Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yeah...I know...I said week six would be out until after the hollidays. Guess we all have a little Clark, Ct. in us.

Caroline Kennedy. What to say? Oh how the moonbats loved to drag Sarah Palin around and now this. Just too funny reading the fawning and attempts to do a justification.

Madoff. Scott Burns had a nice column today showing that this character stole more than the sum of the last three years of crime against property in this country. Amazing. About 15 years ago I realized that the small amounts we had invested were doing rather flat. The three brokerage houses - Met Life, Fidelity and Putnam we did business with were returning about 5%. I learned as I went and the average up until this year was 12% but that is now about 8%.

The Raven. Talk about having to do some major damage control! Scott…earn your money. I suspect the Tribe will somehow withstand the shenanigans of the small or maybe large coterie of coat holders who hung around this guy and, IMO, took part in the smorgasbord of activities. May take a long, long time and may well cause a review of the whole process. The BOS is obviously having second thoughts on the whole package they signed off on and may now try and weasel their way into a more town friendly agreement. Beep…beep…beep…

Boston Red Sox. Thankfully Mark Teixeria decided to go elsewhere. The recent contract negotiations showed this young man to be just another in a long line of “Show Me The Money” types that have infiltrated sports. Yeah….I heard all the sob stories about returning to the bosom of his home town area in Maryland. Mommy, daddy and siblings all coming out to cheer him on. The O’s and Nats reportedly offered a 165 Mil for eight years and the Sox 168 Mil for eight. The Angels dropped out at 160 Mil. Sox put a lid out and folder. Natch he went where the money was - Noo Yawk! I knew all I wanted to know about Tex when the Sox brass went to his home in Texas - no state income tax. F-R-A-U-D! Home town? LOL!

The Noo Yawk yankees. They can spend as they please but the end result is a string of exorbitant contracts goes right down the food chain and puts the smaller market teams at even a greater disadvantage. Now a budding FA will cost even more to keep on your team so good luck to the lesser lights.

Speaking of lights the theme of the week is now been transferred from tribal legitimacy to a light show. Light pollution. Thank goodness we never built that 200 inch telescope on Barden Hill. I really have a dismissive attitude on that issue as I’d prefer turtles and water as a better long shot.

Pats. As a Giants fan I wish you well since my family is all Pats fans. So much for passing on my intellect. Pats really have had a great season to this point and if things fall into place they could be playing at home next week. Matt Cassell stands to do some heavy duty money grubbing after this season.


North Slope Rigger said...

You can kiss their asses goodbye, Bogo, as the Pats lost out thanks to the worthless Jets and that POS Farve. I'll look forward to the venom you'll have on the boards.

Caroline Kennedy! WTF! Yeah, I'm a wing nut from the right, but WTF qualifies her? Oh, I forgot, the JFK link. Mommy really did a classy job with this one exposing her to Onassis and Templeton. Thanks, Mom. For you moonbats Sarah is hotter, has served in real government, and best of all managed to keep a husband happy. LOL! Oh my mind is slipping as I forgot Caroline has gone to law shool and has written a book or some papers or some such crap. Hey, moonbats, this babe deserves as much of a shot at the senate as I do and I'm totally nuts. I jsut look at all the moonbat postings on Palin and realize how shallow those fools are. LOL!

OK, good luck to the Giants. I'll check in once in awhile to keep you folks honest.

anonymous said...

I'm getting frustrated as it has been at least a week since one of the cfo bloggers has made a real doozy of a blunder.

What has happened to the CPA?

In the meantime I am wondering just how screwed up this stste is? Herals had an article about Patrick hiring a crony for a new position. Guess that's the awy around any hiring freezes.

WTF is going on with the BOS regarding this agreement? Some want it open and some want to wait.

anonymous said...

I don't even want to talk about the Patriots. I just got back from two days in Buffalo as every year I go to the Pats game in what is now the worse stadium in football. What a dump! Usually stay in one of the seedy hotels that litter the area on that hellish drive across upstate NY. Then the game was played in a wind tunnel.

Look like things are slow on your board, Bogo, so maybe we just have to wait until MT, MB or MR does something stupid to have some fun.

Family Guy said...

Emptyprize has a nice editorial on the casino deal and if the BOS is making a mistake looking at it. I tend to be one who feels once you enter into an agreement you keep it. Marshall may have been underhanded but the deal was with the tribe and I suspect he had very little to do with negotiations.

Dark Knight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

I am all for sticking it to them Family Guy. If they walk somehow we'll all survive.

Rigger. I've been real polite to Pats fans on the national boards despite the fact that they only seem to be able to beat sub 500 teams.

Patrick's job handout is so typical.

Dark Knight said...

A site that CFO can't touch. How novel! I loved Topix but they are Stwerads of the posting borads to steal a phrase from the Wamps.

I love the title and have been viewing from afar and will try the occasional post since the nemasket site is not for me. I would post on nemasket but it is too much a self congradulatory site and if Mark is as successful with CPA as with his site I suspect we will not be taking a hit on our taxes.

bogofree said...

DK....thank you for posting as it seems a slow week so far. I also encourage cheap shots at other sites.

LMAO said...

Hey, Bogo, you said Patrick would have more cuts and you were right although I suspect that was no real brainstorm - like predicting MR will make a stupid post. Now we have housing prices crashing (how is your condo sale going?). retirement funds are kaput (50% for me), jobs are going bye, bye and everyone is worried about when and if they can survive. An exception exists! Our government! Big F'in surprise! Devalue will slash the dough to cities and towns and naturally they will try to squeeze out more fees, raise property taxes and have things like the meals tax increased to the high end. Devalue was to "lay-off" 1,000 state employees but as Howie Carr pointed out most of that was fluff since a good portion was attrition and another segment was those accepting a buy out. Here it is for the town, state and Feds - cut your freaking payroll! Cut...cut....ut! Most don't give a damn if you have 30 in a classroom. Most don't care if some hack gets bounced from a paded payroll job. Most just want government to do the same any other business or household is doing. Not LMAO!

Everyone, have a good New Year and for LL that is a nice thing you do giving rides.

mildly said...

Happy New Year All!! Here's to a fantastic 2009!!

As for cheap shots at other sites. None of them are as kewl as this one, bogo. Blech on all the bogo wannabees!!

Two weeks of celebrations and I'm done. Now for all the clean up. Since there's nothing on but football tomorrow, maybe I'll go out and catch one of the new movies. Anything but 'Valkyrie'. Hate Tom Cruise and already know how it ends. Can't believe that A-hole was nominated for a Golden Globe. Just another pretty boy...well, not so much since he got older. LOL

bogofree said...

LMAO...I feel your pain but some how I doubt hack-a-rama does. Look for taxes and fees to go up...up...up since "It's for the children."

Mildly....I could not agree more on Tom. And as for the movie? I always thought that title was about Vegas Val. I'm interested in several movies but not enough for a priority and it does seem they are in video a month or so after release.

LL has opened up his board again for posting as his angst over "The Raven" and the deal seems to be over. FF has some nice points on the board and Mike does have a good breakdown on Twin Rivers as it is a year 2008 on his and mine is 2007.

drive-by said...

Whoa, fish-tailed all the way to Rt. 3 Plymouth today in the old Dodge Ram til I remembered to slide it into 4 wheel drive. LOL!Traffic was heavy and I realized that, even with the added lanes, there's no way rt. 44 will handle added casino traffic. The rotary would require extensive new infrastructure costing mucho bucks which I don't think the state is required to pay for. Perhaps a New Bedford resort makes much more practical sense.

Caroline Kennedy? At least Hillary had some brains. And the equally 'inexperienced' Sarah Palin has it all over her in the babe department. My bad!

Brian Giovanoni said...

Under the IGA, the cost to widen Route 44 from 58 to 495 and eliminate the rotary will be borne unto the Tribe.

They can apply for whatever funding they want to but they are ultimately financially responsible to complete the work.

bogofree said...

BG do you or anyone else have any reasonable estimate of how long such a project would take?

Thank you for your service on the resort committee.

Dark Knight said...

I can almost guarantee that the roads work will not be completed by the time the casino opens. I am basing this on the fact that I feel construction on infrastructure will not start until site preparation begins for the casino and if it progresses at the usual pace it will not be completed.

anonymous said...

Now the Feds want to increase the gas tax by 50%. Have they been looking at Patrick's playbook? They will just kill you with fees and if you have a business you'll just hit with all sorts of crap. Now the cig tax is proposed to go up. Nothing like the sin taxes. When the state finally cuts local aid that means the ones laid off will be the locals. Care to guess how many state employees will face that? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Fat tax, also known as "Twinkie tax", ".Obesity tax", "junk food tax," and "snack tax," is a tax on calorie-dense, nutrient-poor foods. The tax has been proposed as one means to address the obesity problem. The consumption of junk food is supposed to decline if it becomes more expensive. The revenue from the tax would be used to promote healthy nutrition and anti-obesity programs.

Big people get ready to pay extra for all your sticky lil dirty debbies.

Suo Mynona said...

On Tom Cruise:
I lost all respect for him when Princess Dianna died. He went on CNN complaining about the paparazzi invading celebrities' lives. Simple cure for Tom, stop making movies that pay you 7 million and cost the average consumer and hour or two in wages. The public will stop having any interest in your antics or opinions on postpartum depression while jumping on couches. If you are not in the spotlight the paparazzi's cameras will stop flashing in your face.

On Caroline Kennedy:
Both she and Roland Burris really have the liberal moonbats in predicament based on the Democrats previous statements about qualification and legitimacy.

On the Patriots:
Kraft is the consummate businessman. He knows "the customer" is the fans and he treats them with respect by delivering a good product. The fans come before the players, unlike Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

On the economy:
Time to conserve cash. Your job might be next. If you are young and not over extended, don't sell off your retirement savings low.

On the CPA:
If you have true job security and can afford the CPA tax then it is time for you to invest some cash or contribute more to your IRA, 401k, 403B. Take a trip to Hawaii if you are wealthy in retirement after a 35 percent drop in the market.

On Route 44:
We have three state representatives all looking out for our best interest(?) But the state did not get it done when it was flush with money and all of 44 except the Middleboro section was improved. Fat chance they will come up with funding now. The casino would get it done -- but that is a long shot now.

On fees:
Fees are like fleas. They multiply fast and nibble you to death. The eggs will be hatching soon.

anonymous said...

Route 44 I hold no hope for. Why? Bridges. For many years I have had to devise exotic routes home simply because a bridge was out of services for years....and then more years.

I love the fact that moonbats are now faced with the ultimate hyposcracy.

bogofree said...

It's only a loss if you sell it and I will say that IMO the bottom was reached a few weeks ago at DOW 7,500. Keep track of the S&P500 which is the real broad based indicator and that baby took a bigger dive in '08 than any other American Board. I'd look into overseas buys for muni's at this time as some of the Asian and European muni's have dropped 60% or more. Mutual funds also have a real PR problem as virtually all of them UNDERPERFORMED the market. So much for money managers.

Kraft was an hour away from bolting to Hartford until "concessions" were granted. That being said Kraft has done what the Red Sox have done and Dallas did well before Kraft and that is use the franchise as a driver for other operations and in the Pats case that is Patriot Place. Remember monies from that operation are outside the collective bargaining and revenue sharing. Gravy. With the salary cap due to expire in 2010 you may see salaries driven up substantially in football and some franchises (Pats) will have big bucks from those “other” operations and others (Buffalo) will not. Also notice how bonus money is increasing in football contracts. This is up front money meaning it is guaranteed. When you examine a football contract and the player signs for same 30 MIL for five years the only thing that is important is the bonus. The balance of the contract can be terminated at any time.

Some of the fleas have hatched with the Feds now proposing an increase in the gas tax. More to follow.

I cannot understand why Mboro seems to have a flock of representatives? I’d consider that more of a priority for change than a CPA. As far as the CPA just my feeling from talking to folks that this pooch ain’t going anywhere at this point in time. My precious trails will end up on hold for awhile longer. Maybe a plan to get CPA up an running in another year rather than in a few months might be better planning considering the economic realities.

Suo Mynona said...

We have a gaggle of state representative because we were gerrymandered into political obscurity. Middleboro would vote for Republican Peg Heckler consistently. The gerrymandering helped Barney Frank to go from a Boston State legislator to elected 4th district congressman.

Our representation is similar to why the Massachusetts Turnpike runs under Worcester and not through. Politics

bogofree said...

Your kidding me! Stuff like that goes on in Massachusetts? This district produced some solid Repubkicans for Congress over the years such as Joe Martin, I believe. As far as the Mass Pike think that is bad? The story behind the SSS curves on I-95 into Providence is a gem.

Suo Mynona said...

Check out this New Year's motorcycle Jump. It is amazing. Make sure to watch the second half too.

My apologies for the cut and paste

Suo Mynona said...

I have some extra time today so I took a peek at the other boards. Middleboro Matters does not seem to matter to many.

Middleboro Casino and Nemasket are the same with only two people posting. You and Limo at Middleboro Casino and Bumpkin and the namesake of this forum at Nemasket

Family Guy said...

An off day today since I have a "floating holliday." At least I'm not floating out the door and into the bread lines.

Was a news story that 43% of all Massachusetts job holders have a college degree. We'll have a very educated bread line.

I have also checked out the other boards and Bogo and LL should just go into chat. BG did sign on with some info and that's about it. MM has like a zillion titles and that quickly fades my interest. The board is also set up just lousy. Hal, change it. Nemasket is a feel good love fest for two moonbats. Recall failed. Election failed. CPA will fail.

Suo Mynona said...

Has anyone seen the CPA people collecting signatures? I have not nor have my neighbors. What do they say when they ask you to sign the petition?

chica said...

I usually go to the post office every Saturday and that is generally the prime location to collect signatures for anything and everything. No CPA as yet nor will I sign it. Come back in a year or two when we have a better picture of the budget for town, state and personal. As good as it may appear not at this time with my dime.

A very enjoyable holidays for my family and myself. Even got some cleaning out of you know who.

chica said...

I had to put up with her damn relatives so it was "great" holidays for me. LOL!

CPA can be canned as far as I'm concerned. I look at the towns that have it and they seem a bit higher - a lot bit higher - in personal income than Middleboro.

Mr. Chica. Yeah, I'll get my own sign on someday.

Michael Quish Raynham said...

I want everyone to read this It needs to be told.

I just got back from the Bridgewater Police Department and I spoke with the Detective on duty.

As some are aware I was going to get into this big explanation on my website about how false the statements are by Mary Tufts about me threatening her.

Well after talking with the detective I was told there was never a police report filed against me.

If there was something filed in the way of a report I would have been contacted by the Bridgewater Police.

I ask anyone interested to request a police report, fill out the application and pay the dollar. I will reimburse you to let the truth be told!

What I have said all along about her is officialy true.

She is a Liar.

Mass Mailer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mass Mailer said...

Didn't you already get the mail about this? Shucks, it must have been lost with the other stuff.

LMAO said...

Does this mean an additional title to Bogo's blog? LMAO! Just look at the list from them.

ESL Teachers
mass mailings
Chicken mallets
turkey feathers
Clark Ct.

How many did I miss? There has been so many blunders by them. LMAO!

LMAO said...

Why did you delete it Mike? Keep it out there.

LMAO said... bad. I thought Mike deleted his post.

bogofree said...

Looks like the border war has erupted again. LOL!

I'm on the CPA mailing list and all has been quiet.

MB had a nice article on the casino issue that presented an over view. Reader beware since it was written by a anti casino person. I'm sure if there are any faults with it they will be posted here and elsewhere or a letter to the editor.

I post on Middleboro Matters and at middleborocasino and they have been quiet as has this board and toxic.

bogshrink said...

About what Family guy said about Middleboro Matters:

"I have also checked out the other boards and Bogo and LL should just go into chat. BG did sign on with some info and that's about it. MM has like a zillion titles and that quickly fades my interest. The board is also set up just lousy. Hal, change it."

I didn't want to mimic other blogs and message boards when I set this up, but am more than open to suggestions. I added a new thread which is easy to get to from the main page
Middleboro Matters. It is basically an open general chat thread.

Anybody can post there, or can open a topic thread on a topic of particular interest to them if one doesn't already exist.

It is easier to navigate the message board itself from the front page which has the two grids by topic. The order of the message board topics change all the time depending on the most recent posts.

bogofree said...

I have no problem with the MM board and like anything else it is a getting use to it that counts. I suspect family guy links directly to the board which is what I do. I would suggest you click on the on top of the page as that profile may be more user friendly for you. Some may not care for Hal or myself (that would be a shock) or some of the regulars on MM but the photos are worth the visit. Also, the board is really casino-lite at this point and I don't think the casino is an end all topic for Hal.

Brian Giovanoni said...

To asnwer the question of how long it will take to get Route 44 done.

Well as a member of the Resort Advisory Committee (not me) always says, "You can have it fast, good or cheap. Pick two".

I feel the same will be true with Route 44. They could get that work done good and fast, but it won't be cheap.

My guess would be that if they have the Route 44 plans 75% complete (as they were before and never got funded) and permitting underway, they will begin road construction as soon as the land goes into trust. With the number of construction companies hurting for work, and the new Presidents talk of a work stimulus package, they could work round the clock on it and have it done in 15 to 24 months.

That said, I would not venture a guess as to what they are planning. When the EIS comes out, we all shall see what their plan is.

bogofree said...

BG. I should have taken the economic situation into account and the fact that this will essentially be a private development. As long as a resonable road is open that should be fine and that rotary can be resolved.

I have been to Foxwoods several times and have never had a traffic situation. Moved right along. Crowded and no doubt a major pain to the locals but never stop and go, never a wait to get in, don't know if I was lucky or that is the way things normally go.

Laughing Hysterically said...

Mary Tufts made up the whole story about reporting LL to the police? Well golly gee if that doesn't beat all! Funniest news I've read in a long time. Hey Mary, can you spell p-a-t-h-o-l-o-g-i-c-a-l? Why would anyone believe anything you write? Can you even tell the difference between real life and imaginary fantasies anymore? LMAO

For The Wonder Of It All said...

Would someone show or tell us what Mary said. I never saw it.

While waiting I will serenade her

Take a chance, make it happen
Pop a cork, fingers snapping
Spin the wheel, 'round and 'round we go!
Life is good, life is sweet
Grab yourself a front row seat
Let's meet, and have a ball
Let's live (let's live) for the wonder of it all!

Paradise, lucky seven
Grab yourself a piece of heaven
You and me, we can have it all
Living large, get on board
This is it, it's your reward
Let's meet, where the trees are standing tall
Let's live (let's live)
For the wonder of it all!
Meet me at Foxwoods (Foxwoods!)

The theme song said...

Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies
(tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies)
Oh, no, no you cant disguise
(you cant disguise, no you cant disguise)
Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies

anonymous said...

Quite contrary
How your garden of lies grows!!!

Didn't she ever think someone would check up on a whopper like that? The list of "Confirmed Liars" grows. And to think I once believed these crackpots. Guess a lot of us got taken in.

anonymous said...

CFO, you made a huge mistake in allowing blogs to be linked to your website! So, what do you think of your sisters in the cause now? Don't think any damage control will help you out this time. Your little chicken's been roated and toasted.

bogofree said...

LL you are wrong. Charges were filed at the Clark, CT police station.

Rocky said...

Didn't Dice Man do a nursary rhyme
Mary Mary quite contrary?

bogofree said...

CPA signatures will be collected at the post office tomorrow bewteen 11AM and 2PM.

Dark Knight said...

Saw a link to over here from Topix and then I read through the posts and assume it's the ongoing battle between Mike and CFO especially MT. Looks like she was caught in a lie. LOL! I am really shocked by that.

Rocky said...

DK you cant be serious. She is a liar. She is worse that a politician. You can tell when she is lying her fingers move.

She lies then Mark and Carver and Carl cover for her.

Bogo, maybe it is time to rename the blog to "Jessie Powell and Mary Tufts - Confirmed Liars and Other "stuff"

Rocky said...


I thought CPAs were bad on April 15.

Spin Doctors said...

Now CFO has another issue to put a spin on.

LMAO gave the abbreviated list fowl ups by CFO. They were all met with spin. Clark was and easy mistake. Mass Mailing was an easy mistake. Missing trespassing signs was an easy mistake.

Is filing a police a police report an easy mistake too? Good thing Pinocchio is not a CFO Blogger. Tough to imagine a nose 1623 inches long. Wood that be an exaggeration?

LMAO said...

To answer your question, Mike, it's the economy and not MT. MT cannot even have an impact on the casino as she has shown herself incapable of having a honest exchange or honest reporting. That seems to run rampant among the CFO bloggers. So, forget her as it is not worth it. She lied. You showed it. It will not change. Think MR changed after she was "outed?" LMAO!

mildly said...

LMAO is giving you sound advice, Mike. Take it and begin to move forward. Can't do anything about what happened yesterday. But you can build again for tomorrow. As for CFO, it's become a powerless irrelevancy.

bogofree said...

Some suggestions have been made to add another name to the Hall Of Shame title on this blog. I'm sure I could actually add several who have demonstrated a clear pattern of running with mis-information or blogging the same. Others just have a look the other way supportive nod to antics like that so the reality is I could have a stream of names.

Like LMAO I suspect the economic downturn is the root of Mike's recent ire but I also feel MT has no influence on that. Nothing. Certainly the last six months have been relatively slow on the casino issue and back in the day when CFO perceived themselves as a "player" then maybe they could have had an impact? Even that I doubt very much.

Dark Knight said...

Mike has a nice list of how this whole issue played out and what he has chosen to focus on is the fact that MT reported him to the police. Mike talked to them and nothing was reported. Mike also has several comments that MT has made that are incendiary to say the least. He also takes to task Dan Kennedy whose journalistic skills appear to be tailor made for a tabloid. If Mike wishes to bring up this old news - and my assumption is that this is well in the past - fine, that is his right. If it provides him with some degree of personal satisfaction I'm fine with that. He made a post on this blog but the significant post - both in content and volume - are on his own site.

Dark Knight said...

Here is a comment that appeared on an MT blog. This has MR written all over it. Blogs have some real over the top comments and even this one has an occasional one - but not that far over the edge. What MT allows is consistently inflammatory. Not an isolated post that you will occasionally get but designed purposely to be as damaging as possible. The below post is more of the same old and represents sob stories totally unfounded that have no basis of fact.

"Can anyone do the simple math and get it right?
With all the questionable voting that was ignored, like out of towners in the middle of the field with orange t shirts, Roger Brunelle using ONLY casino supporters as volunteers, casino supporters counting the ballots, complaints about out of town residents who registered to attend town meeting, flyers confiscated from cfo supporters, collecting ballots from people as they left and 'dumpster diving' through trash barrels to collect ballots, held in the sweltering heat, excluding many on vacation or handicapped, they still couldn't get 2/3.
And let's not forget that the BOS could have conducted this as a ballot vote that would have offered absentee ballots for those on vacation, but Wayne Perkins squashed that idea.
Wayne Perkins: another anti-democracy casino supporter."

bogofree said...

There are lies and then there are lies. This is not something like “Yes, Dear, I took out the garbage” or tacking on a story about being a starting QB when you sat on the bench. These are not ego driven lies or avoidance lies or lies to get an edge but lies meant to destroy. When lies are used as the basis for justifying a cause by the deliberate posting of false information it goes above and beyond. When they are used for a character attack it becomes despicable.

LL has detailed this on his site. Maybe another shoe will drop from the other side? Maybe it will be a Paul Harvey “and now the rest of the story?” Based on what I have seen no report was ever made to the police yet it was posted that it was and on more than one occasion.

drive-by said...

MT also wrote in a past blog that in a search of public records she learned that "someone" who bashed her in print had been incarcerated on a violent felony count. She went on to say that she feared for her safety because of this person's history. The insinuation was that this "someone" was LL. What kind of a person writes such things without backing them up with proof? What a cruel b*tch! I don't blame LL for being wicked pissed. And I'm glad she's finally been outted for the liar she is.

Michael Quish Raynham said...

I welcome that statement.

LMAO said...

Looks like what MT does is troll the past records to try and find some mud. So what if LL has a past? If she wants to drag up histories to prove a point it will only get slapped in her face.

I know several people in my own family that have a history of scraps with the law, time in the slammer and a variety of other things that have left quite a paper trail. The funny thing is some are now viewed as solid citizens and some never turned it around. If that is the story of LL then I can say he's turned it around. Go that route and all it represents is desperation.

LMAO said...

To quote Bogo. D-E-F-L-E-C-T-I-O-N.

Some of us know some stories of "back in the day." LMAO!

Rocky said...

Anyone could have volunteered to help at the town meeting but it would have been unlawful for them to hand out political materials while volunteering.

It was one goal of the anti establishment to stop the town meeting at any cost. Think Studley and his request for a count and the several other high profile people who stood with him.

Regardless of the outcome the meeting was a success and certified by the Secretary of State.

Michael Quish Raynham said...


I didn't start this Mary did. She posted something stupid on marks blog.

Now if your sentence is correct and she was in as much fear as you quoted her being in.

Then why would she keep lieing about him for almost a year on blog after blog?

I know I would want no part of him and I sure wouldn't keep edging him on with lies.

She fears no one. She can go ahead and try and use me one more time for her self importance if she thinks it will give her some credibility back.

I was trying to start the New year off with understanding. But I can see that all went right out the window.

I'll keep trying though.

Dark Knight said...

MT is dead in the water and has been dumped from cfo. She does not even link to them. Off the BOD. Wonder why? Think they want a loose cannon like that around?

The TMFH comment was just a beaut. That is classic MR. The point is there was nothing going on. To listen to them you think this was Chicago 1960 and Wayne was Mayor Daley.

Harvey Dent said...

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Hmmmm, Mary the caped blogging crusader became the villain in the end. She pushed her luck too far. Hundreds of posts for the 'cause' only to be remembered in the end for the lies she told. It was 'inevitable'. roflmao

LMAO said...

...and that, my friends, will be her legacy.

Shmucknonymous said...


You should leave this thread up for another week it deserves to linger like carrion. The Herculean Poirot like exposure of "She Who Shall Not Be Named" by "He Who Shall Not Be Named is priceless."

So how does all this work? MT blogs about AB. MB blogged about AB. LL and MB would feud endlessly. AB copyrighted his site from MT. MB and LL seem to have made up. MT and LL are still like nitro and glycerin. AB and MB are buddies now. MT and MB are still Blogfathers. does this beat Days of Our Lives or what!

Man we have to get all these folks together in one room and see what happens. It would be like the end of Ghostbusters (after Sta-Puft became melted marshmallow) when Zuul and Clortho are united. BOOM!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

I will leave it up another week and the soap opera continues.

All in one room? I can let that thought just linger there and rev up the imagination.

LMAO said...

Hey, Bozo, leave it open for a week or a month as I don't care. The important thing for me is to trash all the anti's especially MT, MB and MR. I love the fact that LL is taking her to task on another lie. Post away, Mike. What a freaking shock that is - a lie by her and her chickenfeathers group. She posts she called the cops and nothing? She has to quote her "Some esplain' to do." LOL! You won't hear a word. Just like MR.

LL is also taking to task that idiot moonbat Dan Kennedy who actually thinks he's a writer! LMAO! He backs up the liars and then teaches journalism? WTF is the matter with that?

Why leave out your riding buddy, MB. CPA is a joke big fella. NFW! Rush job just like the casino but he can't see the linkage. Typical myopic view from a moonbat.

Now, Bozo, I'll take you to task. Where has the venom been of late? Your getting lazy in your old age. Get back into that nemasket mode. LMAO!

Dark Knight said...

The Hack Relief Act of 2009 is the title Howie Carr gives to the trillion dollar package that Obama is proposing. I just love Howie.

Shmucknonymous said...


Why does this group put all their dirty laundry out for display on the internet? Geesh-o-man, they all have a penchant for being in the blender. After a while you cannot tell one from the other. They are just a beehive collective of swarm intelligence.

I am going to go way out on a limb and predict it is a matter of days before Gladys has a total melt down of post.

bogofree said...

I can always tell how the underware goes on - yellow in front and brown in back. Some of the bloggers know all about underware or lack of since both have been an issue in the past. See...I can do the Limbo and go even lower. Schmuck...are we going to go Yiddish again? And that is penis talk.

Back to football.

LMAO....going soft? How DARE you! LOL! You should see some of my baseball posts. I'd put a few out here but they'd drive away more posters than trails. I just let the posters carry to ball and put in some snippits as we go along and get ready to edit just in case.

mildly said...

Excellent post by Adam on his coffeeshoptalk blog. I hope voters strongly support him in his resolve to renegotiate the "Deal". He makes his point very strongly, and some are certain to get upset. TFB!! About time people wake up and see this for what it is---a money deal, not a friendship (partnership).

mildly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Family Guy said...

Didn't see that by AB but I will look it up. The regulars have been all over him on his recent actions regarding the deal. I doubt he'll ever admit it but I suspect he realizes more could be squeezed out and with the economy the way it is it may be many years away.

belligerently anonymous said...

Gee, MT's blowing a gasket at anyone backing Adam's proposal, turning on her own, even MB. The guy (AB) has the guts to stand apart from Marsha, MiMi, and Steve explaining why they have to act now with the tribe to protect the town's best interests and MT lambastes him. If he did nothing and just went along to get along, she's be critical. The level of her hatred is amazing. Talk about being out of touch with business realities. Who cares what she thinks anyhow? She isn't even from Middleboro.

anonymous said...

Man oh man MT is just a hard line nut job. She'll back anyone and anything that is against the casino and if you step out of line you become the target. No wonder she's no longer on the BOD. She backed MR on her pitiful display of lies and, of course, countered with a string of her own. This sad case has a small group of camp followers and that is it. That group is also very, very small at this point.

anonymous said...

Someone please cut and paste what she is saying here. Some of us do not want to even go to her site.

Anonymous said...

Hey MT!

I finally found out why the chicken crossed the road.

To get more MONEY.

There jumping ship MT!

They sold you right down the river.

anonymous said...

Comments on Bumpkin's blog in response to what Adam wrote:

Bellicose Bumpkin said...

The reality in Middleborough, whether we like it or not, is that this BOS will never, ever, oppose the casino - as much as I would like them to.

Given that reality, we can only hope for the next best thing - as much money as possible. At present there is only one Selectman working toward that end. Some of BOS act as if they've never even read the IGA and none of them, with the exception of Bond, have any idea what a facility like this one should bring in in terms of $$.

I will support Bond, or Mimi, or anyone if they are doing something good for the town and I will oppose them otherwise. I oppose Bond on the idea of bringing a casino to Middleboro but support his efforts to get more money and am actively working with him on CPA. I opposed the contracts that were presented at the last town meeting and voiced my displeasure that the contracts were given to FinCom so late.

As far as the rest of the BOS goes, I oppose them bringing a casino to Middleboro and I also oppose them sitting there and doing nothing to get the money that Middleboro was promised during negotiations. In fact some of them are doing worse than nothing - their actions are detrimental to the interests of the town w/regards to the financial mitigation for the casino.

4:06 PM

Anon. 2:42 said...
I oppose a casino being built in Middleboro, and I would hope that circumstances will work out so that the courts and BIA will not find in favor of the Wampanoags.

The problem is: we don't have any guarantees. And the worst thing that could happen to Middleboro is that we could wind up with a casino whose needs we can not financially afford.

Whatever you think of Mr. Bond, he is the only member of the BOS who recognizes the reality that this is our last chance to try to renegotiate an IGA for what the deal is actually worth. If we wait until March to start talks, the LIT may already be granted and Middleboro is f&*ked. This is our last chance to cover our bases.

We have to look at Mr. Bond's proposal with objectivity rather than emotion. Also, if this happens to work out in Mr. Bond's best interests--so what? What's important is that things work out in Middleboro's best interests.

4:29 PM

Gladys Kravitz said...
Bumpkin, when you highlight the words "reality" and "nothing" in bold font, it reminds me of phrases and words I used to hear a lot - like "done deals" and "inevitability". I never accepted those either, and have been proven right.

I have not invested almost two years of my life in this effort to get Middleboro a better deal on an agreement that should never have been signed in the first place, because it wasn't presented, or negotiated honestly to the public.

In those almost-two-years I have witnessed what grassroots anti-casino efforts are capable of not only in our state, but all across this country.

I truly wish the efforts that you've expended in the last year, in an effort to renegotiate an agreement, had been focused instead on the grassroots effort, begun by you, to rid the town of Middleboro of an agreement at all.

I've watched other folks stand for hours getting petitions signed to replace past and current board members, to register new voters and to run for office themselves. They didn't give up on their town government. They didn't settle for 'playing politics' because that's all their government would allow for. They made the strongest statement they could. No casino.

Where their efforts successful? Nope. Not in the short run. But with the world crumbling around this horrendous deal - they look better and better. It might not be politic, but it is honest. No casino.

The point of public involvement has never been to 'go along to get along'. It's to do what's always been right for the town of Middleboro (and the rest of the region that a casino would effect) - to rid it of a casino project hatched under suspicious circumstances, negotiated in secret, with nefarious operators, and rushed through without enough input.

And that can only be done by vocal opposition. I believe someone else put it best when they suggested the place for any agreement was in the wastebasket. No Casino.

4:31 PM

anonymous said...

Adam's blog:

anonymous said...

MT's unfailing criticism of AB, no matter what he does, is pathological. She's a radical whack job who has lost all sense of perspective. Even her unwillingness to give the devil his due, and I'm not saying that AB is one, shows how irrational she's become. Whoever wrote that this woman is headed for a meltdown is 100% right on. More 'possessed' than 'obsessed". Anyone know a good exorcist?

Family Guy said...

Looks like MB is more in love with AB than MT. Too bad, MT, maybe clean clothes would have worked. Looks like the Grogfathers will be missing a link. What will they be down to? MR, MT, "1623" and CC? Are those the only ones who have not jumped ship?

As someone said this gal is hard core and she'll s**t all over those who don't agree. Two years wasted. Boo hoo!

MB has been clear on that money issue for a long time. He'll sell if the price is right.

anonymous said...

Looks like Mary might be starting another blog "NemasketNot"

They are still washing their laundry out in public.

Now it looks like MT no longer likes MB" Stay tuned for the next episode of "As The Casino Blogs"

Anonymous said...

Tick Tock Tick Tock

mildly said...

Another defeat for MT...Fiferstone, the most credible, well respected of the CFO bloggers, just threw her weight behind AB in an affirming letter on his blog. Speaking for many of us, Fiferstone gives AB his props for being willing to stand up and take the heat for opposing the inaction of the rest of the BOS. I've read his blog post and I applaud his chutzpah. If you read this site, Adam, thank you for showing some character in a difficult situation.

bogofree said...

This is like the thermidor reaction of The French Revolution! The Reign Of Terror may now be offically over or at least diminishing. Did Robespierre have an anti casino blog? Maybe MB will take on the role of Jean Tallien and denounce you know who.

AB is simply doing the smart thing and I could care less what his motivation is as he seems to be the only member of the BOS intent on getting a better deal. Between twenty and thirty million would certainly sooth everyone except the hard liners who are circling the wagons. Can you have a circle with three wagons?

If the gin mill does not arrive is one issue but if it does manage to get built in the distant future Mboro may get a resonable "take" from it. If you are going to sell your town and your soul make it for the big numbers.

Rocky said...

Always get it in writing. Any good lawyer will tell you that if you don't get it in writing it does not exist. Handshakes have gone the way of the sixshooters.

Should have gotten more in the beginning. To attempt to extort more at this point without actual cause is not what I heard Adam read in the letter on tv a few weeks ago. It sounded like the town lawyer said we could and not should go on the offensive.

Rocky said...

I bet all the Selectmen would want more money from the agreement but only one of them was the negotiator.

mildly said...

Oh! Oh! Can I play Madame LeFarge?

MR has been strangely silent. Perhaps she successfully fled to Austria in the night?

bogofree said...

Rocky....I remember seeing the TM and there were four lawyers up on stage discussing the casino issue. That is when I realized we would be 100% screwed.

MR might be in moonbat rehab after President Agnew...I mean Obama is doing his very best to be Bush III. Now he wants tax cuts that even Republican wing nuts are kicking their heels about.

Mephistopheles said...

Who is next?

Archangel said...

Waddling Water Buffalo Hendricks.

Dark Knight said...

Who do they negotiate with? Tribe seems to have to get some leadership that stable.

Adam is doing the right thing as his FIRST responsiblity is to the town so I'm all for a money grab. If some of the anti's don't like it just tough. I hope MB stops being so polite to MT.

Archangel said...

Gladys Kravitz on "Wave to the Flying Monkeys",

"Too bad it doesn't feature Mr. Bond in the background, in his own colorful monkey suit, playing a violin as his town burns around him."

January 6, 2009 12:36 AM

This woman does NOT represent the sentiments of most anticasino (now ex-CFO) residents.

Archangel said...

Dark Knight:

MT is to the AntiCasino movement what the Weathermen were to the Love-In Vietnam War protestors. There will come a point where she'll insult MB one too many times.

anonymous said...

MT has crumbled and that is that. She is history. It is actually enjoyable watching this meltdown and the fact that a good portion of CFO realizes that she is damaged goods. She'll just go and amp it up with MB until he fi nally cuts ties with her completely.

chica said...

In the last several months I have followed this issue primarily on this blog. I saw how MT had gone after Bogo at one time and that is detailed on this site. Now I assume the next victim will be MB since he has demonstrated a will of his own and is actually keeping the casino issue in a seperate poitical box. With MT it is an all or nothing approach and that accomplishes nothing. She has not demonstrated the ability to be consilatory and I do believe Adam Bond was willing to even have her on his show. Now MQ has psoetd what appears to be another fabrication of her's.

drive-by said...

Too funny! When MT didn't get anywhere with MB and others yesterday re: Adam's post, she wrote a blog of her own this AM whining about how obtuse those who disagreed with her are and regurgitated her sour views.

Last May, not knowing the story behind the story, I thought bogo was an obstinate idiot for insisting that JP fess up to the Clark CT post. MB responded by deleting everything bogo and dal wrote, finally giving bogo an ultimatum, which he wisely refused.

Boy have things changed. MB accepted and printed every criticism of MT yesterday and openly disagreed with her himself, albeit in a gentle way.

My apologies for my early judgments of you bogo. You were right about this little coven all along. Now, many months later, I see them for who they are and what they've done. Can't believe I supported them blindly for so long. I foolishly believed they were on the up and up. I'm sorry, bogo. You can now tell me, "I told you so!" Just call me 'Moron'.

bogofree said...

A lot of activity this morning. Drive-By here is what I wrote back in by first blog. I voted for and supported JP and have always considered her a bright and articulate person but seriously flawed in certain areas. I neglected warning signs and input from others but my back was covered in that recall election. I made a tragic error in judgment and have sought penance for it. So you have nothing to apologize for since I was in that boat well before you were.

"Those who voted against Jessie were 100% correct. I had voted for Jessie in recall so what can I say? My bad? Some learn by their mistakes and I have. Jessie has not."

anonymous said...

The MT blog this AM, Drive-By, borders on the loose edge of going off the very deep end. Disagreement is one thing but this is sincerely the rantings of someone in melt down. I encourage all to go to her blog. Entertaining or sad? I choose sad.

drive-by said...

Sad, very sad...for her and for her family. The women needs professional help. But, those most in need often don't see they have a problem. They think everybody else is wrong but them. This is not going to end well.

LMAO said...

Real feeding frenzy at the BB blog as he's got more comments on this one blog than all the rest combined! GK is still trying her very best to me the most obstinate person one can imagine. Here is the story for you, MB, in case you have not figured it out. She does not want the freaking casino for a 100 million a year. Forget logic, common sense or anything else. She hates AB and anything he does is 100% wrong. Some anti's are like Bogo and yourself - anti deal. Forget the fact AB is trying to leverage this to get a better deal. Forget everything with her and a few reactionaries as it is just wasting your time. Cut your ties with MT and her ilk as they will just destroy everyone that even attempts to look at a casino from any other vantage point.

Schmucknonymous said...

He is in a real pickle if cuts ties with her. It would be admitting he was wrong to hook with her in the first place.

You have so called Antis that are anti deal and so called Pros that are just anti CFO. They are about as different as a conservative Democrat and liberal Republican.

drive-by said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

LL needs professional help. Did you see his front page?

I went into hysterics watching that.

Anonymous said...

Im just real pissed off at AB right now.

Why did he have to put a picture of Rich attacking Steve on his blog?

Not cool.

bogofree said...

Check out Hal's editorial on regarding current situation.

Anon...looks like Rick has lost a little weight. LL is nuts so you know he'll just dig up crazy stuff. Techno Chicken needs to be squashed by a mallet. Anyone know someone with a chicken mallet?

I admitted that I made a huge mistake getting hooked into the JP recall stuff so he should not have any problems. Heck, he's married - i.e. use to admitting to mistakes to keep a blissful home. No problem - just say a lesson of life earned.

anonymous said...

MR signs on to the ongoing debate regarding Adam's statement on BB's blog, "To ascribe to a snake worthy characteristics and a back bone enabling an upright stance is inappropriate." Very predictable.

Tsuinonymous said...

MB can't cut ties with any of the Blogfathers. They are all personal friends who socialize frequently. They may be slightly spatting at the moment, but those ties that bind are still intact. In 40 years they'll all be blogging to each other from different wings in the old folks home. JP will be 100 and either pushing up daisys or chanting "Where's my gavel?" from the wheelchair line-up at the nurse's station.

Dark Knight said...

Another enjoyable day coming up on the endless soap opera that is Middleboro. The division on the BOS, the anti casino forces and the Tribe. Gotta love it! Endless drama. Personally, I will just watch the MT melt down. Beautiful.

Now I must go and hack my car out from its ice cacoon.

Tsuinonymous said...

So Bumpkin wants everyone to grow a spine and post under their own names. Regular folks who don't want their names plastered all over the web would be foolish to do that. I like living an uncomplicated life without people harassing me. I can do without being harassed by that nasty nasty nosey neighbor thanks. Besides, if you own a business or are a service provider....well....we all know what can happen there. I like it here where no questions are asked and everybody here treats one another decently. It's one of the reasons your site is doing better than the others. Compare the stats with others. Hal has a good forum. Well, okay it's a bit boring, but people can't say what they really feel there. And now that topix has been taken over, this is the only safe place left for plain talk. Thanks for that.

anonymous said...

This site seems to maintain itself with only the basic need for Bogo to edit. I can remember a few times where he has deleted a post and then reprinted it with questionable language removed.

Anonymous is popular for a reason in that the last thing anyone wishes to see is the moonshots taking them to task over non issues or simply to be disagreeable. Just gander at some of the terms the infamous Brigewater Blogger tosses around to make a point at her multitute of detractions or those that support a casino or a revised deal. How many continue to suffer at the vebose of MR? Thankfully she appears to be just a footnote at this point.

Rocky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rocky said...

I hate the weather.

I had nothing nice to say so I deleted it.

I hate the weather.

LMAO said...

New Middleboro fire truck has arrived. We should all be thankful to JP on getting this truck as her constant blogging against it comvinced me it must be a good thing.

Wonder if she'll have her camera out? LMAO!

ROFL said...

Bellicose Bumpkin said...
GK - haven't you heard?

According to pro-casino wisdom - you and I had a big falling out and are enemies now.

10:33 AM
As your friend MR always says, BB: "You are defined by the company you keep."

And if you're referring to this site, many points of view are represented here. Pros, Antis, and all shades in between. What we have in common is that we all dislike LIARS. That's why so many have defected from the 'Cause'. And why we won't back your CPA. We don't trust you, any of you. So, if any of you are looking for a seat in the upcoming election, you'll find that those who oppose you and your compatriots will defy all your blabach about apathy here in Middleboro and will rush to the polls to defeat you. So you just keep reaffirming GK, the Bridgewater albatross around your neck. That tells us you approve of her and her methods. Very defining.

anonymousey said...

Just In: DiMasi re-elected House speaker 159-135.

Dark Knight said...

The anti crowd is cut from the same clth and they may disagree but the over riding issue is that the casino must go. Personally, I'd love to have some input on what BB really thinks of MT and MR. Any hints, Bogo?

Pathetic said...

CPANOW will die a slow death. My prediction.

bogofree said...

Perceived or actual the discord in CFO does allow a certain amusement factor to pass the time in mid winter doldrums.

BB now have - pardon this - bonded with a certain member of the BOS. Maybe AB has a bike and would like to join us on a ride/run when the conditions improve?

So, let me see, you are measured by the company you keep and BB keeps company with both myself and MT. I will not comment on any of that.

CPA NOW post said...

I have been hearing all this stuff about the CPA and wanted to voice my opinion on the CPA NOW website. I was not going to be "an anonymous apathetic coward" My name was going to be attached.

What I found was very disturbing. Mark Belanger, king of the local blogosphere, does not allow comments about the CPA on the CPANOW website.

He lets people trash others about the casino on his bumpkin site, but his pet project the CPA is off limits. Talk about hypocrisy.

It is pure arrogance to want to tax people in today's environment. It is a complete moonbat thought process to believe people will vote for it. My post on his site was going to have more detail. Here I will remain an anonymous coward.

Could we become Blogfather members if we started a CpaNotNow website? The good thing is that we don't have to waste our time. The everyday Middleboro person (which he unintentionally insults regularly) will show him the door.

bogofree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

CPA NOW. I went to the site and noticed that my testimonial is listed! OMG! I'm running an autograph session at the library. No...they threw me out. OK - Maria's. trespass order. Guess you folks will just have to have a brush with my fame by posting. But back to the site. He has a registration page! I wonder if I can use my registration? Nope...I've been shunned. Do we notice a pattern here? His ballpark and his rules which, IMO, don't cut it with me.

Anyways, back to the taxes which is CPA. I like the idea but realize it has about as much chance of passing as MT and LL going to Vegas together. Support is not there and folks are worried about week to week financial survival. This thing is a real longshot.

Go forth, CPA, and post in detail.

Rocky said...

LL and MR going to vegas?

Who brings teh chicken or is it turkey feathers with CFL not Clark CT bulbs and getting there on their BioDiesel bus with a TCAM No Trespassing sticker on the bumper.

LMAO said...

CPA DEAD. This thing will never pass. I will go and vote NO each and every time. We have a prop 2 and 1/2 and to me this is a backdoor move on it.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suo Mynona said...

To Mark Belanger:

A simple request. Do not peruse the CPA any further. It will divide the town and fail miserably. It is a zero sum game. After your first two meetings that should be clear that it will be your waterloo.

I suspect you are in for a less than pleasant experience at the selectman's next week. You will not be able to control the agenda. If I read the tea leaves correctly, it will be met with stiff opposition by people that know at least as much as you about the CPA and the town.

Have some sympathy for people that do not have the disposable income that you have. Politely withdraw your effort.

previous post was me. Just fixed a typo

Family Guy said...

The CPA reminds me of the various anti drug ads that have appeared over the years. CPA - Just Say No! Or this is your brain on CPA and show two eggs frying. To say that the time and place is an error in judgment is a rather conservative statement. WTF is BB thinking? Is he immune to the current economic situation? Bogo has a pragmatic view of the issue in that it is, to him, a worthy measure but that is tempered with the realities of the economy.

The sate may cut local aide as much as 10%. Think of the impact of that cut. What is more important for our survival? Preservation of a homestead or schools for our children? Purchasing land to avoid it being a development of providing adequate public safety? I could continue but the obvious is stated to anyone who pays any attention to current economics.

BB - are you just clueless? In 2002 we had a greater degree of job certainty then today and it failed. Why the rush? IMO this all started out as something that BB found easy to understand and became a topic of discussion on his failed site. A way of uniting the town? Hold a barbeque instead.

I have also noticed his exchange on his blog with MT. Little kissy face between the two and that will always be a hindrance to anything BB attempts to do.

bogofree said...

My, my, my there seems to be a bit of negative reaction present on this board with the proposed CPA. The big question will remain in how do you justify a permanent tax increase to folks who have limited resources that continue to shrink? You can use the visionary approach? Play the nature game? Claim "It's for the children." Maybe controlled growth? There is a bevy of options and all are viable but that pesky bottom line keeps cropping up -like the Wentworth commercial - "I want my money and I want it now!" Maybe now is not the time nor the place?

I don't think a CPA is a mistake. Not at all. Present the facts and let the voters decide. But don’t delude yourself into thing that Mboro is Wellesley or Brookline or Duxbury.

Suo Mynona said...

It is not negative reaction Bogofree. It is pragmatic reaction.

Suo Mynona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bogofree said...

I have some issues with the CPA and have expressed them but in the great balance sheet of plus and minus or to the less verbally challenged - positive and negatives - I come out with the positives ahead. But a letter appeared in today's Gazette that brought up a term regarding the CPA and that is "free money." This is not free. This is somewhere in the tubes supplied by the taxpayer. If we choose not to take it maybe it can be classified as lost money?

The writer also used matching funds provided by an employer (401K) as "free money." I'm not sure what the logic is behind that but in my years in business it was never "Free Money" as it was an expense. If one is staying on top of the news many companies are discontinuing their hand out of "Free Money" as part of 401(k) plans.

Dark Knight said...

As I made the weekly rounds of the local blogs I managed to stop at one of my favorite destinations and that is the MR blog. Usually you will managed to root out some type of offensive comment or statement and her blog on the Middleboro Green Committee manages to do exactly that. Appears the “Queen Of Cut And Paste” was omitted from the committee! Naturally an explanation ensued that I will not detail but will state, using one of her favorite terms - snaky, as what was posted. Seems like evil never rests when it confronts MR. Natch, a few shots were present directed at town employees. Read it for yourselves as it is entertaining to show how this leopard has managed to maintain her spots.

Suo Mynona said...

I love free money. I went to the local green house and bought one of those magical plants. Whenever I need an extra hundred dollars to buy some heating fuel or pay for groceries I pick one or two of the leafs.

My parents were wrong, it does grow on trees. Now I just need to find out where to get a free lunch.

Rocky said...

I was going to buy a CPA plant that took an extra 3% withdrawal from my feeble social security but found that my part D was already sucking up all that I have.

anonymousey said...

As I was waiting to be seen by my PCP today I overheard two doctors discussing proposed legislation on obesity monitoring in schools. If passed, overweight students in selected grades would have obesity reports sent home. Oh goody, now we're going to have the FAT police. That's a hell of a thing to put in a child's permanent record. Nutritional education---fine! Anti-fat patrols? Seems discriminatory and a violation of personal rights. If these legislators are so concerned about the obesity epidemic why don't they do something about the high starch, high fat school lunches kids are served? Next thing you know DSS will be knocking on doors investigating parents of children who don't meet weight standards for dietary abuse.

bogofree said...

Mousey. They have already attacked the lunches. I was going to post on this topic when I started another thread on Sunday but you beat me to it. I wonder if this will apply to the legislature? Look at the size and condition of some of those folks. Put this down as intrusive moonbatitis.

anonymousey said...

I expect the legislators will discuss this at Anthony's Pier 4 over raw bar oysters, platters of seafood alfredo, popovers, Irish coffees topped with mounds of whipped cream, and followed by a medley of creme brulee, strawberries romanov, and cannolis. Then to work it off, they'll waddle off to limos waiting to retain to the State House where they can snooze on their a$$e$ for the afternoon session.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anonymous said...

The following comment by MR appeared on a BB blog regarding the casino. I just love the irony of her stating to do a Google search.

"What I find offensive in this entire process is the failure of the BOS to even do a google search of the names of those with whom they were negotiating"

anonymous said...

And not to be outdone is a Vegas Val quote from LL's site. Oh my, I can't wait to see if she is accurate.

"Mark my words, Mary Tufts, and MARK THEM WELL - if you continue down this destructive path of personal attacks, harrassment, intimidation, threats and stalking, I PERSONALLY will see to it that you are arrested and prosecuted. If I have to file a complaint with the FBI, myself, I will do it. You fool NO ONE with your veiled threats under a host of psuedonyms. Threatening people with bodily harm, blackmailing them, harrassing them and stalking them are crimes! This will NOT end the way you think it will. You are not a "hero" by any demented stretch of your twisted imagination. As far as I am concerned, you are sick, delusional, potentially dangerous individual with demented obsessions over people you've never even met - many of whom couldn't be bothered to give you the time of day. Why? Because you are NO ONE. You are NOTHING - a stupid, angry, bored suburban housewife obsessed with the Town politics of a town she doesn't even live in! The Police are apparently already investigating you - and mark my words, Mary - keep it up and you and your co-conspirators WILL end up behind bars. THAT is the way this will end - not "over the rainbow" as you'd like to imagine - but with your arrest and conviction."

Rocky said...

Maybe it is just me and that I am an old poop like Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond but threats are just stupid.

If you are going to threaten to do something to someone because they threaten you or your friend. Stupid.

I think I remember a time when I was in school and was on the playground and got in an arguement and the other boy said that his big brother was going to beat me up and my response was that my brother was bigger than his brother and could beat you both up and he said that his father could beat me and my brother and so on. Nothing happened and we both had to bang erasers for yelling at each other.

Val and Mary need to bang some erasers. Bogo, got any erasers that need banging?

Suo Mynona said...

Looks like the former Junior Senator and President elect Obama is already under fire from Senior Senators in his own party. There is no way the likes of Pelosi and Frank are going to bow to this guy.

This classic old school Chicago political machine politics. Chicago ward bosses and the mayor's machine would send political upstarts to cut their teeth at the State house and then bring them in to very local poitics. I guess now they are including the White house in their grooming process.

bogofree said...

Don't make a threat unless you can carry it out. My daughter and I were at dinner yesterday and we had a conversation on that since for the last several years she has been in an environment that requires clear limits and expectations to be met. I was the primary day parent when she and her brothers were being raised since I worked nights and provided daycare. She mentioned how I always followed through and nothing was hallow. If I said it would happen it would happen and she quickly realized that when I drew the line in the sand if it was crossed you would face the stated consequences. Sort of a long winded or written explanation of the year and a half of mutual threats both sides have delivered and their various ultimatums.

President Perp? President Agnew? President Bushama? I am really enjoying the quandary the moonbats are in before Obama even plants his foot in the oval office. Why this is more Reagan than anything else. Tax cuts! Continuing military operations! LOL! Now somehow the usual suspects feel that Bushama managed to go through a decade of Chicago politics without being tainted. Well...maybe he is just really, really careful like a Bogo personal hero - HST - who managed to tap dance with the Pendergast Machine in KC.

mildly said...

All the posturing and threatening has reached comedic proportions. Somebody needs to design flags for each side of the great Middleboro Civil War. Maybe some old ditties should be revised: "When MT Comes Marching Home Again", "Battle Hymn of Vegas Val", or "Way Down Upon Markie's Nemasket River". We could polish up some old cannon balls and watch them volley back and forth between both sides out on Battis Field. LL can write an Emancipation Proclamation for the Wamp Tribal members remaining after the Feds get through them. And bogo can grow a beard and play Abe Lincoln to AB's General Lee. Oh the drama! Oh the pathos! And the Emptyprize can report on the daily body count.

bogofree said...

Mildly - LMAO! That is so funny you'd think I wrote it.

mildly said...

Well, bogo, when you think about it, if the casino comes, Presinct Street will be seceding from the Union.

Life is a cabaret, my friend. Gotta laugh just to make it through the day. ;)

Suo Mynona said...

Belanger should stop saying Middleboro is apathetic. The average person here just does not want the CPA. They do not want to waste their time.

Here is a big clue why Middleboro is selectively apathetic. More people turned out for what he calls the TMFH than any other town meeting in history. Does not matter if they were for or against the casino -- they came out to be heard.

Get over yourself Belanger.

Oh BTW your comment on the CPA:
"This will be an interesting acid test: Are we willing to roll up our sleeves and work together for the good of the town? -- Or not."

Do not be so sure it was that type of an acid test.

Dark Knight said...

This is the typical BS that BB slings around. If you don't pass my pet project you are a bunch of hicks. Disagree on his failed site and it was the same BS. Apathy? No, we are just tired of a know-it-all telling us what to do without reasonable discussion. Those of us who viewed your site know exactly how you handled dissent. You should have called MR on the carpet for her outrageous claims yet you tossed two other posters who attempted to do the right thing. That is how you reach out?

I saw Bogo’s post on your CPA site. Bogo seems to be quasi in favor of this but has enough sense to talk to the real people about it and come to the conclusion that it just is a no go.

bogofree said...

Good intention but a bad result looms with CPA. The pulse is weak and I suspect services will be held soon. Maybe a stay of execution until next year? If the support is not present it is futile to continue the process of getting it on the ballot this year and instead to concentrate on education and a long range attempt.

LL's site continues to have some activity going on with LL and VV taking to task the obvious target and another - from the BOS meeting - who I have no idea is? Nor do I know what offenses this individual perpetrated to raise the ire of LL?

drive-by said...

Someone posting as Honest Abe aka Nocasino wrote a very offensive post on Toxic labeling "Wally Wigwam" (WG) and LL of slobering drunkenness, using descriptions like "filthy animal" etc.

I am a little suspect that someone other than the former poster may be using that pseudonym. Don't know.

A little concerned that LL's constantly reporting people to the police (his statement) will become viewed as nuisance complaints because there doesn't appear to be much the cops can do about things people write on the net anyhow. And deservedly or not he has become labelled as somewhat of a loose canon.

I do feel bad that WG has become the victim of idle gossip to the point where he felt the need to defend his good name on his website. Whether or not anyone agrees with his POV, WG has been involved in many efforts to help others in the community despite significant health issues.

drive-by said...

The Cape Cod Times announced today that Tribal Council members voted to put Shawn Henricks and Gayle Andrews on administrative leave. They also reinstated all the shunned members of the tribe.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dark Knight:
RE: "You should have called MR on the carpet for her outrageous claims yet you tossed two other posters who attempted to do the right thing. That is how you reach out?"

It must really freeze his river that this blog has kicked butt on his blog and message board.

He lost two funny posters and some very funny material. But he decided to protect MR. It was hilarious to log on to and see what had been posted. But as usual BB (nemasket) took himself way too seriously. He needs to lighten up. Nemasket should give Bogo and Dal an invitation to post on his board again, maybe his viewership and dialogue would increase.

If you do not blog, post, or agree in accordance his rules or philosophies you are not his equal. It is his way or the highway. That is probably a good thing because you are defined by the company you keep.

bogofree said...

Drive-by. I posted on LL's site that "Honest Abe" may not be an original. On Toxic I went and saw the thread and Abe later posted that was not him. What Abe has to do is sign up on Toxic and register as Abe as I did for Bogo since a few were using it and starting up s**t in my name.

Tribe has made the right move just as they did with "The Raven." I have posted that as far as I'm concerned Hendricks should be known as "Little Shadow" and Raven as "Big Shadow." Big step in cleaning up the house and next they need to get some spokes persons who are tribal members instead of a connected PR firm.

anonymousey said...

Glad to see the Tribe move swiftly to regain control of their own destiny. Whether or not a casino is built, they deserve good leadership and the chance to move forward. Funny to read some of the anti blogs where posters are speculating and salivating over which locals will be caught in the federal dredging. I'm just glad for the clean up and to let the chips fall where they may. I've always agreed with your statement early to 'follow the money trail'. I'm sure the Raven is singing like a (jail)bird. Suspect he'll live the rest of his life out always looking over his shoulder.

Happy to see your blog kicking butt over all the others. Your posters are doing a great job of revealing the pulse of Middleboro. Real straight talk rather than rhetoric. You're a good facilitator, bogo.

chica said...

The wolves are at the door over the latest tribe clean up and MR is once again out front with the subtle hints that bring in names like Marsha, Wayne and Jack. That is walking a tightrope. Wait it out, honey, before you put your foot in your mouth - again.

mildly said...

MR needs to change the batteries on the cheap crystal ball she bought from Spencer's Gifts.