Sunday, January 11, 2009


Another few weeks in the books as we all slowly pace our way to the inevitable.

President Reagan...I'm mean - OBAMA! Getting him confused since they seem so similar is now going to join in with the failed Bush policies of tossing money at a problem. Hey, Bush stimulus didn't work so I'll toss in my own of 350Bil in tax breaks for the downtrodden which is just about everyone. But as long as the moonbats don’t like it that gives me hope that I may have called this one wrong. Of course a handout to the states is possible along with infrastructure and assorted other goodies designed to raise the total package to over a trillion bucks. First it would create 2.2 million jobs and then 2.5 million and now 3.5 million. Ah…nothing like the glories of political orthodoxy to inflate projections. With 50 trillion in bad paper still hanging around this will be a miracle if it has a positive impact. I’ve been a pessimist on the whole financial mess and will continue to do so since the government does not create wealth but consumes it. If you are over 50 in will not impact you but your kids will be paying this government VISA bill for generations.

Madoff. I am amazed at a legal system that allows this character to be under house arrest especially when you look at the house. Scott Burns, a financial columnist, had the best suggestion and that is to get real medieval on him. Let him loose. No jail time. No one can speak to him or feed him and are allowed to kill him on sight. Madoff has ruined thousands of lives and virtually destroyed selected charities but just goes around with this smirk on his face. Some yo yo holds up a 7/11 for $50 worth of Twinkies and ends up in a cell for five years married to some guy named Bubba.

Fat assed kids made the news. Here in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts the moonbats are now attempting to control the dietary process so that our kids do not end up like lard bottoms. Now my good buddy BB is a moonbat and I say start with the adults and start right with BB. I mean watching the big fella on a bike makes me weep for that poor machine. A marvel of engineering in that that bike has not totally collapsed. They should have let Schwin build the Big Dig. As those of you who know me realize I’m in semi perfect shape and that stomach of mine is just muscle at rest so being a body beautiful I can toss the verbal darts his way. Now as for the kids I can see Little Debbie snacks being sold by sugar dealers. Will they allow a convenience store with 500 yards of a school? Special dogs trained to sniff out tootsie rolls as a sweep takes place and a school lock down? I can see a parent at a discipline hearing: “Thank Gawd it’s only weed as I thought Muffy was caught with a soda.”

Well I do hope my good friend Rigger has been paying attention to the playoffs since I have called every game right on target especially the Cards. And the Sox seem to be a baseball version of a M.A.S.H. Unit with recent signings of Baldelli, Smoltz, Penny and Saito. Give me your tired, your not so poor and your broken down.

The Tribe is in the news and that has been posted her of late. Then, again, the Tribe is always in the news. The Tribe reminds me of that Star Trek episode where a planet is run by mobs thanks to contamination by a previous exploration party. The Raven is singing or in this case - cawing - since, I believe, Ravens do not sing. Some have hinted at the possibility of this going deeper and have tossed names or innuendo out there. All I remember is what I posted when the deal first went thorough and that is what is not on the table worries me it’s what under the table that does. Hopefully, the tentacles of corruption will not spread any further than where it is right now.

So, post away. Add to this mess or be critical or positive or anything else. This board is yours.


Suo Mynona said...

I was at BB's blog yesterday. He cannot seem to get the hint. Looks like he is going to forge on trying to get one signature at a time.

The feeding frenzy by Grogfathers about the tribe is humorous. I really wonder if they think anyone beyond about 15 people really pays attention to anything in local blogs (Sorry Bogo this includes yours)

BB while you are collecting signatures for the CPA ask the flocks of people that are passing you by if they have ever heard of a Blogfather.

People that withdrew more money than their initial investment may still be able to apply for 50K in relief. Maybe MR the oracle saw this debacle coming -- some one should have eaten cookies with her. Then again Bogo, it is more likely that you are The One.

Let's wish him success. Our nation and world depend on it. So far I am unimpressed by his "Czars" and cabinet selections. I bet you will see incredible power in-fighting amongst his advisers. Leon Panetta for the CIA? Should have put him in charge of watch dogging ear marks.

Should be a doosey this week. If you are a local business person take out an advertisement.

mildly said...

Very funny opening post on the Fat Police. Guess that stops half of CFO from sponsoring the BBPA (Boney Butt Preservation Act). Haven't seen any of them on the Post Office steps collecting signatures for that cause. JP's van was spotted at the break of dawn raiding all the coffee shops when it was time to "make the donuts" before they become contraband Class A substances. Soon mandatory cholesterol testing will be required at all schools and places of employment. Spot checks by DEA swat teams with specially trained K9s to sniff out illegal snacks in lockers and car trunks. First offense = 6 months at a Fatty Rehab followed by 2 years probation with ankle bracelets that alarm when offenders approach refridgerators and cupboards. Also being proposed that +10% body fat compulsive eaters be put on a National Goody Offender Registry website. Smart investors should begin buying stock in NutriSystem. US kids will soon become a brigade of lean, MEAN body machines. MCAS to include measurement of FCQ (Fat Cell Quotient).

Well, off to my stationary bike and ellyptical to work off my thunder thighs and sagging tummy pouch. LMAO

anonymous said...

As a pro I hope that what is being hinted at by many anti bloggers including Bogo is just not possible. I would hate to think that the obviously corrupt process from recognition to agreement with Middleboro is all part of a package deal. Can you rule it out? Can anyone honestly say it will not touch us? After Chuck Tuner, Diane Wilkerson and Sal who can say?

I still am not anti casino. I do believe that the long term advantages out weigh all the disadvantages. At this juncture I fully support a re-negotiation for a deal that would better benefit Middleboro.

The feeding frenzy is to be expected by the most vocal of anti’s and that is not unusual as they view even negative as the end. Collectively they may be right?

bogofree said... the Enterprise the new job total is up to 4.2 million. Growing faster and faster! Amazing.

I did not collect signatures for CPA or CPA NOW since I'm a fence sitter waiting to see which direction the winds blow on this one. So far the winds are blowing steady and strong in the direction of DEFEAT.

I'd be amazed if the total was as high as 15.

Good thing schools so many schools have eliminated those culinary classes since the last thing we need is cheesecake recipes being passed around. Can you do a parental control on the 'net to block out fatty food recipes? Personally, I think it is time for the Fat Police to track down Paula Dean and her twenty sticks of butter for every recipe.

Back to watching the Giants attempt to lose.

drive-by said...

Reading Bumpkin's comments I see that he, JT, No Casino and others are trying to organize a raid on tomorrow's BOS meeting to force the Selectmen to dump the IGA. Their naivete is astounding and hilarious. Per usual, their solutions are always so simplistic and unrealistic. Do they realy believe at this point Middleboro can "Just say no!" to a legal contract? Tune in tomorrow night to see one or two of them make complete A-holes of themselves. Funnier than watching a "House" re-run.

anonymoose said...

Jeez, MR is always blubbering about everyone else's lack of ethics. Never does a self assessment however. Gee, I wish I could lather up her keyboard with super glue.

Family Guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Family Guy said...

That is as close as that crew will ever get to a BOS meeting. Yeah, go and whine about the deal and see if things can swing the other way for a few bucks more - but don't hold your collective breaths waiting for everyone to dump everything as pass it off as a grand mistake.

Trouble is they have their mutual admiration society going full blast on and assume that is the pulse of everything everyday. LOL!

MT has zero ethics and that has been demonstrated 100% on this blog. She still gets a pile of snickers - and not the candy bar - when she marches into the Town Hall with one of her drop everything requests. Think all that garbage she put forth and continues to do so on town employees, elected officials and appointed officials goes unnoticed? The fear factor of the "Queen Of Cut And Paste" is long gone as all she now represents is nuisance value and the punch line of jokes.

I deleted the previous post over a few better thought out comments.

b from hannafords said...

Just checking in, bogo. Last ran into you at Hannafords awhile back. Hoped to unload house to down size for possible retirement in a couple of years. Put a lot into repairs and upgrades and still priced it well below supposed market value. Joke, however, was on me. Prospective buyers almost expect me to pay them for it. Worst buyer's market I've ever seen. And RE agent says the housing market isn't even close to hitting bottom yet. Would rent out finished basement but codes say legal living space has to have 7'6" ceilings. Close but not a match. Guess I may be still working at 80 if the job holds out. 401K now worth a pittance. Don't even bother to check it anymore. Laughing because when I was younger I expected that by 50 I'd be all set. Guess I'm luckier than many though. Nothing much to do but laugh at the absurdity of life. Anybody who still believes in financial security is fooling themselves. Hope you are well. Not much time or energy for "involvement." Just putting one foot in front of the other and living day by day. Good news is that we're soon to be 1st time grandparents. Next breakfast my treat. b

Suo Mynona said...

b from hannafords

You are the exact demographic that the CPA people want to tax and/or do not care about.

North Slope Rigger said...

LMAO! Bogo, how are those Giants doing? LMAO! I'll give you credit as you did post Eagles would win 20-17 and took a pile of crap from your fellow 'Jints losers. If the Steelers win you will have picked winners of every game! WTF! Do you have a parley? LMAO!

drive-by said...

When I first read Adam's blog editorial (which makes a lot of common sense to me), I expected that the procasino folks would be the ones crying foul. The reason? He comes very close to questioning the competency of other members of the BOS regarding their understanding of contracts. Boy was I surprised that it was a certain contingent of antis who lambasted him for duplicity, the usual suspects of course. Interestingly enough, the bulk of the positive comments on Adam's piece were written by antis, including Dan Kennedy. But the hard cores stubbornly refused to bend to the possibility of getting a better deal in the event the casino becomes a reality. They don't seem to understand that Middleboro should be prepared for any eventuality and cover all bases. This is precisely why I stopped endorsing CFO. The hard core are just too hate filled to work with. BTW, Hal's take on Adam's blog is worth reading and quite objective.

bogofree said...

B...I feel your pain. I have a condo on the market for two years. No problem except it is in Galveston, Texas. LOL! No real damage except for master electrical boards that took two months to get. Real estate agent sent me an email saying to lower the price again - 4th time. The only good news is all the units in the complex will be ready in a week and there is a housing shortage and FEMA is picking up units for rental. Breakfast would be nice. Maybe get into Percy’s this time?

Rigger…go stuff it. I figured you would post so I waited.

On a sad note for those of you who are familiar with Kelly’s Tire Mart. Jim Kelly died on Friday at age 55. I’ve been going to Kelly’s since Kevin and Jim opened up the business in 1973. Condolences to all the extended family. Jim will be missed. Always had a smile and a kind word.

bogofree said...

Quote by Drive - By

"But the hard cores stubbornly refused to bend to the possibility of getting a better deal in the event the casino becomes a reality. They don't seem to understand that Middleboro should be prepared for any eventuality and cover all bases."

My mother had an expression at it applies to those hard liners: "With some people you could s**t ice cream and they wouldn't be happy."

mildly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Jim Kelly passing at such a young age. I've been a customer for years and the Kelly Bros. always did right by me. Nice family. Since it seems to be true that only the good die young guess that gives me a good shot at longevity. My condolences to his family. For anyone who's interested if you click on obituaries on, there is a guestbook to sign and send a message to Jim's family.

LMAO said...

From No Casino. What are you hinting at?

"Seems to me that the board had at least one anti-casino member before this round of casino talk started.

That seemed to change after a few members of town government met with the lying, rapist Marshall.

In my wildest dreams, I cannot think of a reason for that change."

anonymoose said...

The rumor mill has it that AB was originally anti then suddenly changed his mind. What Nocasino is inferring is obvious. So hard to tell what is truth, lie, and mininterpretation. Even hard to tell if the Nocasino writing on the blogs is the nocasino poster from nemasket. The bloggers are running with stories that have not been substantiated.

drive-by said...

That Gladys! What a vindictive witch! In her eyes this is all about her and AB. The fact that more and more anti-casino people disagree with her only seems to fuel her. From today's blog:

"First - Adam is involved. He's called us names, rushed the agreement to everyone's detriment but the investors, gloated in the glory, used it for self-promotion, withheld the truth - when he wasn't abandoning it altogether - revised history and demonstrated that he'd happily throw the town under the bus if it would help a casino.

And right now he really wants to renegotiate that agreement, delight the investors, look like a hero, mollify the opposition, and make you think it was all your idea."

What a tool!

Dark Knight said...

The ones I feel sorry for is her small cadre of supporters who actually think this is such a decent and wonderful person. Salt of the earth or pillar of salt? MT whines as soon as it comes back at her just like the bully she is. Bogo, you got under her skin and handled it right. As you say, Bogo, you have no problems taking the low road.

AB takes the high road and that just seems to infuriate her since her does not take the bait. She is powerless and it shows. Even her cfo cronies know this is a real nut job. Yeah, go ahead and write it, MT, as someone is name calling you. Boo Hoo.

drive-by said...

That cadre of MT cheerleaders is continually shrinking. If you read the comments praising her there's BB, JT, CC, SmokingOwl, and NoCasino. All the Anonymous comments are JP. Her phraseology is so easily distinguished no matter how hard she tries to disguise herself. Sorry JP, you stand out like a sore thumb.

Bet it just kills Gladys to see her 5-20 comments per blog as compared with bogo's 100-150. That's the best laugh of all. And he isn't even linked to anyone. Nor does he delete comments that he doesn't necessarily agree with. Gladys only prints those that inflate her ego. And she has the nerve to label others narcissists? LMAO

What a waste of potentially creative talent!

drive-by said...

Amusing article in today's Emptyprize-seems Obama and Bush are distantly related:

"PLYMOUTH — Barack Obama, the Pilgrim?

Improbable as it sounds, it’s true. The Hawaiian-born, half-Kenyan president-elect is a direct, 13th-generation descendant of one of the Plymouth colony’s earliest settlers, Thomas Blossom.

And so is Obama’s very distant cousin, George W. Bush."

anonymous said...

George and Barack are distant cousins? That's scary. I wonder how many of you are distant realtions of MT BB JP and the gang. Everyone will start getting paranoid.

anonymoose, formerly anonymousey said...

Had to change my ID after reading Sarah Palin's recent swipe at Caroline Kennedy because the only difference between their lack of experience is rooted in the social caste system, the royal wannabee Kennedy name. My low brow origins makes me find some amusement in an appointed Governor appointing a US Senator. Now there's democracy in action.

As to possibly being distant cousins to a Blogfather, you know what they say: You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your relatives. Guess those Pilgrims procreated to create one humungus dysfunctional family! LMAO

bogofree said...

Another Kennedy! soon before our own Royal Family manages to get a government stipend? At least The Princess inherited one family trait - "Ah, ah's and uh's." Blame it on the speech writers. Ted has been dedicated to four decades of public service and even longer for debauchery. I became a former supporter when I discovered he has a severe character flaw regarding telling the truth - sounds familiar.

I'm sure Obama as a Pilgrim is good news to "1623" and his laundry list of haters who just enjoy harpooning his roots. Guess, as the critics would state, the soon to be new Prez was in on the land grab.

The thing I enjoy with this site is trying to figure out who someone is? I have received a few emails and a few I do know. The guessing game. So far I have not had to shun anyone as I suspect those that really dislike me will just cruise and not post although they are welcome anytime. I get a lot of posts but suspect the true number of posting camp followers is around ten or so. That's Grogfather numbers.

Gladys is quite creative and amusing but I’ve lost my taste for it. It’s like seeing a movie for the third or forth time and you know what is going to happen or hearing a joke framed a different way and knowing what the punch line will be. Too much Adam venom that taints the message considerably. She is a hard core anti so there is no line in the sand to cross simply because one was never drawn. No negotiation. No surrender. Somehow this is starting to remind me of those Japanese soldiers that would be found on some isolated island years after the war ended. They’d have to bring in relatives, former compatriots and officials to convince them the war is over. I can see her holed up at her computer in the year 2019 with a few zealots by her side as BB shouts through a megaphone: “Gladys! It’s over! They built it. Come out and you can go to the six o’clock buffet with me.”

snarky said...

Poor Caroline! Didn't inherit her mother's good looks or style, can't speak for s**t, demeans women NYT reporters with remarks like "Why don't you go write for some woman's magazine", and ignores meaty questions. This woman went to Harvard? Oh wait....all Kennedys get to go to Harvard as part of their birthright. Just look at Uncle Teddy. Got thrown out of Harvard for cheating, then returned many years later to reieve an honorary degree. Guess it's true that $$$$ talks loud and clear.

snarky said...

Don't waste your time trying to figure out who I am. I'm your endearing SIL from Florida. BTW, since you miss me so much, I'll be moving in for a couple of weeks next month. So get those lobsters ready! Oh, and all your opinions are wrong! roflmao

bogofree said...

Snarky...are you another anti Giants fan coming over to haunt me? Can't be the SIL since she is a five star moonbat and never an evil Kennedy word will slip from her lips or from her fingers.

Lobsters have been a bargain for several months and I have been buying them for $3.99 a pound until recently.

Now the Kennedy we all fail to mention is on Patches or Patrick who the folks in R.I. voted in time after time to show us they are bigger idiots than the Massachusetts electorate. I worked with someone who went to school with Patches - P.C. since he could not get into Harvard - and this second or third hand gossip had old Patches down mayor of Moron City. If the House needed a village idiot they got one in Patches.

snarky said...

Absolutely a Pats or lose. Don't go to games anymore since they stopped the fans from going wild and tearing down the goal posts. Even disappointed at how tame the Bruins have become. Bring back the good old days with Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito when the gloves flew off and the fists started flying. Guess my Italian blood still has some Roman gladiator DNA. Thumbs down! Bring on the hungry lions and tigers. LOL

As for Patches, he's a schmuck even by Kennedy standards. His airport tantrum was such an embarassment. Poor Joan. Her moronic kids now have custody of her. I'd drink too if I married into that family.

bogofree said...

The old Shaffer Stadium had the record for most arrests during a Monday Night Football game. In fact the Pats had the top five. What an awful franchise that was. Give Kraft his due despite almost leaving as he's turned it around.

The old Gahden was a thing of beauty and I was a big time C's fan and back in the late 60s had season tickets. Place was a total dump, smelled of pot and urine, had no AC and other teams hated it. Never been to the new place.

With the Bruins of the Orr era you had the teams that were just down right thuggish - Pie was my personal favorite. 13909 every night. Daughter likes to watch it for the fights so I just let her watch the old time ones on Youtube. Chicks love them to drop the gloves. Grew up playing hockey but could never get into watching the pros. Went to one hockey game in my life and that was in '72 and B's lost to a horrid Oakland team 2-0.

Teddy has virtually killed his ex with his antics.

Anonymous said...

CPA is simple. A new Tax on the people.

If you can afford it Vote YES.

If you feel you can't afford any new taxes at this time vote NO.

Personally I read a statement in the paper, "WE CAN BACK OUT IN 5 YEARS" tells me the leader of this new tax on the people is unsure of himself or he would never made a statement like that.

If you can back out in 5 years you can join CPA in 5 years right?

I feel CPA is a heavy burden on local businesses. The money could keep one person working or upgrading equipment instead CPA will take much needed funds from Commercial property owners by a new taxation on there properties.

Its not a good idea at this time.

LMAO said...

Vote for a tax? LMAO! Patrick wants to raise the gas tax to pay off debt. More out of our pocket. Obama wants to spend a trillion after Bush got done spending his trillion. Still a mess. Where does that money come from? Think of all those small taxes that are hidden. Just got a set of tires and taxes are embedded in that bill. Few bucks here and a few there all adds up. Now, WTF is Middleboro going to do when the state slashes money from the town?

LMAO said...

Just another thing I'm tossing out and that has to do with ladder trucks. The accident in Boston with an aged ladder truck reminded me of all the statements of negativity MR and others were making when the purchase of a new truck was on the table. Am I mistaken on this? Seemed like she blew the whole new purchase issue away.

anonymous said...

Funny to remember all the ideals of the flower power generation--Peace, Love, Sex, Dope, Communes, Distain for Materialism--and to see that we became the establishment and produced the "ME" generation. We became what we hated, built our ticky tacky houses, became the backbone of corporate America, replaced our love beads and headbands for growing portfolios, and grew old and cranky. Bad karma along the way? Funny how things come full circle. Now the baby boomers are becoming the Medicare brigade, face losing our live's savings being eaten up by inflation and recession, trade stories about our ailments. Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing? Can you picture MR living in an ashram gathering berries and nuts and singing Bob Dylan's "Everybody let's get stoned.."? LMAO

anonymous said...

I have a question that will betray my ignorance and apathy. All I know about Lincoln Andrews is that he was a former Selectman and most I know speak well of him. Why is MR trashing him again on her blog? What's her beef with the guy?

Family Guy said...

Her issue with Lincoln Andrews goes back to the BB site when she attempted to take him to task for his performance on the Planning Board. Now he doesn't seem to support another one of her failed schemes - CPA. Probably her idea and not the illustrious BB. I've attached the quote from the MR blog that anon is making reference to and it seems the major target is Steve Spataro. Now Mr. Spataro, Jessie? No more Spartacus? Trying to clean up your act? LOL! Too late! Her hatred has been ongoing since the recall for everyone on the BOS.

"Former Selectman Lincoln Andrews condemned CPA because of supporters' failure to have an appointed study committee, public discussion and lengthy debate regarding CPA.
So how does the Mr. Spataro's slap dash approach to amending the Town Charter somehow seem consistent with Mr. Andrews' position on CPA? Where was the Study Committee for the 'Public Safety Director'?"

anonymous said...

The attacks are predictable. Not even worthy of responses at this juncture. Maybe she'll run again for the BOS? MR had a voter registration drive that I understand Bogo participated in. If she runs that means turnout will go from 10% to 30% just so some can go and vote for her opponent.

Family Guy said...

Just got done checking the BB blog and have another gem to post. The below quote was by "Anonymous" and it has MR all over it. Selling bricks and auto parts? Nice dig at two former BOS members. Rest of it is insinuating some BOS double dealing. Naturally if you speak out against CPA you become the enemy. Hey, Bogo, is this how the great group of CPA supporters react?

"I thought your presentation was very effective and for those listening (not just hearing), you made a lot of sense. It is incredible how, when it has to do with trash fees, overrides, buying landlocked pieces of property like Fuller Street, or selling properties at an absolute loss (Cherry Street) that get flipped for private profit of BOS friends, then the cost to taxpayers is irrelevant AND MUCH HIGHER! I wish those same pillars of society would come out and scream about how the BOS is ignoring the oppotunities which face the BOS on the IGA issues. Maybe they want the taxpayers to eat the impacts--while they sell bricks and automotive parts to the casino resort. Self interest and greed is all I see, with all kinds of people lining their pockets at taxpayer expense."

Family Guy said...

From a comment on Glady's blog. Appears the CPA has now got them all wired up. Hey, Bogo, are they going to vote for you? I have a second one from the MR blog. Looks like Lincoln Andrews has them all warm and fuzzy.

"And Lincoln Andrews attacking that lady who just asked a question? He made up a number and Minni Ma came to his defense. Who voted for her? It wasn't me.
I can't wait for the April election and hope a decent candidate comes forward because I wouldn't vote for another Ineptitude. I'll write in Bozo before I'd vote for them. And after tonight, that includes Lincoln Andrews. I've heard rumors he's thinking about running. Fat chance for my vote."

From the MR blog by anonymous.

"Lincoln Andrews made up the number that 10% of land was open space. He's posting anonymously and criticizing you as a liar, what about him?
Why do people belive him? I watched him on the Board and thought he was worse than Spatero. Someone said Lincoln Andrews was going to run for the Board again. Are the people he went to school with that parochial? I can't believe this town."

drive-by said...

I hope Mr. Andrews does decide to run and that he wins. I have it on good authority from some folks who know him well and whose judgment I trust that he's a real straight up guy with good moral fiber. Must be if he's pissing the Blogfathers off. Seriously, I hate to keep dumping on JP, but I just can't deal with uppity know-it-alls anymore. Even though she doesn't enjoy any real power, this woman still manages to get under my skin. Maybe because, as a political newbie, it took me awhile to see through her. Oh well, live and learn.

Rocky said...

I do not have a pint of blood for the Community Vampire Act and they want $100 from me? No way. Andrews was right, this is serious money.

Do you know what medicare supplement costs?

It's only whatever dollars. Not to me.

bogofree said...

Lincoln Andrews asks important and pertinent questions and may be viewed in some quarters as a naysayer but I tend to use the term constructive pragmatist.

Lincoln attended the first organizational meetings for the CPA and has now appeared before the BOS to express his reluctance to support CPA. I may disagree with him on certain points but on the overwhelming one of the financial and political viability I cannot. The support is just not there. I have expressed that to MB and on this site and, granted, it has been extracted from a small sampling but the obvious to me is clear. Proponents may wish to classify this as a missed opportunity but they are incorrect - this is just a delayed opportunity as eventually it will gather enough support when folks feel comfortable again.

Rocky….I am nearing the magic “65” which means Medicare. Yesterday I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the Social Security Administration attempting to get some information. I will not describe what a nightmare it was except to see the RMV must do the training. The program is baffling enough with parts A through whatever designed to be confusing and evasive. So I can imagine my sorry carcass being tossed by the side of the road for failing to get proper loophole coverage. If this is an example of what national health care will be like I wish us all long and happy health.

Rocky said...

Ask the Canadians who come to the US for health care what they fell about socialized medicine.

Part a through d. Do you have an AARP membership? You can get a good deal through them. Now I feel old.

Suo Mynona said...

It is comical how easily all the Blogfathers get their bowels into an up roar. Mylanta anyone?

And the rumor mill stuff that is always going on. "They" always have something new to say "I heard that ....." People lining their pockets? Come on now! They have been making those insinuations about locals for 18 months. By now they should be able to provide a shred of proof.

I watched the BOS meeting. Perception is everything. What I saw was way different than what the MR & MT and their bloggers (all one of them) saw.

Run Jessie Run. You can whoop all of those incompetents. Those blanks will come out to vote for you.

Some of these people should take a vacation, be a snow bird for a few weeks. Catch some rays and read some fun mindless novels. Play shuffle board or dance the night away. Stay away from anything to with LIT, IGA, BIA, CPA, BOS, or TM (can anyone add any acronyms?)

Now it is time for N.A.P.

bogofree said...

Rocky....I finally talked to someone at the SS office who could give advice. When someone takes information and says they are TYPING you know you have someone over 50 and things will go smooth - and it did.

I have my insurance coverage from the state via being a former public lay about....oops...employee. Person said that those plans usually have the best coverage (taxpayer kiss) and pick up most of the tab for your additional coverage (Part B) and usually no need for Part C. Also said drug coverage (Part D) is usually part of it but if not get the cheapest plan since if you don't have it and need it you'll pay a penalty to enroll.

I have information from AARP just to give a nice overview.

If the rumor mill in Mboro produced jobs we'd be riding high. Zero unemployment.

bogofree said...

Hal has two new editorials.

mildly said...

Dreading getting out of my double layers of bathrobes, thermal socks, and fleece slippers to go to work tonight from 11 to 7. That brutal Alberta Clipper headed our way makes it hard for me to believe in the urgency of Al Gore's "Global Warming" theories. BTW, I understand that the scenes of polar bears floating on icebergs in the internet inventor's movie were doctored. Hmmm....Al Gore lie to make a buck off the flick being touted as irrefutable evidence by the moonbats? Nah...the Gospel According to Gore is divinely inspired. The ice sculpture I'll be returning home as will just be my distorted imagination.

mildly said...

Did most of my Xmas shopping online using my credit/debit card. After noticing that some of the withdrawals from my account were bogus, I flew into HarborOne in a panic. No problem. They persued the ID theft to the source and returned the money to my account within a week. Also immediately issued new cards with new account numbers. Great bank/customer service.

Dark Knight said...

Mildly. All Adam's fault.

drive-by said...

Dark Knight:

Now that's funny!

Suo Mynona said...

If you think people are hurting now wait to see what it is like in two months. Just got word a friend had the employment hammer came down on them.

Let's hope Barack W Obama can pull an FDR.

Family Guy said...

Bozo. Here is a comment post from the BB site that is in regards to CPA and, naturally, carries on into the usual diatribe on Middleboro and anyone who disagrees with anything that is said regarding the writers own narrow perspective - and by that toss in BB, MR, GK, CC and several others and especially this poster - Smoking Owl - who presents himself as a “Native American.” Ersatz Indian IMO. Now, Bogo, you may wish to delete or revise this post since you do attempt to maintain some quality to the site. Joke about it if you want but that is exactly what you do. This would be deleted and REPRINTED with the offending words ** or replaced and a warning issued.

BB allowed this post on his site. He posted pornography and he posted bestiality. That is EXACTLTY what he did and you have posted on that topic here and on Topix to give your interpretation. But when you examine allowing this post what does it say about BB? Think about it. His standards are in the toilet. Friend of your or not this is just part of the package that we are all so familiar with. Not the first time nor will it be the last. He is letting his surrogates go after the BOS, Lincoln and Neil instead of having the you know what to do it himself. He links to these people and clearly supports their actions. I’ve also included a GK comment on the post.


“The problem is Middleboro is a third rate town with a lot of third rate residents and by god they're gonna fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.

Will we ever be able to save ourselves from ourselves?

The Selectmen have no balls, and the people who don't want to change the status quo have no balls.

It makes me laugh how folks don't want to upset the apple cart for programs that will provide a benefit to the town. Programs that will help us make our town into a first rate place to live. But those same people are ALL for a mega-resort casino that will destroy our quality of life.

We really do live in a town with MORE than it's fair share of dipshits.

The damn selectmen don't even know the size of the area of the town. I guess they're the dipshits leading the whole friggin dipshit parade!

Watching the politics in this town, I feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Sorry if anyone is offended by the rough language but come on folks. We need change in this town and we need strong leadership. Let's make a start by getting Mr. Spataro out of office in the next election.”


GK replied:

“Really well put!

Town government is supposed to represent the town. But then, I suppose some people in town are more equal than others.”

drive-by said...

Family Guy. "Thirds rate town with a lot of third rate citizens"? And these are the same crowd who bristle when accused of elitism? Another reason why they lost my support.

bogofree said...

FG....I will leave your post as it stands. I have no control over the content or decision making on other site's. Each has their own standards or lack of. As far as any postings on that issue has been gone over again and again and no real need to dredge it up again. If this latest shows to you and others that a "pattern" exists that is a point that can be debated.

I have also seen the various posts by Smoking Owl and take him/her to be of true native heritage. As someone posted earlier about Obama's connection to being a Pilgrim I suspect we are virtually all hybrids at this point.

As far as the CPA I do believe that Lincoln Andrews is against it AT THIS TIME and not any future attempts once the bleak economic picture improves. The BOS did not exactly seem to be doing handstands over the proposal and seemed to me to be a bit offended that they were on the bottom of the list on BB's CPA circuit to town boards. They also realize his connection to several of the more outspoken critics of the BOS and that is certainly not going to make for a big group hug to welcome him.

drive-by said...

Smoking Owl's pedigree really isn't the issue here. His/her distain and mockery for those who dare disagree is. If he/she feels this is a 3rd rate town with 3rd rate people, maybe it's time for him/her to move on to a place of greater "enlightment".

As for CPA, the handwriting is on the wall. It's been my observation that temporary taxes passed on the supposition that they can be revoked usually become permanent and tend over time to increase in amount. Maybe $67/yr seems like a pittance to some, but it buys me a week of groceries on my budget.

LMAO said...

Here it is for BB and all the CPA groupies - STUFF IT! I'm talking the whole freaking show on CPA. Dump it and put the money back into the general fund rather than a handout to those willing to ALWAYS tell us what to do. Well, for you BB and that fake MR, nothing for the CPA. Nothing. Have the state execute this and put the money into schools or places where it is really needed rather than a bird watching peserve, one of Bogo's running trails or some old wreck built in 1832 that should just be gutted.

mildly said...

Bravo, LMAO!! You speak for many of us.

Suo Mynona said...

Everyone bought a house or rented an apartment in this town by choice. If someone did not do their homework and now thinks it is rate town then leave. There are no chains keeping you here. Move to the Peoples Republic of Cambridge. They are far more socially advanced than those of us that wear flannel and take our lunch to work.

I agree with Family Guy 10:17 AM about BB linking to others. He probably still wonders why he gets no respect.

BB how is that bi monthly article working out? You have listed journalist to your lofty credentials. Near as I can tell no one gives a darn about the article (must be apathy)

Speaking of apathy, at the BOS meeting BB ran into people that were not apathetic LMAO.

On Smoking Owl, I question anyone that has to use their lineage to prove a point. Mention it once to allow people to better understand your frame of reference. After that is like a kid saying "do you know who my daddy is"

bogofree said...

Hey...LMAO...I am not an old wreck that needs to be gutted.

One of the things that is so important in any movement is to realize when it is time to shutter "The Cause" and move on and CPA is all of that. Despite my personal feelings this baby is deader than my 401(k). What opponents have brought up is the plain hard facts and that is no matter how much venom spews forth from the pro CPA crowd it's not going to change the outcome. This will not pass. That venom, IMO, has little to do with CPA and more about past perceived sins and that clearly comes across in blog comments. And as far as being opponents that is very debatable since I feel this would be treated rather favorably if times were better. Time to start building a foundation for a future attempt when situations improve.

I really am embarrassed by the linkage that is taking place - that perceived sins thing, again. This should be a stand alone issue and all it has turned into is brickbats being tossed on the anti blogs directed at primarily the BOS for pass, present and future actions either described, anticipated or questionable and all based on interpretation. More of the same old. Now matter how much internet ink is wasted it is plain and simple that the people of Mboro are generally satisfied with the current BOS and their actions. Yeah….I can nitpick on issues. I can use hindsight and do the coulda and shoulda thing as well as anyone. Focus on the CPA. The BOS gave their reasons and they are valid and represent, IMO, exactly what I’ve been hearing. Like the casino “It’s all about the money.”

Family Guy said...

Here is the next quote from the BB blog and by his worship himself.

Bogo had a comment that went right to the heart discussing who you link to and what their priorities were on this issue. WTF do you expect, BB, a freaking ticker tape parade? Think the BOS don't read that worthless crap you and the usual crowd put out day after day? You ran Marsha's husband all over the place on the IT issue. Think she'll feel all warm and cuddly for you? You link to MR and GK. Read what they write or allow almost daily on their site regarding AB and Spataro. If I was Spataro I would have got my vomit bag out. MiMi is constantly called "Mini Ma" so she'll naturally welcome you who are linked to them. LOL! Lincoln Andrews is a former BOS member as is Neil Rosenthal. Look at the garbage that is being tossed their way! They have been on more committee's than I can count. How many have you served on? How many has MR served on? She's now busy whining about being left off the Green Committee.

This CPA has no support. You have a small group that showed up at your first meeting - I think Bogo posted 20-25. The second meeting could have been held in a phone booth. The BOS are openly hostile. The consensus is this is another tax. Then you write s**t like what you posted and I am posting here?

More video to come? The various bloggers link to your failed site. Great. Have to register. Think anyone trusts you? Think they trust that gossip you allowed to take over your site? LMFAO!

From the mind of Bumpkin. Enjoy.

"The reception of the BOS to me was quite hostile.

Not surprising and indicative that this BOS in not capable of reasoned discussion of issues. It's their way or the highway.

There's plenty of video to come.

In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped.

12:47 PM"

mildly said...

Bogo-It IS all about the money. Some of us have it and some of us don't. When a family is getting by paycheck to paycheck a proposal like CPA is going to be percieved as a luxury issue to be revisited in better times, just as you suggested.

Unfortunately the CPA is getting mixed up with other past grievances. Understandable because those of us who oppose it are being painted as ignorant, apathetic morons by some of the same people who vilify us on other issues on their blogs. The fact that BB did initially propose CPA does cast a shadow on it. He may be a nice guy personally, but it's hard to forget that he continues to endorse whack job bloggers by continuing to link to them.

Let BB talk to me about CPA when the economy isn't threatening huge budget cuts in Medicaid, which could put me out of a job because they pay my nursing agency for supplying services to the critically ill . Right now each and every dollar counts. It IS all about the money.

Dark Knight said...

Oh do I hate to be late for a show and this is a good show. Hey, BB, welcome to reality TV. This one is titled Dump All Over Us And See What Happens! LOL! Family Guy beat me to all the posts. Nice collection of them at the usual places. Maybe Bogo needs one of those rumble icons from LL's site.

I look, BB, at what your intent was and that was to bring pro and anti together. This is not about the casino. Sure. Look at what all the comments do and that is tie right back into it. That's reaching out? LOL! You have all those classy links on your site to all those equally classy bloggers and then expect everyone to bow down to your wonderfully reasoned thought? Sorry, pal, it is flawed. Now comes the blame game and naturally the blame is placed everywhere but where it really belongs and that is you.

I disagree with Bogo as it's not all about the money but all about the links. If I was on the BOS I'd have that gavel out one minute into your presentation and get your butt out of there. After the crap the BOS has taken from you are your shadow posters on the various blogs you were quite lucky.

Smoking Owl you are a 100% nitwit. Third rate town? I picture you like "1623," CC, MT and a few others who are always critical but not residents.

mildly said...

I'm not going to let this get me all riled up. If it ever gets to a TM vote, the roar of the crowd chanting "NO! NO! NO!" will be deafening.

Also, hear me well, BB: The town didn't want to work with you on your proposed town website 1.) because you and your compatriots trashed the IT director unmercifully, and 2.)because you were too stubborn to listen to people warning you of the consequences of linking to the likes of MT, MR, CP, and CC. Welcome to real life. People just don't trust you or anything you have to say.

Suo Mynona said...

Hey Bumpkin is this a true post you made or mistake?

"In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped."

There was discussion at the BOS meeting.

Brian G said he supported and seemed passionate in his desire for CPA, but could not currently support it now. Lincoln A said he wanted MORE discussion at town meeting. He said now is not the time. Steve M (FinCom) supported it. Neil R. was against it.

You said you were afraid of people stacking town meeting one way or the other. Now tell us who does not want discussion. Where were all the CPA supporters at the BOS discussion?

Here is link to refresh you memory. (If you are a "journalist" you should retract your statement)

anonymous said...

Bumpkin do you really think the links you have to and the mutual support you give to MR and GK will help you in any cause? Do you think going on Adam's show will now make you a player? Bumpkin you acted like a storm trooper on this entire hair brained project and it blew up right in your face. As I write this the stock market continues to crash, December sales are down the tubes and seems every other company is dumping employees. On top of it we are going to get nailed with a gas tax, increased tolls and loss of services. So what is your approach? Another tax! Well, Bumpkin, a genius like you should go right for the BOS. Run, baby, run and maybe you can get MR as your campaign manager? I'd love to see you run against Andrews since he'd win by a 4-1 margin.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Would this be a good time to say ? Baa Ram Ewe. LMAO!

Put that in your pipe Mr Thomson. LMAO.

AnonymouS said...

Belanager and Powell should request a televised CPA debate with Rosenthal and Andrews.

anonymous said...

What a debate that would be! Good old Jessie and her impeccable research. LOL! "I want to know where the 10% figure came from?" Lincoln Andrews should have said we have as much open space as Clark, CT. What a freaking missed opportunity. Can you see the BOS rolling on the floor laughing at that one! And that dolt Belanger. I didn't hear him say "free money" so maybe he did learn something but, Mark, here is a big clue that everyone has been posting. IT'S THE LINKS! Think that BOS gives a rats backside about you and your projects when you are part of the collective trashing that goes on with that little mob you belong too?

Rocky said...

That would be a debacle. Mark didn't know what a CPA was in July on Adam's radio show. Go listen to it Mark. So you started looking into it in July and now you think it is the best for me? How about you give me $100 a year and I will vote for it. I want the money in escrow. Not that I dont trust you or anything.

Mark your comment about the Gin Mill was not cute. It was snide and a few weeks ago you wagged your finger at me and the BOS. Look at that tape. Didn't your mother ever teach you manners? And you wonder why the board didn't greet you with open arms?

Hey Mark. Post the hand out you gave the selectmen before the meeting. I would like to see it. I think that the hand out would be most interesting.

What was the first guy smoking? He seemed high or drunk. He rambled almost as incoherently as I am during my 3 am quest for the bathroom. darn prostate.

Rocky said...

The bos represented the tax payers and don't seem to support it and now everyone hates them. That is crazy. The economy is inthe crapper so lets raise taxes so we can put the money inthe bank.

Mark cannot be that dumb to think the CPA right now is what this town needs. He probably should tell people the real reason he wants it. There has to be a hook in it for him. Something.

People who want the cpa can still give their money to conserve land. There are a whole bunch of groups like the wildland trust that will take your $100 a year. You even get a cool sticker for your bike helmet.

Leave the bos alone on this one. They did the right thing.

Suo Mynona said...

Bozo you might have to change the name of your blog to "Jessie Powell Confirmed Liar and Bumpkin Smashing"

He is getting what he deserved. He makes all those links and started internet slaying. He thinks we cannot make a proper decision with out his guidance. Mark the Good Shepard of Middleborough. Looking forward to using his section to start the wood stove tomorrow (it is like a bag of flamable gas)

He is now walking on thin ice. He cannot come close to backing up his comments that CPA debate is not wanted. (unless it depends on what his definition of debate is).

"More Video to come" Please Mark show the entire video of the CPA discussion (Not your chosen excerpts) PROVE your statement "it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA". It is all there on video, it will show you for what you do with your facts.

Anonymous said...


"Mark the Good Shepard of Middleborough"

1. First one in this debate to attack a business.
2.First one in this debate to threaten someone.
3. First one in this debate to get caught trespassing in a girls yard.
4.First one in this debate to post Porn.
5.First one in this debate to Post cartoons about beastality.
6.First one in this debate to get his website shut down for Childrens issues.

But he means well! Now like Shawn Hendrix misleading his Tribe. BB gets caught misleading the voters of Middleboro by saying people don't want a debate on the CPA issue.

He lets people post on his website Middleboro Ma is a 3rd rate town. The towns people are Dipsh**s for not wanting his new tax or seeing this CPA issue his way.

This is acceptable? Is he alright?

mildly said...

It's 3 degrees, about to snow again, and I've got on my snuggies blanket with the sleeves plus piling on the quilts for a long winter's nap. The world and all it's problems can go on without me today. My biggest efforts will be to make a hot turkey soup and stoke the fires in the woodstove. :)

Family Guy said...

Boy oh boy another day home for me but it is just time off that I'm taking while I still have a job. So I can spend some quality time like I did yesterday cruising the various site's and digging up those little nuggets. I didn't realize how warped MT, MR and BB were until I spent the time looking at that BS. I won't even go into that fool Smoking Owl. Hey, I live here. I vote here. I have kids in school here. I shop here. I coach here. So I'm for a casino and against CPA and I'm a dips**T? Thanks, BB, for convincing the rest of us that we were right all along with you and your posse.

Your posts regarding that BOS meeting were totally off the wall. Why not let your posse do the dirty work?

Rocky said...

Mark's Posse doesn't live in Middleboro. ergo the nosy neighbor.

Only a psychotic would think that everyone else is an idiot or stupid. They are too psycho to see that they are the ones who may need meds or less.

bogofree said...

Appears the BOS meeting has generated some excitement. I suspect that the garden variety negative comments have been handed out to the BOS members so that will certainly finish off any of their support - present and future - in the CPA. Stupid move, folks, as now the work becomes all that more difficult.

Movements in politics is often incremental as you take a lump or two or more on building up a stronger base. Takes time. For someone running for office it might take a few runs, some service time on one of those boards no one hears about and spending some time building up and not whining, complaining, finger pointing or making the great divide even greater. The compelling arguments of CPA are draped in innuendo and vilification of those who disagree. That is clear. Think that will help? The enemy in this process is not the opponents but the proponents for failure to narrow focus on the objective and having an all or nothing attitude and then tossing everything under the bus. What I would have liked to hear from BB is to ask the BOS “What can WE do to get your support and the support of the town?”

BG did a nice presentation and speaks for the number of people I have spoken with. Few are entrenched AGAINST CPA but are AGAINST it at this time. Now is the time to access the damage created by the fall out from the meeting and to determine how to move forward to actually build a real consensus. Oh…it’s not about the casino!

bogofree said...

FYI. The offending post by Owl has been removed per his/her request and an apology issued.

Very few actually read these bolgs or even post. But word does get around. Just one person telling another and another....and the last thing any of us need in a year or two is to be confronted with "I'm just a dips**t so take a hike" when any of us attempt to do the PR for CPA.

anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

LL the same as MT and MR? What are you trying to say?

She's No Vulcan said...

JP has made a rambling post about how if there are lottery sales and coffee shops then there should be a CPA.

I am no Spock, but I could not follow her logic. Maybe someone else can. But here is one simple point for her. Not everyone buys lottery tickets or coffee. I prefer to spend my hard earned money as I chose not as Jessie and Mark tell me to.

Anonymous said...

LL the same as MT and MR? What are you trying to say? His computer skills equal them two?

Family Guy said...

A CFO canidate? Run, Jessie, run! LMFAO! Run, Jessie, run so I can print out this blog and hand it out before any debates!

Anonymous said...

Go to MTs, JPSs MBs and CPs sites and Right click, View source, scroll down they all have site meters.

LL does not have one. So again who do you have to be weary of?

Jerry Garcia said...


Hey BB where is your sense of community preservation? Your article about live music at local venue did not include any mention of "Middleboro Music Nights" held every Thursday night in the summer. Plus it is free (some live on budget less than yours). Costs less than the CPA or going to Fall River. You are for the CPA and you won't mention community events in one lousy line.

anonymous said...

"Go to MTs, JPSs MBs and CPs sites and Right click, View source, scroll down they all have site meters.

LL does not have one. So again who do you have to be weary of?

Use of an anonoymous proxy will prevent your profile address from appearing.

Rocky said...

The best comment on Mary's blog is that "her home town passed CPA and is using it wisely". Yeah right. Bridgewater has no problems financially now that it has CPA?

Jessie needs to do some research about Middleboro Gas and Electric Company. It has been a town department for a long time.

The comments that mini mae asked for a hand out is funny. Yell at a person for asking for the information and then say they act uninformed.

It is a good thing we have people who will think on the board. Ask questions. Not react in haste. I love watching it on tv. best 2 hours and no commercials. After 2 I have to use the bathroom.

bogofree said...

I got an email from site meter about two months ago asking for me to sign up so I did. I get a report each month and all it has is zero's so I assume my technical skills came out full bloom. LOL! I'll have to get onto the site and cancel the account since it is free. I know you can get a sophisticated one that will provide all sorts of information regarding trolls visiting the site. I don't care so it means nothing to me.

I did the right click thing as anon said and you get all that Java Script that will give you info. That is available on any site to various degrees and is why many choose to use an anonymous proxy since it will tag a profile ID. Again, I could care less but others can view it. Big deal.

Rocky...send me an email if you want to have coffee sometime as I am also retired and got no life. LOL!

Suo Mynona said...

Bumpkin Prove Your Statement

"In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped."

Did you review the video yet? Did you discover that it is not true?

Anonymous said...

This came from Jessie's site she tracks every move you make they all have it except LL. Its actually a paid program you can't see it on the site its embedded in the html code.

This is what you look for to see if your being tracked.

Site Meter XHTML Strict 1.0
script src= "" type="text/javascript"
Copyright (c)2006 Site Meter

LMAO said...

Answers? From BB? LMAO! He is trapped by his own words! LMAO!

bogofree said...

It escapes me why it is so damn important why they want to track people? Why? I can see getting a count but the rest? Heck...I check every blog a few times a day. Toxic about once a week. So what? I copy "stuff" off blogs and will quote it. So what? It's important to track me?

I am starting to see a mountain of negativity towards the BOS and those who are percieved to be non supporters of the CPA being blogged. Folks...this is not the way to win friends and influence people for what should be an issue viewed long term at this point. How many people I've spoken with consider this a good idea in time will now be turned off since they will link it to over the top comments?

drive-by said...

I don't understand why it's a problem to wait on CPA until some of the dust settles in town and the economy shows some signs of recovery. Mr. Andrews was right---it's not like developers are scooping up land for a building boom. Like many, I'm not against land preservation all together. I'm against persuing the issue NOW.

I do, however, resent being classified as being "less than" because I disagree on this or any issue. After seeing the way this has been handled, it's hard not to be skeptical of anything BB and MR sponsor. Don't like being told what to think and how to vote.

Anonymous said...

What Drive-By You don't like being called a DipSh**t or 3rd class citizen? BB thinks its alright to post stuff like that.

Good spin from him though. I was on the border line, Yea right! Tell the truth BB Call a spade a spade LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Do you agree Smoking Owl sounds alot like "1623" ?

Rocky said...

I re watched the selectmans meeting and i think Mark wants this so that the town can buy up land around the gin mill when it gets the chance. That's why he says it can't wait.

I am getting a part time job Bogo. I need a little more income to supplement my meager ss.

bogofree said...

Rocky...I sub teach and tutor to supplement my pensions. SS locks me into limitations until I'm 66.

I just am sooo frustrated that some good ground work will now have to be done to the nth degree thanks to some very visible flame outs on the CPA. Preservation is important to virtually everyone but so is the pocketbook at this time and place. This measure had a decent shot in 2002 and failed and it could make it with some heads up work over the next year that has to be done. Now does anyone think the BOS will sign off on this after the posting temper tantrums? Great!

As far as the meeting Andrews was clear in his statement that he is not against it! Neil was. BG was in favor but not at this time. SM was for it. Adam would support a 1%. BB - maybe the posting hyenas you have hooked up with can get it right. They do the linkage to the casino and rake over the BOS for their position and that has driven a nail into much support for what should be a stand alone issue.

drive-by said...

I'm no expert on writing styles, but Smoking Owl doesn't use the same sentence structure as 1623. Too fluid. Don't know who he/she is except that he/she is hard core and has been posting since old CFO board. Doesn't matter. Just one of MT's fans who applauds everything she says as "brilliant". None of her Stepford Commenters seem to care about the way they continue to divide our town. They want what they want and that's all that matters to them. Suspect they all have alien mind control devices implanted.

You Shall said...

When I read the posts here it seems like everyone is sick of BB & MR acting like they are delivering The Commandments to the "d*psh*ts" of Middleboro. I figure your posters could have some fun making up The Commandments they have carved in stone.

You Shall........

anonymous said...

You Shall .... turn over your blog site to me never reopen. (You're next Bogo)

anonymous said...

Ihou shalt honor your Blogfathers and Blogmothers and only Their Truth Shall set you free.

Thou shalt live in Clark CT and be fruitful and multiply for the sake of the 100 ESL teachers.

Thou shalt not take the name of Bumpkin in vain.


Anon said...

Thou shalt not question the gospel of bumpkin

Thou shalt not use any non electronic forms of pesronal communications.

Thou Shalt not believe anyone that has been in town government more than 3 months

anonymous said...

Thou shalt use no trespassing signs as open space bike trail markers.

anonymous said...

Thou shalt read my insufferable articles and write glowing letters to the editors singing my praises.

Thou shalt have no contact with those in disfavor with the Great Shunner.

Thou shalt cast out the demons of those possessed by The Flying Monkeys.

Hail Mary, though disgraced, this Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed be the fruit of thy keyboard.

anonymous said...

Thou shalt tithe 10% of thy income to fund my worthy projects.

Though shalt not covet casinos. They are the work of Satan and his henchmen, the BOP (Board of Pharisees). So sayeth the Lord, Almighty Bumpkin.

bogofree said...

Thou shall always debase the advise of the dinosaurs.

Thou shall never buy bricks or auto parts.

anonymous said...

Thou shalt not admit mistakes.


Thou shalt cast stones at bogofree for providing an alternative forum

(Bogofree you have some funny "third rate d*p*h*ts" posting here)

anonymous said...

All CFO galas and yard sales shall be declared Holy Days of Obligation. "Donations" mandatory.

Grandstanding with 100 $1 bills shall be deemed a mortal sin.

Though shalt build an ark and fill it with llamas, sheep, goats, and chickens and float it down the Nemasket.

DipShtick said...

Thou shall not go near the flock.

Thou shall repent all nasty pornographic cartoons from ones mind.

Thou shall collect pigeon feathers on the Boston common and stay away from her backyard.

anonymous said...

Thou shalt all sport recycled Tee shirts emblazoned with the words
"3rd rate Middleboro d*psh*t" as standard issue.

Family Guy said...

Geez. I am breaking up over this stuff.

Thou shall attempt to be a toadie of Adam.

Thou shall worship all moonbats.

anonymous said...

Thou shall stay away from Job Lot and Benny's red flannels.

bogofree said...

Every time I post this I get shot down but here is the link to Hal's board. 90% of it is non casino.

Old Testament

New Testament.

Testament of Bumpkin.

anonymous said...

This is from the BB web site known as nemasket.wreck

Thou is full of s**T.

"Membership is required to read or post and proper etiquette is strictly enforced. There is much interesting, informed, and downright fun discussion. I daresay it’s the cleanest, smartest, and best forum in the region."


Thou Shall only link to blogs that attack Middleboro's 3rd rate residents.

Thou shall claim to want to heal thy town.

chica said...

I saw the presentation on TV and thought all had good points to share. The 100 dollar bills was a grandstand play but very effective.

The money is more to me than others since our tax bill is closer to $5,000. This is big money since we are living month to month and that soon may be week to week. I also question the fact that the state monies may evaporate. Will they always be there?

I have read the comments on this blog and suspect the entire attitude of MB is sour grapes.

Anon said...

Thou shall bear false witness against trespassers, mass mailers, vandals or marshmallow roasters

Rocky said...

$5000 Chica? You must have a big house and can afford the little extra.

Thou shalt stop complaining since you must be rich with such a big home.

Chica, I feel the same. I am boing taxed into a part time job and public housing. I may not get to live out my years here in Middleboro the way it is going.

Family Guy said...

Here are a few more recent gems posted on anti blogs regarding the BOS. Then BB makes a fool of himself with his own posts. This is the way to win support by linking to them?

"Today I went looking for information that should be on the "PTWS" (good name!) and am really disgusted. I spent an hour looking for it before I wasted my time and the town employee's time getting the information. And since I pay for the employee's time also, it's ridiculous.
Has anyone thought of firing the man? That's what private industry would do. Oh, I forgot that he's a selectman's husband so we can't discuss incompetence.

3 members live in the center of town and have town water-Marsha, Steve, Adam. Mimi doesn't live in town but hubby has a business in the center of town so she must be drinking the water. The water needs to be tested to see what's in it that causes stupidity. It's not just the Casino Kood Aid. That's the problem!"

Rocky said...

If you don't like the water, mix some whiskey in it. It kills everything on contact.

anonymous said...

Thou shalt not own a pick-up, owb a rifle, or eat at Dave's Diner.

Thou shalt have a six figure job that allows you to work at home, play at the Y, and show up at the office when you want.

Though shalt seek to spend other people's money whether they have it or not.

Thou shalt learn to whine and pout when people don't like you because you trash them..

Thou shalt only vote for far left moonbats.

Thou shalt judge others but they can't judge you.

Thou shalt not belong to a union, work with your hands, or recognize what a hammer is.

Thou shalt keep your thermostat set at 59 degrees, close the Town Hall, weather strip and caulk the h*ll out of every door and window, use only CFLs, and veto new nuclear or coal gassification plants.

Thou shalt all sport back mustaches, even if female.

Thous shalt submit your email addys and IP#s for tracking on the Blogfathers database.

Thous shalt renounce your pro-casino stance and join the cause-that includes fence-sitters.

Thou shalt bulldoze down Main Street and rebuild the town center to look like Manchester-by-the Sea.

Thou shalt limit the number of vehicles responding to 911 calls.

All females shall dress frumpily, wear outdated glasses, and avoid stylish hairdos.

Thou shalt believe all moonbat conspiracy theories and read only and for accurate info.

Howie Carr shalt be declared public enemy numbero uno.

AB, NR, and LA numeros dos, tres, and cuatro.

anonymous said...

Thou shalt worhip regularly at CFO (Church of the Friggin' Offensive).

anonymous said...

Bogo and his cadre shall report Monday morning to the new "MT Center for De-programming" where they will be purged of all independent thought.

"1623" shall propose legilation declaring February "White European Colonist History" month.

bogofree said...

This is just too much. I am just running erands and coming back to read the latest. LMAO!

Thou shall show distain for Toxic - voice of the people.

Thou shall never allow blanks to appear on voting results.

Mother Jones and Huffington Report shall be the final say on all research.

Thou shall always have a camera present to film public employees.

Thou shall knowingly support false information.

anonymous said...

Failure to attend TM or cast a vote shall constitute APATHY, a crime punishable by one week of public flogging.

New passports and visas shall be required to re-enter the 'Boro from Sovereign land. Psychological profiling shall be conducted to root out anyone suspected of developing an addiction during even a brief stay, and appropriate actions shall be taken in the event of failure or refusal to comply.

Tobacky sniffing K9s shall be deployed to prevent smuggling across border of smoking contraband purchased.

Anyone caught on camera with a 'hospitality' girl shall submit to chemical castration to be witnessed by JP.

Anon said...

Thou shall covet the position of selectman

Thou shall have disdain for sitting and former selectman

Thou shall permanently affix a keyboard to thine hands

Thou shall permantly affix a monitor thine forehead

thou shall blog every nasty thought in thine jealous brain about selectmen

Dark Knight said...

Bogo I saw your comment on the BB blog.

Thou shall not make snarky comments.

Thou shall not over use the word "snarky."

Praise be that Obama makes Grogfather's Day a national holiday.

chica said...

Rocky when we first moved to Middleboro about ten years ago our taxes were just under $3,000 for a basic raised ranch. Since that time we have added on a barn and a three room addition with two complete baths and our taxes have jumped. The work was done by ourselves and family so the cost was only a fraction of what you would normally pay. The additions were like having another house.

Rocky said...

Being in the prescence of JP is castration enough. She is like my oversized prostate.

anonymous said...

The Gospel According to MT:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was perverted to fit my agenda..... MT 1:1

Rocky said...

54 40 or fight.

Anon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
3rd Rate Citizen said...

Thou shall be intentionally offensive and expect to be treated with benevolence.

Thou shall be conceited.

Thou shall have no humility.

bogofree said...

I have a questiuon especially for those of you who have been in Mboro virtually your entire life.

My wife and I moved here over 35 years ago. Have I been here long enough to be considered a third rate dips**T? If not can I get credit towards the years required if I can prove I once bought bricks and auto parts?

anonymous said...

Jessie is really out of line. She attacks one selectman for text messaging during a meeting, Then on the other hand she wants them to use electronic gadgets to gather information.

What say the selectman she is talking about took her advise and was googling her website for information on an energy issue that he was unclear of?

How is she so informed about what that Selectman was doing?

Did she just make that up about texting?

First Rate Citizens said...

In BB's and MR's own words.

BB: "...opposition to CPA because it's "not the right time". Let's just ignore the fact that the miniscule $48 charge won't come until FY2010"

BB: "Lottery - The retirement planning tool of choice for Middleboro."

BB: "The reception of the BOS to me was quite hostile"

BB: "Not surprising and indicative that this BOS in not capable of reasoned discussion of issues. It's their way or the highway."

BB: "In the meantime, it's clear the CPA opponents, at least the ones at the BOS meeting don't actually want discussion of CPA, they want it stopped."

I couldn't agree with you more.

Unfortunately, with this Board, they're so uninformed, unmotivated, lacking intellectual curiosity, willing to continue 'we've always done it this way,' and parochial that the Town has suffered as a consequence."

anonymous said...

all of you with post office boxes give us an update on signature drive.

LMAO said...

WE are all just dips**ts since we cannot understand the collective wisdom of BB and MR. LMAO!

anonymous said...

bozo, belanger gave you the boot for trying to get "mr" to admit she made up clark and 100 esl teachers. then he lets smoking owl call everyone in town third rate dips**t citizens. even worse he would not take it down until smoking owl asked him to.

bogofree said...

Anon....I should just have kept my fingers muffled and allowed compliance to the wisdom of hypocracy. Just think…this blog would never have been created, my mind would be turned to intellectual mush trapped in the back slapping that infests and I’d still be receiving love notes and plaudits from the CFO gang. Shameful of me to actually put so many under the looking glass regarding the mindless tossing of fraudulent data and disguising opinion as fact. Amazing how some will support ANY MESSENGER as long as the message is supported. All that seems to have had an impact judging from the scrutiny that the various anti bloggers are now under regarding what and how they post. A controversy a week is now the norm. I sense that many are like me in that they either want no casino or a better deal but refuse to be linked (pun intended) to CFO.

Rocky said...

Response to in BB's and MR's own words.

$48 is not miniscule.

401K was the biggest lottery looser since we got it back in 1974.

The BOS weren't hostile to you. They were hostile to the CPA and the lack of preparation, lack of presentation and being worried about people like me who can't afford it. My golden years are looking quite pewter.

There was no discussion. There was no presentation. You should have made a presentation with hand outs. Only thing you said was it is only a little bit more taxes and topped it off with a casino comment to be snide.

I agree that NR doesn't support it. I could see that plain and simple from my sofa. LA seemed open to the idea but with proper discussion. The last guy seemed to really support it but now.

I couldn't agree with you more."

Like Bogo getting a teaching reference from Charles Manson.

anonymous said...

After reading some of MR's venomous blogs, I was very surprised by her demeanor when I heard her speak in public. Her voice was soft and shaky, hardly audible, and she seemed so unsure of herself. Hard to believe it was the same person. Felt sorry for her until I remembered that her blogs hurt people. Why does such an obviously intelligent woman feel the need to stick a knife into others and twist it? And why would someone deliberately provoke the disdain people feel toward her?

anonymous said...

48 dollars is a "miniscule" amount of amount of money.
-- Gospel according to Bumpkin

Thou shalt recognize that Bumpkin will be the almighty judge how much money is significant to your budget and family.

anonymous said...

How does one dress as a DipSh** for Halloween? LMAO

anonymous said...

You catch more flies with sugar than vinegar.

Bumpkin and MR why do you get so upset if people disagree with your opinions? Why do you decide to trash them as soon as they disagree with you? Do you recognize that others are allowed to have opinions as well? The wholde bunch of you that are linked together make an attack on people then incur responses like thou shalt. You complain about people not listening to you yet you have given them no reason to respect you.

Take down your venomous blogs and all of this will disapear. You will regain some sanity

anonymous said...

BB keeps orchestrating new causes and projects. What is motivating him? Is he contemplating running for public office at some point in the future? Not likely folks in Middleborough are going to change their perception of him. Folks around these parts have looooong memories.

bogofree said...

Quote from Rocky:

I couldn't agree with you more."

Like Bogo getting a teaching reference from Charles Manson.

Now that is funny! Good points on the presentation. I hope this is used as a learning tool. Would have been nice to speak to some of the "dinosaurs" before hand to get support or suggestions since this was to be the very public presentation.

anonymous said...

'Squeaky' Powell of the Bumpkin Family. LMAO

drive-by said...

I'm seriously ordering some Tee Shirts for me and some friends:

3rd Rate Dipsh*t from a 3rd Rate Town


bogofree said...

Dips**tborough? Just a throught.

drive-by said...

Thanks bogo. I like that even better. LOL

anonymous said...

mb and jp ought to put their time and brains where there mouths and keyboards are. get on the zoning board, con com, planning board, board of asseors or personel board. go to a weekly meeting -- month in, month out; year in, year out -- and learn something that cannot be taught from clicking a mouse and cutting and pasting from left wing propaganda. they could be in the hot seat and see that everything is not as black and white as they appear when writing scathing comments about the BOS.

Rocky said...

Who you callin a dinosaur Bogo? I may be old but I aint a dino. Just ask my wife. I can still lift the seat for my 3 AM.

It does suck to get old. I just hope to out live my wife. Don't tell her but i don't know what i would do without her.

drive-by said...

From MT's blog, posted yesterday by anonymous (T Rex, aka JP):
Anonymous said...
"As I have in the past, I will continue to ask...

"who are these people who landed here and started promoting a casino" ??

Who and why is Adam Bond and Victoria Bond?

Thriving law practice in Middleboro?

Extra time on his hands to do a weekly radio program?

What about his clients needs? Don't they have any on Thursday's?"

I don't quite understand why VB seems to be fair game for flaming? Also don't know why this woman, who is not a player in M'boro politics, endures the implication that she and Adam were imported here by investors around 2002 as plants to promote the casino. That's a big stretch with no evidence. JP, what's your real beef with this lady? I notice from her pic on WG's site that she's young and pretty. Could it be the green eyed monster raising its ugly head? These wild, unsubstantiated innuendos are doing more damage to your already diminished credibilty than VB's. I really wish bloggers would stop targetting private citizens.

anonymous said...

To continue on that MR path, Drive-By, is the next post. This is why the CPA will never get an impartial hearing before the BOS simply because so many anti bloggers are not impartial.

"Former Selectman, Lincoln Andrews made the unsubstantiated statement as fact during the January 12, 2009, Board of Selectmen's Meeting, that 7 Square Miles of the Town was preserved as Open Space.
Those who attended or watched might recall Mr. Andrews' unnecessary outburst when I asked, through the Chairman of the Board, the source of the "fact."
And Mrs. Duphily, who pays little attention to facts, rushed to defend the fiction.
But then, this is Home of Mushroom Farming! Don't allow facts to intrude in your opposition or support when it's convenient."

Mildly said...

Fun posts to read this week. Nice playground you built for us bogo. There are no dinosaurs here, Rocky, not as long as we're all young at heart.

Bogo, you seem like a big kid to me. Probably were a class clown, especially if you got bored. Can't see you as a hard-nosed teacher, though I doubt if it was easy to put one over on you. Bet the kids loved your one liners. Even Ferris Bueller would have made the effort to make it to class. Humor goes a long way in holding class attention. Plus it's an irresistable challenge to outsmart a wise-a$$ teacher. LMAO

drive-by said...

Somebody must have switched the "High Road/Low Road" signs because the anti-bloggers certainly aren't following MB's orinal directive to keep things clean. Any day I expect one side of Center St. to be designated for pros and the other side for antis, and ne'r the tween shall meet.

bogofree said...

Ben Stein calling out "Bueller" is a classic. Was primarily a behavior "teacher" with my own program and then working within HS program. Never tossed a student. Always tried to come back with one-liners that could defuse a situation. Always tried to get older students to provide leadership for younger ones and that takes care of most discipline. Smooth sailing when that happens. I was in the real world for years and ran into CEO's and CFO's that had behaviors that made kids look like pussy cats. Be back to tutoring for MCAS ELA and Math in a few weeks.

Maybe we should each get cute little dino pictures like Rocky’s squirrel picture? MT already has the Raptor market cornered and someone already pegged MR as T-Rex so we'll have to think long and hard although I'm starting to look more like a Brontosaurus each day. Picture would probably take over the entire page.

It has been quite a humorous week with all the fallout from the CPA meeting. The thou shall comments have been great and I’m sure my wife could create several hundreds directed at me - all very positive, of course.

I’ll start up another thread sometime today.

drive-by said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
drive-by said...

Will this do? Still a smoker and would walk a mile for one. LOL

Mildly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymoose said...

Hilarious post on topix by some pompous A-hole. Must have been writing with a thesaurus in hand:


Middleboro, MA

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Jun 18, 2008

This is to voice my dissatisfaction with Limo Loonie's initiatives. It may help if I begin my discussion by relating an innocuous story in order to illustrate my point: A few days ago I was arguing with a particularly prissy braggadocio who was insisting that Limo can scare us by using big words like "philosophicotheological ". I tried to convince this shrewish, nefarious dolt that people often get the impression that ignorant, pestilential firebrands and Limo's idolators are separate entities. Not so. When one catches cold, the other sneezes. As proof, note that the passage of time will make it clear to even the more slow among us that most acts of pessimism are committed not by abysmal guttersnipes but by Limo's underlings in an attempt to ruin my entire day. To say anything else would be a lie. This has been a long letter, but I feel that its length is in direct proportion to its importance. Why? Because Limo Loonie views factionalism as a succedaneous religion that authorizes him to pit race against race, religion against religion, and country against country."

bogofree said...

More than three syllables and I'm lost.

Wonder who his underlings are?

anonymous said...

I have proof that Darwin was wrong. To see it, just look in the mirror, I shudder to write your name, but write it I must, if only to let posterity know the name of all human woes, that is I would call you a poncing, pontificating pompous prat, but I am not writing to praise you. Upon reading this, you are probably muttering something like "Ho ho, sour grapes." You have a point. But my rejoinder, vinegar face, is what hope did those grapes ever have while you live and breathe? Do not construe this as hate mail. I offer only constructive criticisms designed to allow you to be a better person and the world a better place. Have you ever thought of slowly strangling yourself? I know I have. Your disgusting loathsome habits clearly know no bounds. You really are a marvel of malevolence, a master of misery. Have you any idea how agonisingly juvenile you are? I am truly staggered by your crass insensitivity to all that surrounds you. Humankind, I know, has no future. There is no justice, no reason, no hope. Just blank despair, and teeth gnashing hopelessness. You probably think that when you utter one of your nonsenses, people turn their head in deep thought at the wisdom of your philosophies. Has it even remotely occurred to you that perhaps they turn their heads because your breath reeks like a camel's groin? If everything in this world has some purpose, some grand plan behind its existence, then yours surely is to show everything else, whether it be a slops bucket in a fried chicken stand, or the gunk behind the fridge, how fortunate it is not to be you. Your faults are so overwhelming I feel, only out of a sense of utter, despair, that I cannot continue writing. May you rot.

Anonymoose said...

anon: 11:44

That is without a doubt one of the funniest posts I've ever read. Very clever satire. roflmao

bogofree said...

That is like the Monty Python bit with the insults.

Once I translate half the words I'll be all set. I'm going to have to use that - without permission, of course - as a rejoiner to those pontif - (whatever), pompous and so forth yankee fans I encounter.

Now I'll have to send Hal an email to see how to get those pictures on the posts.

Anonymoose said...


When you go to write a new post on your bar, click on the 3rd icon from your write. It tells you how to bring up either an image you have stored on your computer or an image from the web.

What I do is go to Google images first and type in what I'm looking for. After I've chosen I click on it, then click on "enlarge iamge". Then you go to Explorer's edit function, press "Save as" and indicate which file you want to save the image under.

anonymous said...

Okay, let's do it. Let's insist on a policy of zero tolerance toward antinomianism. You see, I sincerely believe that Mr. Bumpkin is rarely shy about speaking from the depths of his ignorance. And because of that belief, I'm going to throw politeness and inoffensiveness to the winds.
In this letter, I'm going to be as rude and crude as I know how, to reinforce the point that if I seem a bit spleeny, it's only because I'm trying to communicate with Bumpkin on his own level.

Bumpkin's nostrums are as predictable as sunrise. Whenever I raise the quality of debate on issues surrounding Bumpkin's frowzy press releases, his invariant response is to bad-mouth worthy causes. Although Bumpkin is trying to portray himself as a great philosopher on par with Wittgenstein or some such personage, his behavior is entirely out of line. Am I aware of how Bumpkin will react when he reads that last sentence? Yes. Do I care? No, because his backers actually believe the bunkum they're always mouthing. That's because these classes of prurient nabobs of Lysenkoism are idealistic, have no sense of history or human nature, and they think that what they're doing will somehow improve the world in a matter of days. In reality, of course, Bumpkin wants all of us to believe that he has a duty to conceal the facts and lie to the rest of us, under oath if necessary, perjuring himself to help disseminate the True Faith of Fabianism. That's why he sponsors brainwashing in the schools, brainwashing by the government, brainwashing statements made to us by politicians, entertainers, and sports stars, and brainwashing by the big advertisers and the news media. Summa summarum, Mr. Bumpkin's crusades are dodgy in their impact, unsympathetic in their aspirations, logorrheic in their political deviousness, and conceited in their unbalanced philosophies.

LMAO said...

I think anon just called BB a dips**T?

bogofree said...

Oh will I have to have armed guards on my next ride/run with Mark. I now wished I never gave my thesaurus to the 4H book sale. Targeting the exorbitant nefarious egocentric nabobs of…oh, I better stop…its catching! A thesaurus virus?

Someone mentioned my teaching days. When I had a dispute among students the exchange would often become quite interesting with their ingenious and creative use of the “F” words and linking them to other expletives or mentioning some assumed histories of the females in the family. One exercise I use to do is to give both students a thesaurus and attempt to be creative in laying to waste their opponent. The alternative to not doing the assignment was usually loss of privileges for a day…or two…or three…so even the most reluctant student would participate. As I had mentioned Monty Python. We would have a small table set up with two chairs. One student would face the other and read his missive while the other had his hands folded and listened. Then they would switch places and when finished shake hands and return to their desks with greatly reduced punishment. Had some extremely creative papers and all fears of a dictionary or the writing process was reduced. Had some great five paragraph essays back then.

Rocky said...

54 40 or fight.


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