Saturday, November 6, 2010

Assorted Blather

On November 4th my portfolio finally exceeded the levels it was at prior to the Ironic that it happened when the Republicans had a political blowout at the expense of the Democrats.

I started to watch more TV news prior to the election and for post election summaries. I found Fox to be - by far - the most balanced and informative. I also watched Beck expecting the reincarnate of Satan but found him more like Joe Pyne. Theatrical and entertaining.

Electronic media outlets have now dropped any pretense of impartiality.

What I found interesting is how much the Republicans gained in state legislatures and governorships across the country. I saw one of those wonderful maps and the country is about 90% red.

Amazing how the state auditor race turned out. A candidate that even the Globe endorsed and virtually all newspapers across the state endorsed. Connaughton’s credentials far exceeded that of Bump and just showed the power of that just vote D in state elections. Bump replaces a career hack in DeNucci (D - Punch Drunk).

For some reason the Red Sox exercised their option on the contract of David Ortiz and based on DH market value vastly over paid.

It’s OK to “March around downtown” with pictures of Obama morphed into Hitler thanks to that pesky little thing called The First Amendment, Bumpkin. Same thing that allowed you to make statements about them in the first place.

The guess the “Cap & Trade” is now officially dead?

I’d love to see Mitch Daniels give it a go for President in 2012. I’d also like to see the Democrats run Jim Webb over the failed Chicago hack. Maybe a ticket with both of them? Nice third party to separate us from the House Of Medici (Dem & Repub) that control the process.

John Kerry (D-Minnow) has reportedly still not paid his tax on his yacht. Maybe we should take a collection? Buy more ketchup?

Looking at the new “Mistah Speakah” I know what happened to all those old bottles of “Man Tan.” We go from a pumped up Botox queen to someone who spends a good portion of his life in a tanning booth. Thankfully I am naturally beautiful and don’t need any artificial enhancements.

Jan Brewer (R- Jingoist) won her return to the governor’s seat in Arizona. Her hard line immigration stance actually was successful.

I wonder how much money will be siphoned off of CPA to “protect” buildings that need a wrecking ball and not refurbishment? About half of downtown Middleboro could use some serious bulldozer work. At least that new theater shows some architectural class. Nice start.

Sooner or later a Randy Moss will meltdown. He did it in college, on his first trip to Minnesota, with the Raiders, the Patriots and not on his second visit to Minnesota. Has a pattern been established? Now this immensely talented and occasionally disinterested and lazy performer has surfaced in Titan land. This is the team whose owner - Bud Adams - gave the “double bird” to Buffalo fans and he is actually the class of the organization.

The “Failed Sports Reporter” - Keith Olbermann got suspended from the dismal performing MSNBC over corporate ethics violation of giving donations to political campaigns. The way he gets destroyed in the ratings by Fox it will be no great loss. Typical moonbat hypocrite.

Suo had an interesting post on the lack or demise of heavy manufacturing in this country. I still see some of the shells of former operations even on the South Shore. is a site that dedicates itself to American made products.

The abysmal “Leader of The Free World” has decided to skip town in wake or is that before the wake that happened on Tuesday. These trips are planned well ahead and I figure his pollsters gave him the numbers and WOW figured it would be a good time to vacate the USA.

The Herald is ripping into Blarney Frank - again - this time on his connection to a hedge fund. Any financial institution that got any support from the government will have that connection linked to Blarney by The Herald no matter how tenuous the connection.

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