Saturday, April 21, 2012

Housecleaning Of Tidbits

I have been tossed out of the 2nd and tossed into the 6th so I now have switched reps but will follow with great interest the primary battle to run against Keiko Orrall. This will have Adam Bond against Roger Brunelle, Jr. I am sure the debates will be fascinating since I saw Jr’s performances several times in the previous round and his patter was basically “I’m a union guy so vote for me.” Maybe someone can ask Jr. about Pacheco? What is his opinion of the Pacheco Law? EBT card reform? Public pension reform? On and on.
Adam does have a great slogan “People Before Party.” Very catchy and distances him from any connection with the entrenched.
If I ever get around to updating my sidebar I’ll have to put Shaunna O’Connell out there for all the positive she has done with the attempts at EBT card reform. At least it has the tar and feathers crowd in an uproar.
The Tea Party Museum in Boston had an elaborate and quite ornate weather vane designed by craftsman - from California. Sound familiar? Go out of state? Amazing!
The Learning Channel - why is it called that? Very little learning and a lot of questionable sensationalism with their latest entry being Eden’s World a reality show based on a seven year old climbing the show biz ladder. IMO this borders on child abuse. Watch it and have an air sickness bag available.
Best Buy is heading to join the ranks of Circuit City.
Representative Russell Holmes who is on of the point persons on EBT card reform was actually solicited to buy someone’s EBT card for fifty cents on the dollar.
Who is Stephen Murphy? He is the President of The Boston City Council and he actually is having an extended moment of fiscal sanity for a public official. The reason? The obnoxious and overly costly buy-backs that are so prevalent in public contracts.
The buy backs are also based on you final earnings so if you had sick days from twenty years ago they have appreciated substantially in value.
Marathon Monday is our own local madness that garners nary a line of two in the rest of the nation. Is there anything more overblown than this event? Well….maybe the Pan-Mass Challenge which ties up summer traffic in knots as virtually every bike rider violates as many rules of the road as possible. But - of course - it is all excused because it is for charity.
I thought the far left (AKA - Looney Left) would be clever enough to create something besides Faux News to display their collective ire at FOX News. I love the way the ratings keep going up just to aggravate them.
I see that part of the job description of the Secret Service is to check out the local talent. Do the female agents get the cabana boys?
GSA shows our tax dollars hard at work. The administrator who set up the Vegas beer bash is now on administrative leave - with pay, natch.
The GSA simply proves the old adage about this is how people spend money when it is other people’s money.
Patriot’s Day is a holiday in Massachusetts and IMO should replace Columbus Day as a national holiday.
Romney picked up seven points on Obama in a poll among registered voters. That was accomplished in one week.
My wife - The Lovely Cynthia - enjoys watching Dr. Phil. Since I am fae ro urbane and sophisticated I just get glimpses. More and more Dr. Phil’s show is resembling Jerry Springer.
Mets fans I know were right about Bobby Valentine. Gone by June?
The G & E looks like the place to be if you wish to “lawyer-up.”

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