Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Brockton Enterprise is now a truly worthless paper. The deterioration came over a period of years and the transition I noticed initially was in the sports section. Use to be on Sunday you would have three or four notes columns on the various sports. No more. This also applies to the news other than that found in the “Toy Department, ” which is what they in the news biz call the sports department. Local news has shrunk. Coverage of stories seems inconsistent with lack of follow up. The Op-Ed page is something to just glance over. I realize this is the end result of changes in how we get our news but sitting down and reading the paper use to be entertaining, informative and enjoyable. Not anymore. I’ll drink my tea at the computer screen.

This week information has surfaced that Toxic is paying more than lip service to complaints by “alleged” CFO folks regarding information posted on that site. Good luck with that as the posters are a resilient and inventive lot. Reminds me of that scene in Karate Kid of trying to catch a fly with chop sticks. Great movie bit but virtually impossible. I’ll have the Tiki Buddha ship some sticks over for the next “gala.”

My wife has decided to paint the living room. Harmless enough project but she has now restored our aquarium and purchased some fish. In the world of fish my wife is Joseph Mengele as she experiments with various PH levels as the casualties mount. The rising death toll does have another negative side to it as the cats now realize some winter sports fun is fast disappearing.

Post away.


mildly said...

Buying Swiss Colony Chocolate Truffles leads to binging before they ever get wrapped to give to someone else. Ohhhhhhhh, I ate the whole box.

After perusing "Middleboro Matters and Manners" I find it highly unlikely that it will attract the participation Hal is seeking. Too dry, humorless, boring, and overly supervised. Bogo, the other sites may use all the technical wizardry but they're just missing something that works very well for you here. You're not a Board Nanny. You don't overmoderate.

Fun to read; fun to post.

Suo Mynona said...

Don't you just love how quickly Obama is lowering expectations

LMAO said...

Obama...let's continue in Afganistan and Iraq. Forget about those Bush tax cuts. Let's create 2,500,000 jobs with the ultimate trickle down. Health care? Just don't get sick! How many more? Am I shocked? LMAO! He's a politican.

LMAO said...

I almost forgot. Middleboro Madness! The site that will try to out bore Board Nanny! LMAO! I wish Hal luck (not really) and I have seen Bozo wasting his time but he's retired. Hal, Tony, Wally. My sleeping pill.

drive-by said...

Incredible lack of judgment:


PONTIAC, Mich. — A medical examiner's office in Michigan has canceled public school tours after a high school group watched the autopsy of a 14-year-old girl from their district.

The Detroit News reports Monday that Oakland County officials decided to stop the tours in Pontiac after they were contacted by the girl's parents, who were very upset about the March tour.

Mike Zehnder, the county's director of public services, says it was "a poor decision" to let the tour go on.

The newspaper reports the teacher who brought in the Waterford Kettering High School group was told the autopsy would be of a Waterford middle school student and discussed that with students.

drive-by said...

The interview:

Human Resources was interviewing 3 women for a job as an administrative assistant: a red-head, a brunette, and a blonde.

Just for fun the interviewers decided to throw an off the wall question to see how they'd answer.
So they asked the red-head to stay while the other two waited in the hall.

"How many Ds are there in Indiana Jones?

"That's easy," answered the red-head, "One!"

"Very good! Now please ask the brunette to come in."

When the brunette was asked how many Ds in Indiana Jones, she replied "ONE!" very definively.

"Very good! Now, please have the blonde come back into the room."

"How many Ds in Indiana Jones?" the blonde was asked.

The blonde sat staring at the ceiling counting in her head. Then she switched to counting on her fingers. Finally she asked, "Can I have a calculator please?"

"Sure, here you go."

The blonde added the figures fast and furiously and finally announced, "Thirty-two."

"Thirty-two? How did you get that?"

"Oh, that was easy. Da da da da, Da da daaa, Da da da da, Da da da da daaaa, Da da da da, da da daaa, da da da da, da da da da daaaa....."

bogofree said...

Maybe that joke needs an autopsy? Bada boom!

LMAO - where is my tax cut? Obama said 95% of us. WTF! Is this a politican changing his/her mind? I am shocked!

drive-by said...

Ah yes, bad joke. Too quiet this week. Not much to post about. All sites dead, except for Hal posting prolifically to himself.

Looks like CFO has successfully squashed Topix.

anonymous said...

Topix is alive and well as it has a tendency to have peaks and valleys during the weeks. Like you said all the other sites are dead.

Bogo. Are you following the Obama tax cut BS? 95% get a tax cut is on hold and the Bush tax agenda will be in place. Same old.

Family Guy said...

Anon and Drive-by I just went over to Topix to check it out and the only thread with any action is one on jobs. Quiet but it has been like that before until a Grogfather does something stupid. This was an interesting post (not mind) and poster is talking about the cfo beer bash (gala) that is occasionally on local channel 9.

"Mr. CFO President, who spoke so proudly at their recent beer blast regarding closing the trackes, will go to Raynham and speak personally to each and every employee about how proud he is about that?

Thousands of jobs and billions of dollars sit in Ct and R.I. while we get nothing. How many jobs? 10,000? All low wage like accounting, IT, floor bosses and so on. Right? Don't worry, they will have to have their local protectionsim in place."

Family Guy said...

Been a bit since I have stopped by over here but I saw the posting when I went through on Hal's site. LOL! I'll troll it.

bogofree said...

I have taken my daily observation at Topix and it is quiet but that happens until CFO displays their Foot-In-Mouth disease.

Hal's site is up and running and slow as are all others. Hal is attempting to focsus primarily on non casino topics and I'm sure it will be a gathering pace for pro's while nemasket will be for anti's.

All else does seem quiet.

LMAO said...

JP the moonbat has rambled on for weeks about all those nasty Republicans. Well, The govenor of Illinois just got nailed. The Dems also lost a few in Congress recently and of course our list in Massachusetts that goes right up to DiMasi. Hey, Jessie, will you post on it? LMAO!

anonymous said...

Mike now has an open site like this one and Topix.

mildly said...

Uh-oh, bogo. Guess you've got some competition. Since too many choices just confuse me, I'll keep hanging out here.

I don't know why everyone's so disappointed that Obama threw out all his campaign promises with his smiley mask. Politicians are all liars, every single one of them. Look at how fast Devalue's mantra changed from "Yes we can" to "Oops, sorry, no we can't". I feel sorry for those who expected "change" or a return to Camelot. So far, Obama is gravitating to loyal Dems who've been around DC for quite awhile. Lookey here-----> we've got the Clinton administration back. And that means ole Bill will soon be entertaining us and embarassing his party for at least 4 years. LMAO!

Hmmm...somehow, throughout the years I've morphed into a cynic.

bogofree said...

Mike does have his site as an open post like Topix and mine. As long as things run smooth that will work out. MB is attached to the anti side and Hal to the pro side and that divides the audience. I'm on the side of bad taste, lunacy, inconsistency and trash CFO.

I was SHOCKED that Obama is in full retreat on several promises. He is beginning to look more like Reagan than JFK and maybe Bork will get that SC seat after all? I love to see Move On and the other moonbat organizations just all in a lather over this. McCain was Bush II? LOL! Might be Obama? Bush and Congress put us 7 TRILLION in the hole and Obama has added a couple of trillion without even being in office. Not only that we have “Our objective is to hunt down al quada.” He’ll be sending the troops into Afganistan in droves so keep us on a war footing for another decade. Obama folded up before the show even started on dumping the Bush tax cuts.

belligerently anonymous said...

Sure am glad I'm not on JP's Xmas list this year. "A pack of CFLs, a programmable thermostat, and a tube of caulk, wrapped in a sweater." Oh, and she inferred she may be knitting the sweaters. Too funny!

Mike said...

Stop, I can't stand laughing like this. Hi Honey here is your bucket of caulk and CFLs. LMAO. I'll be caulked and CFLd.

She is only trying to make a point about how important it is to save enery with other people's ideas.

The CFLs really work I did take that idea. Just as much light.

Good Job Jessie. Keep up the good work.

Your buddy


belligerently anonymous said...


for new format for OCD Anonymous. Yikes! Everything in its proper place.

belligerently anonymous said...

Tips for JP:
Turn off your PC occasionally to save valuable kilowatt hours. Also, throw a cow chip or two into your wood stove to increase heat out put. Very green thing to do.

Thank you for all your efforts to save our planet.

bogofree said...

I was going to go shopping in the Victoria Secrets catalog but now I'll look at the Benny's weekly flyer.

Family Guy said...

"Queen Of Cut And Paste." LOL!

I just wonder when she is going to jump all over those miscreant Democrats in this state especially Sal - that's right Sal is against casinos! Hey, JP, concentrate on Wilkerson and Marzelli and Tuner. Branch out into Illinois. LOL. I just love the selective memory of oh so many.

While I’m in a trashing mode has everyone else noticed the total quiet regarding the Grogfathers? Hey, “1623,” time to step up with an excuse or two or three. What about the rest? Hey, RY, Mr. President - explain your group and their public beer bash.

Boy, I’m in a good mood today!

drive-by said...

I read a piece in the Globe today that Caroline Kennedy is in negotiations to fill Hillary's seat in the Senate. Other than being a lawyer and stumping for Obama the only experience she brings with her is the "privilege" of bearing the Kennedy name.

drive-by said...

Family Guy--Never fear. CFO's greatest talent is screwing up. Give them a day to invent some new fiction.

Anonymous said...

Gladys Kravitz AKA Mary Tufts said...
Speaking of Mrlimo I think ?

Yes. I remember this individual thought so highly of me he once threatened my life.

He still maintains a web site url with my name. He offered a cash equivalent prize to anyone who could photoshop an unflattering or embarrassing picture of me. He called me a liar, for stating a well-documented fact, in front of an official delegation from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He had a transgender friend dress exactly as I was from a photo. And he himself went out to a highly public event at Middleboro Town hall with a plastic sheep attached to his crotch in order to insinuate that an anti-casino blogger was into bestiality.

And he expresses disgust...

drive-by said...

All of MT's complaints are silly and childish except one.....the alleged threat on her life. What is she talking about? Did LL ever say or write something that could be considered a death threat? If that were true, I would imagine he would have been arrested and prosecuted, which obviously hasn't happened.

Anonymous said...

"He called me a liar, for stating a well-documented fact, in front of an official delegation from the Bureau of Indian Affairs"

I watched the Video, read his letter is in the BIA PDF. No where does he mention your name.

Why would you feel he was talking about you ?

Why would you print something like that in a public forum.

Do you realize the proof is just by reading his letter.

You lied Mary.

Anonymous said...

Researched that name. There is a bunch of them.

Ooops. The disclaimer says.. Not associated with anyone living or dead. Nothing on that site written about our very own MT.

Lied again.

Anonymous said...

"He had a transgender friend dress exactly as I was from a photo"

Ooops! Lied again or your just Blind. That was a hot chick.

Anonymous said...

"And he himself went out to a highly public event at Middleboro Town hall with a plastic sheep attached to his crotch in order to insinuate that an anti-casino blogger was into bestiality"

Your friend, never mind.

Parody thats all.

Anonymous said...

"He offered a cash equivalent prize to anyone who could photoshop an unflattering or embarrassing picture of me"

Well considering how you have torched everyone in videos putting LL on the side of a limo. you started the game.

He had every right to do whatever.

Anonymous said...

"Yes. I remember this individual thought so highly of me he once threatened my life"

Thats a straight up lie like all the others.

This is the truth though. You were thinking of him sitting naked at a computer you sick turkey bird.


bogofree said...

A Kennedy using privilege? NFW! Next thing you'll tell be they use their influence to get off of a vehicular manslaughter charge or a date rape charge or numerous drunken driving offenses and even harassment of a Federal employee at T.F. Green Airport. They are coming as close to an aristocracy as possible and with enough pols and voters willing to enable bad behavior then just be my guest.

Was trapped into rug shopping. My wife has been touching up the house lately - painting, filling in holes, woodwork upgrades and decided to replace a runner going to our upstairs. This is twelve steps (I may need that program) and it will cost for the one she wants about $800 and that includes installation. Why do I even need this?

Looks like MT has surfaced as a topic of conversation. She is welcome to reply.

Rocky said...

If Mary Tufts Life was threatened, she did not go to the police and file charges. If she doesn't file charges then I think she is a liar. Anybody with half a brain would do that. Jessie Powell would be calling Clark CT confirming it.

Result. Unless she comes up with proof, Mary Tuft is a Confirmed Liar to.

Anonymous said...

MT is a freak,
Do you think with all that talk of LLs transgender lifestyle she finds it really turns her on ? I know CP would like to hit on LL he's like a pig in heat on LLs leg.

MT wants LLs partner she can't stand stop talking about and thinking about him.

LL hold on to yours. Someone has the hots for your other half.

Damn went from the selectman to LLs other half.



bogofree said...

Calm down a bit boys and girls.

mildly said...

Can't change the past and can't change other people. CFO is in the end stage of a terminal which the actions of a few infected the whole organization. Bogo and dal challenged their inconsistencies (starting with JP) and gave them the opportunity to come clean. They chose not to and in doing so doomed themselves. They're finished. Caput.

Although it's good to vent, at some point we have to let go and move on. I know that sounds like an easily spoken platitude, but it's the truth. Don't give these people the power to ruin the peace of this season for you or your families. The Blogfathers have revealed themselves for who and what they are. They have no way to regain their credibility now.

mildly said...

Bogo, like your wife, I'm also in an 'out with the with the new' mode. Changing whole interior from sparse modern to country comfy. Every paycheck, something new. Sort of like the 7 year itch, except I'm keeping the husband. Taking advantage of all the bargains and not going top of the line. Better to do it now while I still have a few pennies...and a job. The whole idea of financial security is an illusion anyhow. Damned if I'm not going to enjoy today. There's a bit of Scarlet O'Hara in most women....I'll worry about tomorrow TOMORROW.

bogofree said...

If it was out with the old I'd have a shopping cart loaded with my belongings and living under that I-495 bridge on Route 105.

Seems a bit of old news with MT that is being posted not that I'm one adverse to dredging up the past. Right now the CFO bloggers are a small and select group posting for their own enjoyment and mutual backslapping - hey, sounds like this site!

CFO had their chance and did not come clean. They do "protect their own" and that shows how foolish they have become in letting the obvious go unattended.

The whole Jessie thing I fear has resulted in a negative fall back for the nemasket site.

With my wife little is being replaced and most of it is a general spruce up of the homestead but this rug. She wants to dish out $800 for this thing so we will have it "before Xmas." Strictly an impulse buy and when she has done that in the past it has failed.

Suo Mynona said...

Casino Facts Organization has showed they nothing but expedient. The ends always justify the means. They just cannot plan the means very well and have no control over the rank and file.

Bogo if your wife wants to spend 800 bucks to work around the house it sounds like a great investment for continued marital bliss. Better than her asking you to do the work.

Living under the bridge at 105 and 495 is interesting. No rent or utilities to pay. Best thing is that MOM may even help you. Ah, you have not heard of MAM. It is not tpo be confused with Middleboro on the move. It is Moonbats of Middleboro. If you were living under the bridge Jessie and her fellow moonbats may take up a Christmas collection for you.

bogofree said...

Tom Daschle as Health and Human Services Secretary. Great news as we now have a moonbat extraordinaire pumping the PR for health care. Never met a Big Government program he could not make bigger. Each and every American will have access to affordable health care according to President-Elect bad - Obama. Wonder when that paper trail will end up on his doorstep?

If the government manages this as well as they have managed Medicare and the VA I expect the national life expectancy figures to slide under age 70.

LMAO said...

Bogo. I thought you dropped out of all the political garbage? I’m sure President -Elect is as clean as can be from all those years in Chicago politics. LMAO! Emanuel and Obama were advisors to this character. What about Tony Rezko, who is corrupt as they come, and is connected to Obama? Maybe one of the more vocal anti-Republican bloggers will blog all about this. IMO this will come down and I would not be surprised to see Mr. Hope and Change not be as clean as his worshipers put him out to be.

Big government is what you got when they elected this crowd and it will not get better. They’ll get the Fairness Doctrine and then all you’ll get is the party line. Sorry, but, 1984 has arrived a bit late, but it is here.

bogofree said...

Just an observer, LMAO, and not an active participant. I can just sit on the sidelines and take my shots. Looks like President Perp may have a seedy Chicago background, either knowingly or unknowingly. Naturally, he'll deny anything and everything regarding all those rumors that will swirl around him. Wonder if he'll have to wear one of those GPS bracelets?

Seems Big Government will always be here no matter which party runs the show since, IMO, both are in the tank at this point. The bureaucracy will continue to grow exponentially and we will all pay and pay and pay.

In our lovely state the Gov is trying to shove in a measure to have him appoint a new senator and not we the voters. This was a measure rammed through by the Democrat hoodlums back in 2004 when the prospect became possible that a ghastly Republican may be able to actually appoint a fellow Repub or himself to that cherished office. Now that threat has passed and it's back to the same old

mildly said...

CPA? NFW! If it were based on donations matched equally by the state, I'd consider it. But then, with beaurocratic involvement it would become just another program for the state to screw up. But I absolutely refuse to pay a surcharge on my real estate taxes, especially with appraisals falling and taxes rising.

If people are serious about conserving land, why not be more open to cluster housing communities? IMO, requiring a certain acreage to build single family dwellings is a waste of open space that is no longer practical. I've seen architectural plans for cluster housing, from the high to the low end, and they can be very individualized and attractive, not cookie cutter, taking up less than half the acreage of most developments.

bogofree said...

The CPA is not free money or a gift. Local and state funds are not received via a money tree but from our pocketbooks so we have to tread carefully knowing that this will be an increased tax burden. An issue such as that deserves to be on the ballot so that the voters can make a choice based on the evidence presented.

Myself I really am narrow focuses to one particular area and that is trail development and preservation and if the CPA is funded I would certainly like to see some of it diverted to that area. I am sure many supporters of the measure have their own areas in which they would like to see expenditures made so that process will certainly be interesting.

Suo Mynona said...

The CPA will never pass (if it manages onto the ballot, which is very doubtful). Remember Jessie's recall? This will be Belanger's recall. Here is hint. Most people in the town are more concerned with their personal finances and then maybe core town services.

In the midst of this massive economic contraction people are worried about their ability to pay existing taxes, mortgage payments, put food on the table, utility bills and the extra essentials such as paying for school sports. In the back of their mind is fear of loosing their job (if they are still lucky enough to have their job) and their shrinking retirement savings and net worth

It's easy to spend OPM (other peoples' money) if you can afford luxuries like 3 computers. But the catch with the CPA is that moonbats can't spend OPM in this town because Middleboro won't allow it -- especaially now in these hard times. We are a conservative town with conservative ideals. That is why we have three state reps -- gerrymandered into oblivion.

Simple advice to those looking to try and get the CPA passed: Suck on your index finger, hold it up in the air, feel the evaporative cooling and figure out which way the cold winter wind is blowing.

bogofree said...

Mboro has a long history of being fiscally conservative or to Moonbat Nation - tightwads. But, as you stated, we can all be free and easy with others money. IMO this does not have much of a chance of passing since people vote their pocket book and in the current economic climate I would be shocked if it get 40%.

Personally, I somewhat like the idea, but am cautious as to how the money will be spent.

LMAO said...

Hey, Bumpkin, enjoy your dream. What do you figure this is your gateway to respectability? LMAO!Cultivating a run for BOS? You still have the village idiot posting on your site and she is more of a moonbat than you. Have her as your campaign manager. WTF! Are you going to lecture us on how wonderful this latest ploy is? Yeah, it's a blend of anti and pro who are giving you your props and laughing their asses off behind your back. Bottom line, Bumpkin, people don't want to spend the money and are worried about their jobs. Boy, Bumpkin, what a great choice for a name. LMAO!

anonymous said...

CPA can just die. Does anyone really think this will pass? Bogo, you and your trails! You'd sell out your soul, if you had one, for a trail. All they'll do is funnel the money into some freaking pet project. I read MB on this and he has Bond's support? LOL! Hey, MT, how about that?

Only $1.32 a week. Sure. That is real logical and if I add up eveyone who uses the same tired ploy I'll be spending c $300 a week.

Hear this lound and clear great Bumpkin. NFW!

Suo Mynona said...

CPA people should support something that will help the average person in these hard times. The Town now charges for trash pick up, the schools are deteriorating and under staffed, the library, parks dept and COA are on the brink of disappearing, the health dept cannot provide sufficient elderly assistance.

Now is not the time for a few people to try and raise taxes to essentially help protect land in wealthier (not a typo)towns than Middleboro.

Hear that giant sucking sound? It is people putting a taxing vacuum to your piggy bank.

Anonymous said...

Come on Leave the Dude man alone.

He means well.

"Smoke em if you got em"

Right on Bro?


bogofree said...

Trash tax. My personal get me started phrase. I have a house in Brockton that I rent to my son and they have a trash tax of about $280 a year but with a nice difference. How do I get rid of stuff from my house? Old mattress, bed frames, appliances and other large items? I use his truck and in Brockton they pick them up with notice. No extra charge. Air conditioners? Cost me $25 in Mboro and shipped two over to Brockton. No charge.

For $216 a year you get zip. No large items. For that you buy your landfill (dump) sticker for $25 a year and haul them to the landfill and pay another charge. No leaf pickup, either. These were things that were standard at one time. No more.

The impact of that trash fee I can see when I go on trails around town. The dumping use to be just contractors but no more. The area by the proposed gin mill is loaded with crap folks just tossed rather then pay the bucks. Go on the power lines on either side and help yourself to Bar-B-Que grills, washing machines, furniture, tires, batteries and assorted other goodies. I use to go to these places and call Jack: "Jack, this is Rick - again. I'm up on River Street and here's what I got for you." I'd call and call and call.

With the CPA I have no illusions about it passing as it is a real long shot. Jessie has a better chance of getting on the BOS and MT becoming a 21 dealer than this thing getting approved. But I still like it. Like the approach for land preservation. The rest? Don’t get excited about. Would like to see a nice fund for that land bank. Get it hooked up with Rails for Trails. Is it a greater priority than schools, COA, library and so on? Maybe to some it is and the way to find out is via the ballot.

belligerently anonymous said...

I believe MB does mean well, just out of step with the history, culture, and economic realities of Middleboro. This is not a place where you can bulldoze people into change. In fact long timers resent newcomers who arrive wanting to reinvent M'boro. I suspect MB will run into a stone wall with voters over many of his efforts.

LMAO said...

Don't mention stone walls or Bozo will tell you where there is one you can run on. I will vote for the %^&*&^ CPA if they just have it for a trail that runs twenty miles from here just to shut him up. You and your trails. OMG!

Looks like Toxic is again starting to gear up and I suspect LL is behind some of it. Well. go for it, Mike as the bastards with their double standard BS deserve it and your blast at CP was on the money.

Bogo. That trash tax just burns me since you really get s**t for it. You should get a comp dump pass every year. Also on that dump pass they only allow 12 visits. $25 and you do all the hauling and dumping.

bogofree said...

I just discovered a great way to get kids really flying off the handle at stores - tell them there is no Santa! Screaming and yelling. Really, really nasty...why I feel like a CFO blogger. Naw...not that nasty. Maybe I should tell the kids Santa really lives in Clark, CT? Does Santa do mass mailings? Maybe I can vandalize his workshop? Do the elves and Santa have a "Gala" when he returns?

Actually, there is a trail off Carmel Street where you can run on a wall. When I get that 100K a year job from the CPA money for trail development I'll tell you about it.

anonymous said...

There's no Santa Claus? Waaaaaaaaa! Sniff! Sniff! Reality sucks.

bogofree said...

If you are an investment house, banker, auto industry exec there is a Santa. If you are a responsible citizen who plays by the rules and your taxes you ARE the Santa.

Suo Mynona said...

I thought about a year and a half ago Adam was the Devil incarnate for MB. He and JP always blogging and posting nasty stuff. Now MB wants to sit in Adam back pocket.

The CPA failed in Middleboro in 2002 -- one of the most robust economic years in history. Call me stupid, but to think it will pass now is foolish.

anonymous said...

By his own admission, MB was uninvolved and uninformed about town politics before the casino issue came up. With time he has become increasingly enmeshed, i.e., the town website template, automated calls to get voters to elections and town meetings, now CPA. And at the same time, MB has toned down his casino rhetoric in his blogs. Face it, the man has become a political junkie and seems to be making every effort to mend fences and rebuild credibility. So it doesn't surprise me at all that he is courting some of the more influential people he once alienated. Problem is people have very long memories in this town. And it will be very hard for him to change their perception of him.

I don't see MB as a bad man. I believe he is well meaning. But he is naive and has allied himself with some of the wrong people. Can't say that I will ever agree with his political bias or that I would like to see him elected to office however.

drive by said...

Someone just posted on Topix that they expected Adam to forego town elections in the spring to try for higher office. OMG will the blogging get dirty if that happens.

drive by said...

Hey, maybe you should run for selectman, bogo. Your sardonic one liners would at least keep viewers awake during meeting broadcasts. Boy would that piss MR off. You wouldn't even have to campaign. She'd have your name plastered daily on her blog. Then everyone would vote for you because they hate her so much. LMAO!

babe bleeting said...

On his blogger profile, Carl proclaims his Christianity. Yet his words betray an unacceptable elitism, a belief that he is innately better than. Now the juvenile chanting of the sheep's password (from the movie 'Babe'): "Baa-ram-ewe, baa-ram-ewe. To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baa-ram-ewe." Some Christian!

babe bleeting said...

Shame on Carl for printing an altered photo of father and son in which he deletes the child's image to highlight a beer bottle on the table behind him. Carl's intentions were deliberate and obvious. Who's the real flying monkey, Carl?

Brian Giovanoni said...

As some my already know. I am in support of the CPA. The reason is that the CPA is the only tax you will pay that you 100% control and you receive 100% of the benefit. Infact it is more than 100% benefit because of the matching funds.

The control of the CPA funds are at Town Meeting. If you want to control your destiny, you have to show up and participate.

I have worked in communities and assisted with the passage of the CPA and it is not a 6 month effort. It takes a minimum of 15 to 18 months to answer all the questions and clear up all the misconceptions that people have.

The CPA can be only a 83 cents a week. Yes a bunch of 83 cents a week does add up but I would rather know that my 83 cents was getting matched to 1.25 and going to the protection of land in Middleborough instead of the salary of some bureaucrat on Beacon Hill (who may or may not be a crook) or toll taker.

As a conservative, I usually do not like new taxes because they leave Middleborough and get wasted paying some social wellfare program in the city and not because it is a tax.

The CPA is not frivolous. It is a conservatives dream. Just ask the real conservative (and wealthy) communities in Massachusetts who have all passed it.

Also, you can revoke the CPA after five years if you choose.

Do not hate it because Mark is involved. The CPA has been around long before Mark got involved with it in July.

Suo Mynona said...

What the heck does this mean?

"The reason is that the CPA is the only tax you will pay that you 100% control and you receive 100% of the benefit."

Who is you? I will have no control over it nor will my neighbor. If I pay the money I wil lnot receive 100 percent of the benefit.

bogofree said...

I would love to run for the BOS as then I can bid out town positions and rake in some real dough. Blago is my new hero! Forget Chuck Turner and his lousy one large grab.

Now that the latest weasel we have as governor is attempting to change the law back so he can appoint senators does that mean AB has a shot?

Beer bottles? If I want beer bottle photos I can just go to a CFO "gala."

CPA will be a real adventure as the classic questions will be how much and where does the money come from? Boom! Dead on the spot. There goes a great bike path trail through Mboro.

bogofree said...

I just took a gander at the latest controversy about photos. Looks like CFO's justification is LL does it! WTF! Rather a bizarre way to explain yourselves. A simple deflection. Here it is as simple as those involved can understand...and I'll go real slow since I feel some comprehension issues exist. Posting photos with adult beverages in hand is just wrong. Simple as that. Drink if you wish since it is adult beveages but have enough common sense to place the beverages out of view and that applies to LL, CFO or anyone else and that way you have a no issue.

Anonymous said...

I really researched the pictures on WG site, 99% of LL guests had soda cans in front of them. 1 man had his hand on a can of beer.
Transportation was provided.
Going in line with the title of your site.

It seems if CFO can't gather enough evidence on LL or his guests, They will lie by omission and fabricate beer in hand pictures just to justify there behavior.

Doctoring that mans picture was absolutely wrong

bogofree said...

The picture was doctored and of that their is no doubt. Limo also posted on several places that he did provide transportation. I notitced a beer can and I am not sure if the doctored photo was a beer bottle. And, yes, he did the same CFO which is their entire justification - "but, Mommy! Look what Billy did!" Laughable.

LMAO said...

CFO preaches the moral high ground. LOL! Double standard in action. "1623" has the evils of booze on the blog but I guess the buck does not stop at his door. Fess up, "1623." your group looked like dummies for that. LOL! Maybe some of the CFO group had too much to drink? We'll never know but with LL he had a nice ride available. Smart host.

Brian. Are you going to go trail running with Bogo? I don't care about a few pennies cost as they are my pennies and I want to keep them. I just want to make sure this whole CPA is on the ballot and not some back door deal.

Suo Mynona said...

"As some my already know. I am in support of the CPA."

"Do not hate it because Mark is involved." The CPA has been around long before Mark got involved with it in July."

Believe it or not, we are capable of making our own decisions and really don't care if you or Mark are for it or against.

Like you said, the CPA was around and defeated before either of you were involved.

mildly said...

I understand that the actual national unemployment figure, which includes those who have given up looking out of despair and aren't usually counted, is around 12% and expected to rise to 15%. Some of them are in our community. People have lost their jobs. Some have lost their homes. Others have lost pensions they depended upon for their retirement. Also within our community. Why would I care about an issue like CPA when so many are in such dire straits? Shouldn't they be our priority? Isn't it entirely possible that tomorrow it could be you or me who suddenly finds ourselves down in our luck? Pragmatically, trying to help others and ourselves survive needs to be our focus now. I'm not opposed to CPA because some people I disagree with politically are promoting it. I just think there are far more pressing matters at this time and for the foreseeable future.

bogofree said...

Mildly...what you said about the unemployment is true as the reported figures are misleading. My understanding is that the real figure can be 2-4% higher and maybe more. Some are folks like my daughter who quit her job and didn't apply. Some the mystical "under the table" crowd and illegals. This figure is really bizarre. Someclaim it may be as high as 5%.