Sunday, December 14, 2008


This one will probably extend to post Xmas since I am lazy enough and note clever enough to come up with brilliant and insightful posts and observations.

Winners and losers for the week.

Loser - CFO and the Grogfathers. Defense is limited to same to you, Mr. Limo!

Loser - Mark and Bogo and CPA - the handwriting is on the wall as a ground swell of non support is rising on the Bogo blog. Time for Bogo and MB to ride/run into the sunset.

Winner - GM as even they will probably squeeze some dough out of beleaguered tax payers.

Loser - President Perp. Obama was a Chicago pol and squeaky clean? ROTFLMAO! Money trail is leading to Emanuel. He’ll take the fall.

Winner - Toxic. CFO deflections and watchdog tactics have failed. Still going full bore.

Loser - Sal DiMasi. A CFO fav is having the noose tighten around him.

Winner - Middleboro Manners. Hey, it’s still around after two weeks and has more posters than

Loser - Middleboro BOS. WTF is going on with getting a fire chief?

Winner - Pats fans. Pats get Raiders this week so The End is delayed a week.

Loser - NE weather. Why oh why don’t I move? One word - wife.

Winner - Bogo posters. No real need to supervise the playpen. Thanks.

Winner - Red Sox. Yankees sign Burnett - think Carl Pavano and Kevin Brown.

Loser - The state budget. Sooner or later they’ll have to send some hacks packing.

Loser - Credit cards. Cash is becoming king - if you have any.

Winner - CFO. No more fund raisers as they sign major endorsement deals with Miller’s and Dewar’s.


alien X said...

Funny how moonbats assume that anyone with a conservative or moderate bent is brain dead. Funny too that some of these same self proclaimed pundits buy into the most ludicrous conspiracy theories--like 9/11 being totally perpetrated by NSA or CIA operatives, etc--perhaps because they can't handle that random violent events mean that many things are beyond their control or ability to effect change. Funny how they poo-poo the possibility that some things--like economic and global climatic trends historically tend to have cyclical components that human actions exacerbate. Hmmm....whatever fantasies "Salon" et al propagate, the moonbats accept as infallible Truth. They seem to reduce many complex problems into simple black and white. How annoying.

bogofree said...

With moonbats I get the distinct impression that if I disagree with any of their positions I am morally inferior and cold hearted. I find their own attitude of smugness and self-righteousness personally repugnant. They know exactly what is best for us and me but rarely do I see it practiced among themselves. Quick on the trigger to condemn those with whom they blame every perceived ill of society yet even quicker to go into ostrich head in sand mode when one of their very own happens to fall by the wayside. A double standard is firmly part of the genetic makeup. This is especially evident with the failings of those who they politically feel a bond or kinship with. Lately you will witness their defensiveness of national, state and local politicians regarding the excesses of many of these fellow travelers. Amazingly shallow and narrow focused individuals whose moral compass is always pointed far left.

Now the exact opposite is the wing nut. This is the purveyor of their own set of conspirator theories and individuals who certainly would feel quite at home with their brethren on the very far left - just change the names and places a bit. But, IMO, the moonbats do have a far greater grip on media and education then any collection of wing nuts. Even absolute bonkers types like Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Susan Sarandon, Eleanor Clift and Jesse Jackson are given a bully pulpit and adorned as valued pundits with insight, credibility and, of course, humanity that is lacking from anyone to the right of them.

What happens with too many issues is they will focus on selective elements to make a point while ignoring the big picture. And if you repeat a lie or half truth often enough it is accepted as fact.

mildly said...

I miss the old St. Luke's Hospital and was very upset when the state began closing community hospitals in the late 80s, greatly reducing the easy access to health care, especially important when survival depends on emergency response within a few minutes. Now Middleboro residents are at least 20 minutes away in every direction from a hospital. Not a great situation in the case of a heart attack, stroke, or accident.

I also don't know how I feel about the new CVS minute clinics, now open in Bridgewater and on Winthrop Street in Taunton. Physicians Assistants or Family Nurse Practitioners run them to treat "routine" infections and ailments and have the ability to diagnose and perscribe. The problem is that they provide no follow up care. And sometimes symptoms that present as a cold or flu are early warnings of more serious situations like bacterial meningitis, or breathing problems interpretted to be asthma may actually be the onset of allergic anaphylactic shock (which quickly becomes life threatening). The poor delivery of healthcare services and shortage of doctors is an artificial situation created by the AMA because they limit the number of acceptances to medical schools way below the level of physicians needed to provide adequate services. That way MDs can command higher fees for their care, if you happen to get sick during office hours convenient to them. There are many students who are qualified to become doctors and are shut out because of the current quota system. That's just not right in a country reknowned for its technological medical advances.

Suo Mynona said...

nice post

mildly said...

Continuing on a medical note:

Just opened Saturday's mail to find a flyer from the Southcoast Hospitals Group (Charleton, St. Luke's, Tobey) advertising their surgical services. New cutting edge robotic techniques for delicate urological and gynecological procedures. OMG, people are crazy, when we live only 40 miles from major tertiary hospitals in Boston, to take chances with local surgeons who've only performed these procedures a minimal amount of times, for high risk surgeries with possible complications that can affect quality of life.

Check a doctor's website to see how many times he/she performs these highly specialized procedures and the auxiliary support services they provide. For some things it is worth going to the Boston route.

bogofree said...

Very nice post and I do miss St. Luke's - which saved my wife's life. I remember going to a hearing in Boston many years ago and and listening to state officals who were clueless to even where Mboro was located. Thank you, Gov. Dukakis.

drive-by said...

The Duke was an idiot. Look at the lack of forethought in closing down Lakeville Hospital. Many of the life long residents were subsequently shipped out to nursing homes throughout the Southcoast region where they did not recieve the same quality of services. At the same time we lost some very good outpatient clinics, orthopedics especially, which serviced thousands of kids south of Boston.

Yesterday I did a drive by Lakeville Hospital and was disgusted at the state of disrepair. Can't understand why no useage has ever been found for such a valuable property. The stately old home in the front is now in ruins. Talk about poor planning and waste!

anonymous said...

Anyone know why the Cardinal Cushing urgent care center at the old St. Luke's didn't work out? At least it was something local. Also, where did all the old patient records go? Don't know how to access them.

anonymous said...

Just came from Topix. A poster from Raynham is threatening CFO to watch the newspapers over this altered photo thing. Ah Jeez! I think CP is a real A-hole for putting that altered picture on his flying monkey site, a really sleezy tactic as are the comments from the usual suspects. But going to the papers will accomplish nothing. Why not just keep it to Topix? Posts there still annoy the crap out of Grogfathers. I hate seeing Middleboro's dirty linen aired in the press.

Rocky said...

Glass of white please.

drive-by said...

Here ya go, bogo:

"Former Mashpee Wampanoag tribal council Chairman Glenn Marshall has admitted to making illegal campaign contributions to members of Congress on behalf of the tribe, embezzling funds from the tribe, filing false tax returns for himself and the tribe, and fraudulently receiving Social Security Disability benefits, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

He signed a plea agreement on Thursday, and charges were officially brought by the U.S. Attorney today."

Took the Feds long enough! I'm sure more indictments will follow. Eat your heart out, VegasVal. Remember how you blasted realraven for his accusations against Marshall last year? LMAO!!!

Raynham said...

Told you to watch the paper. LMAO
Had nothing to do with photo shopping pictures. LOL! The way some jump to conclusions.

drive-by said...

Notice that Marshall plead guilty before charges were filed in federal court. That means he cut a deal with the Feds and ratted out some they want even more than him. Like bogo always said....follow the money trail. The chances that the investors will pursue a casino in Middleboro are zilch now.

bogofree said...

Well I won't have "The Raven" around for a punching bag. The first time I saw "The Raven" was at Nichols School and he raised the race card two minutes into his talk and then proceeded to just fill the air with gas. Guy was a scam artist. A grifter. A bindlestiff. I'll admit I wrote some nasty stuff about "The Raven" that was right up with anything MT or MR could blog and made some serious hints and had a nice flame war with VV. I still can't believe no one swinging this deal checked this guy out.

I can imagine how they will fall after he starts selling everyone out.

anonymous said...

According to today's Enterprise, "The terms of Marshall’s deal include serving up to five years in prison, paying reduced fines and paying back $467,612 in restitution. In return he’s agreed to cooperate with a federal investigation and waives his right to challenge the conviction." The court, however, has not yet accepted the deal.

Since the crimes Marshall confessed to were committed in an effort to gain federal recognition for the Mashpee Wampanoags, I wonder how all of this will affect their status.

I feel sorry for the innocent majority of the tribe who had no part in Marshall's wrongdoings. He is truly a scumbag.

I do wonder about Mr. Bond's reactions to all this news. This must be very embarassing to him.

Raynham said...

Good Luck Mr Marshall

I'm happy to see he is stepping up and taking responsibility for his part in any wrong doing and will move on.

I say and I'm probably going out on a limb here. Its just another needless ugly obstacle to overcome for the Tribe. I still believe in the project, I feel our region needs it. I believe in the TRIBE!

Today has nothing I repeat nothing to do with Casinofacts, Nada nothing. Those people had no part in this at all. Yea! you can see it as an end, I see it as a begining.

Sorry to burst there bubble again.

We will see!

bogofree said...

I would suspect that the deal regarding recognition will be brought into question. I know that I blogged that 15 Mil will buy a lot and that should be examined. The whole rcognition process could now be brought into questioning and several in the Tribe have some answers to give regarding their involvement.

As far as CFO they are just an outsider looking in and hoping that the deal will fall apart. I gave the casino a better than 50/50 shot of getting done. Now? Don't know.

belligerently anonymous said...

Mr. Marshall accepted the deal, which requires that he plead guilty and spill his guts, because it is the only way he can avoid a much lengthier prison sentence.

I see nothing admirable about a man who betrayed his own people and may have severely compromised their future as a tribe. There certainly is nothing to rejoice in the irreparable harm Marshall may have caused the Mashpee Wampanoags.

CFO? They took no part in the ongoing investigation and can take no credit for Marshall's further fall from grace.

Who else will fall as a result of Marshall's testimony? I only hope that it is not anyone local. I suspect the Feds are looking for the big fish to fry anyhow. Doubt that Marshall would have been offered such a generous plea bargain unless he had some pretty damning evidence against someone like Abramoff et al.

Unfortunately, the people of Middleboro were sold down the river by a con artist, a real schmuck. Too bad the negotiators didn't take more time to find out who they were climbing into bed with. JMO.

Consideration said...

The CPA people should reschedule their meeting in deference to the families that recently met with tragedy.

anonymous said...

SmokingOwl wrote on MT's "Merry Christmas" blog, "It wouldn't surprise me if some of it ($$$$) didn't end up in the pockets of the former town manager and current members of the BOS."

It's one thing to think it, SmokingOwl, quite another to make an unsubstantiated accusation like that on a public blog. CFO NEVER learns about responsibility in what they print. Shame on you MT for accepting that comment.

anonymous said...

Bogo. I remember the comment you had made about the deal in that what was on the table did not worry you but what was under the table did. I know you went to war with VV on several of you subtle and not so subtle comments on Marshall and the whole process and that others might be dirty. Never specific like Owl. Use to get me totally pissed off at you until I realized it didn't make a damn if it was pro or anti as you would just post your opinion and question no matter what side was tossing out questionable stuff. Mutually offensive? You called Marshall out the very week he spoke as I remember a letter you wrote that was published in the Gazette or Enterprise and that also got me going. Bottom line is Marshall is a fraud.

I don't know the impact but I suspect it is not positive. The whole thing smells and it may go deep and I hope it ends just with a small circle with the tribe and some political handouts.

chica said...

I'm trying to follow this. Is this going to kill the deal? From what I read Bogo has been cutting this guy up from day one. Is that accurate?

Mildly that was a nice medical post.

mildly said...

Chica and others,
Thank you for your kind words.

I don't think anyone knows what the ramifications of Marshall's indictment means as regards the casino. The biggest possible problem for the tribe would be if its Federal recognition was rescinded because of fraudulent practices while it was being sought. I suspect it's going to take quite some time before we know anything for sure. It took a year and a half for the Feds to indict Marshall and the investigation is still ongoing.

The other big glitch is that this recession will undoubtedly at least delay the building of the casino, and we still don't know how deep the current economic crisis is or how long it will take for its recovery.

This whole mess is going to take awhile to unravel. I guess we're all watching to see what happens.

Fisherman said...
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Fisherman said...
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mildly said...


It's so sad when two good kids die so tragically. Losing a child is probably the worst kind of grief to deal with. It's just not OK for our kids to go before us. I've noticed some flyers around town announcing that a special fund has been set up in the boys' memory at the Mayflower Bank. Seems like a good way to honor them and show their families that we care.

I was also impressed to read that Ashley's Funeral Home asked the state police to meet the brother of one of the boys (who returned from duty in Afghanistan) at the airport and drive him back to Middleboro to attend services.

Suo Mynona said...

I went to Colony Place tonight, What a blight on the face of the Earth that place is. An asphalt desert with lamp posts for trees and lane lanes for trails. HOw come no one ever made astink about that?

The traffic seemed very light for so close to Christmas. I wonder how many cars go in and out of there a day as compared to the proposed casino?

drive-by said...

Mr. Bond was quoted in today's Globe as saying-"This may represent a breach of contract"-in reference to Marshall's admission to federal crimes. The BOS has called for an emergency meeting with DC Indian affairs lawyer Dennis Whittesley.

This may turn out to be quite a mess for people to sort out. I read the indictment Marshall signed yesterday. Ouch! If he doesn't sing like a bird, he's screwed.

Fisherman said...

In my heated anger for Anti Casino bloggers fasely accusing the BOS of wrong doing. I might have went over the top with my last comments.

I'm sorry Bogo for srirring up your playpen.

There is bigger people in Middleboro working to rectifie the situation what ever way they go with it I fully support there decision.

They have to do whats best for Middleboro.

Gambling is here. Its here to stay. Middleboro is in a pickle There are 1000s of people in this region depending on the jobs that casino would bring. The town was depending on the revenue.

Who knows where all this will end. With the future cuts to cities and towns from the State The casino revenue still looks good.

I hope Middleboro like our Governor works with the tribe.

We really need it. No doubt about it. If they sit down talk and come to some solution it will be for the good of the whole region.

Rocky said...

Colony Place is slowly nailing the coffin on the Independence Mall.

bogofree said...

Colony Place and Independance Mall ruined a great trail system. Maybe CPA money can tear down those eyesores and terraform nature back?

The whole "Raven" mess will result in just more mess. Hopefully, they can get out of this death trap agreement and get some real dough to the tune of 20Mil a year, CPI and a percentage of the slots. Bumpkin has blogged on how he'd even jump ship on a deal like that. I can be bought but not for what was put on the table. If this goes deeper than the Tribe just say goodbye to everything as what CFO could not stop the economy and sleeze operations did.

bogofree said...

"I'm sorry Bogo for srirring up your playpen."

Board is always open for venting and irrational comment and statements can always be deleted by the poster, modified by me or counter punched by others. Controversy is nice. Thanks to "The Raven" for giving us a posting bonanza.

Anonymous said...

You know what is eating me up, The way they quote Mark in the paper as working with Mr Bond to better the town. Mr Young working as a Childrens expert LOL! What a joke.
Mr Young lets his own board get away with what they did on that site and then tout hes a child expert Shame on him.

The first bit of negative attention brought to the Tribe Mark is right on Glady's comment section agreeing with everyone.

Carl can lie and fabricate pictures of people,Good O'l Mark will post his support for it all by posting comments in those forums.

Then he must wonder why everyone feels they can't trust him.

Good luck to Adam dealing with the likes of him.

LMAO said...

AB is playing this guy who just appears to need love and atta boy's tossed his way. He now views himself as a "player" in town politics. LOL! Maybe AB can tell him how easy it is to switch parties. Both are, IMO, self-serving and that is strictly for their ego. Hey, MT and MR, how do you feel about this new relationship? LMAO!

RY works for DSS, I believe, and that is quite possibly the most mis managed agency in the state. No doubt he carried over everything he learned into the operation of cfo. This is turning into a love fest for select pro's and anti's and you know what happens at a love fest - someone gets screwed and that someone will be us! LMAO!

North Slope Rigger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
North Slope Rigger said...

Sorry. My bad. Screwed up previous post.

Bozo. How 'bout those Giants!

Looks like the casino will not be built? I still have to go 100 miles? That just sucks.

I love Obama falling apart all around him.

bogofree said...

Hal has a nice take on the issue.

Rigger! How are the Pats doing? LOL!

bogofree said...

CPA meeting this evening that left me with a few doubts and the most significant is the time line. I'm in no hurry and would like to see the process go a bit longer than five months. Lincoln Andrews brought that point up and Brian G. elaborated on it saying the time frame was 15-18 months from discussions he had with town managers. Rush jobs are prone to mistakes and exhibit #1 is the casino. MB feels that the job can be done within five months and that is getting signatures and raising public awareness and shoving it down throats at TM. If he gets this done at the same speed he rides his bike it’ll be 2190 by the time it goes forward.

The money issue IMO was glossed over as the crowd at the meeting (about 25) does not look like they are cashing any food stamps. Chump change but not to everyone. I sense most taxpayers in these times will be very Scrooge like. Looks like the battle plan is to go for the 2% figure and that might not sit well. Found out CPA is once before scuttled (2002) when the begging figure was 3%.

Where the money goes is another issue as I can see special interests surfacing with their pet projects such as me chaining myself to the Town Hall (as though anyone cares) so that I can get a trail or two. This could end up like a game of monopoly as we try to determine which buy is best. The selection process could be quite interesting. Maybe duels? Damn I love duels! Swords and flintlocks. Ten paces. Don’t trust some of those folks as I think they’d turn around at nine and cap you.

Mark created a handout with a nice overview and I'm sure it's online somewhere but the term on the handout that this is "free money" just does not sit with me. When money comes from the government it is not free but the result of taxes and fees.

Lincoln Andrews, forever the naysayer, also brought up a situation in Wareham where the town is now spending money to maintain a historical property (Tremont Nail Co.) that was acquired via CPA. Lincoln also mention a report - Rappaport Report? That questioned the impact of CPA on home values and that is a topic that will be, I'm sure, examined more closely as said report is digested.

Adam Bond raised the issue of taking money out of the tax coffers by land acquisition and by lack of development opportunities since land will naturally be excluded from development. Personally, I can’t see that being a significant issue since we are not talking a hindered million or so.

Jane Lopes was present so I’m sure we’ll read something in the paper but she did assure me that if it was up to her 100% would be allocated to trail development and she would personally volunteer to put in 20 hours or so a week with her shovel and wheel barrel. I might buy an extra Gazette this week.

Probably some other stuff I missed but others will catch.

mildly said...

Having grown up in a working class family, projects like CPA just aren't high on my list of priorities. I don't trust people who want to part me from my money. What starts out as a temporary small amount for a "good cause" always seems to end up ballooning in amount and becoming permanent. And I'm weary of special interests and people pushing to pass something quickly. Might be able to convince me in the 18 month time frame, after careful research, but definitely not in 5 months for next Town Meeting. Didn't we learn anything from the last rushed deal?

That the wine and cheese tasting crowd was more represented than the flannel shirt, beer, and work boot majority doesn't surprise me. The former tends to delude themselves into a false sense of financial security. They tend to forget that they too are just a couple of paychecks away from the unemployment lines and pounding the pavement in the event of widespread layoffs.

Bogo, I'd really like to see your trails maintained, but there isn't any guarantee that's what the CPA money will wind up being used for. Guess I'm just not a very trusting person. I'm more the HT type--- Show me. Prove it to me.

I'd also like to see this whole Glenn Marshall fiasco and it's ramifications for the tribe, the casino, and the domino effect of those who will be implicated play out before we embark on any new ventures. The timing for CPA is all wrong and will be defeated.

The Wire said...

remember that tv show ?

Middleboro is famous now.

Never mind 20/20 This is a Box Office smash hit.

Who is going to sell the story ?


Family Guy said...

Not with my money you don't. I get the idea that these are all the do as I say people. Well, just listen to me - NO! Was defeated once before and this will be twice. If MB wants to make some inroads into the political structure try toning it down a notch and get on a board or two instead of attempting to force feed the citizens this pap from a pet project. Want unity? Hold a pro and anti square dance but keep your fooking fingers off my wallet.

Sounds like, according to the Bogo report, only a few were actaully asking some serious questions.

Family Guy said...

I forgot. Bogo are you going to hop off the fence on this one? Yes or no? You seem to be wishy and then washy on this one.

anonymous said...

I have to agree that Hal wrote the only unbiased blog on the news of the Marshall indictment. Not like the Blogfathers who are dancing in the streets celebrating as if they recieved an early Xmas present. I feel a major blogathon coming on.
******************************* humbug! Just MB's way of getting everyone to like him again and possibly vote for him in the future. As for MB and AB...strange Alan Shore and Denny Crane.LMAO
And JP's tome about how 'maturely' everyone behaved at last night's meeting? What would she know about mature? Never demonstrated that she understood the concept by her own example.

bogofree said...

I can understand the glee with CFO regarding this issue as I also have taken special delight in this POS getting nailed and it will go deeper. Took a lot of heat a year ago for some of my posts so now I can toss out "I told you so!" LOL!

I agree, anon, on your other observations.

Family Guy I am still on the fence. I have more negatives than positives on the CPA since I am trying to look through the eyes of others. I'll sit on the fence a bit longer but suspect this is not the time to move on a CPA and I am more of a 1% person. If it was entirely up to me I'd go 3% and toss as much as possible into land and historic preservation.

anonymous said...

Bogo. Has your opinion of cfo changed over this? IMO they had nothing to do with it as the ball was rolling well over a year ago when Raven was nailed. They can celebrate since this could kill the casino.

What happened to the LL board? Message center closed down. I also checked out casino-friend and Hal seemed fairly balanced. Also scanned the other blogs and it's a feeding frenzy.

Suo Mynona said...

I just hate the term "free money." It is insulting. The free money costs me money. The CPA people should say the town gets a match on MY money and YOUR money. That is more tuthful and it might be a little easier to swallow.

It is not free money. It is money that people worked very hard for. For many people in town what is being called a pittance is the difference between making ends meet and their financial world crumbling.

People are being laid off and loosing their jobs. I see it and would think others do as well.
Then to come up with a tax increase on a ballot question just as people may be getting out Christmas credit card debt is foolish IMO

The Wire said...

Casinos are coming. CPA will fail for no other reason other than one man with turkey feathers is leading the charge.

Anonymous said...

bogofree said...

First off my opinion of CFO has not changed. I just will not support an organization that consistently links to inaccurate data and does not rectify the situation. They can revel in the failure of "The Raven" and I can't blame them one bit as "The Raven" quite possibly destroyed this whole casino deal all by himself. Pro’s…be prepared for “I told you so” coming your way and I’ve already said that.

I would love to get some "free money" and I'm sure if I tried I'd be sitting next to "The Raven" in some cell trying to sneak a peek at the plasma TV he got for selling some innocent out.

Rush job makes me cynical and skeptical and then toss in the economy? This will be a very difficult measure to get approval on. Yeah....I'm still on the fence but ready to fall to the let's wait a year side.

I saw Mike is on "vacation" on his site and I assume he'll be back once his funk over "The Raven" dissipates. Mike wants a casino and he will eventually get it but the odds of it being a Tribal casino in Mboro are dropping like a 401(k). Things will go on an upswing if the BIA does give approval.

Anonymous said...

Carl is still defending Clark Ct.

BOGO your pretty smart.

Is a Lie a Lie ?

Glen Lied, Jessie Lied, Carl Lied, is there any difference between the lies ?

bogofree said...

Carl needs to look at the very beginning of this blog to fully understand the extent of the situation. I assume he has not since he is a fairly intelligent guy and if he had he would realize he is defending the indefensible. If he wishes to challenge any post I have made on that whole situation be my guest as it's all there step by step. Some times their (CFO) loyalty is misplaced. Too bad. An institutional character flaw?

There are some lies that go well beyond others...I did not have sex with that woman....WMD by Bush....biggies. Yes, Cynthia, I fixed the stair. Then you have "The Raven." He has a whole string of them. Plenty and they sucked in scads of folks and quite possibly destroyed the casino deal. When you get to mass mailings, suicides, Clark, ESL teachers, marshmallows and so on they are minor league stuff by minor leaguers.

anonymous said...

Got you, Bogo, and I have (and hate to) agree with you on CFO. I'm a pro (strong pro) and have a strong dislike for the tactics of CFO that now seem mild compared to the tactics of Raven. Too bad as I felt this was a good deal and the jobs were really needed. Now all is at risk.

The CPA seems like a collection of the political junkies of Middleboro. And the CPA is being recycled? LOL! Does AB lend support to this as a reward for MB going on his show?

I went to LL's site and he has a staement and that is it. Hey, Mike, come out of hiding and let Bogo trash Raven on your site. Mayve Val will show up to take some hits?

Suo Mynona said...

Bogofree IS the CPA group to have a high profile public question and answer session? I figure you might have the inside track since you have signed on -- or IS it signed off -- on the CPA. To play on your earlier political pun, I suppose it depends on what the defintion of IS is.

bogofree said...

I have signed nothing. I have to visit the proctologist regarding that fence post up my butt. I sent MB a statement and posted same here and over at Hal's new site.

CPA is low on my priority list and will probably stay right there. Like the casino issue I can be involved but not a zealot as that takes time, effort and intellect and on all three counts I fall woefully short. Much better to sit on the side lines and take cheap shots.

As far as a high profile from what I saw a few folks had some interesting questions regarding the process and would suspect the heat will get a lot hotter as more of the general public become involved and say "not with my money, “ and “You want to build a what?”

Suo Mynona said...


What do you expect the local unemployment rates to be in the early spring?

Rocky said...

Is the CPA group trying to pass this while the town is busy panicing about the casino this spring? What an outrage.

Mark and the CFO bunch complain that things are rushed without debate and isn't this exactly what he is doing?

What is the the CFO or the CPA?

bogofree said...

I do believe the unemployment in Mboro is about 6.5%. Not exactly sure since I follow state and national figures and the state is running around 6.7%. Michigan is nearing 10% but remember the figures are based on claims and do not take into consideration the underground economy, folks whose benefits have expired and transitional status (between jobs). I've heard the economic wizards claim that figures are really 2-4% higher. As for Mboro I'll say 12% by June since, as you all know, I'm a real pessimist on this whole thing. Today job claim figures came in lower than expected but we are still at a 26 year high but that is a bit of positive news and if we buy…buy…buy inventories will have to be built up.

Rocky …that very point of a “rush job” was raised by Lincoln Andrews and I did see several heads nodding when he said it. Brian G. expressed a longer time frame from his research into CPA in other towns. I do not feel the time frame for spring is appropriate and the economy atmosphere is not conducive to a campaign to take money out of our collective wallets no matter how positive the intent. CPA as far as I know is not vanishing and will be there in the fall of 2009 or later.

mildly said...

I'm going into radio silence for the holidays. So much to do, so many to visit. So, when I'm not working I'll be into merriment. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzi, Winter Solstice, and New Year!!! Peace and goodwill.

Stupid Comments said...

Yo Bogo.
Seen Jessie's Blog lately?


Whaaaaat? She can't be serious. She started stupid comments like Clark CT, ESL Teachers, Yiddish and marshmallows.

But she is serious. She gets out the flame thrower sparks it up and torches everyone.

bogofree said...

I guess we have an oxymoron here. Amazing! I'll have to check out the targets but it usually revolves around the BOS and Republicans. Maybe Clark from Ct. wrote it?

belligerently anonymous said...

MR writes on yesterday, referring to procasino folks:

"And you invest yourself so fully in villifying those who disagreed with you that you resort to name calling, making up fairy tales about them, spewing venom and various assorted untruths. Many of the casino supporters have been content to convince themselves and others that their neighbors, friends and fellow residents represented evil incarnate."

is she dense or what about her own behavior?

Anonymous said...

Quote from MB site.

"Re-entering negotiations would be like trusting, then marrying a street whore. Plain and simple"

Nice quote.


Anonymous said...

Is he speaking from experience on those types of negotiations?

Is MR one of the not so nice people her refers to in his recent blog?

bogofree said...

I hope MR has steel storm shutters on that glass house. Her comment - as someone posted here - is hilarious. Even SNL could not make up something like that. Just when you think the endless supply of material from the foot in mouth club will come to a halt something else pops up. I guess some don’t realize they are part of the problem.

CPA note. I was in the exercise room at the “Y” today - the smaller room - and was talking with several folks I know via our daily exercise. I explained a condense version of the CPA being as neutral as possible and all three said essentially “Not at this time with this economy.”

drive-by said...

Well, it's very obvious that many of the antis lost their moral indignation when they saw the door open to renegoiate the IGA for $25M-$30M. Suddenly gambling seems like something they can live with for the right price(JP, nocasino, MB, etc.). Funny how you, bogo, said that straight up front from the very beginning. At least you were honest. I guess the old adage that evryone has their price is proven in this case.

Will be interesting to see what Whittesley's advice to the BOS will be. My guess is that if the investors are indicted, they will back out of their backing of the tribe.

anonymous said...

CFO flu remedy:
1 large mug steaming apple cider
sprinkle of cloves
dash of cinnamon
double shot of Puerto Rican rum

stir and imbibe

repeat as often as needed


anonymous said...

Oh I forgot.
After 3-4 doses of the 'remedy', resume blogging.


bogofree said...

Show me the money! Since day one I have felt a true partnership is a percent of the slots and at least 20+ Mil with a CPI. That was the thing that turned me off as I have felt we sold too low. Yeah...they could build without us and it would take a century to do so. By the time infrastructure work was done we'd be flying around like the Jetsons. G&E would string wire a mile a decade. Water and sewer? LOL! Thousand room hotel with a Port-O-Potty in each room. They'd have to use bottled water and a shower would consist of wet naps. Big generators to supply power.

Be interesting to see how the hard core anti's react to those that jump ship? Some, like Ms. Bogo, are no casino at any cost - moral crackpots. (no, she does not read this blog). Nothing like a nice schism within the ranks. Anything to encourage disarray is fine with me.

MB blogged several months ago that his soul was for sale on this and his price tag was similar to mine. Pragmatist? Don't know but he did take some heat for it.

The investment group is rather insular at this point and I suspect their "straws" or "stooges" will end up taking the big fall. "The Raven" is already canned and in the can and I'm sure the Feds will root out the rest to have an extended vacation as guests of the Federal Government. How deep it really runs will provide amusement and gossip well into the summer and expect to hear “I have not received anything from them “ tossed around as a mantra by locals.

drive-by said...

Oh crap! How am I supposed to get up the energy to snow blow the driveway and walks without first getting my Dunkin Donuts?

Actually I'm thankful the snow is preventing an impulsive trip to the stores to get 50% to 70% off things I don't need. I guess that holiday spending is so off that sales clerks have been authorized to dicker on even already marked down merchandise. Desperation in the winter air.

anonymous said...

Hey, Bogo, time to send a life line to LL. Get a load of his latest front page rant. LOL!

bogofree said...

Anon. I just read Mike's statement and it was "interesting." There are two distinct issue and the first is the Tribe itself. Is the actions of "The Raven" a reflection on the Tribe? Of course it is. He ran the operation like his personal fiefdom and many have a has it really changed attitude? Some has compared Raven to a mafia Don but I view it more like Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters. When Jimmy was gone the specter of his influence still hovered over the union both when he was in the slammer and finally buried in a Jersey landfill. IMO "The Raven" has exerted the same degree of influence. However, the Tribe is not based on the Constitution but on their own tribal laws.

The second issue is the deal itself. How much influence peddling took place? To what degree was the deal - top to bottom - tainted by this influence? I’m all for a review of it since it offers the possibility of collecting a few more bucks at the Tribe and developers expense. OK by me. How the BIA looks at this is another matter as they may just look the other way or they may put everything on hold. Be interesting.

drive-by said...

Even if Shawn and Co. negotiate a new contract with Middleboro right now, considering the fact that they will likely be indicted, would it be worth the paper it's written on?

Also, doubt the new Obama appointee as head of the BIA will grant LIT at this time considering the uncovered impropriaties.
Wouldn't reflect well on the new administration as they try to recreate "Camelot". LMAO

As for LL, I suspect he's in a state of denial after expending so much energy fighting for the casino for almost two years. I don't see that he's in a good position to tell the people of Middleboro not to push for a better deal considering he isn't a resident here. There may be some among the tribe in dire straights financially. But we can't compare that to the future of a town of 22,000. Besides, LL has to remember Marshall and others yet to be named sold their own people down the river.

Anonymous said...

Did JP and MB really do that to him ? What were those two thinking ?

drive-by said...

BTW, my antivirus program is notifying me of a Trojan trying to enter every time I try to check the site.

the threats said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the threats said...

This is what I want.
> 1. I want you to turn ownership of over to me. It
> will contain links to pro and anti casino sites and be offered for
> sale. In the event that it is sold, I will let you negotiate the sale
> and take all the proceeds.
> 2. I want your forum to be shut down and never re-open another one.
> This probably sounds unreasonable to you. Please understand where I
> am coming from. I feel that you attack me time and time again, go into
> periods of good behavior, then attack all over again. The reason
> I offer this solution is that I can't see any other way to prevent
> future attacks.
> I am willing to discuss alternate ways of preventing all personal attacks
> against, me, Mary, Jessie, and other PEOPLE in the future. Sure, attack
> the issues, the content, etc. But not PEOPLE.
> If we can come to an agreement, I will remove the post completely and
> not produce the YouTube video I mentioned. If we cannot, the post
> will be restored to it's original content and we go from there.
> How do we proceed?
> Lastly, in case the point has been lost. Despite all you've done, I don't
> want your business to suffer. I want you to stop making outrageous attacks
> once and for all.
> -Mark

n return, you will:

1. Restore the front page of Middleboro Casino to a business
advertisement promoting your services and testimonials.

2. You will maintain your forum as a private discussion site that is
not publicly displayed and does not allow ANY under 18 years of age
to post.

3. Relinquish control of

4. You will cease attacking others with vicious and untrue comments.

5. You will post an acknowledgement on this blog agreeing to those
things and on the front page of your forum.

Consequences if you fail to abide by your agreement:

1. Your appearance before the BIA will be publicly posted. Isn't that the
one in which you called CFO racists and terrorists?

2. ALL posts and comments and links that have been removed
will be restored.

3. I will post on my blog ALL of the untrue and inflammatory comments
you have made in the last several months and link to ALL of the same
links that currently exist.

4. Action will be taken under MGL Chapter 265: Section 43.

I look forward to an amicable resolution and to your acknowledgement
in the comments to this blog entry.


Anonymous said...

MB would never do that.If I'm correct thats extortion isn't it?

drive-by said...

JP's threats against a business made people dislike her even more than they already did. It was wrong.

But asking for a new IGA with the Wamps is totally unrelated. Glenn Marshall's actions very possibly made that deal null and void. Bogo's been right all along. $7M to $9M really sucks and will be worth very little if and when a casino is built. The investors can well afford to front the tribe for what the project is really worth. It's just good business.

drive-by said...

Perhaps what MB and JP did was extortion by normal definition. But internet law is still unchartered territory. If the DA and police could have done something about it they would have. Apparently much of what is written on the internet is not actionable.

anonymous said...

"Bellicose Buympkin" has incredible nerve saying:

"Sure, attack the issues, the content, etc. But not PEOPLE."

He and his mighty fellow Blogfathers wrote the book on personal attacks. How come he and CFO don't eliminate all the personal attacks "Gladys" and "Middleboro Review" have made?

Double standard. You bet. Stop your preaching Bellicose Bumpkin.

bogofree said...

Mike has the history of some of the mess he went through on his site. Several links. Very interesting. Blackmail? Extortion? All up to the reader. The Threats has posted on it.

This is a golden opportunity to weasel out of that agreement from hell. Like finding a loophole in some dumb azz contract or pre-nup you are stuck with.

As far as a virus I understand from Hal that blogspot is quite prone to it. I get nothing when I sign on to any blogs including this one. If others have any info just post it. Run a scan to clear up any issues.

Family Guy said...

The warring factions provide some quality entertainment. Seems like Mike against about a half dozen or so of the Grogfathers. With all the blather from the cfo bloggers you get a firm double standard as all you have to do is examine the blogs month after month and watch them amp it up. This iste has had post after post on the contridictions of that crowd so how can anyone take them seriously?

chica said...

A busy season for me and I wish you all a very happy holiday season.

Why should anyone pay any attention to JP and MR? They have both shown they are incapable of any rational thought when anyone presents a challenge to them. Mike, your behaviors may be far from perfect but compared to the two of them you are a saint.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, but I have a filing cabinet filled with statistical information from the towns surrounding the 2 CT casinos and believe a credible projection could have been accomplished by an EXPERT of ALL of the projections the town casually tosses around -- many with gross errors that even the uninitiated could fault"

Clark Ct. Comes right to mind with this statement of hers.

Why should anyone pay any attention to JP and MR?


anonymous said...

Reading Jessie's Blog is so amusing. Now she is extolling China as the upcoming world leaders in the environmental movement because they are trying to build efficient cars for the rest of the world. It is like saying Josef Mengele (the Angle of Death) lead the world in medical research.

Whenever I am feeling confused about life and politics I read her blog for verification that being confused is very relative.

Keep blogging Jessie. Provide assurance the rest of us are securely sane.

drive-by said...

Hal continues to give very good, objective daily observations of unfolding events since Glenn Marshall signed his plea with the feds. Well worth taking the time to read Casino-Friend. Good job, Hal.

bogofree said...

I agree on Hal as he'll take a non flaming approach - what fun is that?

Nasty roads today as I went to visit my sisters on the North Shore. Drive home was finr. Tomorrow at 8AM bus ride to NYC. I wanted to take the Fung Wah bus since I enjoy sitting with live chickens.

China is an environmental disaster. What was she thinking? The Olympics almost had folks not showing up because of air quality. Talk about coal fired plants - 100 new ones.

drive-by said...

Well, bogo, Hal may not be a ball of fire and certainly can't take a razing. But sometimes I like to know what's REALLY going on. LOL

There goes JP again! Making up facts again. Maybe we ought to all pitch in and send her on a LONG fact-finding trip to China.

anonymous said...

Ya think MR would like her rights to free speach in China?

alien X said...

I find the holidays melancholy. So many memories of things that are gone. Watched "A Christmas Carol" with Patrick Stewart, always a reminder of suffering people. Then a Victor Borge medley, "The Nutcracker", The Hallmark Channel holiday marathon, and "A Christmas Story". A day's menagerie of things from the past. OMG, finally had to open a bottle of spirits (Navonne=vanilla flavored cognac)I saved for Xmas company to get myself out of a funk. Every year I kill myself making things perfect for everyone else then wind up ODing on sentimentality. Next year....a wild cruise on the party ship (Celebrity) to the Southern Caribbean. No mess, no fuss, no looking back. Lucky you...listening to my Xmas whine. Another week and this Christmas will finally be over. Thank God.

Oh wait...then there's New Years. Every year I think "Thank goodness this year's over. Next year couldn't possibly be worse. Then i is. Life sucks, then you die. roflmao

belligerently anonymous said...

MR today on nemasket:
"Keep in mind, PPP only worked because voters were asleep and failure to remain vigilante and participate will allow a repeat."

Hmmm, could she be one of the nagging moonbat hags Howie Carr complained about in his OpEd today? You stay vigilant MR. You keep participating in all your negativity. Do you have any kind of life that includes interacting socially with real people, besides your cyber friends? Do you even understand why others stay miles away from you? If you don't start facing and dealing with some of your obvious issues, you are facing a very lonely old age. Wake up, MR, before it's too late.

anonymous said...

The Cape Cod Times has been grinding out a story a day predicting the fall of Hendricks. Guess he's been side by side with Marshall every step of the way since 2000. And his name is now listed #1 on the infamous Fisherman's Fund. Salary from tribe went from $43,000/yr last year to $126,000/yr now. Things don't look good for him.

bogofree said...

I'm in NYC for a few days and managed to make it here thanks to the fact that a Greyhound bus can eat up the snow. Just got dragged down to Times Square after seeing the musical "Young Frankenstein." I thought it was about JP and MR but they said "Young."

Tomorrow a play and shopping (great. Laptop is useless at this hotel (Milford Plaza) so I'll use hotel computers.

I'm sure some of our favorite bloggers have convinced themselves they are always on the high road. LOL!

Sounds like Alien X is in a good holiday spirit. I always liked Scrooge, alien, except for the ending. That sucked.

AnonYmouS said...

To Belligerently Anonymous

Jessie probably likes any attention she gets, it is all good if it keeps her in the public's eye. She has her three or four fellow bloggers for devoted support.

Laughing All the Way said...

The most hilarious criticism of others Jessie has ever written on her blog----
"Instead of the appreciation for other viewpoints or better ideas,
or even of potential compromise, a belief spread that condemned
those who disagreed. Toleration, diversity and more
importantly, LISTENING were trashed.

Incorporated within that disdain, was an abandonment of FACTS,
a willingness to accept and embrace the opinion of others."

Could it be possible that she is actually blind to her own lack of tolerance for the opinions of others, disdain for the facts, and history of trashing others by their real names on her blog? Or does she think she is so above everyone else she doesn't have to live by her own rules? Funniest thing I ever read by her.

bogofree said...

Not even necessary to comment on JP....just look at the record. Don't even need a laugh track.

Wake Up, BOS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Bogo, is a riot today. You have to click on that link.
Does he ever quit? LOL!

bogofree said...

I saw that. LL is in great rant form.

Family Guy said...

This is priceless. Mr. CPA is going after Hal on the dollars. We have MR going off on the Republicans but more important Spataro. CC is trying to dig up some historian to attempt to justify her skewered view of history. "1623" is looking for shunned Indians. Gladys is all over the map. LL is in hyper drive. Hal has opened up a casino thread. I'm not even thinking of Toxic.

How bad is it? Only Bogo is making any sense! Think of that statement!

Family Guy said...

Didn't see your little post Bogo. You are right. LL is a riot today. All go and check that out.

LMAO said...

Hey, JP, nice try on SP. Think you'll have any influenece? LMAO! Lady you are the kiss of death in this town to anyone you toss your support behind.

Laughing All the Way said...

Poor Ebenezer Powell entered a post on an oil spill at 4:05 pm Xmas Eve. Beware the spirits of Xmas past, present, and future dear. Surely they will be visiting you tonight to show you the way to a fuller life. ;)

Family Guy said...

Getting gifts wrapped, having some egg nog and having a traditional Xmas eve fish dinner. Wishing everyone a happy holiday but I have to take, as Bogo would say, a cheap shot at MR. I checked it out. The reason it is not national - and, MR, the news media is left slanted - is that it is no big deal. Your source, MR, is a green newslatter so we all know that it will be over stated. What happened? Didn't Mother Jones cover the story?

Anyways, MR, a happy holiday to you and keep on coming out with your blog as it is an endless source of dented facts and disjointed comments.

anonymous said...

This just in. JP had so much coal in her stocking the EPA has been called in. Makes that ash spill look small. Merry Christmas to Ms. Scrooge.

LMAO said...

Just got through reading the GK blog on light pollution. Wonder what she uses for light? LMAO! These folks are just clueless. Then I see the latest rumblings by the "Queen Of Cut And Paste" and naturally it is all about the evils of coal. Hey, MR, don't you drive around in a mini-van? How did they forge that steel? How do you light your home? Whale oil? Nope - endangered. LMAO!

AnonYmouS said...

MR should put HER money where HER mouth is and buy a Toyota Prius. That junk mini van causes more pollution than her ramblings other things.

Easy to talk the talk hard and expensive to walk the walk (or is drive the drive)

Rocky said...

GK is complaining about the light pollution of the prison? That thing lights up the sky all the way to her house.

AnonYmouS said...

"Prisoner's of the first light"

The casino will be smack between the prison and plymouth's colony place. Those two places already ruined the night sky. She is an oar short and a blog late.

If she was so worried about the night cky why did she move next to the prison? I know, she wanted to next to the prisoners of the first light LMAO

anonymous said...

First Light? She'll never see the light! The whole focus has been on environmental attempts at this point as they are setting the stage for that. Once the tribe gets their s**t together that will be the only avenue open to the anti's. Good luck.

Rocky said...

Mary should move to Palmer to get away from it all.

LMAO said...

I think she should move back to Middleboro and run for the BOS.

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