Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Liberal and well deserved trashing

I did apologize to all the conservative and far-right loons I know and have routinely insulted for their aberrant behaviors. Just reviewing the plethora of websites makes one question just how balanced they are, but compared to what I have seen in the last month from liberals they most certainly represent a high standard of political decorum.
After the stunning loss of Hillary Clinton, I was shocked by the reaction of some institutions – most notably education – that fed into a collective angst that also included the usual pat phrases extended to Trump and his supporters – racist, homophobic, , misogynist,nativist and various other concoctions that are merely buzz words for the adoring masses to nod agreement.
That, however, is mere sloganeering, but when it translates into stated policy there is a line that has been crossed by institutions that are supposed to be (hopefully) politically neutral. When public schools allow and sponsor antagonistic behaviors designed to disrupt and excuse they have failed miserably. As one writer noted and placed in perspective the antics of the left has inadvertently exposed how thin the veneer of decency and fairness was for a large number of institutions, occupations, and individuals.
Then you have flat out morons who simply are loons to the nth degree such as the idiocy displayed by the attorney general in Massachusetts via setting up a “hot line” to report all the long list of fantasized hate crimes in the state. Frankly – based on the antics of the Clinton campaign to disrupt Trump and Sanders I tend to believe they are self-induced to stir up the sycophants. Enough evidence has surfaced to show that several reports were simply phony. Just think Duke University Lacrosse.
The public mourning borders on a fetish – one that really needs some significant mental health intervention. The liberals have literally lost their lunch over a situation that blindsided their view of what should be and what really is.
Then comes the back door such as a “grassroots” movement to convince electors to forgo their responsibility and voted for the failed Clinton. Grassroots? Sure – that is about as grassroots as the failed Jill Stein attempting to put a damper on the voting process. A surrogate for the Clinton campaign and big money donors from the left attempting any means possible.
I have no trust in any recount efforts since the Obama administration will certainly have various public agencies who have long since violated our trust involved in the process. The Clinton campaign clearly and unequivocally demonstrated the extent they would go to in regards to minimizing any opposition. What is equally shameful is the media cooperation and support of those efforts.
The liberals are not liberals, but Capo’s in active pursuit of undermining an established process simply over being rejected. In normal discipline one would send the errant five-year-olds into a corner for a reflective timeout, but, then again, I would be insulting the intelligence of five-year-olds by comparing them to the inept collection of miscreants populating liberal circles.
While I am on a rant, I harken back to one of the standards the debased liberals raised to an art form – all the nastiness that circulated on the right in regards to Obama. Did it exist? Most certainly, but compared to what I have witnessed in the last months it was a political hiccup compared to the firestorm that the left is fully engaged in.
Also along that very path is the outright threats that have surfaced regarding Trump and by defacto his supporters. The hostility and outright threats have certainly placed any of those Trump inspired “hate crimes” under the microscope of a leftist creation.
I happen to be a classical liberal, so any of the antics on the right and left are open season for me. The recent election has certainly raised more than doubts in my brain pan about the integrity, sanity, ethics, moral compass, patriotism and a dozen other invectives directly targeting the liberals.
We happen to reside in Massachusetts and that taints a view since this is a state that has managed to take someone who appropriated a past she was not entitled to and place her in the Senate. That is a political version of stolen valor. This is the shining star of liberals? Maybe that is why we have such an emotional outpouring on the left attempting to romanticize a thug like Castro?
Now I await the Trump regency and a continuation of the imperial presidency so well established by Obama. The executive orders will flutter in the breeze as Congress will abdicate their responsibilities and Trump will merely continue what has happened the last eight years only with a hard drift to the right.
Trump is putting together “His Team” and just remember “His Team” in the United States Football League – The New Jersey Generals – failed their first season and then performed reasonably well. Good luck with that!
I look forward to Trump providing me with a wealth of negatives outcomes.

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