printed partial IP#s, right?

You're just going to have to deal with the pseudonyms and anonymity here.

Rocky said...

Did the photo of Gram and Bond exist at any time? Simple Yes or No.

anonymous said...

RE: Rocky

That would be to simple. I don't think IA can do a simple yes or no answer. It only knows what Its been told.

Sucks to be a ****** and have to lower one's self to be called an It..

Think about it IA

LMAO said...

I have heard such a photo did exist and was prominently displayed in his office. So why be defensive? I have pictures of relatives hanging on my walls that I’ve long since broken ties with. WTC is the big deal?

Hal Brown said...

Of course I know it's not my site and my rules. I know why only a few people post on my casino comments section, and appreciate that some Bond supporters posted with their real names (example).

IA is the primary defender of Adam Bond here, and the main poster attacking and insulting others.

I think it is relevant if he or they are personal friends with him, and whether Bond reads and gives feedback about the posts.

That is much more important to the full disclosure and truth telling than their revealing their identity.

As to the photo which three credible people told me they saw on the wall of the Bond law office, if whoever took it wants to send me a copy to publish online, I think we could let people judge for themselves if it was a casual photo of a chance meeting or not.

anonymous said...

Fact 1. filthy despicable are words that have been used for HB by IA

Fact 2. MT is called a "menace" By IA. Way to harsh..

Fact 3. IA is defending AB to the hilt here.

Fact 4. For all that MT has done to AB he never did a thing to stop it.

When political manipulation is in play its hard for simple minds like myself to figure it out all by myself so I ask questions.

Is MT working with AB?

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

Two suggestions to help these posts make more sense.

There are about 25 posts attributed to "anonymous" on this thread alone. Help readers keep straight who's who among them by just picking a nickname and signing your comments at the end with the same nickname all the time.

When people have the same initials, like the two HB's, differentiate the two. How about everyone agreeing to refer to me as Hal from now on.

Webbles Wobble said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hal Brown said...

A benefit of using a Google/Blogger identity, which can be any name you choose, is that you can click to be emailed every new message instantly. That way you even get to see comments deleted by the poster This is interesting when they're about you.

I learned today what a Weeble (or Webble) was and that they wobble but all stand up. Good nickname.

anonymous said...

In a word "HAL"-------NO!

Not A Secret said...

Ok! Hal just so you will know who I am.

HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic Computer) said...

Oops! Now there are two of us. ROFLMAO

Not A Secret said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Not A Secret said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Not A Secret said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

I saw that option of being notified if a new post was made and did not use that option for myself. I have no idea (usually) what is deleted and for what reasons unless I catch it. Sometimes I check hourly since I am often on the computer. Other times it could be close to a day before I check. Tomorrow I will be traveling to Texas so that will give everyone ample opportunity to really kick sand in each others face but, the again, I really have never had to do a mod thing as of yet.

I find the fascination with ID's interesting and at least VV/IA has generated some mystery. I guess we could make a movie - The Blogger Who Shagged Me - VV Personage of Mystery.

Now the conspiracy theories have stretched into the realm of some type of unholy alliance or planned subterfuge by MT and AB. No doubt the Lock Ness Monster is somehow in the depths of Tispiquin Pond - probably waiting passage back to the mother ship. However such a connection between MT and AB would be a hoot.

Hal Brown said...

If you click on my picture you can see it enlarged a bit, along with the short profile I put on. You have to enable the "view profile" function to allow this.

I don't recognize who's in the "not a secret" picture.

Who called you a liar? I hope nothing I wrote was taken that way.

bogo, we actually went to Loch Ness, didn't see the monster. The loch itself was impressive enough. It's like 800 feet deep in parts.

LMAO said...

Looks like you have a loose limo driver on the blog, Bogo. LMAO!

Maybe someone will need a lift to Mashpee or Dorchester and he'll be gone for a few hours. LMAO!

Hal, everyone likes being anonymous with all the threats flying around constantly. As far as MT and AB that would be something but way out there as far as conspiracy theories are concerned. If it was true I’d be LMFAO! Or is that LMCAO?

Not A Secret said...

OK Hal,
I changed my picture. LOL!

Hal Brown said...

Again, I am not suggesting that anyone reveal their true identity. I am just saying don't be a sock puppet. Post with the same nickname every time.

For those who don't know the new picture is the one that Adam Bond put on and then removed in the Coffee Shop Talk blog about MiMi about her saying she might rip his face off.

All I could figure was it was supposed to depict someone who had their face ripped off. Some speculated it was a picture of Keith Richards.

Hal Brown said...

The infamous picture, enlarged, is here,

it is a Photoshopped picture of Keith Richards from the website Mouth in your eyes which features pictures of celebrities with their mouth replacing their eyes.

Hal Brown said...

Re: HAL (Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic Computer) said...
Oops! Now there are two of us. ROFLMAO

February 16, 2009 11:11 AM

Perhaps you could go by HAL 9000 or just go all French on us and go by "CARL", for Cerveau Analytique de Recherche et de Liaison.

Not A Secret said...

Holy Sheep,
I'm glad you didn't figure out my other picture.

bogofree said...

I guess it is 2001 trivia time with HAL 9000. I use to have a birthday party at school every 1/12 for HAL or the French version CARL. Still appeared as HAL in the French edition of the film. Maybe we can take a field trip to Urbana?

Did I see a monolith outside a certain office on Main St.? Maybe it was just a bunch of monkeys jumping around.

Not A Secret said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

BB's advice for Tobey:

(Summary) make sure everyone on the council pays their taxes...Sheesh

Clearly, everyone should pay their taxes. But sheesh BB, Obama the president of change YOU can believe (who has teams of experts vetting people) can't seem to make sure his high level cabinet pickS have paid their taxes. LOL

On all the other stuff going on here. Too much for my brain, I agree with mildly and drive by; going to sit back and see what shakes out.

BTW Hal get your clarkin' facts straight. Loch Ness is not 800 feet deep it is 754 deep. You were off by 6.1%. -- Just trying to add some levity.

Not A Secret said...


Here we go! I can' believe bumpkin said that.

Lets just watch this. Bumpkin is going to make a total fool of himself. AGAIN..

Bumpkin do not, I repeat do not ever take a candy bar from anyone OK! Just put that piece of advise in your back pack with the turkey feathers.

bogofree said...

Careful with Suo, Hal or is it HAL? He nailed the "facts" on the area of Middleboro and the amount of land set aside for open space. Never did get a follow up on that from MR? Although Hal or is it HAL? Did say "like 800 feet" so he has his escape clause - no WTC on him - yet.

Tax issues only apply to those you DISAGREE with.

Mr. Limo has another tease line tossed out. I tell you this is turning into The Track lately. LOL!

Not A Secret said...

My name is NOT A SECRET!!


Suo Mynona said...

Looks to me like your name should be Clugly (Clarkin Ugly)

Hal Brown said...

Suo, did you miss clicking on an enlargement of the Keith Richard's photoshopped picture (here).

I can only guess AB took it down when he realized it went a trifle too far over the line of good taste into GKakaMT territory. The size he had was wrose than full size where you can see it someone put two mouths where the eyes should be. Te AB picture looked like someone who had their eyes gouged out.

I am glad to see that at least one formerly "anonymous" named poster decided to pick a nickname. Thanks "Not a secret". Now I can send one less anonymous posts to the FBI for forensic linguistic analysis and comparison.

According to one website "IF YOU think your cheeky unsigned texts and e-mails hide your identity, think again. The new science of forensic linguistics might expose you. It reveals clues hidden in the way users form words and express yourself over these electronic media."

The say some posts seem to have segments written by more than one person which actually makes them easier to identify when you have exemplars from known identities.

I never realized that Loch Nesh is not only very deep but also big: 23 miles long and about a mile wide.

Not A Secret said...

Come get me I need a friggen vacation.

The sooner they get people in court for computer stuff the sooner the judge can say get the christ out of my courtroom you morons.



When you have done nothing wrong its easy come on here.

Hal Brown said...

My dearest Not a Secret,

I wasn't referring to you since your are the Ernest Hemingway of the blog world. Nobody could mistake your writing style for anyone else.

Warm fuzzys,

Not A Secret said...

Don't worry Hal Honey,

Whats with this dearest crap? This is not the love boat.. This is BOGO's site..

Not A Secret said...

I was shocked, I accepted the news in good fate. Brethren, it is in this regard that I write to you, having sourced your address from a database in my late husband's internet dozier after fervent prayers. Before my husband died, he deposited a sum of $5.6Million (Five Million six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with a bank in cote d'ivoire. I have wholeheartedly decided to donate the entirety of this fund to any devoted believer or organisation and to achieve this.

Son of Clark stop trying to give me free money. Its not the right time for screwing around like this.

Hal Brown said...

What can I say, honey bunches of oats?

Reading some of IA's comments is like getting zapped by Cupid's arrow. Is that approrpiate for Valentine's Day weekend or what?

I just makes me want to spread the love.

Hal Brown said...

Read some of these. Amazing how gullible and greedy some people are.

One guy lost $65 million.

Not A Secret said...

Your common sense level is a little above mine. We will always take each others words for something other than what it means.

I need to talk to someone on my own level.

Howard you out there?

Not A Secret said...

Nigerian scammer writes like me.. LOL.


bogofree said...

Every once in awhile I have some fun with scammers. A few years ago it was some Gawd awful TV that was "free" and all I had to do was pay shipping and handling so I gave them a call. Asked where it was being shipped from and they said Houston. I said that's great since I'll be in the area and will pick it up so they'll be no handling or shipping. Wonder why they hung up?

Hal Brown said...

Back to the tired subject of picking a nickname and using it all the time in signing your posts. All I can think of for not doing this is either being lazy or creatively impaired.

So here's a list of 122,953 nicknames to choose from.

From the first page:

7. Meat Duck
8. Evil Philanthropist
9. Flaming Spaz
10. Crimson Fart
11. the prosexionist
12. motor_angel
13. Popoff
15. infected mushroom
17. Dan-E DAngerously
18. Phat T
19. swamp donkey
21. cheesy doo doop
22. mistalee
23. ladyshrew
24. BaBy_BluE
25. Chick-Fool-a
26. DeDe Al
27. toxic alien
28. Cracker Chick
29. Trouble Chick
31. Punker Chick
32. Sweet Cheeks
33. Phat Ass
34. Jaycee
35. JC IS THE MAN BABY!!!!!!! 03*03*03*
37. i'm juz ChiLLiN'
38. Star Chick
39. -NeObLaZtErS-
40. -bLaZiNg^DuCk-
42. shamorty
43. AdskiDeAnus
45. KrAzY K
46. IcE BoX ;)
47. KoKaNeE BaBy
48. FuNkY mOnEy
52. Tsjoeptsjoe
56. Lil Okie
57. Dokie
58. Pokie
59. Wokie
60. kika
61. ~*LiL DeVeL*~
62. gozmit
63. Suddenly Psychotic
64. Jiggle Shopper
65. glitter smitter
66. glow 'n' show
68. Llama gone Bonkers
71. Whack Attack
72. Manic Psycho
74. BeeDeePee
75. "Oun Som Ped", Thai for fat orange chick
76. Kid Lightning
79. Bad Ass
80. stinky
84. pizzadue
88. PoPkiss

Not A Secret said...

Trying something

Not A Secret said...


Not A Secret said...

one more time

Not A Secret said...

Ok I'm going to keep this one. First time I ever played with blogger.

I don't know how this stuff work on here.

Please bear with me.

anonymous said...

Looks like LL is in good sprits. Let's see how the Limo man has done so far. Supported -

The Raven

LOL! If I was a member of the BOS this track record is the kiss of death! Give MR, BB and MT some support and they'll be finished! LOL!

Limo. Ask BB for some pictures as I think he has some great ones saved. LOL!

Hal Brown said...

If you go into your profile you can allow others to access it. You obviously can make anything you want up there. But you can also allow people to enlarge the picture.

Not a Secret - I assume you were trying to get an animation on. I guess it won't take a GIF.

Bogo could enable full html but that's a risk because it requires very frequent monitoring for abuse.

Although I may seem like a control freak on my message board, what you get in return for the display of the IP numbers is being able to use html, including putting pictures on your posts.

anonymous said...


You will have to pry my cold dead hands from the keyboard before I give up anonymous.

Although I like the idea of signing on as third rate anonymous dips**t

Hal Brown said...


I could care less whether you want "anonymous" in blue on top of your comment. But it would be nice if you always signed as third rate anonymous dips**t. That way at least I (and others if they give two hoots) can tell you from the other half dozen or so who like a blue "anonymous" on top of their messages.

Tivosis said...

Sorry to see there's been a coup d'etat on this site.

Hal Brown said...

No need to single out LL for supporting Vegas Val, Glenn Marshall, Sean Hendricks and Adam Bond at one time. I did too, as did many others casino proponents.

Not A Secret said...

"Limo. Ask BB for some pictures as I think he has some great ones saved. LOL!'

I wouldn't touch that with a 10" foot pole.

If what vegas Val has to say is true. Naw. Being in the girls yard is enough for me.

I don't need to see pictures.

Not A Secret said...

This has been a test of the BOGO brodcasting system

Do you know positivly it was limo posting? Ask yourself? Positivly..


anonymous said...

Now its not me. It really not Limo or Mrlimo I'm anonymous.

You can call me Mr. Anonymous.

Rocky said...

112 clarking comments and it is only Monday. Bogo you must be going for a record.

Rocky said...


Rocky said...

oops 114

Rocky said...

116 should do it.

Tivosis said...

Just as I thought..we're all trapped on Ward#6.

Hal Brown said...

I'm impressed Tivosis, a Chekhov reference.

bogofree said...

I always liked Chekhov....glad he finally made Admiral in The Wrath Of Kahn.

Rocky...Hal or is it HAL? And Limo need a good site after what their sites have turned into. LOL! All I need is BB to show up. Hey...I was a mod on the old CFO site, Nemasket and Limo's site...where Bogo goes nothing grows.

Tivosis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LMAO said...

Be kind to Hal, BB and Limo, Bogo, as remember your motto: "Give me your tired, your poor and your failed site mods." LMAO!

Just kidding, boys, I like the humor and the exchange.

Tivosis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

Good Morning BOGO,
What will today bring?

bogofree said...

A trip to the airport in about ten minutes and a flight to Dallas. I'd take a limo but train and "T" are much cheaper....I know all about cheap. So my taunt editing skills will be missing for almost an entire day. Hopefully the free internet connection at Roach Motel in picturesque Lawton, Oklahoma will be both that - free (a fav Bogo word) and connecting to the internet.

Tivosis said...

A whole day of jabberwocky without the bogo.

moving via pseudopods said...

It's 7:20 am and no appearance by the blog bloviators.

moving via pseudopods said...

Darwin spent so much time in the Galapagos he failed to observe the evolutionary anomaly called Middleborough. Interesting mutant carbon life forms.

Suo Mynona said...

Recent post on BB’s Blog:

"The casino interests already own the BOS...”

Recall BB's standards for allowing posts: "If a comment is insulting.... in my estimation - then it doesn't get published ..... Any comment that contains anything that is over my personal line doesn't get in"

Rocky said...

BB hasn't much credibility and looses the rest day after day.

It is very much like my hair.

bogofree said...

OK....The TSA agents in LGA are total morons. Now I'm in Lawton, Oklahoma after the torture of Dallas airport. Nothing like a drive along route 7 in Oklahoma where all you see is trailors, oil wells and cell phone towers. Was running late thanks to getting a later flight (see: third rate dips**t TSA agents) so I didn't get a chance to visit the Gene Autrey Oklahoma Cowboy Museum.

Nice to know BB has such high standards.

anonymous said...

Stay cool....I've got this place covered.

Suo Mynona said...

Since you are in Oklahoma you should go here and pick up some trinkets of apprecistion for MR & BB. Fourth generation establishment!

moving via pseudopods said...

Although I don't agree with BB on most fundamentals, at least he diversifies his subjects somewhat. GK and Hal are the Trotskys of the casino blog world. Mostly rhetoric.

Oh and HAL (if different from Hal), Dave lied about your being able to dream when he pulls your plug. LOL

Hal Brown said...

Dear amoeba,

I always post using my Google/Blogger account. HAL is somebody else.

My focus has been on the casino and the BOS here, but I have posted on other subjects and will do so if I have anything to contribute to other lofty discussions.

I generally keep my national moonbat politics off this bog. Those are expressed in my Capitol Hill Blue columns.

Middleboro Matter is an experiment to see if there's any interest in a Middleboro website and message board covering any and all subjects about the town. Gradually more people are posting there who have little if any interest in the casino or local politics.

The Middleboro Matters message board is used for posting comments to the articles I put on Casino-Friend. I try to keep that site focused on specific issues related to the Middleboro casino and I never intended to become a blog posting free- for- all.

Another website I publish which most of you probably don't know about is Police Stressline

bogofree said...

I saw the real HAL yesterday in Duncan, Oklahoma. (NYSE Symbol HAL)for Hallburton. Company town. Watched the dump trucks filled with money arrive.

Another Clark! WTC!

Will visit the Comanche and Apache casinos today.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LMAO said...

Suo equals Dal! LMAO! WTC! Get Jessie aq truth ring.LMAO!

bogofree said...

I'm going to get Suo a new belly ring from Clark Jewlers. I can imagine it will have to be the size of a hula hoop. Hmmmm....I may get one for BB.

Hal Brown said...


If you're the poet of the same name, no need to be modest here:

Suo Mynona's poems.

Monday Night, Tuesday Morning

I walk to your door
Take off my coat
Have a seat
You reach in and tear out my heart
And it means nothing

Suo Mynona

anonymous said...

Sorry for the edit.

Can you ask more about employee Fringe benefits, Hourly rates ask a barback not the bartender how good a bartender job is.


Hal Brown said...

The job is probably like a mohel's, , the pay is lousy but the tips are good.

anonymous said...

Female Mohel?

OK! Explain this one? Got it off your link.

Hal Brown said...

The Conservative Movement also certifies mohelot (female mohelet.) While Orthodox Judaism does not specifically prohibit a female mohel, there are many other halakhot that make a female mohelet more than acceptably complicated. Therefore, the Orthodox stay more traditional and only allow male mohelim.

However most people view Othodox Jews as one distinct group. To make the explanation easier for me, for those who are interested, here's acopy and paste: "Orthodox Judaism is not a unified movement; rather it is composed of many different groups with intersecting beliefs, practices and theologies. In their broad patterns, the Orthodox movements are very similar in their observance and beliefs. However, they maintain significant social differences, and differences in understanding halakha due to their varying attitudes concerning (a) the role of women in Judaism, (b) relations with non-Orthodox Jews, (c) attitudes toward modern culture, and (d) how to relate to the modern State of Israel."

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...


Hal Brown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
professional fees said...


Your link to "Police Stressline" just showed me an overview of your private practice.

That $125/hr. is normally the rate therapists charge insurance agencies not self pays. Even a PhD usually submits a $125/hr/50 min fee recieiving back an actual payment of $65 reimbursementfrom say Magellan, BC/BS, Cigna etc. plus a $20 co-pay directly from the client......recieving an actual payment for services of $85. Self pays are more often on a sliding scale. That puts you on the very high end of pay for services in this area.

One of the most well known and highly respected PhD's in the area charges a flat fee of $75/50 minutes, and that includes if the clients choose to recieve services at her office, at their home, or via telephone.

I realize that a practioner can legally charge what the market will bear. However, your rates are quite simply over the top, especially since you admittedly only "consider" reducing those rates for hardship.

I would hope that readers in need of therapy realize there are many other fee options in this area from more highly qualified practioners of psycho therapy, including cognitive therapy, that are more cost effetive than you, especially in an area of high unemployment and lower than average pay.

You may be good at what you do, but there are others available for less with more impressive credentials. This may in part account for your small current practice.

Hal Brown said...

My previous post was deleted because the anonymous ghost buster deleted theirs, realizing I am sure the seriousness of the subect.

Hal Brown said...

My previous post was deleted because the anonymous ghost buster deleted theirs, realizing I am sure the seriousness of the subject.

Hal Brown said...

I am well aware of the fee structure for therapists in private practice and who charges what and where.

I am not about to justify my fees to an anonymous poster who obviously knows a lot about insurance reimbursement and the local psychotherapy scene.

This appears to be just another attempt to discredit me and hurt my private practice. This time it's under the the transparent guise of performing a public service, as if people seeking therapy don't know there are options to choose from.

Almost all my clients are referred to me by a current or former client or from the website, so they know in advance what I charge. I certainly inform them of where to get therapy from therapists who accept insurance or have a lower fee.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...


Do you see why, People stay anonymous? People will try and hurt you. They can't help themselves.

Internet Punks, Trolls what ever you want to call them.

There here sitting in wait..

bogofree said...

I will vouch for Hal's skills as a therapists. He did wonders for my first marriage...second marriage....third marriage....fourth marriage....

At those fees? I thought I was ripping off the city with tutoring! Damn! Get me the match book cover, Hal, that got you that degree. My matchbook one for teaching undersold me.

Kidding aside....fees usually reflect market structure.

Just did family day exercises at Ft. Sill. Large crowd and most drove from all over the country to get there. Deep military ties for most. Older bother was there to get the skinny from his DI's.

Obama stimulus has had a real impact on the financial markets. LOL!

professional fees said...

No Hal, I'm not trying to discredit you. Obviously I work in the field. I am perfectly satisfied to know that you disclose your fees up front and refer clients on who can not afford your prices to more affordable therapists. Thank you for addressing my questions. The answers were not clear to me from your website.

BTW, I choose to work with Medicaid clients, which is an agency that always delays payments. I am in my 30s and a member of the clergy as well as a licensed psychologist. So,I am completely satisfied knowing that you offer people choices within their means.

I also understand that the casino wars would make you question my motivations. I remain neutral on this issue and don't wish to participate in the debate, but I am fascinated by the blogging behaviors.

My apologies for any misunderstanding my previous post may have created. I wish you well.

anonymous said...

I have a difficult time accepting Hal's pro position based on the damage gambling can cause addicted individuals. Some have equated that with a judgement issue and therefore look upon him as unproffessional. I just question his position and not his competency. Hal has expalined many times over this very issue.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

Anon 1:11 PM
You can't go to McDonalds. The moonbats say it is bad for us. It will clark your arteries and turns all kids into clarkos.

Better off to sooth anxiety with a veggie burger.

Hal Brown said...

Thanks to the psychologist posting above who clarified their comment. I am sure that as a PhD whose been in practice for a while they know mental health professions from all the disciplines and realize that when it comes to who is most effective the degree counts for very little, if anything.

I sepnt 20 years working in community mental health with psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, psych. nurses, rehab. counselors, OTR's and many excellent BA level aftercare-day treatment therapists, and over the years dozens of interns. I also had lots of friends who were on the faculty of the Michigan State Social Work, Psychology and Psychiatry departments.

A foundation knowledge from classes and book learning is important, but the most important factor is a mix of empathy for others and being self-aware and self-actualized enough not to let counter-transference influence therapy. I'd also add a very difficult if not impossible characteristic which I call having a knack for saying the right thing at the right time in the right way so a client has that "aha" moment some therapists call productive insight.

Oh, one last thing, it also helps a tremendous amount if you actually like you clients and are interested in them.

Most clients see through a phony.

As for my limiting my retirement practice to those who are generally quite well to do, in 30 years this 105 year old shrink won't begrudge the good clergy doctor if they do the same.

anonymous said...

Check out the comments. I hope CFM is not wasting there money on Bailey bros. There coming. Sooner the better. We need jobs..

Doc said...

LOL. I begrudge you nothing. Enjoy your life to the fullest, because I see too few who ever get that opportunity.

My education certainly didn't give me common sense, but it did open doors to opportunities that would otherwise have been closed to me.

Although I live in this area, I primarily work in an inner city hospital setting with families of victims of homicide, suicide, and other forms of catastrophic death. I meet them first in the ER or the morgue. Then, if they wish, I work with these families through the initial months of trauma and grief. I'm not a warm and fuzzy doc. As a product of the strict behavioralist age, my job is to get people functioning in a tough world where their survival depends on it. OTOH, the natural grieving process must be respected and observed. I also run a crisis center, so I see bad stuff on a daily basis. As I'm sure you appreciate, people have to find or assign some meaning to their suffering. My work is to facilitate that.

Addiction is not within my realm of expertise either. So I'm not even going to address that here.

I was drawn to read the blogs because I have a couple of acquaintances who go into emotional overdrive over what's been written on these blogs. Although I don't personally endorse the lose/lose proposition of casinos, I find it difficult to believe that any casino could inflict the personal damage some are heaping on each other on the net. Also, although I'm a believer in free speech, some are blatantly abusing that right. Sad, but intriguing to follow these verbal wars.

I'm not going to judge or assault you as a therapist because you are a strong casino proponent. But I am going to tell you point blank, as one who constantly has to scrape for funding for various programs, the kind of monies you're seeking for addiction treatment and educational programs just aren't going to materialize. In this economy expect only deep cuts in every area of human services.

Probably won't be posting further, but will be reading as I can.

Hal Brown said...

I may be naive though I don't think so when I say that I am in a good position to advocate with the tribe for a significant increase in the funding agreed to in the town- tribe agreement ($20,000 a year).

Who else but the only pro-casino therapist in this entire controversy?

I want enough money to fund at least a full-time specialist who can do both treatment and education with a proviso that if the client load increases additional funding will be available.

bogofree said...

Shrink talk! Thankfully I'm keeping busy out here.

Funding for compulsive gamblers is nothing more than clear the conscience. Twenty million would do nothing more than get some nice tricked out rides for some therapists. Hal is not in that group since that is not his specialty.

Oklahoma History Museum is quite a place. Clarkin' nice!

bogofree said...

President WOW made his big move to shore up the housing mess. Reaction? Goodbye world markets! I remember reading an econmist several months ago that predicted (he was not alone) that we are now in a depression since in the 30s very few folks had accumulated wealth to lose. Today folks who have investments and a house have lost between 40-50% with more to go. On top of it is unemployment that may increase soon to reported double figures and a disaster is at hand.

Time to line up for that government cheese.

Will spend some time today and tomorrow at a few casinos. Heard nothing really negative about them but also that they are not any great economic engines out here.

Suo Mynona said...

Right Bogo. Perfect time for the CPA!! Remember there is no good time and it is free money.

BTW everyone seemed about as interested in editorial response as they are about his column. LOL

Hal Brown said...

$20 million, sounds good to me and nine of my friends to get Bugatti Veyrons. 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. It claims to be the fastest car with a top speed of 253 mph+.

Enough left over to buy Bogo a Lexus.

Although I doubt I could afford the excise tax and insurance.

Suo Mynona said...

There are a few naive people that do not understand the gravity of the state, national and world economy. Everyone I know is feeling the effects. Hopefully it will not become worse.

I did not believe the "New Economy" Remember how the world was going to survive on high tech and the service sector? Treat factory workers with respect, they actually create something.

This will not be the total collapse of the world economy. (Let's all hope that it is not)All the talking heads on TV would be billionaires they could predict economic cycles properly. They are far worse than the weathermen.

anonymous said...

Some interesting reading.

Hal Brown said...

That is an interesting case, with comments mostly saying that the judge was wrong and people should be able to say anything they want about someone anonymously online.

Here's the actual petition complete with spelling errors.

drive-by said...

What do you expect from the Texan Republic of "String 'em up from the nearest tree"? LMAO.

Hal Brown said...

Who knows whether they did what was claimed. Seems like the bloggers thought they did. Here's a Google of Mark Rhonda Lesher. The case is still being discussed on Topix.

Some defend them as paragons of virtue others still think they're guilty not only of the rape they were found innocent of but worse.

drive-by said...

Topix is a real trash site. No moderation of any kind, except that CFO seems successful in getting posts deleted after the fact. I'd be glad to see it go. The problem is not anonymity. It's using real people's names. Just plain cruel.

Hal Brown said...

Toix itself is headining this story (here), and has over 2,500 comments about it.

Topix has a term of service that says they forbid posters to:

upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that includes personal or identifying information about another person without that person's explicit consent;

and of course:

a. upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, torturous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

The first would seem to include using initials, but just reviewing posts from all over the country, most of them include the names or identifying information about people. (Topix terms of service)

bogofree said...

Toxic will remove a post when a complaint is made. I had two removed since they mentioned a CFO BOD person and his business. A big no no.

Be kind about Texas as it makes Massachusetts look backward. Greatr state. Great people. Nice guns.

Family Guy said...

Charlie Lincoln. Someone give me a reason to actually vote for this guy. To me it will always be about "THE PENSION" and all that showed is this is the last person I would want in office. Yes, it was legal which just shows how clarked up our pension system is for public employees.

Hal Brown said...

Top Te Reasons for Electing Charlie Lincoln

10) He has plenty of money with that $139,787 pension, so won't be tempted to take bribes.
9) He'll be sympathetic to town employees using sick time before they retire - as his lawyer said "whether you take the sick days or you sell them back, it’s a wash.”
8) He can become a Middleboro police special and help do details.
7) He won't miss meetings due to illness because he proved he can be sick enough to miss one job and still work at another.
6) He'll give certain bloggers someone new to mock.
5) He's sojolly looking he'd make a great Santa in the Christmas parade.
4) We could use a poster child (even if it was for pension abuse) on the BOS.
3) We could use someone who Massachusetts Inspector General Gregory W. Sullivan called a "master manipulator" when we deal with the tribe and their lawyers again.
2) As a 31 year police veteran in a large town who rose to the rank of lieutenant he'll be an invaluable resource to our police chief as Middleboro grows and has to cope with more and more big city problems.

and number ONE:

... assuming he has his permit to carry a concealed weapon we'll all feel safer with him at the table protecting us during BOS meetings.

Hal Brown said...

Here's a Number Eleven

Now that he's an FOA he and seems to be a regular sidekick on Coffee Shop Talk, we can once again have a selectman to share his wit and wisdom about town politics on the radio.

anonymous said...

Charlie Lincoln is a prime example of everything that is wrong in Massachusetts. This is why public employees, most of whom are hardworking and honest, get a bad rep. He double dipped thanks to a political connection.

bogofree said...

#12 He won't need any bailout money.

#13 He can personally fund the new proposed police station.

#14 Howie Carr will now be able to write about Middleboro.

#15 He will certainly be able to spot slackers, no shows, lay abouts and those vwell connected to hackerama.

Hal Brown said...

I read in The Gazette that Charlie Lincoln hasn't yet decided whether to run for the Middleboro BOS. According to the paper (article)
Lincoln said "' I have always been community-oriented and I would like to serve,' adding "there are 'other considerations' of a personal nature that he must weigh."

I would like to suggest that Lincoln give serious consideration to running and meeting the voters to answer the questions that are being raised about his decision to use his sick time from the Brockton Police Department to help him work full-time at the sheriff's department so he could significantly increase his retirement pension.

Just because the ethics board cleared him, many in the town want to hear from him how he considers using sick time when he isn't sick is ethical. Does he suggest town employees use up all their sick time, sometimes leaving departments understaffed, before they retire?

He needs to have a tough skin to be a selectman, and to handle the slings and arrows from blogging sites like this one. What we write here will be mild compared to what I expect will be written on websites where criticism is served with a generous helping of sarcasm and insults. He needs to have a sense of humor about the criticisms no matter how tasteless they are.

Anyone who aspires to be a selectman has to be given a lot of credit. Even using his police sick time I have little doubt he worked very hard juggling two jobs. Even though being a selectman may not be a 40 hour a week job, it requires a lot of time, dedication and energy what with the homework study, talking to constituents, and the various meetings you have to attend in addition to the actual BOS meeting. Considering the job is unpaid, it is the ultimate service to the town.

If his taking out papers isn't merely a trial balloon or an effort to throw himself into the limelight for a brief period, I'd urge him to face the voters and face the music from a symphony he, after all, orchestrated himself.

drive-by said...

Charlie Lincoln will never slip by the excruciating scrutiny of MR and BB. NEVER! Remember D'Agostino's application for TM? He went the way of the woodchipper, like the guy in "Fargo". Now I see MR is souring on her pick---Cristello---and will likely verbally dismember him too.

Can't imagine what would motivate anyone to serve in any public capacity in this town. Doesn't seem worth the personal costs.

Rocky said...

All you can drink Oleo

Suo Mynona said...

We need some fresh material here and BB has been kind enough to provide fodder. LMCAO

Check out his recent blog yourself. You will find plenty of BB blunders. My favorite is how he spells King Philip. He has been entrenched in this casino thing for years, lives in Middleboro, and claims to be a journalist. Here is a hint BB, do some research before you ask a dumb question.

King PhiLLip is spelled King PhiLip.

But what do I know, I am just a third rate d*psh*t citizen.

Rocky said...

Philip doesn't sound like an indian name. this is a take off of some other comments that Cedric Cromwell doesn't sound like an indian name.

Hal Brown said...

I assume you are referring to a post from "Smoking Owl" on the GK blog that said "Is it just me or does Cedric Cromwell sound like the name of a former British Prime Minister rather than the leader of an Indian tribe?"

No doubt she's referring to Oliver Cromwell, who was Lord Protector before the office of Prime Minister was established. I think she's being ridiculous and perhaps insensitive. Does Amelia Bingham sound like an American Indian name?

Do you have to have a traditional Indian name to trace your ancestry to American Indian tribes?

Most of us know that the King Philip was called this by the English and his Wampanoag name was Metacomet, Metacom, or Pometacom.

anonymous said...


How sad that you have lowered yourself to read a BB blog. LOL! Where have your standards gone? Then again, I read it too! I need something to make me laugh only it is usually not intentional.

bogofree said...

The fact that an Indian has a Christian name just signifies how disruptive the "invasion" was to their collective cultures.

In Oklahoma the U.S. government deposited over 50 tribes into this territory as part of the reservation system. Was at the Commanche Nation Museum yesterday. Located here in Lawton, OK and it was an interesting place. Next to it is the Great Plains Museum and they have an extensive collection of indian artifacts.

I believe the Robbins Museum has the long gun that was part of the local history and Indian Rock. Are you folks familar with that story? The land was open and where the old Jr. HS is located was a bunker in which some of the locals had located for protection. An Indian Harranger was on top of a rock yelling insults (yo mama stuff) and they took a shot at him using the long rifle. When he fell he left his hand print in the rock as he died. Took some scouts up there years ago and the "handprint" was still visable.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

BB you are asking for suggestions for an article on local history and lore? Here is something intereting I am sure more than a few locals from several surrounding town's know.

Research how Indian Rock actually came into existence. You can also probably call your fellow journalist Mike Maddigan (Middleborough's own well written true historian) for information and tips on how to conduct the research. Then again, he has probably already published it in the Gazette.

LMAO said...

You are asking him to do research? LMAO!

anonymous said...

I love it! He now seems to be lost for ideas and trolling into the territory of the papers real writer - MM.

How about a bi-monthly update on CPA since that went over so well.

I had two investment funds that just totally failed. Well, not totally, they just liquidated and were absorbed by other funds.

Suo Mynona said...

BB should do an article on the human effects of local lay-offs at Withrop-Atkins, Talbots, and other places. Talk to real people suffering in this economy. Ask what 50 bucks means to them and if they want "CPANOW" and "free money."

Even BB cannot actually think a CPA tax is still a good idea. Since January the Dow Jones has sunk even further to a six year low.

drive-by said...

I believe the CPA project has been suspended. Not enough signatures.

Also, as far as M'boro's myths and legends, the "vanishing hitch-hiker" tale has been listed on Snopes as an urban legend, versions of which exist all over US and Europe. Right up there next to the man with the hook on Lover's Lane.

bogofree said...


This part of Texas is awful - Dallas and Fort Worth area. Highway system is a joke.

Off to a Cival War Museum today and a visit to downtown Fort Worth.

Suo Mynona said...

If you are a real local then you know the rest of the hitchhiker legend. While hitchhiking on 44 (then very desolate) he spotted and followed a turkey hen into the woods. He hoped to grab a really cool turkey feather. Then Tom Turkey saw him approaching and attacked the poor guy. Tom T made the Monty Python rabbit look gentle.

Brian Giovanoni said...

Here is a link to a letter I have about the proposed gas tax.

Not looking for flames just for your information.

анонимный said...

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Hal Brown said...

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