Monday, February 20, 2017


The idea is to strike a balance when attempting to disseminate information that may support your opinion. I have long posted information that is actually contrary- a smorgasbord so the reader can see the different slants and attempt to make an informed opinion. Imagine not being stuck into a philosophical loop?
Memes are just idiotic and those that post them? Well- connect the dots. The appeal is simply too low information people since the meme is usually slanted, based on innuendo, is a purveyor of fake news, is taking information out of context and those are the positives. The whole concept is intrinsically offensive to anyone with an IQ higher that a warthog.
Then again – they are perfect for Facebook – the proverbial “Chewing gum for the eyes” that use to be said about TV. And TV? Does anyone take their newscastsseriously
Is Russia a threat to the United States? The Cold War as less about expansion and more about ideology and the flawed concept of monolithic Communist - that did not exist. The brand practiced in Russia was different from China and elsewhere.
The expansionism in Europe was simply a result of WW II. Russia paid a steep price in their dealings with the Germans and certainly looked for a European buffer. Both France and later Germany were in the suburbs of Moscow.
The Communists were the most active resistance against the Nazi’s in Europe. They had an organization, support, and even governmental structure in place as the Russians moved towards Germany. The end result was Churchill’s “Iron Curtain.”
Napoleon once said “Scratch a Russian and you find a Mongol.” That summarizes Russian history in Asia with numerous incursions from that area. Tension has always existed on that border and the two Communist giants - China and Russia - almost went to war in the 1970s. Monolithic? No - the primary concern that outweighs that is security.
The Crimea was once a noted war zone with Britain. Britain also created their own buffer in Afghanistan as a block to India. The post-WW II power vacuum offered an opportunity for Russian expansion for a buffer to the south. How did that work out
In the client states of Europe, Russian involvement was doomed from the start. Nationalism and a burgeoning rejection of Communism coupled with repressive Russian tactics made the eventual collapse inevitable. Even some ancillary provinces would be best considered like the United States south-north division prior to the Civil War.
The basic reality is the United States has more in common with Russia than we realize. I find it incredible that the left-liberals-progressives do not want rapprochement with Russia, but expect it with Israel and her hostile neighbors. The obvious is it is all about Trump and nothing else.
The Trump obsession with Twitter is now at my personal breaking point. Trump is certainly no great intellectual so maybe the short blurbs are actually suitable to his intellect?
Trump’s administration is having some adjustment “yips” to use a baseball term. This, however, has been magnified thanks to his precarious relationship with the media. I believe Bill Clinton had three or was it four attempts at an AG?
What is appalling with Trump is he actually doesn’t care what he says. The only thing it does accomplish is to unify those who would never have voted for him with some that did vote for him. 2018 will be interesting.

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