Friday, December 16, 2016

The Russians are coming!

They Democrats are looking for an angle – any angle – in an attempt to dismiss the impending Trump presidency. The latest is “The Russians” which has taken hold as a new code word among the Democrats. What ever happened to old standby “Koch Brother?” If it gives them comfort so be it.
What I have been able to ascertain from the various fake news sites such as the NYT is that there is nothing new surfacing. This is essentially old news since the questionable hacks – no one knows who did it – occurred and we published months ago. That is what apparently amounts to interference.
The hacks consisted of a public expose of the inner workings of the Democratic National Committee and the failed Clinton campaign. I have not seen any credible evidence that the voting procedure was violated unless Boris and Natasha were seen stuffing paper ballots. The simple and operative word is – deflection – a concerted effort by Democrats to focus off the DNC and their exchanges that were – among other things – designed to eliminate Bernie Sanders.
The New York Times – a notorious right wing source (sarcasm meter off) recently had an article detailing the hacks. The DNC/Clinton was forewarned several times and apparently thought they were bullet proof. Was the RNC hacked? Maybe an attempt was made, but the Republicans may have been a bit more cyber cautious.
President Obama has issued orders to investigate and the results will eventually be as startling as the Wisconsin vote recount. That report – probably a 1,000 pages – will say “someone” hacked into emails accounts and provided information to other sources – essentially where the issue sits today.
What the Democrats and especially their more vociferous and least intelligent sector – the extreme left – wish to accomplish is to simply do what those who hacked the emails did – cause mischief. What I note is how the antics of the least intelligent simply mirror what I have seen from the least intelligent on the other side – the far right for eight long years.
Both are loaded up with questionable “questionable” news sites, virulent bloggers, compliant politicians, equally compliant media accomplices and not a shred of ethics. I have been shocked by the actions of the Democrats – I thought nothing could ever be as virulent as the Republicans for the last eight years. I was wrong and several of my wingnut acquaintances have gleefully pointed that out.
When the revolutionary council met in Paris during those tempestuous times they sat at a horseshoe-shaped table. You position of the table was based on your political philosophy with the most moderate sitting in the middle. As you went around the table to your far right when the ultra-conservative monarchist and to your far left were the ultra-radical Jacobins.
Draw that table in your mind and you can easily see the two closest point are directly opposite of one another. The extremist has much in common then as they do today.

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