Sunday, August 8, 2010

Casinos, Saudi's and Politics

Another site had a poster make the usual how you play with facts states that Massachusetts is the 7th smallest state to justify not having the number of casinos proposed in recent legislation. What they failed to mention is population density. Massachusetts is third right after New Jersey and Rhode Island. Again an example of cherry picking stats or presenting them In a misleading way. Good thing these folks are not on baseball posting boards since tripe like that would be laughed at.

The jobs figure that is one that has left me baffled. A simple search shows that over 10,000 are employed at Foxwoods/MGM Grand. That is one mega casino. According to the proposed legislation if the state ends up with three casinos and a track slot parlor or two would that get that 15,000 jobs number tossed around by pro’s? According to Kathleen Norbut of US Slots or whatever that figure - in a Boston Herald article - is a “lie.” Wonder who is on their board? Why old confirmed liar herself! I would say Ms. Norbut is a bit confused. Maybe it has something to do with all that Kool-Aide they talk about? My own observation is the anti’s play fast and loose with “facts” more than pro’s who are no slouches themselves. Desperation will do that or maybe they need oxygen pumped into their meetings? 15,000 seems a reasonable figure. Debate the quality of employment with those out of work.

Deval Patrick (D- Cadillac) has vowed to veto the current gaming bill. Patrick wants casinos but on his terms so the infighting will be interesting. I can understand the ire of Patrick since the compromise bill appears to be a gimmie to tracks. Reports are legislators in New Hampshire are “closely observing” the Massachusetts situation. I’m sure they’ll jump aboard the casino run away train. Maybe Ben and Jerry’s will put up a slot parlor in Vermont?

Middleboro appears to be drifting further and further away from the glory hole destination mega casino-resort that was promised a few years ago. As an ardent NIMBY I shed no tears except for those local businesses that were oh so sure to reap untold profits from having a local gin mill he says with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I hope that someday it will come out how and why Middleboro was ever the chosen one.

United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have moved to ban BlackBerry service since it may represent security issues. Sure it will. The real reason is simple to even the village idiot (Not me! Never!) and that is the possibility that morally and politically objective material may be transmitted. Does anyone anywhere think we would even spend one iota of interest in their area if oil was not present?

“Give me a one armed economist.” This is what Harry Truman said when his Economic Advisor would give him reports and then say "on the other hand.” That about sums up the economic situation world wide. I follow this daily and it is amazing and goes something like this. The markets go down and the economic reports will say “concerns over world wide recovery results in sell-offs” The next day up she goes and the line changes. “ Markets rise on positive recovery data.”

Barney Frank (D-Men’s Warehouse) apparently has some questionable involvement in “helping” certain financial institutions in the bailout. Barney was quite upfront since it did represent no violations. This is the Charlie Lincoln school of defense. What you do is “legal” but morally reprehensible.

What is it with all the Democrats getting nailed? Waters and Rangel are right up front. I love the comment regarding Republicans and their “Culture of Corruption” that was floated a few years back. What goes around comes around.


Suo Mynona said...

Marsha you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. It is a mistake.

Be prepared to call the police to have me removed from THE TOWNS BoS meeting while I participate in discussion that you may not approve of at the moment. You do not have the right to revoke speech. As you well know I never have blindsided anyone in government. Your proposed declaration of limited speech was a surprise to all of us.

This posting may be a blindside; but my warning of putting you in the very awkward position of removing me and many peers is fair warning.

bogofree said...

I think you speak for many. There should be an extensive lineup of those that realize a dent in open and free speech is being made. maybe Steve M. will make another motion regarding the chair?

LMAO said...

Marsha should be gone! What an insulting way of conducting business and doing it under the cover of creating an efficient meeting process. The only thing that comes close to this pathetic performance is the "job" that Roger has been doing for 20 years.

bogofree said...

Good news, Marsha! Pet Smart has various size muzzles you can purchase for BOS meetings and I think you may need them.

anonymous said...

BB doesn't want to get on the latest committee? He'd be fine for it but it would also bring with it a certain degree of public exposure. Easy to toss mud balls when you have a column and a blog but when you get in the cross hairs? At least Jessie Powell had the fortitude to put her name of there.

bogofree said...

Mark belongs on that committee. He should apply and he will be accepted.

Suo Mynona said...

Two comments about BB.

First, he seems to have finally found a comfortable spot amongst us 3rd rate citizens playing his guitar. Good for him!

Second, If everyone gave up trying to help the town as easily as he, nothing would ever get done. He is still often whining publicly about his perceived dis on the website. He now just sounds spoiled and trying to use it as a perpetual excuse.

bogofree said...

BB should apply to that committee. He'd be perfect with that being his area of expertise.