Monday, August 16, 2010

Back From Vacation Post

President WOW has finally decided to vacation on the Gulf to show his support for the devastation in that area. Of course his family will spend a grand total of 27 hours before heading off to The Vineyard for their real vacation.

Ms. WOW is getting some negative feedback for lounging in an ultra exclusive resort in Spain. Last I looked she could afford it so maybe some of the conservative pundits would prefer she stay at a Motel 6?

The state has passed an interesting piece of legislation designed to teach financial literacy. There is actually an excellent program that is available for teachers and has been for years but it is strictly informal as many schools ignore financial skills. When I had a math class I would teach it as part of math and make it relevant to MCAS so that you could satisfy the MCAS Gods. The lack of financial knowledge is staggering and it applies to a good portion of the adult population. IMO if financial acumen had been taught for the last three or so decades some of the very excesses within government and financial institutions would have been neutralized.

Tax free holiday? Some states have it perpetually. Governor Lynch of New Hampshire has been certainly enjoying the sport of lambasting Deval “One And Out” Patrick over the tax situation since he says each increase only means more businesses migrating north and more shoppers crossing the borders. I’d like to see that “holiday” extended to big ticket items.

Mark is displaying all the gumption of a rejected second rate lothario over the IT Committee by refusing to even consider requesting a position on it. He’d be perfect. Maybe a write-in is necessary? Heck…they tossed a bone to Frawley. So they refused your help with a web site. Big deal since Marsha has now matched Roger in the ineptness and clueless department. By the way I thank Mark for creating a web site for the Middleboro Historical Association. Link is on the sidebar.

Speaking of Marsha and Allin Frawley. Does anyone think Allin would lose to her in an election? The “Cheap Seats” comments cost Steve a turn off the board but her latest attempt at limiting access and speech goes well beyond that. Time for another motion to have her replaced as Chair.

I took a trip recently to upstate NY and saw extensive work being done on the Taconic Parkway, I-87 and Route 9W. All these work sites had one thing in common - no staties collecting the gimmie know as paid detail. They actually had flagmen or is that flag persons on many work sites.

The Hudson River Valley has quite a collection of old homes that run the gamut from Vanderbilt Mansions and FDR homestead to homes of long dead artist such as Cole and Church. The river offered a retreat from NYC for many industrialist (AKA - Robber Barons) of the Gilded Age and many homes have been preserved or are still in use. Really a short drive of about 200+ miles from our area.

Maxine Waters has done the usual - play the race card. The woman is a disgrace and her and Rangel reinforce every negative stereotype of a Black politician that White folks have. The Congressional Black Caucus could keep Federal Prosecutors in business for decades. Adam Clayton Powell lives!

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