Sunday, November 30, 2008


A rather mild week since the nation was busy eating and making collective fools of themselves on Black Friday. Speaking of collective fools I guess that may apply to CFO with what has become to many an anti-Indian blogging trend. I'll leave that to the Toxic crowd and any posters who wish to address it on this site.

The only other enjoyable moment was sitting with my wife and watching her getting tortured by the Patriots performance. As a World Champion New York Football Giants (via NJ) fan it is just further proof that the real upset in SB 42 would have been the Patriots winning.

So just post away and raise any topic you wish or make comments that you feel may be of interest or will provide a cleansing rant.


anonymous said...

Service to the 4H, boy scouts, girl scouts, baseball, soccer, and other stuff is just as important as elective office. An argument can be made that coaching baseball is more dangerous. Seems like every time you turn around someone is getting sucker punched in youth sports. Those parents set such a fine example of behavior. But that is microcosm of life in general; as is local politics.

There are three basic types. Those who are very involved. Those who love to complain and try to make everyone else miserable because they are miserable. And those that are busy and appreciative that others step up to the plate to help (these are the folks that say thanks). Usually the last group is involved in some sort of "giving effort" somewhere on some level.

I could go on with an endless analogy but know you all get the picture.

anonymous said...


You said "The CPA is a wonderful idea when we are flushed with cash" As a person with financial inclinations why would say that? Are you inferring that it is ok to enact a near permanent tax when things are ok?

And what is your reasoning for saying it is a wonderful thing? Are you starting to fly at night and hang upside down in moonboots?

North Slope Rigger said...

Bogo. Just had to take a shot at the Pats didn't you? I do miss Hal and WTF is a CPA?

mildly said...

What seems weird to me is that some of the very same people who would have marched alongside MLK jr. in the civil rights movement of the 60s, show so little tolerance for a Native American tribe trying to improve the lives of their people.

anonymous said...


It is the Community Preservation Act. It is a moonbat taxingf measure that allows the state to gain more control over the town with carrot that is actually a stickof dynmaite in disguise.
"You tax your people more and we might give you money"

State site:

From Boston Globe
" On a per capita basis, moreover, the law has greatly benefited residents of small communities with high property values such as Chilmark, Aquinnah, Nantucket, and Weston, which all received more than $485 per capita from the state fund"

bogofree said... is moonbat legislation but, then again, I'm all over the political map. To me the only amount that is attractive is the low end one that will cost the homeowner 1%. What is attractive to me - with my BBs on (Bogo Blinders) is the possibility of any land preservation or trail development. I can really understand that some potential abuses are inherent with the legislation and any other legislation. My hope is that a good portion of it will be spent on my own special interests. Also, that gov’t portion has to come from somewhere and somewhere is your tax dollars.

The one thing that really has me upset about the gin mill is the destruction of a great trail system in that area. Others can focus on the evils of gaming but I will focus on running trails turned into a golf course and parking lots.

Mildly….I suspect if some of the recent blogs questioned the legitimacy of African Americans reaction would be quite interesting. There is an under current of anti-Indian in those blogs and intentional or not that is how a good portion of Native Americans would probably interpret it.

anonymous said...

Now CC is blogging about her Charlie Brown history lesson. Nothing wrong with her history but what is wrong, IMO, is the intent to dismiss the tribe based on a history written and interpreted by the victors. The bottom line intent of the blogs is to question the very legitamacy of the tribe. I wonder if they would care to ask the tribe about that? Some view it as racist but that is only to be determined by the targets.

LMAO said...

Here is the real story - the Tribe is recognized by the Feds. That is what really counts. The intent of MT is clearly to focus on the roots of the various tribes and those are roots that have been dilluted by history.

Open Space said...

Open Space in Middleboro is over 4220 acres

Rocky Gutter WMA 2954 ac

Meeting House Swamp and Purchase Brook WMA 229 ac

Black Brook 283 ac

Taunton River WMA (River St)175 ac

Soule Homestead 90 ac

Pratt Farm 140 ac

Weston Memorial 220 ac

Chestnut St Town Forrest 94 ac

Stuart Morgan Conserv area 35 ac

Various Town Parks such as Oliver Mill, many baseball and soccer fields, Herring run, Behind Early Child Learning Center (Town pool, Battis field, and general open area) High School, Middle School, cranberry bogs, cluster sub divisions (total acres?)

Lots of open space. Middleboro has done a good job.

bogofree said...

Middleboro has an excellent record of open space but I'm never satisfied. I'd like to see extensive trail development which has not been done. Rails to Trails has limited funds and an extensive list of possible sites and Mboro would be a wonderful addition to that list.

The land cited by Open Space is actually more extensive since many of those areas contain land not directly associated with what is listed. I could go into great details on each but will just bore you as I have posted on some of these areas on LL's site. When I see developments such as Oak Point I wonder if it will ever end? When does it become necessary to cap expansion.

As far as the history lesson regarding the tribe it was interesting but common knowledge. The sources used were primary sources and secondary but as professor Buni would say "These are all primary and secondary but only by the victors." The intent of the blogs is quite clear and that is to question if the tribe is legit. I think the Federal gov’t answered that.

bogofree said...

My daughter was just notified she won the 42" Plasma TV the "Y" was giving away as a prize.

Open Space said...

Middleboro has more land in open space than many towns do total area. Oak Point. Not going there. If only because it not fair to have people start unexesssarily trashing the fine people that reside in the community. Besides it is well documented.

A few random haphazard thoughts on placing caps on building growth. It is very tricky and dangerous. Aside from private property issues and law suits, an instant response would be a flood of development submissions being made as soon as developers and land owners got wind of such an idea. They would be then be grandfathered and the town would be swamped.

Instead try placing a moratorium on how many children a family can have or how many people can move into town. You will have about as much luck doing that.

Open Space said...

One law begets another law that begets another law. This is and will continue to be the legacy of the CPA. The legislation is rift with problems some which are connected to 40B (a can of worms in itself)

"Robin Sherman co-authors Globe op-ed article: Revisiting Community Preservation

Robin Sherman and David Luberoff
WHILE the state's seven-year-old Community Preservation Act has accomplished many of its laudable goals, it has done so in ways that tax the poor to benefit the rich. The law should be changed to be more equitable and transparent."

Hey how am I doing on cutting and pasting? I can give you more if really want links upon links upon links.

My radar goes up when someone tells me I will give you 2 cents if you give me one cent for a few weeks

bogofree said...

Oak Point was massive and now further expansion is in the works. When does it go from being a good neighbor to a bad one? A monolith at this juncture? If I lived on Thompson Street I'd be in enough is enough mode.

The wealthy communities certainly do benefit from CPA and in Mboro it would be a long, long way off since I doubt locals will vote for additional taxes. Personally, the reason I would like it is the self centered special interests I have. have a long way to go before you will be blessed with "King of Cut and Paste."

North Slope Rigger said...

OK. I now understand CPA and since I believe in less taxes and not more that is where I stand. I can understand Bogo since he bores some of us with his endless list of trails and I now understand he carries it over to this site. From what I gather the only reason Bogo wants it is to run along some new trails.

I'm not a local (Quincy area) but I will check in once in a while to see if any moonbats are around.

Open Space said...

North slope dont go. Hech I need someone to help show that Bogo is an undercover moonbat. he has just taken the serum that allows him to come out during the day, especially if the Red Sox are playing the yankess (always lower case).

Wait a minute. I am confused. What is correct small caps or lower case? Heck Bogo was a teacher I will defer to him.

bogofree said...

I am beginning to suspect that the Open Space is between the left and right ear lobes.

Rigger is a die hard Sox and Pats fan so he'll love half my posts and I'll go small caps from now on. Rigger is always welcome despite his ultra low posting skills. Maybe I should send him to

A closet moonbat I am. I was going to have a tattoo of BB, President Moonbat, on a rather large space on my body. Artist said he'd charge me based on amount of ink. Ouch! Too much.

Look like the economics whiz bangs finally have pronounced we are in a recession and have been for a year. Wow! Didn't have a clue on that one.

anonymous said...

He goes for rides with BB.

He signed off on a Hal letter.

He was on as a mod.

Track record is becoming clear, Bozo, my friend. You are a moonbat plant!

LMAO said...

You left out his CPA love fest. LMAO!

Book Burner said...

Wow CFO bloggers are tearing down threads fast. Why would they want to stifle open conversation?

LMAO2 said...

I seen the pictures. Whats wrong with some people? Acting like they never seen a Turkey wrapped in tin foil before.

LMAO said...

Topix has been cleansed by The Peoples Republic Of CFO. LMAO! Man, they just hate that site! Wait. They don't read that site. The CFO function looked great since your not going to have to worry about a crowd. LMAO!

bogofree said...

Well...LMAO....I wonder if they had more at the State House or at their function? So much for divergent views.

Rocky said...

The only free speech Casino Facts likes is the speech for which they control. If you are not sheep then the pigs will not like you.

The new Casino Facts motto - Shut up and hate.

Rocky said...

Pig Pun Intended. Has anyone seen those photos? I guess they have not heard that there is a recession and people are tightnening their belts.

I have lived through too many of these economic down turns. It is going to get bad.

belligerently anonymous said...

The more the unholy four have posts critical of them erased from topix, the more they will piss people off for having them censored, the more people are going to react against them and write more. Attacking the legitimacy of the tribe is one of the stupidest things they have done to date. And they're cherrypicking their historical data and taking it out of context. I read the Philbrick book, and overall it paints a MUCH worse picture of the white invaders than it does of the indigenous peoples. The bloggers missed the whole point of the book and can't deal with the fact that people are calling them on their motivation for doing so. Pure intellectual shallowness. What we're seeing is an underhanded tactic to try to stop the casino, undermining their own cause by inventing and twisting FACTS.

Well, let them spend hours making posts disappear. They're just seeding the rain cloud hanging over them. For every post that vanishes, five more will appear. You'd think they would have figured that out in the last 6 months. Instead their blogs just keep getting more and more incendiary. What a crew of slow learners.

I'm really surprised they haven't gone after this site and the postings here. But then the comments here have been intelligent and to the point. Pretty hard for them to defend themselves against the truth of who they really are and the depths to which they have been sinking. Bet it fries their collective azzes that nothing written here is litigitable. BooHoo!

IMO, Topix is serving a purpose by keeping CFO busy trying to silence people who won't be silenced. Knock yourselves out Blogfathers. Every time you screw up, people are going to throw it back in your faces. Your intimidation tactics aren't working. And the more you write, the more tarnsparent you become. As for Topix revealing IP #s, never happen. Even if you sued and won, it would just make it easier for a court to come after you for some of the attacks against people you've printed.

belligerently anonymous said...

CPA in Middleboro? That has about as much possibility of another prop 2 1/2 passing Nothing that costs taxpayers an extra dime is going to fly in recessionary times. Townspeople are much more concerned with riding out the hard times and making sure they have the bare necessities of life.

Oh, and unless Obama can pull a golden rabbit out of his hat, he's history in 4 years. Funny, for all the CHANGE he promised, he's filling his cabinet with people from old school political histories. Campaign promises have become a farce. They begin to erode the day after election.

belligerently anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy recieves honorary degree from Harvard. You've got to be kidding! That's the school that kicked him out for cheating. And does anyone even remember Chappaquidick anymore and how Teddy beat the rap? Sorry the man suffers from brain cancer, really am. But it irks me to see people already building a Kennedy legacy he certainly never earned in life.

mildly said...

I miss the good old days in Boston sports when the Pat's fans tore down the goal posts and Bruins players tore off their gloves and bashed each other's brains out. Must have some Roman gladiator spectator blood in me.

Speaking of blood and guts, Angolina's flick "Wanted" is out in DVD today. Good adrenaline pumper.

bogofree said...

I am amazed that any Toxic posts are removed since they don't read it. LOL! As I have stated and as others have stated the lack of control just frosts an organization that is becoming so insular. I am sure the will make every attempt to get IP addresses and put pressure on Toxic to close shop. I would suggest that everyone post as anonymous on that site.

The recent blogs of the "truth" regarding the tribe and their historical roots was a shift in a direction best not taken and the reaction was obvious. Put the stamp of racism on it? IMO if my roots were Wamp I would be highly offended by trivialization of my past - a past that is convoluted thanks to external forces.

The Ted Kennedy award was a joke. What really made it a laugh riot was his list of family members that attended and then Boston Legal has a show on with a young lady attempting to get into Harvard and the school's administrative policy is discussed as elitist and reserved for our monied aristocracy. Great timing.

mildly said...

Unfortunately, you can't post under a proxy server on Topix. The numbers for verification don't appear, so the post won't be accepted.

Bogo, I have read local topix community boards across the country, and they number in the millions. Much worse flaming (and using real names) than you see on their Middleboro Forum. So far, the only cyber activity that has been persued by Law Enforcement or civil suits are those involving child enticement and pornography and the case where the young girl committed suicide as a result of cyber harassment by a neighbor. As Adam wrote, the internet as it is now is a form of legalized slander and character defamation. I'm sure this will be tested in court in the future. But, CFO is getting exactly what they are dishing out to others. They can complain to Toxic administrators all they want and the posts will be deleted as per agreement to posting rules. But posters like JP and MT can't persue anything in court because they have posted regular attacks against individuals using their real names. AND the legal fees would drain CFO coffers.

anonymous said...

Hey, BB, why do you find it necessary to tell everyone how much you contribute to a charity? Self-esteem issue?

Next time you ride with him Bogo ask him why?

LMAO said...

"Hey, BB, why do you find it necessary to tell everyone how much you contribute to a charity? Self-esteem issue?"

What's the story on this one, anon? Like they say in Seinfeld "Sponge Worthy" is this "Toxic Worthy?" And with Toxic. Any rattling by the cfo losers is the end result of theie inability to control that site. I consider them a pack of anti-Indian racist.

Anonymous said...

he talks about charity because he probably has little understanding of what true charity is. There are so many people that give so much that just keep their mouth shut. Look around you BB so many people that you scoff at give much more than you can imagine and you will never know about it because they are quite. Maybe their closest friends know.

Charity is doing a kind deed and then not telling anyone what you did after to inflate your ego.

mildly said...

Gee, maybe BB needs one of those locater devices so that the next time he gets lost on someone else's property it'll send a signal to the police station so they can find and re-direct him. roflmao.

You know, I really don't mind him as much as the others. To me he seems like a misguided soul out of touch with reality. Maybe bogo is the only one who can re-program him. BB is just one of his special needs of those technical types who needs some help with DLS.

LMAO said...

OK. I checked his blog and now all makes sence. He states he gave a $100 and web support. Just like his offer for the town to have his web site. If it was anybody else I'd probably say "bravo."

I agree that out of that unholy group he is probably the least offense.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled. They are just playing good cop and bad cop. If he were not like the rest of them then he would not link to all their sites.

Do you really believe that he just happened to trespass on the possible casino property multiple times because there are really cool trails and turkey feathers there? There are hundreds of other trails without no trespassing every 20 feet to ride on.

Flying Magilla Gorilla said...

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bogofree said...

I see that CFO has continued to monitor Toxic to try and purify it - remove any taint of anti-CFO material. Amazing how personal they can get on their blogs yet when it is fired back? Oh, well.

A serious question. If a person cloned and their clone has sex with their spouse is it adultery? Forget about all the kinky possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is adultery. Two different beings. Remember in the "Boys from Brazil" where Gregory Peck played Josef Mengele and he made multiple little Adolfs. Well they may have all been clones but they were not all the same person.

bogofree said...

Getting a song stuck in your head. Years ago I worked a third shift in IT and we had a music piped in at night.'s two AM and "Little Drummer Boy" is playing and playing and playing. In a loop. We try to call up Musak to stop it. Nothing. Can't turn down the sound. About 4 AM one of the computer operators finds the wire and cuts it. Whole system is dead. When I explained the situation to management all was forgiven.

We actually were at Disney World back in the mid 90s when that hurricane hit Southern Florida. Park was deserted so we just went everywhere. No lines. Nothing. It's about 11PM and my daughter and wife want to go on the ride "It's a Small World." there are five of us and the freaking ride gets stuck in front of all these crappy automatons singing "It's A Small World." Half hour of this. I wanted to just get out but my wife said no.

LMAO said...

Imagine cloning some of the cfo tyres? LOL! Which one would you least like to clone? OMG! Impossible to answer. LMAO!

mildly said...

Which one would I be most resistant to clone? The one infecting the biggest population with her verbal retrovirus.....the town, the state, the country, her political party, foreign governments, CFO, message boards, town employees and elected public servants, her neighbors, and anyone who disagrees with her. Anyone you know fit that bill?

LMAO said...

Come on down, Jessie! I have to agree since MT is the one trick pony with casino and more casino and topped off with casino. She has a nice side track with everything that is Adam but that's about the extent of her ventures out of casino and more casino.

"1623" is a hard one for me since I tend to post like him and he is a political conservative. Take the casino away and we may be very similar.

That brings up an interesting point. Wonder what a discussion of non casino issues is among the CFO group. JP and BB are full fledged moonbats and the others seem middle of the road or right of center.

I think Bozo is out getting cloned. LMAO!

drive-by said...

The most likely to be cloned is CC, the cheerleading Blogfather's groupie. I can just picture an army of Carver Chics, pom poms waving, chanting, "Two, Four, Six, Eight...Who do we appreciate? Gladys! CDP! JP! Bumpkin! Yeah!" (insert cartwheels, airborne splits, and giddy squeals)

I just can not understand how such an obviously intelligent woman became such a blind follower. She's capable of so much more.

Anonymous said...

It would be more entertaining to clone selectmen. MT would go on a real blogging bender. She would never get any laundry done

Rocky said...

There are many people who have an education. Several degrees and don't have the common sense of the common house fly.

CC is one of those people. The whole of CFO are self congratulatory. They know all and are legends to each other. Outside their small microcosim, they are nobodies.

What will be truly sad is the day they wake up and realize they have done nothing but break a bunch of wind and have lost on all accounts, the line to the Reynolds Rubber Room will be 10 persons deep.

Rocky said...

True acts of charity go unknown.

bogofree said...

When you are consumed by an issue or a cause and become obsessive about it then it is time to take a step back and seriously evaluate your priorities. When such an issue continues to fester negative attention it will wear you down emotionally and take a personal toll it will often result in rash and not pragmatic approaches. Investing emotionally to such a level and then seeing your hard work stall, be ignored or debunked will have tragic personal and group consequences. At least I think that is what Dr. Phil or his mentor Hal says.

anonymous said...

From Toxic

"This game of yours has gone on long enough, you will immediately stop posting on here.
If you do not stop posting I can assure you charges will be filed."

More threats by cfo. This happens you will see a mountain of posts all designed to just irrate these petty little people no end.

bogofree said...

I saw a post on Toxic of some interest regarding alcohol consumption at a CFO function so I wandered over to Amazing! Several pictures were posted with folks with beers and other adult beverages in hand. I guess one moral outrage - gambling - does not extent to another moral outrage - drinking. No, to me, it means little that you care to drink , since you are all “adults” and it is legal. Suggestion…it is not a freaking frat party and when pictures are being snapped for view in a public forum it is best to place the liquor somewhere besides front and center. Drink away but be sensible enough to at least be inconspicuous and place the beverage on a table or out of view.

I have also noticed that anon just posted what I also saw and that is a threat by CFO regarding postings by LL. I read the few posts in that thread and saw nothing out of the ordinary so I guess it must be a consistent pattern of posts that some assume LL may have made. Don’t know. Other threads? Don’t know. Maybe the watchdogs from CFO can explain their position?

drive-by said...

Those threats are just a lot of hot air. While Topix does appear to delete threads upon request, they have not banned IP#s or shut down their board. And they won't.

What puzzles me is why go after LL? IF he is posting there, I see no evidence of his usual spelling and grammar mistakes, nothing to positively identify him.

Take the threats for what they are--little CFO hissy fits. Hey, payback's a b*tch, Blogfathers.

drive-by said...

Moral outrage? Summer St. Bridgewater would be a short cut to the casino. Somebody's pissed because of all the traffic that would pass by. A person motivated by true moral outrage wouldn't write all those nasty little blogs trashing a certain Selectman's personal life.

drive-by said...

Too funny! Someone made CFO look like a crew of complete azzes. Well done. LMAO

Anonymous said...

The topix post "This game of yours has gone on long enough, you will immediately stop posting on here.
If you do not stop posting I can assure you charges will be filed. "

says alot. It means that they think their (CFO's) "game" is acceptable. So it is ok for CFO to make endless negative blogs about anyone they care to at the time. But if a post about their blogs is grounds to file charges.

Anonymous said...

The Grogfathers' pictures were great

Grogfathers said...

eat drink and be merry.

drive-by said...

Who are 'they' to tell anyone to stop doing anything? If you notice, the language is remarkably like JP's demands to LL awhile back. Good at telling others what to do, but never examines her own behavior, which BTW has been somewhat less than exemplary.

bogofree said...

Some had wondered about how CFO would screw up - a weekly event that has been chronicled by posters on this site and the venomous Toxic. Thanks to a "Gala" and a camera they answered that. Not that I would EVER encourage bashing as a result of a bash.

belligerently anonymous said...

Finally found the pics from the CFO gala. And to my surprise------there they are---all of the blogfathers together in one shot. Perfect for me to blow up and paste to my dart board.

LMAO said...

I just love the posting of the pictures. CPL has a little rant about drinking 24/7 at the casinos and drunk driving. Was that you, CP, with a beverage in hand? Maybe not? But enough were. Find example you are setting for your sons and daughters. LMAO! Take about a total lack of common sense! Hide the drinks when the pictures are snapped. Duh? This certainly will be on the lineup from mass mailings to turkey feathers to marshmellows to Clark and not pictures! LMAO!

LMAO said...

cdplakeville said..
"You are the one deflecting. You can't stick to the news article at hand due to your obsession with MR and any alledged faux paux made. I'm an not obligated to answer foolish questions from you. There is a psychotherapist in Middleboro you should see for your compulsive obsessive disorder."

Alleged? LMAO! Read this blog and you will see everything in total detail. Total. She was nabbed. Nice comment about Hal after he blew your sox off with that Canadian site debate. Noticed how Hal handled it on casino-friend and how you handled it on your blog? LMAO! Gives you an idea for Xmas gifts for cfo, more rose colored glasses since their's are running out from over use.

bogofree said...

Alleged is an amusing way of describing it and I assume CP did not do anything more than a cursory scan of the information regarding several “faux paux” by MR and the accompanying string of denial and effusive behavior - especially that which was supported on

I actually enjoyed the exchange between Hal and several others and Hal’s approach was quite reflective of his posting pattern and CP’s of his own. I believe someone else (LMAO?) mentioned that his style is similar to CP’s and so is mine…and even LL. If it was a legitimate debate Hal would have won on style and not necessarily content. I have also posted on what an interesting combination it would be if the various members of CFO were discussing politics and social issues other than the casino. I lean towards a bloodbath as I suspect that BB and MR represent the moonbat faction and everyone else the “normal” faction.

anonymous said...

Grogfathers. LMAO! ROTHLMAO! I just love it the way everything backfires on these guys. This is better than the marshmellows. NO CASINO! I'll drink to that! ROTFLMAO!

Anonymous said...

"I'll trade you some firewater for a turkey" said the European settler to the indian.

Red Nose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
capt morgan said...

SOS! Mayday Mayday. Should we take those pictures down from our website? Or would that be a sign of weakness?

bogofree said...

That ship has sunk so far that even Ballard will never find it.

bogofree said...

New site

mildly said...

About that new site--

Make all the excuses you want for Hal, bogo. Hal just created that new forum so that he could set a tone that doesn't offend his rather delicate sensibilities. Can we say control freak? Well, Hal, the reason some of us post here-anonymously or under screen names-is because we want/need to say what we want, in the style most natural to us, and not be afraid of having our private lives plastered all over some blog because YOU need to know who you're talking to and what makes each of us tick. Please understand our need for privacy and that we want to keep our jobs.
How can I, as a nurse, continue to have a reasonable expectation of trust from my patients if I allow myself to become a public persona on the net, and a target my families start reading about?

I have found the posters on Bogo's Place playfullyrowdy in a generally respectful way. REAL without pretense. Humorful. And diverse in their interests.

Good luck doing your own thing, Hal. Hope it works for you. Thanks, but no thanks. Your fixation on 'manners' is a bit too parochial for me. This site has come to fit me like a comfortable pair of old slippers and I'm staying right where I am.

bogofree said...

As I have said there are options for everyone and I posted that site for any who want to lower their standards from this site. Same as I do with and any others from nemasket to Topix. Post, troll or otherwise.

I fully understand the need for privacy and when a site has "registration" I have a tendency to bypass it. In my case a local board means little to me since most posters are aware of my posting tag incarnations and the fact that I don't really give a s**t so pestering me has no impact. On national boards it is a different story - NFW!

Interesting jobs info today and it will get worse…much worse. I’m saying 15% unemployment by spring and that will be the government figures. Stock market reaction will also be of some interest as companies generally do well in these situations since investors feel they are practicing fiscal restraint. I look for European and Asian markets to overreact to our employment data.

code name said...

I will not participate on the new forum. I do not want the first three numbers of my IP address published.

I have no concerns about anything I post. I do have concerns about how certain people may react to anything that is posted that contradicts their public blogs. I would not be surprised if they have a spreadsheet of IP addresses linked with names.

Paranoid? Maybe.
Possible? Absolutely

bogofree said...

I suspect Code Name you are correct about the spread sheet. I do feel that CFO is watching Toxic very closely and probably issues constant complaints to help "control" the site. I would not be surprised if they even attempted to get some degree of discretionary control by becoming local editors. That happened they will certainly drive the final nail into their already abysmal PR coffin.

Not MB or CP said...


Do not let them harass you into not posting on your own Middleboro topix forum.

I never seen such a case of do as I say and not as I do.

In a way they are controling Topix.

bogofree said...

I find their moves rather desperate and laughable. The threats on Toxic were simply outlandish when you compare it to some of the personal nonsense they have written and been responsible for. Tit for tat? (am I allowed to write “tit?“) . Just another convincing point that CFO is fast becoming irrelevant.

Now the next phase of attack will be two fold with , I hope, primary focus on environmental and, IMO, that would have the optimum possibility of success. I question the environmental impact on that entire area but I am not knowledgeable with information like that despite by increasing ability to cut and paste. My knowledge is based on observation since I am extremely familiar with the area. Goodbye trees and hello parking lot does little for me despite the fact that casino plans do appear rather “green.“ The water issue is also quite open for discussion and FF and CC can argue that endlessly while I choose just to doze off - a Bogo defense mechanism when confronted with any information more complicated than a value menu.

The next approach I just find offensive and that is questioning Tribal status and subsequent legitimacy. Boggles Bogo’s simple mind to travel down the slippery venue.

Rocky said...

The BIA does not care too much about microscopic things. They are more concerned with the big picture.

If I was the tribe I would answer every question that was asked so that Big Rich and he merry men cannot say, "You didn't answer this. You didn't answer that".

If that were to happen will he be a gentleman ands say, "They answered all the scoping questions."?

Probably not. They response will probably be, "I am an expert and you don't know what you are talking about. Jessie Powell says you are wrong in her blog so you must be."

Jessie Powell, expert.

anonymous said...

Grogfathers, why it is ok to drink socially in a flagrant manner but not gamble socially? There is no difference between going to a party in a function room and enjoying some grub, grog and music than going to a resort casino and enjoying some blackjack and dinner. Both are adult choices that involve risk. In a casino a person can play some slots and have no fear of leaving intoxicated. A person is truly playing Russian Roulette even if they have "just a couple of drinks" at a gala. Check out the studies on how easily driving abilities are impaired.

It all boils down to personal responsibility.

chica said...

A busy week Xmas shopping and making sure I don't run up any debt.

No big surprise that cfo managed to bungle something else.

Just caught up on this site and Topix which seems to have had an attempted purge by cfo.

muchosucko said...

Thats a pudding head move if I ever seen one.
I was wondering BoGo, can I ask a serious question ?

What gives the newspapers and Bloggers in General the right to question what one makes for a salary ? If your not being paid by me or us, why should I care ?

Does it look important of you to question a lobbists pay ?

Why the fixation on a Mr Graham.

Just don't seem like any of my business.

bogofree said...

Sucko....I'm thinking that this is reference to the latest BB blog that I scanned this morning on my daily venture into blogging hell - the CFO group.

I do believe what BB published is public record and has to be reported. Is that correct on my part? Graham is listed for 181 large and everything else is detailed. Goes with the territory and is expected.

Salaries become public with public corporations so we get a look at what the boys and girls pull down for destroying say - every financial houses and major industry in the country. The lesser lights in these
companies - I.E. those that will end up losing their jobs due to dunder head moves - are not of record.

Nice to hear from you Chica. Say hello to Mr. Chica.

Limo said...

WOW! I just spent an hour writing and decided Naw!

Its none of my business. Go to town MB.

Your poor judgement is starting to show again.

I just want to sit back and say told you so.


bogofree said...

What you are seeing is an old tactic, LL, and that is to point out expenditures. Reminds me of the public display by Congress on the auto bailout when they question lobbying expenses. WTF! Probably half of them got handouts! Same with this. I'm sure if the anti casino crowd had access to the same amount of money they'd be papering the Gov't...unless, of course, it was being spent on booze.

LMAO said...

OK, Bozo, I went to check out the Hal site and it is just B-O-R-I-N-G! Seems like the nemasket site with a collection of pro's and not anti's. I saw you made a few posts so I assume you have been bored lately.

Internet Journalist said...

So what is new and exciting at nemasket? What are the hot topix there? Anything newsworthy?

Hal's new site will suffer the same fate as nemasket. THUD

anonymous said...

Islamic law prohibits gambling. Nice option for cfo members.

anonymous said...

Islamic law prevents consumption as well. Guess it cannot be an option for cfo blogfathers.

AnonymouS said...

Hey Bogo it is Sunday wot post ya gonna make da most unread? Do ya thimk dat peeps post less on sun because dey know week 5 is bout to start?

bogofree said...

I will have to be my usual creative self and come up with something to write about. Maybe Toxic?

anonymous said...

Should be interesting.

Suo Mynona said...

I loved looking out the window and seeing the snow. Lots of birds coming the feeders. We love to feed the birds. Seeing all the pretty colors. Their lives look so carefree. But it must be a tough way to make a living. Where do all those little creatures go when the it gets to 10 below and the wind is howling?

We have the patriots to look forward today. Something fun to do. Start a new thread at the end of the game. You can write your new introduction during the game since you don't like the Patsies.

It would be nice to see JP participate on the new message board so that her in depth knowledge would be more accessible to all. It would be a great way to get others to join too. Maybe Hal could send her a personal invitation.

Pass the chips and dip.

bogofree said...

I do believe the birds go into my back yard where my wife feeds them and about 2,000 stray cats. The bird seed expenditures could provide rice for all of Somalia for a year.

The Pats are too easy a target at this point in time. Let the Pats fans enjoy the very last vestiges of a fading and soon to be gone dynasty. Fun while it lasted.

JP could certainly "educate" all of us and she and Hal could combine to maybe do an article on all the various Democrats - local and national - who have been indicted. Certainly the moonbat crowd can see beyond petty party politics.

Now, as a Giants fan, I will return to their effort to not clinch the division.

Suo Mynona said...

How did you like those senators condemning the auto execs? Neil Cavuto summed it up best. The politicians dont know the difference between a balance sheet, spread sheet and bed sheet. They waste more of our money than the shamefull auto industry ever will. Then we have to listen to Barney Frank blame everyone except his oversight committee and the Democrats.

We have the biggest example pork right here. If you drive through the Big Dig it looks like it was built 30 years ago already.

Maybe those cats will chickadee wings during the game.

bogofree said...

Barney has spent months and much campaign funds trying to explain away and minimize his involvement in this mess. Typical moonbat in trying to pin the blame on everyone else especially Republicans.

The Big Dig was Tip's gift to Massachusetts and scads of unions with Reagan eventually signing off on it. So now I save a few minutes getting to the airport if I can avoid falling tiles. I'm sure that The Head Of The Charles Regatta will be held in the Ted Williams Tunnel which is actually in worse shape than Ted.