Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Casino Memories

The best time was the BB site when Dal and Bogo laid waste to his site and especially the confirmed liar. That $1,000 reward went unclaimed but the “mis information” continues.

LL and his hundred or so sites.

Whenever I travel outside Massachusetts and I see Waffle Houses and AB comes to mind. He has clearly demonstrated a revolving door philosophy about casinos.

LL and his sheep costume.

The Morally righteous CFO gang hoisting a few…hence “The Grog Fathers.”

JP falling into the marshmallow trap.

My friend “Clark” from Connecticut.

Limo showing up at the State House with his banner dwarfing CFO.

Toxic and the bundle of laughs when CFO could not shut it down.

Bloggershark passing on the Wally reward.

The Raven and his race card diatribe at the Nichols School.

The Raven in his new pin stripe suit.

Trespassing looking for turkey feathers.

The TMFH and wondering where all these union guys came from?

Vegas Val driving CFO nuts. VV Project.

LL and his photo shopping CFO signs.

Just Google Clark CT. LMCAO!


Hal and Tony finally surrendering to the fact Middleboro will not have a gin mill.

Calter stumbling before the BOS.

Gladys and her videos.

100 ESL teachers.

Clark SD

155 floor skyscrapers.

The 3 towns surrounding Foxwoods are teaching + 30 different foreign languages.

AB’s comments at the TMFH. Is he our version of Joe Biden?

Chicken mallets.

Mini Raven and his chapeau.

Litmus test for BOS is casino position.

Bickering on Beacon Hill.

Alice quoting BB as a source! LMAO!

The Deflection.

Mass Mailings


Suo Mynona said...

IMO all the pro and and anti people accomplished was to provide a venue for casinos to be introduced into Massachusetts that are not necessarily on tribal land.

Oh yeah, there was one more thing; lot's of laughs on BB's self proclaimed "best forum in town" prior to the shunning.

Family Guy said...

It is quite amusing when someone who is always critical of town government is suddenly placed in the position where they become part of the process. Did I really enjoy the fact that BB was a write in candidate thanks to the efforts of Suo. Now that was hilarious right down to his attempts to back out of it.

anonymous said...

At the BB site I enjoyed BB (Befuddled Bumpkin) attempting to restore some order to his disintegrating site.

Wally Glendye said...

I've mended fences with some of the anti casino people. Some of them panicked and actually moved out of town while others took it hard and developed some serious health problems. I'd like to be able to shake some of their hands some day but I think this whole episode did some real damage to the town.

Some of us worked hard to help the tribe show their roots and welcome them back to the town of Middleboro only to get the shaft. I man enough to say that I ate my share of crow for being a supporter.

My prediction: The Aquinnah Tribe will get a casino and the Mashpee will get nothing. Nobody in this state will work with a leader who makes threats. I predict that they will be able to place "Land into Trust" here in Middleboro and that's when you can say thank you to the tribe for the 40B housing they dump here!

anonymous said...

Well said, Wally.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Some claimed that our house values in Middleboro dropped because of the casino prospect -- not because of the bubble. Can we now look forward to a jump in our home values?

Some planning will need to be done for that parcel going forward. It will not sit limbo forever.

Wally Glendye said...

We have also had a significant increase in crime without the Casino.

Wally Glendye said...

Back on March 10th, 2008 the Intergovenmental aggreement was presented to the tribe for a vote of 6-1 in favor to deal with the town of Middleboro. I find it suspicious now looking back that Aaron Tobey the Vice Chair was the only one to oppose the agreement. Even more curious is the fact that Cedric Cromwell the Chair and his wife Cheryl were the only two who abstained from the voting.

Did they set us up?

bogofree said...

40B is on the ballot as a referendum as though that will make any difference to the legislature.

Interesting post, Wally.

Late night with the Red Sox. They need an eight win or better road trip.