Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump, HRC and idiot protests

The nonsense of the ill-informed voter is staggering, even from my cynical view. Is this the end result of poor parenting? Social dysfunction? Lack of civics in school? Maybe it is just that we have an unusual abundance of idiots and are is desperate need of a zombie apocalypse.
The polls, exit and otherwise showed Hillary Clinton had votes simple over her sex. This is eerily similar to the disaster of Obama over some type of desire for racial amends. Toss into the mix the evangelicals who apparently vote as they assume Jesus would – white males who fervently believe in the scriptures.
That, my friends, is a bleak cross section of why we are in the predicament we have faced for almost two decades. As bad as the morons who vote strict party lines – apparently, they possess one or maybe two functioning brain cells – are those trapped in the strict confines of what I described above. Is the water the issue? Has Flint water been dispersed throughout our fading empire?
The main discourse of the recent election came down essentially to who could tally up being the most boorish idiot presented to the public. Trump certainly had a clear advantage, but the smarmy Hillary was a close second. Both virtually ignore the problems of empire – a stagnant economy, a porous foreign policy, a debt that is nay impossible to control, an infrastructure that makes even the worst of this old house look majestic, party lines that would make FDR and TR relinquish their passports and a supporting cast of characters in Congress that need a super jolt of Embola. And that is only the lesser problems.
The coronation of Donald Trump is a scant few months away and the general opinion is to see just the way this conservative – populist – liberal will bring forward. On the campaign trail what Trump’s words amounted to was gibberish, so just what will eventually surface? But what did we avoid? What would Clinton part Deux be?
The issue is simply one of listening to that most renowned expert on all things dysfunctional – Dr. Phil. As Dr, Phil would say – and I paraphrase – “The Past and present behaviors are indicative of future behaviors.” Based in that expect a Nixonian approach to government operation. An administrated whose foundation is one that is untrustworthy, unethical, deceitful, manipulative, and that is willing to use any means possible for whatever they consider the end game.
Expect Trump to be consistent and quite possibly unfairly treated by a media whose admiration for Hillary Clinton often amounted to an extended arm of her campaign. Congress is more interested in their next campaign, so any affairs of state that need be attended to will probably rely on that favorite of all legislative tactics employed by Obama – executive orders.
Trump could certainly be a centrist since he has been all over the political philosophical map. Playing both sides against the middle is a grand legislative tool and an astute businessman could certainly employ it.
The real feelings among the electorate will be displayed in 2018 and that will be either an increase Republican representation in Congress or a Democratic sweep. Obama was handed a blank slate in 2008 with the legislative control in the hand – and firmly – of the Democrats. Just how did that work out?
The Democrats have lost thirteen senate seats, 69 house seats, 12 governorships and over 900 seats in legislatures nationwide. The topping on the Obama legacy is the dismissing of Hillary Clinton and that is a final ending that I am positive the Democrats did not see coming.
A poor loser is best exemplified more some of the more moronic elements that infest the left. Most notable is the less than peaceful demonstrations that have erupted – usually in bastions of liberal orthodoxy such as big cities. The remnants of the Occupy crowds? Quite possibly.
One target of their collective nonsense is the electoral college. Since HRC won the popular vote that – in their very limited intellectual capacity – anoints her as “president.” Dear clueless ones – can’t you figure out just why the 18th-century rich white guys developed such a system? It is exquisite. A wonder of what the protestors lack – rational thought.

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