Thursday, April 12, 2012

EBT, Elections & Other Stuff

EBT card abuse is rampant. The Probation Department is an ongoing joke. Tim Murray and the late night/early morning cover-up. Department of Employment Security mis-management. MBTA a wreck. Political appointees under investigation. So where is the governor? Out raising money for one of the most glorious presidential failures in American history? Don’t know.

Howie Carr had it right. If you get bagged for anything in this state just request you be treated like Uncle Omar.

Brockton has the usual plethora of six figure employees lead by the police and school department. What was of interest to the Enterprise was the significant differences in salary for virtually the same job in city hall versus the school department. Pays to be in education.

A blow out win for Steve McKinnon.

10% turnout in Middleboro for the election.

All the potential weaknesses of the Red Sox managed to surface in the first six games.

Market Basket scored very high on the yearly Consumer Reports super market indicators. Wal-Mart was at the bottom. No surprise to me.

I took the Wonderlic sample test and went 12/12. Eat your heart out NFL!

A coalition of the usual suspects - public service unions and advocacy groups have joined forces to attempt to get tax increases primarily an increase in the sales tax. As one advocate stated “We don’t need a bigger share of the pie we need a bigger pie.” Fat chance, folks.

Hillary Rosen of the DNC wrote an article highly critical of Ann Romney since Ms. Romney “never worked a day in her life.” I guess raising five boys while having MS is not considered a “job” to Ms. Rosen. Naturally the White House and DNC have tried to distance themselves from this loose cannon.

Marc Pacheco came before the BOS and I have to admit I did not watch the whole thing. I have a boredom threshold and Pacheco manages to hit it with great frequency. From the little I did watch he was not saying much - no great revelation - and seemed to be filling time with the love of his own voice.

How many folks went to the wrong precinct to vote? The new alignment was part of our census but most just toss that so you show up at the wrong place. I’ve been moved from two to six and now must engage in a nationwide search to discover who my rep is.


sm867 said...

Your Rep will be Susan Gifford. Now it is MA Rep William Straus. We are contacting the milk producers to have his face placed on a milk carton. Hopefully we are able to find him.

AMB said...

Mike Solimini has complained that letting Pacheco speak was a violation of the Open Meeting Law. I think that the Board actually violated our own local laws. It seem that the Board should be cited for not having applied for a Cabaret license, considering all the dancing that our Senator was doing.

anonymous said...

I managed to catch Pacheco and it was an amazing display of nothingness. Wonder what the final tab was on the number of times his name was mentioned in the Probation Department Report?

LMAO said...

Pacheco must be in surgery from all the fence pickets shoved up his behind from sitting on the fence. Not very impressed.

LMAO said...

Good luck getting money from the tribe.

North Slope Rigger said...

The joys of small town living! At least you can keep a watchdog look on the various functionaries in your town and that is a far more difficult situation in a big city'

An unresponsive legislator who makes a last minute appearance? No surprise with that.

Well, Bogo, looks like your man love for Ellsbury will take a hiatus for six to eight weeks as this season is going down the drain in the first month.