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Now that the election is over a few trial balloons have surfaced in Massachusetts about addressing the revenue issue. Revenue issue is a kind way of saying raising taxes and is like calling a used car a pre-owned car. The possibility of tinkering with the income tax and increasing the gasoline tax are starting to read their collectively ugly heads. When you vote to maintain a sales tax “For the children” the interpretation is simply and that is that the folks will quite naturally be accommodating to other tax increases or fee increases. According to the Taxpayer Foundation Massachusetts has the largest per capita debt of any state with fellow traveler California close behind. Two states that go lock step with the demands of public service unions.

I really enjoyed George Bush (R- Hanging Chad) attempt to rewrite history on an interview regarding his failed presidency. Dubya certainly matched the inane attempts of Jimmy Carter and his revisionist rant of a few months ago. I’m sure both probably consider Warren G. Harding as a personal favorite. I can’t wait down the road for Obama attempting to make sense out of the train wreck he helped create.

The CPA is now in the books as far as Middleboro is concerned and I hope the local Historical Association will be able to grab some of the funding. The conditions of the buildings had reached a point where a decision was going to have to be made on not restoration and repair but which one to save while leaving the remains for the wood pile. Fortunately the Association came into a generous gift which has allowed renovations to take place that will at least preserve the site. Now CPA funds may allow the Association to address other critical issues on the property.

Republic of South Korea had full page spreads in newspapers across the United States on 11/11 thanking the United States and those of the United Nations that helped secure their freedom.

Governor “Almost One and Out” Patrick pledged a billion bucks to Bio and pharma to create jobs and last week two bio firms announced layoffs. Another stimulus type bill that results in a taxpayer bill.

A nasty report surfaced from the government that outlines drastic steps that must be taken to address the debt issue. Naturally the mention of increase in taxes and reduction in benefits was front and center. Good luck with that.

One of the key components in the above was structural changes to that great Ponzi scheme known as Social Security. Reduction in benefits, increase in retirement age and further cuts to Medicare were prominently mention. Why is it that those who actually contribute must take the brunt of government failures? Seems like the last group to have anything slashed is the entitlement crowd especially illegals.

The government with their enforcement arm - the IRS - has also proposed an elimination in the home mortgage deduction. This is not new as the tax code has had countless little items dropped over the years and the cumulative impact has been to have more revenue enhancement.

The increase in retirement age and pension reductions has hit Europe hard as one nation after another has to deal with rising costs and lack of funds. The solution advocated is an increase in the retirement age and that has been met with riots that have shut down some countries particularly France. Imagine what the war torn streets of Paris would be like if they proposed an increase from age 60 to 70 for retirement rather than 62.

Mayor Mumbles in Boston is taking on the unions. Amazing! In Massachusetts it is especially evident the power the police, fire and teachers unions wield and how a very, very large portion of our legislature seems to pay heed to them more than the average Joe and Jane. Mumbles is attempting to get some relief on health care which costs Boston 300M a year. The city currently pays 82% and there are options such as the state run program that could provide cost relief. Mumbles is actually attempting a home rule petition to circumvent the unions. Good luck, Mumbles.

The clear consistency in the government budget is excessive pension and health benefits that certainly put to shame most in the dreaded private sector. The matching contribution in the dreaded private sector is about as rare as a cognizant column from BB and most employees have to make do with what they can cobble together with a retirement plan of their own. In my own days in the DPS the health care bill was usually a contributory 50/50 split and in virtually all areas of the public sector it is in the 80/20 range or higher with the taxpayer footing the greater portion of the bill. Middleboro is no exception.

The Cabot Club has folded. This is a 100+ years old civic organization that had made significant contributions to the quality of life in Middleboro and the dwindling membership finally forced the situation and they are in the process of dissolving. I do see a lack of involvement in certain organizations I was active in such as scouts and 4H.

Nice letter by Wally in The Gazette.


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With the exception of BB, MR, and bogo local blogging seems to have died from natural causes. No fires to fuel anymore on the home front.

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