Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Reason To Hug My Wife

The following was given to me from another posting board. I will respond to it here. It revolves around an exchange I had on the BB blog regarding a letter I signed off on. A letter that I had some trepidations about signing but now have none since I have come to recognize the true "value" of CFO. If you are anti casino I urge you NOT to work with them. You will accomplish more on your lonesome.


Bogo, the letter was stupid. "We're not accusing you of racisim... and yet, we are..."

Anti-Indian Gaming?? How about anti-gambling period.

Hissy fits? Recently, I was alerted to the fact that a certain message board favored by you and your airborn simian glee club.

There I found distasteful references to my children, my marriage, my sex life, my attractiveness or lack thereof, and even my bosom. Some of which you had participated in. So pardon me if your righteous indignation doesn't move the earth for me.

Among other things on this message board, I found you ridiculing our trip to the Statehouse last September.

First of all, CFO is not The Nature Conservancy. You do not just get to write a check and complain if we don't do things the way you want. We are grassroots. We DO things. Unlike you, a retiree with copious amounts of time to catch ball games and perseverate on message boards, many of our members are parents with jobs and other responsibilities. And yet, we still managed to show up at the Statehouse. Where were you? I've only seen you at ONE meeting. I mean, hey, thanks for spanking VV every now and then and all the stuff about Glenn Marshall, but what else have you done?? I could tell you what I've done since May of last year, despite not being a retiree, to keep a casino out of Middleboro, but I don't have the hour it would take to type it all down.

There are folks in CFO who've spent more time writing editorials, DOI and BIA letters than even YOU'VE spent on your various ridiculous forums.

Listen, a casino can be kept out of Middleboro but it needs people to make the effort.

As for the Statehouse rally, it was held on a specific date we suspected would be a slow news day. It was, and CFO (including my family) got on all the news channels and papers. As for the man with the giant YES sign - that was the joke. And he took this fact so well that he started a contest about me and a half-year long tirade about my shorts.

But, had you been there, you would have known that.

To use a phrase coined by your generation, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Thank you, Bumpkin for letting me get that out of my system.

****************************************************************************** about the needs for meds and blood pressure pills. And I thought I go nuts over the Red Sox. Topix? I actually use my sign on. Novel idea. I could care less about the antics of old LL and have hammered him many a time. I do believe attacking his business and wishing for his death is a bit over the top. I tend to observe on Topix and occasionally participate in the madness when I am mentioned. I'm sure if CFO was a nature conservatory we'd be up to our collective armpits in mercury and who knows what else.

I'm glad you sit on the BOD of a failed organization. Just shows that the bottom has really fallen out. Calm down and present yourself as a rational public person. Sounds like a lot of anger. Even AB can do that. And Hal. Tony I'm not so sure about. Guess that happens when hard "work" all falls apart around you. Hey, don't worry, you still have hope. Always a glimmer. As far as part of the solution it appears that CFO is the problem at this juncture and not the solution. Clearly an organization that is not interested in building bridges but burning them. Too bad. They once had some solid folks on that BOD.

The reason I drifted away from CFO is the simple conversations I overheard. I know a looney collection when I see it and a pack of NIMBY's, religious zealots and moral high grounders are the last thing I want to be associated with. I have and will spend by valuable time on worthy and sane causes that keep me as far away as possible from assorted fruitcakes. Age has taught me an uncanny ability to recognize them. I messed up on the MR situation and posted as such. Hey...not hitting a 1.000. The warning bells went on very early with CFO. Could tell exactly what direction they would be going in - down the tubes. And I certainly ridiculed your "vibrant" organization for their failed rally. That is exactly what it was. You folks have no steam. Nothing. Running on empty. That's a fact. Hope you succeed but it looks like the bottom of the ninth and your down eight and you have no Casey on your roster. With all the tribal screw ups and the developers background you should be riding high. The Cat Bird Seat to quote Red Barber. The toilet seat. Talk about not having the ability to close the deal.

The personal attacks on you are a truly distasteful tactic. Right out of the Monkeymoon or whatever playbook. I have even posted on this very blog being subjected to the same treatment on Topix. I totally blame CFO for my plight and totally blame pro casino folks for your similar situation. As far as participating in attacks on you? Really? I could care less about your body and your family other than to wish them well. However, I suspect that a turn around does not exist on that issue. You folks seem like a vengeful lot when your ire is up and I certainly hope this is the end of it.

Here is the problem I have with CFO. Most of what I manage to write happens to be anti casino. Probably 75% but once you go against the grain they come at you. That pattern is clearly displayed on Topix. I totally blame CFO. Then when you folks support a confirmed liar it only shows that maybe there is still room to sink a little further. I will, unlike others, adjust my opinions as the facts change. I always felt the tribe was "useful idiots" to the developers and now I certainly disagree with what you folks have attracted to your "big tent." Funny, never really had the same venomous response from the pro casino forces even when I was excessively nasty on CFO message board. That was the one that was shuttered over the CFO and their followers crazies.

I'm sorry that the fact I happen to be retired presses on you so. I manage to travel and go to sporting events when I can. I'll be in KC in early August for a three game set against the Royals. As I said my time is valuable. Happens when you get older so why should I waste it supporting an organization without a moral compass? Supporting an organization that has no concept of consilatory methods? An organization that will simple have the ends justify the means. I will not be one of your "useful idiots."

I wish you folks well. Really do. I hope that miracle happens and some how you rally. But the odds are probably 10-1 against you at this point. If you do succeed and a gin mill is not built I will write the blog of blogs praising your collective efforts and my failure to comprehend that you managed to beat that windmill.


Mike said...
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bogofree said...

Good luck on that Mike as IMO there are some hard liners on both sides. Too much entrenchment. At this point I could care less about either side and will continue to post my views. If someone decides to crusade against me so be it.

Mike said...
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bogofree said...

Mike. I remember the trip you were planning and I was going to go along. My wife and I were your only anti's. The rest did not join. If I remember you were even looking into comp stuff for the group. The trip to the sub base would have been big.

I'm sure some will look at your post and have some fun with your spelling. Big deal. There is education and intelligence and sometimes they do not go hand in hand. You have made many mistakes but have always been up front about them so I give you credit for that. I just wished folks had stayed away from your business. Shows me a side of CFO that I really don't feel comfortable with. That is an isue I find very distasteful.

Again, this issue will not be, IMO, resolved. Too much hate. I feel that with the continual losses the anti's have suffered in the last year that it will make the hard core elements that more resistant to any attempts. Sad. I can see their point in that they are and have been left out of the process and the party is rolling past them. The hard cor accept no wavering or difference of opinions. IMO they are beginning to remind me of those Japanese soldiers in the 50s that were found on Pacific Islands still fighting a war.

No matter how much the tribe tries to self destruct the fact that the anti's are viewed as "kooks" will do their cause little good.

Mike said...
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