Friday, May 28, 2010

End Of May Stuff

If the hacks that are destroying this state want to get serious about reform start with this one. If you are a state rep that means your husband/wife, son, father/mother and uncles/aunts cannot be employed by any state agency or quasi agency. They do this conflict of interest BS that is totally meaningless as long as the trough is open to relatives and friends. The state agencies are ripe with cronyism and political favors - jobs.

The district where President Obama (Walk On Water) grew up in Hawaii went Republican in a special house election. Twenty years of Democrats are no more for that district.

The oil spill in the Gulf is just another in a long line of engineering disasters and when all the blame and finger pointing is complete then the real work will begin. Everything that led up to the disaster will be analyzed and safeguards will be engineered. That will be the important outcome and not the politics of ranting or corporate malfeasance.

Dr. Peter Venkman and his crew were recently at the town hall hunting down ghosts. Selectwoman Marsha Brunelle is a supporter of this nonsense that has no science foundation what so ever. But who am I to complain since this is an amusing past time and keeps some busy much like my baseball diversion. I’m sure all their sensitive instruments are a real hoot that Rube Goldberg would be proud of. Just if you manage to capture anything please beam it up to the mother ship.

Since I go running with BB - although he really waddles - I do have access to this local power broker and decided - like Fergie - to try to cash in on that. So far I have collected a rusty lug nut, a broken crayon and a coupon for Cheez-Nips that expired on 5/31/2008. Guess I have to continue to rely on scratch tickets for my eventual big score.

The United States has always lagged behind Europe on social issues such as health care, welfare, unionization, labor laws, employment benefits and so on. For decades now many European nations have had a cradle to grave benefit system and now the bill has become due and the result is economic turmoil resulting in serious budget cuts. This is the end result of entitlements gone wild and should be a solid wake up call for this country. When liberals “brag” about all these hand outs the sheer ignorance is showing - someone has to pay the bill.

In Massachusetts it pays - and I do mean pays - to be an illegal. Benefits are handed out for no apparent reason. The logic just escapes my feeble little thought process.

Wamps are starting to look more like the lost tribe of Israel.

The United States has deployed troops all over the world and some are in rather adventurous foreign policy situations where the U.S. is viewed as an invading force. So if that is true why are we allowing ourselves to be invaded? President WOW has dispatched 1,200 troops to Arizona to help secure our borders from what has become an invasion from Mexico. Maybe it is time to add a few more zero’s to that number and get real serious about this invasion. For those of you with a smattering of American history a good portion of the Mexican-American War was steeped in the fact that Mexico viewed our immigration as an invasion. Despite pledges immigrants really rejected much of the government policies, laws and religion. The immigration began to serious overwhelm the area and eventually Texas fought and won independence and later the U.S. war with Mexico translated into Texas becoming a state after a brief flirtation being a republic.

Unemployment rate jumped to 9.9% last month. Tell those folks all about recovery.

Wonder how many of Obama’s teleprompters it would take to plug that oil leak?

Going green is fine and it seems to be the thing to do but is there another side to the story? Try reading “Power Hungry: The Myths Of Green Energy” by Robert Bryce. You may disagree with some portions of it and agree with others but when examining an issue it is best to examine from all sides especially those sides which you may feel you vehemently are opposite of.

Stay safe 144th.


Suo Mynona said...

The President of Transparency, Not politics as usual, and change we can believe is again proving he is more of the same, if not worse.

The Sestak incident has the rancid smell of everything WOW was supposedly going to transform. He cannot blame this one on "W"

LMAO said...

I believe JP and WOW both speak of transparency in government and both seem to need an extra dose of truth serum. Maybe WOW will be as successful in 2012 as she was in the recall.

I am mystified by the Fall River casino location as there appears to be some serious questions if that parcel can even be used. My understanding from the papers is that there will have to be some changes made on Beacon Hill. Right now the changes seem to be that they have collectively woken up to voter anger. I'd love to see the Republicans make some serious gains.

chica said...

Today was the first crop of lettuce from the garden. Despite all the rain the crops I planted seem to be doing quite well.

I am quite disappointed in the performance of the President since I expected more. His administration appears to be business as usual.

Locally just cap taxes. Enough is enough as it is a difficult time for most residents.

A special thank you to those who have severed and those who are now serving.

bogofree said...

Ah...the garden! Lettuce has certainly arrived. Everything else is in good shape thanks to a small portable greenhouse. Was weeding today and this is almost an endless process this time of year.

I'd love to see a FR casino since it would be a short drive for shows.

Suo Mynona said...

Seems with all our tax dollars and mighty military the feds should be able to help with the deep sea repair in the gulf.

Wally Glendye said...

Here are just some of the hurdles for the Tribe:

Under 30B they violated state procurement laws by selling the property without an open bid process.

The people of Fall River will also have a say in this.

The land is not in trust and would need environmental studies to do so if they go that route.

The Carcieri fix would need to happen.

They need two thirds of the legislature to change the restrictions on the land and Therese Murray is not a happy camper right now since she just lost a Casino in Middleboro.

They may not be on the list of sites for the two Licenses and if they were, they would need to outbid everyone else for a License.

The Gambling Bill needs to pass.

It all needs to be done within a year or they lose 200k.

It sounds like they don't know if they are going the Tribal route or through State Licensing. I do know one thing - they are in worse shape today than they were a month ago. This may be farfetched but I think they are headed for a disaster and will eventually come back to Middleboro with a new deal once the Land does go into trust.

LMAO said...

Wally that is an interesting summary and it does clarify much of the issue for me. This whole thing was a total mess from the beginning and it does not seem to be getting any better. Now the problem has moved elsewhere. Tribe just looks like a group of idiots.

Suo Mynona said...

Wally I do not follow the travails of the casino. BB's comments do not make much sense to me because they are filled with too much talk about peeing himself.

Your summary pulled together some questions I lightly pondered as a casino dolt.

Off to a poolside BBQ.

It is a glorious day to be alive and memorialize those that have died for our right to survive as a sovereign nation and enjoy all the associated liberties.

bogofree said...

An excellent summary by Wally who cut right to the chase.

All too often the BB site and others is a collection of the extremists in the casino issue. If I wanted that I could go to USS Slots or whatever that worthless site is. When you place a confirmed liar on your BOD it tells all I need to know.

Today is a mixed emotion day for many as some have memories of those family members and friends lost in service so we can also enjoy the gifts their sacrifice has given us. My son - Joshua - is spending the day "touring" the Iraq countryside as part of a military convoy.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in a Cape Cod Cares event in Hyannis. This group honors those who have served and provides support packages to our troops overseas. The event is at the Cape Code Mall in Hyannis and will continue all day today.

Had a Bar-B-Que on Thursday and will have another sometime today.

Wally Glendye said...

God Bless this America and everyone who made the ultimate sacrifice!

Wally Glendye said...

Speaking of Hyannis, My son Scott (Age 17) ran the Johnny Kelley Half Marathon yesterday. He also took 1st place in the under age 18 division.

Very proud Dad who shed a tear or two.

bogofree said...

Congrads to your son on an outstanding performance. Time for you to give that titanium knee a workout.

Many years ago my son Bob and I ran a road race together in Kingston that was sponsored by the Charlie Horse Restaurant. He won his age group (under 18) and I won mine (under 40). Only trophy I ever saved.