Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Marsha And Other Great Stuff

Housing foreclosures are on the rise now that the economy is getting into the real problems - those who lack a job and did not originally overextend on their original purchase. These are the solid citizens who didn’t buy a McMansion or get into some type of exotic mortgage. This economy continues to just spin with no promise of a sustained recovery. There is an apparent reluctance on businesses to make significant capital expenditures and couple that with the fact that stocks are not attractive unless you are a bargain hunter with money and things just stall. Meanwhile government appears to have not curtailed its insatiable appetite for revenues - taxes and fees.

Good economic news is when the bad news isn’t as bad as expected. Like saying your leg has a massive infection and you will never be able to walk correctly but we’ll save the leg.

Marsha apparently did not grovel enough for the local lynch mobs and I could not agree more. Marsha may be a nice person but being nice does not make one necessarily a competent Chair or even BOS member. Seemed on Monday night that Marsha was really not interested in placing this issue to bed by simply saying “I screwed up - forgive me - let’s move on.” Now this will be under the surface for months unless she decides to step down. At least she managed to make the editorial page of the Enterprise.

Hubris: Extreme haughtiness or arrogance. Hubris often indicates being out of touch with reality and overestimating one's own competence or capabilities, especially for people in positions of power.

President WOW is enjoying his respite on The Vineyard and I notice the usually suspects are not around or at least kept at a discrete distance. By that I mean the proliferation of far left Hollywood types - not exclusive to Hollywood - moonbats that infect the island. In the years of Clinton (D- Monica) administration and last year they were out in force basking in the limelight with a fellow traveler or enjoying the spoils of victory. Now? Obama has distanced himself as much as possible from the elitist. He may remain one but it will stay in the closet until something positive happens.

Massachusetts does have a budding race for governor and I know old “One And Out” is attempting to make in back to back wins. I find “One And Out” as about as enjoyable as an evening with Mike Dukakis (D- Tank Girl) reading a legislative bill at 11PM. I know there are some others running and I think two are named Cahill and Baker. I do believe Cahill is one who has jumped ship from the Democratic Party and Baker may be the Republican.

I am a supporter - reluctant - of Cape Wind. Now I am beginning to see some of the costs. I thought the idea was to provide fiscal relief for the populace along with feeling good about going green? The fiscal relief has all the stability of the Red Sox bullpen and as far as going green I now have to wonder about that. Only thing that seems green is the green disappearing from wallets.

Sysco is wandering into our area from Norton and the water issue has been replaced by the traffic issue. I’m sure those who are cautious of increased traffic would probably be concerned about bird strikes with the carcasses falling on their lawns if the trucks could magically levitate to I-495. This project seems fairly straight forward and has the potential for tapping out at a 1,000 jobs. Sysco is far from a fly-by-night outfit. I did get a laugh when it was mentioned that Sysco is a competitor of Cirelli’s. No offense to Cirelli’s but this is like comparing Microsoft to a local computer repair shop. Cirelli’s has their niche which is essentially SE Massachusetts and Sysco the rest of the country. Both are quality restaurant suppliers.

I hate places where I have to pay to shop. I get a pass yearly from BJ’s to wander around and pick up things like a 65 gallon drum of chocolate syrup. Usually the pass is good for thirty to sixty days. I really find few bargains and some judicious shopping can get you better buys at the local super markets especially with produce and meats. I’d probably go more often but as long as they charge I’ll stay away. I use BOGOFREE for a reason.

Justice department. I was at Hannaford’s and witnessed a car almost getting sideswiped by a SUV. Reason? Person on the cell phone and the shock of a near collision made the phone drop out the car. The driver backed up and promptly crushed the phone.

The Enterprise had an insert during the week that highlighted towns in Plymouth County. I paid special attention to the price of homes and condos over the last five years. Some real steep decreases. Then I examined median income and saw Lakeville had the highest (97K) in the entire insert and Middleboro one of the lowest (69K). Maybe we can set up toll booths on select roads?

From Allin Frawley on the Marsha flap responding to Town Counsel regarding his pronouncement that what was being implemented was legal. “Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.” I’m sure this is the type of lawyer speak that at one time justified slavery and the right to have women excluded from voting. I prefer to say there is the law and there is common sense and too bad they are often at opposite ends.

The recent rain and wind certainly offered us a garden version of Katrina and Ike. Tomato plants shed their crop rather easily and corn was tossed asunder by the wind. We have many sunflowers and these monsters are comparable to Sequoia trees in relationship to the rest of the garden. One managed to actually take out a section of fence when it went a crashing.

The Sarah Palin groupies and the charmer herself are taking some shots at Scott Brown for what amounts to an inconsistent voting record. To simplify it that means he does not vote lock step conservative nor does he genuflect to the Tea Party. Brown has done exactly what he said he would do and treats each issue independently and votes accordingly.

How ironic that former president Jimmy Carter (D-Bubba Beer) manages to extract an American from North Korea in a few days yet as a sitting president he let 52 languish for 444 days in Iran. What is even more of a condemnation of the four years of utter incompetence is that the hostages were released as Reagan was about to walk up the steps of the White House.


Suo Mynona said...

What are some of the costs that you are "beginning to see" associated with Cape Wind?

I have been saying it is a scam since day one. It cannot sustain (a green word) itself without subsidization by both rate payers and tax payers.

Wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, and tidal energy all should play a small part providing energy needs. However, we need the big three to service our nation's economy: nuclear, coal and oil/NG. But the natural gas should be preserved for use by homes and businesses that need an easy to use fuel.

My opinion is meaningless though. The only way this will come to head to head is when the economy starts to burn instead of fossil fuels.

bogofree said...

The Herald financial section had a few stories lately that described what the rate payers will be responsible for and also that there was no bidding process in any of this.

Here is a current storyand one from a few days ago that got my attention on this post. Then you have some editorial opinion and some cost information that has been publish. Granted all out of The Herald but it makes you wonder about the whole project.

Suo Mynona said...

****Off The Record*****
I have attended a utility price increase request hearing at the Mass Dept of Energy like those mentioned in the Herald.

When speaking, the chairwoman did not like what I was saying and tried to stop me. I did not stop. She then said this is off the record and ordered the stenographer to stop. I said this is a public meeting and nothing can be off the record. She then threatened several times to have me removed. I kept of speaking (sound familiar?)

I have personally ventured deep into the bowels of energy purchasing and distribution. It is hallmarked with putrefaction.

Note: I can cite many investigative reports conducted by Joe Bergantino that would scare the bejeezus out of any sane person.

bogofree said...

Marsha works for Ma Energy Department?

anonymous said...

Why would someone continue to go down the path she has clearly chosen? Is Marsha Brunelle living in a bubble and totally unaware of public opinion? Does she read the papers? Did she even view the audience Monday? Just her response to this issue makes one question her decision making ability. Time to step down.

Suo Mynona said...

I seriously cannot figure something out: to whom, and about what, does Marsha "reserve the right to say I told you so?"

I have replayed the course of events in my mind and come up with a tabula rasa.

I am not posing this question to receive silly replies. I just want to know what people think I may have missed.

anonymous said...


I just think that is a cover the butt move that was inappropriate. She didn't like being called out and probably anticipates uncontrolled mayhem at BoS meetings without her "rules" in place.

What has me scratching my head is what will she use as a basis for "I told you so?"

anonymous said...

As far as tabula rasa that probably makes one wonder just how her thought process is skewered. I just see this as a bunker mentality on her part now that the IT Director is taking some nasty PR hits and others are questioning her capabilities.

Wayne, Pat and Adam did a significantly better job as chair. Marsha falls short in a comparison.

bogofree said...

You have missed nothing. The obvious took place on Monday night and few would disagree that it was nothing more than continued arrogance with an attached dubious statement that you ponder over.

When you look at a half dozen or so former Selectmen gazing back at you and anxious to speak the reaction would be "how and what did I do to get myself in this predicament?"

Faced with such overwhelming criticism would normally make one a bit introspective on how their actions culminated in such a negative reaction. That certainly did not seem present. Actually I noticed a tinge of defiance.

Was her actions consistent with her behaviors of the past? IMHO they were. Enough has been written about her iron handed rule regarding the casino issue. So she would change?

LMAO said...

You have missed nothing. The Enterprise editorial summed it up.

drive-by said...

Marsha's remark was more like a "na na-na na na". She doesn't get it that people are royally p*ssed off at her, that we're not serfs in her kingdom. Why did all of the speakers make a point out of saying what a nice person she is? Does a nice person gag people who disagree with her? Suo, you displayed good manners and stuck to the facts. That's not demeaning Marsha. But she clearly took the issues presented to her as a personal slight. Mothers tell their kids "I reserve the right to tell you so" to their kids when they're frustrated with them and can't think of anything else to say. Well we're not her kids and we're gonna get her off that board when she comes up for election. And then we reserve the right to say, "Marsha we told you so."

anonymous said...

The consensus is obvious that Marsha over stepped her bounds, under estimated the reaction and finally went into the tactic of being evasive.

The fact that speakers had their collective facts lined up only made this a scene of verbal carnage. I hope Marsha watched the replays and saw how here head was handed to her but oh so politely.

Suo Mynona said...

****Meetings and Leadership****

Marsha dropped the public participation bomb on August 9th. The BoS next met on August 23rd, and the position of townspeople and all present BoS members was made clear.

The BoS proceeded to take this past Monday off, and will presumably not meet again until September 13th.

That makes only one meeting in 5 weeks (or two depending on how you count.)

All selectmen should be eager to schedule two work meetings to get the ship afloat, especially since they apparently have a very light work load. Allowing this issue to fester is a disservice to the BoS, other elected boards, and town.

Despite voting to go back to the original format, they have continued to let the problem stay well ahead of them. This is now a matter of leadership for all selectmen, not just Marsha and her rules.

All BoS members are elected to lead, not posture.