Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nothing About SysCo

Medicare’s chief actuary announced last week that the new health care deficit….I mean program….will add 311 Billion in increased deficits over the next ten years. Another new projection to show more costs and not less.

Margery Egan had a great column in The Herald on SCOTUS diversity in that the justices have very little in the way of real life experience since they were on the elite fast track since day one. None have the experience of meeting a payroll, addressing mandated government programs, environmental concerns, miserable economic conditions and most importantly NEVER having to deal with the outcome of their decisions at the grass roots level.

I’m not an energy expert like JP but the information I have read on the recent oil spill is there was measures in place that should have initiated a shut down. Didn’t work. Is this a technology failure?

Fannie Mae wants another 8.4 Billion in aid - a simple translation is our money. Maybe Barney Frank (D- financial patient zero) can look into this?

The local restaurant meals tax is just what it is - a tax. I love it when terms like “source of revenue” are tossed around. With government that source is a tax. Now this is a small tax in the scheme of things but you do have a cumulative effect with many small taxes and their bastard offspring - fees - adding up to a considerable amount of money. After a defeated override and a defeated CPA you would think our local BOS would deep six this measure also.

The necessity for handing out crumbs like the above tax is the result of decades of failures on Beacon Hill to address a myriad of issues that directly impact our pocketbooks. Recently fees and taxes were increased and a backdoor attempt at watering down 2 and ½ was scuttled so crumbs are handed out as a way of minimizing the lack of funding from the state and allow the locals to implement their own taxes.

Bob’s Furniture commercials just get to me. At this point I’d sit on an orange crate before I buy his stuff.

The Mashpee whatever tribe is now talking to Fall River or is it New Bedford? I get the two confused. Originally this was reservation shopping and now it has reversed where the tribe is shopping. I’m getting the feeling they have self destructed their welcome mat.

There are no Constitutional or legislative qualifications for Supreme Court justices. So theoretically, if appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate anyone can serve. Maybe it is time for a Joe The Plumber to sit?

The Red Sox are in a slightly more advantageous position than the NY you know who were last year at this time. The Yankee$ eventually won 103 games and the World Series. I guess that may be a glimmer of hope.

You want a look at the future look at Britain and Greece and soon to be much of Europe. In Britain the new government speaks of austerity and a reduction of decades of entitlements - sound familiar? Greece there are riots and a good portion of it is based in reduction of pensions and entitlements. Crushing debt and much of it the end result of a mentality of giving to those who have contributed little.


anonymous said...

Love the title of the post. LMCAO!

bogofree said...

Appears Mboro casino may be dead. Maybe "Billy Fallon" can get into the action and write another wonderful deal for whoever attempts to end up with this.

North Slope Rigger said...

Absolute moronic move by Tito.

Nice post on illegals on comcast.

bogofree said...

Very disappointing bringing in Okajima to face two of the best right hand hitters in baseball. Why no Ram Ram? Why no MDC? This was a bonehead move by Tito that cost the game and burned out the bullpen.

Suo Mynona said...
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Suo Mynona said...

Blogs are dead unless you are still wound like a spring about the casino.

Hey Bogo, do think BB actually read Great Expectations? My bet is on Wikipedia, not even the cliff notes.

For people still hanging on things casino, and are interested in the classics, I strongly suggest Dostoevsky's "The Gambler." It is a quick read and has his typical existentialist depth on the human condition as it relates to gambling.

For third rate simpletons (like me) it just a quick read and you can claim to have read one of the literary masters (ala "old Man and Sea)

The casino is to BB what the spar is to Santiago.

bogofree said...

You have been upgraded from Third Rate Dips**t to Third Rate Simpleton?

I'm sure there has been a recent run on Cliffs Notes.

I think the blog response is still there with the old animosities between pro and anti. Massachusetts will have casinos...yawn.

Suo Mynona said...

I gave myself a promotion. I am now a sophisticated yokel

Hannaford Phantom Shopper said...

Now we need to be concerned that the oil spill doesn't flow up the Gulf Stream and hit the eastern seaboard.

Hannaford Phantom Shopper said...

LOL....a literate local yokel.

Very amusing to watch the efforts to stop AZ from implementing efforts to keep illegals from crossing their border. If Americans crossed into Mexico we'd probably be shot on sight.

Wally Glendye said...

The last sentence in the letter to the BOS with Precinct Street in mind concerns me:

We are eager to begin discussions with the Town towards determing a mutually beneficial use for the Land we still expect to acquire in Middleborough.

Can you say 40B-IMBY?

bogofree said...

Here is a post I grabbed from another site regarding immigration to Mexico.

An American wishing to immigrate to Mexico must
meet the following conditions.
1. No criminal record (any criminal record
and Mexico will not accept you as an immigrant)
2. A pre-arranged place to live in Mexico
3. 5 years guaranteed income of $1000/month
for each pensioner and $500/month for each dependent
4. You must promise not to take any job in Mexico
5. You must provide your own health care insurance
6. You must supply a doctor’s statement certifying that
you do not have any communicable diseases (such
as TB, AIDS, syphilis, etc.
6. You are not allowed to own any Mexican real estate
7. You must translate any documents requested by the
Mexican Immigration office into Spanish at your own expense.
Any non-Mexican caught crossing the southern border into
Mexico will be beaten and or shot. Illegal immigrants to Mexico
who survive apprehension by the Mexican Federales will serve
several years in prison at hard labor and then be expelled from Mexico.
Perhaps the US should implement reciprocity and apply to Mexican
immigrants the same conditions that Mexico applies to immigrants.

Hey, Hannaford, I'm still waiting on that breakfast!

LMAO said...

Get a load of Bond attempting to rewrite history in the Enterprise. Hey, Adam, you wrote the freaking deal and brought in all these wonderful outside sources to put the kiss of approval on it. This is and was your baby that you defended until it started to fall apart.