Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jessie - Go For It!

Adam Bond recently gave his dear old friend, Jessie Powell, a bone of credit by complimenting her on the data accumulated and presented on her blog regarding energy and environmental issues. I'm sure that Adam was pleased to actually read something on Middleboro Review or Middleboro Recall that did not accuse him of virtually creating every know problem on this planet and various others scattered throughout the universe. Adam left it at that. Others did not and have asked for Jessie to Go For It! As in Energy Council.

Now on certain environmental issues I agree with Jessie - but I would recommend caution since many a report is with a certain political slant. The reader should also be aware of "facts" when dealing with anything Jessie writes. But make up your own mind. That brings us to the topic at hand the Energy Council.

At a fast fading web site (this one has already faded) some of the glad handing folks are encouraging her to apply. I say go for it! Jessie has managed to backtrack a bit on this issue since it would mean appointment by the BOS. Maybe they'll let bygones be bygones and pass on all those nasty things said about them? Then again, maybe not? Worth a try. Jessie has admitted that there are others that have "far greater expertise" and that is probably so. I know one former BOS member, who she occasionally berates, who has forgotten more about energy than Jessie or I will ever know. But, IMO, having no knowledge or limited knowledge has never stopped Jessie (or myself and others) from having an opinion. With any board you certainly learn and learn quickly and Jessie has a solid base of knowledge. Go for it!

My real concern is dynamics. My own experience has shown me that conversations with Jessie usually amount to a lecture and not an exchange, "Let me educate you" stands out. Can Jessie be part of a team? One way to find out. Jessie- APPLY! Go For It! I would encourage the BOS to appoint her.

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