Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weston Memorial Park and Casinos

The Weston Memorial Park that is off Purchase Street has had its trail system destroyed. The area had some cutting done and what this really represented was a woodlands version of strip mining. Swaths fifteen feet wide or wider were cut into various areas and that did in most of the previous trail system. Why this was done without any consideration of the trails is beyond my comprehension. I have run in scores of areas in many other towns and have not seen this drastic approach and such a blatant and total disregard for existing trails. The swaths have done nothing but have a variety of undergrowth sprouting and the remains of the woody refuge left behind. Where one could previous walk or run is now a high risk factor. Forget biking. I did manage to locate part of a previous trail that went for about ¼ mile that ran parallel to one of the butchered areas. Then it became victim to the cutting. I went to Faye Avenue where there is a entrance to your right as you go down Faye. I went in and where a trail breaks to the left is now just a mess. This was a nice trail of over a mile. Destroyed or an least virtually inaccessible - maybe piece meal portions exist but I chose not to risk injury to explore. The other portion of the trail use to be a short hike to the parking lot and now just breaks into one of the paths of destruction. I would gladly take any and all of the folks responsible to other trail systems in other towns or even to Pratt Farm. Old growth sometimes has to be removed but it has to be removed with a certain degree of forethought.

I have no real qualms about the various sky is falling outcomes that anti casino lightweights seem to always put front and center. I am like virtually all who go to a casino in that - to quote Clint Eastwood - “A man has got to know his limitations.” I play with a set amount as do most. I have been to dozens of casinos in various sizes in probably fifteen states. I have yet to see any prostitution, drunks rampaging about the place and drug dealers looking to score. Probably exists but I can tell you places in Middleboro where it also exists. I have seen many a depressing sight at casinos of folks lined up at an ATM or just mesmerized by the slots - much like they are mesmerized by scratch tickets at the Village Market. This state has already opened the door on legalized gaming and casinos/slots are just another step. If it means we recoup some dollars leaving our borders I’m all for it. I do believe the social costs are present but greatly overstated. I do feel that it is merely another way to spend discretionary income and that is a personal choice. If the zealots wish to legislate social behaviors then good luck with that since it will fail and fail miserably just as has their efforts to keep casinos/slots out of Massachusetts.

Very bad Tuesday for incumbents, Democrats, selective Republicans, Obama and moonbats. The results have shown that the Tea Party is a viable movement and it will be interesting to see if their positions are “copied” but the two reigning parties. TP crowd is going to cause havoc to both Democrats and Republicans who just don’t seem to “get it.” The TP message of just about anti everything has resonated with the middle.

Harvard has some impressive admissions standards.

State budget is at 28 Billion. After listening to our local reps this is the slash to the bone and Draconian?

The law and justice. I had a conversation with a judge recently over those two points - a little name dropping without a name. My question was how many times can he recall following the law but not justice in a case? He had never been asked that question. He reflected that there were many decisions he has made over the years that he knew flat out were wrong but represented the law as written.


Suo Mynona said...

What are all the casino zealots going to do when their foe/friend is permanently vanquished from town?

LMAO said...

Some of the crowd is now in something that is called United to Stop Slots which will fail miserably and already has. I'm sure they can occupy their time attacking windmills if that doesn't work out.

As for the other side they will try to get along without all those millions that were going to be dropped in their laps according to some. Never did find out who would profit. LMCAO!

bogofree said...

The Middleboro casino issue is just a business deal gone bad. Towns often compete with each other for a development prize by offering various incentives such as lower taxes. In this case this portion of the deal is dead - meaning a Middleboro location. What is not dead is the problem - if it really is one - has moved on to another location - Fall River. If it plays out the Tribe will have their casino.

I am personally elated that it is not here but slightly less elated that it is somewhere else as I have no real issues with a casino.

What amazes me is how much negativity is based in this one issue that is directed towards several members of the BOS. Appears to be all about their former support for the gin mill. One issue folks that really need to get out a bit more.

LMAO said...

Headlines from MSN:
Passage of financial reform bill produces late-sell selling. Jobless claims unexpectedly increase. Leading economic indicators fall for the first time in more than a year.

This is the death knell for the Obama administration as all their clever little fixes have failed.

Family Guy said...

Teen unemployment is 25%. How many of those jobs are grabbed by illegals? I know a number of illegals usually get employed as underpaid and benefited nanny's by the liberal elite.

Wally Glendye said...

I have a teen who has put in applications all over Middleboro, Carver, Taunton & Raynham with no luck.

Suo Mynona said...

30 bucks is nothing just ask BB and Ed B.

Meanwhile all the adults are taking the traditional summer jobs for teenagers and college students.

Family Guy said...

There are hard times and some just don't realize it. Override was dead before it began. Sullivan then bails on the system in a time of need. CPA sounds good but the bottom line is it is just another tax. The money comes from somewhere. Meanwhile the state looks for more ways to nickel and dime us. Obama says the economy is improving! Whoopie! Tell that to the unemployed and the underemployed. Part time jobs are difficult to come by. I have a relative that is a carpenter and union work has dried up. What is his option? $11 an hour at Lowe's?

Family Guy said...

And then there are the Bruins! WTC was that?

Suo Mynona said...

**Charisma does not go very far**

The press is getting very annoyed with Mr. Transparency who has not had a press conference for nearly a year, since the Cambridge Police fiasco. It is hard to have question and answers with a teleprompter.

Polls say the country is at an all time low with satisfaction of the direction of the country during a mid term election.

bogofree said...

Obama has quite a legion of high paid camp followers to run spin for him. As this term goes by he is more and more like Nixon - a mile wide and an inch deep.

Bogman said...

You're uninformed and "Can't see the forest for the trees." Three years ago the Purchase Street side of the Frederick Weston Memorial Forest (FWMF) lost most of it's old growth oak trees. The hundreds of standing dead and dying trees created an elevated threat of a forest fire. A certified forester, Phil Benjamin, who oversaw the Pratt Farm harvest over a decade ago, was hired. Phil marked the dead trees and established logging routs for the harvest.
The entrance of the FWMF is from the Purchase Street parking area, and the trails begin from there. The trails are easily seen and incorporate a mix of the logging trails and older trails. The Town committee in conjunction with the Association for Rural Middleboro and the Bay State Trail Riders Association have spent many hours donating our time to further upgrade the trails. The old trail from Faye Avenue that you tried to enter the trail system from had not been recognized when the logging operation took place. Beginning from the parking lot outwards the volunteer groups mentioned have been working to reestablish it and are more than half way to completion.
Within the last few months a 10- year, Forest Management Plan for Frederick Weston Memorial Forest was completed. The types and existing size and condition of vegetation on entire 281.5 acres has been recorded and recommendations for continued health and sustainability of the forest are now at hand. The existence of such a plan protects the great range of biodiversity that is present on the property. To the uninformed and untrained eye the harvest of trees may be upsetting, but rest assured the forest will be better for it. Already there is hundred of new trees establishing their place in an ever evolving healthy forest.
I will also note that the parking area to the FWMF has been upgraded and that an Eagle Scout project is underway to put in place a welcoming sign and bulletin board with information as to the location of the trails and wildlife within. The Tispaquin Street entrance and parking area was not affected by the harvest, and the walk in the woods is fantastic. If you would like to help maintain the trails please contact any of the groups mentioned above.