Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hey Mikey

Mike (AKA LL) I noticed that you have a GK video on the front page and are getting bend out of shape on her latest production. Pay no attention to it as after awhile they become predictable and formulatic. Clever. But, then again, I said the same about Mad Magazine when I was 13 years old. My take is certain bloggers are quite prone to support a lie if it suits their purpose and thus the support by some of the very tarnished and laughable Jessie Powell. I guess when tossing out the lie factor on the pro's reflects a one way street. My contention is when you support a factual lie you become a party to it. But back to the video, LL as I have wandered away. As I said to Hal more than once regarding psychology, and it applies to the vids (mine included - wait - I don't have any), they are for amusement only and not to be taken seriously.

However, LL, the one thing that really stirred it up with me is the attempt to destroy your business. I remember several months ago VV tried the same tactic on the anti casino crowd and I and a few others jumped all over her - not that I'd want to "jump" VV - and right on your site, too. You never edited a thing. Mike, I'll give you your props in that you had many opportunities to go after the businesses of various CFO folks and their spouses and resisted it. I would not have been so kind. We have certainly had our share of differences over "THE ISSUE" but, in my case, you have always been up front with me. I find their efforts to destroy your business unforgivable. Thankfully, it has actually seemed to have had the opposite impact. I have no idea what the motive is except that some, particularly Jessie Powell, seem to be on some type of vendetta against you. Of course with her level of credibility it just makes for further amusement.

I also suspect a certain compliance on the part of elements within CFO on this tactic. Certain CFO members like to toss around the supposed mud tossed their way by the pro's but seems quite content to do exactly the same. I guess when an organization is tattered around the edges and has a record of failure desperate times make for desperate measures. Going after a small limo business classifies it as a big time operation.


LICSW said...
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bogofree said...

A surprise ending!

bogofree said...

Just checked Topix and it seems LL is getting hammered for posting today. He's been gone all day. Kinda weird. Assumptions? Maybe Mike has a lap top at the Pow Wow? LOL!

Someone also posted that CFO's orginal board quit or had significant turnover. I was unaware of massive changes in the last year. Anyone know any details. I can see some of the sane individuals I knew originally drifting away or better yet - distancing themselves.

Skeptic said...

Surely you realize that only a fringe element from both sides is participating in the flame wars. We need to declare a moratorium on further casino discussions until people can control their urges to sling lit arrows at one another. Topix, btw, has become a major embarassment. Nothing of value has been printed there.

bogofree said...

Skeptic. I love Topix....the internet version of Star Magazine and TMZ. I think myself and Fiferstone are the only two that actually post under a recognizable title.

The divisions are clear on this issue. I can see it with myself. I have generally been about 75% supportive for the anti casino faction yet when I trashed one of their "Binkies" over outright lies and not being able to address it - both by the original poster and themselves - I get trashed. A really strange group that, IMO, the radical fringe element has taken control. Amazing since many use a moral argument yet will not apply it to the debate. CFO is becoming a punch line for jokes at this point. Too bad since RY is a hard worker.

The pro's seem to march to the union label and the mantra of economic windfall. I have yet to see substantial proof of that windfall. However, they seem significantly less confrontational since they hold little in the way of a moral argument.

It will go on and on since the passion is on the anti's side and pure hatred of JP and revenge is on the pro side. That small cadre will hammer at each other endlessly.

Skeptic said...

There is obviously an element of informed consent evident in the behaviors of both sides concerning this issue. Nothing is being gained by either party at this point.

bogofree said...

Well, skeptic, I see on Topix today someone has managed to post my name and certainly seems concerned about Mike. Strange folks out there. I know CFO is now a collection of moonbats but nothing would surprsie me with that crew as now comprised.

But I suspect some type of agitator who may just be looking for a flame war or such. That's what happens on free for all sites like Topix. Most are internet cowards and drive bys so they are virtually worthless.