Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Winners (W) and Losers (L).

The Tea Party (W) - The attempts by the loony left to demonize this group only reinforced they must be on to something. Voter anger? Well….they managed to take full advantage of it.

The left (L) - they actually thought 2008 was a mandate! It was all about Bush and now it is all about Obama.

Media (L) - No more campaign dollars for endless ads. Here comes the pink slips.

George Bush (W)- Tossed out along with his party just two years ago. What an embarrassment! Now? Democrats and Obama screwed up even more.

The Economy (W)- Banks and businesses have a few trillion in cash lying around waiting for some good news. That happened on Tuesday.

Racial politics (W)- A Black guy can screw up as well as a White guy. Racial parity has reached the Presidency. Now get Hillary in there.

Hope & Change (L) - Little hope and no change.

Obamacare (L) - No matter how good something may be when the government tells you by shoving it down your throat you see the reaction. Americans are an obstinate bunch.

Excessive Regulation (L) - The campaign theme of over regulation was ingrained in the Republican babble. It is true and it worked.

PAC Money (W) - Doesn’t make any difference if it is from the left or right there is a bundle of it. Then comes the Lobbyist.

Massachusetts Republican Party (W) - Finally actually challenged in some races. Get some experience and some names on the ballot. Maybe that one party state tag may disappear?

Massachusetts Democratic Party (L) - Business as usual may be out the door.

Massachusetts Congressional Delegation (L) - We’ll go from ten to nine in a few years. Wonder why state loses out?

Obama (L) - This lightweight has made Jimmy Carter look like a combination Washington, Lincoln and FDR. Remember when he was called a liar in Congress? How very, very accurate.

Rhode Island (W) - Goodbye to Patches Kennedy can only be a plus.

Bush Tax Cuts (W) - This will stay with us.

Nancy Pelosi (L) - This one makes some of the whack jobs the Republicans ran actually seem like statesmen. She’ll be back - Botox and all.

Republican Party (W-L) - Now that you are the dog that chased the car and caught it - what do you do?

Democratic Party (L-W) - You get hammered and still have a lost soul in the White House but at least you have someone to blame - the Republicans! What goes around comes around.

Gridlock (W) - It will only get worse but is that a bad thing? The less they accomplish the better off we are.

Bogofree (W) - A whole new round of trashing to begin in January. Just change the names in those old posts.

New Hampshire (W) - More business for those of us willing to travel. If I’m going north I “stock up” on the return trip.

CPA (W-L) - How do I weasel out of paying? Now that battle starts among those wishing to divvy up the funds.

Pollsters (W) - Very, very accurate.

Sales Tax (W) - 3% to 5% to 6.25% - do you notice a trend? Yep….complain about the state government and vote them back in with money to screw around with. This is a mandate for more taxes.


Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Now we just need a committee to preserve our community. Any thoughts on who would make a good chairperson? Or, who will accidentally not get their application for the CPA committee in on time?

bogofree said...

I'm all for being on the committee so I can make sure the trails get an appropriate amount of $$$ and it doesn't all end up in some house ready for the wrecking ball.

Family Guy said...

Barney Frank made the most contemptuous speech I have heard on election night in years. This disgrace is the focal point for the housing collapse with his mindless legislation designed specifically to target a voting block that is his and the Democrats that does not have the fiscal resources to justify purchases. Then you add to the mess predatory lenders who take full advantage of the situation.

Barney's voting block is the same as that of the Democrats nationwide and consists of assorted moonbats, public service unions and those getting a check from the government who have none little or nothing for decades.

anonymous said...

I just read the Republicans picked up 16 and possibly as many as 20 seats in The House. Every little bit helps.

anonymous said...

That was Massachusetts House. My bad.

bogofree said...

When will they ever learn? More taxes and fees to another small business. They got nailed by the City of Boston.

bogofree said...

Sysco is projected to post first-quarter earnings of 51 cents a share.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Obama is heading to India, Indonesia, and China to supposedly promote economic opportunity for US businesses. It is impossible for US heavy manufacturing to compete with those foreign countries that encourage production instead of regulating them out of existence.

All wealth is created or supported by manufacturing products that originated from the ground.

Yeah I can hear some saying what about Green Energy. Try making a photovoltaic cell, wind turbine, or lithium battery without heavy manufacturing and/or mining the basic materials.

It is very sad that foreign metal foundries and steel mills can export those heavy materials cheaper than we are allowed to produce them. It is even more pathetic that China can send childrens toys with lead paint to our children without recourse.