Thursday, July 29, 2010

Liberals Gone Wild

The Kerry tax flap has managed to energize the movement to roll back the state sales tax to 3% - or the original “temporary tax” instituted by former Governor John Volpe to help meet the perpetual state budget crisis. Amazing how we constantly need to address revenue streams (taxes and fees) to balance a bloated budget. Almost daily articles appear about excesses in the management of state government. I certainly enjoy the exposés of “nation wide searches” that invariably result in a former hack or a party loyalist ends up getting a position for which their qualifications are nil. You see agencies and quasi agencies that have virtually family trees as the organizational chart. The failures of the pension system have been documented as has the government employee contracts that just defy common sense and fiscal sense. Is this mess a reflection on the one party system? IMO it certainly is and being a liberal state I guess it is liberals gone wild. I always have been wary of liberal issues since it is not the content that concerns me but the management - or lack of - and, of course, the continuing expansion of programs until they no longer recognize their original intent nor are sustainable. Good intentions gone bad.

With liberals I see a certain connection to that old saying “White Man’s Burden” in that a type of evangelical paternalism takes place in providing services to the downtrodden but there seems to be a flaw in the liberal mindset that is unable to separate the scam artist from the truly needed. This is one area in which conservatives have a remarkable ability to differentiate but, unfortunately, it seems to have now migrated into the realm of provide nothing for no one.

In the political climate of today I see liberals following certain agenda not out of any moral conscious but simply as a method to win votes. I see this in the immigration issue where the very last thing you wish to do is offend a large voting block and wouldn’t it be great to grant amnesty and add several million more to both the welfare and voting rolls. Nothing like maintaining a perpetual underclass to which they are beholding to a continuation of unmanageable programs paid for out of ever increasing taxes.

What really frosts me is this sense of using racism to describe opponents - Tea Party, Rush, conservative politicians - all seems to be a planned strategy and if you believe Jonah Goldberg of The National Review it is. But to me it is the condescending and smug attitudes that seem to prevail among liberals. A sense of intellectual and moral superiority and most notable the do as I say not as I do mentality that has been so front and center with John Kerry.

I once considered myself a liberal activist. In fact I was real high end especially in the latter stages of Viet Nam and Nixon. As I got older and started to observe and think for myself it became apparent that a quote by one of my favorites - Winston Churchill - comes to mind: “If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

Now I certainly don’t consider myself a conservative as I could write a corresponding piece showing my distain for how they have functioned in the last thirty or so years. The influx and influence of the religious right, failure to cut from the herd the more radical elements, parsimony to the nth degree, and taking positions not based on philosophy but simply to be negative. Maybe there is some truth to the seating arrangement during the French Revolution with the Monarchist (ultra conservative) on one end of the table and the other end the radical Jacobins (ultra liberal). Since the table was horseshoe shaped they were actually closest to one another.

As much as I feel liberalism died 30 or so years ago so has conservatism. In fact when one examines the conservative-liberal element they no longer even fit the traditional meanings and that is why - IMO - we have so many who are (I) or drift in the middle looking for that occasional anchor and to display distain over how the government is being managed. Message of change in 2008 will probably be matched in 2010.

One trend I have noticed of late is liberals starting to call themselves progressives. I guess with the way things have gone since the Obama coronation it is better to try and disguise yourself. Reminds me of a programmer I knew in 1980 who was from Iran but would tell everyone he was Persian to avoid any connection to hostages being held. If liberals want to be progressives that is fine with me but be aware those progressives we once Republicans.


anonymous said...

They go wild with our tax dollars and no one seems to really keep track. Saw a great bumper sticker "Congress: I am not your ATM."

North Slope Rigger said...

I usually haunt you on baseball but this is my favorite topic - the daffy left. Now you have an activist judge shooting down the AZ immigration law. That just will keep this issue burning until November. What really tires m out is the burden I am suppose to take on to support a cast of characters in our society that contribute little or nothing. I am just another insensitive conservative and proud of it.

LMAO said...

The casino reality is nearing the final stretch and it will be a reality. Right now it is a situation that has reached a compromise in the house and now that has to be approved by the executive and that may hold up this necessary legislation.

I'm sure the anti's can now find some other moral cause in which to express their collective outrage. May I suggest bars and nightclubs.

LMAO said...

Looks like the proverbial "Kool-Aide" is being passed around on another renowned bloggers site. Some have actually had the audacity to claim that the Democrats responsible for gambling are actually Republicans in disguise! The casinos will be here. You failed. Move on to some other issue or which you can display your moral judgments.

Hannaford said...

Progressivism is like a religion, and if one of those zealots gets your ear they will do anything in their power to convert you. I just scowl disapprovingly and walk away, because I'm too old to care whether someone likes me or not anymore.

Politically I float somewhere to the right of middle, but vote candidate by candidate, issue by issue. Looking through my cynical eyes, I believe that once voted into office, every legislator has a quid pro quo practice. "I'll give you my vote if you back me on such and such."

Obama will drive us into national bankruptcy with his run a muck spending. It astounds me that he thinks the US government is a social service agency willing to sponsor illegals, healthcare, and everything else we don't have the money to pay for.

My biggest fear is that the Republicans will blow the '12 election by failing to come up with a viable candidate.

drive-by said...
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drive-by said...

Dear Mr. President:

In your immeasureable generosity, perhaps you would consider sending me a big fat check out of the tax dollars coffers. I am in desperate need of a new mega RV, a 50" flat screen TV, a moderate sized mansion with 10 rooms and 8 bathrooms, a 26' x 40' freestyle inground pool, 2 german shepards, 4 persian cats, formal and informal wear for my family, a 26' sailimg boat, two cooks, a maid, and a presidential dispensation from monogamy. I think I qualify because my great grandparents were illegal immigrants from Quebec.

I am most grateful for your consideration and would be willing to personally express my thanks at a hand delivered invitation to your next state dinner at the White House.

Yours truly,

drive-by said...

Oh yeah Mr. President:

I'm willing in the quid pro quo tradition to become an uber a$$kisser in return for your taking care of all my needs and wants. I'm an excellent forger if your ever require an "official" birth certificate.

Much love. DB

mildly said...

LOL@ Drive-by. In your dreams, sweetie.

Hey bogo! Still reading "The Best Blog in the Universe". How about those Florida Marlins? LMAO.

North Slope Rigger and Hannaford, you are both spot on.

So, what's holding back the EEE spraying they keep promising? I guess some kid has to die first.

bogofree said...

Nice to see the usual suspects posting again and the frightening thing - to me - is it all makes more sense than what I churned out. I guess any ego trips for me are all short haul.

I just had it up to my eyeballs with some of the BS from the far left - and the Globe laughable interview with Kerry just takes the pie for this week. I guess every half baked piece of legislation is "for the children."

Illegals from Quebec. Great museum in Woonsockett, R.I. called Museum of Work and Culture that depicts French migration to that area.

The Marlins are impressive when you consider the return of the dollar. Their payroll is about what three Sox players make. Hanging around .500. John Henry traded up from Marlins to Sox and also in his personal life if you take a gander at his arm candy wife.

The demise of the Bush tax cuts will take place and with that just watch the capital gains go up as will the brackets. Suppose to generate 2.5 T in new revenue. Wonder how much will be applied to debt?

Well it is back to the baseball rumor mill to see if any movement takes place. Red Sox appear neutered at this point. Problems not being solved - sounds like Congress.

Suo Mynona said...


You forgot the partridge in a pear tree.

Everyday is Christmas for those that love to dole out our tax dollars on useless entitlements.

anonymous said...

Entitlement is another example at attempt to legislate "social justice" by income redistribution and give aways. Sad to say a large portion of the entitlement crowd is just sucking on the government tit.

How can any reasonable person justify giving more and more to those who do less and less? I guess they are just victims of the mean old capitalist system.

Suo Mynona said...

**Where is the point of no return?**

Our current economic path is taking the USA closer to the amorphous line demarcating the point the of no return.

A mere 23 years ago we honeymooned in Greece. The country was falling apart, there was lots of talk about the new Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOC) and little talk of bankruptcy.

PASOC has been in virtual complete control of Greece since the early 1980s.

By our 46th year anniversary it is likely the USA will be follow the fate of Greece. The majority of politicians don't have the fortitude or votes to eliminate wasteful spending.

Suo Mynona said...

Margret Thatcher 1976:

...Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them. They then start to nationalise everything, and people just do not like more and more nationalisation, and they're now trying to control everything by other means. They're progressively reducing the choice available to ordinary people.

This was in an interview

LMAO said...

"Taxes are the price we pay for civilization" according to Oliver Wendell Holmes. Right now the price is astronomical and more of that responsibility is the burden of those who actually work. Why a tax payer revolt? Some of us are just plain tired of paying and paying. Enough!

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

**Driving and Cell Phones**
***More hypocrisy from state laws***

If my understanding is correct, it is now illegal for for people under 18 to use cell phones while driving.

How does a police officer determine if someone is under 18 when suspecting a young looking person using a cell phone and then deciding to pull them over? It does not appear that it required to be LAWFUL stop and is and the suspect's age is a subjective decision by the police.

Of course the police must prove they are over 18 after the stop and the individual must provide proper documentation they are over 18. The documentation is the requirement of having to have a drivers license while operating a vehicle.

Will young looking adults suffer from discrimination?

Meanwhile there is uproar over Arizona checking the status of legal residency after a Lawful stop. Legal foreign residents by federal law have to carry documentation of their status. What will the police do in Massachusetts if they discover a person is an illegal alien?

Meanwhile, many legislatures in Massachusetts have agreed with a boycott of the Arizona law.

I am not approving distracted driving, just the even application of laws.

The bill No. 4466:

anonymous said...

"What will the police do in Massachusetts if they discover a person is an illegal alien?"

Give them a Social Security card, housing allowance, medical, cell phone and anything else that can be handed out.