Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cali/Fireworks/BP Oil/Jury Duty/Failed Democrats

The state of California has initiated measures to prevent welfare debit cards from being used at casinos, racetracks, bingo halls and just about any other gaming venue that has ATM’s where the cards can access accounts. Reports are that tens of millions of dollars are being withdrawn by the “needy” for gaming uses rather than food, clothing and shelter. Tax dollars hard at work.

A former colleague of mine emailed me about all the fireworks in her neighborhood. She lives in R.I. And they have become less restrictive about people actually enjoying themselves. Said one neighbor spent $1,500 on fireworks. In Massachusetts the government protects us from ourselves but who protects us from the government?

We have a condo on Galveston Island that is beachfront and now a few tar balls are rolling in. The response from the Coast Guard is that these are the results of the skimmers operating on the spill but Hurricane Ike told us all something. File any paperwork ASAP. So I called up the BP hotline on this issue and explained that at this juncture I was not claiming a loss but would open a claim in case we had losses in the prime rental period of July and August. The individual I talked with was cooperative and sympathetic and give me a number to get the claim process started. I file a claim and was given a number and told an adjusted would call “In three or four days.” They called within a few hours, verified my information, made notations on this being an active claim with possible projected losses and told me what paperwork I would need. They also said to file on my claim number monthly for losses and not after the rental season. I have heard all the negative comments regarding the process but this was smooth and efficient and compared to what I went through with FEMA a shock. I’m sure there are problems but with the extent of damages I can fully understand how problems can happen. Maybe if I actually have to seek compensation I’ll hear a different tuen but for now I am pleased.

I had jury duty on Thursday and was excused from the case since it was an area I had worked in. But the process is amazing as you sit in a cloistered room and wait….and wait….and wait. Then you get to look at a video that is still on VHS. Amazing. Since I have suffered through this before I had a book but most did not have any distractions. When I was discharged I spent about ten minutes of observation in the hallways and the old Howie Carr saying comes to play - “In the halls of justice the justice is in the halls.” You can watch the exchange of various lawyers, probation folks and advocates as little clusters gather, exchange information, make deals and eventually settle a case so that when the defendant appears before the court it is a done deal.

The big debate regarding the casino or casinos is how to reward tracks without penalizing potential license bidders? Our embarrassing governor seems to lean towards the senate bill denying tracks while the clout of the house is to give a hand out to long time and suffering tracks. The bottom is you will have gaming but to what extent?

The following bit has made the rounds on Youtube and shows some of the more outrageous Democrats speaking out on the recently passed health care bill. Of special interest to me was the comments by Nancy Pelosi (D- Botox) who said just sign the bill and work on it later. This is leadership? Would any of you sign a contract without reading it with the understanding we'll work on it later? This is what liberals consider quality leadership? I have been amazed at the level of incompetence that has been exhibited by the current congress and the failed president. I am stunned that this group could actually surpass the Bush administration and the Republican control congress and do it in such a short period of time.


Suo Mynona said...

The constitution is supposed to protect us from government. Government keeps creating more and bureaucracies that overwhelm the document and our rights.

chica said...

The week the Governor's meet in Boston and I applaud the actions of Gov. Jan Brewer of AZ. I cannot understand how this issue has managed to be ignored for so long.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...


You must realize in your savvy advanced years that we have both Eric Holder and the ACLU to protect us from government. Even Barbra Streisand recognizes and appreciates this fact.

Suo Mynona said...

****Green School Update****

Things are progressing along quite well. All of the exterior renovations are complete. We will now be moving on to the paint and roof.

The people of Middleboro stepped up and prevented its destruction and location becoming a vacant lot. Structural and foundation repairs, siding and the oil leak are now in the past.

We all occasionally need perspective on far we have come on various things in our lives. Here is perspective on the Green School:

Kudos to BB for providing a recent record of the condition just prior to the work.

bogofree said...

Update now on the sidebar.

I enjoy poking both the right and the left with a stick but it seems the left offers such an inviting target. I just dislike the "we know better than you" attitude that seems so prevalent with them.

LMAO said...

The moonbats are here to protect us from ourselves. I remember a Kennedy (probably drunk) who had to go to the hospital over a fireworks injury. I'm sure there were no questions asked just as with the late Ted running aground sailing so often. Tough to maneuver a boat when you are well over the legal limit.

With immigration WTF don't the moonbat crew understand? Illegals are a nightmare.

LMAO said...

On a sad note a look at the baseball standings shows the Red Sox in reverse and New York and Tampa in overdrive.

LMAO said...

And still another comment and that is where is Limo? I know the casino wars are over or very diminished now that gambling will be allowed but I miss his inane comments.

anonymous said...

The summer is the quiet time on the local front as it seems the usual amp it up on the BoS dissipates with the onslaught of heat and humidity. Maybe just a regroup of forces until the emergence of fall weather so the complaint line can form. I am staggered at the fact that rarely does the forces of negativity find anything positive about this sitting board. The BoS certainly does offer an inviting target with some of their collective and individual actions but they are not doing it for the money and the glory is certainly not present unless you want to be blogged and flogged.

LMAO said...

Do a Google on ANSWER. Looks like a "quality" group.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

**The Next Generation**

The internet and blogs have permanently changed local political landscapes. Whether it is positive or negative is moot. The internet is permanent reality. Maybe -- just maybe -- blogs will follow the same popularity curve as the CB radio.

Currently, IMO, fewer qualified people are inclined to donate time for an increasingly higher profile public flogging.

The pool of willing talent was already shallow. Now it is a puddle.

What will evolve when the next generation comes of age? They've grown up in this new reality and will have an intuitive grasp of how life and blogs interact. Will they seek to keep their civic donations more private or have thicker skin?

Hopefully water will seek its own level and the adage "the more things change the more they stay the same" will prevail.