Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pre Election Post

The TSA is the government answer to mall cops and now the leverage of lunacy they have been given is now expanded. Those of us who refuse the full body scans are now subject to what has been called the “foreplay pat down.” Refuse the scanner and you get a nice body search. This is one of those issues that conservatives, liberals and moderates show their collective disdain for. It is beyond politics and into the realm of evasiveness that goes beyond comprehension.

Juan Williams has exposed NPR for what it really is - a taxpayer financed mouthpiece for the left and even the far left. His big crime is actually lending an articulate and dissenting voice on the FOX Network and that certainly did not sit well with the PC crowd getting funded on our dime. NPR programming seems to center around the BBC. Maybe the prevailing mindset is an English accent lends credence? The government is in the news business and that is a place it should never have been. Time for all taxpayer funding to be stripped from a state run news agency.

Been no real casino stories for a few months - something to be thankful for.

SYSCO to Middleboro would be a nice addition. Plenty of room.

My election prediction - Democrats in Massachusetts will win everything. Then starts the two year campaign against Scott Brown.

Patriots do not look like a football team to be feared.

If I could convince my SO Halloween would be a rite of passage - as in passage out of Massachusetts only to return in mid May.

I look at the lowering of the sales tax question as a state wide prop 2 and ½.

I have no problem with alternative energy sources especially wind power but the more I investigate Cape Wind the more it appears to be just a bad and highly flawed proposal. I don’t care one hoot about the esthetics of a wind farm but I do care about cost and is it fiscally feasible to the rate payer. Does not appear to be in this instance and I originally was a supporter.

GEX is an ETF that specializes in global alternative energy. In 2008 this fund lost 56% of its value from when we purchased it. So far it has recovered exactly nothing. Morningstar has given it a one star rating and that is as low as they go. The Street has it as a solid sell and some others no longer report on it. What it comes down to is alternative energy is just a lousy investment that will not improve until it becomes fiscally imperative to seriously develop those alternative sources. That is not happening soon. As far as I can determine that has nothing to do with the Koch brothers.

Local kid gets shot in NY and some serious questions revolve around the incident. Next thing you know information is “leaked” to the press and forensic evidence conveniently disappears. This is the stench of a cover-up.

Not to be outdone some Boston cops decided the best way to arrest a juvenile was to rough him up. The video shows what appears to be at least five officers corralling the kid on the ground while two whack away on him. These guys have restraint training and the kid was unarmed. Unnecessary.

A broker has placed the value of The Boston Globe at $75M. And here I always thought it was “worthless.”

Another car rental strange days moment that seems to be with just about every agency. I have a five day rental at San Juan for a total with all discounts and taxes for $150. Noon to noon rental. Then I do a noon to noon rental for just one day and the total is $26! It is actually fiscally sounder to do five one day rentals rather than one five day rental. I see this all the time.

John Kerry (D-Cap’t Hook) has - surprised - blamed just about everything in Washington on Republican Obstructionism. What a tired and worn out song.

So far I have been inundated with campaign fliers and phone calls. Best one is the travel brochure made up as an anti Barney Frank message. Hey, Blarney, how is that 500B siphoned off Medicare “protecting seniors?”

Deval Patrick, Charlie Baker and Tim Cahill. The Queen of Green - Jill Stein - is looking better each day.


LMAO said...

If you think it is better to spend a year ramming health care down your throat rather than create jobs - vote Democrat.

If you think Americans rather get an unemployment check rather than a paycheck - vote Democrat.

If you think Pelosi, Frank and Reid are the best this country has - vote Democrat.

If you think it is OK to hire friends and have make-work jobs in Washington and Beacon Hill - vote Democrat.

If you think a stimulus is the answer to a previous failed stimulus - vote Democrat.

If you think Barney Frank is just fine regarding the financial meltdown - vote Democrat.

If you think a teleprompter president without substance is what this country needs - vote Democrat.

bogofree said...

Thank you Deval Patrick.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

***On The Ballot***
**Plymouth County Commission**

I cannot fathom how an elected Plymouth County Commission is going to interact with with City Councils, Boards of Selectmen, SRPEDD ( and the myriad of town and state commissions.


*Funding for a secretary to undertake the serious research that will be needed.

*Approval by all the local mucky mucks in every town & city followed by town meetings. What happens if one town is not on board?

*Will a regional tax be implemented?

*Will anyone really know or care who-in-the-clark these people are?

*Even worse, what if these unknown pseudo-commissioners actually get the ability to add more regulation to our over regulated lives.

***To Demolish a Shed***

I decided to tear down a tiny two stall barn my father built in 1969. Then came a surprise. Just about everyone in town had to sign off on the demolition permit.

I can understand why approvals were needed:
There could be gas lines (no gas on Sachem St); oil tanks (in a teeny barn?), endangered species (carpenter ants?); water main & septic/sewage (25 y/o horse urine I suppose.)

Yes it could be a historic structure since it was built before Jane was on the Commission and when the "Early Childhood Center" was the High School.

None of this cost money, just a little time. I got a few signatures and had a few laughs w/town employees and my contractor got a few signatures. We probably traveled about 1623 miles to all the various town buildings for signatures.

One signature stop was at Binky's over bacon & eggs.

*Time to get the signatures: about two hours over two days (not including gabbing time).

*Time to put the barn into a dumpster: 5 minutes.


**Riddle me this**

What historic building will be called the "Neonatal Nursery School" in 30 years?

bogofree said...

And one of the slogans Republicans have enjoyed tossing out during this campaign season is "over regulation." Gee....I think you are onto something.

anonymous said...

I am amazed at the nonsense that is piled on when common sense should prevail. I have a friend in another town who cut down a few trees and was hauled before a town board regarding what he did since it was town land. Problem was it was not town land - it was his own property and what he did was nothing more than a thinning and removing damaged forest. So he provides all the necessary documentation and instead of just an "our bad" they continue to persue the matter by claiming he needed permitting. No one could produce anything regarding that and by this time he became belligerent enough to final confront those involved with a "If you want a fight then you got it!" That ended it.

Why in the world would a town or anyone waste time and resources on an issue on which they are clearly wrong?

Barney must go. Pacheco is fine. Calter will get my vote. Baker will get my vote.

anonymous said...

Seems like Keating is running the ultimate negative campaign against Perry. Usually that means you are behind. We are, however, quite fortunate that we are represented by a congressman that has no baggage. LMAO!

LMAO said...

Cap't Hook? LOL! Kerry has that whine about the Republicans and tries to pass on the miserable performance of his own party and a president who is fast becoming irrelevant by playing the obstructionist card. LOL! Dems controlled Congress and were bullet proof in the senate and still screwed it up. Party of no? How about saying no since everything proposed was a joke.

bogofree said...

One more day of political commercial torture and endless mailings.

Suo Mynona said...

Mitt Romney was on Hannity trying to justify his health care plan here in Mass. If he runs for president he will he Ricky Ricardo echoing from the past saying: Mittttt "you got some 'splaining to do"

anonymous said...

Obama to Latino voters: "Punish your enemies." Real statesman.

Suo Mynona said...

Of all the ballot questions I wanted the 40B to go the most. Oh well

bogofree said...

Of all the pols I wanted to go was Blarney Frank. Oh well. Republicans cleaned up.