Sunday, January 15, 2017

More on the silly season on post election nonsense

The idea of loyal opposition is utterly passé in the now rapidly evolving political climate. The opposition has been supplanted by enemy – you have the demarcation lines drawn with no conciliation even possible at this point. A Cold War mentality has seeped into our politics.
The reaction from the Democrats and all their various sub-sets certainly surprised me. The outbursts have been rather volatile both physically and verbally – a die has been cast for future elections and disappointments.
In 2020 you may again have a change in administrations where Booker, Clinton, Sanders or other is elected – another close election. This time it will not be overturned cars, street blockage, insufferable dialogue on social media and media, but armed resistance. I fully expect the process to totally break down and it will be welcome to central/South American politics.
My view on gun control is probably well known on this site. I would be restrictive to the nth degree. Total disarmament, but now the recent upheavals have caused me to reflect out of survival. I may actually seek out instruction and a permit for my own self-protection as I can be sinister enough to expect a political apocalypse.
“Have you no sense of decency?” Those were the famous words utter by Joseph Welsh and directed towards one of the most despicable politicians ever to hold office – Joseph McCarthy. The quote was during the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954 and sounded the beginning of the end for “Tailgunner Joe.”
McCarthy was the end result of a series of witch hunts directed towards Communist infiltration of our government and social structure. The excesses were profound and much of it was in the wheelhouse of Republicans who offered themselves up as all things American. Richard Nixon made a career out of it.
One thing stood out from the ten-year post-WWII era and that was blacklists – entertainers, writers, and various others who were the bastions of culture. Some had left leanings and some had dabbled into the politics of the fractionalize 1930s. They eventually suffered disastrous consequences during the witch hunt era. Many never recovered professionally or emotionally.
Opposition to Trump is understandable if you find his politics appalling, but placing pressure on performers to withdraw from the inauguration is reminiscent of two items – the first is an obvious resurrection of the witch hunt. The message is quite clear that support of Trump can have professional consequences even for those who just wish to enjoy the honor of performing at such a noted event.
The second is a resurfacing of the casino issue that plagued our community for several years. As with the politics of today the lines were clearly drawn – pro or anti. One item that surfaced was an effort by some – on both sides – to restrict doing business with those who were known to hold an opposing view. The witch hunt mentality.
I write baseball and the special emphasis is on the Red Sox – a noted Boston team. Baseball is a game – as most are – of failure. Even the most successful of batters fail two out of three attempts. The competitive nature of sports can be furious and I will diverge into hockey.
Playoffs are often brutal and careers have been ended by plays that border on assault. The game has a streak of viciousness that reminds one of the Jets and Sharks in West Side Story. What is of interest is when the playoff series is over. Both teams line up and shake hands.
When I coached and taught I always lecture on the ability to accept defeat. There are times when the opponent is better in talent, luck, and even coaching or instruction. I have always found the issue of no scores or participation trophies and out of touch with reality and human nature.
When you lose you examine why. When you fail a test or subject you examine why? You look internal and not for forces outside that have somehow caused your failure. I really don’t care for the famous “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” line. Defeat and especially a hard fought and won success are leaning lessons.If I had “Coached” team Democrat I would be ashamed, embarrassed and humiliated by the collective actions that are currently displayed.
I have posted many articles by Jack Marshall on the ethics being displayed. Many or some I know tend to reject Marshall’s observations since it is an examination of a truth of those who have become ethically bankrupt. The usual bland and foolish dismissal is of a political nature: "I don't agree so he must be a right-wing hack." No cure for stupid.
The culprit is the Democratic Party – that is a clear fact. The behavior demonstrated not only by rank and file but by the leadership and their media supporters far exceeds what I expected from the Trump supporters after they lost. Maybe I should not be shocked? Maybe far too many of those now in grief counseling never faced adversity?
I may be excessively harsh on the Democrats and in clear conscious feel it is well deserved. For the last eight years, I have enjoyed deflating the right or Republicans for their collective behaviors that had little or nothing to do with issues at hand.

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