Sunday, May 23, 2010

Economy, WOW and Bumpkin.

The European debt crisis that is all based like ours with poor regulation and cheap money has now put the stock market into retreat. The geniuses on Wall St. will claim this is all a correction but it also reflects the fact that many will now bail out of mutual funds, ETF’s and stocks and toss the dough into CD’s and T-Bills. This is not the sign of an improving economy but a shaky one in which Joe and Jane citizen are apprehensive about their financial future. Of course the current administration keeps on saying things are improving. I wonder what looking glass the collective Alice’s in this administration are peering through? Unemployment is not dropping. Job claims fluctuate without any consistent trend and worse of all is that a large number of the employed and waiting for the axe to fall have little to be encouraged about. I imagine that the WOW administration is busily trying to concoct some positive message to lighten what appears to be a devastating rejection of their policies come November. The Republicans also are doing their own peering as the Tea Party is showing no favorites and happens to be targeting more than a few Republicans. Maybe the business as usual will be over in Washington? Maybe WOW will actually try to have some substances rather than his staged teleprompter inspired rhetoric?

The Arizona situation has actually forced the Obama Administration to at least appear to be addressing the issue. Of course you have the Mexican President Calderon admonishing us regarding our attempts to even enact such legislation as proposed in Arizona. I would suggest he concentrate on his own inept, corrupt and drug infested backwater to find out why so many would risk leaving. I have already posted what the requirements are for immigration to Mexico (fat chance) and it ain’t pretty. Obama claims “he needs help” to address immigration and that means the party of no….as in no open borders. Just another example of floundering WOW.

The best response to the PC crowd attempting to enact a boycott was a power administrator in AZ who suggest to the mayor of LA that the city discontinue purchases of power from AZ. The song and dance followed as the mayor was in full weasel mode trying to avoid doing a full body slam onto the hot seat. Twenty-five percent of LA power comes from AZ.

Eric Holder, the U.S. AG, made the talk show rounds on Sunday morning blasting away at the AZ law only to finally admit he’d never read it! From what I have managed to read much of it mirrors federal law and enforcement seems much like our former seat belt law that could not be enforced unless you were stopped for something else.

I just loved Reverend Wright pronouncing Obama “threw him under the bus.” I am shocked! What a revelation! Let me see if I remember - I think WOW was part of that congregation for twenty years and listened to all that bad racial smack Wright would toss out with nary a peep from WOW until Wright gets outed. Then we have political expediency ( I.E. - get elected) surface and Obama distances himself.

My daughter gets these magazines that focus on Hollywood and all the trials and tribulations of the “stars.” Now what exactly is a star? I looked through the latest issue of something called “US” in which they focus on the behaviors of various “stars.” I didn’t know the names of at least 80% of them. When I think star what goes through my simple mind is DeNiro, Nicholson, Streep and so on. What they have as “stars” and folks that appear in reality shows or on second and third rate TV shows - usually ones that are on some cable network I never heard of. Calling these folks “stars” is - to use a baseball analogy - like referring to some bench warmer as a star.

I attended the latest BB concert and have to deflate his already inflated ego. The real star of the show was his wife who has a great voice and during a duet carried both of them. Time for a lot less Mark and a lot more Mary.

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Suo Mynona said...

One year ago the usuals were complaining about the ladder truck. 362 days ago that truck was saving the church. Now the steeple once again stands proudly as a testament to the parishioners' fortitude and the town's decision.